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{Special} College!AU Irene

 my other gg college aus: momo

  • major: literature 
  • minor: korean history 
  • clubs: edits the university webpage, part of a writing tutors club
  • sports: was a part of the gymnastics team, but left to focus on studying (the coach still wishes she’d join again)
  • irene has a nickname on campus, whether she’s aware of it or not - people don’t know, but everytime she walks by someone somewhere whispers to their friend “look, it’s the princess”
  • who gave her the nickname is unknown, wendy is sure it came up after someone anonymously posted a photo of irene in some online forum for the ‘top prettiest university students’ 
  • but irene tells her it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t like it anyway
  • especially not when she’s just trying to talk with a professor or one of her fellow tutors and someone mentions the nickname a little too loud
  • “isn’t it flattering though, people think you’re beautiful?” joy figures once, but irene just shrugs her shoulders
  • “i’d rather people respected me as a person, commented on my writing or on my work ethic. beauty isn’t everything.”
  • wendy watching her with wide eyes: oh my god everything you say sounds like a motivational quote. teach me your ways
  • but irene really does mean it,,,,she works hard - has been able to keep a scholarship even when her class load is over fifteen credits,,,,
  • she loves literature, and if people would take the time to know her,,,,they’d figure out she’s actually a bit of a nerd
  • loving everything from young adult fiction to hard korean classics
  • she knows waaaaaaaay too many historical facts off the top of her head, can name every district in every city of korea, and has specific planners for specific classes
  • all highlighted and neat, just like her personality
  • although her looks are known on campus, irene keeps to herself and her small group of friends
  • she’s interestingly enough friends with sehun - who has on many occasions had to walk her from one class to another because of nasty creeps who would try to talk to her
  • people like to rumor that they’re dating, but sehun and irene always laugh about it,,,,,sehun jokingly calls her a geek while she jabs back that he’s all face and nothing else
  • of course, as friends they’re just joking, but still - neither of them quite enjoys being the center of dumb college lies
  • unlike joy, who likes wearing fashionable clothing or wendy who has shown up to class several times in pajamas, irene has a comfy casual style
  • joy calls it “the gap mom” look 
  • irene is perfectly fine with that, she likes her loose jeans and button downs
  • she has her own dorm room, which seulgi and yeri use as their own personaly therapist suite most of  the time
  • but also irene has made it so cozy and comfy, lots of purple and fresh flowers. she’s an angel,,,,moving on
  • you’re one of those people whose kind of,,,unsure where you’re going in life,,,,
  • college is as much a learning experience for you as it is an adventure,,,,but adventures cost money so you find yourself needing some resume help
  • a friend of yours recommends a writing tutor they once had and you look down at the name they scribbled onto your notebook
  • “irene?” you pause, shifting your backpack over your shoulder “the princess?”
  • you vaguely know what she looks like, stoic and intimidatingly pretty
  • you wonder if it’s worth it to ask for her help ,,,,,,you could just submit your resume as is
  • but you decide to take the risk and head over to the library, surprised to see that irene is in fact there
  • even though she looks absolutely immersed in her work, you can see that there’s a group of annoying looking guys draped over their chairs just ogling her
  • some people walk by with their phones out, not even hiding their attempt to take photos
  • you cringe, thinking it must be hard for her to live like that
  • but again, she looks unfazed. a black curtain of hair falls elegantly across her shoulders and a laptop along with a neat pile of books keeps her distracted enough
  • trying to ignore all the things going on around her, you slip into the seat opposite her
  • “hi, are you tutoring right now?”
  • she finishes typing her sentence then looks, you see her look you over once - probably to figure out if you’re here for real or just to bother her
  • but then her gaze falls on the resume in your hands
  • “there’s a spelling error right there. i can even see it from upside down.”
  • she comments, one slender finger taps the part of your resume which reads “education”. you look down. you misspelled ‘currently’
  • shocked, you stare at it for a while more
  • irene continues typing, but then stops momentarily
  • “well, let me see the rest.”
  • you hand it over to her obediently, sweating a bit as you do. 
  • pulling a pen out of her bag, she quickly gets to work
  • “mistake,,,,,,run on sentence,,,,,capitalize this,,,,,” she murmurs to herself as she works
  • you just silently observe, then look up to see that there are eyes on you know - it must be the consequence of sitting beside ‘the princess’
  • a good ten minutes later, irene has read over your resume twenty or so times, she hands it back
  • “edit it, then show it to me again.”
