have you seen anything more perfect

Ally will be the one to address this on camera...

This day has been pretty calmed, which I believe probably tomorrow or one of these upcoming days will get another statement from LAND.
Dinah, is out of the question, after seeing how she showed her love & support to Camila the last few days, mgmt knows we didn’t believe the letter, we won’t believe anything shady coming from Dinah from now on.
Normani, she might be a possibility considering the whole Normila situation but that snapchat where she’s hugging D all emo will leave more than one doubting.
Lauren, I imagine most of you have seen that rumour saying how she will be the one to address it on a scripted video. But by now, their team is watching all activity on Twitter, if they’re smart enough, they won’t put Lauren on camera, not now.
Ally… She’s the perfect candidate if u ask me, here a couple of reasons:
1) Tomorrow she has a meeting, she’ll get asked many questions, she’ll have to answer at least one, otherwise I believe mgmt would have told her to cancel the event knowing it will happen(I’m praying y'all take it easy on her).
2) The girls have mentioned how much Ally loves to play characters & how invested she’s in acting, I think Ally has got a couple of acting skills hidden under her sleeve, at least enough to feign a shady scenario.
3) Out of all Camila’s ships, for the majority, Camally was the “weakest” one (who knows maybe they were closer than we thought) but interactions on camera, very few.

So, of all girls, Ally is the perfect one to keep OT4s & media believing this “battle” strategy​. To add fuel to the fire. That’s why I said it in the beginning, most likely tomorrow or after Christmas.

Don’t You Go

Summary: Tom has been in love with Reader since they met, basically. He feels he has a chance after reader dumps their sorry excuse of a boyfriend

Requested: No but it’s inspired by the song Don’t You Go by All Time Low, listen to it!

Warnings: N/A (or fluff)

Notes: Might be a part two in store for you ;)

Tom could still remember the first day you introduced Stephen to him. It was two years ago, even then he knew he should feel threatened by him. But, Tom knew he shouldn’t. You were never his to claim, he never felt like you owed him anything. Still, Tom knew he’d live everyday under Stephen’s shadow, he would have to deal with seeing him lounge around the woman he had been in love with for more than four years.  

How perfect they seemed to him, almost like they were mocking him. Why hadn’t he tried to make you his the first time he had seen you, like he wanted to? Now that he had seen you with him, he knew it was too late. Everywhere he wanted to be with you, Stephen was always there, and there wasn’t anything he could enjoy from it, other than when he saw you both fight, secretly hoping one of these fights would tear you apart. He was selfish, yes, he knew that, but he couldn’t help but wish that you would figure out what an asshole you were dating. And little did Tom know, you did see every fiber of asshole that Stephen was made up of.

This was typical. It had been considered typical all two years of your relationship. At least twice every other month since the start of it all. The fighting was never ending, so normal that at events like these, parties, it was never anything else, and onlookers just became regular attendees, sitting front row at every fight. Tom hated it. He hated knowing some dimwitted asshole got to have you when he was the one who really wanted you.

He admired you from afar for the four and a half years he knew you. Since the beginning of your friendship, he found himself at a loss of words around you. He found you so beautiful, so delicate, so smart… just, so pleasing in the most simplest of ways.  

He’d never have you. He wanted you so badly, he craved you. He deserved you. But, he would never have you… or, at least it’s what he thought every passing day you were with your boyfriend.

“Oh, my God! This is all we ever do! Fight after fight after fight. I’m sick of it! I’m done!” Tom couldn’t help but think that if there was a God, and if he ever had any doubt, he believed in him now. Hearing those words fall from your mouth was like listening to a song. “Then, goddammit, be done with me!” He looked at your boyfriend’s expression, thinking how stupid he was to let you go so easily. Tom looked to you once more, seeing you inhale… exhale. “Fine,” he heard you mumble, turning on your feet and marching toward the front door of the house, turning around to shout over your shoulder, “we’re done!” And you’d turned around too quickly, colliding into another body.

