have you seen anything more perfect

The thrift stores near me almost never have any religious decor apart from Catholic stuff, but the non religious decor? So much of it is gorgeous and perfect for gifts for the Theoi, or altar pieces in general. Do you know how many gifts I have seen that would be perfect for Aphrodite?? Let alone the stuff I got for Haides and Persephone today.

I’m honestly tempted to get them when I see them just to open up a shop of cheap decor and offerings for Them since I feel like stuff online is hard as fuck to find affordably for people always short on cash. Not anything big, just charge a dollar or two more than what I paid to cover gas and shipping supplies.

somebodylost-chan  asked:

I'd like to ask, how do you know when fight/smut scenes are necessary? Or how to make them effective & not simply as fanservice or just for word count? Usually, I find myself skimming through fight scenes as a reader, bored. As a writer, I'm inclined to just 'fade to black' and imply stuff at the next chapters. I'm not really a fight/smut-scene writer, even though my characters know & need to fight. Thanks for keeping this blog. :D

A good fight scene (and a good smut scene for that matter) always works in the service of the narrative. It works toward the cohesive big picture.

From an entertainment standpoint, violence is boring.

You need your audience invested in the characters participating in the violence, in the actions and events leading up to the fight, in the aftermath and how this will effect the character’s overall goals.

In a narrative context, if you’re bored during a fight scene or a sex scene it’s because the build up to that moment failed. The scene itself may also have failed. However, your foundation is what makes your story sing.

Think of a story like building blocks. You’re playing Jenga with your reader on a homemade house, they’re slowly pulling out the pieces and you’re betting you built your blocks well enough to withstand scrutiny. You’ve got to keep them interested long enough to get to the end before the whole thing comes tumbling down.

A fight sequence which works in concert with it’s narrative is enjoyable, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and ultimately works to build up the story it’s telling. Fighting isn’t fighting, you see. Combat is a form of problem solving, the fight itself is an expression of the character’s individuality. Everything we’ve been learning about them, their goals, and their behaviors are being put in a pressure cooker and dialed up.

You should be learning about the character as the fight progresses, the fight working on multiple levels in concert with its narrative to get the story where it needs to go. Often, a first fight is like an establishing shot in film. You get a feel for who this character is when under pressure, who they are. Peril can be a great way to get the audience invested, but its up to the author to prove why they should.

Poor fight sequences don’t tell you anything. They’re there to establish the character as capable of fighting but don’t even do that because their concept of combat is generic.

The combatants aren’t individuals expressing themselves, the fight isn’t proving anything except fighting, it doesn’t have meaning except for its attempts to prove the narrative’s poor concept of badassery. This often happens with no regard for the setting’s rules, the aftermath consequences, what the character’s actions will effect in the long run.

It doesn’t mean anything and, while violence is shocking and terrifying in real life, in fiction violence has to mean more than just an exchange of blows.

How many times have you read a book where several mooks show up to get their ass kicked by the protagonist? They limp off at the end and while they’re often in a perfect position to be seen again due to their connections, we never do.

In even just a moderately competent narrative, those same mooks are characters. We’ll see them again in bit roles. They’ll play a role, either to help or hurt later as an aftermath consequence of the protagonist’s earlier actions. These are callback characters we can use to remind the audience of what happened previously in the narrative, and offer up some catharsis.

In a really well written scene, these mooks serve an important purpose when it comes to establishing the protagonist’s character in a quick snapshot. Like the moderately competent character, they come back later to the aid or the detriment of the protagonist. The mooks’ response actions are a direct result of their encounter with the character, often acting as an inciting incident. The protagonist suffers direct consequences as a result of their actions, whether its injury, loss, or the attention of the villain which causes them to lose something. In these fight scenes, you can see the story’s trajectory because it acts as another way to get to know the hero, the secondary characters, the tertiary characters, and whoever else is participating. It’s working on five different levels.

What you often see in a good fight sequence, whether it’s in a written medium or film, is the culmination of a great deal of hard work on the part of the author. A smut sequence is a reward, it’s a way to pay off on the reader’s investment in the relationship between these two characters and the narrative’s investment in them. It doesn’t matter if that’s hardcore sex, or a Victorian hand touch, or a knockout blow to the jaw, the end result is the same. It’s entertaining, satisfying, and even cathartic.

A poor sex scene is just dolls bumping bits. A poor fight scene is just dolls trading blows. Nothing occurs, nothing happens, there’s none of the underlying satisfaction or catharsis in the outcome. You don’t have any investment, no consequences, it overstays its welcome and tells you nothing about the characters.

You’ve no reason to care, so you don’t.

As a reader, you don’t owe a writer attention when reading their work. They’ve got to earn it. If they aren’t, then it may be that the story isn’t for you and that’s okay. Take into account your tastes,

It takes practice to choreograph a fun fight scene. Writing sex and violence is mostly about learning to find your limits (i.e. what you’re comfortable with writing), and overcoming embarrassment. Determine the difference between need and want.

Are you avoiding writing these scenes because you’re scared of being bad at them or because they just don’t interest you?

These are two very different issues, and it’s easy to hide from the first behind the second. Be honest with yourself. If it is fear, then don’t give into it. The easy solution if you’re afraid of being bad at something is to practice. Start looking critically at the media you consume, when you start to get bored during a fight scene or a sex scene, when you want to skip ahead, ask yourself, “why?”. Check out the sequences and stories where this doesn’t happen, and try to figure out the differences between the two.

When it comes to the mechanics of both violence and sex, the more you learn the better off you’ll be at writing it. The more you practice writing violence/sex/romance then the better you’ll be. Like with everything, it’ll probably be pretty terrible in the beginning but the more you practice, the better you get. Writing itself is a skill, but its also a lot of sub-skills built in underneath the surface. Being good at dialogue doesn’t mean you’ll be good at action, having a knack for great characterization doesn’t mean you’ll be good at writing setting description. Putting together great characters doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be good at worldbuilding.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

All it takes to figure out whether or not the time to fight is right is by listening to your gut.

