have you seen his hips

Dating Sehun would include

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Oh Sehun
- Bubble tea dates of course
- This brat
- He will be the death of you
- But he loves you so much
- Seahoon
- Legit his laugh is the greatest thing
- Him whining “jaaaagi” at you when he wants something
- On stage he’s so seductive and beautiful but you know the real side of him
- The side that’s needy and cute
- You’ll probably bond with mama Suho
- “Please control my child”
- P L E A S E
- You’ll also probably help cause trouble for the other boys though because why not
- He’s probably taller than you
- Forehead kisses
- Hugs from behind
- The kind where he drapes his arms over your shoulders and puts his chin on your head
- Honestly the sex would probably be great, have you seen him dance???
- Those hips???
- And his abs????
- He might not be //huge on skinship in public I’m not sure
- But you can bet at home he’s tangled up with you on the couch
- Iron grip
- He will never let go
- Or he’s attacking you with kisses
- And he’s hot so u know how this works
- “Do you have to be so attractive Sehun”
- Why does he do this to you
- “Sehun why do you do this to me”
- “Do what?”
- “T H I S”
- He could just be standing there but boi he’s doing it
- Whatever it is
- Just breathing
- “Hey Sehun can you-”
- “Shut up Vivi just fell asleep”
- “Vivi says no”
- “Sorry I can’t, I have to watch TV with Vivi”
- Vivi comes first in his life
- “Okay well you can kiss Vivi then”  
- “wait what Y/N w A I T”
- When you’re mad at him, you bring up ‘shawty ima part til the sun down’ and he stops arguing
- You guys might bicker often, but real arguments probably won’t happen often
- And when they do, he might give you the cold shoulder for a while
- But he’ll eventually come back and realize you all need to talk
- “Vivi told me to tell you that I’m sorry”
- “Well you can tell Vivi that I’m sorry too”
- You getting along with Kai and Chanyeol
- They’re your best friends
- Sehun lowkey getting jealous
- But he doesn’t say anything about it fr
- Just gets really salty
- 6 foot tall saltine cracker in your presence
- “Why don’t you go hang out with your HOES”
- “Sehun what are yo-”
- “Vivi and I are perfectly fine staying here by ourselves doing nothing at all waiting for you to come home while you hang out with my friends”
- They’re not perfectly fine
- Vivi probably looking at you like pls stay home
- Using his full name when you’re mad at him
- And he laughs like hah she’s so cute
- But you’re not cute you’re aNGRY
- He just finds you so cute
- Everything you do
- Or rly hot
- Tbh you’d become the closest person to Oh Sehun and I think that would really be a blessing and he would just love and appreciate you so much


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A/N: I’ve decided to do some one-shots based off songs, so if you want to submit one, send me an ask and I’ll do my best!

Dean x Reader - Word count: 560 - Warnings: Hardcore leering at Dean

Oh my man, he got them real strong hands, and after working all day out in the hot sunshine, he comes walkin in always lookin so fine

Oh my heart lights up like shooting stars, he’s like a knight in shining armor with them blue jeans on, dirty white tee and my baby don’t need no tuxedo

-Tuxedo, Clare Dunn

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Probably asked before but... hoseok. Is he a top or bottom person? Thoughts? Lol

top 100% 


because anyone else on top of him would be too slow for his liking. have you seen his hip movements? he could literally drill you into the ground. 👀 plus as a dancer, he has a very high stamina.

he’d let you top though if you really wanted to. :3

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(Warning: sin sin sin sin) listen I've seen so many gifs and pictures of hoseok with his tongue out lately that now all I can think about is how much he'd love going down on you. Like if you're hoseoks S/O you're constantly getting oral. Always. Nonstop. 24/7. And he'd be so chill about it too like you're just sitting with him watching a movie or smth and all of the sudden his head is betweet your thighs and you're like oh????

oMG YES YES YES YES!!!!!! gdhgshfjgdhj h elp!!!!!!! im like?????? tfw????? i kNOW! i can imagine it (oh god forgive me ;-;) but he’s hot af!!! T_T

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also his tong is???? so long??????????

