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 Taehyung x Reader

soulmate au, angst, sort of historical au?

 5.1K words

If there was one thing you were certain of, it was that the purpose or your existence was to love Kim Taehyung, and his was to love you. Throughout countless lifetimes the two of you have longed for each other, but just like parallel lines, though your souls always seemed to be travelling in the same direction, it was impossible that they could ever meet and become one.

Author’s Note: This was inspired by the Fallen series which I read when I was like 12 lmao

You were no longer sure who, or where, you had been the very first time you laid your eyes on Kim Taehyung.

So many lifetimes blurred together into one, your existence was so scattered throughout time you had begun to lose track of it.  But in each life, no matter who you were, regardless of whether you lived a life of luxury or one of extreme poverty, he was always there. Your existences were irreversibly intertwined.

You didn’t know why. You didn’t know how. You had no clue if there were others in the world who lived through multiple existences, or if any of them remembered each individual life the way you did. In no life had you ever dared ask, for fear of sounding crazy or being whisked away to the closest asylum.

In some lives you were close to him. In a few, you even grew up as childhood friends. You remembered those lives more clearly than most. One in particular that you remembered with a shocking clarity was England in the 1600s. Your family lived on and ran a small farm out in a tiny rural village. It had been a tough life, getting up at the brink of dawn every morning and not returning from the fields until the sun finally dropped behind the earth, but the hard work paid off and there was always a sufficient amount of food. You could still feel the wonderful sensation of the cool, crisp early morning air against your skin, even now.

Taehyung’s family had owned a bakery and every morning, just as you set out to work the fields, his mother would send him round to deliver bread in exchange for milk.

Even from a young age, you’d felt the pull towards him, that feeling which was now so painfully familiar. He was like a magnet, he could only be resisted for so long before you had no choice but to give in.

For some reason, you’d thought in that life that perhaps things would be different, perhaps it wouldn’t end in the same fashion that all the others had. You were no longer sure what had caused you to think this, maybe getting to spend so long by his side had lured you into a false sense of safeness. You weren’t as foolish now as you had been then. You’d learnt the hard way that there were never any exceptions.

You still dreamt about that life sometimes. You dreamt about the way the long honey coloured strands of wheat matched his eyes and the sound of his laughter getting caught between trees in the nearby forest as you played together. But more vividly, you were haunted by the shy, gentle first touch of your lips to his, you were tormented by that fleeting moment of happiness that had existed just before everything crumbled away to dust.

In other lives, however, Kim Taehyung was painfully out of reach. One of you would be of a much higher status than the other, meaning any attraction you felt was forbidden. You could recall a few lives where you ended up being born into a wealthy family and Taehyung had been employed by your family in some way. He had once been a gardener, and another time a cook, and you were fairly sure he had also been a stable boy at some point. But you hated those lives the most. Any interaction with him was dialled down to a minimum and it made your chest ache awfully. Those lives were made of nothing but longing glances and sad smiles.

Kim Taehyung never seemed to remember you. Unlike you, he seemed blissfully unaware of the fact that he had lived hundreds of times before, and that you had been present in each and every one of those existences.

Needless to say, it was heartbreaking to look into the eyes of the man you’d loved for centuries and for him to have absolutely no clue who you were. But it was even more heartbreaking to watch as he fell hopelessly in love with you. The dreadful cycle was doomed to repeat over and over, possibly for eternity.

Because the two of you could never be together.

In every life, without fail, the first kiss with Kim Taehyung was also always the last. You’d spent so many days and nights in complete anguish, wondering why the two of you had been cursed with such a cruel fate.

Because after every first kiss with Kim Taehyung, your body would burst into flames.

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Can you give me a list of DILF! Eren? I can't seem to ever find any, so yeah^^

You have truly come to the right place! There’s an ask [here] full of DILF!Eren, and I’ve found some more for ya! Truly, age gaps & single fathers are my favourite fic tropes.

Sartorial Elegance
Summary: Garrison Fine Tailored Clothing is famous in the men’s clothing industry for bespoke and made-to-measure suits. Their head tailor Levi has a hard time keeping his eyes off the new salesman upstairs, and not just because his trousers need tailoring properly.

Tipping Over
Summary: Isabel and Levi get kicked out of class, Eren gives them advice, and Levi and him talk alone.

My Old Friend
Summary: When Levi was a teenager, the unrequited love of his life was Eren, his best friend’s father. Fifteen years later, Levi finds himself back in Whitecrest Cove to sell his late uncle’s house.

I Wanna Be Yours
Summary: Levi is extremely skilled when it comes to babysitting Isabel Jaeger and pining after Eren Jaeger. If only jobs would take those skills as applicable qualities of an employee.

Surprise, Surprise
Summary: “You little minx, you have no idea what you’ve been doing to me - or rather, I think you know exactly what you’ve been doing.”

Summary: “No, you’re fine, I just – Eren why won’t you let me near your neck when we’re having sex?”
     “I – wow you noticed that, huh?”


  • Me: Johnlock, Solangelo, Stormpilot, Wolfstar...
  • Me: idk I just think I don't have enough gay ships
  • Me: how 'bout Janstar and Linny as optional ships because they are undeniably adorable but I gotta find some fanfic first
  • Me: and we can roll with Scorbus, I like it
  • Me: great that's 7
  • Me: this is perfect

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When Sebastian checks Lord Sirius's room in chapter 117 doesn't it look like there's something or someone underneath the covers? Or is it just me? If it was Sirius, Sebastian wouldn't be able to sense him since he's likely a BD, but he still should have noticed if there was something, huh... Do you think it looks like theres something under there or am I just seeing things? Lol

Hmm, there is a bit of a bulge there…

…but to me that rather looks like it’s from the pillow. It’s probably not big enough for a person to hide. I think Sebastian would have checked if there was someone. Of course, he may have relied on his senses and if it was a Bizarre Doll or someone Sebastian can’t sense he may have been tricked. But still, the other rooms were empty, too. So I think the Lords were hidden somewhere else. Sirius was probably the first who was brought to safety when Sebastian was held back while fighting Lizzy (since Sirius seems quite important to the sect). So I don’t think there was anyone or anything hiding underneath the covers.

Sleeping At Last  Part 1

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Warnings: None

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST:   Can you do a Sebastian x reader song fic using the song Neptune by Sleeping at Last and they are at a coffee shop? Can you make it as fluffy as possible? Thanks, love you..

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I did Bucky instead of Seb. I hope you like it!

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Learn To Show Your Love

This is for @dreamcatchersdaughter, because it’s her birthday today. She is an amazing person, utterly sweet and a very dear friend of mine and you all should head over and show her some love. She wanted some WinterIron who was all horrible and snarky at each other in front of others and all mushy and in love when alone.

Molly, Happy Birhtday to you, I hope you have an awesome day and that this is something you enjoy

(Watch out for the cut)

„I just wish you would get along better,“ Steve said after he had stopped Tony in the hallway and Tony stared at him. There wasn’t any context necessary, this could only be about Bucky and him, but still.

“What?” he asked because those words sure as hell didn’t make any sense. Especially not at this hour of the day.

“I hoped you two would, you know, be friends or something.”

“Yeah, or something,” Tony snorted and Steve flinched. Like it was honestly that bad that Tony and Bucky were together.

Steve hadn’t been all that supportive to begin with, but Tony had never thought that he would spin this around and now make Tony feel like he did something wrong with this relationship.

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You’ve been looking a lot more upbeat lately sweetie, have you noticed?”

“Huh? Whaddya mean-ffph–”

That doesn’t mean talk with your mouth full!”

Both of them had instantly noticed how silly such a look was, making it inevitable for that infectious round of laughter to strike them. (Ryuji’s of course being latter after he downed his food portion.) So far everything was turning out wonderful for the event planned today. Thankfully enough, even school had been on his side in ensuring that Mother’s day would be on an off day. Having a fun filled dinner at a place of her choosing had been one of the key reasons he stockpiled those earnings of that certain side job he picked up this year.

