have you seen my baby daddy

Go fuck yourself.

I am the first girl to have your back in the bowl. If you need tips/advice - I got you baby girl. I have never looked at the bowl as a natural selection process. If you are hustling, I respect it and I will help you. Some of y’all just shady as fuck. 

Recently on SA, I had several men message me telling me they were going to report my profile for being fake. They said they have seen my pictures all over the site. REALLY? One girl literally stole all of my pictures and claimed to be me AND accused me of being the fake. HEY KATARINA UR A TWAT. I HAD A DATE CANCEL CAUSE OF YOU. Now, I have had fake Facebooks and Instagrams in the past BUT fake SA accounts. DO BETTER PLZ. I’M ALREADY TRYING TO SCAM MEN WITH MY LOOKS DONT NEED ANOTHER BANDWAGONING ON THIS SHIT.

To all future “SUGAR BABY WRITERS” I will never be interested in sharing my stories. Especially if I know you haven’t even took the time to explore my page. I’ve literally made it clear I’m just coming up on a first complete month of sugaring. What stories do I have?? ALSO IVE OBVIOUSLY MADE A BLOG TO TALK ABOUT MY SUGARING EXPERIENCES IN REAL TIME!

Also I’ve seen how the scripts are always flipped either the SB is made out to be a lowlife or driving G-Wagon’s. Causing sugar babies to be naive thinking the life is easy and full of Birkin Bags.

I will never share our tips, that guide us through the sugaring world safely. Never will I ever put my fellow babies at risk like that.

Never will I ever expose how we get our coins or what we spend them on(why SD are trying to lowball more often because they know how desperately some SB truly are for tuition and bills).

This is why sites like SA are filled with salts. Why sugar babies are easy targets.


Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part III)

  • “And Grandma’s here.”
  • “Sorry I might have killed your son.”
  • “I spent pretty much everything that I had on killing Daddy.”
  • “I was scared by a leaf.”
  • “They’re not as in-control as they think they are.”
  • “No you don’t, you don’t exist, fuck you.”
  • “I’ve seen a great many pulsating sacks in my day.”
  • “Sure, I’ll just fire into the crowd of bugs.”
  • “Whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy. Whoa buddy!”
  • “I do not recall there being this many spiders.”
  • “I guess I’m okay, alright.”
  • “At least I got the flamethrower now and I should be able to burn what I need to burn.”
  • “Burn it with FIRE!”
  • “It’s not a lot, but it’s what I got.”
  • “I don’t know what I should do or what I want to do, it’s a little mixed up right now.”
  • “His hand seems to have grown back okay, too.”
  • “Is that your power? Because that’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Now I’m full up on herbs.”
  • “I got a funny feeling that I want to rebel.”
  • “Sorry, you don’t get to exist.”
  • “Lady, you got a lot of problems.”
  • “At least they’re stocked up on toilet paper.”
  • “Carry on, momma doesn’t know.”
  • “I’ve managed to scavenge everything I possibly could.”
  • “Well ain’t I a fucking coward.”
  • “Alright, enough fucking around!”
  • “Seems like a real charming place. I like it.”
  • “I was just trying to make you fuck off and die.”
  • “Oh god, don’t show me that.”
  • “Ok I get the hint. I get the hint, I shouldn’t be here.”
  • “Oh fuck, no you don’t.”
  • “You think you stand a chance against me? The answer is absolutely no.”
  • “I have a lot of hope in my heart. I shouldn’t, but I do.”
  • “Sounds like a trap, and I don’t like it.”
  • “That’s the deputy’s head.”
  • “I should just be able to sprint through anything that comes my way.”
  • “I can’t believe that one killed me.”
  • “Ammo really is my Achilles’s heel right now.”
  • “Woah ok, something bad happened here.”
Exo catching you masturbating to porn

When the members caught you masturbating to porn?? I am so curious abksbssj

Here you go my dear x


Suho: How many times do I have to tell you!! Only Daddy is allowed to touch you! *commence punishment*

Baekhyun: Need some help there baby?

Chanyeol:*just stands in the doorway* Jagi?

D.O: This is so better than what I expected to find.

Kai: Why is she doing this? Don’t I satisy her? -oh shit that’s kinder hot tho~

Sehun: Oh shit. Has she seen me yet? *watches you with an intense boner*

Xiumin: Princess… What do you think you’re doing huh? Do you even understand how much trouble you’re in right now?

