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Daily Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, March 31, 1956

If you have some April Fool prank you want to play on Easter better do it tomorrow for it’s a long wait until the next time the two days fall together, 62 years to be exact.

Although Easter has fallen on April 1 several times in recent years it will not be until the year 2018 that it will do so again.

So if you have plans for a soap filled Easter egg better get busy.

concept: Lolan Eve not being, like, the only named abducted woman to have died in the mansion, or having her only four character traits be “dancer” and “lesbian” and “Black” and “dead”.

concept: Lolan Eve surviving, escaping, and having a happy life with her girlfriend - perhaps a Merli-based character? (Meera Night, estranged half-sister of Lazuli Blue?)

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Is Ana sniping any different from Widow sniping and if so how

Yup, in every way. Completely different play-style. 

1. Positioning is important because you have no mobility as Ana, no way to escape if you’re flanked, except your sleeping dart (and enemies will try and bait you to use it too early so their ults are uninterrupted). 

2. Your primary goal is to HEAL, which means you can’t be peering down your scope at enemies for very long or your teammates will die. 

3. You can definitely dps if your team is topped up, but you’re more likely just to finish someone off with a grenade or assist in the killing of a tank rather than get many solo kills. 

4. I use my scope only about 10-20% of the time as Ana, when I need to pick a particular teammate to heal in a scrum of fighting, or when I’m trying to heal a fucking genji, or when Pharah needs to be taken out of the air. With Widow, I almost never attack someone without a scope, even if they’re in my face. The SMG only kills people who are really low. 

6. Your team will typically go out of their way to protect you as Ana, but as Widow, a lot of the time you need to be responsible for your own protection, as you are the most expendable and lowest on the healing priority. 

7. As Ana, people will ALWAYS try to kill you first (unless there’s a Mercy). You are target #1. As Widow, people will be aware of you and want to control you, but may just position a fight to avoid you rather than engaging. 

8. People will typically always hate you as Widow unless they know you (and until you start cleaning the other team the fuck up). However, everyone loves an Ana. 

Do you how badly I want kingdom hearts cc for the sims 4? Imagine how great it would look ;o;

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Whhyyyy don't people understand asthma.... like teachers!!! Stop making me run!!! I CANT REALLY BREATHE YOU IDIOTS

LMAOO as someone with asthma I relate sooo hard. I would talk to your parents. What I did was tell my mom whenever we had to do really really extensive runs (like running the mile, outside in the blazing heat when it was very humid) and she was like mmm hell no, and sent my gym teacher a note asking for me to stay inside. And ta dah, I got to stay inside and play volley ball instead.

Another thing, do you have a rescue inhaler? Keep it with you, make sure it’s registered with the nurse or whatever so you’re allowed to keep it on you, and have it with you just in case you need it. But yeah, definitely try talking to your parents, or the gym teacher, or excuse yourself to the nurse. If you feel you can’t breath, please don’t keep running. Stop, take your inhaler, and ask your gym teacher to sit out and relax. For the really big runs, definitely see if you can sit them out or at least carry your inhaler with you to be safe! Don’t push it!

Fake Chats #174
  • Taehyung: Jungkook.
  • Jungkook: what's up?
  • Taehyung: I have a serious question.
  • Jungkook: okay.
  • Taehyung: why do you love playing with Jin-hyung so much? This is said with the knowledge that you play with all of us, but you definitely pick on Jin-hyung more. Why?
  • Jungkook: his reactions are funny.
  • Taehyung: no.
  • Jungkook: like, his eyes get really big and and his mouth gapes open and he's just so outraged. Like, if I bite Namjoon-hyung, he kinda just thinks, "oh, that's Jungkookie," but Jin-hyung REACTS.
  • Taehyung: that's it? It's not because you have a hard time expressing your emotions and it's way easier to be silly and tease us than to tell us that you love us? It's not because you do secretly look up to Jin-hyung and granted, it's very easy to test his patience, but he still looks after you and you just don't really know how to say thank you?
  • Jungkook: so when you said serious...
  • Taehyung: I meant serious.
  • Jungkook: he's got good reactions.
  • Taehyung: and?
  • Jungkook: and maybe a little bit of what you said. A little. A teensy bit. You just know me pretty well, that's all. You're not super smart or anything.
  • Later, Taehyung: Minnie! I'm really smart! I figured out why Kookie plays with Jin-hyung so much!
  • Jimin: you mean how he has a hard time expressing his emotions?
  • Taehyung:
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: that's just because you know Jungkook really well. You're not super smart, or anything.
  • Later, Jimin: so, Kookie, any time you want to work on expressing yourself, you can practice with me.
  • To Be Continued:

Fishlegs: Hey everybody, Happy Snoggletog!

The Gang: Sshhhhh!!!

Fishlegs: What, are we keeping Snoggletog a secret this year?

Hiccup: We’re playing this game Gobber taught me. You have to name all of the 50 islands in six minuets. 

Fishlegs: What? That’s like, insanely easy.

Hiccup: No its a lot harder then it sounds. You always forget at least one or in some cases fourteen.

Astrid: Its a stupid game and I wasn’t playing against other people so technically I didn’t lose. 

Fishlegs: You forgot fourteen islands?

Astrid: Nobody cares about the marshes!

Hiccup: Okay times up.

Heather: Alright, I got forty-eight.

Hiccup: Hey, that’s not bad. Ruff?

Ruffnut:Oh, I got tired of naming islands so I decided to list types of celery instead. And I have one, Regular Celery.

Tuffnut: And I forgot the names of the islands so I just started making up my own. Like, Island That Looks Like A Face Island! The Cliffs of Insanity! Motun'ui! The Cliffhanger Isla-

Hiccup: Alright, so Heather has forty-eight and Ruff has the lead in…vegetables. And Tuff has the lead in imaginary islands. Snotlout?

Snotlout: Say hello to the new champ of Hiccups dumb island game. 

Fishlegs: Wow. How many you got?

Snotlout: 56!


Fishlegs: DONE! With time to spare!

Hiccup: OH! This may be a new world record!

Fishlegs: You know I hate to lecture you guys, but its kinda disgraceful that a group of well educated adults, with the Twins and Snotlout, can’t name all the islands in the Archipelago. You ever seen a map? Hiccup has hundreds of them, he can show you them any time you need a refresher. 

Ruffnut: REGULAR CELERY! Uch, I already have that.

Hiccup: Uh, Thor Bonecrusher? You got forty-six.

Fishlegs: What?! That’s impossible!

Snotlout: Forty-six. Who’s well educated now mister “I forgot ten islands”.

Even later…

Hiccup: Times up Fishlegs.

Fishlegs: Hang on, just give me another minuet.

Hiccup: Look Fishlegs, If you don’t know them by now you never will. That is the beauty of this game it makes you want to kill yourself. 

Ruffnut: REGULAR CELERY! Wait, I already have that one don’t I? Yep I do.

Fishlegs: This is crazy! I can do this! I bet I can get all 50 before dinner. 

Hiccup: Alright but if you can’t then no dinner.

Fishlegs: You’re on.

Snotlout: Don’t look at my list Fish-face, cause there’s a lot on there that you don’t have.

Much later…

Tuffnut: Fishlegs you need some help?

Fishlegs: From you? Ha ha! Yes please.

Tuffnut: First of all, “Itchy Armpit”? Dude you can’t just make stuff up.

Even later…

Fishlegs: I HATE THE ARCHIPELAGO! When I finish this I swear, I am moving!

Ruffnut: UHG! I can’t think of any other types of celery!

Tuffnut: Did you try Regular Celery?

Ruffnut: No! I haven’t tri-oh, no wait, false alarm, It’s the only one I have.

Even later then before…

Fishlegs: Okay maybe this is so hard because there aren’t 50 islands! Let me tell you something, I have 49 islands and there are no more! Now I think I should be able to eat something.

Astrid: Its up to you.

Fishlegs: AAAAHHH!!!!!