Being able to watch the expression of one of his most important women be so dang bright was easily well worth it. That giddy feeling wouldn’t stop kicking around in his check and for all good reason. Tempted as he was to scarf down more of his meal, Ms.Sakamoto’s earlier words had struck that chord of curiosity in him. It was an expression she’s read many times before as a gentle sigh eased from her. Of course she wouldn’t leave him on the dark on that notion. “And also don’t play silly with me either. You’ve even been more eager to attend your schooling.”

“It wouldn’t happen to do with those friends you’ve made, would it? I’ve even been seeing Ann-chan starting to swing by more often again.”

Almost predictably did Ryuji tense up underneath that hawk eye sort of perception! Not that there wasn’t a secret to hide about that, the actual transition just hadn’t been painfully aware before his eyes. For a small moment he’d lay his chopsticks to rest upon his bowl. “Things really have been gettin’ better there again.” He answers as a peaceful warmth held it’s small time in channeling through his body. The thoughts of his merry band of Phantom Thieves always had a magical way of getting the spirit back into him. “A lot better. Many of the older folks there been cleaning there act up. And by that, I mean really crackin’ down on those people like that..”

There was a nagging pause ensued by that certain name always being spilled. That was the last dirty thing that needed to go and sully this day.

His mother however had understood, a brief nod showing that acknowledgement as she encouraged him to speak more.

“But yeah. Other than that? It’s a good work in work in progress. I have a lot of people I need to introduce ya too! Not in the track team but, remember that one friend I told ya about?”

Oh! That poor boy with such a burden on him?”

Yeah, Akira. He’s really been helpin’ me out, big time during the start. Heck, me n’ him found a ton of others I need to introduce you too as well.”

“Are they spending time with their families too?


Now that he thought about it. Just what in the hell would they be up too today?

Instantly did his thoughts jump towards Futaba and Yusuke. Realizing it, this year had brought many gritty and cruel discoveries to the limelight in the fight they partook in. A weary silence washed over the once gentle atmosphere set. Being the one that outright sucked at hiding his emotions, that troubled expression explained to his mother what his emotions didn’t need too. Both of them had lost their loving mothers underneath the cold grip of tyranny. Just thinking how they were coping right now.. To imagine what they did to skim by this day, how it’d especially be now since they learned the truth.

Then in the case of the others? While their stories with their mother figures weren’t as spelled out, their lack of appearance would speak enough on the matter. Being outright banished in the case of Akira, job duty keeping a harsh trench between Ann and her’s, and hadn’t Makoto spoken about living only with her sister? Haru’s case lingered upon the unknown, but in a case like this, he could only keep his fingers crossed. ‘What the hell man.. Ain’t there something wrong about this? Real damn wrong? We’re all in flipping high school just about! Why is–’ Such panicked thought ceased as a supportive form warmth settled upon the top of his hand.

A mother’s touch held such a form of strength to burn those internal demons away.

You’re worried for them, aren’t you?

What she’d receive is a gentle nod in return. Some weird mesh of guilt tied with the desire to act kept it difficult for him to go for his food. In an even worse case, was it truly right for him to continue on about this day, not being there for the people who backed him up so damn much? All his imagination could weave together were the images of  their faces wrought with pain. In turn, only more frustration would be unearthed and simultaneously soothed as his mother comforted him. The rest of their talk would be spent not only spoiling her a bit for the day. It would also entail them talking away, trying to find a solution to give them strength as well, to show that their family was the sort to stick by people he trust.

Never would these times with her be something that Ryuji take for granted. He just couldn’t be more thankful.

Fic: Devil Went Down to Georgia


Fifteen years ago, Jesse McCree made a deal at a crossroads for someone’s life. 

Now, the creature has come to collect. 

Ship: Mchanzo

Warnings: It gets spooky. A lot of horror tropes in the sense of nightmares. You can click the AO3 link if you wanna get specific. 

Characters: McCree, Hanzo,Genji, Ana, some others in passing.


Length: 15k 

Notes: IT’S MCFUCKING DONE. Thanks to @revolverwaffle for being the best beta, and at @sroloc–elbisivni and @secretlystephaniebrown for cheering me on. Also, the monster is my favorite. 

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It doesn't sound like you noticed, but every time the rollover thing containing the ten "options" returns, the previously done option show something new when you roll over them. p= 9581, 9586, 9593, 9596 are the ones you would have missed so far.

Huh! I hadn’t noticed that. I’ll take a look before writing the next update, then! Thanks for informing me!

The Easy Way (Part 5)

Description: THE FINALE! Reader meets Crowley for the first time under some “unusual” circumstances. After dropping a bombshell, the reader learns who he is and quickly gets caught up in something much much bigger than intended.
Words: 3,314 (I got carried away! What a shame!)
Warnings: Badly translated latin.

Author’s Note: So I wasn’t inspired and then ALL THE INSPIRATION AT 2AM. The gif marks ~1,850 and a point you can come back to so it’s 2 parts for the price of one! Here’s your finale ladies and gents… and what a finale it became!! I have enjoyed this series sooo much and thanks to those who stuck with it!! My favourite to date if I’m honest!

part 1,  part 2,  part 3,  part 4

Cogs in an infinitely complex machine. You weren’t ever really in control, were you? The past few weeks proved that more than ever before and you began to wonder who had the controls to the machine, surely if there was a God, he was having a good laugh at your expense now. Caught in between a rock and a hard place. Well, between an archangel and the king of hell, a rock and a hard place was possibly preferable and even then it was quite likely you’d blast the rock to hell with this ‘power’.

“Cat got your tongue, sweetcheeks? You’ve been tinkering all afternoon,” Gabriel said from where he was lounged about on the bed.

You heaved a sigh and ran a hand over your face, he was right, but equally you needed to get the spell right first time. You had been trawling through books and old scribbled notes for a few days but nothing more than this had turned up. If you didn’t try it, Gabriel’s power would kill you slowly. If you tried and failed, Crowley would probably get wind of it and kill you and if you tried and succeeded well then it was a red rag to Rowena or Crowley.

“If you feel like engraving pig bones with strange symbols, be my guest,” you muttered, fighting a retch as you etched in yet another sigil.

“I’m good,” he shrugged, “so is this going to work then?”

“God knows. I have this spell, it’s dark and seems almost impossible and even then it’s only for a normal angel,” you said before raising an eyebrow at him, “and I’m guessing you’re not in that bracket?”

“I like to think I’m one of a kind.”

“Exactly. Then this whole thing could be pointless anyway,” you said sarcastically picking up the last rib bone.

Gabriel stayed silent for a moment before he clicked his fingers and dissappeared, you didn’t hear him leave but you felt it, there were certain perks to sharing his power at the moment. He refused to walk in and out of your motel room due to the demons Crowley still had following you, but you supposed you couldn’t blame him really. Gabriel could easily kill them but you’d learned he had a habit of hinting at being helpful before bailing out just as quickly.

As for other help? You’d contacted Rowena only yesterday and with some ruder comments omitted, her reply had gone something along the lines of:

“Well don’t look at me for help, you knew full well what you were doing.”

A dissaproving eye roll from Gabriel as a bubbling sound came from your coffee as it began to boil in its mug and, well, it had snapped you out of your conversation. You’d quickly hung up and mopped up the boiling liquid, consequently though, you hadn’t tried contacting her for tips since.

It was becoming harder to control now, keeping a cap on the power was more like trying to stick plasters on a sinking ship. Each time one problem was masked, another leak would spring into life where you least expected it. And seeing as everyone seemed to love reminding you that it was killing you, that didn’t make for a stress free environment. You took a deep breath and steeled yourself again, no emotions was the best control. And boy did you need that control.

