have you realized how beautiful you are

i always scroll through girls’ pictures and envy the hell outta them, like seriously beat myself up over the fact that i’ll never look like them, and once in a while, i even go as far as to not like their pictures out of spite (i know, i’m petty). and it’s the same with people who get a lot of likes on facebook posts or tweets– i think they’re funnier than me, cooler than me, have more friends than me. but it’s crazy, how much things aren’t as they seem and the majority of people will react so surprised and positively when you call them good-looking and tell them you are jealous of them, it makes me realize how we’re all struggling to find beauty within ourselves. those girls you stare at constantly thinking they’re so perfect have days where they pick apart their flaws, just like you do. maybe they even wish they looked more like you. maybe they have nice cheekbones but you have a nice waistline. maybe they’re funnier but you’re nicer. there’s always someone who’s going to be better than you at something but you’re always going to be better at other things. no one is perfect. everyone has different flaws and different struggles. we all have things we want to change about ourselves. and just because you can’t see other peoples’ battles doesn’t mean they’re not there. just because someone seems so happy on social media doesn’t mean their life is all sunshine and rainbows. the moral of the story is tell people how pretty they are, tell people how kind they are, tell people how funny they are– if you see a good quality in someone, try to set aside your jealousy and TELL THEM. there is a good chance they are struggling too and it will make their day to hear the compliment.

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Every art you've done is incredibly beautiful! You've got support from this anon in regards to art theft and hopefully it will cease. Don't stop having fun with art and be as creative as you want!

Thank you so much! ;A; Art theft won’t cease over night but I won’t stop talking about it and reporting people, and I hope that over time my actions and that of other artists and our supporters will help more people realize how harmful it is ^ ^;

think about all the cute people you’ve seriously crushed on in class or the times you’ve looked at a stranger and realized just how beautiful they looked in that moment, flecks of gold light hitting the tips of their eyelashes, deep in thought, rosy-cheeked and unknowingly captivating

now think about how many times that’s likely happened to you but no one voiced it. just like you have secretly admired others, others have admired you. someone has been silently overwhelmed with the uniqueness of your features or the velvet smoothness of your voice. even though you might not always be told how beautiful you are, remember this. and maybe even tell someone the next fleeting compliment you have, because people aren’t reminded often enough just how beautiful they are

And as I sat there next to you, I realized just how beautiful you really are, both inside and out. First, I fell for your shy but cute confidence when we first met. And then I realized that under that mask, you have a truly beautiful heart. I fell for your kind, loving personality and humor. I wanted your heart, and all of it. When we met up alone for the first time, my heart was pounding right out of my chest, my hands were trembling next to yours, and my mind was racing with questions and emotions. Then, when you looked deep into my eyes and flashed me that smile, it’s like the whole world just stopped. It was only you that I wanted, just you and I, together. I think that’s when I truly fell for you; When I realized that our broken pieces fit together, and the parts of me that I had once lost, I had now found again with you. Maybe we’re just another cheesy, sappy love story, but that’s okay. You’re worth more than just a couple pages. You’re worth the world; so I decided to give you mine and make me yours.
—  falling for you…
monday // 12.12.16
honestly, sometimes it’s not worth it. sometimes the pain is too terrible. sometimes it’s crippling. sometimes it leaves you shaking because you realize how vulnerable you have left yourself. but sometimes it’s beautiful. sometimes you look at someone and all your troubles disappear. sometimes you find yourself laughing with the person and thanking god you didn’t go through with it months ago. sometimes you wrap yourself in their arms and feel like you are invincible together. sometimes it’s worth it. love is never easy. love isn’t always pretty. love isn’t a fairytale. love is a comedy. love is a horror. love is a drama. but love is indescribable. it’s okay to be scared. but i believe that we were put on this earth to love and be loved. and let me just say, at the end of the day, knowing that you have love in your life, that’s all you really need. love conquers all.
—  bvby-lys

i want to say something about my art, because some people just talk to me like “wtf your drawings don’t have face” and sometimes i feel like people don’t look at art with opening mind. you have to be sure that your eyes are looking at something new and different every single moment, and you have to be free to think in all the possibilits. i love the human face. we have so many different eyes, and mouths, and so beautiful expressions, but i feel like we lost our sense of feelings when we just look at someone thinking of their beautiful faces. especially when we are in a relationship, and that’s why i like to draw so many couples in love. when their just forget about the face and body and look at your heart, and your mind. you all are beautiful, but when we realize that our soul is more beautiful, our lives turn into magic. i can’t explain how do you have to feel when you look at my drawings, but i wish you see your friends, your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your heart and not just with your eyes. we have history, we have feelings, we don’t have just a face. think about it.
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Dean’s Clothes

  The first time Dean caught a glimpse of you in one of his shirts, he instantly realized just how attracted to you he was. Sure he thought you looked beautiful in your own clothes, especially in the short shorts you wore when you helped him wash baby. But there was something about you in his clothes that made his mouth water and his pants grow a little tighter.