Lay: What the hell is happening… that is so hot.

Chen: Ah shit baby. Look what you’ve done. Better fix it now. 

Tao: Ohhhh busted big time! What yo gonna do to make it up to me? ;)

Be careful

Have you guys seen the bust that happened in Atlanta? Apparently 5 girls were rescued from sex trafficking in an Atlanta mansion. THEY ALL GOT LURED FROM SA! Seriously take every precaution with this shit! I always make sure to turn on my location, text a friend when I have a POT, send them the address of where we are supposed to meet, send them a pic of my POT. I’ve only been out to coffee once with a SD but I take every precaution. I don’t even tell them my real name or give them my real number. Men can be very scary. Just be careful my fellow Ladies

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O-Oh Rick daddy.. I'm your little boy right..? I-I have been naughty lately.. will you punish me?

Fuck, baby boy, you think I h-haven’t seen you? Fucking your own fist, slippery wet and tight. But you can’t - you can’t make yourself cum the way I’m gunna make you. Tape that mouth shut, press your face down against your mattress. Raise those hips up. Force my cock into that tight little ass - y-y-you can take it, come on, be a - a good boy for me. -Thaaat’s it, feel me, let me pound into that spot, so hard and so fuckin good you’re tearing up, aren’t you? My good little boy, ffuck, I’m gunna force you to cum all over your bed before I fill you up, deep as I can shove into you. L-like that? You gunna be good for me?


//Ya know, I’ve never read yer mafia story either. I’ve just seen you talking about him having a daughter. It is the mafia story, right?

Yep! In my Dinner With The Family fanfiction verse, a few years down the road after he takes control, he ends up deciding he wants an heir for the criminal empire he’s building and ends up with a fiery little girl who definitely takes after her daddy.

I’m in the (very slow) process of writing the baby making fic where she makes her first appearance, but the first, second, and prequel can be found on my ff.net or AO3 accounts. The first and prequel show their age, but I like the AU a lot, so I keep toying with it anyway. What’s honestly better than Mob Boss Shiro??

Lost in Time

Here is the prologue to my new AU! Whoo! Very short and vague, I know. I have actually written a lot of this story and will start posting weekly. So, I guess these updates will be on Monday! The original Anon prompt, which I seem to have deleted (Sorry!), was that Claire was pregnant with twins when she went back through the stones before Culloden. So, here is my interpretation of that. Enjoy!

“Mama, I’m scared.”

“I know, baby. I know.”

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going…home.”

“Home? But home is where we left!”

“It’s not there anymore. Remember the bombs? This is our other home, Lallybroch. It’s safe. You’ve never seen this home before. Your… father is there.”

“But, you said Daddy was gone!”

“Frank, yes. This is your real father, remember?”

“Our rweal Daddy is in the stone?”

“In a way, loves. Now, promise to not let go of my hand or each others. Hold tight.”

“I Promise.”   “Prowmise, Mama.”

“Do you have the pearls?”

“Yes, in my pocket. I won’t lose them!”

“Now, I want both of you to put your hand on the stone the same time I do, ready?”

“I’m scared!”  “The stones are screaming!”

“I know, loves. But just trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you both. Ready?”




Continued here

      ❝ Daddy, don’t leave yet!  I want you t’ see my solo before you have to go t’ work!  Momma’s already seen it, and since you can’t come to competition this Saturday ‘cause you ‘n Shane have that missing kid to find, I want you to tell me if it’s good! ❞   Carlynn stopped tying the ribbons of her pointe shoes just because she’d felt Rick get up from the bench next to her.  With one hand entangled in soft, baby pink ribbons, Carly grabbed a fistful of Rick’s uniform shirt.  This was one of the only times that it wasn’t Lori who’d brought her to ballet, goddammit, she was going to make sure her dad saw at least one of her competition dances.      ❝ Please, Daddy?  You haven’t seen any of my dances since last April. ❞
    Carly didn’t even notice the other girl in the classroom, the one who looked just like her, the one Rick was staring at.  She was dead set on getting Rick to watch her, only catching a glimpse of the girl when he sat back down.  She honestly just thought it was her reflection, there were a lot of mirrors in this particular ballet classroom.

@thewailingariel !!

Drabble Game Pt. 2 (Angst/AU/Smut Version)

Send me one or two boys and a number!