Scratching the last of the sigils into the bone, you put it with the others and looked back to the book. You were basically finished on ingredients, it was simply setting everything up now. You needed an open space and it needed to be a night with a full moon which, luckily, was next in a few days. You snapped your head up as someone knocked on the door, you pursed your lips and stayed still in the vain hope they’d picked the wrong room, but another knock put that theory to rest. Muttering under your breath and throwing a few jackets over your little project, you made your way to the door and opened it just a little.

“Well nice to see you too,” Crowley muttered, peering around the gap.

“What are you doing here?” You replied coolly.

“Checking up on an investment,” he said, gesturing for him to come in, “may I?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really,” he smiled, taking a step through the door you begrudgingly opened. You bit your lip as he walked to the center of the room and your eyes flicked over to the pile of spell ingredients that were thankfully just about covered. “So, how’s it going?”

“Aside from your mother being an evasive hag and knowing that I’m slowly dying? Peachy.”

“Touchy,” he winced, “you know becoming a recluse won’t help,” he said, burying his hands in his pockets. He waited for your response but at the deafening silence, he spoke again, “any news? A few friends of mine say you’ve been holed up in here an awful lot, not even got food going in and out?”

“I had supplies,” you snapped, silently cursing to yourself. You hadn’t thought anything of Gabriel bringing you a few snacks here and there, you should have known it’d get noticed quickly.

“Huh,” Crowley said with a shrug, his eyes looked behind you at the jackets on the table, “and uh, you’ve been clothes shopping? Didn’t take you for the hair and nails type.”

“Yeah, well I couldn’t wear the same clothes on my back for God knows how long.”

“True,” he said, pulling a face, “you could have at least chosen better styles though, you might as well just wear the same thing. Actually, I know a guy who wears a trench coat all the time and only really changes his tie, it’s-”

“Do you have a point?” You cut him off.

“Conversation, dove, you might want to try it sometime,” he paused, but when you didn’t crack a smile he rolled his eyes and contined, “Not even a smirk? Bloody hell, tough crowd today. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you had any idea on which feathery friend you’re linked to, yet?”

“No clue.”

“That’s it,” he said incredulously, “nothing at all?”

“No,” you shrugged, “I don’t know what you want me to say, this information isn’t exactly the stuff you can google.”

“But Rowena-?”

“Is unhelpful and would prefer I die a slow death while she sips a cup of tea.”

Crowley looked at if he were going to say something more when he too, shrugged and let out a huff of frustration, “so not even a smidgen of-?”


“Christ, lighten up, you’ll get worry lines,” he mumbled, readjusting his jacket, “I was trying to be civil.”

“Really, don’t strain yourself-” you stopped suddenly as your eyes focused behind him on the person suddenly stood there looking at you with wide eyes. You stifled a gasp as they fell to the ground and you felt a sudden jolt of panic in your stomach.

That’s all you’d felt, but suddenly Crowley was gone along with the entire motel room, replaced instead by a large sprawling field. You felt your breath catch and your heart beginning to pound as you looked around wildly. There was nothing, no buildings, no sign of anything to tell you where you were.

“Hello?” You risked in a low voice, stumbling forwards a few steps, “Crowley?!”

If it was some form of ridiculous lesson from him then you may actually throttle him, king of hell or not.

“HELLO,” you yelled out, but the only sound that met your ears was the soft rustling of grass in the wind. You dug the toe of your boot into the ground, it was definitely real and that was encouraging, but where the hell was it. And if this was real… was the figure that you’d just seen?

Walking forwards a few steps, you could feel your hands starting to shake so you stopped dead still and closed your eyes. You needed to gather your thoughts, too much panic, too much emotion and anything could happen.

The wind ruffled your hair slightly and you could feel the heat from the sun beating down on your skin. You had to focus, deep breaths and calming thoughts and after a minute, you returned your breathing back to a normal rate. You opened your eyes and looked around at the quiet expanse before speaking in a soft voice, “Gabriel, if you can hear me, come and find me.”

You waited for a few seconds, hoping for the sudden appearance of the archangel, but there was nothing.

“Gabriel, seriously, if you’re out there, come and find me, please,” you pleaded this time.

You stayed silent for a moment before you felt another jolt in your stomach and you were back in the motel room. You fell to your knees with the force of the arrival and looked up. Crowley stood exactly where you’d left him, except you were now a few steps behind him, he wasn’t facing you, with squinting eyes you followed his gaze to see he was looking at, well, another you. The other you had their mouth slightly ajar before they dissappeared suddenly in a small flash.

There was no way, no way at all that could be real. You blinked dumbly a couple of times before letting out a long, shaky breath. Crowley spun around, wide eyed and jumped back a step.

“What the devil are you doing down there, dove?” He finally spluttered after a couple of seconds of staring you out.

“I think you should leave,” you said quietly.

“Like hell I am, you’re human, you can’t just-”

“Crowley, leave,” you said again, more forcefully this time, “I don’t know what’s happening, you need to go. Now.”

He rolled his eyes and was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving you alone in the quiet motel room. You didn’t move for maybe a minute, maybe it was 10, but then shakily, you got to your feet and tried to work out if you were injured or not. Ignoring your shock, everything seemed normal (if you even knew what normal was these days), so you wandered over and sunk heavily onto the bed.

Teleporting or flying or whatever the hell that was, was one thing, however arriving back seconds before you left, when the reason you’d panicked was because of what you’d seen? It wasn’t possible.

You felt a slight twang before the bed next to you sunk down.

“Time travel 101: don’t make casual time loops,” Gabriel’s cheery voice came from beside you, “messes with your head!”

“I got that, thanks,” you mumbled, not even bothering to face him.

“Hey, chin up sweetcheeks, a lot of people dream of what you just did,” he replied, giving you a nudge, “not bad for a first time, hell, you arrived back with all your limbs!”

You stayed silent, aimlessly staring at a slight stain on the carpet half way across the room. It was real, this room was real, what just happened was-

“Also real,” Gabriel said, standing up and coming around to crouch in front of you, “look, keep calm and carry on, kiddo, if you stop now there’s no telling what’ll happen. How’s the spell?”

“Finished. Just need the full moon,” you whispered, slowly bringing your eyes to focus on the angel.

“Great, that’s what? 2 days? Easy!”

Two days was far from easy.

Crowley was attempting to contact you every few hours and Gabriel was equal parts concerned and amused by the predicaments you were ending up in. You’d been trying to stay as calm as possible but it was easier said than done when so much as a simple jump scare on a film could cause a localised power cut. If it had been more than two days, you weren’t entirely sure how much of your sanity would be left or for that matter, where you’d end up. You’d ended up on a small island off the coast of Scotland yesterday after worrying over a message from Crowley. Sightseeing was one thing but if Gabriel hadn’t found you…

You shook your head to clear your thoughts, the end was within sight, that was all you could focus on now and you could hopefully cover the cracks for just long enough. You gathered the last of the ingredients into a backpack and heaved it onto your back. The spot you had decided to use wasn’t exactly in walking distance and seeing as you still had eyes watching your every move, you had made a deal with Gabriel. His time keeping skills were uncannily good in general and you resisted a sigh of relief as you felt the familiar twang indicating his arrival.


“As ever,” you said simply, “is it set up?”

“You’ll have to check that one, Hermione, I don’t know,” Gabriel shrugged. He opened his mouth to say something more but thought better of it and settled for his usual smile before walking over and putting a hand on your shoulder.

You felt the ground shift beneath your feet and you squinted into the sudden dark. Glancing up at the moon, you felt a small smile creep onto your face, there was something enchanting about a full moon in a quiet place, something relaxing. You’d chosen a quiet beach, far away from any major civilisation for the spell, it seemed somewhat poetic but equally if something went wrong at least no one would get hurt.

“Stop worrying, geez,” Gabriel said, ambling over to the sigils and candles already set up in the sand, “I’m flattered it takes this much effort though, should be a party.”

You didn’t reply, you simply set about fiddling with the last herbs and ingredients in silence whilst the archangel stood awkwardly rocking backwards and forwards on the balls of his feet. Everything seemed to be in order within a few minutes and with a final look at the clock on your phone, you sat back on your heels and let out a sigh.

