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Eugene hates hugs.... Zach is a self-proclaimed good hugger (and I believe him 101%).... so my conspiracy theory is Zach's expertise in the field of hugging has successfully converted Eugene into a believer of hugs

aw, man! this is so cute. i completely believe that zach’s a great hugger, too, so i think this sounds totally legit hahaha

  • Delirious: Have you seen Teddy?
  • Vanoss: [begins to sweat] Teddy? Whose teddy? I don't remember a teddy.
  • Delirious: My bear. Have you seen him?
  • Vanoss: You had a bear? That's weird I don't remember him. Nope I haven't seen him. Not at all.
  • Delirious: OK...? Ill go ask Lui
  • Mini: You lost the bear didn't you?
  • Vanoss: Keep you're mouth shut. I'm not ready to die today. I have time to find him!
  • Mini: How did you lose him?
  • Vanoss: I don't know! He was laying on my bed and I went to shower and he was gone!
  • Bryce: just tell Delirious. He'll understand.
  • Vanoss: we are talking about the guy who wouldn't stop pranking Nogla because he ate the last piece of cake.
  • Vanoss: I'm going to go find him! [Leaves]
  • Nogla: OK... When does it stop being funny that I took Teddy? [Holds up bear]
Smitten Kitten (Chapter Two)

I’m so glad everyone liked the first chapter! I am still a little nervous about this fic, shifter-verse is not something I’m familiar with so I’m kind of making things up as I go lol

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“Now guys.” Colonel Rhodes sat in front of them on the couch, his hands clasped loosely in his lap. “Tony would like to stress that making fun of him in his shifted form is unacceptable. He can’t help that while you, Steve, are a Lion, and you, Bucky, are a Wolf, he is nothing quite as scary. Tony would also like to calmly emphasize that–”

“If either of you fuckers calls me a pretty kitty again I will end you!” Tony shouted from the doorway. “I swear to—”

“Tony would like to calmly emphasize–” Rhodes repeated louder. “That calling him kitty is a very fast way to piss him off, so please don’t do that anymore. Showing you his shifted form was not something he had necessarily wanted to do, even though he has agreed that it was necessary to facilitate his healing. That being said, he is understandably nervous about showing it to you again, based off your reaction this time.”

The colonel was speaking with all the tact and diplomacy of someone who had been explaining Tony’s shenanigans to the press for years, and both the soldiers were having a hard time not laughing.

“Tony, is there something you would like to add, or have I covered the basics?” Rhodes asked politely, and Tony just huffed and turned on his heel, slamming the door behind him.

“Yikes.” Bucky murmured. “Made him angry, didn’t we?”

“Goddamn it, you two.” Rhodes dropped his head into his hands, all diplomacy gone now that Tony had left the room. “I cannot believe you reacted like that. Giant bastards that you are reduced to cooing and squealing over a damn cat!”

“We weren’t squeal–” Steve started to protest and Rhodes sent him a look.

“I saw the video feed. Never in my life have I seen two soldiers go from protective mode to adorable mode so quickly in my life.”

“Okay. We did get a little ridiculous.” Steve conceded. “But come on. Have you seen his animal form?”

“He is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I used to bring home orphaned kitties all the time.” Bucky said with a sigh and Steve rolled his eyes.

“Excuse him. The Winter Soldier is completely helpless against kittens, fluffy dogs and babies.”

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The Last Thing The Signs Said To Me

Aries: *spills paint all over the table* I do it for the aesthetic

Taurus: I don’t give a fuck if its October, I’m gonna play Christmas music

Gemini: Its cold today but not as cold as my heart

Cancer: Have you seen my Build-a-Bear birth certificate???


Virgo: I’m done. I’m going to bed. I don’t care if its 6 o'clock

Libra: she wore blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick to school today and I’M the ugly one???

Scorpio: if I sent you my nudes would you tell me if they were cute or not

Sagittarius: if I die tonight let the girl who indirected me in class know that shes a fucking skank

Capricorn: Kill me please. It would hurt less than AP world history

Aquarius: what sort of sick bastard puts ketchup on their eggs (they say as they put mustard on their fries)

Pisces: *over FaceTime* can I see your dog

Excerpt from my Shifter!Kitty!Tony fic

ugh you guys I am having so much fun writing this! Let me share like, two seconds of Protective Rhodey and hoplessly in love Steve and Bucky.


The Colonel stood to his feet and crossed his arms over his chest. “That’s brings me to my next point. I don’t know what this whole possessive protective thing is you two have going over Tony, but it needs to stop.” His voice hardened. “Tony might be oblivious but the rest of the team is completely aware of how much you two want him. So either do something about it, or back the hell off. Because he does want to share his shifted self with you, but I will not allow it if I think for one second you two serum jacked assholes are going to hurt him or take advantage of him.”

