have you seen my baby daddy

Bts reaction to your soreness

Request: How would BTS react when you “blame” them for you soreness the day after?


“I’m sorry baby. Would you need extra help or something from the store? My shedule is tight today, but I will get you what you want? Okay?”

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“Look missy, it’s not my fault you were screaming “Daddy, go faster”. Stop calling me daddy and it won’t hurt. Still, sorry. I will buy you ice cream.”

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“I’ll be more careful next time. When I come home I’ll cuddle you till the pain fades away. I hope. I want to. Not sure if I’ll be able.”

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“Oh no. We are not repeating this “daddy” thing. Look what I did to you. No. Not a way.”

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“I have fifteen minutes. I can offer a massage. I’m really sorry baby, but for now that’s all I can give you.”

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“You are sore? Guess you are. But baby, you are not the only victim around here. Have you seen my back? I can barely move it. No shirts showing collar for a while. Still, I’m sorry if it hurts. “

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“Are you being whiny? We both know that I didn’t use one third of my strength last night. I could’ve give you a lot more “soreness”. I love you, put some oil on it and go to sleep. Let it heal.“

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album of the year

request: Harry one where you have a little girl that looks just like you and he adores her just as much as you and shows her off but also loves daddy cuddles


“Chloe? Chloe, where are you, we have to go–” I walked in the bathroom to find Chloe sitting on the counter, Harry behind her with her hair in his fingers and an elastic in his mouth. “So you didn’t like how I did your hair, huh?” I smirked.

“Daddy braids better, mum, we didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

I laughed as Harry secured a braid in her hair, “You didn’t hurt my feelings, sweetie.”

“Alright,” Harry lifted Chloe down from the counter, “You’re ready for the red carpet, princess. Show me your walk and pose.“

Chloe walked a few steps, hand on hips as Harry narrated, "Walk, walk, walk, pose.” Chloe smiled at the hypothetical cameras. “Walk, walk, walk, pose.” Chloe blew a kiss to the camera. “Perfect! They’re gonna love you.”

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Go fuck yourself.

I am the first girl to have your back in the bowl. If you need tips/advice - I got you baby girl. I have never looked at the bowl as a natural selection process. If you are hustling, I respect it and I will help you. Some of y’all just shady as fuck. 

Recently on SA, I had several men message me telling me they were going to report my profile for being fake. They said they have seen my pictures all over the site. REALLY? One girl literally stole all of my pictures and claimed to be me AND accused me of being the fake. HEY KATARINA UR A TWAT. I HAD A DATE CANCEL CAUSE OF YOU. Now, I have had fake Facebooks and Instagrams in the past BUT fake SA accounts. DO BETTER PLZ. I’M ALREADY TRYING TO SCAM MEN WITH MY LOOKS DONT NEED ANOTHER BANDWAGONING ON THIS SHIT.

I’ve said this before but I am all for kinks. But there is a stipulation.

Your kink cannot harm other people.

Inflation kink? Go ahead. You can’t hurt a person with that.

Furry kink? Be my guest!

Foot kink? I might not get but whatever floats your boat buddy.

But littles and daddy doms? Nah. 

Many ex-littles have come forward to talk about their abusive relationships with daddy doms and at the same time, these people are sexualizing things meant for children. They sexualize every from bottles to pacifiers. Things made for children, specifically babies, is disgusting. This shouldn’t be allowed and at the same time, these are some of the most toxic kinksters I’ve seen. Say what you want about furries but I have never seen furries harass children like these so called daddy doms do.

Forgotten Home

request: HI hello :) I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the girl is a young child when she first goes to never land and the lost boys get a long with her. Then she returns years later with the shadow and pans all shocked ect. I love your writing and if you can do this then thank you so much!!

author’s note: thank you so much for requesting! this is a little different from the original request because i’ve read stuff similar to this prompt before, so i hope you still like it! pan may seem a little out of character; i had a hard time writing his character when interacting with a child that he is supposed to be close to. i haven’t edited this, so i apologize for any mistakes xoxo

-8 years old-

“Y/N? Where are you, darling?” I hear my mother’s feet on the creaking staircase. “It’s time for bed.”

           I hold my breath as she knocks on my bedroom door. I cover my mouth with one sweaty hand to keep her from hearing me laugh.

           She doesn’t wait for me to answer her; she pushes the door open and steps into the pink room. “Y/N,” she calls. “Come out now, sweetheart.”