“If I die because of this-”

“Hey now, no point talking like that,” Gabriel frowned but you kept talking anyway.

“If something goes wrong, don’t let Crowley get ahold of my soul for your sake and mine, okay?” You spoke steadily, “you and I both know etiquette would be lost if I ended up downstairs.”

“That won’t happen but your wish is my command, sweetcheeks. Besides chin up, in your current state you’re more likely to end up in p-”

“I don’t want to know,” you said, quickly shaking your head, “I really really don’t want to know.”

“Suit yourself,” he smirked, “so where d'ya want me?”

“Over there,” you muttered, pointing to a small circle of sigils and symbols set apart from the rest. He wandered over and, carefully making sure he didn’t knock anything, stood in the circle. The candle flames flickered and hopped in the breeze but something, probably Gabriel, was just stopping them from blowing themselves out entirely. Rummaging in your backpack, you found the ripped out page of the spell book, both of you had decided that should this work, the page would be burned along with any copies you happened to find.

“See you on the other side,” Gabriel winked, but if you didn’t know better, he almost looked slightly nervous himself. You gave him a firm nod and began to read off of the crumpled sheet.

“Alae duae simul componantur-” you stumbled on your words slightly as you saw one of the candles beginning to burn green out of the corner of your eye. “Separabunt hospitia priuata et caelestis.”

“Well something’s happening,” Gabriel shouted over the wind which had picked up around you.

The page you were reading from shook in the wind and you were worried it would rip but you kept going. You could see Gabriel staring intently at you from his position in the sigils that were now just beginning to glow very faintly, but it seemed to be going okay.

“Separata Gabriel ab anima mea-” A sudden tremor made you stutter again and you felt almost as if you weren’t fully there from sheer adrenaline but the last few lines were in sight. You flicked the combination of herbs into the candle in front of you as you said the next line, wincing as a few sparks flew off.


A thin jet of green flame fired straight up from the candle and then there was nothing. The tips of your ears were cold and stinging from the wind bit other than that, you felt fine. You looked up at the angel who looked about as wary as you felt but the two of you stayed quiet, waiting for something. A few more seconds passed with no sound but the gentle lapping of waves on the shore disturbing you.

“Is that it?” Gabriel said, pulling a face.

“I guess so?” You replied, scanning your eyes over the page again, checking for mistakes but finding none, “do you feel any different?”

“I think I should be asking you that. Get angry, see what happens.”

“I can’t just turn it on, on command!”

“Sure you can, concentrate!”

You frowned and focused on the candle in front of you, you weren’t sure exactly what you were doing so you simply concentrated at it and hoped for the best. You concentrated hard, trying to think of all the upset from Crowley and Rowena too, but it stayed the same.

“Nothing,” you grinned, eyes darting back to the angel who was looking more than a little smug, “it’s not doing a thing!”

“Uh huh,” he said, mirroring your grin, but his eyes weren’t on you. You looked back down at the flame now burning blue and quickly back up to his cheesy grin, “oh no, that isn’t me, sweetheart.”

“What do you mean it’s not-?”

“You’re doing that,” he said, still grinning wildly, “you’re not connected to me anymore, I can feel that much but you’re a real boy, Pinochio and you’ve got no strings.”

You blinked dumbly and shook your head, “no, wait, what do you-?”

Gabriel clicked his fingers and suddenly was holding a small hand mirror. You were about to comment sarcastically on something about vanity when he turned it around to face you. It was your face, that was certain, but it was not your eyes, they were fading slowly from a glowing bright blue, tendrils of white light swam within them until they faded down to normal.

“What the hell…” you trailed off into a small whimper. That wasn’t natural, you weren’t stupid and you sure as hell had never seen that before.

“I don’t have all the answers, Y/N, but I can say you’re not human anymore,” he said, still grinning, “hey, no long faces, it’ll be easier to control now! Oh ho, I’d avoid Crowley for a while though, that’d be a fun stand off…”

You head was spinning and half of what Gabriel was saying was blurring into an incoherent mess. He was excited about something but you were still processing his first sentence. Not human.

“… You should definitely meet those two dorks now, they might just need you, oh, and my little brother, Cas, is going to have a field day trying to work you out!” Gabriel was beginning to pace a little now but he stopped when he realised your eyes had entirely glossed over. “Hey, smile kiddo, you’re a one of a kind too now!”

“Yeah great,” you said quietly, barely audible over the wind before rearranging your features into trying to look confident, “so, um, what am I?”

Gabriel let out a laugh and threw out his arms theatrically, “welcome to the big leagues, sweetcheeks, you’re a nephilim.”

Aizen and Askin argue about who has the better hair lock

As requested by anon. :)

Aizen: What a ridiculous thing to argue about.

Aizen: My hair lock is the original hair lock.

Aizen: And original is always better.

Askin: You mean like the original hogyoku? Which Urahara made?


Askin: Hey, man! No need to yell! Just messin’ with you.

Askin: To be honest, I don’t think originality matters much at all.

Askin: What matters is which is better.

Askin: And mine is clearly superior. It’s curly, for one thing!

Askin: Got some twist to it.

Askin: Yours is straight and therefore boring.

Aizen: It is straight to represent my control.

Aizen: Your hair lock is like a wild coiled spring.

Askin: …are coiled springs notoriously wild?

Aizen: They are certainly not very neat.

Aizen: Anyway, my hair lock is longer.

Askin: Uh, no it isn’t. Our hair locks are the same length.

Askin: They go across our nose and stop right above our mouth.

Aizen: Except when I evolved, that is!

Aizen: Then my hair lock went below my chin! It was very very long!

Aizen: Therefore it is better.

Askin: So more is better, huh?

Askin: Well have you noticed that my hair lock is actually *two* hair locks?

Askin: You can see it in some panels, when the two strands come apart, say in a breeze.

Askin: And by your own logic, two is better than one!

Aizen: Speaking as someone whose goal it is to occupy the empty throne in the sky - alone - I would not agree with that.

Aizen: A single, powerful individual - or hair lock - is better than two.

Aizen: To say nothing of the fact that your hair lock is completely meaningless.

Askin: What? Unlike yours?

Aizen: Yes, unlike mine.

Aizen: My hair lock is symbolic of my ascent. It is symbolic of my casting away of my shinigami disguise and the beginning of my ascent to the sky.

Aizen: That is why it got longer as I evolved.

Aizen: Because of symbolism.

Askin: And also ‘cause all your hair got longer, right?

Aizen: Also because of symbolism.

Aizen: My hair lock is also softer.

Askin: You can’t say that! There’s no touch in a manga!

Aizen: True, but you don’t look like somebody who washes your hair very often.

Aizen: Nobody wants to touch a greasy hair lock.

Askin: You know hair is healthier when it’s washed less often, right?

Aizen: That sounds like a Quincy lie.

Askin: Look, bro, my hair lock just exists. It’s not the center of my identity. It’s not symbolic of some sort of personal growth bullshit. It just is.

Askin: Personally, I think that’s a bit cooler than your hair lock, which you frankly care WAY too much about.

Askin: You and your hair lock seriously need to chill.

Aizen: Well of course your hair lock is not the center of your identity. Everybody who sees it is simply reminded of me.

Aizen: You and your stupid derivative hair lock.

Askin: You need to chill more than I thought.


Winchester brothers-Dads on a hunting trip Part 2

Title: Dad’s on a hunting trip Part 2

Pairings: Winchester brothers x Sister (Wolf)

Word count:1118

Request:I just read dads on a hunting trip and loved it! I was wondering if you were doing or had done a second part to it?

Request:Can you do a part two on the dad on a hunting trip or the Winchester brothers which ever one is the title

A/N: This is a story not a reader insert, I was pathetic and named the character after myself cause Wolf needs some lovin too. Also this won’t follow the exact lines they use in the show. 