Remember, the best scenes are based in narrative cohesion and emotional investment. They’re a pay off in and of themselves for your audience, dessert after dinner. They aren’t the meat and potatoes. If you set out to just write a fight scene or write a smut scene then it’ll get gratuitous. Then the focus is on the fight or the sex itself, hangs entirely on their shoulders, and you’ve just upped the ante for how entertaining you need to be.

It’s not “how do I write a fight scene”, it’s “how did my characters get to this point and why are they fighting”. If you start from a character place, it gets easier. The same is true with romance. “How do my characters participate in a romance (sex or not)”.

Make it about the individuals, that’s when it really gets fun.

And, if you get too stuck, try writing fight scenes with characters who don’t know much about how to fight. Sometimes, it’s easier to get into it when you begin at the beginning. There’s a lot less pressure convincing an audience with a character who knows nothing than one at the top of their field.

There’s a lot less stress about “is this right?” when you’re trying to get a feel for the flow if you’re dealing with a character who doesn’t know jack shit. Fight scenes with characters who know nothing can also be really, really, really fun. They’re wild, improvisational frenzies where all you have is the character sorting through their alternative, non-fighting skills trying to figure out how to survive.

Believe it or not, this will help you because you don’t get to cheat with the idea that your character already knows what they’re doing when you don’t. It’ll help you tap into the character, seeing scenarios from their perspectives, and writing to that instead of “generic fight scene”. When you’re unsure, characters who know nothing about the subject matter they’re engaging in but still have to engage are great. They teach you how to write from the standpoint and perspective of the individual. You need those skills just as much when writing characters who are professionals or at the top of their field.

If you don’t think you can write an interesting fight sequence with a neophyte, then that might be a part of the problem. A character doesn’t need to be good at something to be entertaining. A smut sequence where everyone’s fumbling, knocking into each other, embarrassed, stuck in their clothing, cheesy, corny, and laughing can be just as fun (if not more so and more honest) than the ones that generally get envisioned.

For me, good is entertaining and the entertainment is based in humanity but you need to define “good” for yourself in your own writing. Be honest with yourself about your fears and you’ll find a way to bridge yourself to the kind of writing you want to be doing.

Freeing yourself of your own internalized preconceived notions will help a lot, and produce stories that are way more fun.


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Andy will not let me live. WHY IS HE LIKE THIS? Why is he such a perfect captain? 

“The whole episode, really, is them both trying to hold on to this magic moment they’re sharing. ’Not now,’ let’s not allow the spell to be broken. ’I want to stay in this perfect state with you as long as I possibly can.‘”

“They’re much more engaged with each other than they have been with anything in a long, long time. It something you haven’t seen in Rick since probably Season 1 or 2, if ever.”

“They become more whole. I think that’s basically their relationship: They become more human, more whole, with each other.”

“It’s been a very rocky, and difficult, and emotional season, and just acting opposite of Danai is one of the great gifts I’ve had on the show.“

"The truth is I think he’s met his match with Michonne. I think this is the one. This is the greatest love story of his life.”

“She licks me clean.”

Like, it’s just been a week. A week that has left me a mess. 

Got7′s reaction to coming home and finding their S/O in little to no clothing *smuttish*

Jackson: He would walk into your apartment, and find you sprawled out on your bed napping. He noticed the thin two piece set you were wearing, and if he looked a little closer he could see your nipple piercings poking through. You have never really worn anything like it before around him. So he decided to join you on the bed, pulling you closer. “Ah your such a tease Y/n, I’ve never seen anything more perfect.” Since he’s tired from dance practice, he would place a gentle kiss upon your lips then resume cuddling until he falls asleep.

Bambam: Since practice ended earlier than expected he rushed home, and the first thing he wanted to do was take a nice hot bath. He needed to relax all of the built up tension in his muscles. When he reached the apartment he ran straight for the bathroom, and when he entered he was greeted by the most beautiful site he’s ever seen.You were relaxing in the tub wearing nothing but a tiara, and drinking champagne casually. He stopped in his tracks, and just stared at you admiring how perfect you were. That made you giggle. “Babe are you just gonna stand there? Or are you going join me?” You asked teasingly, he smirked. “So this is what my princess does when I’m not around eh? Well then I’ll start coming home more early.”

Yugyeom: After the fan meeting got canceled early, he decided it would be best to come home to you early. Lately his schedule has been so hectic that you guys haven’t spent any quality time together. On the way he stopped by the local florist and picked up your favorite flowers just because. When he entered the apartment he noticed you from across the room. You were sitting in front of the window with a book in hand and gazing out of the window. You looked like a glowing goddess glistening in the sun. It shined onto your melanin, giving you this radiant glow, and it was stunning sight to witness. He considered not bothering you because you looked so serene without his presence. You feel a stare so you looked over to see him standing there with a bouquet. “Hey baby, what are those for?” You shifted now facing him, he walked over. “Y/n I know how lonely it must be for you since the comeback, and we haven’t really had any time to spend quality time together but starting today that changes ok? From now on it’s all about you and I.”

Mark: He had just got back from the jungle, but he arrived a day earlier than planned. So naturally he decides that he wants to surprise you, because during the trip you didn’t really communicate because of the time difference and schedule differences. Also you and mark have a very healthy sex life, so when you separate for more than 3 days there are needs that still haven’t been met. As soon as mark lands he makes his way to the apartment, and when he get there he tries to be as quiet as possible. He tiptoed into your room to find you laying on the bed facing the opposite way from him which was perfect. He noticed that you were laying in nothing else but a very revealing body suit, while scrolling through his instagram. It’s almost like you were waiting for him to take you right there. So he didn’t waste anymore time, he sat down behind you then he started kissing down your neck startling you. You jumped a little and you were shocked “I’m sorry baby I just couldn’t resist.” He said while caressing your butt, and then he bit his lip.

