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Please do not let it put you off going to vote if you have lost your polling card or one was never sent to you. 

The last few times I have voted it has been without a polling card. As long as you have registered to vote, you simply go to your polling station, explain you do not have a card (they will have dealt with many people with the same issue) and you will be asked for your address. Once you are confirmed as being on your local register, you can then vote.

Do not let this put you off going to vote, if you are registered, you can vote no matter what.

Please share this information widely!

UK General Election

This is a call to arms. If you are British, if you are signed up to the elctoral register, if you have your polling card:

Go out and vote.

This is not a joke anymore. You can’t sit back and let everyone else try and change things, because there are hundreds of thousands of people who will be doing the exact same thing. We cannot afford to be politically apathetic. We cannot afford to let this go on any longer.

Fight back. Don’t let these reverse Robin Hoods rake your hard earned cash from you under the guise of ‘austerity’, all the while putting that cash firmly in the pockets of their wealthy friends.

Do not allow these self serving, pro class-divide monsters take away a nearly 70 year old institution that has prolonged and saved and began so many British lives. Refuse to pay for the privilege of being unwell, of being injured, of having a child, of being disabled or in need of a sensory aid.

I for one will be at that polling booth on June 8th, putting my cross in that box that spells a better, brighter, more socially and economically just future for our youngest, oldest, poorest and sickest. Anyone but the Tories, anyone but Blue, anyone but the Nasty Party.

Please vote next Thursday. Your voice and your life matters just as much as theirs - speak up.


We are so excited to share with you that you we’ve been nominated for the Shorty Award for Tumblr of the Year! Now, this is a pretty huge deal; the Shorty Awards are the highest social media awards around (click here to read about them).  



  • Voting opens: Jan. 17, 2017
  • Voting closes: Feb. 16 11:59 pm EST., 2017
  • Awards ceremony: April 2017 in New York City and live-streamed on the web.


  • You can vote once per day per influencer by clicking “Vote” on the Shorty Awards website. Users also share their vote on Twitter and Facebook through the Shorty Awards website for an additional one vote per social network, per day, per influencer. Each person may only create one user account on ShortyAwards.com for purposes of voting.
  • Once voting has closed, the finalists and winners will be determined by an algorithm that ranks nominees based on combination of number of votes from the public and scores from the Real Time Academy. The top six ranking nominees will go on to become finalists. The finalist with the highest ranking will be the winner in their category.


  • Tumblr reblogs do not count! (Reblogging is nice, but you have to actually leave Tumblr AND VOTE!)
  • You have to register to vote. They don’t ask for a lot of information and it won’t take long. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, registering will be faster! 
  • You can vote once a day, but if you share for votes on Twitter and Facebook, the vote goes up by 3! (You don’t have to be public for either one!)
  • You must only make ONE account (multiple accounts for one user is a no-no!)

We are really excited. Over the last two years we have changed Tumblr for the better and would be honored to receive this award. 


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Hi! Do you mind reminding your UK followers that they have to register to vote by 22 May? And that they should probably stop what they're doing and register now? Because you can do it online in under 5 minutes? Please? I don't want us to double down on a 'hard Brexit' - Lex


Dear shipper of great love stories!
Dear POTENTIAL EVAK “trial” shipper!
Brace yourselves, this is a long, but important message to you:

The shippers of SKAM is a very varied fandom. The “Skamily” ranges from 12 to 80 years of age. We are of all colors and genders and we live on all continents. What we have in common is that we have all bonded quite recently over our love for SKAM – especially brought on by season 3 and the stories that were told through Isak and Evens struggles.
And against all odds, EVAK and the Skamily managed to reach the final in the E-online TV-couple 2017 poll, and we are so proud to be competing against Malec in the end game – they are a tough crowd and worthy competitors!

A long the way, we were fortunate enough to be paired up with some very tough competition and beating some very popular couples. We do understand that these ships are important to you, but, we are writing this to be sincere; We are hoping that if you learn a little bit more about SKAM and watch a few of the episodes from season 3, you might feel for EVAK and maybe experience that they sort of represent something in you as well.  I would like to take the opportunity to offer a few important facts about SKAM that may make you want to watch it, and also maybe want to “trial” ship our couple just a tiny bit. Just enough for you to want to vote for them (in massive amounts of course;) in the finale happening as we speak.