Links:Dad’s on a hunting trip

The sound of Baby’s tires screeching to a stop, echoed in my ears. Dean swung his leg over the seat as he pushed open the Impala door. 

‘’You want any breakfast, Sammy?’’Dean asked, peering his head through the low down window. Sam shook his head, eyes scanning through Dean’s music as Dean gave a shrug and took off. 

My stomach tensed when I knew it was only me and Sammy in the car. I continued to pretended to be asleep. Evening out my breathing and relaxing my  muscles. 

Dean finally returned, arguing with Sammy about his music taste to which Sam snapped back about his name not being ‘Sammy’ since it sounded like a chubby twelve year old. 

‘’Dean…’’Sam trailed off, eyes glancing in the mirror up at me. ‘’Is she supposed to sleep for this long?’’Sam asked worriedly. Dean’s face flushed slightly as he glared at Sam, a opportunity to release a little anger he had been holding in for Sam leaving. 

‘’Yes, I know you wouldn’t know that since you left when she was so young, but she sleeps like this all the time’’Dean grumbled, eyes narrowing. 

Sam scoffed, shuffling in his seat to face his pissed brother. ‘’Thanks for throwing that into my face Dean, I’ve already told you why I left and if you’re too selfish to accept that!’’Sam growled back. 

Dean’s fingers tightened around the wheel, rubber screeching against his skin. 

‘’And just so you know, Mr. Perfect brother.. Sleeping for this isn’t healthy’’Sam snapped.  

‘’Oh Mr. Collage boy know it all now then?’’Dean hissed, brows raised. ‘’She’s my sister and of course I know it isn’t healthy, but us hunters should get as much sleep as we can get!’’Dean added. 

That shook Sam, and Dean knew it. I knew it. Sam was silent as he turned back around in his seat and crossed his arms. Dean now felt guilt burning up inside of him as he looked at his baby brother. 

‘’Stop doing that Dean’’Sam whispered with a soft sad tone. 

‘’Doing what?’’Dean replied, brows furrowed in confusion. 

‘’Saying she’s your sister.’’Sam gruttled out. ‘’She’s my sister too’’Sam mumbled. ‘’And don’t class her as a hunter Dean’’.

‘’She is a hunter, Sammy’’Dean sighed softly. ‘’If you can accept that then-’’

‘’The you should go back to your apple pie life’’I snarled as I sat up. I leaned over taking the burger from Dean’s hand as I unwrapped the packet.

Sam jumped, startled at my awaking as he turned around, eyes widening at my appearance. 

‘’Wolf?’’Sam repeated, eyes squinting as if he was trying to see the old me. Sam couldn’t believe his eyes. What once was a girl with tanned, golden, sun kissed skin was now pale and looked cold to the touch. 

Beautiful light blonde waves were now a dark shadowing black that fell in messy curls. Eyes that were once bluer than the sea on a soft summer’s day were now grey and dull, pain and sorrow beheaded beneath the grey orbs. 

But what shocked Sam the most was a long pink scar that ran straight from the top of my forehead, going through my discoloured eyes that was now a green-y, brown-y colour and straight down to the edge of my jawline. 

Sam’s eyes searched mine, his soft warm hazel ones feeling odd whenever they meet my cold grey one and my slightly discoloured one. He used to feel love and always felt safe whenever he looked into my eyes, he loved how warm the blue was but now he felt pain and a horrid shiver run up his spine. 

It was like he was in the car with a total stranger. He then felt anger, angry at himself for letting me get hurt to the point where I was now scarred for life. 

Not saying anything more since it seemed I was completely different from who I were, including my personality, Sam turned back around until Dean pulled up to a motel. 

Heading into the motel, Sam caught up to Dean whilst I walked ahead. He grabbed the bottom of Dean’s wrist, tugging it gently as Dean turned around to face Sam. They walked at a sow pace as Sam glanced towards you. 

‘’Dean, what happened to Wolf?’’Sam questioned, voice low as if he didn’t want to hear the answer. Dean shook his head, Sam frowning at his brothers reply. 

‘’I can’t tell you Sammy. It’s not my place too. She doesn’t like talking about it’’Dean said as Sam looked at him astounded. 

‘’Dean, she’s my siste-’’

‘’Stop doing that!’’Dean snapped, stopping as he turned to sam. Sam jumped, eyes widening as he looked innocently at his older brother.

‘’Doing what?!’’He yelped. 

‘’If you think she’s your sister too then why do you have to keep reminding everyone huh? Haven’t you noticed you keep saying ‘she’s my sister’. I think your  subconscious is doing it because you feel guilty for leaving and letting something happen.’’Dean snapped as all three of us entered the motel room. 

Putting on some headphones I tuned out what my brothers were saying. Dean leaned over handing Sam a burger.

‘’Don’t want it’’Sam grimaced, shaking  his head at the greasy burger. 

‘’Give it to Wolf then’’Dean shrugged, happily chomping down on his own burger. 

Sam sighed as he held out his burger. He was sitting to the left of you but when you ignored him he just gave Dean a pointed look. 

‘’She’s not talking to me Dean’’Sam sighed sadly. Dean’s mouth fell before he shook his head, crumbs flying everywhere. 

‘’No, Dude.’’Dean said, shaking his head as he wiped his mouth. I had no idea what was going on since my ears where filled with my music but  knew Dean was talking to Sam. 

‘’She’s blind’’Dean explained before taking the burger out of Sam’s hand and showing it to me in my good eye. I pulled down my earphones, hands reaching out and grabbing the burger with ease. Chomping down on the burger I happily swallowed the greasy fat. 

Sam sat in shock at the information. He waited until I had pulled my earphones back up and then turned to Dean, hitting him on his arm. 

‘’ow!’’Dean whined. ‘’What was that for?!’’Dean yelped, rubbing his sore arm as he gave Sam his classical bitch face to which Sam returned his own. 

‘’Oh, erm.. I dunno, leaving out the fact that’s she’s blind in one eye!’’Sam cried. 

‘’I just told you!’’Dean growled in defence. 

‘’Dean, what the hell happened?!’’Sam pleaded, eyes begging. 

‘’I can’t tell you, Sammy’’Dean sighed, placing down his burger. ‘’You’ll have to ask her’’.

‘’Dean…She hates me’’

Things I want that won’t happen because if Ashley was available to play then she’d be with the party somehow instead of chatting with Whitestone residents:

Gilmore commiserating with Pike about unrequited love and the agony of wanting to protect them but knowing that you can’t always be with them, so you do the best you can while you can, even as you have to watch them be in love with somebody else.

Allura trying to convince Pike to just tell him while they work on tracking down Hotis, because it worked out for her and listen, maybe it won’t work out but what if it does? You don’t want to regret all the moments you could have had and time you could have spent with him just because you thought he wouldn’t care. 

And Kima standing nearby piping up like, and anyway if he’s an ass about it, you’ve got a mace, just bash his face in, okay? Actually, with the taller races you gotta go for the knees first to get them down to your level - hey let’s go set up some training dummies and practice.

Cassandra teasing Pike about having a crush on her brother and at first it’s just playful and friendly, and Pike actually really likes it because it feels normal and makes her forget that all her friends are on another plane of existence and she can’t be with them. But then one day Cass calls her Pike de Rolo and asks if her future nieces and nephews are going to be unusually small and something about it just hits Pike’s heart the wrong way, and Pike sighs and says “I think it’s more likely they’re going to have elf blood in them.”

and Cassandra just - “Oh. You noticed that too, huh?”

“Probably before you did.”

“Probably. …Do you want a drink?”


Request: Not For Us

Request: Can you do one where the reader is Sam’s daughter and after she has a horrible nightmare and wakes up screaming he decides that they can’t live the hunting life anymore. So they move away and begin a new life but then the reader says she can’t live a normal life because she’s too far into it now and she’s become too close to Dean to leave him, so then they move back. Thank you!!