  • you gape at the amount of corrections one little resume has, but then turn to look at her again
  • she’s fallen back into her typing, flipping the pages of the open book beside her with ease
  • “i,,,,,,when are your tutoring hours?”
  • she motions to the schedule up at the front desk of the library
  • not once, did she hold your gaze for more than a minute,,,,
  • it’s mesmerizing
  • two days later, you’re back with your fixed resume. you don’t want to admit it, but you’ve chosen something nicer to wear and this time approach her with the intent that you’ll ask for help
  • but also,,,,try some small talk
  • unfortunately, all the staring and whispering gets to you before you can even sit down
  • irene, who just has her planner out, puts it away and takes your resume
  • she begins circling and correcting again, talking to herself
  • but when she hands it back - you stop her
  • “listen, i would like it if we could work on this together. but this place is ,,,,,,,,,,, stuffy. can we go somewhere else?”
  • irene looks taken aback, as if no one has ever asked her that
  • but then her eyes narrow suspiciously
  • “will we really only work on the resume?”
  • you realize that people have probably tried to pull things like this on her to get her into coming on dates
  • you redden in embarrassment, but nod,,,,,you don’t have any other intentions
  • so irene gathers her things, you two walk out of the library and you faintly hear someone go
  • “the princess took interest in someone? where are they going?”
  • you two decide on some place off campus, somewhere with less prying students
  • irene orders tea, without sugar and you get some coffee. you want to ask why her preference seems so,,,,,uncommon
  • but irene jumps quickly into explainging her corrections to you
  • surprisingly, her calm and clear voice make it all easy to understand
  • and after working together, you get a sense of what you were missing and what you should fix
  • irene takes a sip of her tea only after it’s gone cold, checks her watch and asks if you have anything else you need help with
  • under her eyes, a smoldering dark brown, you feel like there’s something hidden
  • she seems so automatic, so protected and alert
  • you feel kind of bad,,,,,,that she has to be so cautious because of the people around her
  • even here, where there are barely any kids from the university, random people - some twice her age - keep throwing looks her way
  • irene hyper focuses on you, refusing to meet their eyes
  • “i um,,,,,,,,im actually pretty bad at grammar -”
  • “i see that.”
  •  you look at her, slightly hurt by the bluntness of her statement
  • she seems to read your expression and for the first time you see her face soften just a bit
  • “i mean, i see that it’s an area that needs work,,,,,,”
  • her voice gets a little more quiet “im sorry, i didn’t mean for it to come out that way.”
  • you pause, but then give her a warm smile
  • “it’s ok, i know it’s just the way you talk.”
  • she shifts, her hands neat in her lap 
  • “what do you mean?”
  • you put your resume back into a folder in your backpack and shrug
  • “you always get right to the point. you don’t waste time. i think you’re always rushing to get things over with.”
  • irene’s face softens again, but this time you see her eyebrow twitch
  • she doesn’t look at you, just at the mug of coffee you’d finished 
  • “if i waste time,,,,,,,,people get the wrong idea.”
  • it’s quiet between you two, the noise of other peoples conversations and the music in the cafe feels the weird empty void
  • you notice the details of irene’s plain shirt, the small silver necklace that rests on her collarbones - the slope of her nose and lips, perfectly aligned on her delicate face
  • then she gets up, nearly knocking over her tea, “if you need anymore help, the writing tutors have many different hours.”
  • she turns, heading toward the door to leave and you get the sense you’ve just been brushed off
  • “she’s scared she told me too much” you mumble, collecting your own things and getting up
  • on your way out, someone touches your shoulder and says “whose that girl you were with? is she an actress? an idol?”
  • you shake them off and can’t resist glaring, before you leave without a word
  • since your resume is done, you don’t have any reason to go to the library
  • but you can’t help it, you want to see irene
  • but you manage to keep away, long enough that it doesn’t seem creepy for you to stroll though the non fiction shelves
  • peeking over to see irene, helping another student with their work
  • but one afternoon, as you’re making your way to one of your club meetings - a familiar looking figure stops in your way
  • “so,,,,,,,i hear you’re messing around with the princess?”
  • wendy has her hands on her hips, a smug expression on her face
  • you shake your head “more like, she helped me with my resume and then told me to take a hike.”
  • wendy falls into step beside you and pokes your shoulder
  • “you’ve got it all wrong, do you know how shocked i was when i heard her say your name last night? she say it and asks if i know what you’re about, who are, blah bla-”
  • you stop immediately and wendy almost continues on without you, teetering backwards to ask what you’re doing
  • “she asked about me?”
