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i was thinking more about you gotta die sometime and the "my head high in the air" line and how the moments before he did die he was too weak to even hold his head up properly so literally he couldn't but he made sure marvin held him up so he could be with the family and he thanked jason and i think that figuratively he absolutely did die with his head high in the air.

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Hello I heard you loved tannanoya and I was wondering g if you could draw some?? ^ ^ {○◇○} hoot (^^^^^^)

A dood for u 👍

Daesung’s voice is srsly one of the most beautiful sounds my ears ever were blessed with. it’s such a perfect soothing, husky, soft but yet powerful voice. it’s so expressive. like i’m so in love with just his voice? even if i wouldn’t know what they look like or what kind of personality they have, i would do anything for a person with such a beautiful voice

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Prompt: John keeps trying to flirt with Sherlock, but it keeps going over his head.

“Hey Sherlock, there’s this science exhibit in town this weekend. Do you want to go?”

“I’d love to, if I weren’t already busy this weekend, sorry John.”

“John, can you pass me a pen?”

“If you say the magic word.”



“Oh, you mean please. Please, John.”

“Wow, who would’ve thunk I’d get you to beg twice in one go.”

“You’re being rather odd.”

“Sherlock, how does this tie make me look?”

“Very nice, I’d say. Wait, when did you get it?”


“Hm. It suits you.”

“Your suit suits you.”

Sherlock just raised a brow.

John sat in his chair, looking across at Sherlock as he sat opposite him. He looked down as he began to think to himself. He’d been trying to get Sherlock’s attention all week, but nothing has happened, and he’s starting to lose hope.

He sighed as he stood and slowly started making his way out of the room, but then Sherlock stopped him.

“John, have you been … flirting with me lately?”

“Nice of you to finally notice,” he shrugged. “I’ll stop if it’s bothering you.”

“No, no, it’s not bothering me. It’s just - I normally don’t pick up on these things, and I didn’t expect you to do … that … to me.”

“Well who else would I do it to?”

“I don’t know, a girl? Someone better looking and better at being a human being?”

“Sherlock, you’re the only one I have an eye out for, and you can’t even see it. Well, until now.”



“I … don’t stop. Don’t ever stop being you.”

John smiled and shook his head fondly at the man.

“I won’t, whatever that means.”

“It means don’t ever stop flirting with me. It means always come home and announce that you’re here so that I can be happy upon your arrival. It means don’t stop making me fall in love with you.”

John had no words to describe his feelings, but he knows he definitely loves this man with every breath that he has.

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Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo

Audience- Jun Fluff

Originally posted by animequeenn13

Request: Hiiiii can i request a Junhui fluff where reader is best friends with svt and suddenly Jun confesses his love to her while the rest go hide and watch from a distance please?

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 853 (I’m sorry it’s so short, I have major writers block right now.)


A/N: Hey guys, I have made a decent break into my inbox and just wanted to let everybody know that I need more requests for future works! Just please remember to make your request specific and if you request under an account, it is most likely going to be done sooner! Anyway, I decided to try writing this in 3rd person pov to see if that fixes some of my grammatical issues I have been noticing lately. Also, thank you to galaxycyndaquil for helping me fix up some parts of this scenario! Ya’ll should go check out her blog.xx

 Vernon slipped around the corner, releasing a loud howl of excitement as Seungkwan chased behind him. Dino and Minghao were having a grand Mario Kart race as Hoshi, Joshua, and Woozi sat behind them cheering every few seconds. Seungcheol and Jeonghan sat on the couch, talking quietly as they continued to wonder how their parenting of the large group of teens went so wrong. Jun, on the other hand, sat in a corner looking at his phone and smiling every few seconds.

(Y/N): TBH you might have to stop me from throwing myself off a cliff… my professor is being a complete ass…

Jun: lol I will make sure to keep you alive until finals. Do you wanna come over to the dorm and help keep me sane from being around these idiots?

(Y/N): I will on one condition: send me the answers to the calculus homework.

Jun: [jpeg.img sent] Hurry up, I’m going insane.

 Sighing, Jun tucked his phone in his pocket as he observed the boys continuously running around the dorm. He ran a hand through his fluffy hair and began to walk to the front of the house. Quickly and carelessly, he slipped on his jacket and shoes, walking out the front door to meet (Y/N) halfway. The crisp spring air bit at his cheeks as he stuffed his thin hands further into his pockets. 

 Along both sides of the road, small bushes of flowers that were just beginning to bloom framed the sidewalk. Leaves from the tall, aged oak trees scattered themselves along the area, ever so often inching forward or backward due to the wind’s strong force. The smell of nearby food vendors drifted through the air, filling Jun’s nostrils with both sweet and savory scents. The only sound that was heard was the rustling of leaves and Jun’s heavy footsteps.

