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The signs as letters between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
  • Aries: "Do you really love me? Much? Passionately not reasonably?"
  • Taurus: "But I do adore you — every part of you from heel to hair. Never will you shake me off, try as you may."
  • Gemini: "I always have such need to merely talk to you. Even when I have nothing to talk about — with you I just seem to go right ahead and sort of invent it."
  • Cancer: "I wish I didn’t love you so much. No I don’t though; that’s not true. I am glad I do. I don’t know what to say to you except that it tore the heart out of my body saying goodbye to you."
  • Leo: "Yes, I am glad you miss me, even if it is ‘damned unpleasant.'"
  • Virgo: "You have no idea how stand-offish I can be with people I don’t love. I have brought it to a fine art. But you have broken down my defenses. And I really don’t resent it."
  • Libra: "The flowers have come and are adorable, dusky, tortured, passionate like you—"
  • Scorpio: "I wish you could live in my brain for a week. It is washed with the most violent waves of emotion."
  • Sagittarius: "You may have discovered entire new countries in your own soul."
  • Capricorn: "I find I get more and more disagreeably solitary; In fact I foresee the day when I shall have gone too far into myself that there will no longer be anything to be seen of me at all. Will you, please, remember to pull away the coverings from time to time?"
  • Aquarius: "I like the unreality of your mind; the whole thing is very splendid and voluptuous and absurd."
  • Pisces: "I suppose it is good for the soul to be hurt and perplexed perpetually. I know at least that I miss you damnably: that is a good fixed star."

have you ever seen anything more pure in your life


okay y’all have seen me gripe about this a lot but i still just wanna bring this back up again bc this always bugged me.

i know i said earlier that i didnt mind the gems not having more alien-like features but…

seeing the scrapped designs make me wish we had something more interesting. like you know those character concepts for disney films where the character looks really dynamic and interesting but then its scrapped to make an incredibly boring and cookie-cutter design? thats how it feels for SU.

before y’all say anything, im not calling the finished designs bad. they’re perfectly passable (and i adore bismuth’s design). i do have some issues with lapis since she’s a terraformer but she’s small and skinny (i’ve already explained that in depth in an earlier post).

i wish su would push their designs further and made more risks bc im getting a little bored of only getting to see cool designs in fusions (which have become a rarity now). like the only non-fusion character with an unnatural attribute is sapphire with having only one eye. I know jasper’s old concept design looks a little silly but i love the odd geometric shapes to her. it has a bit of personality to it and pushes the “big strong brute” attribute harder than her design thats just a buff lady with orange skin. or bismuth’s odd robotic body like her wrists, eyes and waist. Or lapis where her features aren’t alien-like but she has crazier hair and a more interesting facial design with 0 eyebrows and groved in eyeballs (with these weird black lines surrounding it i love it).

i dont know why the character designers  don’t want to be more creative with their approaches. are they afraid they’re gonna get hate for it? i mean people weren’t crazy about YD’s design when she was introduced, but everyone got over it and the designers brushed it off.

 and before y’all say “oh but it’ll be harder on the animators because there’s more detail” i want to remind you they’ve been managing fine animating characters like sugilite who has a more cluttered design

and sardonyx who frequently uses hand gestures despite having 4 arms

drunk in love; shawn mendes

a/n: got another blurb for ya! 
synopsis: taking care of drunk shawn [masterlist]

Originally posted by magnificentmoonwolf

“You good?” you ask, looking up at your boyfriend as he stumbles drunkenly next to you. It’s a Friday night and he’s free - a rarity what with his busy schedule and rock star lifestyle – so you’d decided to spend it getting wasted with his mates. 

Seemed like a good idea at first until Shawn bought shots for the table and things went to hell. You’ve sobered up a little, having chugged a couple of pints of water back at the club, but Shawn, however – is wasted.

His skin glows in his intoxicated state, the blood in his body meeting his skin to wave hello and his hair is tousled, eyes rimmed red – a personification of liquor induced bad decisions. 

He’s so pretty though, and it’s honestly annoying how he can look so good while stumbling over himself in a half buttoned dress shirt while dropping a bottle of water onto the pavement at 3 in the morning. 

He picks it up quickly.

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(HI saw this on the chuck shurley x reader tag and NEEDED to write it) 

Pairing: god!Chuck Shurley x Reader

Warnings: haha you’ll see

Originally posted by bloodyrayofsunshine

(shout out to @spn-imagines-nation for this imagine!)

“Well?” Chuck asked when Metatron finally put the sheets of papers down onto the table, removing his glasses as the former sat across from him in the booth. He frowned a little, confused and more than a little worried about that particular chapter’s fate, when he noticed that the ex-angel wiped a tear from his eye; was Chuck’s writing that bad? “What is it?”