  • wendy plays with the straps over her overalls and nods “crazy isn’t it? irene only cares about two things; her friends - which is me and three other girls and,,,,,,,,,,the history of the korean peninsula. yet,,,,”
  • her mischievous eyes flick up to meet yours with a grin “yet last night she was interested in you.”
  • with that, wendy turns on her heel and walks the opposite direction
  • she’s almost out of sight when you call out to her 
  • “hey, do you know where -”
  • wendy smiles and cuts you off, “ill tell her to meet you outside the gym tonight at 8. don’t be late!”
  • in awe, you watch her actually disappear this time
  • ,,,,,,,,,,did you just get yourself a date,,,,,,,,,,,,with the princess,,,,,,,,,
  • at ten before 8, you get to the gym - shocked to see irene already there
  • instead of her usual relaxed outfits, she’s wearing something slightly more feminine - an off the shoulder sweater and even small heels
  • she looks,,,,,,,,,,,beautiful under the lights of the gym and you almost run away because there is just,,,,,,,,,,,no way,,,,,,,,,,,you can even compare
  • but, you push yourself to meet her and when she looks up - you can’t believe it again - she looks,,,,,,,,,,shy
  • “wendy,,,,told me you wanted to see me here,,,,,,,”
  • you try to think of something cool to say, something to save your image but you just spill out “she told me you had asked about me,,,,,,”
  • now she really looks flustered, hiding her mouth with her small hand
  • you find it adorable,,,,,,,did she learn that in a movie???? 
  • it’s quiet again, but you don’t want it to be anymore - this is a once ina lifetime opportunity so you just go for it
  • “do you want to,,,,,,,,go out? on a date?”
  • irene has probably heard those words a million times before, but this time - she agrees
  • and you find yourself on cloud nine as you and her take the bus into the city
  • the only thing you can think of is a cliche movie, and you’re not sure if that’s going to be good enough - till the movie theater you pass is playing a documentary on the fifth reublic and irene’s eyes literally light up
  • “i’ve wanted to see this for so long! i just wrote a paper on this era!”
  • you see her clap her hands, asking for two tickets with such enthusiasm that you didn’t know she had
  • “i guess you like history?”
  • you ask as you two settle into your seats, the place practically empty due to the fact that it’s a documentary of all things
  • irene nods, a genuine smile on her face, “i love this country, so i devote my time to learning about it.”
  • she turns and you see that this irene is not the irene on campus
  • this irene,,,,,,is the real one,,,,,,the one who has passions and emotions and doesn’t have to put up some wall just some so creeps won’t ruin her day
  • the documentary is,,,,,boring for you - but you sit through it because irene keeps whispering facts to you and getting giddy, and her happiness is enough to sustain you 
  • afterwords, the two of you eat at a local place - you notice that irene’s nails are even painted
  • small, fancy rings decorate her fingers and a golden pin keeps her hair from falling into her face
  • she,,,,,,,,,,,really did this for you
  • “can i ask you something?”
  • you say, and irene closes the menu, taking a drink of water and nodding
  • you completely forget what you wanted to order and lean a bit closer
  • “why did you ask wendy about me?”
  • she nearly chokes a bit on the water, setting it down and dabbing at her lips with the napkin
  • she doesn’t answer till she’s thought it over
  • “you said something, about how i don’t waste time and rush places.”
  • you nod, “and you said you did it because otherwise people would misunderstand.”
  • she seems nervous, hands playing with each other in her lap unlike usual
  • “what i meant was, if im nice and open people see that as an invitation,,,,,,for feelings. when im ,,,,, curt and blunt they just think im mean,,,,that im some,,,,,”
  • you finish the sentence for her - “princess?”
  • a weak smile falls over her graceful features and she agrees
  • “you’re someone,,,,,,,who figured it out. you’re right. im always rushing so people don’t have time to ,,,,,, feel anything toward me. or in any case, act on those feelings.”
  • you sit back,,,,,wondering then,,,,,,,,, “then what about this? this is,,,,a date after all. which means,,,,,,,,,,feelings at some point will be invovled.”
  • irene tells you that that’s true, but that’s ok,,,,,,,because this time she thinks she might have feelings too
  • “how,,,we’ve only met twice for my resume-”
  • irene shakes her head, “ive seen you around with wendy before. i know,,,,that you’re not all that interested in studying,,,,but that you like doing things your own way,,,,you have a freedom that i wish i had.”
  • the waiter arrives just in time to cut off the conversation at a good part
  • irene orders without hesitation, and you just say “whatever she’s having.”
  • irene laughs at this and you ask her why
  • “oh nothing, it’s just,,,,,you can be really forgetful can’t you?”
  • you don’t understand it then, but you and irene are two completely different people - your personality has parts that she wants and vice versa
  • walking back to campus from the bus stop that night, irene keeps her hands crossed across her chest, too scared to let the hang at her ides,,,,too scared that you might hold her hand