Jaebum: He has had a long long day, and he needs his stress reliever you. Usually when he is stressed just having a conversation with you would fix everything, but other times all he needed was to release the stress with sex. Today he wanted the second option more than anything so he rushed home, and when he entered he noticed you right away. You were sitting Indian style on the couch, watching TV in nothing but a short hoodie that shows a lot of under boob and panties. You looked simply stunning to him and he has never seen you this exposed before, and all he wanted to do in that moment was ravish your body. He started walking towards you, making you glance over, but you noticed the look he gave you and it caught your attention. You know that look, and whenever he looked at you like that it would turn you on instantly. That’s the look that starts it all, and you lived for it so you decided to play with his dominance. “Well.. what are you waiting for daddy?” you smirked up at him. He chuckled darkly “Oh, I don’t think you wanna test me right now darling.”

Youngjae: After hanging out with his brother for awhile, he decided to head home to spend the rest of his day with you the love of his life. When he arrives he is immediately greeted with the smell of paint. Which wasn’t unusual painting was one of your many hobbies. He walked into the living area to find you sitting on the floor examining a giant canvas. He noticed that you were wearing one of his shirts which was over-sized on you. He also noticed from the waist down you were bare, which was unusual for him because you have always been insecure about your legs and thighs so you would never show them. He smiled proudly because you finally listened to him, he has always encouraged you to show them off because they are  perfect to him. “I’m admiring my art admiring her art.” He said giggling silently so he wouldn’t distract the artist at work.

Jinyoung: It’s 2 am and he still hasn’t made it home yet, lately you’ve been sleeping so much you would miss him coming in at night and waking up to him in the morning. So tonight you drank some caffeine to prolong your energy long enough to see your fiance. Sadly you started to doze off but luckily Jinyoung was only seconds away from entering your home. He is dead tired and all he wants to do is flop on to bed and cuddle you all night and morning long. He entered the apartment to find you half asleep on the couch, this sight warmed his heart but at the same time he felt bad about you trying to stay awake just to see him. He walked over quietly to not wake you, and then he slowly began to pick you up in bridal style. When you feel this happening you open your eyes to see your handsome fiance, you opened your mouth to speak but he shushed you. “I really appreciate you trying to stay up for me Y/n but I have the rest of the week off so there was really no need.Now let’s get you to bed” He placed a soft kiss upon your lips.

And when your fourth love leaves you
You will want to kill yourself, but you won’t
Because you no longer think of suicide
As a house you will build one day.
Your fourth love, who is your first real love,
Who brought you peace when your whole body was a gun.
When she leaves you, ask your roommate to hide the knives
Because you will carve her name into all of the food in your fridge.
Stop showering, warmth will remind you of her.
Masturbate in public, hope someone catches you,
Just so you can feel vulnerable in front of anyone else.
Try to burn her clothes, try to fall in love with strangers,
Try to fall asleep without her.
Open the windows, she would’ve wanted them closed.
Turn off the radio, she can’t sleep without noise.
You can’t fall asleep without noise but noise will sound like her,
Whispering you into the world of lights and breakfast.
Make the rain sound like nothing,
Make the rain sound nothing like her voice.
Don’t be alone.
When you are alone you won’t do anything you did with her
So you won’t do anything.
Marvel at how she, the patient gardener, the bringer of sleep,
She, who draws the bath and lights the candles.
She, who made you someone who could make himself into someone.
She made you want to live more than anything else
And now she makes you want to leave the world
Because you have seen it.
In her you have seen the color and shape of your perfect life,
And now the children, the house, the arguments about tableclothes
Are all fading like things left in sunlight,
Like any dream left too long in the light.
For months, maybe years, everytime you see her
You will want to kiss her.
When you do you will expect pain to come,
Like the old dog you could never quite put down,
But there will be none.
You will remind yourself, she will remind you,
You will remind each other that this is for the best.
That you are physically incapable of loving one another.
And in those moments you will be lying.
Your heart screaming, “I can! I can! I can!”
But you will stay silent
Because of her, because she asked for this,
Because she filled something in you thats still full
Even though she’s gone.
—  Neil Hilborn, Future Tense

Ok this isn’t me saying anything bad about Henrik (who I think is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.) But something I really loved about Skam and their use of Even. When we first see Even he’s the gorgeous, mysterious, magical teenage boy that you see in all the movies and tv shows of the perfect, hot, dreamy guy. 

But as we spend time with Even, he becomes more and more human and a different kind of beauty is shown. His hair is dirty and oily and becomes a big mess, he has spots on his forehead, his skin would be blotchy, his body was allowed to be lanky and awkward. He would sing along to pop songs and do other normal dorky things. He got to be down and depressed, and to despair and to be miserable and that was all ok. He wasn’t up on this pedestal anymore, he didn’t have to be this unattainable ideal, he was human and real.

It reminds me of that quote by Angelita Lim. “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you.  Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” Even is perfect, but he’s not at the same time, but he’s still amazing, beautiful, and wonderful all at the same time.

Time After Time

Lieutenant Duckling - Rated T - Complete - 3330 Words

This is a short tale dedicated to my most wonderful @ofshipsandswans, who will graduate from school shortly! <3 I hope you enjoy it, my love!

The first time he saw her, he had no idea who she was, but he was instantly drawn. Trudging his way up the dock, Lieutenant Killian Jones unloaded a sack of grain from his shoulder, coughing as dust rose from the goods upon hitting the ground. He waved away the small cloud and glanced up toward the palace, where the Jewel’s haul was bound. A number of courtiers were milling about the grounds, dressed in yards of finery. He was ready to turn back for the next load when he heard a low humming. With a pause, he directed his gaze toward the sound.

Sitting upon a swing beneath a tree sat a vision, dressed in the color of the sun. Her long blonde hair was braided in a thick pleat, curled up into a loose chignon at the base of her neck. She picked at flowers in her hand, snowbells as he recognized them to be, as she idly swung back and forth in the afternoon shade. Dusting his hands off on his trousers and grabbing his coat from the railing, he made his way slowly toward the young woman. There was a pink blush of youth in her high cheekbones, and long, luxurious eyelashes told tales of the beauty she beheld. Clearing his throat, Lieutenant Jones offered a hand and stood just far enough away from the lady to remain as unthreatening as possible.

“May I give you a push, my lady?” He gestured to the swing upon which she sat.