Request: Can you do a song imagine based off of Breathe Me by Sia? And can it be readerxSam, but more of a father daughter relationship? Thank you!

Word Count: 1,959

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Ah!” You wake with a shock of terror running down your spine, fleeting images of fading loved ones still plaguing your mind. Though you only see the remnants of the dream for a moment, each one remains in perfect clarity and the fright of seeing your parents and uncle dying before you keeps your stomach churning and your mind whirling.

You barely have time to wipe at your sleepy, teared-up eyes before your dad bursts into the motel room. His eyes are wide and there’s a gun in his hand, ready to fight off whatever threat so much as dares to take a look at you.

“Y/N?” He stares at you for a second, and you straighten your back.

“I’m okay. Just a dream.” You say, offering a tentative smile, “Seriously. Nothing to worry about.”

He frowns, “A dream? Like, about the hunt?”

You had just got done with a hunt earlier that day. Your dad was loathe to let you go on it but you and Dean pleaded with him, and eventually he relented. Whether he likes it or not, you’ve become somewhat of an integral part of the team over the past year or so – since you turned sixteen, really.

Anyhow, the hunt had been one of the more unpleasant – a djinn had gotten a taste for teen girls, and naturally, you’d volunteered yourself as bait when nothing else had prevailed. Though you hadn’t been drugged at all, and Sam and Dean had gotten to you before anything bad happened, you were left a little shaken.

“I don’t think so. Just general… stuff.”

“Don’t lie, Y/N. Please.”

“I’m not!” You insist, maybe too quickly, “I just… yeah. The usual. Mom, you, Dean.”

He sighs, running a hand through his hair, “I’m sick of this. I can’t just let you be scared like this.”

“I’m not scared.” You tell him, “Not anymore.”

“I don’t want you scared at all. Ever.” He takes a breath, “Get some sleep, okay? We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

“Sure.” You nod, flopping back down into the pillows. Sam waits there until your breathing slows, chest rising and falling at a regular wait, before going back to his own room.

You’re not asleep, though. You’re just thinking.

You lost your mom at thirteen, nearly five years ago. You’d been told stories of your dad your whole life, how strong and good he was, how he was kind and gentle but brave and skilled. She told you he’d had to leave because of his job, but had given you a phone number.

You’d never really thought about ringing it. It had just sat there in your phone for a few years until the night after she died – she was the only other family you had and you were sat there in the police station. What are we going to do with her? Where does she go from here? The same questions all night, until it clicked. I’ll call my dad. You’d thought and though nerves boiled your stomach at the mere thought of it, you’d pulled up your contacts and pressed call.

You’ve never looked back since.

He was there by dawn, and it was strange. He was everything your mom told you and more and for some absurd reason, though you were total strangers; never met in your lives, the second he walked into the room you ran at him and he hugged you so tight.

The first couple of weeks had been hard. Sam expected you to blame him – he’d come clean straight away, about why he left, what killed your mother. Everything. But you hadn’t. Not at all. You couldn’t have known, you’d told him, You’re only human too. He’d been so surprised that you didn’t blame him.

You’d started hunting when you turned sixteen – the exact same time Dean had begun teaching you to drive. He’s kept you away from his beloved Baby, though, preferring to teach you in an older, beat-up truck of Bobby’s that you’d come to inherit.

Lately, though, he’s been mentioning getting out of the life, getting you a better education and through college (just once, you’d expressed interest in helping people mentally after traumatic incidents so he has his mind set on you doing psychology) and a house and a job and maybe even a dog, which you’re more than aware is a dream of his.

You fall asleep with memories playing through your mind and a smile on your face.


“Morning, kiddo.” Sam knocks on the motel room door and comes in, “You awake?”

“I am now.” You say, but you were sat up anyway, “How’s it going?”

“It’s good,” He says, handing you a steaming styrofoam mug, “I got exciting news.”

“Come on then.”

“We’re getting out.”

“What?” Your eyes widen, “What do you mean, ‘getting out’?”

“I found us a little place. It’s nothing fancy but you’ll get an actual room of your own and there’s a community college right out of the town and a bigger one not far away, and they’re looking for a handyman in the bar and maybe you can get a little job if you find the time but we’ll make it by.” He’s obviously excited and you can’t help but smile against the inner turmoil bubbling at your mind.


“I’m sick of you having these nightmares. It’s affecting you, Y/N, whether you want it to or not. And I don’t want you being a part of this, so we’re getting out. Now.” He grins, “What do you think?”

“I think- wow.” You take a breath, “That’s… woah.” You offer a smile, “I just… that’s great, I guess.”

“Aren’t you happy?”

“No, I am!” You insist, “I am. This is amazing. It’s just weird. What about Dean?”

“I think he wants to keep going. We’ll still see him, though.” Your dad promises. You run a hand through your hair.

“When do we go?”


Today?” You inhale sharply, eyes widening, “Like… today, today?”

“Yeah, today! No better time than the present, right?”

“I guess.” You nod, “Yeah. Sure.”

It’s weird, packing your stuff up, thinking to yourself, is this the last motel? It’s weird to think that you won’t be hunting anymore, but be normal. No more quick coursework during overnight car journeys (you’d bagged a wonderful teacher who got everything you needed over the internet and emailed it to you) no more waking up at obscene hours to make an emergency dash to another state, no more.

It’s partially relieving, sure, but also scary. New things and all that.


“Morning, Dad.” You smile, picking up the orange juice he’d left on the table. He’s at the cooker, apparently making pancakes.

“Hey, Y/N. How’s it going?”

“I’m okay.”

It’s the same routine every morning. You get up at eight, and he’s already awake, you eat breakfast together, and then he goes to work. Every morning for the past three weeks. You talk to Dean every other way and a day doesn’t go by without him texting you in the middle of your work shift – you got a couple of hours’ work in a little family-owned cafe in the town.

It really is a little, apple-pie, picket-fence life.

But it’s just not the same. You find yourself missing the adventure, missing the thrill – you even miss your dad, you don’t see him half as much as you did. You miss Dean and you miss the Impala, you miss the nights spent drinking and playing poker and you miss flirting with guys to distract them so you can hustle at pool and you miss seeing new things every day, never the same place twice.

You keep it quiet, though, knowing that your dad is happy. You’ll get used to it, you figure, and when the college goes back from summer you’ll make friends and finally be normal.

It’s about eleven at night when it all comes to a head. You’re in your room, playing some stupid game on your laptop, and you hear your dad’s phone ring. It’s Dean’s ringtone and your first thought is, 'has something happened? Is he okay?’

Naturally, you can’t help yourself from creeping to the top of the stairs and listening in to the half of the conversation you can hear.

No, Dean.” Your dad says, but you can almost hear the resolve cracking, “We’re finally normal. She can be normal and happy here.”

I think she’s happy. She seems happy. She’s still adjusting.”

I don’t care what she told you. She only wants you to be happy.”

I don’t want her to lose herself in this. It’s about her, not me.”

I know it’s not the same, but you know you’re always welcome here.”

I know. I know. I’m sorry. Talk to you later?”

You hear the phone being placed on the table, and Sam sighs. You slip down the stairs, standing in the doorway. He’s staring absentmindedly out the window into the darkness, apparently not having noticed you.


“Huh?” He turns around, quickly, breathing a sigh of relief when he sees it’s just you, “Everything okay, kiddo?”

“I’m fine.” You nod, leaning against the doorframe, “But… Dad, are you happy here?”

“What do you mean? Of course I’m happy here. Aren’t you?”

“Dad. We’re talking about you. Are you happy here? Please, please don’t lie for my sake. Please. You owe me this much.”

He sighs, “It’s different.”

“Different?” You raise an eyebrow, “You miss hunting?”

“It’s hard to throw away a lifetime in three weeks, Y/N. I’m adjusting, just like you are.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? Twenty? Still here? Still ordinary?” You ask softly, “Or do you see yourself back with Dean on the road?”

He stays quiet, but that’s all you need to know.