  • and not because she doesn’t want it,,,,but because she does
  • you say your goodbyes, and it ends without even a hug,,,,,,,
  • but to your surprise, the next morning as you’re walking to class - wendy beside you complaining about some homework
  • irene turns the corner and stops short when she sees you
  • before marching right up to you - determined look on her pretty face - and kissing you with the most passionate force you think she can muster
  • wendy’s dropped jaw makes irene smirk with some kind of victory as she takes your hand and pulls you away
  • “w–w–w—what w—w–was that for?!?!??!” you touch your lips and feel a burning sensation on your skin
  • irene shrugs, then after a while adds “to make sure wendy knows what’s going on.”
  • and finding about slightly jealous irene is how your relationship begins,,,,,and it’s wonderful because she only gets more interesting from there on
  • you see the real irene more often, nerdy girlfriend who reads ten books a week and can recite her favorite dialogues from memories
  • she laughs at her own inside literature jokes
  • her own history jokes
  • and you might not get them,,,,but you laugh along with her because it makes you so happy to see her happy
  • her walls don’t all come down in a moment though - there are a lot of late night talks on the steps of the library, near the river, or outside of her dorm
  • where slowly, but surely irene spills some of her best kept secrets to you and only you
  • sometimes you just sit beside her, keep your hands to yourself and respect her by listening
  • other times she moves her small frame into your amrs and you just hold her
  • she mumbles once that she has never known how comfortable the warmth of someone else could be,,,,,not until she met you
  • you stroke her hair, and she almost becomes a mess of a thin girl in your hands - delicate but still strong as she gets up and says something about studying for her finals
  • she is,,,,,literally the worrywart girlfriend you see in movies,,,,but in the cutest was possible
  • she always makes sure you have an extra sweater, bandages, water, etc. 
  • “you need to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.”
  • “i need at least 8 kisses a day.”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,do you think that’s clever? go drink a cup of water.”
  • don’t think her courageous kiss in front of wendy is her usual means of pda
  • tbh,,,,she doesn’t like pda in the least. so the most you can do with others around is hold her hand under the table
  • just because irene thinks it’s the mannerly thing to do
  • this, of course, does not stop yeri from pestering you two to be more of a “couple” to “hug and kiss” till you both see stars
  • joy just aids the attack on you two by insisting that you guys start telling them all about your dates, her shrp eyes locking on yours as she mouths “you better remember your anniversary with her or i will GET YOU”
  • ,,,,,,never before have you seen such a wild group of friends - you don’t understand how irene fits in
  • but seulgi gives you a big grin and goes “She’s the Mom.”
  • more than a chocolates and teddy bear person, irene is a new books and candles person
  • she once describes your smell as one of her favorites and you tease her about it until she pinches your cheek and tells you to cute it out - pink blush evident on her face
  • people think irene is gorgeous when she’s walking around, doing simple things
  • but people don’t know that irene is SUPER gorgeous asleep - it’s like watching a painting,,,,her long eyelashes on pretty skin - her cute parted lips
  • she once fell asleep on your lap after being up for three days on finals and you didn’t dare move an inch - you’d feel like you were disturbing an angel,,,,
  • not a fan of couple items, but did agree to get matching headbands at the amusement park, only to hide her face when you tried to take a photo together
  • you’ve heard the phrase “you’re the luckiest person on earth to be dating her” over a million times and guess what? you freaking agree
  • as she gets more comfortable with you and skinship, you notice she loves linking arms with you - which is cute and childish but makes you swoon either way
  • cooks for you, but gets nervous before you try it,,,,,,
  • and you make yourself eat everything, even if your full because you love her so god damn much
  • makes adorable little noises when you kiss behind her ear, then swats at you because “it’s ticklish!” but you know it’s because it gets her excited
  • you found it, one time after you guys were watching a sappy romance movie, that irene actually loves that kind of stuff - she literally cried during titanic
  • you guys will sometimes makeout, but irene insists the lights have to be off for even that ksdhfd
  • every now an then you leave flowers tapped to her dorm door, and you deny that it’s you but she ofc knows it’s you and it makes her smile every time
  • the amount of times you’ve tried to fight one of the creeps coming after her and irene has to hold you back while wendy is the one to tell them off has been,,,,too many to count
  • you know she doesn’t like being called “the princess” so you start calling her “the angel” instead and she still gets all fussy over it - but you can tell she likes it more
  • and she is an angel,,,,your angel 