Boys I write for (Send a Number): BTS, Got7, Astro, iKon, Monsta X, SEVENTEEN

  1. Jungkook
  2. Jimin
  3. Namjoon
  4. Yoongi
  5. Seokjin
  6. Hoseok
  7. Taehyung
  8. Mark
  9. Jaebum
  10. Jackson
  11. Junior
  12. BamBam
  13. Youngjae
  14. Yugyeom
  15. MJ
  16. Moonbin
  17. Sanha
  18. JinJin
  19. Rocky
  20. Eunwoo
  21. Bobby
  22. B.I
  23. Donghyuk
  24. Jinhwan
  25. Junhoe
  26. Chanwoo
  27. Jinhwan
  28. Yunhyeong
  29. Shownu
  30. Jooheon
  31. Hyungwon
  32. Wonho
  33. Minhyuk
  34. I.M
  35. Kihyun
  36. S.Coups
  37. Jeonghan
  38. Joshua
  39. Jun
  40. Hoshi 
  41. Wonwoo
  42. Woozi
  43. DK
  44. Mingyu
  45. The8
  46. Seungkwan
  47. Vernon
  48. Dino

Drabbles List

  1. “I cheated with ____ last night.”
  2. Bad Boy!Au
  3. “If you walk out right now, it’s over.”
  4. Teasing in public
  5. “I trusted you!”
  6. Nerd!Au
  7. “I miss your touch/body.”
  8. Mafia!Au
  9. “I’ve never seen her/him in my life.”
  10. Sexting
  11. Handcuffs
  12. “Daddy”
  13. Neighbor!Au
  14. Werewolf!Au
  15. Vampire!Au
  16. “You mean nothing to me.”
  17. “You honestly think I could love someone like you?”
  18. “I need you.”
  19. “We have to be quiet, _____ is in the next room.”
  20. Private School!Au
  21. “I have something else in mind.”
  22. “Have you ever touched a girl/guy before?”
  23. Popular!Au
  24. “All I was, was a bet?”
  25. “Baby, Can we have a threesome with _____?”
  26. “I want you to ride me.”
  27. “Teach me.”
  28. “Why do you have _____ nudes on your phone?”
  29. Teacher!Au
  30. Backstage
  31. Dorm Room
  32. Backseat
  33. “Trust me.”
  34. “You don’t think I noticed the faded red lipstick marks on your neck? The scratches on your back that obviously aren’t mine? The smell of cheap perfume on your neck?”
  35. Addiction!Au (Drugs, alcohol.)
  36. “Who is she/he?”
  37. “My own band mate?!”
  38. “I want a divorce.”
  39. “I need you.”
  40. “You’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow baby.”
  41. “You were bribed to go out with me?”
  42. “Friends with benefits, nothing else?”
  43. “Yes, Sir.”
  44. Shower
  45. Beach
  46. School
  47. College!Au
  48. “What does she have that I don’t?”
  49. Serial Killer!Au
  50. Your choice
The Baby Project (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction) |ONE|

Rating: None
Request: No
Pairing: Luke & Y/N
A/N: this is the first fanfic I on I have wore and I can’t write fiction so don’t judge me 😂😂 if you have any requests, let me know 💕

“Class quieten down!” My health teacher shouted over the tip of us. “Now I know by your excitement you have seen the topic we are doing now and I have stuck in the board the person you will be working with. It is not up for an argument.”

Luke fucking Hemmings. Out of all the people I could of been paired up to do the baby project with it had to be the biggest fuckboy around. Luke Hemmings was the kind of boy that all the girls wanted, the boys wanted to be him and he was your parents worst nightmare. I guess you could say I am an exception as I don’t want Luke in anyway shape or form. I would rather poke my eyes with hot iron rods than look after a robot baby with him.

“Hey princess, you don’t need to look so excited to work with me.” She said sarcastically.

“Is it that obvious” I fire back. He just smirks at me and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen.

“Better get on with this then” he says and glances over at me. “What should we call. it?”

“How about Lily?” He shrugs his shoulders and writes the name down. Over the next hour we have come up with a schedule, name and gathered the supplies that we needed. I am taking care of the robot thing tonight and Luke is taking care of her tomorrow night and we will alternate like that. I don’t know how on earth I am going pass this class, especially since this is the class that I am failing.

Out other subject teachers already know that we have the babies so we are allowed to take care of them in class as long as out other grades don’t start dropping. So when the baby started crying during History I spent 15 minutes trying to get her to stop crying. That was until Luke shouted from over the other end of the room “Check her diaper smartass!” I glare at him and start smirking at him when the teacher instructs him to get out of the classroom. It wasn’t until I realised that Luke was right when I held my laugh in.