“Nothing- It’s- It’s good, just…”

“’Just’ what?” The darker-haired one parroted back at him, not entirely sure he was as open to constructive criticism about that particular part of his book as he was regarding the other chapters. After all, this was a chapter about you; anyone with a brain and a heart knew that whatever Metatron had to say about God’s actual love of his (really long) life, he had to tread carefully, lest he accidentally invokes Chuck’s wrath and create a large hole in the middle of the United States or something. Chuck didn’t want that, he knew the former-angel was stalling, and he knew he struck…something when he wrote it, but…what? “It’s okay, this is still a safe place, you don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings or anything.”

Metatron sucked in a shaky breath, preparing the things he needed to say. “I’ve never seen someone pour so much…love and adoration for someone else the way you did in your writing.”

Chuck didn’t comprehend what the fallen angel was trying to state. “Is that bad?”

“No, no- Of course not, I just…I’m curious, you don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t feel like you want to- But why didn’t you just bring her back?” Metatron asked him, making the omnipresent being before him tense up visibly. “You have the power to bring (Y/N) back from the dead! I mean, you’ve done it with the Winchesters, and you’ve rebuilt Castiel more times than you should, but not for the woman you love. Why is that?”

Chuck leaned back against the cushioned seat, not expecting that question to come from Metatron, but it was Metatron, after all; the angel and him had worked together in the past to write and had always managed to challenge him in the best ways, so of course he’d see the little details and question them. He was an editor, wasn’t that part of the job? “She made me promise not to.” Seeing Metatron’s confusion, the writer ran his fingers through his soft, curly hair before continuing.

“When I told her I wasn’t as human as she thought I was, she made me swear no matter the circumstances, I am to never, ever bring her back. When…When it was her time, she said, ‘I swear to you, Chuck, if I find myself still breathing after this, I will never forgive you’, and so I- I respected her wish.” Chuck drew a shaky breath, and Metatron’s heart (does a fallen angel have one?) nearly shattered for his Father. “I miss her so so much, more than someone like me should for such a small human, and not one day had passed where I don’t think that I wanted, more than anything, to bring her back, to see her again in the flesh, to hold her hand one last time. Nothing hurts me more than the fact that I could breathe life back into her and she could be by my side if I wanted to. Believe me, I do want to, but then I can’t live with the idea that she could never forgive me for doing so. I guess I just find it easier to go through those particularly hard days without her, knowing that she’s in Heaven, and she’s happy. She makes me more human than I could ever possibly be when she’s gone, and I love her for that.”  Chuck spoke quietly, his eyes downcast. The ex-angel before him could tell that even if this was God, and people presumed he didn’t care, he sure does care for this particular girl.

“I can’t imagine what that must be like for you, Chuck.” Metatron said genuinely. He’d never known love, never known what it’s like to fall for someone who would mean the universe to him, someone to cherish for as long as life let him, but if anything, he knew right then, Chuck and (Y/N) were the greatest and most tragic of all. “To live through that day by day.”

“That’s the thing; just like the rest of the broken-hearted humans here on earth, I don’t have the strength to. I try, sure, but most days I find myself too numb to even think of moving on.” He answered truthfully.

“(Y/N) broke me and fixed me at the same time.”

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Extended Imagine - Sweet Cakes

It was a beautiful spring day - everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Standing outside, you could feel the gentle warmth from the rays on your skin. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and you couldn’t think of a single way this day could get any better.

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Mother's Day weekend highlights from the flower shop
  • so many Very Tired dads and their Very Small children
  • tiny adorable child who insisted on picking the most heinous flower combination i have ever seen to make into a bouquet for their mum
  • Writing the phrase ‘happy mothers day’ on so many cards you begin to dream about it
  • “what do you mean there’s a two hour wait time i want this made up for me now”
  • “no I don’t want anything from the fully stocked floor I want something made up special”
  • roses roses everywhere
  • the one dude who spent more than I make in a fortnight on one arrangement “that’s enough for something big right?” MATE IT’LL WEIGH MORE THAN I DO
  • small child who ATE (!!!) part of a bouquet before their dad could stop them
  • leaf cuts aka paper cuts from hell
  • that one customer who tried to pry the locked front door open at 7:30pm on saturday night  
  •  leaves covering every single inch of the workspace
  • slipping on said leaves and landing in a bucket (you’ve been here for twelve hours now you don’t know whether to laugh or cry)
  • getting flower muck in your tea. drinking it anyway.
  • “yes i absolutely have time to talk about your wedding which is ten months away”
  • literally running out of every flower but geraniums
  • everyone HATES yellow flowers for some reason (?????)
  • the absolute euphoria of an emptied order file 

anonymous asked:

Heey! Can you do a halloween one where the RFA + V reacts to MC dressing up as them? Thank you 💕