           I stay under my bed, staring at her slippers with anxiety. I try to scoot back further to avoid being seen, but my butt awkwardly hits the mattress above me. My eyes squeeze shut from both the shame and the aggravation of giving away my hiding place.

           My mother’s feet turn towards me and walk to the edge of my bed. “Y/N, love, please.”

           Sighing, I crawl out.

           My mother gives me a sad smile, warm palm cupping my dirty cheek. “What were you doing, Y/N?”

           “I was hiding,” I say quietly.

           “Why were you hiding from me?”

           I frown. “I wasn’t hiding from you.”

           She returns my look, though she appears more confused. “Then who were you hiding from?”

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Good Girl CH 7: Daddy

I hate school. Always have, always will. I hate the looks I get, reminding me how different I look, I hate the stuck up rich kids that are somehow so much different from Jihyo who is just as rich as them. Sitting in my last class of the day I want to pull my hair out, the teacher’s voice is putting me to sleep and Jihyo won’t step talking and getting us in trouble. I’m lucking enough to have three of my six classes with her and lunch. Since Elf, Panda, and Owl are a year older then me I only see them in the hall, but after their first few reactions to seeing me I’m learning to avoid them. Hoseok and Namjoon are in all the same classes I have with Jihyo, something that upset Kai and Sehun who I have my other three classes with. I’m guessing Suho did that on purpose to keep the fighting to a minimum.

“Do you need a ride to your new home?” Jihyo asks as we walk down the hall, our arms linked.

I shake my head, “Nope, one of the boys will be giving me a ride home.”

She huffs, “How you managed to talk your mother into letting you move into a coed boarding house is beyond me.” I chuckle awkwardly, feeling bad for lying to my best friend but she wouldn’t react well to the truth. We walk out the front door and to the steps. “I wonder where my driver is,” Ji thinks out loud as she scans the line of similar cars. One stands out, a red Ferrari and a familiar man in the driver’s seat. He spots me and pulls out of line pulling right to the stairs; he gets out, a big grin on his child like face. He looks so good in nice black dress pants and a white button up with the sleeves rolled up and the top few buttons undone, revealing a little of the amazing body I know is underneath.

Jihyo says exactly what I’m thinking, “Damn.” We shake ourselves out of our stupor, “Who do you think he is here for?” She asks me.

“Me!” I giggle gleefully as I run do the steps and jump into his arms. “Kitty oppa!”

“Hello there little one,” He laughs as he hugs me tight. I smile big as he leans away and kisses my forehead. “You are never leaving again.”

“What the hell happened that night you left me?” Jihyo yells as she stomps down the stairs. “Who the hell is this? Where did you get one?” Her anger only makes me laugh.

“One? She has twelve,” Kitty teases, resting his arm around my shoulders.

“I hate you,” She pouts at me.

“I love you too Jihyo-ya.” I give her my biggest grin.

She can’t help but smile back, “You are luck you are too cute to hate. But seriously, who is this sexy strapping man?” She pokes his chest teasingly, something Kitty does not like from the way his eyes loose all playfulness and is replaced with a glare. I grab Jihyo’s hand to keep her from doing it again, but play it off as me wanting her attention.

“This one of my new roommates at the boarding house,” I sort of lie.

“Can I move in? I would love to see the other guys you live with,” She continues to eyes him up and down, becoming the Jihyo that I don’t like, the one Kai keeps ragging on. The slut.

“Absolutely not,” Kitty deadpans, and I have to keep myself from laughing at her reaction at rejections. It’s a new thing for her, no is not something she hears very often, especially from guys. “Joo-ya is the only girl allowed in our house.”

“So no girlfriend?” She tries again.

“Get the hint Jihyo,” Kai teases as he joins us on the steps, “He doesn’t want what’s up that nasty skirt of yours’.”

“Ya!” Jihyo and I both shout as we swat at the boy.

“What did I tell you Kai? If you say one more thing about her I will cut it off,” I snap at him.

“You two know each other?” Jihyo says after my words sink in.

“Him and the others that were in the office are also my roommates,” I answer awkwardly.

“Seriously?” She grins like a maniac.

I nod.

“I’m so jealous!” She screams as she attacks me with a hug.

“That was not the reaction I was expecting,” I say my thoughts out loud. Owl, Panda, Elf and Sehun join us as well, a bit dumbstruck on the situation they just walked in on.

“I have to go but we are so talking about this tomorrow,” She beams as me as she runs away to her waiting car.

“God that girl is crazy,” I shake my stunned feelings off. “I always forget that.”

