have you seen my toy gun

anonymous asked:

You (or any Gunblr that follows you) have any experience, secondhand or otherwise, with Palmetto State Armory ARs? I know they always run what seem to be great deals, but at these prices things seem kinda fishy.

I’ve got quite a bit of experience with a few different AR’s built with various PSA parts. My 18″ has an upper I bought from PSA. It has around 7k rounds through it and it’s been very reliable and stupid accurate. I’ve also seen my buddy’s that ran like complete shit and needed a lot of tweaking to get to cycle right. Seen some issues with their barrel extensions, oversized gas ports, and cracked BCG’s. 

I guess to sum things up, they’re okay for the price. If you just want a basic range toy or beater truck gun go for it. Just know you may have to play with buffer weights and shit to get em to run right.

This probably going to bring out the PSA haters and the PSA Good Enough Defense Force.