  It all started when you forgot to pack a shirt to wear to bed on a hunt in Detroit. You frowned and let out a sigh. Of course Dean packed extra clothes and just happened to have an oversized Led Zeppelin shirt that you could wear. It came down to your mid thigh and swam on your body. He couldn’t help but think about what you would look like the morning after. Would you wear his shirt from the night before and nothing else?

  When he saw you in one of Sam’s flannels one day in the bunker, he instantly grew angry, and his heart sunk in his chest a little. He thought it was yours and his thing, not something that happened between the three of you. Dean wanted you to only borrow his clothes. He wanted you to be his, and his alone. It was in that moment that he realized that his feelings for you were a lot stronger than he believed them to be.

  Weeks later, you were bleeding out in the backseat of the impala, his arms wrapped around you. You weren’t going to die by any means, but he knew you were in a lot of pain and you needed to stay awake in order for them to fix you up. You were shivering from the cold weather outside, so Dean did what he always did. He shed out of his jacket and flannel and wrapped them around you. You smiled softly, thanking him. This time, he told you that his clothes looked a lot better on you than they did him.

  You asked Dean if you could borrow one of his flannels one night, only because you had all of your sleepwear in the wash and they weren’t quite done yet. Dean smiled, leading you to his room. He let you pick which one you wanted to wear. Much to his surprise, you picked the one he was wearing an hour ago. He wondered why, and you responded with “I like the way it smells; just like you.”

  Dean couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He could feel the tips of his ears heating up as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Something completely unlike him. Girls didn’t make him nervous. But he tried his luck.

  “If you like the way I smell so much, why don’t you just sleep in my bed? Smells just like me, sweetheart,” he winked.

  “Well if you insist.”

  Needless to say, as good as his shirts looked on you, they looked even better off of you. And even better the next morning when he knew you had nothing else on beneath it. 

Dean loved you in his clothes. But then again, Dean loved you.

The world around you is a reflection of how you perceive it. Realize the power that your thoughts can have on your life. It really does make a difference.

You’re watching us and you don’t realize how much makeup and how much lighting is involved when we look good. We have a lot of help where we are. I don’t think that it’s healthy for young girls to be looking at these beauty magazines and watching TV and these shows and thinking [that’s the standard]… there’s more European attitude — you look at French film, Spanish film, they’re a little more open to quirks and human nature. That we’re not all symmetrical, not all the same shape… we need more of that.

I realized something kind of beautiful about Hamilton…

in the very first song, we start out with this question “how does a bastard, orphan….” etc. “grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” and basically the entire musical is about answering this question

at the end of act one, it kind of seems like you have the answer: he does it by being “non-stop” and by writing like he’s running out of time and you’re like great that’s it then that’s the answer

but then it isn’t until the very end of the play that you realize there’s a different answer

it’s because of Eliza. sure, alex did all those things and worked his butt off, but Eliza was the one who “tells his story” and passes on his legacy. the bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a scotsman grows up to be a hero and a scholar and is remembered to this day because of Eliza

She stays up waiting for him to call, waiting for him to answer, waiting for that one goodnight text. She’s left alone in her bed, as she painstakingly waited for him all night, only for him to go to bed without calling. They haven’t talked in hours, days, and what’s seemed like weeks. He once told her he loved her, so why didn’t he show it now? Maybe after all this time they’ve been apart, the feelings dissipated. He forgot how beautiful her smile was, how much he said he loved her eyes, and how different her voice was in person. And as he was slowly forgetting her, he didn’t realize that he was also losing her. He didn’t realize the love he had with her until he screwed it all up. Well there you go, and I sincerely hope you’re happy. You lost someone who could have been your entire world, if only you let them in.
—  1.24.17 // for maggie: love is difficult, but it’s also worth fighting for. But the battle is that much more difficult when it’s only one-sided…
BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Speaking a Different Language

Jin: Seokjin would find your ability to speak another language admirable. To spend the time to devote yourself in learning a language, whether it be your first spoken language or a language you just wanted to learn, he’d be proud knowing his girlfriend was passionate about learning and expanding her mind to other cultures. He’d like hearing you talk in your other language, content just listening to the foreign words fall from your lips as he held you close.

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Suga: Yoongi would first think that he was just hearing things when he heard you mumbling something that he couldn’t understand. When he realized that you weren’t speaking Korean, but speaking in a different language he would pause and just listen to the foreign language you spoke. He’d find it beautiful and mesmerizing; just like how you are to him. He’d want to use that language in a song, having you help him out with the lyrics just so he could constantly hear you speak so beautifully, allowing a smile to stay plastered on his lips.

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J-Hope: Hobi would think you are so cool, being able to speak another language and all. He would always compliment how you spoke certain words, telling you how beautiful your voice sounds or how your lips moved. He would be kind of jealous that you had the time to master a different language, but when you would tell him that you loved him in that language (the one phrase that he managed to recognize) he would turn into a little ball of sunshine and hug you tightly. He would just have to enjoy learning from you for now until he had enough time to study everyday.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would find you speaking in a different language to be seriously sexy. Since he is bilingual himself, he knows how hard it is to learn another language, and he would find the perfected words that you spent so much time to master to be unbearably attractive. He’d quickly master the language himself so he’d be able to speak it with you, that and because he would definitely be using it to his teasing advantage.