“You have a very interesting friend,” Kitty comments as he puts his arm around me again.

“Tell me about it,” I laugh.

“Hyung,” Kai says, “What are you doing here?”

Kitty looks down at me, “I came to give little one a ride home.”

“We wanted her to ride with one of us!” Sehun whines.

“You guys all have cars?” I question.

With a cocky grin Elf says, “We have motorcycles too, you wanna ride?”

I can barely contain my happiness, “That’s awesome, maybe tomorrow though.” His smile drops, “I wanna ride it Kitty’s car first.”

“That’s my girl,” Kitty grins as he opens the passenger’s door. I climb in without hesitation; Kitty quickly climbs in on the other side. I wave as he speeds down the driveway and turns on to the road. The world seems to fly by as he speeds down the road and I find myself grinning. It only takes a 15 minutes to get to the house, Kitty held my hand the whole way, though I would have preferred him having both hands on the wheel with how fast he was speeding but him holding my hand was actually better. He pulls up in the circler driveway; I get out and gawk at the beautiful house. A modern beach mansion would probably be the best way to describe it but those three words don’t do it justice.

“You act as if you’ve never seen it before,” Kitty teases.

“Well I was either drunk or having an emotional breakdown when I was in front of it so this is technically the first time I’ve seen it.”

“Let’s go inside and hang out before everyone comes home,” He takes my hand again before leading me inside. We slip off our shoes in the entry way and wander deeper into the house. Soon we are in the living room, Kitty plops down on the couch, pulling me on top of him, his hands on my hips. “There, comfortable?”

“Oppa, can’t I go change first? I have a skirt on,” I mumble shyly.

“I forgot about that,” He says as his hands slide down my hips to the curve of my butt, smoothing out my skirt as he goes. His eyes are fixed on my face, watching my reaction. I feel too embarrassed under his gaze as he hands cup my butt, making me burry my face in his chest. He lets out a warm chuckle, “I’m sorry for teasing you little one, you don’t need to hide. I’ll stop.”

“You don’t have to stop,” I mumble, not brave enough to look up at him.

“What was that? Speak up little one,” He says firmly, his hands go lower so the bare skin in between my stockings and skirt.

“I said you don’t have to stop,” I peek up to see him intensely staring down at me, lust burning in his eyes.

“What should I do then if you don’t want me to stop?” His voice is soft letting me control where this goes, though it’s only for a moment.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this,” I mumble back.

He smiles, “I know baby, do you want Daddy to decide?”

I blink at him for a minute, “Daddy?”

“That’s me baby,” One of his hands in on the back of my neck and pulling my lips to his. He kisses me softly, not wanting to be too forceful with the kiss. When he pulls away he scans my face for anything wrong, “Is this okay baby?”

I surprise myself by nodding.

“Use your words like a big girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” He pulls me in for another kiss this time it’s a lot less innocent. His other hand slips under my skirt and squeezes my ass making my mouth open in surprise. He take the opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth, something I don’t mind as he works his against mine. The kiss gets deeper when he flips us over so he’s on top; his hand moves from my ass to the back of my knee as he positions himself in between my legs. He grinds out hips together slowly; I can’t help but moan into the kiss, shamelessly moving my hips against his.

The front door busts open and the sounds of a large group of boys heads our way. Kitty pulls away with a growl, turning to glare at the boys who appear in the doorway, dumbstruck at the sight of Kitty on top of me and my arms around his neck. I’m horrified to see not just the five from school but all eleven, getting a good shot up my skirt.

“You guys have shitty timing,” Kitty snaps. He sighs before turning back to me to whisper in my ear, “We will have to continue this another time baby, but a little tip for you, if you ever want something from one of us and we say no or if any of us start to scare you, use that word and they will be putty in your hand.” He leans away, “Okay?”

“Yes Daddy,” I say quiet enough so that the others can hear. Kitty grins before sitting down normally and pulling me into a sitting position.

He looks to the others who are still gawking in the hall, “You guys act like you’ve never seen up a ladies skirt.”

Kris is the first to snap out of his daze, his eyes narrow on me, “Sweetheart, why do you give Xiumin hyung all the attention, you’re making me jealous.” His long legs skip the steps and stride quickly over to me. He towers over me, a scowl on his handsome face.

“Sorry Dragon oppa,” I mumble looking down at my hands.

“Kris,” Luhan scolds as he comes into the living room sitting on my other side, “Don’t scare the poor thing.” He strokes my head, tucking a stay curl behind my ear. “It’s unfair that all the others have been able to play with you all day and I haven’t been able to have you to myself for five minutes.”