Glancing up, the girl flashed bright green eyes and a slowly-growing smile. She took in the sight of his white sailor’s trousers and blue coat with very little insignia. “I suppose you may,” she replied, dropping the snowbells to her side. She wrapped long, thin fingers around the ropes of the swing and finally grinned. “It’s been ages since I had a proper go on this.”

“Allow me, then,” he replied, pink rising up his neck and into his cheeks. Stepping up behind her, he grasped the ropes and pulled them back slightly before releasing them to start a bit of momentum.

The girl in the yellow gown swung slowly upon his release, but as she felt herself moving back toward him once more, he gave a soft push at her shoulders that allowed the breeze to hit her face and her feet to completely leave the ground. Crossing her legs at the ankles, she giggled and bit down upon her lower lip. “Higher!” she cheered.

“Hold on tightly!” He replied and gave more of a push. The old rope swing was firm as it allowed her to soar up higher, higher over the lush green landscape below. Tendrils of her golden blonde hair escaped, framing her face as she laughed.

Her laughter stuck deep into his soul, and he knew he had never heard a sweeter sound. Stepping slightly aside, he allowed himself a moment to admire her beauty as she swung under her own power beneath the thick branch of the ancient oak. Her smile was the vision of youth and happiness itself, and it warmed his heart.

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EXO reaction for when they go out with you and you spend a lot on make-up

This would literally be one of my friends. She loves make up so much. I find it cute but… I never know how to wear it xD Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Doesn’t even notice because he’s lost in the music store* “Woah… so many guitars… I might buy three…”


“I can’t say no to you baobei… You know it’s okay, go have fun. I’ll wait here… with Baekhyun so he doesn’t go wild with the eyeliner”


*Making theories trying to explain why you bought so much make up*


“Why can’t we go to Gucci and shop there… you already got this… I want my Gucci” *Baby needs his shopping too*


“Oh no…she’s going to try to use that on me… I don’t want red lipstick!” *Perfect way to make him let you buy in peace*


*Just watching outside, making bets with the boys* “Oh good girl! I told you she would win that one! Baekhyun ain’t no match, she always gets the best eyeliners!”


*In his element* “I’m ready jagi! We are going to get all that make up we don’t need! Specially that eye liner!”


“This was Baekhyun idea, wasn’t it? Otherwise, why would she buy so many eyeliners…”


“I forgot my wallet… just kidding! Let’s go, I saw something you might like” *Enjoys seeing how much you like going to the mall*


“Jagi… I know you like make up a lot but… I don’t understand why? You are beautiful with or without it. I love you the way you are” *Bf goals*


*He just finds it amusing* “Unbelievable babe.. I’ve never seen so many products… you might as well become my personal stylist” 


“Babe… why did you only buy that? Do you want more? It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about anything” *Perfect shopping partner*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Future Tense

And when your fourth love leaves you, you will want to kill yourself.
But you won’t, because you no longer think of suicide
As a house you will build one day.
Your fourth love,
Who is your first real love,
Who brought you peace when your whole body was a gun.
When she leaves you,
Ask your roommate to hide the knives
Because you will carve her name into all the food in the fridge.
Stop showering.
Warmth will remind you of her.
Masturbate in public,
Hope someone catches you,
Just so you can feel vulnerable in front of anyone else.
Try to burn her clothes, try to fall in love with strangers,
Try to fall asleep without her, open the windows,
She would’ve wanted them closed,
Turn off the radio, she can’t sleep without noise;
You can’t sleep without noise
But noise will sound like her,
Whispering you into the world of lights and breakfast—
Make the rain sound like nothing,
Make the rain sound like nothing like her voice,
Don’t be alone.
When you are alone, you won’t do anything you do with her,
So you won’t do anything.
Marvel at how she, the patient gardener,
The bringer of sleep,
She who draws the bath and lights the candles,
She who made you someone who could make himself into someone,
She made you want to live more than anything else
And now, she makes you want to leave the world,
Because you have seen it.
In her, you have seen the color and shape of your
Perfect Life.
And now the children, the house,
The arguments about tablecloths
Are all faded, like things left
In sunlight.
Like any dream
Left too long in the light.
For months— maybe years—
Every time you see her you will want to kiss her.
When you do, you will expect pain to come
Like the old dog you could never quite put down,
But there will be
You will remind yourself,
She will remind you, you
Will remind each other that
This is for the best.
That you are physically incapable
Of loving one another.
And in those moments, you will be
Lying. Your heart screaming
“I can. I can! I can! I can!”
But you will stay
Silent, because of her.
Because she asked for this.
Because she filled something in you that’s still full,
Even though she’s gone.
~Neil Hilborn.

Among the Stars

Summary: Phil plans a trip to the art and science museum because Dan loves art museums and Phil loves seeing the wonder in Dan’s eyes.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: idk there’s like one swear but this is literally just fluff so :)

A/N: This is just a quick little thing because I have feelings!! about!! this art!! exhibit!! I saw it when it was in California still and it is literally the coolest art exhibit I’ve ever seen so I wanted to write smth about it :)

Phil had never really been the biggest fan of art museums.  Sure, most of them were pretty cool, but after a couple of rooms it was hard to keep moving so slowly and read all the placards like you were supposed to.  And that wasn’t even mentioning modern art museums.  Phil swore that once he saw an empty white canvas and the artist’s statement about it was that they wanted to focus on the presentation instead of the art itself.  What the fuck.

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Eat Your Heart Out [Chapter 5]

Chapter 5 of Eat Your Heart Out

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut/Fluff

His lips met yours and that same giddiness you felt all those years ago came rushing back. Your heart pounded as you felt his hand cup your cheek, deepening the kiss.

Your mind was flooded with a million thoughts, almost all of which included the both of you in very compromising situations.

But they were interrupted when you heard a familiar voice.

“JB! Are you out here?” Mark yelled, looking for his friend.

He saw the two of you sitting there, lips locked and his eyes immediately widened in surprise.

“Oh shit. I’m so sorry,” he mumbled.

You pulled away, completely mortified. What had gotten into you?

Jaebum chuckled agitatedly. “What do you want, Mark?”.

He said his name pointedly as he shot him a look.

“Ummm” he paused. “You’ve been gone for hours. We’re getting ready to leave”.