1. SKAM is a small low budget production, mainly made for the people of a country with a population of 5 million. Three full seasons cost approx. 1,1 million dollars to produce – a fraction of what larger TV-series productions normally cost. It is produced by NRK - the Norwegian National Public Broadcasting Company. NRK is financed by the people, therefore the price tag on SKAM is a sober one.

2. The actors are real teenagers, with blemishes and all infirmities that go along with that. Most are without any prior acting experience. A few of them are exceptions to this but none of them were well known before SKAM. Also, the SKAM cast is made up of some of the best acting talents in the country. Especially Henrik Holm and Tarjei Sandvik Moe, who play Even and Isak, are raw outstanding talents. They play the difficult and challinging roles of Isak and Even with such force and credibility that one is blown away. We have no other two actors who can act like this in Norway. It’s true.
These are some of the key reasons the SKAM universe is so very believable and relatable to the viewer. We feel them. We are them. No matter our background or where we are from.

3. SKAM is originally made especially for young people (target audience was girls 15-17). But as the subject matters and troubles of the characters are so universally recognizable and relatable the show has become a big hit in all age groups. At first only in Norway and Scandinavia, but suddenly, with season 3, also a big hit in so many corners of the world. And that is because the challenges the characters are confronted with are relatable not only to Scandinavians but to people on a global scale.

4. SKAM is made primarily for watching and following on the internet. It is really smartly integrated and interweaved with the character’s communicating via FB Messenger, Instagram and SMS (texts) in between film clips. Everything is posted in “real time” so you get the feeling that it is happening right now. The concept brings you even closer to the SKAM universe and draws you in. All clips during one week are collected in a 18-30 min. episode available online as well as being aired on traditional linear TV every Friday during the season. Only watching the Friday episode makes you miss out on all the social media communication between the main character and his/her friends and family, but you can still follow the story line by only watching the film clips.

5. Season 3 with EVAK gave SKAM its big break through internationally (due to devoted fans subtitling and spreading the show on their own). Isak and Evens bumpy road to becoming comfortable in their own skin and finding love is about acceptance, tolerance, friendships, support, mental health and a lot of things we ALL struggle with every day, no matter the color of your skin, your gender, your nationality, your age or your religion. It really touched so many people’s hearts all over the globe. There is really nothing more and nothing less to it. All is LOVE as the show states.

Our fragmented Skamily has been faced with claims that we cheated our way through the previous voting rounds. To that we just need to say that we really didn’t. We are just totally ordinary people who found each other online because of our love for SKAM and Isak and Even. This ship is very new and not really an organized one at that. I think that the majority of EVAK and SKAM fans have never shipped anyone before and have no real experience being part of a fandom, this just happened a bit suddenly and we are still trying to get to grips with it. I don’t even think we think of it that way – that we are part of a fandom. We just love EVAK and SKAM. So, where do we go from here over the next few days? As season 3 really touched so many people, that’s why people globally are voting their asses off for EVAK. And, there will in fact never be a new chance for EVAK to win this again because the SKAM concept of every season having its own character that we follow, puts the previous characters in the background and their story is not really a priority. So most likely, EVAK is history by the end of this year.

Now, we would really love for EVAK to win this, and thus show that:
1. you don’t need to bring out the big guns (money) to create a show of quality that touches people.
2. a quality show can come from a small country many can’t really place on the map.
3. a quality show can be in a foreign language (with subs rather than dubbing to make it more realistic) and can teach you about other places, other people, other lives - that are different, but yet sometimes also the same…
4. a low budget production from the other side of the world can stand up to 63 American TV-productions with lots more bucks in their pockets.
5. it’s OK to be different
6. underdogs are lovable too

So, we hope you give EVAK a shot and watch some of the episodes with subs generously offered by devoted fans (see links below). And if you actually think it’s any good (which we are sure you will after pressing play) we would love your support and “trial” ship of EVAK. We know you will not regret it!
And, whoever you decide to give your vote(s) - the coming days and nights will be exiting and exhausting where we all will give our all – on both sides. We respect that everybody will fight with what they’ve got.
So, with no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive, no shame - only LOVE; Happy voting and happy shipping from Skamdinavia!