“Dad, seriously. I… I think we’ve both seen and done too much to just drop out like this.” You admit, “I miss it too. I miss being on the road and seeing new things and as amazing as this is, it’s claustrophobic. A house is nothing compared to an open road.” You sigh, “I know you don’t feel at home here. Your home is with Dean in the Impala, racing along the road to classic rock. I miss him too, Dad. I do. This isn’t home. Not to me, not to you. There’s nothing wrong with it, but…”

“It’s not right.” He finishes, and you nod.

“Yeah. Not for us, anyway.” You agree. Sam sighs.

“We made a good go of it, right?”

“Yeah, we did.” You nod, “We did. And we realised that it’s just not right for us, and that’s okay. Okay?”

“Okay.” He nods, standing up and wrapping an arm around your shoulders, “You always know what to say, don’t you?”

You shrug, “It’s a gift.”

He laughs, and you hug him.

“Thanks, Dad.” You whisper, “I know… I know you want the best for me, and I appreciate it. You’re doing the best you can and it’s better than anything, ever.”

He smiles, squeezing you tight for a moment, “Don’t worry about it, kiddo. I’ll let Dean know we’re coming back, you get some sleep. Big day tomorrow.”

“Sure. Don’t be too late.” More than once you’ve come downstairs at three or four for some water and found him still awake, “Love you.”

“Love you too, kid. Sleep tight.”

“Will do.”

Heart hammering wildly in her chest, Sakura stared up at the figure rising towards the sky. A heavy dread was settling in her stomach and panicked thoughts ran through her mind: Oh no, oh no no no no no, this can’t be happening, this can’t, this just can’t be–


At the sound of Sasuke’s voice, Sakura paused suddenly. She looked over at the imposing Susanoo descending a few feet ahead of her. The purple, winged structure was quickly vanishing, leaving Sasuke alone and unprotected on the ground. For a moment, Sakura watched him, mesmerized. He was staring overhead, at the huge full moon and at Madara’s still silhouette. His face was a grimace of anger and slight, barely-perceptible fear, which she could see only because she was one of the few people that truly knew him, that truly cared enough to learn to read him. He clearly knew, as well as she did, that they were about to lose this battle.

The world as they knew it was about to disappear forever, and not even Sasuke could handle that.

“Naruto! We need to get up there!” Sasuke shouted when he spotted the blond running back towards them, his shadow clones disappearing in clouds of smoke behind him.

“Get up there?” Naruto repeated, diverting his afflicted blue gaze to the moon. “Dammit… What are we going to do?!”

“Stop him, you idiot!” Sasuke replied, clearly losing his temper. “Can you fly?”

“Uh, well, maybe-”

“Good, then let’s go. We’ve no time to waste.”

The Susanoo reappeared, at the same time Naruto closed his eyes and created a structure similar to Sasuke’s, except that it was shaped as one of the tailed beasts; Sakura could not recognize which one. The two structures stood side by side, one purple and the other orange, one Sasuke and the other Naruto, looking up at the sky.

Sakura stared at them, rapid heartbeats slowing achingly. She wondered why she wasn’t there with them – why she was never as powerful as her two boys, no matter how hard she trained or how courageous she forced herself to be. She was always weak and unnecessary – nothing but a stupid, stupid burden – a reckless damsel in constant distress. At least I’ve tried to be better, she thought, and then, Yes, but not it is never enough; it’ll never be.

She was so sick and tired of this self-hatred and this disappointment boiling her blood. If the world was ending today, the last thing she wanted to do in her life was ending this old habit of stepping back and leaving everything on the boys’ hands.

“Wait!” she screamed, getting on her feet and running towards the structures. “Guys, I’m going with you!”

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Thanks for the prompt! I threw in a little bit of Nicomaki too (naturally). Still accepting prompts HERE.

“I’m hungry.” Rin complained petulantly, her upper half draped over the table in the middle of the room. “Why couldn’t we have this club meeting at school?”

“Because someone has responsibilities as the student council president.” Umi said, shooting Honoka a warning look. “So we had to help her catch up on her work.”

Honoka laughed in response, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. She didn’t mean to slack off, she was just easily distracted. “I’m sorry, Umi-chan. I didn’t mean to make you and Kotori-chan work more than you had to.”

Kotori melted at the sad glance she received from Honoka. She patted the other girl’s hand, her attention focused on Umi. “She’s getting better at it, Umi-chan.”

“You’re too soft on her.” Umi mumbled though she stopped complaining. She couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she was too soft on both of them, in her own way.

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What She Didn’t Hear

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                                                Stand Alone
What She Didn’t Hear

So I found this is a folder, I wrote it back early last year. So it is an older one. Enjoy xx

WORD COUNT: 2100ish

‘It’s not that, Sammy,’ Dean sighed. ‘I just wished I wasn’t waking up to her every day, down the hall or across from me. I hate seeing her like this, every day. I hate having to look at her like my sister.’
Y/N froze, right now there was no words, no thoughts, no nothing. Dean hated her being around? Hated her? The two had grown up together, since Bobby had taken her in when she was 10. Sure the two had their moments. They’d fought, but this? They had always gotten along well. Y/N walked back slowly to her room not wanting to here anymore.

Dean poured himself another glass of whiskey.

‘Talk to her Dean,’ Sam suggested.

‘And what make things worse? Have her hate me for it? Have Bobby hate me? I’ll pass.’

Sam watched as his brother downed more whiskey, tried to drown more of his sorrows. He knew it wouldn’t work. It never had, it just made him brood and sulk some more.

Dean moved about the kitchen the next morning, making French toast. He knew Y/N had a soft spot for it, and with how he was feeling he needed a pick me up. And nothing was better than the smile she wore when he cooked that for breakfast.

‘She not up yet?’ Sam commented as he walked sleepily into the kitchen, his hair in disarray.

Dean shook his head. It wasn’t like her to sleep in that often. Even on days off she was up at the crack of dawn.

‘French toast? I thought you weren’t going to tell her?’

‘I’m not, I just…Shut up, Sammy,’ Dean grumbled.

‘You’re going to drive yourself nuts trying to woo her without actually wooing her, Dean. Especially if she starts dating someone else.’

‘I know,’ Dean growled. ‘But our relationship’s been brother and sister since we were kids. How do you tell your “sister”,’ he said, using air quotes, ‘that she’s the girl of your dreams? Without it sounding creepy and well disgusting or wrong.’

‘You know she’s not actually our sister right? Not in anyway,’ Sam grinned.

‘I know, it’s just she’s been raised as one since she was what 10?’

‘Well technically she was more of a cousin, if Bobby’s like an adopted Uncle.’

‘Kissing cousins? You’re not helping Sammy.’

‘Dean, you’ve been in love with her and totally obsessed since the day she arrived on Bobby’s doorstep.’

Dean thought back to that day, she had arrived duffle slung over her shoulders. She had walked and caught buses the 150 miles from her Dad’s last hunt, a djinn hunt gone wrong, to find Bobby, a man she never met but put her faith in. Even at 10 she was more mature and intelligent than more 18 year olds. He still remembered the way she handled herself and put Dean on his arse when he approached. She has had him wrapped around her finger and completely obsessed with her ever since.

Dean grabbed a plate of toast and headed to Y/N’s room. Sam was right, she wasn’t technically their sister in anyway. Some people had assumed she was, and they never bothered to correct them. She was family, there was no point. Over the past few years, Dean had got increasingly jealous at other men as they came near her, as they flirted with her. He found the little things were starting to turn him on all the more. The way she moved her lips when she was concentrating on something. How she would lick or suck the sauce off her thumb when she was cooking. The way she moved when she stretched after a run or breathed heavy after a training session. She was the only reason Dean trained. Not just to make sure that she was skilled enough to stay safe, becoming pinned under her or vica versa wasn’t a total loss of the time.