Mark looked at you and smiled.

“Hi, Y/N. You look great”.

You blushed, ducking your head.

“Thanks, Mark”.

The three of you sat silently as the awkward tension grew thicker. Jaebum cleared his throat.

“Oh! Yeah so I’m gonna grab Jackson and Jinyoung and we’ll meet you out here in a few,” Mark said nervously, finally getting the hint.

You had always wanted to see Mark again. You felt bad for running from him that night when he tried to go after you. You were so consumed by your anger and humiliation that you couldn’t stop your legs from moving. He was always kind. You realized soon after that he was only trying to apologize for Jaebum’s actions. You wished you could have gone back and thanked him.

Your attention was diverted back when you felt Jaebum squeeze your hand.

“I, um, I’m sorry about that” he smiled.

He was so breathtakingly handsome. You felt your heart flutter at even the smallest of his actions.

“It’s fine,” you blushed. “I didn’t realize we had been out here so long. I should probably get going too”.

A look of disappointment spread across Jaebum’s face. He had just rediscovered this incredible girl he took for granted. He wasn’t ready to let you go just yet.

“I want to see you again…tonight,” he said, gazing hopefully into your eyes.

You were taken aback. Everything you felt in that kiss wanted to scream YES but that’s not what you came here for. Even though you had forgiven him, you weren’t sure if it was the smartest choice.

“I’m flying out tomorrow morning, I have a big meeting. But I need more time with you”.

“Jaebum….” you whispered in quiet protest.

“Don’t say anything. Take this. If you come, then we can say everything that’s on our minds. If you don’t, then I’ll always remember this as a perfect kiss with the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen”.

He handed you small key card with his hotel and room number on it and kissed your cheek.

“I hope I see you, Y/N,” he said softly before heading towards the parking lot.

You watched as he turned back to look at you once more, his smile making your whole body turn to mush. What had you gotten yourself into?

Your mind raced as you thought about what he said. It was a truly perfect kiss. Everything about it made you want more of him. But what would come of going there? Would you talk… Would you sleep together? Then what? It’s not like he was asking you to run away with him.

You didn’t know what he did now or where he lived, or even if he had really changed. What if he was just trying to get you in bed or humiliate you again? You were interested in him, that was one thing you were certain of. You always had been.

But you were a different person now. You had a wonderful, busy life with tons of friends and success, you didn’t need Jaebum’s attention to feel validated.

Still… He was, well, Jaebum. He was everything you had always dreamed of in a man, right in front of you, waiting for you.

“Wait!” you yelled out after him.

He stopped in his tracks, turning anxiously to see you running towards him.

“I’m coming with you”.


anonymous asked:

2D and Mudz slow dancing with their partner in the kitchen at 3 in the morning to Frank Sinatra or something like that?

YO, I love Frank Sinatra. 

Stuart Pot (2D):

  • The two of you hadn’t planned to up around the same time but you two just happened to be up. 
  • You had gotten really hungry and 2D woke up to get a glass of water but when he seen you making yourself food, he had to stay up. 
  • No one had been up home at the time so the two of you had free will to do anything you wanted. 
  • The eggs were on the frying pan and the bacon was being cooked by 2D. The two of you didn’t have any kind of commitments tomorrow so it really didn’t matter what time the two of you went to bed. 
  • Thats you started playing Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers in the Night’. 2D had pulled you into a hug and you started to sway back and fourth. What a more perfect night. 

Murdoc Niccals: 

  • The two of you were at your house. It wasn’t the first time Murdoc had stayed over and it was getting pretty late. 
  • You suddenly got a random craving for food and so did Murdoc so the two of you jumped into the kitchen to cook. 
  • You had started blasting music and Murdoc was trying to help you but you knew if he did, he would burn almost everything so all he was doing was cracking some eggs. 
  • Thats when Frank Sinatra’s ‘Moonlight Becomes You’ starting playing. You started to sing to the song but what you didn’t expect was Murdoc to pull you in his arms. 
  • You knew not to questions it because if you did, he would let go of you immediately so all you did was put your head on his shoulder and continued to sway with him.

Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon. “Could you do a Jasper imagine, where your his human mate who just learned about vampires and you still haven’t seen one in the sunlight yet. So you ask Jasper to show you. ” Hope you like it!

In a way, you were willingly signing yourself up for what was certain to be an excruciating death sequence. As you left your home, you found yourself forcing your mind away from finalities. This was likely the last time you locked your front door, yes, but it could very well be one of many more fumbles, just another search for the gleam of brass in the shrubbery. You were quite literally risking your life today, and for what? To answer with love would be a tad too drastic; you’d only known the man for a few months, and the time you’d spent in the know had been an even smaller amount. No, it was not for love, but for something else entirely you couldn’t assign a word to. It was fiercer than curiosity, stronger willed than desire, choked by something close to fear (a cousin, maybe), fueled by an undying urge to see. It was about vision. It was about trust. As you found yourself walking away from your childhood home, you couldn’t help but catch your breath in your throat. The familiar concrete of the path connecting your doorstep to the sidewalk… would you ever see this again? Would you ever scrape your knees on the porous material after one too many ambitious tests of an icy sheen? Would you ever return for the holidays with your family? Would you teach your child how to walk on the very same plain you had learned? Death was a high-ranking probability, but the unnamed emotions driving you onward overwhelmed any lust for a thought as tedious as self-preservation. You needed to see it.

He wasn’t waiting with a car, which you had expected. He wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of being in a cramped, confined space with nothing but the beating of your pulse and the delectable (nay, irresistible) aroma of your blood warming the cabin of the vehicle. He didn’t bring his motorcycle at your request; your parents were likely to blow gaskets if they so much as hard the sound of a Harley’s pipes moments after you left the house. It would be a similar reaction if you had told them you were about to lope off into the forest with a vampire, only slightly worse if you were to mention that said vampire was the most unstable vampire within a ten-mile radius. You had to give him credit; if he was willing to be alone with you, he must consider himself in control… and he really was trying. Jasper was standing beneath the expansive shade of the forest’s edge, his hands clasped behind his back. He couldn’t quite shake the military, could he? His smile was strained, as it usually was, to be in such close proximity with his natural food source, but his butterscotch eyes were brighter than you’d ever seen them. He nodded in your direction, smirking as he dissected your face.