ill be doing more college!au ggs soon! also commissions are open~


Mark Tuan X Reader

Fluffy ~ Fluff


Anonymous said: Can you please write a mark scenario or fluff about the moment he realised he was in love with you like when it clicked into place for him? Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A/N: This is such a cute request and I just can’t right now

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Originally posted by soybeantree

 You and Mark had been friends for a very long time now. You’d talk every night before either of you went to bed and you’d talk the second you both awoke the next day, even if it was only for a minute. You loved spending time together; you’re each others’ best friends. 

 Today, you two had planned a “get away”, as Mark called it. You both have been stressed and in need of a break so this was the perfect plan for you guys. He picked you up around 9am this morning and you have been with him since.

 The day consisted of many bad puns, high pitched laughing, jamming out in the car, jamming out in stores, deep conversations, loving gazes and currently, walking through the city park.

 It was getting late and the sun was almost completely gone but neither one of you wanted your time together to stop. It was rare that you both got a free day and spent it together.

“Yah! Mark, look at the bunny.” You yelled in a hushed whisper while lightly hitting him. His eyes followed yours as he quietly laughed at you. “Stay here.” You demanded.

 Mark watched you tip-toe towards the small creature. The closer you got, the lower you got the the ground. “Hi buddy.” You repeat as you grow closer. Mark continues to stay where you told him to but he can’t help the growing smile on his face as he watches you.

 You continue trying to pet the fluffy animal but every time you’d get remotely close enough to it, it’d hop away; making your best friend laugh more. Finally, you grew frustrated with the bunny and fell backwards onto the ground. “I give up.” You sigh.

 Mark couldn’t get rid of the smile that was printed on his face as walked over to you and sat beside your defeated figure. “You’re such a dork.” He chuckled when he saw your adorable, fake pout. 

 “It was so cute! All I wanted to do was pet it.” You exclaimed, sitting up to face the man beside you.

 “Maybe it didn’t want to be petted.” He conjectured.

 “Obviously.” You sighed. 

You both looked up to the sky, watching the clouds overlay the visible moon. “You know,” You uttered. “We should get a bunny.” 

 Mark looked at you with wide eyes when he heard your suggestion. “_____, I already share a dog with Youngjae, I don’t think I need another animal.” He smiled, letting out a breathy laugh.

 “But Mark~” You whined with a smile plastered upon your face.

 “No.” He laughed “Besides, why a bunny with me? Why not with your best friend?”

 You began to gawk at him. “Mark, you are my best friend, you idiot!” You yelled while playfully hitting his chest.

 “No, no, I mean your other best friend.” He laughed.

 You just simply rolled your eyes at him and fell back onto the grass again. You turned towards him when you noticed he followed your actions. You both were now laying on the ground, facing each other with your heads propped up on your own hands.

 “Thank you for today, Mark.” You muttered.

 “Don’t thank me, there’s no need.” He admitted. 

 “To late, you’ve been thanked.” You smiled angelically.

 You rolled onto your back and looked up towards the sky that was growing darker. You watched the clouds and the stars that were slowly becoming visible with the passing seconds. You began talking about something that Mark wasn’t listening to; instead he was focused on his own thought as he observed you.

 He was brought out of his gaze when you hit his chest to look up at the “Bunny” you saw in the stars.

 “Do you see it?” You asked, smiling.

 “No.” He began to laugh. “I think you’ve had too much fun today.”

 “Impossible.” You stated. “You can never have too much fun.”

 He smiled at you while your giggles faded and your focused went back to the stars. 

 She’s so perfect. That is the single phrase that continued to run through his head, no matter how hard he tried to focus. He didn’t think too much of his thoughts as he always saw you as beautiful but the second he saw you take in a deep breath of the cold night air and smile as you breathed out, his thoughts changed.

 This is what I want to wake up to. She is the one that I want to share a home with and kiss on the cheek before I leave for work. She is what I want.

 It clicked.
 He finally realized why he always wants to spend every possible moment with you.
 He knows why he gets so angry when you hang out with guys he doesn’t know.
 He now knows what he wants,
and it’s you.

30 Day OC Challenge because I need to spam you guys

If anyone else wants to do this with me, I figure these prompts can be answered however you want whether it be telling everyone, drawing, making gifsets, writing a short blurb, whatever!

Day 1- First Impressions: Introduce your character as if we are meeting them on the street. How do they come across to us?