“We wouldn’t ever–” Steve started to object, completely offended, but Rhodes shook his head warningly.

“When you have Tony pressed up against you, purring, trying to get as close as he can because he needs it, you will give him what he needs. If he needs that in cat form so be it. If he trusts you enough to need it in human form, you will give him what he needs. Tony doesn’t think you two want him, thinks you have no interest. So you are either going to prove him right, by backing the hell off, or prove him wrong by being there for him in every possible way he could imagine needing you.”

“I don’t know if Tony wants you in a–” more awkward throat clearing. “–romantic, bonding type way, or if he’s drawn to the amount of protective Alpha shifter vibes you guys give off, but either give him what he needs from you or stay the hell away from him.”

“That won’t be a problem, Colonel.” Bucky said quietly, with a quick glance towards Steve. “If Tony’s willing to share his shifted form with us, of course we will do whatever he needs to keep him comfortable like that.”

“Good.” Rhodes widened his stance a little, his hands dropping down by his side. “Have you boys ever seen my bear?” His voice dropped into a growl that seemed to rumble through the floor. “I stand eight feet tall partial shifted. Do I need to tell you what will happen if I ever hear that you have upset Tony?”

“Nope.” Steve’s blue eyes were wide with respect, and maybe just a bit of fear.

“Good Christ.” Was all Bucky managed, completely intimidated by the unassuming colonel growling at him.

“Good talk boys.”

They both jumped to their feet and saluted automatically as he left, then dropped back onto the couch.

“Did you know Rhodes was a bear?”


They sat in contemplative silence for a minute.

“So. Tony wants us both?” Bucky said hesitantly. “Because that’s what Rhodes said and I–”

“–yeah, I don’t know.” Steve finished. “Maybe cross that bridge when we get to it?”

“So we would be sharing Tony–”

“CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE GET TO IT!” Steve said even louder, and folded his arms.

“Steve.” Bucky’s voice sounded hoarse. “Can you imagine what he’d feel like between us?”

Fuck me. All Steve could think about was Tony and Bucky in his bed. Rolling around beneath his sheets. So many hands and mouths and bare skin and tongues and–

“I’m going to go take a shower.” He announced and nearly ran from the room.

Not fast enough to miss Bucky’s soft moan, and not quick enough to miss watching his best friend push the heel of his hand over the erection outlined behind his zipper, his head dropping back onto the couch as he groaned louder.

We are in trouble.

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I sent in an ask about writing a native German character whose English isn't good. How do I make suitable errors in their dialogue? It's still relevant, thanks.

Hi there Nonnie!

I’m very sorry it took me so long. Okay, here goes. I’m not a linguist by any means, but these are things I’ve heard German people with bad English say/ do:

1) Translate sentences word by word. This can lead to a funky sentence structure and also, in the case of idioms and sayings to a lot of ??? all around. I’m aware that this option might not be easy/ doable for you, if you don’t speak German, but seriously, just put it through Google Translate or something.

2) Along the same lines as (1): vocabulary mistakes. You know these lists that sometimes go around (“Instead of X, why not use Y?”)? have fun with them and stuff like that. When we learn English, we get vocabulary lists, sure, but sometimes, there are words that just aren’t suited for the situation we use them in, ya dig me?

The first thing that comes to mind is (to) do vs (to) make, because in German we use the same word for both actions.

This can also lead to (grave) misunderstandings, because there’s words whose German translation is perfectly okay, but carry a racist/ sexist/ ableist/ … meaning that non-native speakers might not be aware off.

3) False Friends. These are lots of fun when learning a language that sometimes is so close to your native tongue. You can find lists of them online, very easily.

3b) Anglicisms: Words we use in German that everybody thinks are English (and often are derived from an English word), but do not mean the same thing  or even nothing in English. I’m not sure if there’s English articles about that phenomenon, but here’s a few examples:
Handy - Mobile Phone
Public Viewing - watching a (eg. soccer) game together in a public space, often on a big canvas. mostly reserved for big events such as the World Championship, the Cup Finale etc.
Basecap - Baseball cap (personally, I say baseball cap and have never heard basecap, but it sounds about right)
Beamer - projector
joggen - (to) run
Oldtimer - antique car (WHAT DO YOU MEAN; YOU DON’T SAY OLDTIMER)
Showmaster - the person moderating/ running a show
hometrainer - exercise bike
zappen - (to) switch channels 

4) forgetting the -s when talking about he/she/it doing something eg. “He always get his drink here”

5) struggeling with the “th” sound. Many Germans tend towards more of a “s”- sound instead, but a friend of mine once just pronounced it like “f” and I nearly screamed in pain

5a) struggeling with pronunciation in general. What is wrong with “beer”, “beard”, “bear” & “bird”?? Germans generally tend to pronounce the “ea” like “ee”, I think. 