“What are you talking about?” Kris snaps back, “the only person that has had alone time with her is Xiumin.”

“And Suho hyung,” Sehun pipes in with an evil smirk in the older man’s direction.

“What?” The group seems to rally.

“We walked in and he was holding her in his lap,” Kai finishes.

“Oh my Suho,” Dragon, or Kris or whatever, snickers, “At school, so naughty. I’m envious.”

“I think we should get one on one time with her since she will be living here,” Luhan tries to bring focus back to me.

“Xiumin and Suho hyungs have already used their time,” Dino declares.

Kitty laughs, “Fine, I’ll just wait until tonight.”

“What happens tonight?” Luhan asks.

“You don’t think she’s sleeping with you still?” Suho scoffs.

“Damn right she is, I’m the one that got her back here, and the only one, not counting Kris, to admit that I’m attached to her. Plus, she wants to stay with me, don’t you?” Kitty looks to for help. I sink into my seat nervously as I think the question over. As if he could sense my anxiety, Dimple comes forward with an idea.

“How about she decides after the one on one time?”

The others share a look, nodding in agreement, but Suho speaks for the group, “Sounds fair.”

“So oldest to youngest?” Luhan suggests.

“No!” Kai, Sehun and Panda argue back.

“Yes!”  Puppy and Kris snap back, making the younger boys back down.

“Great, so me first,” Luhan sings as he pulls me off the couch and out the other door to another sitting room with the same wall of windows but these ones open actually open, so during the summer the room becomes a patio. It’s chllier in this room, Luhan notices me shivering and grabs a blanket from the corner before sitting me down cross-legged on the extremely comfy couch facing him. I watch as he shrugs off his suit jacket, unbutton his cufflinks and settles deep into the couch next to me, one leg rests against mine while the other is touching the ground so we face each other head on. He gives me a smile as he places his hand on my thigh over the blanket, “So, little lamb…”

Curse words incoming, Littles be aware

So Yeah I haven’t been around a lot and I’m sorry but I have things going on at the moment. Anways I was looking at my posts and I saw these very hateful comments on my mothers day post. Now for those who understand DD/lg and cg/l relationship then you can understand the struggle.

For those who still do not understand..

My pure involvement in the community is strictly non-sexual. I, as a little, want to be cared for by a dominant person who knows what’s best for me. I want someone who tell me what to do because they know if I don’t I will not be healthy. I DONT CARE WHAT YOU’VE SEEN IN THE DD/LG COMMUNITY AND DONT CARE ABOUT IT. BUT DO A LITTLE RESEARCH AND UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE 2 SIDES.


“Oh you call your bf daddy? Does that mean you like to have sex with your dad?”

You call your pet good boy/girl, does that mean you want to have sex with your pet?

Listen. Fucking read before you decide to write your dumb post about “oh motherhood is more than just taking care of an adult baby. Mommy doms aren’t real moms.” Mommy doms are absolutely real mothers. They do everything in their part to take care of the person who needs it. ALSO DONT JUST GO ON POSTING SAYING STUFF LIKE OH THATS GROSS OR THATS WRONG. SOME OF THE STUFF YOU LIKE, OTHER PEOPLE WILL SAY THATS GROSS OR WRONG.

and if you ever wanna pick a fight just drop a message in my inbox and i’ll gladly have a fun chat with you. I wanna help people and you are the gross, idiotic, uneducated scumbags who don’t know how to fucking READ! So please, do us all a favor and fuck off okay?

I Dare You (A Jefferson Smut)

by @dontstopwiththelyin aka Becks

Summary: Plot? What plot? I thought you said porn…

Warnings: Daddy!kink, little bit of spanking, little bit of choking, orgasm denial, light bondage, dirty talk, oral (giving and receiving), squirting, language (BAHAHAHAHAHA If everything else doesn’t turn you away I don’t think language will but anyway…) I think that’s everything? IDK my brain is slightly malfunctioning from…editing…yeah…that’s why I read it again…

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Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part III)