Alt er LOVE.

Watch SKAM season 1-3 here:

Watch SKAM season 3 Isak+Even here (18-30 min. episodes):

You can vote as many times as you like, all day and all night if you want.
Please note that you should cross of pics in a Captcha for your vote to count. The Captcha appears when you check the box for not being a robot. If you don’t see the Captcha and only get the green V confirming you have voted, it still might not be registered. So please vote in a browser that shows the Captcha. There are discussions about the importance of the Captcahs going around, but to be on the safe side it is smart to do it.

Watch @skamtrashme

+ 2 nice fan videoes:

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Are you planning on voting tomorrow? I'm so nervous about the outcome but then again I can't help but having apathy towards politics. It's a complete mess

YES of course! Honestly, if you’re in the UK and you have registered to vote you need to make sure you get your ass out to that polling station come rain or shine! It makes me so sad to see turnout rates for 18-24 year olds so low every election like I totally get that you might not trust politicians or might not think they offer you anything but SERIOUSLY THE YOUTH HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THIS ELECTION SO PLEASE USE IT!

Younger voters are generally so much more in tune with social justice and yet they’re so often ignored because politicians know they (generally) don’t vote and this is why you might think they offer you nothing - but if you turn out to vote they will listen to you!


And, really, I don’t wanna tell you which way to vote - but consider this:

  • Conservative government has overseen radical cuts to our public services and we are seeing the outcome of this in our everyday lives - our NHS is crippled, our police force has dwindled to dangerous numbers, and our education system is under such strain that if this continues there will be nobody left to teach our future generations (remember that favourite teacher of yours from school? the one who was so enthusiastic and passionate about their job? these are the teachers now giving up because it is TOO MUCH)
  • Theresa May and her Conservative manifesto contains concerning policies, such as suggestions about regulating the internet and the media. It’s also suggested she wants to repeal the Human Rights Act.. THE FUCKING HUMAN RIGHTS ACT!!! 
  • The only party who stands a real chance of beating the Conservatives is Labour, and because of our shitty electoral system you need to vote tactically. I would love to vote Green, but that is worthless in my constituency. Visit this site - https://www.tactical2017.com/ - which tells you which is the best party to vote for in order to make the most of your vote
  • Whatever you think of Corbyn, he is not looking to strip you of your personal rights and freedoms. WEIGH IT UP.
  • The Conservatives want you to believe that Labour cannot afford all of their public spending. They want you to believe that you can benefit from their policies, when their policies are tailored to best support those in the top 1%. Believing this ‘trickles down’ is bullshit when you realise that wages of the top 1% have risen exponentially in the last 30 years, whereas the wage of the average worker has plateaued. Don’t fall for it.
  • Labour want to invest in our NHS. They want to invest in Education. They want to invest in public services. The payoff? Make those with more money than they need to pay their way.

Sorry, that turned in to a rant.

tl;dr: Yes I’ll be voting. Everyone else should do too. The only way to change things is to speak up. Vote for who you want, but consider what voting Blue actually means for the country. I’ll be voting Labour.

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Since you seem to have British followers, would you mind telling them to register to vote (and then vote) in the snap general election this June? I have a feeling they'll listen to you and ur cute face. (Even better if KP backs you up. You two are the most attractive couple)


Jeremy Corbyn speech - Stepping up for Britain

Jeremy Corbyn speaking in east London today, said:

This morning I’m going to say a few words about you. And even some about me. But if you don’t mind, I’ll come to that later.

First I want to say that this general election more than any I have previously fought will define our times.

Last week, I said the dividing lines in this election could not be clearer.

I pointed to a clash of interests between working people on the one hand, and the privileged and super-rich on the other.

This is not about a government getting its priorities muddled. And it’s not simply a case of saying one thing and doing another.

It’s about presiding over a rigged system that shapes all our lives.

Of course that’s not something the Conservatives want to talk about. It’s why, I think, they’re so desperate to make this general election all about Brexit.

Don’t be taken in.

The Conservatives would much rather make incredible promises about Britain’s future outside the EU than talk about a scorecard of broken promises and neglect stretching back seven years.

Even their approach to Brexit betrays what they’re really about.