(Sidenote - Funny story from English class: Our teacher invited a Californian exchange student (from university, god knows how she knew him) to our class. At this point we’d had about 3 years worth of English classes and where supposed to talk to him. Our very first native speaker! Awesome! Please prepare questions! So one of my classmates goes: “Have you ever seen a beer in the wilderness?” - expectant silence from the class, confusion from the student, laughter from my teacher. “She meant bear. Have you ever seen a bear in the wilderness.” Since then I always think about a lone beer bottle perched on a fallen tree when talking about bears in English.)

And: Feel free to point put the accent in general, if someone else is observing the character. 

I hope this helps some!


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*crying so hard while holding my teddy bear* OMG!!!! Have you seen Voltron season 2. I literally cried at the ending were Keith and the others found Shiro gone. My heart just shatter. I mean they give us sooooooooo many SHEITH scene making me believe their gonna admit their feelings but nooooo they had to take our beloved Shiro away.......welp I have no heart anymore. I can not surive a month or year for season 3 to come out now. *crying in a corner* What were thoughts dear?

Oh but wait! Keith did somehow admit it though! Not explicitly of course. 

But Shiro saw it. 

Saw how Keith projected Shiro—in his virtual mindscape—as someone who is his hopes and fears. He hopes for Shiro and he fears of Shiro leaving him. Keith doesn’t know that Shiro was seeing what he was imagining, it’s all in Keith’s head and it was supposed to be private but Keith didn’t know that it was projected in public. 

I could only imagine how Shiro must’ve felt when he saw that. I would be surprised too. Unconsciously, Keith is longing for Shiro—desperately wanting to see him. Like Shiro knows Keith and him are close, but he doesn’t exactly know how deep Keith’s feelings actually are, how much he truly means to Keith. And now he does. 

Honestly if that isn’t clear enough, I don’t know how else Keith would say it aside from being directly verbal about it.

Shiro is canonically the most important person in Keith’s life, the one he loves the most and is afraid to lose—again. 

That’s why I’m excited for S3 because of this. We knew from S1 that Keith and Shiro had a history (which we are still about to find out—like what made Keith so loyal to Shiro? What made Keith risk everything just to save Shiro?) but S2 solidified this even more. It was subtle in S1 until the very end where Keith took on Zarkon to save Shiro, but this time, S2 focused more on them. How important Shiro is to Keith, which would motivate Keith even more to lead Voltron because he will do whatever it takes, cross all the galaxies just to find Shiro because he will not lose someone so important to him ever again.

this is just a random liam love post. there’s no reason behind it. liam deserves love and i just wanted to ramble about my love for him. that’s all. i love reading people’s stories and i wanted to post my own.

the other day my best friend asked me why liam is my favorite. i joked and asked her how long she had to listen all my reasons why he is my favorite. but as i thought about it, it was actually a struggle to name all the reasons why. 

he wasn’t originally my favorite. when i fell into the pit known as 1d i just decided that harry was going to be my favorite, and he was my favorite for a good long while. i love the all boys and they all mean a whole lot to me, but i swore that harry would be my favorite until the end. but that’s the thing isn’t it? they say that you don’t pick the 1d boy, the boy picks you. well i picked harry. i didn’t “get to know’ the other boys or their personalities at all. it was when i went and saw my first 1d show over the summer in kansas city that i could really watch all of them. i enjoyed myself thoroughly. i cheered and sang and laughed and cried and loved watching all the boys onstage. but liam was the one that stood out to me. harry was cracking jokes and i was in tears from laughing so hard. (the kansas city show was when he did the whole “or is itttt????” thing, i’m still not over it tbh). but liam’s powerful voice and overall presence sparked something in me. tbh i was most impressed with him at the show. i think i said “wow liam” at least once or twice per song. when he read signs he was calling fans “darling” and i was MELTING. 

a couple weeks later something hit me and i just really realized i had a crush on liam. my “crush” on liam grew and on his birthday (ironically enough) i woke up that morning and literally the first thought that popped in my head was “liam is my favorite”. and kind of overnight i was in love with liam. i still love harry. and i love niall and louis. i’m very proud of all of them and i have favorite things and qualities about each them that i love (also please don’t think i’m being negative towards any of the other boys, they are all great!). but for me, liam is the whole package. after i realized he was my favorite, my friends laughed saying “we thought he’d have been your favorite anyway because of how perfect he is for you.” if you knew me personally - you’d know that liam is basically the definition of the type of guy i’m attracted to. warm and funny and kind and bearded - the list goes on.