Day 2- If you wanna be my lover: Friends, Family, and SOs. Tell us all about them and their relationship with your OC!

Day 3- When I was a young OC: What was your OC’s childhood like? Were they a tiny terror or a little angel? Or did you give them such a traumatic past they didn’t get the chance to be a kid.

Day 4- Dress to impress: Is your OC a fashion icon or a throw on whatever is available type of person? What kinds of clothes will we find in their closet?

Day 5- My English teacher was right all along: What are some symbols that follow your OC throughout their journey/story? Do they have any emblems they identify with? If not, what’s an object that has meaning to them?

Day 6- Whoa, listen to the music: What is your OC’s theme song/theme songs? Explain.

Day 7- Sugar and Spice: How is your OCs relationship with children? Do they plan to have any?

Day 8- A feast fit for kings: What does your OC eat? Do they cook for themselves or are they hopeless in the kitchen?

Day 9- Phenomenal Cosmetic Powers: What three wishes would your character ask a genus for?

Day 10: Itty bitty living space: Where does your character live/ how is it set up? Messy? Minimal? Filled with books or movie posters? Do they share it?

Day 11- Dancing with Myself: How does your OC handle social interactions? Social butterfly or anxious corner go-er? What large scale social interaction do they face the most?

Day 12- Shop til you drop: (You can do grocery shopping, magic ingredient shopping, clothes, furniture, ect, or all of the above depending on what kind of world your character is in and how it would relate) How does your character feel about shopping? Do they buy until they’re broke or have to haggle everything?

Day 13- Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home: What’s your OC’s Hogwarts house? Because we all know this is a valid personality test. (Alternately, if you aren’t a fan of hogwarts, what’s their Myers Brigg Personality)

Day 14- Self-depreciation at its finest: What does your character dislike about themself? Why? Do other people feel the same way about that trait?

Day 15- I don’t give a damn about my reputation: What kind of reputation DOES your OC have? Do they know or do they remain blissfully ignorant? If they do know, what do they think of it?

Day 16- Emperor’s New Clothes: Is your OC a fashion icon or more a throw on whatever kind of person? What kinds of things would we see in their closet?

Day 17- Everybody’s workin for the weekend: What is your OCs “job” (however they define that)? Do they love it or do their co-workers constantly make their life a living hell?

Day 18- I’m bored: What does your OC do in their free time/ for fun?

Day 19- Man’s best friend: How does your OC feel about animals (both wild and pets)? Do they have an animal companion?

Day 20- I can explain, I swear: What would your OC get arrested for? Would they try to weasel their way out of it, pay off bail, or do the time?

Day 21- On the road again: Does your OC travel? Do they want to? Where would they go? And how?

Day 22- Monsters in the closet: What is your OC afraid of the most?

Day 23- Hi mom: What would your OC get famous for and how would they/their friends feel about that? If they are famous- do they like it?

Day 24- Tropes are overrated: What tropes does your OC fall into the most?

Day 25- Are we there yet?: What are their ambitions and aspirations? Do they have any real chance at reaching them?

Day 26- Senior Quote: Pick a quote that perfectly describes your OC. Explain.

Day 27- Weapon of Choice: Does your character kill with kindness, slip out of things with a quick tongue, take an axe to the problem, or just fail miserably?

Day 28- A dream is a wish your heart makes: What/Who is the hope that keeps your OC going? What do they live for?

Day 29- They grow up so fast: If you’ve had this OC awhile, how have they changed from your original idea of them? If they haven’t, how have they changed as they aged in story?

Day 30- Before we go: Quirks, habits, and fun facts about your OC.

EDIT: I actually finished this once and then accidentally deleted most of it so what probably happened was that was something I remembered and didn’t realize was already on the list: 
Alternate Day 16- What are your OCs sleeping habits?
Part of the Narrative

Emma Swan just wants to write the follow-up to her bestselling debut novel, that’s all. But when she gets off to a rough start with her new editor, Killian Jones, she knows it’s not going according to plan. Then, an unexpected figure from Emma’s past reappears and life begins to mirror the crime thriller she’s penning. Suspicion and secrets abound–but love might too. A writer/editor AU with a thriller twist.

Rated E. Includes sexual content, kidnapping, some gore, and minor character death–not to mention salty language! On Ao3 here.

This first chapter includes swearing and bad attitudes. 

Finally, a huge thank you to @sambethe, who edited this in its entirety and made it so much better. And @shady-swan-jones for the banner and @bleebug for the chapter art! (Also to @icapturedkindness and @gray-autumn-sky, for encouraging me to do this and reading over the initial chapters.) Of course, a shout-out to everyone @captainswanbigbang who helped, encouraged, and made this possible.