‘C’mon Sweetheart, the sun’s shining, birds are tweeting and the smoke alarm is singing. Breakfast is ready, time to get up,’ he called, opening the door. ‘Y/N?’ he asked, checking her bathroom.

He wondered if he had passed her in the hall and missed her, had she gotten up before he did?

‘Y/N?’ he called, walking into the gym to find it empty. ‘Y/N!’ he called, even louder, checking the laundry.

He walked slowly back into the kitchen.

‘Did she have an appointment or something?’ he asked Sam.    

‘None she mentioned. Maybe she’s out running, it’s meant to be a good day for it.’

‘Maybe,’ Dean frowned.

By lunch Y/N hadn’t returned and Dean was starting to worry. He had tried her cell but there was no answer and she hadn’t called them back. It wasn’t like her at all. She knew they worried, she knew he worried. Hell, the odd time she’s picked up she’s even text him to say she was ok and if she was staying out or not.

Mid afternoon rolled around and Dean was on edge and pacing the bunker. They were going to have to call Bobby. And that was a conversation he was not looking forward to especially since they had no idea about anything.

Dean heard a noise and ran towards the garage, he had never been so relieved in his life as to when he saw her coming through the door.

‘Where the hell have you been?’ he screamed.

Y/N just stood there blinking at him.

‘You disappeared Y/N, didn’t answer your phone, didn’t call or message. I’ve been going out of my mind with worry.’


‘Yes worry!’

‘Right, sure. That’s very courteous of you, considering,’ she spat.

Dean just looked at her, his jaw dropped. Something was wrong. Y/N never talked like this. Dean watched as she glared at him a bit longer before she walked off to her bedroom.

‘What the hell was that?’

‘I don’t know,’ Sam commented, watching the doorway Y/N had just gone through.

‘She’s not normally that bitchy or well anything like that,’ Dean frowned. ‘And it’s not like it’s you know, that time or anything. Plus, even when it is, she’s not like that. She’s just more tired and gets headaches easier.’

‘Should I be concerned you know when that time is?’ Sam laughed.

‘Really? 17 years of seeing her regularly or living with her and you haven’t noticed when she’s getting or having her…you know.’

‘No,’ Sam frowned.

‘Huh. Something’s wrong with her Sam.’

Dean walked down the hall and knocked on her door, he tried walking in but it was locked. That wasn’t like her either. She never locked her door. It was one of those unwritten laws among the three of them.


Dean tried for over an hour to get her to open the door, to talk to him but she ignored him.

Over the next two days Dean felt himself dying inside. Y/N was pissed at him. He had figured that part out. Only because when he wasn’t around she would talk to Sam. Dean spent the time trying to figure out what he did to upset her. He tried to talk to her, but she ignored him. It was destroying him. He spent his fight fighting back tears and struggling to keep from screaming as the pain in his chest just grew worse each time she walked away.

Sam walked into the workout room and found Y/N using the training stand. She was working hard at it, her arms flying through the air. She was venting, not training. He walked up next to her and waited for her to stop so he could talk.

‘Wanna talk about it?’
‘Nothing to discuss.’  

‘How about why all of a sudden you are pissed at Dean?’  

‘I’m not pissed.’  

‘Looks that way.’  

‘I’m just having some issues and I’m sorting them out.’    

Sam went to talk but Y/N walked off. Dean was right, something was wrong with her. She was angry, upset and her normal happy eyes were in some kind of serious pain.    

Dean was walking down the passage to Y/N’s room when he saw her approaching him.  

‘Can we talk please?’ he begged.  

Y/N kept walking, so Dean grabbed her arm. He was done waiting. He wanted answers. He saw her wince, and Dean frowned. He turned her arm over and noticed the red welts, bruising and swelling on her forearms.    

‘What the hell?’ he gasped. ‘What happened?’  

Y/N looked at him with that same emotionless glare she had used last time and his heart broke some more.  

‘Y/N, I don’t know what I did. But I am sorry. Please let me fix it. I can handle anyone else mad at me, even Sammy but not you. Never you. I can’t do this. Please let me fix it.’  

He watched as her face wavered slightly but it didn’t soften.  

‘It’s breaking my heart, Y/N. Let me make it better.’  

Y/N yanked her arm out of Dean’s hand and walked off. She lay on her bed and cried for a while. She had never been so confused in her life. Dean tells Sam he doesn’t want her around and yet he can’t handle it when she tries to distance herself.  

Later that night Y/N walked out through the bunker with her bags, she was heading back to Bobby’s for a while, while she sorted herself out.    

‘Where are you going?’ Sam asked.  

His presence caused Y/N to jump.    

‘Dad’s I guess, for a bit then I’m not sure from there.’  

‘You’re leaving?’    

‘It’s for the best.’  

‘No, you and Dean sorting this out is for the best. Abandoning us isn’t.’  

‘I’m not abandoning you or Dean. It’s what he wants, I don’t see how that’s abandonment.’

‘He doesn’t want this Y/N. He’s never wanted you gone.’  

‘It’s sweet you’re lying for him. But I heard him, Sammy. I heard him tell you “I just wished I wasn’t waking up to her every day, down the hall or across from me. I hate seeing her like this, every day. I hate having to look at her like my sister”.’    

‘Sam can you give us a minute,’ Dean’s voice came from behind Y/N, causing her to jump.

Sam nodded and headed to his room.  

‘You misunderstood,’ Dean said quietly.  

‘It’s pretty hard to misunderstand that.’  

Dean moved around so he was facing Y/N and took her bags out of her hands and placed them on the table.    

‘I don’t want you down the hall or lying in the bed across from me Y/N, because I want you in the bed with me. I hate seeing you like this, every day where I can’t touch you, or tell you how I feel.’    

He looked at the tears that rolled down her cheeks and he struggled with himself. He wanted nothing more than to wipe them away.    

‘And I really hate having to look at you like a sister, because what I want to do to you would be so wrong if you were actually my sister. It would be rather gross and probably illegal.’  

He watched as she gave a small laugh through the tears.  

‘I have been struggling to be around you since we were kids. And it’s only getting worse. I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t. But I can’t help it. You the first and last thing I think about every day, and then a million times in between.’    

Dean watched as she wiped the tears from her face, as her eyeliner smudged slightly and the pain and anger in her eyes thawed. He looked at her and smiled, she had never looked more appealing or more beautiful than right now. He reached out and took her hand, holding his breath until he realised she hadn’t pulled away.    

Dean moved in a little bit closer and went to go kiss her. She shook her head and moved back. Dean felt his heart break.  

‘I’m all gross and snotty and teary and-,’ she explained, her words being cut off as Dean crashed his lips into hers.  

‘Not actually caring, Sweetheart,’ Dean chuckled, kissing her again. ‘God, I should have done that years ago,’ he muttered.  

His hands shifted to her waist and he pulled her in tighter.    

‘That wasn’t too weird?’ he asked.  

Y/N shook her head at him and Dean grinned.  

‘Thank God.’  

He kissed her again making sure she understood, there was no chance in hell he wanted her gone or to ever look at her like a sister. He wanted her as his girl.

sakikikuhoshino  asked:

"How long have you been there?"

“Huh?” Shimei hadn’t noticed she was seen before it was too late. “Uhm..not very long…! I haven’t seen you before. What’s your name? I’m Shiemi!”

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Freewood "I'm not cut out for this"!

Ahh this one was really fun, thank you for the prompt!! <3

Word Count: 2,350

Ryan first notices it when he catches a flash of reluctance in Gavin’s eyes as he aims his gold-plated pistol and fires off a round into the forehead of a cop in the middle of a heist. It’s barely a flicker of hesitation but it still happened. It stirs up some curiosity within Ryan’s mind, but he leaves it at that; nothing more than curiosity.

The second time is far less significant, but there’s no denying the fact that Gavin just knocked out a bank teller instead of shooting her. The others will assume that he’s saving bullets, but Ryan is close enough to hear the “I’m sorry” he mutters into the lady’s ear before clocking her around the back of her head with his gun.

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