Unlike Labour’s jobs-first plan, it is both reckless and rigid. And entirely in keeping with their record in government.

Make no mistake; a Brexit for the few is being cooked up by this government.

One where any money saved is handed out as tax cuts to the super-rich and their corporations.

Where new trade deals with the US and elsewhere are used to drive down our working conditions, environmental regulations and food standards.

I think you can guess what is likely to happen to the many in a rigid and reckless Brexit. But what about the Conservatives themselves, and their friends and backers?

Do you think their personal prospects will suffer? Do you think their lives will get harder as wages slide and jobs become even less secure?

Unlikely, I think you’ll agree. And that’s because the Conservatives and their backers can afford to opt out when things go wrong. They’ve been doing it for decades.

They already send their children to the most exclusive schools and universities. They already dominate the upper rungs of every career ladder.

In truth, they have a get out of jail free card when the Conservatives are at the controls.

So I have a message for you all today: Unless you too have a get out jail free card, it’s time to Step Up.

And when I say Step Up, I mean register to vote. Claim your future.

You have till 22 May!

Over 2.4 million young people are missing from the UK’s electoral register. Barely 40 percent of 18 to 24-year olds turn out to vote.

The Conservatives are more than happy with this state of affairs. Apathy and resignation will secure them seats on election day.

I ask you to Step Up because when I talk to people all over the country, I’m struck by something troubling.

It’s not that our young people don’t have the energy and talent to succeed. Our country is full of potential.

But something hangs in the air. It typically goes unspoken.

It’s the unheard story of why so many of us are scaling back our hopes and dreams in favour of just getting by.

It’s the reason why this country is unable to unleash its potential.

Because as families, communities - entire regions – we are all being held back.

If you’re young – like many here today – it’s a familiar feeling:

If you feel trapped in a job that barely covers your rent.

If you feel anxious about keeping on top of credit cards and loans.

If your heart sinks each time you see the prices of homes displayed in estate agent windows.

Then you’re being held back.

In a Fairer Britain, government would be bending over backwards to unleash your potential.

You’re our future after all.

You’d be supported to be confident and equipped for higher paid and secure jobs.

You’d be able to look ahead without mounting debt taking away your choices.

And you’d be able to enjoy the security and rewards of one day bringing up a family in a home of your own.

Being held back means we can’t provide the life that we want for ourselves and those closest to us.

And it hurts. It makes people angry and worst of all resigned to the idea that nothing can be done about it. We end up blaming ourselves or each other.

This is life in Conservative Britain.

It’s why a Fairer Britain has to be the choice at this election.

It’s also why Labour will unveil plans to upgrade our economy.

Because unless we move from a rigged to an upgraded economy, there can be no Fairer Britain.

That is what June 8th is all about.

Don’t let the Conservatives hold you back.

Don’t let the Conservatives Hold Britain Back.

And now for a sentence I’ve yet to utter in my political life: Enough about you, what about me.

I’ve just laid down the gauntlet and asked you to Step Up.

Each and every one of us must Step Up for Britain. Including me.

In the 34-years since I became a MP, I have been attacked for what I believe in. But it has not changed my core values – and sadly many of the problems we faced then are still with us.

In 1983, I stood up in Parliament for the first time and used my maiden speech to condemn deeply damaging cuts in public services and the NHS.

It’s a tragedy that I could make a very similar speech today and it would once again hold true.

Between then and now I learned first-hand how the privilege of being an MP could help achieve change. Profound and lasting change.

At the time, young protesters were being shot dead on the streets by the racist apartheid regime in South Africa – Nelson Mandela and hundreds of ANC leaders were in prison.

The Conservative Government refused to impose sanctions, entertained the leaders of the regime and banned protests outside the South African embassy in London.

Being an MP helped bring attention to that ban and the wider cause of South Africa’s liberation - and got a group of us arrested.

But the space for people in Britain to organise in support of freedom in South Africa was defended and strengthened.

And I realised then that political leaders can, if they want to, create and preserve the space for others to organise and transform countries.

My role is different now but there is a common thread: we should act together, to overturn unfairness and create a better society.

It became my yardstick for measuring the performance of governments going back three decades, Labour and Conservative.

In that time, I’ve seen Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition come and go.

But for all their achievements and failures, what I didn’t see was a sustained attempt to rid this country of what really holds people back.