Chapter 1

Emma is on her way to meet her new editor, Killian Jones. It goes off the rails quickly, but they still have to find a way to work together.


Emma was not excited. Well, she was excited to begin working on her second novel. Her first had been a breakaway hit, surprising her and her publishing house. Apparently people ate up her gritty tale of life as a bail bondsperson and were eager to see a second book from the new darling of thrillers.

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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 14 – Ohana Means Family (And Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Murd– Oh).

In which we are treated to part 2 of Fun Suspicious Club Times, Andreil has Important Moments™, Nicky has thoughts on family, and I have all the feels. Guest starring: Murder!

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read – and finish – The Foxhole Court.

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im actually bawling oh my god I feel pathetic

Guys I don’t really know what to do, I’m shaking oh my gosh. This post is very raw and i’m not going to edit it because I feel like absolute crap but I was about to go to sleep so I checked my inbox for requests and I got these. I’m literally shaking

I don’t know, I feel crushed and you probably think I’m being pathetic but… That hurt me. A lot. I don’t deal well with conflict, and I kind of saw tumblr as my safe place and now with this, it’s destroyed that little bit of me where I could really express myself.

I first off just want to apologise to those blogs that were mentioned in the comments - I really hope you don’t hate me because I look up to all of you and this is probably going to sound really sad if you do hate me but I regarded a lot of you as friends. If I have done any thing to offend or upset people I am so so sorry, I have never knowingly done anything and I apologise if I have (please can we work it out I really hate conflict and I really thought we were developing. A friendship). I feel really guilty and I don’t even know why but it’s awful, I keep thinking if I’ve done anything to upset anybody but I literally can’t think of any.

I’ve never really been confident in my writing. Ever. I’ve always been told it’s never good enough and my attitude towards there opinion has always been “Fuck it, I’m writing for me not for you” but the fact that someone  wrote three paragraphs on how much they hated it has really got me like maybe it is terrible after all. I’m trying my best. I’m not professional. I’m making this up as I’m going along and putting so much time aside to try and make myself better at writing. I love constructive critism but the fact that they literally had nothing nice to say makes me feel as though I’m not doing anything right.

I’m in my final year. I have a lot of exams. A lot of very stressful exams and I’m trying to juggle writing with studying and competitive figure skating (I’m up at five every morning to get to the rink before school) and ballet (I’m in the studio until 9 most nights) and being on a competitive swim team and then there’s gymanstics I still want a social life so I have to squeeze writing in where ever I can. Most days I’m drained so for me it’s not as easy as “stringing a few sentences together”. I have 18 requests on my to do list And I closed requests but when this person (an anonymous made a request 3 days ago so I presume it’s them) I made an exception because I hate saying no to people. BUT I CANNOT GET TO YOUR REQUEST IN 3 DAYS! They are people on that list that have been waiting for a month. AND i’M SORRY, I FEEL TERRIBLE BUT i’ M TRYING MY BEST AND I JUST DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

I love writing and I’m going to keep going with it, for me. I just really don’t want to upset people and to all those who I have supposedly “pissed off” by expressing myself im honestly truly sorry.

(Also if your going to hate me for not being perfect you better be perfect yourself. Those comments were a hot mess. You said and I quote “I’d rather stick pins up my ass than read my stuff” sounds even worse than writing mate (I guess they probably meant my work but who really knows what they meant there were so many spelling mistakes I can’t understand most of it)

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess


anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the story about Mitch never setting foot in a recording studio? He was in a band called Total Navajo and on their website it says that their EP was recorded at Firehouse studios. I know I sound crazy and like I'm overreacting but the fact that it's such a small detail is what makes it SO infuriating! Seriously, why would he lie about this?! Who the fuck cares if Mitch has experience or not?! I really don't want to believe that Harry would lie about something so stupid.

Ok, I didn’t know about this, so I had to look it up and do some reading.

I believe this is the Harry quote you are referring to:

 “He had never been in a studio before but he was an absolute monster as a musician and now he is one of my best friends.” 

I looked up information on Total Navajo as well. Mitch did record a small album in a couple of different studios with Total Navajo, so we know right away that Harry’s above statement is false.

It should also be noted (and I’m sure others already know this, but just in case) that Total Navajo was comprised of Mitch Rowland and Ryan Nasci. Ryan is most likely how Mitch got the job working with Harry, not the fabricated story about Harry meeting him in a pizza shop. Ryan Nasci also worked on Harry’s album. Ryan has worked sound editing on films and has also worked on other artists’ albums including Cher, The Backstreet Boys, Black-Eyed Peas, Mikky Ekko and others. Ryan is well connected in the music industry and was therefore able to bring Mitch in to work with Harry.