Late that night there is a knocking on Hiccup’s door. He gets out of bed and opens it to find Fishlegs. 

Fishlegs: Caldera Cay.

Fishlegs: Caldera Cay.

FishlegsI want my Yack chopps now.

Hiccup: You got it.

Fishlegs starts eating the Yack chopps while Hiccup reads his list.

Hiccup: You got Storehouse Island twice.

Fishlegs: *pause* I know.

Hiccup goes back to bed and Fishlegs keeps eating the Yack chopps.

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yo i assume you have played botw so pls do tell me, whos ur fave of the sheikah villagers? personally, im fond of paya hehe (bonus if u have some hcs about link and zelda visiting them!!)


seriously i love paya so much. paya is my thing. i love this girl. paya is the best thing to ever grace kakariko village. i just love everything about her and can’t stop teasing her whenever i visit. she’s so relatable too, in love with link and shipping him with zeldo anyway


  • they visit impa for a reunion and zelda gets all emotional and shit and it’s very lovely and nice
  • paya and zelda get along really well despite the………. link……. between them……….. and spend the day chatting and having tea and talking about girl stuff 
  • paya and impa get zelda some sheikah clothing for her to wear and she looks g o r g e o u s in it
  • they end up playing with the kids and link shows off his cooking skills to zelda when he helps cottla with her food. (zelda instantly thinks ‘husband’)
  • one day link just shows up with his zora armor and tells zelda to follow him because he has something to show her. he jumps into the river behind impa’s house and she’s like ‘?????????????????????’ until he swims up the waterfall like a salmon and zelda is confused and impressed at the same time and he glides back with the biggest grin on his face. not sure why this has to be in kakariko village but i couldn’t stop thinking of it.

That’s right I FINALLY have another Let’s Play 100 Baby Macarons up for you!

In this episode, we get to meet the next baby mamma: Violet Royal by @pixelatedhedgehogs

my podcast hit 10 episodes


I made a podcast! It’s about Antiques Roadshow, a PBS show where people bring in antiques and find out how much money they’re with. It’s a comedy podcast and you don’t need to watch the show, it’s mostly an excuse to have fun, semi-related conversations. We talk about Beetlejuice a lot in episode 10.

If you’re just starting, you might wanna just start at the newest episode and go down. You can find it on google play, stitcher, itunes, whatever podcast app you have! 

How dumb can someone be

So, i share a video on facebook. It is about the new game Friday the 13th, based off the movie where you have to survive the ‘night’ (20 minutes) and 1 person plays as Jason in one round, and the others play random people. Its most likely an online multiplayer game. So, i share the video, and someone that I know, comented saying how their bday is on friday the 13th (it is but theyre an idiot) and that it was freaking them out/why am i trying to freak them out.

Its a fucking video game. I wanted to reply so badly, ‘dude seriously?’ But i didnt because then that would end up causing either an argument or discussion to begin and yeah. I tell my mom this and she says we’re gonna go with they are being facetious. I just lost it and was laughing. And saying yeah, right. And then as i was walking to my room i was saying how they wouldnt even know what facetious means and she replied with of course not, but we do and i just grinned at her and that is how stupid a person can be. (Btw, this person, i used to be close with. Im not anymore and theyre the jealous over nothing/stupid type. I have no idea how i, a smart, kind, but fiercely loyal person, is related to such an imbecile like that)

Imma tag some people who i think will enjoy the story of idiocy. @weirdnewbie @mentallydatingrobertbrucebanner @zoevesper @vixenwinchesters @supersoldier-buckybarnes @sassysweetstories @sierrastilinski

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Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts and if so, what's your favorite character or game of the series?(Maybe you can side some art of that character)

i never got very far in kingdom hearts LMFAO i played the first game and got to the alice in wonderland world and that’s as far as i’ve ever gotten 2 this day..

no offence but when lgbt+ gamers speak out about romance (options) in bioware games and get told by straight fans that they shouldn’t play the games just for romance they are completely missing the point and i am tired of it