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Jimin: Jimin would find you speaking in your home language absolutely adorable. He’d laugh and find it cute, asking you what you meant as a smile would spread across his face every time you’d slip into your other language. He’d want to learn your language as well, so the two of you could have a “secret” language that only you two could speak.

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V: Tae would find your skill in speaking a different language to be fascinating. He’d ask you what the most random of words meant in that language, giggling and trying to mimic the words and lip movements you made after you spoke them. He would smile when he would get the pronunciation down, happy that he now had another thing that he could learn and share together with you.

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Jungkook: This maknae would be shocked to hear you speak in a language other than Korean. He’d just look at you in shock as you spoke softly to yourself in a beautiful language he wouldn’t understand. When you’d notice him staring at you, you would laugh sheepishly and apologize to him, asking if your mumbling bothered him. He’d blush and shake his head, giving you a soft smile as he complimented the language you spoke.

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aphrodite has a way with mirrors. she has a way with your eyes. 

without the slightest transformation, your eyes, the mirrors, start telling you how beautiful you are. 

with or without makeup, she shows you the dimensions in yourself, and you wonder how you missed them, and you question if you could have if you just turned your head a little more. 

they never tell you she’s the goddess of monsters but you learn it on your own. she tames them back. 

the monster your knew yourself as recedes, a mask of self hate falling away. 

when you realize, all that she has done for you. the decision to worship aphrodite is also a decision to love oneself. 

Couples who break up and get back together all of the time may be dysfunctional, may be unhealthy, may be toxic, but there’s also something beautiful and genuine about it. They will always be drawn to each other and they will always have that damaged, but unbreakable connection. It won’t always be happy, it won’t always be exciting, and it won’t always be easy, but that’s okay because the pain’s only a reminder that you truly care. It also shows how strong they are and how they’re willing to fight for one another because a real relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. Sometimes, you have to walk away to realize what you’re leaving behind. Sometimes, you have to let go in order to remember why you held on for so long. Sometimes, you have to lose someone so you can find their worth and value again. There will days where you won’t deserve each other, there will times where you’ll hate each other, and there will be moments where you’ll feel like you’re truly done. But in the end, your heart will always be in the right place. Your mind might not always be in the right place, but your heart always will be. Everybody will judge and have their opinion on it, but as long as you two understand each other and know your relationship, that’s all that matters. It’ll never be perfect, it’ll never be ideal, but it will last because they both know that even if they leave each other from time to time, they’ll always find each other again.
—  Teddy Nguyen

@taylorswift I just wanted to say a special thank you for openly sharing your vulnerability and heartache though your music, your speeches, and your life. I think its absolutely beautiful and graceful how despite the amount of hard times you’ve been through, you’ve remained grounded and true to yourself. You are extremely inspiring and I hope you truly realize how much you positively impact our lives. I have had a difficult year of heart break, and despite the pain and sadness I’ve experienced, I must say I look up to you so much. On the days I feel like I’m not good enough, or question why such terrible things happen to me, I remember that you’ve experienced very similar rainstorms, and kept walking. Your music and advice has been my escape and guide throughout the last little while and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you so much. 

One of the reasons why Manuary is so important:

One of my friends was in love with a girl for a long time. Now they are in a relationship and he’s so happy. He wants to buy her roses, always talks about how wonderful and beautiful she is and treats her like a queen. It’s so sweet to see how much he loves her.

But then New Year’s Eve happened. It was planned that he spends his night with a friend but it changed last minute and he spent it with his best friend. When his girlfriend asked where he was on NYE, he told her about it, realized he hadn’t told her and apologized for not informing her earlier. She went completely nuts. Said he lied to her and that you always have to tell your girlfriend where you’re going. He apologized and asked if she could forgive him and she just answered “we’ll see”. She guilt-tripped him to the point he was almost crying and said shit about himself so maybe she could forgive him. He asked me what to do, I told him to ask her why it was so important to her to know where exactly he was and why she’s so upset now. Her answer? “You don’t know? Think about it 👐” He’s so afraid she’ll dump him for simply forgetting to tell her immediately that his plans changed.

Girls, don’t do this shit to your partners, especially when they apologized a THOUSAND TIMES. It can happen. Stress can distract you. They can’t always tell where they’re going. And if they ask why it upset you so much so they know what to do and what to avoid, fucking tell them and stop being so shitty. Being afraid of losing him? Having so low self-esteem that you’re afraid he maybe lied to you to not spend time with you? Or because he may cheat on you? No. Excuse. Tell him about your fears. Be honest and not a fucking controll-freak.

Guys, don’t let girls do this to you. Don’t let them guilt-trip you into thinking you’re a horrible person for not telling them immediately where you’re going. And if they dump you for this mistake, they weren’t worthy your time.

I’ve seen a huge amount of girls who are like this and they went from controll-freak to abuser. Of course not everyone is like this but they exist. It’s not okay to do this shit to your partner. And we need to teach men that they don’t have to put up with a woman like that.