You looked up, being met with a pair of lovely brown eyes, smiling weakly before placing your hand on his shoulder, “Sorry, Tommy.” And like that, you were inside. Tom felt the skin where you had touched him burn. He shook his head, it was just him being cold he thought, refusing to believe you had that much of an effect on him. He hadn’t realized he’d been smiling since the contact between them until he looked up, noticing he was under vision of your, now, ex-boyfriend. His smile dropped instantly, clearing his throat before nodding toward him, slipping inside the comfort of the house. Inside, you’d managed to dodge your ex, the party itself having been uneventful. You continued to feel a gaze burning onto your back for the longest time, too scared you’d lock eyes with the person you despised most you refused to turn around earlier on. You decided to try your peripheral vision, finding no use of it, then sighed deeply once before turning your gaze toward where you felt the stare, relieved to be met with Tom’s eyes, much lighter in comparison to the one’s you were used to seeing.

You smiled widely, offering him a small wave, to which he returned with a smile just as wide, causing your heart to stammer just the slightest. Just as you moved to pull your hand back to your side, another one caught yours, yanking it up to their height. As your eyes found themselves boring into uninviting irises, you struggled to find release from the haunting grip. “What are you doing?” You screamed, “It’s o-v-e-r!” His grip only tightened, his screaming toward you growing more intense.  

Had it been the alcohol or the adrenaline? Tom didn’t know, he hadn’t even noticed his feet traveling toward you. He hadn’t felt himself lifting his arm up and clenching his hand into a fist. He hadn’t felt the impact of his fist hitting flesh as he punched your ass of an ex-boyfriend as hard as he could. He did, however, felt the action of a fist coming into contact with flesh when it was him on the receiving end.

“TOM! What the hell is wrong with you?” You shoved your ex-boyfriend away, him already being escorted out by two of his bandmates. “Tom, honey, how many fingers am I holding?” You asked, placing three in front of him. He laughed slightly, holding up three of his own, causing you to smile before standing up straight, offering him a hand, to which he gladly accepted. You asked if he was okay several times, finally resulting in Tom clamping his hand over your mouth laughing, convincing you to go on a walk with him, “You know, just in case I have a concussion, I’ll need you to keep me awake.” The short walk around the block turned into a 4 A.M. conversation. A conversation that turned into intimate moments, so intimate you found yourself accepting the invitation he had extended to you to head back to his place. 

Tom had been so consumed in the moment, so happy he’d had you that one night, promising it was one time, and that was it. He hadn’t failed to notice that one night turned into two, turned into three, and then a whole week. What he had failed to notice, however, was the distance you attempted to place between you, too afraid of getting too involved, both of you agreeing to a one night stand, yet already breaking that arrangement.

He was so consumed in you he almost hadn’t noticed your absence that next morning, a month after both of your promised “one night stand”. Little did he know that when he’d roll over that morning that he’d find your favorite flannel of his, that you had worn all month, in a ball on your side of his bed. He almost hadn’t noticed the lack of your humming as you usually did the times he had found you roaming around his house. He almost didn’t see the note you had left on his bedside table - where you usually placed your glasses and book down when he begged for your attention.

But, when he noticed how much colder and darker the room seemed, the yellow post-it the only color left, he knew that you were gone. You were gone and he hadn’t even had one last night, not that he would have been happy with just one.

“I’m so sorry Tommy. It just isn’t the right time.
Love, (Y/N)”

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I once met a girl who said that she was glass.
She said that her bones felt fragile and that her spirit broke easily.
And she claimed that when she cracked, she would split into thousands of shards that only hurt the people who tried to help put her back together.
This girl told me that if she could, she would trade in her vulnerability for a durable shell, pleading to become stainless steel instead of paper thin crystal.
I tried to look her in the eyes and explain that yes, she might be glass, but she is the most stunning rainbow of stained crystal
A picturesque masterpiece of unparalleled perfection.
You see, all the times that she thought she was weak, made her strong.
The lines in her personal illustration are not soft breaking points, but instead
The foundation of her marvelous structure.
Have you ever seen anything more breathtaking in you life?
Because somehow, the artist in her kept replacing the pieces of herself, this ancient artwork renewed and restored with impressive expertise.
I said don’t you dare think of yourself as anything less than priceless.
They’d have your soul up in church windows.
You can see the light burst through your myriad of colors like a spectacle never before seen by anyone.
And I’ve never wanted a better view.
—  k.a.s. ((July))

purple--ponytail  asked:

((so like.. smooth animation right? Have you seen a quirky little show called superjail?))

Yess!! Superjail is a little miracle, I love it.

My animation professor Doug had this funny story where he was at some animation festival and they were playing Christy Karacas work, and he didn’t know anything other than the name, so he said out loud, “Oh my god, I LOVE this girl’s work, she’s so good”, and then later on when Christy won something, the dude sitting right next to Doug stood up.  It was Christy, of course.  