 Is now the time? Should I tell her today? Will she say she likes me back? Questions clouded up the boy’s mind, muddling his thoughts in the process. Maybe I shouldn’t even bother…

 The thing about unconfessed love is that it can truly be painful. Jun knew this well, as he has been in constant pain for almost three years now. (Y/N) had been one of his first and most valuable friends when he arrived in Korea, and even he knew that they were destined to stay in touch for the rest of their lives.

 Jun rounded a corner, and could see (Y/N) lightly stepping on the sidewalk down the road. He began to hurry his steps and let himself take longer strides, which led to them finally meeting by the time she had only walked a quarter of the way down the block.

“Jun! I thought you wanted me to meet you at your house…” 

“Well, I thought we could just talk and stuff on the way back. Plus, I needed the exercise.” Jun gasped and huffed, his recent lack of exercise finally catching up with him.

“Well, do you wanna grab some food on the way to the dorm? I haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Jun nodded, and they stepped towards a booth that sold sticks with pieces of meat stuck on it. (Y/N) offered to pay for herself, but Jun quickly shut that idea down and paid as she begrudgingly nibbled on the tender meat.

 They walked in complete silence. The tension that filled the air was a kind neither of them had felt before, and that scared them both a little bit to be completely honest. By the time they had reached the front of the dorm, they both had finished their food and were desperate to be able to just start a normal conversation. 

“Hey (Y/N), before we go inside the dorm, I need to tell you something.” She nodded and readjusted her bag on her shoulder.

 “I may never have told you this, but… I think I have feelings for you. I get it if you don’t like me back, but I hope we can stay friends because you are really a special person in my life.” Jun rambled, but was abruptly cut off by her lips covering his own. His eyes went wide, and she soon drew back from the tenderhearted kiss.

 “Jun, to be honest, I have feelings for you too. I really just enjoy being around you, and I would never in a million years even dream of leaving your life. What does this make us, though?” Tilting her head, the young woman nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt Jun thread his fingers in hers.

 “It makes us whatever you want us to be, (Y/N).” Suddenly, the door swung open and Seungkwan and Vernon crashed onto the ground. The other 10 members of SEVENTEEN stood, their mouthes practically hitting the floor.

 “Hell yeah, Jun! Get some!” Vernon’s yelling was interrupted by (Y/N) hitting him with her bag, and the other 12 boys burst into laughter.

 “That’s what you get for ruining a private moment, idiot…”

Bechloe Week Day Three: Blurred Lines



It is said that there is a thin line between a friendship and a relationship. The line was easily crossed or blurred.

Beca Mitchell did not believe that. She believed there was a very clear, distinct line between being friends and being in a relationship. For example, she and Jesse were just friends, no toners, no feelings, just purely platonic friendship. She knew who her friends were and that line was not about to be crossed, not by her anyway.

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  • Me: *sends a message to my fp*
  • Fp: *reads the message but doesn't respond*
  • Me: well looks like they hate me and wish I was Dead......time to Suffer™
Schedule Announcement

Hi, all. As some of you may have noticed, things have been very stressful for me as of late. I love and adore all my followers, but the constant demand for updates has been taking it’s toll. The last couple of times I’ve posted, it hasn’t been fun for me. I’ve been stressed, pushing myself on a few hours of sleep just to post on time. I’ve kind of forgotten why I’m doing this in the first place. I love to write, I love to share my stories - which is why I need to take some time for myself. 

I will be going on a hiatus for the second half of August. My last update will be Song of Shadow on 8 / 15 - I have updated my updates schedule accordingly. I currently plan to return at the beginning of September, albeit at a slower pace. I do not know which fic will be updated first, nor in what order.

Thank you very much for understanding - I hope you all have a terrific summer.

A Silmarillion fanfic, chapter fourteen

Chapter summary: Carnistir is stressed, and the meeting for tea goes awry.

Story summary: Sometimes your heart chooses for you before you even know there is a choice to make, and then all that can be done is find out whether love can build bridges across differences and fears. This is my story of how Caranthir comes to be married, with Caranthir’s family members alternately helping and hindering his attempts at courting.

Rating: Teen and up audiences; Chapter length: ~5,600 words

Tag-type thingies for the whole story: years of the trees, romance, falling in love, family, courtship, anger management issues, the Noldor, the Vanyar, some fluff and some angst, happy ending

Chapter notes: Rowan/@acommonanomaly did three wonderful portraits of Tuilindien a while ago, please check them out if you haven’t yet! I gave descriptions of Tuilë’s looks to Rowan but they drew her so much better than I was able to even imagine.

I think it’s best to remind you guys of some tags that have been there since the beginning but are most relevant for this chapter and the next two: the ‘anger management issues’ and 'angst’ tags. But to reassure anyone who might be worried, I have now added a 'happy ending’ tag, because that was always going to happen and still is.

See end note for a mild warning.

(Also posted on AO3 etc.)