Ooooh. This is a new one. I like it. 
-After after endings-
~Mod L

♡ It took him a moment to realize 
♡ At first, he just saw you were wearing his veterinary jacket and thought it was so cute 
♡ But then he noticed you had a blonde wig on 
♡ With his old hair clip in it? 
♡ Wait you’re dressed just like him??
♡ That’s… even cuter 
♡ It’s so silly and he loves it 
♡ Can he dress up like you? 
♡ He’s gonna try 
♡ He leaves it up to you as to whether or not you actually want to leave that night dressed like each other but he totally would

♡ You weren’t the first person to do this, but he definitely found you the cutest 
♡ After all, you had the best outfit since you had his actual clothes 
♡ It didn’t help his ego seeing anyone choosing to dress up like him, especially someone as gorgeous as you 
♡ He adores it 
♡ He insists that you should wear it while you guys go out
♡ Whenever someone didn’t get your costume and you enthusiastically told them about the great actor you were dressed up as his heart fluttered a bit 
♡ It wasn’t only so sweet but kind of supportive of his acting career 
♡ So no matter how you look at it, he loves it 

♡ She doesn’t quite get it at first 
♡ Even if you two didn’t do it often, you weren’t opposed to sharing clothes 
♡ But it was a bit strange that you were wearing one of her entire outfits, and her favorite at that 
♡ When you said you were dressed up as her for Halloween, she couldn’t help but laugh 
♡ Why would anyone want to dress up as her? 
♡ You were too sweet, and the fact that you thought she was worth dressing up as was so sweet 
♡ You had both chosen to keep the cafe open during Halloween, so she thought it would be cute if you both switched uniforms 
♡ It was a subtle change that not many customers noticed 
♡ But it both made you giddy whenever a regular customer came in and noticed the difference 

♡ You felt so elegant wearing his suit 
♡ You couldn’t help but admire yourself in the mirror for a moment, feeling quite chic 
♡ When Jumin finally came home you greeted him with your newfound confidence in his suit
♡ He was a bit confused
♡ When you explained to him you wanted to be him for Halloween, he didn’t understand why at first
♡ There were many businessmen who wore suits like Jumin, so there was such a low chance of anyone being able to recognize you as him 
♡ Or even realize it was a costume at all 
♡ But he still found you so sweet for thinking of it 
♡ And would find it cute if you did ultimately choose to wear it out 

♡ You weren’t often able to surprise Seven
♡ But you had told him your costume was going to be a surprise 
♡ He was expecting something like Elly, but not for you to be dressed up just like him 
♡ He basically melts 
♡ It’s so adorable and so sweet 
♡ He already thinks you’re the cutest when you take his jacket, but now you’re wearing one of his entire outfits? 
♡ He’s never seen anything so sweet 
♡ He immediately runs to your closet to put on one of your outfits 
♡ It’s the perfect costume~!
♡ You two go out like that together and Seven makes sure all the RFA members see your costumes and slightly cringe at them 
♡ Seven loves every second of it 

♡ Jihyun didn’t have much planned for Halloween
♡ He put up small decorations but didn’t get a costume 
♡ It was more of a last minute choice for you to dress up like him 
♡ When you did your “big reveal” of your costume he couldn’t help but laugh 
♡ That was so cute of you to be dressed up like him 
♡ You had a cheap wig to imitate his hair, and just took some of his clothes 
♡ You looked so cute he didn’t know what to do with you 
♡ The rest of the night yo two stayed inside just opening the door to trick or treaters and admiring their costumes, so your little costume was really just for the two of you 
♡ But he loved it, and it was so sweet he couldn’t help but later talk about it in the messenger 

♡ Why would you want to be him? 
♡ He didn’t think himself as costume worthy 
♡ All you had done was taken and worn his clothes 
♡ It took some convincing, but he did end up finding the sentiment kinda sweet 
♡ I mean, you did look awfully cute in his clothes 
♡ He didn’t feel comfortable with you leaving the house dressed like him 
♡ He was still trying to improve his self-image, so for you to go out as him was a bit much 
♡ But honestly seeing you dressed up as him helped 
♡ He’s used to seeing himself in such a negative light, seeing aspects of himself in someone he loves was sweet 
♡ Although you didn’t go out dressed like him, he did end up loving it more than he expected 

♡ Dressing up as him was fun, not only because he’s your significant other but you’re dressing up as a total badass 
♡ When you put on his outfit, and lastly his leather jacket you felt like you could fight anyone 
♡ You wonder why you hadn’t tried this before 
♡ When Vanderwood found you wearing his agency clothes he couldn’t help but laugh 
♡ He saw you in a romantic light and thought you trying to look intimidating in his agency clothing was just adorable 
♡ When you said he was your Halloween costume, he thought it was sweet of you 
♡ Since he had multiple outfits you two decided to go out like that, letting people think you two were just dressed like that for Halloween 
♡ It was a fun inside joke for you two, knowing the true meaning behind the clothes 
♡ Being able to leave his house in his regular clothes, not having to worry about being seen in them was refreshing for Vanderwood and he had the time of his life out with you

Percival was furious, looking at all the Valentines gifts Newt was getting. There were chocolates and flowers surrounding the magizoologist and Percival felt even more irritated. Now he was hesitant to give Newt the bouquet of flowers he got him this morning. They paled in comparison to the others.