seriously though falling for liam was exciting because i got to kind of fall in love with 1d as a whole all over again. i rewatched the movies, music videos, and listened to 1d songs specifically to watch/listen for liam. but it’s more than just liam’s voice that makes him my favorite. he’s calming to me. i’m a very shy and anxious person and somehow i am DRAWN to liam in a way i can’t explain. his voice and smile and general warm vibe calm me like no other celeb crush i’ve had.  i’ve almost cried in the past over the thought of not getting to tell liam what he means to me.

last week when he was sick, i couldn’t sleep until i knew he was ok. a couple of my friends told me that was dumb for worrying. but they don’t understand. liam is my sunshine and the thought of him being sad or hurt or sick, makes me sad. yes i do have a grasp on reality and liam is not my only source of happiness but he means so much to me in the grand scheme of things.

unfortunately i’ve learned having liam as my fave is not easy. he doesn’t get the love or appreciation he deserves - and i get defensive sometimes. but as far as i am concerned, no matter who loves liam or doesn’t - i’m going to love him and support him as best as i can. i’m just a simple fan who loves a little bean from wolverhampton and there is nothing you can do to stop me from loving him. it makes me sad that people don’t love him like i do. but that’s ok. he makes me happy and that’s what matters right? i think it would make him happy to know that he brightens my day every single day. i get butterflies just thinking about him sometimes. when i listen to 1d and liam’s part in the song comes up - i visibly blush or a smile really big. my friends tease me and just say his name and i turn into a giggly mess.

so long story short (ha) i just want to hug liam. to have that crinkly eyed smile (!!!!!!!!!!!) directed at me is my dream. well ok that’s part of the dream…i want to kiss him all over his precious bearded face - but i digress. i want him to know that he is appreciated. he’s helped me so much with my anxiety. and he just deserves all the hugs and kisses he can get. i’d prefer if i were the one to give him those, but i don’t see that happening anytime soon. he looks like a cuddly teddy bear and i want one of those liam bear hugs. i really hope i get to meet him one day. i just want to say thank you.


also if you read this - you should come tell me why liam is your fave or if another boy is your fave tell me why! all 4 boys make me happy and these kind of things are cool to me. 

Real-Time Fandub Bomb Highlights: #2
  • You're not one person, you're not two people, you're a... experi... conver... meme.
  • Pearl: Garnet, these kids are terrible, let's show them how it's done.
  • My dancing was really Brad.
  • Steven's towel is dead.
  • Steven: *singing "Safety Dance" by "Men in Hats"
  • Stevonnie: Hold, on, am I, hot?
  • Stevonnie: Am I a crab walk?
  • Pearl: Oh, look at me, jump cuts, yeah that's right, I can jump cut, yep I can teleport Garnet.
  • *Techno Kazoo music*
  • Stevonnie: I'm in a really big disco ball.
  • Stevonnie: This is terrible, he's wearing cowboy boots and a hoodie, who does that?
  • Stevonnie: No one likes you.
  • Kevin: I like me, look at my hair.
  • Kevin: Well you know I'm a werewolf.
  • Steven: We did it, we killed Kevin!
  • Charley: I overheard Judy say, yesterday, that Judy hates Together Breakfast.
  • Judy: *goes on short rant about Together Breakfast*
  • Steven: Balcony is a good word
  • Steven: That was too many Waffles. Are there any more Waffles that I hid back there?
  • Steven: Now I'm sad about something, I've only seen each episode of the show once.
  • Steven: Peri-dise! oh, we haven't met her yet, so that probably doesn't make any sense.
  • Garnet: This is probably my only line, goodbye.
  • Steven: Oh, the ruby and sapphire lit up that probably doesn't mean anything.
  • Steven: I'm not a real care bear.
  • Steven: *long screaming*
  • Pear: Amethyst, have you seen my dog? I killed it with this sword!
  • Steven: This will fix your head shape!
  • Steven: I learned how to swim yesterday, a shark taught me.
  • Steven: No! the shark didn't tell me about this!
  • Steven: *longer screaming*
  • *pause to acknowledge the incredible scream length*
  • Steven: Oh, no! now your art style looks weird.
  • Amethyst: Blame Ian Jones Quartey!
  • Steven: You don't eat pearl, we'll establish that later.
  • Steven: Guys, we can fix the art style, now!
  • Steven: Get, away, spookum!
  • Steven: To-never breakfast.
  • Steven: I'm gonna kill a thing.
  • Steven: It's gonna be my first major kill, I forgot which episodes preceded this.
  • Pearl: Is it over?
  • Steven: It's over isn't it.
  • Steven: Why didn't you guys put me in the lava like I asked?
  • Amethyst: Lets' play mini golf.
  • we managed to turn the worst episode of steven universe into the worst episode of real-time fandub.
I can be your teddy bear (fluff fanfiction)

A/N: this is my first fanfic so don’t expext much.