What it would be like to date Kim Seokjin;

• Handsome smirks everyday
• Spontaneous road trips
• Taking jungkook places
• Shopping together
• Always eating out
• Couple items
• Knitted jumpers
• Whenever he sees someone upset, he always makes sure they are ok
• Always making food from anything he can find
• Routines on a morning (Shower, brush teeth ect)
• Back hugs to the point where he just picks you up to take you with him where ever he goes
• Always singing to you
• Singing in the shower
• Either sleeps with no shirt or with a shirt and a hoodie together
• Perfect manners
• A perfect gentlemen
• Puts more effort than anyone else you have ever seen in your entire life
• Constantly has a smile on his face
• Not afraid to show what he feels
• Always doing aeygo to win you over
• You join in on eat jin sometimes
• Sometimes you make the food for him
• He never turns down an ARMY
• When bare faced, he will always take a picture with an ARMY
• Goes to extreme lengths for ARMY
• Never does anything to extreme in the sense of over doing things
• However, he does practice a lot, overworking in that sense
• Determination
• Happily accepts punishment so the members or you don’t have to when it comes to games
• Would much rather  himself be drained than anyone else
• Completely and utterly selfless
• Sweet and gentle with you
• Feeding you
• Forehead kissing
• Horrible puns
• Sexy time
• Awkward sexy time
• Perhaps kinks
• He makes sure that people don’t take things too far
• Never forgetting anything
• Take banter/ joking abuse like an absolute boss
• Arms flailing when he dances
• Always grinning
• Re-watching all of the bangtan bombs since he leaves little hints or messgaes for you in them
• Possible lap dance for a blushing jin
• Undeniable confidence

There was something about you that I found mesmerizing, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. You had exquisite features and I was dying to get to know you. No, it wasn’t love at first sight, not quite. But I knew I wanted you around for a long time. And now, two years later, here we are loving each other unconditionally. You’re my everything, you consume every part of me. My love for you will never falter, it will only grow. You’re mine until the end of time. You captivated my heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are far from perfect but more than worth it.
—  I love you

when i was little i would look up at stars and i’d smile and hope that one day i’d be able to be close to them and see how beautiful they are and now i have you and i’ve never seen anything more perfect

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7 Books To Give To The Romantic In Your Life

We all have a friend in our lives who swoons over tales of true love. But what do you give them for the holidays? We used our holiday gift guide to make a list of 7 perfect reads for the romantic in YOUR life. 

Get more recommendations and make your OWN wish lists with our holiday gift guide here!

1. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

What does it feel like to fall for the right guy…finally? Sydney has always felt invisible – until she meets Mac, who makes her feel truly seen for the first time.

2. Just One Day by Gayle Forman

When a free-spirited actor asks you join him for one day in Paris on the last day of your European tour, do you say yes? Allyson did, and those 24 hours of freedom, risk, and romance will transform her life forever.

3. The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Tim’s the most likely to avoid the “right” decision, and Alice knows falling for her younger brother’s best friend isn’t a smart choice…but when they collide, sparks will fly.

4. The Fault in our Stars by John Green

The story of two teens with cancer falling in love in spite of the odds will bring on a new level of feels – you just bring on the tissues.

5. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

This coming of age story about the people who live in our hearts will leave you breathless and teary and laughing – often all at once.

6. Juniors by Kaui Hart Hemmings

Set on the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, the story of Lea Lane’s junior year is one of identity, transformation, and how unexpected first love can be. 

7. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

Two cities, one love story: the tale of Isla and Josh spans from NYC to Paris and will have you wondering if a romantic getaway is in store for this holiday season…

Want more recommendations? Check out our holiday gift guide and make your own wish lists for everyone you know right here!