Things soon got out of control when Percival saw the worried expression on Newt’s face. Percival approached the magizoologist and Newt blushed and pointed at a gorgeous flower arrangement, the most beautiful of them all. Percival grabbed the card.

It was signed:

Love, G. Grindelwald

All the pure blood education Percival had received flew out of the window. Fucking Grindelwald send flowers to HIS Newt. The bastard delivered flowers to MACUSA and no one noticed! The bastard was trying to court HIS intended. The nerve of him!
Percival’s blood was boiling and his magic started to sing out of control. Every Auror felt the storm coming and the only brave enough to speak was Tina.

“Sir, what’s wrong?”

Percival tried to breath. He was surrounded by incompetents, there was no other explanation. What was next? Grindelwald was going to show up and start singing love songs and his aurors were going to cheer and clap? This was why he never liked Valentines day. There where hearts everywhere and more than once someone had tried to give him a love potion.

“Can someone explain to me how Grindelwald came here and delivered flowers?! Am I working with MACUSA aurors or Ilvermorny first years?!”

There was a collective gasp. Tina promptly removed the flowers. Every auror took out his wand and started forming groups to search the premises.

“I…. I’m not interested in him” whispered Newt. Percival felt his heart constrict. “I’m not doing anything today either”

Percival look at Newt confused. “It’s better that you didn’t make plans, Grindelwald could be targeting you.”

Newt frowned. “But I want to go out. To dinner” he blushed and smiled. However, Percival Graves was blind. He couldn’t read all the signs Newt was giving him.

“Your safety is more important Mr. Scamander” Percival nodded and excuse himself to go and help the search party. If he had turned around he would have seen the niffler leaving Newts case.
“I don’t think he likes me.” murmured the magizoologist to his adorable thief. Niffler rolled his eyes. He went inside the case and came back with a heart shape card. He gave it to Newt.
“I can’t give it to him! I should have never made it. Did you see how many witches gave him cookies? Hannah from downstairs even baked him a cake!”
Newt was panicking but the Niffler wasn’t going to give up. Determined, the little creature took the card where Newt had written his love confession and run down the hallway in search of Percival.

“NO!” Newt run after him. If Percival read it his life was over.

Niffler run faster than ever before. Years of escaping have prepared him for this moment. He could feel his mommy screaming behind him, begging him to stop but he couldn’t. This was his mission, he needed a plan. He stopped for a second and took a gold coin from his pouch. He looked at it, his little dark eyes almost tearing up. He threw the coins as far as he could on the other direction. The seed had been planted. Gidget run again, his eyes shining as he saw Percival Graves, his mommy’s mate.

Percival felt something trying to climb his leg. His instincts took over and he grabbed his wand, ready to curse the attacker. However, he stopped once he saw Newt’s niffler trying to catch his attention. The little creature was bouncing, making little noises, his small paws carried a big red heart that looked handmade. It even has glitter on it.
“For me?”
The little creature nodded and Percival took the heart. It was a Valentines card. His first thought was that someone had convinced the little thief to deliver a love note to him. The person would have probably promised a huge amount of shiny objects to the niffler.
He opened the card. It was Newt’s. A smile started to formed in Percival’s face. Newt was telling him he found him as fascinating as his creatures and that he wanted to go out on a date with him. The director laughed as he saw the check boxes Newt had made “Do you like me too? Yes (  ) No (  )”

Percival took out his pen and started replying. He gave the card back to Gidget. “You can give it back to your mommy” but the little creature didn’t move.
“Unbelievable” Percival took out his wallet and have him a gallon.


There were no words to express how relieved Newt felt once he saw Gidget approaching, still with the Heart card in his little paws. He had found a gold coin and he suspected Niffler had dropped on accident, but once started running on that direction he lost track of his baby. Niffler was an expert trouble maker, last week he stole a ring from Madam President. Newt would never forget how Percival had saved by laughing and saying they should use Niffler to collect valuable objects for the department. The president didn’t laugh, but Newt relaxed when he saw the corners of her lips moving.

“Gidget! Never do that to me again!” He took the card “Please don’t try to play matchmaker, I’m glad you didn’t give this to Mister Graves”

To Newt’s horror, the little thief nodded, his little arms moving up and down.
“No…. oh Merlin, no” Newt was about to faint. This couldn’t be true. How was he going to face Percival?! “You didn’t!” But the Niffler made little noises and the magizoologist knew he lost. Slowly, he opened the card.