“You’re nervous,” he observed, rooting around through your brain, tasting your emotional atmosphere. You inhaled the scent of the forest, exhaling slowly, your eyes on his. He must have hunted recently. His eyes were as golden as they’d ever been, but there was a vibrancy to his irises that you’d never witnessed. The bruises beneath his eyes were barely visible. He almost looked… well, no one as inhumanely beautiful as Jasper would ever come close to looking human again, but he looked healthier, happier. His charming southern voice crept forward from between his lips, quieter than you had expected. “Y/n, we don’t have to do this today. Perhaps if you’d rather wait…?” You shook your head, dismissing his recommendation the moment he spoke the words.

“No, Jasper, really. I’m good. I’m… I’m excited.” His brow furrowed slightly, his head turning as if to hear you better.

“More so than you are afraid?” He inquired, his voice lilting somewhere between fascination, humour, and regretful understanding. He was aware of the risks he presented; he was the newest vegetarian, that much you knew, and being alone in a secluded location far from town was as close to a perfect recipe for a slaughtering as you cared to imagine. Regardless of the danger, you wouldn’t live your life without having seen this strange feat Jasper’s family had inherited alongside their immortality. If you didn’t go, you’d regret it for the rest of your life. Even if you died today, you’d have fulfilled a gaping curiosity festering in the pit of your stomach.

“Way more. I’m ready to go when you are.” You were glad to hear the strength in your voice. Surely, Jasper could sense a falter in your composure, but he declined to mention anything. The South raised their gentlemen well. He smiled, his eyes glimmering in what little sunlight shimmered through the cloud covering.

“We have twenty minutes before my sister Alice has promised a sun shower,” He lifted his eyes to the overcast skies, grinning to himself at the uncanny accuracy of his meteorologist sister’s precognition. His eyes returned to your face, glowing like evening sunbeams through a crystal jaw of amber honey. He shrugged his shoulders, peeling his rain jacket from his body, extending a rigid hand in your direction, offering you the coverage you’d forgotten. “You may need this. You may be… cold.” Again, he smirked. You rolled your eyes, accepting his offering, careful not to make contact with his icy skin. He would not be bothered by the weather; your touch, however, he may not be ready for. You donned Jasper’s coat, relishing in the chill the fabric carried, overwhelmed by the heady scent of him. You turned, as if in a daze, your eyes searching for your mode of transportation, your attention caught by the uncommonly smooth sound of Jasper clearing his throat. “We’re running, if that’s alright with you.” He extended his hand towards you, his jawline rigid, controlled. He wouldn’t hurt you. At least… well, it wouldn’t be intentional. You slipped your palm into his, watching his shoulders cease to move as your skin warmed the frozen alabaster of his callous-less hand. He had ceased to breathe. He moved, ever so slowly, calculating his every step, until you were a hair width away from his dazzling eyes. He smiled briefly before spinning you in his arms, cradling you to his chest with ease. He lifted an eyebrow, wordlessly asking permission to continue. You nodded him on. You had never regretted a decision more in your entire life.

By the time the forest stopped spinning around you, Jasper had been still for a good five minutes. Running with a vampire was not your favourite medium of travel, that much was certain. You weren’t prepared for the supernatural speed at which Jasper carried you through the wood, dodging tree limbs and fallen trunks at the last minute, seconds before you managed to see the threat. It was… dizzying, for lack of a better explanation. Jasper, however, was completely unfazed. He cuffed and rolled his sleeves, exposing the pale skin of his forearms, his eyes raking the skies as they began to clear. Sure enough, the peaceful sound of splattering rain against the waxy leaves above began trickling to your ears, wrenching you back to reality. He stood a fair distance away, though not quite far enough to ice you out of the picture. He was respectfully acknowledging that you were so very human, and that standing too close might, at the moment, have meant an end to your human life. He was cautious, that was it. The rain began to fall evenly now, advancing from stray droplets to waves of water soaking down the tree bark around you, moistening the moss underfoot. Jasper eyed a river to your right, walking out from beneath the protective cover of leaves you shared, strolling into the open air. His clothing began to darken as the water struck the cloth. His hair suspended raindrops like gemstones among his golden curls. He was absolutely beautiful. He shot you a wary, almost testing gaze, likely attempting to read your scattered brain for any scrap of fear. He didn’t have much time to search, and you didn’t have much time to compose yourself before the sun peeked out from behind the heavy gray clouds. A sun shower, just as Alice had predicted.

All at once, the vampire changed. His skin, which you had thought of as marble, alabaster, could only have been crafted from diamonds. His every pore was faceted like a jewel, refracting light and colour as if he were made of some precious stone unknown to mankind. The rain fell on, continuing to soak through his clothing, the form-fitting cotton shirt he’d worn stained a much darker blue than before, clinging loosely to his carved physique. His eyes fluttered closed, his palms turned upwards as the sun drenched his body in light. You watched on in mystified awe as he glimmered, what little remained of the colouring beneath his eyes erasing entirely. In fact, he seemed to flush beneath the sun’s rays, like there was blood coursing through his veins once more, flooding his cheeks with the palest of rosy colour. He was far more beautiful than you could have anticipated. Quite honestly, to have this creature end your life would have been a blessing. To perish at the hands of an angel rang with promises of Heaven. Jasper tilted his face to meet the rain as it plummeted from the clouds above, his shimmering skin reflecting different light as he moved. He seemed to sigh, contented, basking in the warmth of the sun.