Chapter XIV // Lapses of judgement

There is an odd sense of weightlessness that surrounds Carnistir as he makes his way home along the familiar streets. A small part of his mind is by necessity concentrated on keeping Varnë from stomping or champing on anyone, but the rest is still in the glade filled with dappled golden light and the rush of water and the sensation of Tuilindien in his arms, her lips on his, her scent in his nose, their emotions and sensations mixing and being amplified between them.

He had felt so at peace, even while his blood ran hot and he wanted to hold on to her ever tighter.

Some of that peace remains while he tends to Varnë at the stables at home, giving her a thorough brushing for behaving well or at least not embarrassing him thoroughly, going as far as to feed her a few apples as a reward. His bad-tempered horse has mellowed somewhat over the years but Carnistir believes that constant reinforcement of good behaviour should be continued.

(He doesn’t like to think of all the times his parents must have used the same method on him.)

When he’s going to his room to wash and change, the last of the pleasant golden haze in his mind is dispersed when he sees Curufinwë step out of the room next to his. Carnistir tenses and remembers all the times, when they were both easily irritable adolescents, he demanded his parents that he be given be a bedchamber farther away from Curufinwë’s. Fëanáro told him that he should consider his brothers allies rather than squabble with them, which Carnistir later realised was deeply hypocritical of him and anyway, Curvo has always made that difficult.

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Some practice in drawing Charley and Eight~

This was just one of the many times the dialogue between them in Seasons of Fear had me giggling x)

The Good Parent - Part Six

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 2336

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Originally posted by pennyackles

Warnings: blood mention, slight violence

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. Including Part 7, everything will be rewritten forms of the old parts.


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Soho Friend Nathan!
“What you too Brutus?” said Caesar when he saw his naked sword. What you too Nathan! says Ebenezer when he finds you engaged in amorous pursuit. What is there in your /London/ air, that so powerfully instigates the young People to such Business, which we are destitute of here in the /little Village/ of Wethersfield? In the air I say, because I am positive it can be nothing else.

Ebenezar Williams to Nathan Hale on June 7th, 1774 

“London” and “little Village” were in italics, so I put the “/” around them because formatting it wasn’t working.

This has to be one of my favorite opening paragraphs to a letter of all time. 

Other highlights of this letter include:
“For surely Sir, you do not pay your addresses to the young Lady merely that People may have something to say about you.”

and also Ebenezer saying in the previous paragraph: “What then (i repeat it once more) What is there in your London air, that should make a constant spark of you. You whose pursuits, I am sure, were once far different.”

Ebenezer struggling to compute ‘Nathan Hale’ with ‘pursuing a woman’ together in his head and attempting to reason it out.

The referring to Enoch Hale as simply “Pri” from his college nickname “Primus,” since he had been the older of the two at Yale; Nathan having been referred to as “Secundus” in college. 

And the closing paragraph bringing up another example of the fact that Nathan was really shit at writing people back. “By the way, have you receiv’d a Letter from me dated Wethersfield May 1774 which came by way of the Pomfret Post, Postage-free? If so I’m sure it’s your turn to write now, but that’s no matter. You will have as fine an oppy to write by the Bearer as you can desire, & I shall accordingly expect a long & particular answer to this long scroll of your real Friend E. W–Jr.”

Why are you sleeping on Kookiemon?

First of all, let me apologize for this huge delay. It’s summer break and I got a little bit carried away by the good weather (in other words: I was damn lazy and now I’ve to come up with a lame excuse)

Anyway, I’m here to present a new theme for my serie called “Why are you sleeping on Kookiemon?” The rules are simple: 1. Making you all fall in love with this gorgeous duo by rewinding to some great moments that’d happened between them. 2. Hopefully gain more shippers in this cozy fandom. 3. I have only the month July to achieve my goals. Plus, I have to exclude every event in 2016. 

Enough, gibberish already, you want to see some moments. Curious about what the theme for this week is? 

Rookie years

Y’all thought that Kookiemon only happened in the past year? Nah-ah, and I got the pictures to prove it (per usual, the following photos are from fansites <see logo> with the ‘Do not edit’ rule, please respect this) By the way, it’s a long ass list, so be prepared.

↪︎ Junkookie looks so cute with his hair bow! 

↪︎ They look so dazzling next to each other 😍

↪︎ How can you resist Kookiemon’s aegyo? + Joonie’s famous shades 

↪︎ The similarities in their fashion styles gives me life

↪︎ Cries forever 😭

And now a list of non fansites pictures.

↪︎ Evil maknae, since the very beginning.

↪︎ I’ve edited this 2 pics into lockscreen size, just for you guys. (by the way, look at their smiles, I’m melting!)

Some gifs for a nice ending

Part 1: Classic moments

Part 2: His gaze fixated on him (Kookie edition)

Part 3: Eyes speak louder than words (Namjoon edition)