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A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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anonymous asked:

What's the first thing you and Tess are gonna do when you meet up again? :D


and then I’ll bring her home so she can sleep because i know she’ll be super tired. I’ll try to post pics on tumblr and instagram here so you guys know more of what we’re doing.

herebelife  asked:

Does the most amazing and handsome erke's curls brush easily???

His curls aren’t so bad! They kinda shed all year ‘round and has a very strange texture that would probably mat if they weren’t brushed often enough, but in the grand scheme of Erke’s coat, his curls are his best asset. His ears get a bit messy and require some extra care, because he’s always snaff-snaff-snaffling everything.

Those furnishings, though. They’re the actual worst. 

But Erke doesn’t have good coat. It’s part genetics and part having to stay on a diet that doesn’t really do anything for him (it’s a medical thing.)

An announcement not about Imagawa Aoi

(wow finally)

Forgeru and Nozakibento got main roles in a stage play about baseball!
It’s called “Baseball Fighters”, the creators are planning to have around 15 more male actors in it.

The play will be introduced at Shinjukumura LIVE during June 27 - July 2. The other details are to be announced later.

Nichan was supposed to be in the main cast, but because of unexpected health problems it was decided that Nozaki would replace him.

“Baseball Fighters" official Twitter

I just found?? A 100% completed outline?? For an angsty superfamily fic just hanging out on my computer including:

  • morphing Richard and Mary Parker’s backstory into the MCU
  • a plausible way for Steve and Tony to get Peter
  • Steve and Tony raising Peter from infancy
  • Peter becoming Spider-Man
  • Norman Osborn
  • Steve and Tony discovering Peter is Spider-Man
  • Supervillain backstory
  • Venom??!?
  • Supervillains ft. Venom going after Peter
  • Ending

Like literally, there is a whole plot line written out for like a multi-chaptered superfamily fic just sitting in my hard drive and I have no idea how long it’s been there??? What should I do with you?? Where did you come from?? When did I write you?? This is wild.

15 yr old son just blendtec-d up a watermelon as food for his worms. Have to say… i didn’t see that one coming when i woke up this morning

ight i hate to admit it but caesar would be That Guy in a modern au.

you know the one.

the guy who sits with strangers outside the starbucks down the street, striking up a conversation whether they want to participate or not. he’ll take a long drag from his eighteen dollar vape pen and breathe it out in his company’s face without thinking, talking idly about his ‘batshit ex’ and how he’s ‘working on a novel.’

if they bring up things about themselves, he’ll one up them – mentioning cooking will earn a talk about his award-winning puttanesca, while exercise will remind him of the fact that he can bench well over 300. 

they’re obviously uncomfortable with his company, with the way he takes up over half of the table with the way his elbow rests on it. he’s close enough to them that, between the cheap potpourri-smelling vape juice and the reek of axe bodyspray he applied far too liberally, his presence is damn near suffocating. 

he mentions his tribal tattoo.
his company fakes a call and leaves before he can even offer his number.

Girls having fun~

“Who the hell are you?”

“Headquarters sent me to assist you.”

“Headquarters knows I work alone.”

“I’m not here as your operational partner, ma’am. I’m here as your legal advisor.”

“My legal advisor?“

“Ma’am, do you realise you unnecessarily violated over fifty local, state and international statutes in the course of your most recent operation?”

“They’ve seriously sent you to –“

“Among other things: kidnapping, grand larceny, aggravated assault –“

“Now hold on just a –”

“– public indecency, unlicensed operation of heavy machinery, desecration of a protected cultural heritage site –“

“Desecration of a what?“

“– contributing to the delinquency of a minor, breach of fiduciary duty, and violation of the Endangered Species Act.“

“… that bird had it coming.”


[Major Spoilers] “Follow your true feelings!”: My Musings on P5′s Wildcard Couple

Can we talk about Morgana’s astute observations regarding Akechi’s true feelings for Akira? Can we talk about how (Morgana’s words–not mine) Akechi’s smile when he was hanging out with Akira had been genuine? This boy– who had distanced himself from everyone, who had wrapped himself up in layers upon layers of lies that he wears like a second skin, who had made revenge his one and only goal in life – had also, in spite of himself, serendipitously found kinship in the one boy whom he has decided that he has to kill. 

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No offence, Kara, but there was literally no need to mention Kara Danvers in any of these situations lmao

In the first gif, Lena says, “Supergirl! I can’t believe you’re here!”, and Supergirl’s response is not “I believe in you”, which would have worked just fine; no, it’s Kara Danvers who has faith in Lena, and she wants Lena to know that.

In the second gif, Lena asks her how she knew that she was in danger. Instead of just saying “I have superhearing and heard that you were in danger”, she uses the “Kara Danvers sent me to save you” excuse again.

In the third gif, there is an alien invasion going on, so of course Supergirl would be there to save as many people as possible; especially Lena, who considers not only Kara but also Supergirl her friend, and vice versa. Obviously Supergirl would try to save her friend. But again, it’s Kara Danvers who sent Supergirl, as if Supergirl would have no reason to do so on her own.
She’s definitely not saying that because of Mon-El. He knows Kara is Supergirl, so it was obviously Lena who she wants to believe that Kara wants her safe.
And she’s even putting her secret identity at risk here, because Lena knows Kara is dating Mike, but Mon-El is there as himself without glasses, and why would Kara Danvers want to save Mon-El?

So why would she willingly make a connection between Supergirl and Kara over and over again?

Honestly, the only logical  explanation why she always tells Lena that Kara Danvers wants to save her is that Kara wants to deepen her relationship with Lena, to impress her and to show her affection and how much she cares about her. And they already are best friends, and Kara is Lena’s only friend, so technically there is no need for Kara to keep doing this… unless she wants something more.