  • “And Grandma’s here.”
  • “Sorry I might have killed your son.”
  • “I spent pretty much everything that I had on killing Daddy.”
  • “I was scared by a leaf.”
  • “They’re not as in-control as they think they are.”
  • “No you don’t, you don’t exist, fuck you.”
  • “I’ve seen a great many pulsating sacks in my day.”
  • “Sure, I’ll just fire into the crowd of bugs.”
  • “Whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy. Whoa buddy!”
  • “I do not recall there being this many spiders.”
  • “I guess I’m okay, alright.”
  • “At least I got the flamethrower now and I should be able to burn what I need to burn.”
  • “Burn it with FIRE!”
  • “It’s not a lot, but it’s what I got.”
  • “I don’t know what I should do or what I want to do, it’s a little mixed up right now.”
  • “His hand seems to have grown back okay, too.”
  • “Is that your power? Because that’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Now I’m full up on herbs.”
  • “I got a funny feeling that I want to rebel.”
  • “Sorry, you don’t get to exist.”
  • “Lady, you got a lot of problems.”
  • “At least they’re stocked up on toilet paper.”
  • “Carry on, momma doesn’t know.”
  • “I’ve managed to scavenge everything I possibly could.”
  • “Well ain’t I a fucking coward.”
  • “Alright, enough fucking around!”
  • “Seems like a real charming place. I like it.”
  • “I was just trying to make you fuck off and die.”
  • “Oh god, don’t show me that.”
  • “Ok I get the hint. I get the hint, I shouldn’t be here.”
  • “Oh fuck, no you don’t.”
  • “You think you stand a chance against me? The answer is absolutely no.”
  • “I have a lot of hope in my heart. I shouldn’t, but I do.”
  • “Sounds like a trap, and I don’t like it.”
  • “That’s the deputy’s head.”
  • “I should just be able to sprint through anything that comes my way.”
  • “I can’t believe that one killed me.”
  • “Ammo really is my Achilles’s heel right now.”
  • “Woah ok, something bad happened here.”
Such a naughty kitten part 2

part 1

Disclaimers: This is not meant to be taken seriously and do not get butt-hurt or kink-shame if this isn’t in your sexy list. I also do not write professionally again so if there are or is misspelled words then I am sorry not sorry.

Warnings: This is not meant for underage eyes but I mean I am underage by a year also. Daddy kink, kitten play, orgasm denial and more spanking yay.

This will be the final part of this smut fic and I might post an angst or start working on a series for this blog and what not.

It has been almost a week since Hoseok touched me last and I can’t even say that he was touching me. It was more like he was trying to kill me and make my life a sexually frustrated living hell. He has done so many things to tease me this past week and he would just leave me there hanging. Earlier this week I came in from dancing classes and he sat on the bed masturbating and moaning my name. I had to control myself from dropping my bag and running to the bed and fucking him but I knew that if I did he would punish more and make me wait longer. I also felt as if he knew I was there because he just opened his eyes, smirked and then continued, he ignored my pleading whimpers and it made me so frustrated.

“Baby, listen to me when I talk to you.”, he huffs bringing me out of my trace of frustration. Turning my head to side I widen my eyes innocently,“What did you say, Oppa?” He rolled his eyes and sighed, getting up. My eyes follow him curiously as he goes up the stairs and quickly comes back with a pastel pink box labeled ‘Kitten play time’. He smirks and sits back down on the couch,“Open the box, (Y/N).” I furrow my brows as he calls me by my actual name, he never does this unless I am in for a treat or he is angry at me. My hands shake as I reach for it and lift the lid revealing something he hasn’t brought out since a couple months ago. 

He chuckles as I gasp at the black kitten ears, collar and leash in the box,“A-am I getting played with tonight, Hobi?”, my voice shakes as I stare at him unsure. “You are princess.”, he pauses as he takes out the kitten ears and clip them into my hair,“Now go up into the room and wait on the bed for me baby.” As soon as I hear those words I run into the room and start to take off my shorts and tank top, leaving me fully nude because Hoseok doesn’t like when I wear panties and a bra around the house. I sit on the bed and clench my thighs together waiting for him to give me release and pleasure. It seemed as if it took five hours for him to come up the stairs. As he got to the doorway his eyes darkened with lust and need.

He took long strides and stopped in front of me, cupping my cheeks in his hands he bent down slightly to kiss me. It felt as if our kiss lasted for centuries but it was only mere minutes. I whimpered into our kiss as it got heated and rougher. My core was aching for him this whole time. I pulled away, breathing hard as I looked at him, his hair was going in every direction from when my hands pulled and were running through it,“Daddy, please touch me.” My voice sounded wrecked from not speaking for a while. He straightened his posture and pushed me back,“Spread your legs from me kitten, daddy is going to make your little pussy feel so good.”