“Do you like me too? Yes (✔️) No (   )”

Newt’s heart started beating faster as the empty sensation on his stomach disappeared. Percival had marked Yes. He liked Newt. Percival, the director of magical enforcement who had everyone at his feet liked him, a simple and shy magizoologist. Newt smiled. Suddenly the day was brighter, all the silly pink decorations had a meaning. Newt was so happy he almost missed a note Percival had written for him. It read:

“Newt, I would love to take you to dinner today and everyday from now on.
PD: it’s against the wizarding law to have a magical creature deliver messages and run free on a government facility. ”

Newt smiled even more. Yes, this was the man he had fallen in love with.
“Thanks Gidget”
The little creature nodded and extended his arm. Newt groaned, this favor was going to cost him.

Under Pressure - [Eggsy Unwin X Reader]

[ALRIGHT LOVES! HERE WE GO! Hope you enjoy this one, I of course always have fun writing Eggsy ;.; This one is kinda smutty/angsty but not really graphic? I’m still easing into my smut lmao <3

Pairing: Eggsy X Rader

Words: 2.4

Warnings: CURSING. Mild smut? 

About: You and Eggsy are in Kentucky trying to find out just why the hell you were there… One too many Kentucky Martini’s ends up opening a door that you’re not really sure you want closed in the first place. 

**NOTE: This is during K2 (sorta), but has no direct spoilers. It is literally just after what you can see in the trailers, and I name no things/people directly, etc aside from those you can see in the trailer and YOU of course :D**

Read on Ao3!]

Things had been a little awkward since the night before. Alright, more than a little awkward. But how could they not be after… that. It was easy to ignore your feelings when you thought they were unrequited, but how could you possibly ignore them anymore after last night? You may not have had the best track record for decision making, but this was definitely way up there in your list of what-the-hell-did-I-do’s.

You fucking kissed Eggsy— very ardently for the record, and as you recall he kissed you back. Like… a lot.

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Benedict Cumberbatch talking about Martin Freeman - Shorlist magazine 15.12.2011

Do you and Martin Freeman have a similar friendship to Holmes and Watson off set?

I absolutely adore him, but I’m more of a pest to him than he is to me. We haven’t seen much of each other because of The Hobbit. I don’t do anything on it until next year. And before that with Frankenstein and Tinker Tailor, both of us have been working back to back. But we had a lot of time on set catching up. I look at him as an only-slightly-older brother. He’d hate me to call him my older brother [laughs].

Is that how you wind him up?

Oh yeah. He’s always telling me I’ve basically come from Hogwarts. He’s this upper-middle-class kid from Teddington and yet I get this massive amount of stick for going to public school. Sometimes I play up to it just to annoy him. This year I was making him laugh and he was like, “What’s happened to you, Ben? You’ve actually become funny”. [Laughs] I just said, “Oh, no, I just gave you an awful lot of space on the floor last year to keep you happy”. He’s hysterically funny. He does things that make me laugh, like, months afterwards.

í just love their friendship and how they tease each other

Under The Mask (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by spderman

Summary: Don’t fall in love. That’s what you told yourself when Spider-Man knocked on your window and asked if you had any band-aids. Don’t. Fall. In. Love. But then he kept coming back, and you knew it was utterly crazy, but you were falling in love with a superhero and you didn’t even know who was behind the mask. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Disclaimer: i don’t own this gif

Part 2


It was late and you could barely keep your eyes open as you looked down at your chemistry textbook in a last effort to learn stoichiometry for your test tomorrow. You’d been studying for hours and the elements were all merging making it impossible to remember the equations. 

It was a warm autumn evening, so you had your window open just a little bit to let in the fresh air, but you could hear all of the sounds of the city below. 

You rubbed your eyes in exhaustion and felt tears brim the bottom of them. You were a good student, but you just couldn’t focus enough with a tired brain. You put so much pressure on yourself to get good grades, and it took its toll on you. 

Glancing at your phone in frustration, you wanted to throw it against the wall. You had texted your best friend, Peter Parker, for help, and he had promised you earlier in the day that he would come over and help you study, yet he had completely ignored every text you sent. 

He had been so damn distant lately and you were sick of it. Ever since he started that Stark Internship he was constantly running off at random times, abandoning you and Ned for his work. 

You didn’t want to be angry with him. You knew how important this internship was for him and you were so happy that he was living his dream, but his absences were getting more and more frequent. You felt like you were losing your best friend. 

Out of frustration, you shut your textbook and stared at the wall. You had a picture of you and Peter hanging above your desk. He was smiling with his arm wrapped around your shoulders and you were laughing. Ned took this picture at one of your many hangouts.

