have you seen him


the moment when bellamy wanted nothing more than to comfort his little but knew not to.

  • Bulgaria: [taps Slovenia's shoulder] Hey, Slo...
  • Slovenia: [turns, looks him up and down, seeming confused] Hey, um...
  • Bulgaria: ... Bulgaria.
  • Slovenia: Oh, right! Bulgaria! Yeah, hey, how are you?
  • Bulgaria: I'm fine, I'm fine. [he's not fine, he's nervous] Hey, listen, I was wondering if maybe we could, y'know, uhh... Y'know, hang out or something?
  • Slovenia: Um... Actually, have you seen Bosnia? I was supposed to meet up with him.
  • Bulgaria: No, I haven't.
  • Slovenia: Herzegovina? Croatia?
  • Bulgaria: No. Were you-?
  • Slovenia: Oh, look at the time. Gotta go, I gotta find those guys.
Sick Benn X Jamie Benn

You have been dating Jamie for a few years now. You and Jamie had bought a puppy together a month ago. A sweet little husky pup with beautiful blue eyes that Jamie had named Angel.  You were now in the midst of moving in with him. Over the past few years you have learned that Jamie isn’t one to ask for help or be dependent on another person even when he’s sick but he has been getting really sick in the past few days and you have never seen him this bad. He has been lying in bed coughing all morning and hasn’t gotten up for anything other than to go to the bathroom.  You felt bad for you poor boyfriend, you decided that despite the fact that he probably would be reluctant to accept your help you were going to give it to him anyways.
You had gone grocery shopping and had stocked up on ice cream, soup and anything else Jamie might need.  When you got back to Jamie’s place, you headed upstairs to check on Jamie. He was curled up in bed exactly the way you left him when you went to the store. Angel was curled up with him with her head buried in his bare chest. You walked in the room and she moved to the foot of the bed and you curled up in against his chest.  You began to rub his back and he brought you closer to him. He kissed the top of the head.
“Hey babe, how you feeling,” you said.
“Better now that you are here,” he said. His voice was raspy and rough.
“Do you want me to make you anything,” you said shifting a little in his arms. He pulled you back into his chest, squeezing you tightly like you were about to he sucked out of his arms.
“No, I’m fine. I just want you here in my arms.”
You laid there in his arm until you phone rang. You slipped out of his arms and into the hall. Once you ended the phone call, you came back into his room,
“Hey Jamie, I will be right back I just have to go to my apartment quickly.”  He began to whine and complain, saying that he refused to let you go and that he was coming with you if you leave. You told him that he needed to rest and that you would be back by the time he woke up. He sat up and began to make his way to his closet. Jamie was stubborn as a bull and you knew that you weren’t going to win this argument so you helped him get dressed. He put on a pair of black sweatpants and a Stars shirt.  
You got in your car and headed to your apartment to let the movers in. Once you got there, Jamie didn’t leave you side. He had his arms around you waist the entire time. He kept kissing you neck from time to time.
You supervised the movers taking the last of the boxes from your apartment and you packed a few pieces of luggage and a few other items into your car. Once you had everything, you headed back to Jamie’s place. The place you would call your new home. The two of you headed inside and you made soup for Jamie before going upstairs to watch movies in bed. Jamie had been like a giant cuddly teddy bear all day, clinging  to you every chance he got and you were positive he wasn’t about to stop now. The entire time you were watching the movie Jamie had is lips kissing your bare shoulder.
“Jamie, are you trying to get me sick,” you said joking.
“I wasn’t trying but now you have given me an idea.”
“ Who is going to take care of you if we are both sick.”
“We will take care of each other. Plus if you are sick too then you can’t leave me.”
“I would never leave you.”
“In that case, let’s hope you don’t get sick.”
The two of you laughed and finished watching the movie

Why are the Straights applying terrible gay stereotypes to babadook.

He’s not a fashionista gay.

Have you seen him.

Hes a scrounges self out of hot topic at 5 p.m. on a Sunday because the register person kept trying to make conversation gay.

Would anyone with a sense of fashion have that fucking hat.

Me when someone says historical figures aren’t relatable

Yeah but did you hear about that time Schubert’s foot fell asleep while he was writing a letter to his brother and then he fell asleep because Schubert is 100% the most relatable composer ever


“Well I deal in sugar, Sugar. And you’re the sweetest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

Trust us Ostara, we agree 😍😍😍.


camisado // panic! at the disco


Bellamy & Octavia Blake’s growth from childhood on the ark to now.