Listen I think that not everyone understands how important Draco/Quidditch is????? My absolute favorite little hot shot jock??????? the best sporty queer you’ve ever SEEN???????? Like excuSE ME I will nOT HAVE anYONE saying he didn’t grow up on a broom like I am absolutely positive he loved soaring all over the grounds on the fanciest new tech like the /reason/ he was so salty at Harry was because he wanted to be the Slytherin seeker more than anything like IT WAS JUST ANOTHER THING HARRY HAD THAT HE DIDN’T. HE WASN’T BUILT LIKE SOME OF THE BOYS HE HAD A PERFECT SEEKERS FRAME AND I BET HE WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT IT I BET HE SPENT HOURS IN HIS GARDEN CATCHING SNITCHES HOPING HE’D MAKING HIS HOUSE TEAM IM REALLY UPSET Y’ALL.

how is the maine so perfect? never in my life have i seen a more genuine, nice, caring, kind. talented band that doesn’t just do the things they do for profit? like, man, you can just tell that they are so down to earth and don’t view themselves as anything special (though this should b/c they are). the’re just like, we’re dudes in a band who get to make music + do something we love for a living, we’re lucky. like man, i’m honestly so happy for them. and i just feel so good listening to them and thinking about them because they radiate positiveness + kindness.  and i’m so happy, and i hope they are too, and oh man, i just feel so many things. they’re just so real. like those dudes are my standard. and i wish more people would see just how amazing they are. i mean by no way do i want to force people to like their music, but for people to see that that’s how a band should be; that bands/famous people in general don’t get a free pass for being jerks just because they’re good looking or make some catchy/nice music/art. support band/people like them. the ones that care. the ones that are willing to go out of their way to do something nice. because bands like the maine are rare now days and we’re really lucky that they’re doing what they do and are how they are because man, i think that they keep things so real and in perspective. 

Your relationship with God is first and foremost a relationship. That may sound redundant but it’s important that you understand as a Christian that you have been blessed with the opportunity to get close to God through building a personal relationship.
Think of any successful friendship that you have or have seen. Good friends don’t just hit each other up when they want something. They talk to each other, they communicate, they spend time together, they say thank you, they share their highs and lows.
Your relationship with God should be like that, plus more. Don’t just call God up when things are bad or you need something. The bible tells us to pray without ceasing. You have the opportunity to talk to God through prayer whenever you want, about anything you want. So open yourself up. Like a friendship, talkin to a friend may not make life perfect, but knowing you have someone there for you helps life feels easier. God isn’t a genie. And it’s best not to pray to God because you want a perfect life. Talk to God like an old friend, who knows you better than anyone else, who comforts you through the storm, and wants the very best for you.

regolithheart  asked:

So that it's official: Victoria murder mystery AU, please!! *love you*

Expect revenge, darling Love you, too!

I feel like this particular Victorian murder mystery is probably going to swerve more into Brisco County, Jr. territory than Downton Abbey territory, but oh well. Who cares about historical accuracy? *cracks knuckles* Certainly not me. 

  • Okay, so, a wealthy tycoon by the name of Rikkan is murdered whilst making the journey home from a business trip aboard one of the railroads he’s invested in. The murder seems to be the perfect crime. No one seems to have seen or heard anything. The police close the case with no leads. Rikkan’s son, Kai, who has now inherited the business empire, is not satisfied with that and strikes out to discover who murdered his father and bring them to justice on his own.
  • The cast of the VMM AU would include:
    • Wolf Kesley, a gruff bounty hunter Kai hires to help him navigate the seedy underworld which he—a proverbial prince—is totally unaccustomed to. A gruff bounty hunter who isn’t exactly what he seems.
    • Cinder, a mechanic at the railyard where Rikkan’s body was discovered, who did witness something, but who couldn’t make the police believe the wild story she told.
    • Iko, Cinder’s chatty roommate from the boardinghouse they room at, who is working in a dress shop until she can scrape together enough money to buy her own and who helps provide Kai with less fancy clothes to help him blend in with the people he’s investigating.
    • Scarlet, the outraged granddaughter of the farmer whose barn Kai and Co crash into with a stolen motorcar (that none of them know how to drive) while attempting to outrun a gang of hired assasins.
    • Thorne, a charming con man who was working the train to earn a few dollars off unsuspecting passengers on the night Rikkan died and who is also a friend of Cinder’s.
    • Cress, a telegraph operator at a remote station along the train line, who hears every message that comes her way and remembers all of them. Even the ones she shouldn’t.
    • Levana Blackburn, a rival tycoon whose business will thrive if Kai’s goes under and who—for mysterious reasons—has continued to wear her mourning veil even though it’s been years since her husband Evret was murdered.
    • Winter, Levana’s beautiful stepdaughter, who’s just doing her best to get out of this mess alive.
    • Jacin, Winter’s boadyguard, who can be very helpful to Kai and Co one moment, but a stone wall the next. Very suspicious.
  • Fun details to consider:
    • Old-timey conman Thorne using old-timey gadgets for card cheating and never managing to make them work quite right.
    • Sybil and the other thaumaturges as cool-eyed, fast-draw assassins (Sidenote: this is mostly just because I can’t think of the billowy thaumaturge uniforms without thinking of the long dusters that gunfighters wear)
    • Kai trying and failing to emulate the newly released Sherlock Holmes stories in his attempt to solve his dad’s murder. Torin is a very exasperated Watson.
    • The mysterious goings-on—which may or may not be connected to Rikkan’s death—in the laboratories funded by Levana’s business and run by the known mad scientist, Dr. Erland.
    • Everyone in lovely Victorian clothes with lovely Victorian accessories—Thorne in his snazzy suit, Cinder in old-fashioned coveralls and a newsboy cap, Iko in beautiful swishy dresses, Wolf with his shoulder holsters and bandoliers (every good bounty hunter needs them), Winter with a delicate lacy parasol. They’d be a gorgeous bunch, guys.

