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         It appears we have a traitor in our midst


king robert’s first choice as the possible future queen 


Way of act

Somedays it’s incredibly hard for me to say a single word, incredibly hard to talk to anyone - even close friends, but I’m good with actions -even though I’m hella awkward sometimes. I am very protective of people around me, I really like to make people feel safe, comfortable and happy -my actions speak what I can’t. But sometimes I wish I could just talk y’know? It’s not easy for me to get to know persons, because I have a hard time trying to communicate verbally, I get confused and overwhelmed very easily, and it’s harder to keep a conversation. And it’s not that I WANT to be anti social, it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you either, it’s just who I am… I am an introvert and incredibly shy person, and sometimes it really sucks, because I wish I could get to know more persons and let them get to know me too. There’s so many persons (here on tumblr) that write, paint, take pictures… and even without knowing who I am, these persons touch my life very deeply, they make me smile when I’m in the middle of an anxiety episode, they make me want to be better every single day, they give me strength to keep on fighting depression… but most of all, they give me hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better, hope that someday I’ll be ME and I won’t be afraid of it, hope that someday someone will love me for who I am, with all my flaws, insecurities and struggles. And sometimes I wish I could show these persons the meaning that their actions might have for someone, I wish I could show them that their work have this big impact in someone’s life. Their passion for what they do, for their blogs, is what touches my world, the LOVE that they put in every single detail is what moves me this way, and it’s the main reason why I’m writing this. I wish I could really bring them a mug of coffee and just sit and talk about anything and everything, the same way I want to and keep on trying to do to a few persons. But as I can’t do this, as I can’t act to physically show them, I decided to write this piece - it’s my way of acting. And maybe it will take me a few weeks (or months) to actually publish this, specially because I still don’t have the courage in me to do so, with the mentions I want to do and the content of this piece . But when I do, I want you, person that I mentioned, to know that I care for you and that you are important to this world, because I’m sure that I’m not the only one that loves your work and your blog, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds comfort and safety in your blog. I know that you might be having a bad day, I know that you have struggles, problems and that you face a lot of stuff on your life -let’s be real here, sometimes the universe is a bitch- but I just wanted to let you know that somewhere (in Brazil, in my case) a random stranger cares for you and wishes you the best, and to let you know that your actions somehow have a great impact for this random stranger. I could talk about the six degrees of separation theory, but I’ve already wrote too much and I’m sorry if this turns out too weird for y’all. Just keep on going people, you might be doing so much more than you think. Thank you, not just for your work that you put on your blog, but for your existence, and specially, for existing at the same time as me.

ps: I think the amount of likes/reblogs I’ve left on your blogs might have scared y’all, and I’m sorry for that… it was kinda my way of saying how much I appreciate what appears on my dash ~blushing furiously~

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happy 3 years to this blog! it’s so fun talking to all of you, and now we’re at 20k and i can’t believe it. let’s be real, this blog will always be active, i will probs be posting quotes for the next 50 yrs. if you have headcanons, theories, little things that excite you, hmu @ doctorsolace.

when things get tough, think of camp half-blood. safe, fun, surrounded by friends and adventure, with the perfect temperature, sitting on the pier at the lake waiting for capture the flag to start.

stay safe out there, demigods!

les mathématiques du complot™

Commençons par le commencement, it’s going to be a wild ride.

D’une part, et jusque là on est tous d’accord normalement:                                En Marche! = Emmanuel Macron 

(non seulement du point de vue des initiales et des “ma qui se retrouvent dans “marche” “emmanuel” et “macron” mais aussi du point de vue des idées puisqu’il est le créateur™, le leader à vie d’En Marche!.)

D’autre part: emmanuel = macron (Fasten your seatbelts ça va se corser, comme vous devez déjà le ressentir.) (Je mets des petits symboles pour que ça fasse du sens mathématique, ignorez-les si vous voulez, le plus important c’est les lettres.)

donc em / ma x nuel = ma x cron

donc em = ma^2 x cron / nuel

or ron = petit nom de Reagan, homme de droite, donc on n’assume pas cette partie de soi et con = on n’assume pas non plus (référence à sarkozy et blessure à l’amour-propre, ce qui est mauvais pour un futur président™ de la république™)

donc on assume pas le cron

donc on a:

em = ma^2 / nuel

donc, littérairement, sans chiffres - parce que les hommes valent bien plus que tout chiffre:   

EM = Manuel

Nous arrivons ainsi à la conclusion tant attendue qu’EM et Manuel Valls sont la même personne et qu’en plus de cela, si l’on remonte jusqu’à la source, on voit qu’EM désigne En Marche! ce qui signifie qu’EM a tout simplement plagié les idées de modernité de MV, les a fait siennes avant d’éliminer (définitivement?) son mentor de la scène politique. 

Et comble du comble, il a choisi comme initiales de son mouvement les deux lettres qui séparent son prénom de celui de Manuel. 



anonymous asked:

if you have read it, harry potter and the deathly hallows

1) this is so considerately phrased

2) i found the epilogue somewhat unsatisfying?

DOAB tour

I’ve spent the whole morning watching videos from the first concert of the tour and it honestly looks like the best, most entertining and incredible show Panic! has ever done and I’m just speechless and so jealous of everyone who was there to experience it in real life, while I’m sitting over here in fricking Narnia crying over concerts I’ll never go to. Yay me.


Character Aesthetic: Stan Pines

“Everything I’ve worked for–everything I care about–it’s all for this family!”

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Nnnnhhh I had no time to finish it. I would have loved to have done one with @rhys-is-decreasing in it but I don’t know of she has a persona.