I comply to his request and spread them for him, gasping as my heat is met with the cold air the room. He gets on his knees and scoots his face closer to my core, not waiting anymore his mouth is met with my clit. I whimper and lift my hips up to get closer to his face for. He put his hands on my hips to keep me from moving and squirming around. He moaned into my core as he tasted me on his tongue,“Kitten, you taste so fucking good to daddy.” I moaned as he muttered that onto my clit. His fingers slowly made their way to my entrance, thrusting one finger in he groaned at the tightness engulfing him. I arched my back in response to all the pleasure I was receiving. It doesn’t take long for the feeling of having to cum hit me,“D-daddy-”, I whimper not even having time to finish the sentence as he pulls away from me.

He gets up and licks his lips to clean my juices from them. This could have possibly been one of the most erotic scenes I have seen in my life. He pulls me up and pushes me down to my knees in front of his bulge in his basketball shorts,“Suck daddy’s cock baby.” I bite my lip and nod, my hands go to the front of his shorts and palm his length. His breath quickens and his hips buck into my hands. I look up at him with wide innocent eyes as I pull down his shorts and boxers to reveal his hard length in my face, “Daddy, you are already leaking.” I whimper as I look at the tip of his cock with pre-cum leaking out of it in front of my eyes, I gulped loudly and brought my hand up to hold his length still and lick off the pre-cum developing on it.  

“Fuck, baby you have such a dangerous tongue. I don’t know how daddy can take it.”, he groans as I engulf his whole length into my mouth slowly. His tip hits the back of my throat making me gag into him. He grabs onto my hair and guides his cock in and out slowly. He whimpers slightly and groans at the feeling. Tears slowly go down my face every time he thrusts back into my mouth. His hips pick up speed as he starts to fuck my mouth faster. With every thrust he maked it sent a tingle down to my core. My hand slowly traveled down to rub my clit as he fucked my mouth. He looks down and groans as he watches my eyes watering and my hand rubbing me where I need him the most.  

He pulls out of my mouth and pulls me up onto the bed, bending me over the edge of it. He rubs his hands along the dip in my back and to my ass. He massages it softly and spanks its lightly, making my thighs rub against my heat,“D-daddy please fuck me.”, my voice is gravely as I talk to him. “Is that what my kitten wants from me?” He chuckles as he hears my wrecked voice and weakened state. I nod my head vigorously and push my ass back against his hips. I grind against his cock and whimper at the feeling of it against my pussy. He groans and pushes me back into the bed,“Patience baby, all good things come in time.”

He drags his finger along my slit and slowly thrusted into me. He moves his finger in an agonizing slow pace. My moans are the only thing along with the sound of my wetness that are making noise in the room. After a while he pushes in a second finger and curls them up slightly to hit my g-spot. “Daddy please.”, I whimper more as I get impatient as I wait for his cock to get in me. He moves his fingers faster in me making me moan louder as I get close to my release again. My heat tightens around his fingers and he pulls out again only for me to whine and groan in frustration.  

He grabs his cock and runs it along my heat,“Baby girl are you ready for me?”. I nod my head again and sigh at the feeling,“Yes, daddy!” He slowly pushes into my hole and groans as he is fully in me. His hips move at a slow pace and slowly build up speed as he keeps thrusting into me. “You feel so tight against daddy’s cock kitten.”, he brings his hands up into my hair and pulls my head back so my back is against his chest. “Daddy, can you p-please go harder.”, I whimper and push my head back so I can kiss him. He slams into me as I bring my lips to his. I moan into the kiss and he pushes his tongue into my mouth. His tongue massages mine and he pulls back and bites my lip.

“Kitten, you look so good with swollen lips because of me.” He smirks and brings his head down to my neck. He slowly licks a small strip up and then opens his mouth to suck a mark into it. I moan loudly as if feel him mark all along my neck. His abuse on my neck gets me closer to release and I squeeze his cock. “Mm, if you do that again kitten you will make me cum.” His breath is staggered and he groans. I squeeze again and close my eyes as I am almost close,“Daddy I need to cum!” He chuckles and thrusts into me faster and harder than he ever has before.

“Beg to cum, princess.” His voice bellows into my ears. “Please let me cum daddy. I have been such a good girl for you and you are making me feel so fucking good. Your cock feels so good as it is pounding into me. You are so good to use me like a little fuck toy daddy.” I moan out my plea to him. He lifts up my hips and rubs my clit to have me orgasm faster. My breathing quickens and I let out long loud moans and whimpers as I clench around his cock and orgasm. My vision is taken over by white pleasure and it’s like nothing else exists in the world except for Hoseok and me.