You lifted yourself, slowly at first, from the mossy forest floor, watching Jasper’s eyes flash open as your scent stirred in the air. The guilt you felt for disturbing such a magnificent creature was disregarded instantly, overpowered by your desire to stand beside him beneath the sun. You walked forward, abandoning the promise of drier land as you stepped beyond the reach of the trees, striding closer to the river, to Jasper. He tensed slightly, following your every move with his eyes, his face immobile as he read your emotional state. What he must have found there… the wonder, the awe, the delight… surely it had some impact on him. You trusted him completely, and in sensing that strength within you, he began to trust himself, if only by a fraction. You were standing before him, not quite as close as before he’d pulled you into his arms, but not as far as your greeting earlier in the day. His skin was even more glorious at a close range, if such a feat was possible. Slowly, cautiously, you began to raise your hand, allowing Jasper plenty of time to prepare for what you had planned. He didn’t flinch away, didn’t relocate, didn’t warn you against the movement; he wanted this experience, either to test himself or to test you. Something in him still wondered why you had agreed to come at all, and now was the last place he’d risk scaring you off. Your eyes left his, following your fingertips as they made contact with his dazzling cheekbone. He closed his eyes, sighing into your touch, his face tilting ever so slightly in the direction of your hand. You trailed your fingers to his jaw, encountering unseen ridges there. His eyelids fluttered open momentarily, watching as your brow smoothed out and you continued downward. As you traced along the patterns the sun created on his sparkling skin, you discovered many similar ridges, but Jasper didn’t seem to mind them. Your hand fell to his chest, your palm placed over his heart. Part of you waited for a heartbeat. Part of you waited for death. All that happened was that Jasper overstepped the boundaries he had set for himself, surprising you. His hand closed over your own, holding you to his chest. He inched your hand upward until you were once more cradling his face, this time more completely. He inhaled deeply, his eyes fluttering closed again.

“This is wonderful,” he whispered, more so to himself than to you. You smiled, practically exuding happiness. Even without his abilities, Jasper would have picked up on your joy. His eyes opened, burning low with calm enjoyment, his lips pulling upwards at the corners, lifting his features from the stoic you were used to. “Y/n, words cannot express…” his voice trailed off, his unoccupied hand reaching to your waist, his palm smoothing over your hip. “I hope you can understand me when I tell you that I haven’t felt this human in a very long time.” He paused, drifting closer to you, his chest resting against yours. How strange, this proximity was. You weren’t complaining, of course, but to see Jasper so… uninhibited, so free, it was something foreign to you. He hadn’t been this close to you, even when he shot through the forest with you in his arms. No, he was restrained, pulling away from you, if subtly. Now, however, he was close enough to breath you in, to count your eyelashes, to snap your neck, maybe, but more importantly, he may be close enough to kiss you. His voice filtered through the mayhem that was your mind, his smile tainting his tone with a lightweight dye, granting feathers to his tone and flight to his words. “It has been too long since I’ve last allowed myself…” he trailed off, shaking his head in wonder, his smile growing. “And to feel what you’re feeling! Y/n, you can’t imagine how I feel. I could sing.” At this, you laughed, a motion that brought you closer to him, somehow. Perhaps he had pulled you in, you couldn’t tell, but he was accepting of your shift.

“Yes, I’m sure that’d be quite the performance, Jas-” His thumb pressed against your lips, silencing your speech. The unimaginable smoothness of his skin stroked over your lower lip as his fingers tangled in your hair, his body pressing more securely against your own. Your heart raced in your chest, colour rushing to paint your cheeks. He smiled, his eyes closing as he read the erratic rate of your heartbeat, nodding his head slowly.

“I could think of much better things to do with my time. For example…” He ducked his face to yours, resting his forehead against your own, pausing for a moment a mere second away from your lips. His jaw clenched once before the sweet perfume of his steady exhale billowed over your face, enveloping you in indescribable scents. You scarcely had time to decipher exactly what Jasper smelled of before his marble lips were moving against your own. He was careful in his movements, reminding you without words of the precautions you had to take when you recalled enough sense to return his kiss. He angled his face to better mold to yours as his hands tilted your lips to his mouth, securing your body to his as fully as he dared explore. Your mind was absorbed in all things Jasper, from the pinpoints of light that continued to dance from his skin and shone through the darkness of your eyelids, the delectable cologne of his body, the way his height sheltered you from the rain. It was glorious, it was heavenly, and it was over far too soon for your liking. Jasper detached himself, taking a few steps backward, applying that familiar distance once more. The sun disappeared behind a darker, murkier cloud, and the diamonds of Jasper’s complexion went back into hiding. He smiled, warming you despite the chill of his open palm. “Now you know why we can’t go to school on days like this,” he joked, his voice lifting effortlessly as he laughed. You joined him, lacing your fingers through his, your hands suspended between you as you walked back beneath the trees. Your heart was singing, even if Jasper wouldn’t. You’d never been happier than you were in that moment.

You hadn’t known it when you left, but you could have very well gone with Jasper out of love. After all, time meant nothing to an immortal.

Stealing The Bite Pt. 4

Word Count:

Genre: Angst, Smut

You swiped a finger through the mess and tasted it, “Hmm, delicious. I’ll have you cumming in my mouth next time.” He groaned and leaned down to kiss you but you pushed him off, standing up and heading for the adjoining room, “I expect you to be here tomorrow morning with the details of the person I will impersonate.” You call out, not sparing him a backward glance. He was left to collect his wits and adjust his clothes, thinking about what he has gotten himself into, as the sound of running water and your soft humming floated to his ears through the closed door.

You were perched on a seat in the far corner of the colossal celebration hall, observing everything around you with wide-eyed wonder. The guests hardly batted an eye at the extravagant decorations, but you on the other hand have never seen such splendor before in your life. You wanted to shake them out of their haughty stupor and make them acknowledge the splendidness around them, have them say that, yes, they too are astonished.

Everyone present was a mixture of every color and form, all wearing rich fabrics and lavish jewelry. Clothes of every shape and design, styles you’ve never even heard of. You yourself weren’t any less striking, clad in a dress soft as a lover’s caress, the satin showing not a hint of a crease. The color was that of the purest emerald, Taehyung’s favorite, and clasped around your neck was the magnificent spotted coat of a black panther that Taehyung had hunted down himself.