When I finally got home, I took my shoes off and took the baby into the kitchen so I can get something to eat. I put the baby in the chair and went to go and have a look in the fridge, when I turned back around my brother was stood staring at the baby and then at my belly. “Are you fucking kidding me, you didn’t even show!” My brother started shouting at me.

“It’s fake you idiot, I’m doing the baby project!” I shouted back at him.

“When I did the baby project I used a bag of sugar and drew a face on it, since when did they invest in robots?” He asked.

“I don’t know, a couple of years after you left?”

“Anyway I am going back to college in a couple of weeks, wanna hang out tonight or something? I can take you to the movies?”

“What about the baby?”

“Tell mum and dad to look after it, they have already had 2 kids.” I nodded and went to find my parent. After I had explained to them what was going on and they agreed to take care of her, I got ready to go to the movies. I didn’t really put in a lot of effort because we would probably go to McDonald’s afterwards.

When we arrived at the movies there wasn’t that many people there so we bought tickets to go and see the new Hunger Games. I have been wanting to see this since I finished reading the book at the end of last year and it came out last week. We walk into the theatre and go to the back. There are only 2 other people in here and they are making out so we just started throwing popcorn at each other. It wasn’t until I saw the couple leave that I realised who it was.

"Who was that, Daddy?" (Lacey and Michael)

Mike and Lacey were out on their, “daddy/daughter day” which they had every Friday, because Michael wouldn’t have class the next day. This Friday, they decided to take a mini vacation. They were just gonna enjoy some time at a hotel. Lacey was more than excited. It was her first ever time at a hotel!

“Daddy look at the fish!” She giggled, pointing to the fish in the fountain.

“That’s great baby.” He laughed, not looking, he was too busy getting checked in.

“You didn’t even look!” She whined and crossed her arms.

“Michael?” He heard a familiar voice from behind him.

“Katie?” Michael asked in shock. He hadn’t seen Katie for 4 years.

“Is that my daughter?” Katie asked, tearing up.

“Yeah, and you left us. And I know how this is gonna work, you’re gonna ask to see her. And the answer is no.” Michael said, scooping Lacey up in his arms and making his way to their room.

“Who was that daddy?” Lacey asked a little frightened. She’d never seen Michael lose his temper like that before.

“No one princess.” He sighed.


After spending 16 years of my life in school, I’ve only got a handshake and a paper. Hahaha kidding aside, all the hardwork and sacrifices and efforts for 16 years has been paid off. I know I may not be the best son because I’m stubborn, lazy, short tempered to my baby brothers (sometimes) and having many flaws but one day I’ll make the both of you proud of me. Daddy and mama thank you for everything, for all the love, support, sacrifices and guidances that you gave me. For all the lessons in life that you taught me, they’re all appreciated, very appreciated. You’ve always been there for me no matter what. Our family has its own ups and downs and I know raising three sons aren’t easy, I’ve seen all of that while I’m growing up, nonetheless we did it. So this is one of many ways I can repay the both of you. This is for you mama and daddy. This is impossible without the both of you, I owe you for everything I have. I hope by this time I’m making you proud of me. I’m forever grateful to both of you. I love you so much mama and daddy 😘😘

Carl Joshua Morales Santos
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


As of midnight, my daughter has over been seen by over 60,000 people.
And that’s just those that acknowledge it.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire world has seen my daughter in a matter of days.

There are people that love you baby girl.
You have made a lot of people happy today.
You’ve put a smile on the faces of a lot of people that’s hurting.
You’ve put a smile on a lot of sick people.

Baby, you are beautiful.
You are Life.
You are powerful.
You are Earth.
You are God.

Don’t ever forget the joy you can bring people.
You did that.

Daddy loves you.
Your life has meaning.

March 6th, 2015
3 Years Old.

I haven’t written in a while (which is mainly my own fault, and I apologize) but I’ve recently seen too many babies getting ready for Halloween, and I couldn’t help myself; I missed Daddies!CC too much.  

“This is harder than I thought it would be.” Darren groaned, placing his laptop on the nightstand and rubbing his eyes. “Why can’t we just dress him up as a pumpkin.”

“No son of ours is going as a pumpkin, Darren. Not on his first Halloween.”

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