Soon after I cum he pulls out and flips me onto my back. “Open your mouth for me, Kitten.” He strokes his cock quickly as he chases his release. I stick my tongue out and I look at him innocently. “Fuck (Y/N)!”, He groans loudly and cums in my mouth. The salty and musky liquid hits my tongue and I moan at the taste. After he finishes his release I swallow his seed,he stares at me in fascination. Soon after his fascination he falls onto the bed with me and closes his eyes,“I love you so much kitten.” I smile and blush at the endearment,“ I love you too, daddy”, I cuddle up to his body despite us both being sticky and sweaty. My eyes close as I fall asleep beside him.

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Antis are so judgemental. I'll have you know me and my boyfriend Roberto have been together for 6 years. True we haven't seen each other in 5 but we totally fell in love during highschool and he sends me codes through his tweets and Facebook. Yesterday he said he was excited for his first Father's day since his "wife" just had their first baby. I know this means he's excited because he's my Daddy and later he's going to give me a spanking. His tweets indicate we may see each other again in 2020

That’s so romantic! I’m so happy for you guys.

Until you get footage of him having sex with his wife and then the child coming out of her you should really assume none of that exists and is just her vindictive way of stopping him from really being with you the way he wants to.

When he manages to clear his head and declare this child of his never existed then you guys can be together the way you’re meant to. Stalk through his life, hack his facebook and that of everyone around him, if you can still find colors and numbers that mean something to you in any part of his life then it’s on and he loves you really. <3

Boyfriend Suho

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  • intense eye contact
  • when he’s mad
  • disappointed
  • turned on
  • just looking into his eyes makes you blush and feel squirmy inside
  • always having him insist on buying you things
  • not because he’s oh so rich and totes famous so he’s rolling in that green
  • but because he loves you & wants you to feel loved & have the best of everything
  • sometimes, he feels like just telling you he loves you isn’t enough
  • that’s why he randomly comes home with a new watch or tickets to a band you like because he wants you to know he adores you & always thinks of you
  • junmyeon has no problem w you liking other boy groups btw, just so long as exo is your #1 and he’s your ub
  • otherwise he’ll sass you like he did that child actress who said she liked bts more than exo
  • (that was really funny though)
  • (except it was sad at the same time)
  • (exo is pretty underappreciated, considering their popularity)
  • (ppl listen to them but don’t appreciate the members individually or their hard work)
  • despite how charming and smart suho is
  • he’s also the biggest dork in the world
  • no lie
  • so you have many moments where you cringe watching him on variety shows
  • or getting second hand embarrassment when he does something dumb to make his fans smile
  • back hugs where he rests his chin on your head
  • and he’s not shy about skinship in front of cameras or the boys
  • you’re such a fluffy couple that they make faces and end up leaving bc it’s too hard to watch
  • “hyung,” sehun groans. “please stop”
  • btw sehun is your actual son
  • he goes to you to complain or when he wants something but suho said no
  • “moooom” no matter the gender you identify with, he calls you “mom.” “dad said I can’t get any bubble tea today because it’s bad for my health!”
  • and he often lays across your lap during movie night
  • you two are seen as the “parents” since you both shoulder responsibility for all the boys
  • junmyeon likes your back massages
  • which helps calm him down since he’s stressed 25/8
  • “relax, junmyeon! I’m only going to a party! I’ll be fine. stop worrying”
  • he compliments you all the time
  • he’s so cheesy too
  • “you’re so beautiful. I’m so lucky to have met you”
  • but he’s not just a fluffy potato
  • suho’s daddy af, lbr
  • when he’s annoyed and fed up with his hard lifestyle, he comes home and slams the door shut. “baby, I hope you’ve been good today. I’m not in the mood to deal with a naughty boy/girl” but then he sees you haven’t done the dishes yet and makes you bend over his knee. “naughty children get spanked. it’s the only way you’ll learn”
  • couple rings/bracelets/hats/shoes, etc
  • watching you sleep
  • waking up early to make you breakfast in bed
  • and reminding you all the time that he loves you dearly

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Could you do a dating hector bellerin? (Like the rob one) thank you😙😙

Dating Hector would be quite the ride:

  • “Have you seen my headband, baby?” 
    “I have no idea what you’re talking about” *knowing you secretly threw them away  to get him to chop the mop off*

  • Playing with Otto all the time, trying to get him to pick between the two of you (“Come to daddy, Otto, I have treats.”).
    Going to the park with him when the sun is out.