You were assuming the form of the Lady Tiye, a noblewoman whose roof Taehyung had stayed under during his six month visit to the Amarna lands. She was the perfect disguise. The king and queen knew of her enough not to question her presence, but not enough to know her face or much else about her. Taehyung had come to your room early this morning and stayed there, describing every detail of her and making sure you immolated her perfectly. He left before anyone could notice he was missing. Left alone in your room, you stood in front of the mirror, staring at your new form for a good while, awestruck by the woman’s beauty. She had silky flowing black hair, dark piercing eyes, and luscious full lips. Her body was a perfect hourglass figure, her breasts ample and her legs long and slender.

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Beautiful- Loki Laufeyson

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Characters: Loki Laufeyson

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- Loki and Dream

Word Count: 419

Author: Charlotte

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Breath of the Wild Asks
  1. Do you remember your first death/game over?
  2. Switch or Wii U version?
  3. What is your favorite dish?
  4. Is there a dish you’d love to eat/want to be real.
  5. When did you spot a Yiga Clan member for the first time? How did you react?
  6. What’s the most memorable thing a Yiga Clan member said before fighting you?
  7. What was the first thing you did after getting the paraglider, In which direction did you go?
  8. How many Korok seeds do you have right now?
  9. What was the first divine beast you finished (if you haven’t finished one yet, then which one is the first one you intend to beat?)
  10. What was your favorite/most memorable death so far.
  11. Favorite region and why. 
  12. Least favorite region and why.
  13. Do you like Princess Zelda? Is she the best Zelda yet or is there a better one so far?
  14. Favorite soundtrack piece (or top 5 if you can’t name one).
  15. What did you name your horse(s)?
  16. Favorite outfit set.
  17. Most WTF moment.
  18. Favorite shrine?
  19. Least favorite shrine?
  20. Where there any shrine quests that were a pain to do?
  21. Opinion on the Champions as a whole?
  22. Favorite Champion
  23. Least favorite Champion
  24. Favorite NPC.
  25. Favorite sidequest.
  26. Has the game made you cry in any way?
  27. Opinion on the Prince Sidon memes?
  28. Have you defeated a guardian yet? If so how did you do it? Have you found a continuous method to do it or rely on luck?
  29. Have you defeated a Lynel of any of kind?
  30. Favorite sidequest?
  31. If you’ve compared notes with your friends, what’s something you did that was different in the ways that others did?
  32. Do you prefer to play BOTW with your TV on or with the switch in your hands?
  33. Do you ever do naked Link runs just for fun?
  34. Have you used amiibos for this game and if so which ones have you used?
  35. Have you purchased the DLC pack? 
  36. What do you think the holiday dlc’s plot will be? 
  37. Where do you think this game falls on the timeline?
  38. How much time do you think has passed between Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild?
  39. Have you finished filling out your compendium? Are there sections you’ve finished?
  40. Describe the most unique photo/screenshot on your compendium?
  41. Are there other staple weapons from the Zelda franchise you wish were in BOTW (hookshot, etc).
  42. Do you think BOTW deserves its 97% rating on metacritic/all those perfect scores?
  43. Craziest hack/glitch/tip you’ve seen in your gameplay or on the internet?
  44. How many hours do you have on record for playing this game?
  45. What is your favorite arrow type?
  46. Favorite bow?
  47. Favorite shield?
  48. Favorite weapon?
  49. Favorite rune?
  50. Do you use any of the champion’s gifts? Which is your favorite?
  51. Is there anything from BOTW you want to see in future Zelda games?
  52. Is there anything from BOTW that you think should stay in BOTW?
  53. Do you think BOTW is GOTY 2017 or is there another, more deserving game (Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nier: Automata, etc) and why?
Great Minds Think Alike

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, John (mentioned throughout)

Word Count: 2,828

Warnings: None, just fluff

Request:  I freaking loved one in the same, and I was wondering if you could do a version for Sammy?

One in the Same

You don’t need to read this one first but this is that is the Dean version of it. 

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Originally posted by hugs4sammy

Hunting was always what you enjoyed doing. You didn’t plan on entering the life; in fact, you grew up as a normal child. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It started in high school when a bung of your friends wanted to go camping in the woods where no one went.

You never wanted to go in the first place. You thought that sitting in bed, reading a god book was more appealing than going camping and drinking until your brain fell out. You were always a shy and reserved girl, always reading books and doing the right thing.

You loved to read anything from Shakespeare to fairytales. Even though you mostly read non-fiction, you enjoyed fiction from time to time. As you grew older, you distant yourself from your friends so you could focus on school and get your degree in Creative Writing. But none of that happened because you had to go camping.

At first, they dismissed the rustling and growls as “just the wind” but then they got louder and closer. You hated being out there with friends who weren’t really your friends. You thought you saw red eyes in the dark but when you blinked, they were gone. Everyone there called you crazy and you tried to be as relaxed as they were but you knew better.

The thing attacked Christina first, dragging her into the woods by her hair. Then it got Trevor and Alice, taking them with it to God knows where. The rest of you tried to take cover, using sticks and rocks as weapons against the hairless creature.

You didn’t know what would happen to you because you were a tiny little thing, you had no chance up against this thing. It already took the strongest man there out so who were you to stand a chance? If it wasn’t for John Winchester, you would be dead. He came out into the woods with another man, attacking the thing like they’ve been doing it their wholes lives.

Half of your friends were either gone or dead. The ones that were alive, already left, leaving you behind to deal with the aftermath. The man that John was with left to go find the others to see if they were alive while John gladly took you home.

It was then that you learned that the things in the night were very much real. He didn’t want to give out too much, afraid of corrupting you but you were intrigued. You’ve always thought that lore and the supernatural were always fascinating to you so could you blame the man when you started reading up?

You learned so much that year. You even found a case where it looked as if a demon was acting up in a town nearby. You immediately jumped at the chance, learning how to take them down and how to protect yourself.

That first time, didn’t go so well but that didn’t stop you. You were always determined and soon enough, you got good and then you got great. Hunting was your life all thanks to John Winchester. You didn’t blame him for one second because if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be doing the things you love. You wondered if John was still alive or not.

That is why you dropped out of college and took up hunting as a full- time career. You traveled the United States, saving people and even meeting a few hunters on the way. You know you could be a better hunter but like everything else, practice makes perfect.

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