Troye and Connor have arrived at Zoe’s house from their flight. They ate pizza and watch tv for a while but then Connor announced that he was jet lag and wanted to sleep.

“Could you show me my room Zoe?” Connor asks.
“Oh yes! Just a second.” Zoe shows him the first room to ghe right. It’s big and there’s a king sized bed in the middle, and most importantly the view from the window is breathtaking.
Connor can already see the stars shining in the window, and he rushes to look at the moon when he hears Troye asking Zoe where to put his things.
“Right here, silly boy!” She says ruffling his hair. Connor can see Troye being annoyed by her touching his perfect hair, but he doesn’t say anything. After all, she’s taking them into their house.

Connor doesn’t notice where Zoe told Troye to our his things but he’s quite surprised to see him rolling his bag into his room.
“You guys don’t mind sharing a room right?” Zoe asks.
If Connor is to be honest, he minds. He knows that he likes the boy with deep blue eyes and amazing eyes, and even though it should be his dream to share a bedroom with him, he gets very nervous. He blushes deeply, and even though he knows that Zoe has more rooms, but is probably trying to fulfill her fangirl fantasies, he shakes his head.

Troye shakes his head immidiately, and Connor thinks of it as a tiredness reaction. Troye can’t like him, he’s too plain.

Connor falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, and he starts snoring lightly.
Troye, on the other hand, takes a shower first.
He then unpacks his backpack, looking for his blue teddy bear, the one he can’t sleep without.

Troye itches his head with frustration. “I swear I put it here!” He whispers, afraid to wake Connor up.
He calls Tyde’s number to ask him if he messed with his stuff.

“Tyde, have you seen my blue teddy bear?”
“Your teddy bear? No I haven’t, are you sure you packed it?” Tyde has already gotten over teasing Troye over sleeping with a teddy bear.
“Yes I’m sure.” Troye almost yells in frustration
“Oh well, think again, cause here it is, on your bed.”
“Oh man, I’ll figure out, thank you Tyde.”
“Just get a pillow and cuddle with it.” Tyde suggests before hanging up.

But what Tyde doesn’t know is that a pillow doesn’t work like a teddy bear. A pillow isn’t in the correct shape, or size, just how Troye isn’t correct for Connor.
He’s too thin, he has too many birthmarks, and he’s pale.

Troye decides to try sleeping without his teddy bear, but he just keeps moving in the bed.

“Troye,” Connor’s hoarse voice says.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Troye scratches his neck in embarrassment.
“That’s okay, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just can’t sleep.”
Connor turns around to look at Troye, and their shoulders touch. Connor’s green-blue eyes are lit by the moon light outside, and Troye can’t help but stare.
“I forgot my teddy bear,” he mumbles. He has never told anyone other than hi gamily that he sleeps with a teddy bear, it’s just embarrassing as it is. But he doesn’t know why the words came out of his mouth without any control from his side.
Connor laughs, but it’s not a teasing laugh, it’s a genuine one.
Connor thinks that he’s dreaming and he decides to take advantage of it. If he can’t be brave with the real Troye, he will be with dream Troye.
“Oh Troye boy, I’ll be your teddy bear.”
“What? Really?”
“Yeah, just put your hand over here.” Connor takes Troye’s hand and puts it on his waist. He can tell that his breath is hitting Troye’s skin but he doesn’t care. He flips to the other side, his back facing Troye’s chest.
“And your other hand over here,” he grabs his other hand, forcing Troye to spoon.

Troye stays tense for God knows how long, and then he falls asleep.

Connor wakes up to find his legs tangled with Troye, Troye’s warm breath on his neck, and his hands squeezing around his body tightly.
It wasn’t a dream after all…

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I was wondering how you feel about goths that happen to also really like cute things, I've gotten some really negative comments on 2 of my collections and I guess I feel excluded in the community lately

How do I feel about goths that also like really cute things?

I take advice from a stuffed bunny.

I have a collection of teddy bears and plush bunnies.

Have you seen my @beastlies army?!

LIKE YOUR REALLY CUTE THINGS. If someone comments negatively about them, smile in a coldly winsome manner and say that you’re sorry their life is so devoid of cute joy.