  • Judging by his recent appearance on Arsenal’s YouTube channel, you do the cooking or you go to a restaurant. He loves the food you make; you don’t love the food he makes.

  • Going “on runs” with Hector… Which basically means he does the running and you have trouble keeping up with him on your bike.

  • Quite steamy make out sessions. Expect him to distract you while cooking or just being a bit touchy-feely while watching a movie.

  • Getting matching tattoos after having planned them for about two years.

  • Silly arguments, probably because Hector neglects you for COD or something.

  • Embarrassing attempts of speaking Spanish with his grandma who loves you nonetheless.

  • Hector constantly moaning about something, mainly the weather (though secretly he’s become an Englishman). And you just making fun of him for it.

  • Reading in bed at night… And then not reading anymore, those glasses are making him look a bit too attractive.

  • Meeting friends up with friends in the evening and going on double dates to the cinema or maybe bowling.

And please… If you are his girlfriend, tell him to cut his fucking hair!

The Tommo Tum...
  • Someone, Somewhere: Louis looks so fat have you seen his-
  • Harry: *jumps out his window*
  • Harry: *does eight cartwheels*
  • Harry: *uses meditation skills to levitate*
  • Harry: *smashes through their window*
  • Harry: *takes off his earings* somE ONE HOLD ME BACK THIS BITCH IS ABOUT TO GET A BIT OF MY TOMMO FIST

I have seen so many ladies asking about opening bank accounts and sending POT’s their information.


A real POT will never ask for any banking information. Don’t fall for it. I’m sure they are gonna tell you exactly what you want. They will either agree to the allowance you suggest and most of the time offer you more.

I don’t even have my PayPal connected to my bank. I always, always, always transfer money from my SB PayPal to my real PayPal.

Ladies, please, protect yourself. It’s a world full of people who are out to get you!

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Could you do MycroftxReader were Mycroft find out to be a daddy, cause of an unexpected pregnancy??? Thank you so much...your blog is PERFECT....Love it....And sorry for my bad english!!!! Have a nice day, MJ

“Um, Mycroft…we may have a problem.”

Mycroft turns his head to see his lovely girlfriend ______ approaching him a bit unsteady as she leaves the bathroom looking paler than he ever seen before. Putting down his book and patting the space beside him in the bed Mycroft implores her, “What’s wrong?”

Gingerly _____ gets onto the bed paying a bit more mind to her middle as she does so that it doesn’t take too much brain power to conclude the obvious but still he waits.

She puts a hand on his shoulder, looks him straight in the eye and says solemnly, “Mycroft I’m pregnant.”

“So when should we schedule an ultrasound?”

“Mycroft I’m a fucking dragon,” she barks out, “I can’t go get a human ultrasound and why are you so calm about this? I’m about to give these human dragon hybrids which by the way, has never been successfully down before and I didn’t think was fucking possible in the first place and you’re just fine with it? Are you mad?”

She’s close to tears in the way that she gestures with her arms to illustrate just how serious this is that Mycroft’s heart breaks.

Taking _____ into his the circle of arms and holding her tight. “I have to admit that I am a bit mad falling in love with a mythical creature, much less a dragon, “ Mycroft explains as he strokes her hair lovingly, “but I made peace with that long ago right after I found out your kind actually existed.”

And had that been a day.

Nothing short of a whole paradigm shift that questioned his sanity but Mycroft prevailed knowing that he had found something real with his feelings toward _____.

“We’ll take it day by day then,” Mycroft decides letting ____ sniffle in his arms, “Surely your kind has doctors for these sorts of things?”

______ nods dumbly so Mycroft decides not to press the issue until she feels more up to talking and that’s fine.

After all it gives Mycroft more time to figure out if it would be who of him to fireproof the house.


                       Almost There/Meeting Potential SD

Our first meeting for a sugarbaby/daddy arrangement possibilities and I’m already running late. Not to mention its raining and windy like crazy and I know my hair is going to have really bad single strand knots in the morning. This better be worth it.

We decided to meet at POD, an upscale restaurant in Philly. At least I know, he’s not cheap. Thats a good sign for him being the real deal. Now I just hope he passes the attraction test (still haven’t seen a photo of him). I mean I know we’re meeting to see if a sugarbaby/daddy arrangement is possible but shit a girl still has standards.

I’ll let you all know how this first meeting goes in the A.M! 

Let me get off my phone.

xo Latasha