Your heart fluttered when you looked at the sparkle in Peter’s eyes that had been captured by the photograph. You hated to admit it, but you knew you had feelings for Peter. You didn’t know when it started but every time you looked at him you felt like your breath was being sucked out of your lungs. He made your heart beat so quickly you felt like your breathing was being labored. 

It didn’t matter. As much as you wanted to see Peter as more than a friend, you knew he only had eyes for Liz. The amount of time that you’ve seen him staring at Liz with adoration in his eyes only made your heart break a little each day. You wished he would look at you the same way. 

But at the same time, you thought that maybe it was for the best. You didn’t want to ruin anything between the two of you and you’d rather have Peter as a friend than as nothing at all. 

Suddenly there was a loud tap at your window and you looked up in surprise. You gasped in shock as you saw Spider-Man leaning over your window, clinging to the window with his fingers. 

The Spider-Man. The one that swung through the streets of Queens and saved everyone from the corrupt. 

You rushed over to your window, leaving your chemistry textbook behind and you lifted the window. 

“Hey,” he said casually. His voice was a little higher than you expected, and you blinked at him in shock. You couldn’t find your words. 

“Sorry for barging in unannounced,” he apologized. “But do you, uh, have any band-aids?”

“Band-aids? Yeah, of course,” you breathed. You finally found your words, but for some reason your heart was beating far too quickly. 

“Do you want to, uh, come in?” you asked, stepping to the side and letting him in. 

“Sure, thanks,” he said, as he stepped inside of your room carefully. 

“I’ll be right back,” you told him. He nodded and you quickly left the room. You quietly opened the bathroom closet and pulled out the box of band-aids, trying to be as quiet as possible. You rushed back into your room and closed to the door gently. 

“I grabbed a few because I didn’t know how many you needed,” you said softly. 

“Thank you,” Spider-Man thanked you. 

You realized that he had moved over to your desk and was staring at your chemistry book. 

“You’re up studying late,” Spider-Man pointed out. 

You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. 

“Yeah, well I would’ve been done earlier if my best friend bothered to show up,” you grumbled. Spider-Man turned his head in surprise at your sudden emotion change. 

“Sorry, I don’t mean to rant to you,” you sighed. “You have enough on your plate.”

“No, it’s okay,” he assured you. “It’s nice to talk to someone.”

This comment made you sad. This boy couldn’t be much older than you, and he was constantly putting himself in danger to save the greater good. Your heart was heavy as you looked at him. He was a few inches taller than you, and he had the band-aids in his hand. 

“What?” he asked, cocking his head to the side. 

“Nothing,” you said as a light blush dusted your cheeks. “Do you have anyone to talk to about everything you do?” 

Spider-Man’s shoulders slumped and his demeanor instantly changed. “No.”

Once more, you were saddened by his words. “I know it’s not much since we don’t know each other, but…you can talk to me about it.”

“It’s alright. I appreciate it, but I don’t want to burden anyone else with my problems,” he mumbled. 

“It wouldn’t burden me,” you murmured. “I think it’s healthy that you talk to someone. I’d be happy to be that person.”


You nodded. 

“Thank you,” he sighed. “It means a lot.”

“I don’t know how you do it,” you added. “I think it’s really brave of you.”

“Well, when you can do the things that I can…it becomes a responsibility,” he explained. “I love saving others. But, I worry a lot. About the people I care about.”

“That must be hard,” you sympathized. 

He nodded. 

The two of you stood in your dimly lit room for a few moments quietly. You took this moment to look at the way his arms were toned through his suit and the way his chest looked muscular underneath the red and blue. A light blush formed on your cheeks and you looked down so he wouldn’t see. 

“I should get going, I’ll let you get some rest,” he said suddenly.

You didn’t know what took over you, but you grabbed his wrist to stop him from leaving. As soon as your fingers grazed the soft material of his suit, you felt like your fingertips were lit up with sparks. 

“Don’t go,” you said softly. “Please.”

Spider-Man stared at you and let out a deep sigh. You were certain he’d say no and leave to go do superhero things, but instead he took a step closer to you so that you could smell the musk and mint that lingered on his suit. 

“Are you sure?” he whispered. Your heart was hammering against your chest and you didn’t know why he suddenly had this effect on you. 

You couldn’t find the words to say so instead you nodded and looked up at the metallic eyes of his suit. You didn’t know what to picture behind the mask, but you imagined beautiful, shining eyes. 

Surprised at the sudden change of tension in the room, you looked down at your feet, trying to avoid Spider-Man seeing the blush on your cheeks. Instead, he took another step closer to you, and a soft gloved finger lifted your chin so that you looked up at him. 

By now your heart was pounding against your ribs and you didn’t trust yourself to say anything without sounding like a blubbering idiot. Spider-Man was standing merely inches away from you and he was making you feel like you couldn’t breathe. 

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. 