All in all, I think it would be a gloriously fun AU, full of runaway trains, horse and buggy car chases, mysterious sciency things since all things science were big at the turn of the century, and the same wonderful love stories that make us those characters in any AU.

Miss you - Liam & Louis

After everything what had just happened with him, Liam needed to be around people, and he needed the guys more than anything, he was worried he was drifting from them having not seen them for some time, but Niall assured him they would always be there for each other, and he believed it, so he was more than excited when Louis had said he was in LA. He took up the chance to hang with him straight away, knowing Louis would be a perfect distraction to him and well he missed hanging with him badly, he was close to him and it just wasn’t the same without him around. And well it gave him the chance to meet the little guy of Louis which he heard so much about. He picked up his car keys and headed out of the house. He took the drive to Louis house there, remembering exactly where it was from the times they had stayed there before. It didn’t take him too long before he arrived. He got out and walked to the door, placing a soft knock onto it, not wanting to be too loud incase he woke Freddie and well Louis needed a little bit of a rest. He stood and awaited for Louis to answer. 


16 Days Of Outlander - Day 12



Memorable introductions all round! Far more awkward than expected (or even like tbh) Not mention them working on finding their place at Lallybroch, which I thought was kinda cute

Case in point…

The Simple Things

It tends to be the simple things that often have lasting effects. The small things that pop into the mind when it’s least expected. The mundane things that can have as big an impact as the huge moments. Claire always wanted a vase… and she finally got one!

It represents so much. Home. Belonging. Roots. And she finally found all she’d been yearning for. In Jamie.

“Where Have You Been?”

It’s the first proper nothing-about-anything-yet-is-totally-everything scene! It’s just them being adorable and normal and just being them. The perfect music. The smacks on the bum. The 

“You’ve actually seen an elephant?” 

“Yes. Rode one too.”

Topped off beautifully by that smile showing just how much Claire loves her doofus

 I need more of these kind of moments, interlaced with all the heavier ones.

Speaking Of…

I love that Claire’s first instinct’s always to touch him, comfort and heal him . Immediately going to him, just to simply hold him, wanting nothing in return

She’s tender and completely there for him.


When the need arises for an end to the bullshit

She’s fierce and completely there for him!

Jamie Takes A Dip

That look they exhange as the Redcoats head toward them

To her relief that he’s fine… In more ways than one…

Fraser Nights

As the world falls away and it’s just the 2 of them, they finally get the chance to lay out all they’ve shown - yet haven’t said - to each other.

The Scent Of Her 

God, the way he deeply inhales the scent of her hair. Of her.

The Feel Of Her

His free roaming hands take in the shapes of her as they mold to one another.


“I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, but… I loved you when you wept in my arms that first night at Leoch.” 

Her face has this incredibly nuanced shift of emotion as she hears him say he’s loved her from practically the start.

It’s something they’ve felt for a while, but to hear them say it… *sigh*

Honorable Mentions

I love, love, looove how the first thing Claire does - before she even opens her eyes in the mornings - is reach for Jamie

(Ok, I know that’s from the 1x14 deleted scene, but I still say it counts!)


Steven Cree as Ian

Jenny and Jamie

I’m not a fan of the ‘45min head butting, then the last 2min’s left for a makeup’ formula a lot of shows - including OL - tend to use, BUT I did enjoy the scene with Jenny and Jamie by their father’s grave.

This Look they exchange

And lastly, some favorite stills

(^Just Because^)