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ok but serious talk, i personally think hoseok would be a very hot bf like???? he looks cute and adorable in the outside, but in the privacy he would be the most savage man (suuuuuper good) in bed, incredibly sexual (have you ever seen the way he moves his hips?? he know he does it well!!!)

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aaaaaaaaaahh i want to cry hes so rude ;-;

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You mentioned that you liked K-Pop. What K Artists did you listen too? I stan more groups then I do solo artists. 👌🏻

First K-pop thirst trap: Rain

I had a friend who kicked in my dorm room in China and was like, “Girl. Have you seen this man? He moves his hips in ways he shouldn’t.”

And I was like, “pshttt, yeah right, I dunno about awwll dat-”


And I proceeded to buy every single album I could. I still have some of his stuff on rotation in iTunes.

Second k-pop thirst trap: Se7en

I forgot how I happened upon him. Probably got too excited clearing k-pop shelves and ended up with his shit in there and was like “wait this ain’t Rain… DON’T CARE, THIS IS LIT”

Thirst trap number three: Kangta & Vanness Wu

Okay, so Vanness is Taiwanese but omg he is so fucking FIOOONNE, and I already knew of Kangta, so when they collaborated and released this single I was ONCE AGAIN IN THE STORES BUYING THE LIMITED EDITION ALBUM. I must’ve watched that MV hundreds of times.

Currently, I can’t stop listening to “Good Boy” by GD x Taeyang (and I am not ashamed to admit that I have envisioned the Chocobros singing that shit. Because I’m TRASH).

Outside of men, lemme tell you also who my girl mains are:


Fave songs by her for me rn is Eat You Up and Hurricane Venus. I can’t not repeat those once a day, LOL


That whole MV and song is life.

I’m nowhere near as involved in the k-pop world as I used to be though. I think I just dabble and reminisce a lot, lol!

Picture from the Bob Dylan concert last night at the Rockhal in Luxembourg.

The concert was simply amazing. I was there early so that I got a really nice place in the 5 - 6 row, a bit to the left side so that I could see Bob behind the piano and also when he was standing in the middle of the stage.

The music and Bobs singing was amazing. It was my third concert and every concert so far was completely different. The arrangements had a kind of western feeling this time. I also love the version he played of Don’t think twice. I hope I can find a recording of it on youtube or somewhere else.

Bob was also really adorable. (Although that might just be me, because I love the man). I think he was in a good mood because he made a lot of jokes between songs especially with Donnie. Donnie was grinning everytime Bob said something to him between songs.

He also danced around behind the piano and when he was standing in the middle of the stage. I especially like his little move where he puts his hand on his hip and moves his hip to right side (if you have seen it before, you know what I mean). I did that a lot, especially later in the show.

Some of his moves made Tony smile which always brightens everything. A day can’t get better when you see Tony Garnier smiling while Bob Dylan is dancing around in front of him.

There was also some adorable hair fluffing.

And I swear Bob only plays Spirit on the water to hear people boo when he sings the line “You think I’m over the hill, You think I’m past my prime”. And there were a lot of boos. But I defenitely had a whoppin’ good time.

To the lines “You know I’ll love you, Till the moon’s upside down” in Why try to change me now, I can also just say: I love you too, Bob.

Hoseok as Your Boyfriend

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Request: 😏😏it’s me again… Hoseok as ur boyfriend?

A/N: I am prepared to die, just warning you.