You thought you heard him wrong and you looked at him with wide eyes. Now you knew you couldn’t hide your blush as it spread throughout your entire face. 

“I..uh, thank you,” you murmured. 

He lifted his hand again and gently brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. As his gloved fingers brushed your cheek, you felt a shiver run down your spine and the blush grew even deeper on your cheeks. 

“I really should go,” he whispered. “You need rest and there’s probably someone needing saving.”

“Okay,” you mumbled back. 

“Thank you for the band-aids,” he said as his hand slowly traced down your cheek and rested on the base of your neck. You shivered under his touch, and he rubbed his thumb along your collarbone. 

You had no idea how he suddenly had this effect on you. He was a superhero, but he was here with you and he was causing your heart to do a whole gymnastics routine. 

When he pulled away it was like you were exposed to cold air. 

“I didn’t get your name,” he said as he was about to leave through the window. 

“It’s (Y/N),” you breathed. 

“I’ll see you around, (Y/N),” he sighed with admiration. 

“Okay,” you responded as he jumped out the window, shooting a web towards the nearest building and swinging away, disappearing into the night of New York. 

Your heart was still beating a thousand miles a minute and your mind was racing. You gently touched your collarbone where his fingers had lingered only moments before. You didn’t know how he could have affected you so greatly in such a short amount of time, but you knew that your mind was going to dangerous places and you needed it to stop. 

Don’t. Fall. In. Love. You warned yourself. Falling in love with a masked superhero was the last thing you needed and you could not let yourself constantly think about that boy. You probably would never see him again, anyways. 

Little did you know, as soon as he landed on the closest building out of sight of your window, Peter pulled the mask off of his head and crouched down on the side of the roof. His heart was still beating quickly and he was breathing heavily. 

He didn’t know what came over him when he got so close to you, but he couldn’t stop himself as he looked at you. You had looked so beautiful in just your pajamas with messy hair and tired eyes. 

He had felt guilty for leaving you hanging when you asked him for help on your studying for your chemistry test. He didn’t like being so scarce all the time, but he needed to keep the city safe that the people he cared about- you were safe. 

He wanted to see you more often, but if he was going to protect you, that meant he had to leave you. 

He sighed as he ran a hand through his curly light brown hair. He couldn’t suppress the feelings he had for you anymore. Every time he looked at you he thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world. You took his breath away, but he knew he could never tell you that. 

Sharing the moment you just shared in your room was something that Peter knew would always be in his mind, and he didn’t know how much longer he could go without holding you in his arms and telling you everything he felt. He was falling so quickly for you. 

Looking up, he saw you in your room as you shut the light by your desk and disappearing from his view in the darkness of the night. 

He waited until he knew you were okay before he put his mask back on. 

How could he go on without you knowing his true feelings? 

He shook his head. He was being ridiculous. He could never tell you. It would ruin everything. 

With a deep sigh he shot a web and swung away into the night of Queens. 

GOT7~ When Their S/O is Short and is Constantly in Heels

Anonymous said: May I please have a Got7 reaction to you being a shortie who likes to wear heels a lot? <3 I love your blog so much, especially the got7 reactions!💘💘💘

A/N: actually me every now-and-then; Hope you enjoy anon!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Masterlist ^.^

Mark Tuan

Mark would think that you’re so cute in your heels bc he is one of the few people who see you w/o them and knows how short you really are. He’d do his sly smile when people compliment you on your shoes but he’d adore you with or without them.

“I know all her secrets, like how short she actually is.”

Originally posted by ceohan

Im Jaebum

He wouldn’t really care for your shoe choice. He adores how short and smol you are so he prefers you in sneakers or something more casual. Although, if you like them then he wouldn’t bluntly say anything.

“Sneakers might be more comfortable.”

Originally posted by mkcyj

Jackson Wang

Wouldn’t care if you wore high heels or no shoes at all but he’d be a little concerned knowing that heels can be painful. Either way, he loves you and just wants you to be happy and healthy.

“Please take flats incase your feet start to hurt!”

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Park Jinyoung

Jinyoung is a very neat person when it comes to clothes like have you seen his street style? He just so freakin stylish so he obviously likes the classy touch it brings to your outfit but if they hurt he’d insist on you changing shoes bc his Jagi can’t be in pain.

“We are so damn fancy.” He says as he looks in the mirror

Originally posted by jypnior

Choi Youngjae

Youngjae would probably enjoy a more laidback style but if you insisted on wearing heels then he wasn’t going to stop you; he loved you either way. The only way he’d stop you is if they were hurting you

“Those evil things are making you hurt! I’m going to take them off of you; literally”

Originally posted by youngjai


He would fucking compare your heels with his oKaY¿ Bambi would think know you guys were the most bomb-ass couple ever and would drool over paparazzi pictures of you two bc you both look so damn good.

“Babe!! Come look at us!”