I never heard a clear invitation for everyone in the country to work together and create a real alternative to our rigged economy.

So when I was asked to put my name forward in Labour’s 2015 leadership election, I felt I should step up.

I didn’t expect to win.

But under my leadership, we have forced the Conservatives into one U-turn after another: over cuts to tax credits, disability payments and their recent attempt to increase national insurance for the self-employed.

And I respect my critics when they make a reasoned case. They are doing what I have often tried to do – and that is to challenge leadership.

It reminds me of the 1990s when the political mainstream bought into Conservative ideas about markets, finance and the economy. It ultimately left us with no defence against a global financial crisis that had its roots in another country’s housing market.

Again, it taught me that if leaders go unchallenged, they can make some of the most damaging mistakes. And if party leaders put themselves ahead of serving the people, they stop listening and even put our country at risk.

Barely nine months into Theresa May’s premiership, there are clear warning signs that she and her closest advisers are slipping into that presidential bunker mentality.

Whereas it is the job of leadership to hold open the space for dissent, new thinking and fit-for-purpose policy.

So while it might not be the stuff of soundbites, I have always believed in standing firm and empowering others to make up their minds and come on board when they are ready.

It is the mind-set that gets community centres and nurseries built. And increasingly defends them from closure.

It is the mind-set that negotiates hard for better conditions in the workplace.

It is the mind-set that serves the many not the few.

For many years, I couldn’t see much beyond how so many political leaders manipulated us while giving in again and again to vested interests.

I didn’t want to be like that. And it wasn’t clear to me there could be another way.

But I’ve learned there is.

Whereas insecure leaders want to feel stronger by asking you to give them more power.

I recognise strong leadership as equipping you with more power.

And that starts with encouraging you to Step Up and register to vote - as part of a wider engagement with your community.

Because there’s no doubt that these are anxious times.

Individually, more of us face uncertainty at work.

Nationally, we wonder how we will make the transition out of the EU in a way that protects jobs and living standards.

And globally, we wonder how safe we are as extreme right wing movements and violent conflicts spread.

I hope you can see now that there is more than one way to respond.

We could seek a fragile calm. And hope someone in power knows what they’re doing and will guide us through.

That means looking to whoever’s in charge and welcoming their reassurance. We don’t look further, we don’t ask questions.

It’s the response the few have bet on the many settling for.

I’m in this job because I believe there is a better way to respond.

It’s about rejecting fake reassurances or simple slogans from government.

It’s about sharing ideas and deciding upon real and lasting answers.

We are not going to have free thinking shut down by a hostile media or an elite that scoffs at anyone who dares to step out line.

No, each of us has a contribution to make. We have ideas for a better tomorrow and we are going to respond together.

We are a party that wants to bring together people and ideas, and harness the thirst for real and lasting change.

If you agree our times demand a response from all parts of our society and all corners of our country, then I am proud to be your leader.

And if you want someone to hold that space open for you to help change the direction of your life and our country, then I am proud to be your leader.

Because it’s only through unleashing our talent that Britain will succeed on the world stage.

Since its foundation, the Labour Party has believed we are richer together. Seven years into Conservative government, we are poorer for being apart.

Across the country, people are being held back like never before.

Unless we change course, expect more insecure work for less pay. More stress for less time with our families.

It’s gone too far and the country knows it.

Quite simply, only the Labour Party can deliver a Fairer Britain.

But we need your help to do so.

Please register to vote.

Step Up for Britain and vote Labour on June 8th.


  • Barbie: So you went on a coffee date with a loser. All coffee dates are with losers.
  • Raquelle: He was just too nice. And I'm too nice and I can't break it off with him. I'm probably gonna marry him.
  • Barbie: Raquelle, the reason you can't break it off with him is not because you're too nice.
  • Raquelle: Excuse me?
  • Barbie: I saw you bring a girl to tears because she asked if you were registered to vote.
  • Raquelle: I have been asked that a million times and the answer's always the same—I don't know!
UK General Election

If you live in the UK and aren’t registered to vote yet, please #signuptovote. You have until 22nd May to register.

I urge everyone who can to vote in the 8th June General Election. If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain about anything the government does. Make your voice heard and cast your vote.