  • You guys would just be the fluffiest little sunshine couple to ever exist
  • Constant pda
  • Cuddles 24/7
  • Dates would be any place that could make you laugh
  • Because damn he loves your smile
  • Karaoke places know you both by name
  • And everyone else knows that when you show up, they better leave
  • Because they will probably go deaf if they stay too close to your room
  • Hand kisses
  • Forehead kisses
  • Falling asleep while facing each other while he runs his hand through your hair and rubs his nose against yours
  • Shy hobi when you surprise him at the studio or an m/v shoot
  • Suddenly really confident hobi when you compliment him
  • Forehead hobi
  • someone kill me
  • Fantasizing about getting a dog together
  • The members saying no
  • Getting a dog anyway
  • Long video chats while he’s away and falling asleep in front of your computers
  • Hand-written notes set up in a scavenger hunt all to ask you on a date
  • Random dance offs at 3 in the morning
  • Girl group song dance offs while you constantly try to outdo each other
  • Off-key singing
  • Rap battles
  • Literally screaming at the top of your lungs to see who is louder
  • Laughing at the stupidest of things at 2 am
  • Movie marathons that last all night with hot coco and junk food
  • Being literal best friends with all of the members
  • But he is the best best friend
  • Him lowkey being a mom to you
  • “Y/n, be sure to eat healthily and drink lots of water while I’m gone!”
  • “Don’t forget to go to sleep early!”
  • That kind of stuff
  • Him checking in on you a lot, even if he’s only been gone a few hours
  • Casually protective
  • Like, a hand always on your waist, wedging himself between you and the guy who is just a tad too close for his liking
  • His phone being completely filled with your selfies, random pictures he’s taken of you, and videos of him zooming the camera really close to your face and cutting off the second you look at him
  • Constant reassurance on both ends
  • Late nights spent cuddling and nothing more
  • Late nights spent cuddling and doing other things
  • Okay let’s just get it over with
  • Probably really dominant in bed
  • Like have you seen the way his hips move?????
  • Oh gawd dancer hips
  • Incredibly fluffy aftercare
  • Especially when he thinks he went too rough
  • Random snapchats throughout the day just to fill you in on what he’s up to
  • Always, and I mean always, letting you know if he will be late or early when coming home
  • He never wants you to worry about him
  • And although he seems like he’s always crazy and screaming
  • Which he is, for the most part
  • He has an actual heart of gold and would take care of you like no other
  • Because you’re his angel
  • And he’s yours

A/N: I’m gonna go die now, goodbye.

-Admin Yeonie

every ryden fic
  • ryan: *sighs* no spencer, i'm not gay. brendon just. i mean,, i was just. y'know. examining his outfit?
  • brendon: ryan why don't you love me?? i is sad. :-( boyd has never been this languish. hahah languish. that's a big word. ryan would totally be proud. but he wouldn't say it out loud though. he'll just do that huffy thing and stomp out of the room. wOAh there. hold on for a diddly darn second. is that a capri sun? bless you spencer james smith. you were always my favorite.
  • spencer: brendon, get the fuck off me. no. stop. you know that pouty thing doesn't work on me. ryan, we all know you are a flaming homo for our frontman so just get it on already man. and jon.. can you stop staring at me like that? it's kinda creeping me out.
  • jon: weed,,, weedMarijuana is pretty fuckin great. potp is amazinj ya know. im high as the skyyyyyy. haha. lol. i just said lol out loud. whoah. i, personnaly, think that george should confront the factoid that he wants to bone our lead singer. speaking of bone,,,,, spencer smeeth is one sexy motherfucker. i mean have you seen his hips???? hips. hahahah that's a funny word. hiiiipppsssss. spencer and i shall get married when he faces the fact that he totally wants me. maybe i can wear those brown flips flops i got the other day to our wedding. yeah. that sounds. pretty goooood.
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Josh dances better than me

A Lone Wolf Part 8

Summary: Jaebum and his pack try to help comfort you after you’ve been rejected.

Length: 1382


“Do you feel better now?” Jaebum asked, still stroking your hair.

You nodded against his chest. “Uh huh.” You were feeling a little better. It still hurt that Mark, who you were finally ready to give your life to, just gave you up, but at least Jaebum was here with you.

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