Originally posted by se-tae

(you’re jackson)

Kim Yugyeom

Yugy would like the hiphop kind of style but he’d also like your heels and if you combined the two styles he’d be so fluffin giggy! He adores how tiny you are but he also enjoys your shoe preference. He just can’t get enough of you tbh.

“You are so cute Jagiya!! I love you so much!” 

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Trouble Maker [Sam Drake]

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Request:  Awesome well I totally forgot what I was going to ask lmao heck, but can I request a Sam x Reader where they decide to adopt a kid, and they are a bit of trouble maker which is why they choose them over all the other kids. Idk if that made sense? Hahaha we’ll find out if that made sense 😂😂 bless thank you! Have a good day.

About: Sam and the reader decide to adopt a child. Of course, it’s the troublesome child that attracts the both of them.



Note: this was such a cute pure idea. i love it @whothefuckisbellamyblake

Much to your surprise, when you turned up at the orphanage, the children were eerily quiet. It was abnormal to the both of you, having expected at least a few to be running rampant with excitement. However, after a small conversation with one of the Sisters, they informed you that these were not all of the children.

“Oh?” You glanced at Sam with a raised brow, “well, where are the others?”

The Sister adjusted herself a little uncomfortably. “Well, there’s only one more, and he’s quite the little Devil, mind you,” she whispered. “I wouldn’t recommend.”

Sam frowned a little. “He still deserves a chance, right?”

“Of course,” the Sister responded, looking a little baffled that the two of you were interested. “Father, could you please bring out young Daniel for us?”

The Father seemed pleased. “Of course.”

He disappeared into a different room and, after a small while, appeared again with a young, perhaps eight or nine, boy, whose face scowled at the sight of the Sister who’d previously called him a little Devil.

“This is Daniel,” the Sister said carefully, placing a hand on his shoulder gingerly only for him to jerk away from her touch. “He’s a bit-”

Estranged? Possessed?” Daniel offered, rolling his eyes. “What did you bring me out here for, anyway? Aren’t I supposed to be getting punished?”

You had to bite back your grin. “It’s nice to see you, Daniel.”

He slowly came to his senses, looking about the room to notice the children line up. He glanced up at you and Sam, his eyes curious. Suddenly, he smoothed down the front of his shirt. 

“We’d like to consider,” Sam spoke up, realising that, through your expression, you’d already made your decision. “How’s it going, Daniel?”

He looked between Sam and yourself.  “You’re considering me?”

“Sure we are,” you answered, before turning to the Sister. “Could we see his form?”

Daniel cringed. 

“Of course. This way,” she directed, moving us towards the reception where the Father dug through reports before pulling out his file. “Here it is.” She said quietly, holding her breath as she handed it over.

“Violence, check. Aggravation, check,” Sam rose a brow, “contraband, check. Jeez, what a little trouble maker, huh?”

“What does this say?” You question.

“Daniel is a troublesome boy from a home many presume abusive. He’s been known to sneak in toys and books without the Sister’s permission, and has escaped the grounds many times. Luke and Daniel butt heads frequently. Daniel’s free time has been reduced greatly to keep the two separate. Has to sleep with a nightlight.” Sam read out. “Seems a little misunderstood, if you ask me.”

“So is this the kid?” You turned to Sam, your voice lowered as you look over at him. “I’d feel back to not give him somewhere nice to live.”

“Yeah, me too,” Sam agreed, turning back to the Sister and Father. “We’ve made our decision. We’d like Daniel.”

After about two weeks worth of frequent meetings with Daniel, and the Sister’s having checked over our home to deem it suitable, the young, ‘little Devil’, was able to be rehomed.

He’d packed all his things in a hurry, looking far more alive and much brighter than when Sam and you had first seen him, which already warmed your heart. 

“Is this really happening?” Daniel asked, eyes wide as the three of you jumped in the taxi, the young boy between you. 

“Yeah it is,” you grinned, looking over at Sam with an expression of adoration. “We’ve got everything in your room sorted out, but if there’s anything you want or need, you just ask, okay?”

“Okay,” he grinned, looking between the two of you. “Thank you.”

Even three months into your adoption, Daniel was still extremely shy. He kept to himself a lot, and was struggling to settle into school (though was determined to be better than he was back at the orphanage). 

You were making dinner as Sam sat in the living room, toying with his phone, when Daniel came skidding down the hallway.

“Hey, dad?”

You froze in place, your heart clenching. He’d never called Sam that before, and understandably so, considering his assumed, harsh past. 

Sam stood immediately, a huge grin on his face. “Yeah, kid?”

“Could you, uh,” Daniel scratched his head and held up a book. “Help with homework?”

“I’m not sure I-”

“It’s History,” Daniel grinned, to which Sam’s smile only grew wider. 

“Sure, Kid. Let’s go.”