On somewhat of a side note, as Mitch co-wrote 9 of the 10 songs on Harry’s album, I thought this quote from the Total Navajo website about its album “Eyelids” was quite interesting:

 “Eyelids EP is a collection of songs dealing with heartbreak, personal struggle and some inner demons. While the music is wide ranging in its style, there is a common theme of lost love runs throughout the EP.”

 All of that seems so familiar doesn’t it?  It sounds suspiciously like Harry’s album, does it not? So much for Harry telling “his” stories, huh? (And yes, I am aware that many albums could use this same description, but it was the striking similarities to Harry’s album that really stood out to me).

At any rate, why would Harry lie about Mitch’s past musical experience? Because it creates a better narrative. By the time we learned about Mitch, Harry had already filmed the documentary about recording his album, complete with the Harry and Mitch bromance on display. So his team clearly decided to capitalize on that and use it to Harry’s advantage. They make up something that will pull at people’s heartstrings a bit, fuels the story of the bromance, and makes Harry look like a super great guy in the process. “Super star Harry Styles plucks random pizza guy from obscurity and becomes his BFF” sounds so much better than “Guy who has years of experience in the music business continues to have a career in the music business”.  See the difference?  At the end of the day, it’s just more promotion for Harry. It’s another way to get his name out there in the press and it makes him look good. (And as I’m sure Mitch is making good money now, he has no reason to rock the boat by speaking out to say otherwise).

It also shows the arrogance of Harry and his PR team. Mitch was in a band, they recorded an album, and performed in small gigs. But because they weren’t big, famous super stars like Mr. Harry Styles, it’s ok to erase it. (It’s on the internet so it’s never really gone). But they are just pretending like it didn’t happen and it doesn’t matter. It also shows how stupid they think fans are and that they just assumed no one would figure out the truth. 

I have no doubt that Mitch was proud of the music he created with Total Navajo, even it it never made him famous. But now his new “bestie” doesn’t consider it important enough to acknowledge and instead is using him in a lie to make his own star shine even brighter. This is a best friend? I certainly hope not.  

How many times have we heard Harry say that he worked really hard on his album? Or that he is really proud of it?  So why doesn’t it matter that Mitch worked hard on Total Navajo’s album? Or that he was really proud of it as well? Is this Harry’s logic: if you aren’t famous, what you do doesn’t count? If Mitch is going along with the lie, then he is not blameless. But on some level it must hurt to have something that mattered to you be ignored and wiped away. And for what? A bromance story? It’s ridiculous in that it doesn’t matter. No one would have cared if there was never a story about Mitch working in a pizza shop and meeting Harry. 

It is frivolous things like this that make Harry’s PR a joke. This never needed to be a story. But they put it out there and now it’s just another lie from Harry. Seemingly done in an attempt to give substance where there is none. Trying to make it appear as though Harry has a certain depth of character that he is sorely lacking. And clearly they don’t care if they hurt anyone in the process.

“They muddy the water, to make it seem deep.” –Friedrich Nietzsche 

anonymous asked:

I love the gifset you reblogged with Pete and Gwen! I was just wondering what was wrong(?) with the Homecoming review you mentioned in your tags? What are your thoughts on Homecoming? :) Anyways love your blog and your writing! Have a great day!

Thank you! So I have somewhat unsuccessfully attempted not to be Really Negative about Homecoming, except on twitter where I’ve clearly given up altogether, but heads up: I’m about to be pretty negative because I care way too much about Peter Parker. My opinions are my own, etc. Right off the bat: I actually do think Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to be a fun summer movie. It’s probably well-written and engaging! It looks like a good movie about a teenage superhero coming into his own and I’m excited about the diverse cast. 

It also, in my own opinion, looks like a terrible movie about Peter Parker.

There was nothing wrong with the review (it was in USA Today) so much as that literally everything it described made me, a person who loves Peter Parker, cringe. Full disclaimer that I haven’t seen Homecoming yet and it’s plausible I might like it in the end! I won’t, but it’s plausible! So everything I’m talking about is based on interviews with the cast and creators/trailers and released scenes/etc. 

But I’ve got so much beef with this movie I practically own a cattle ranch. 

I’m just going to try to hit my main complaints: Ned Leeds, or, This Should Have Been a Miles Morales Movie, Peter as a New Yorker, Peter Parker vs Spider-Man: A Fake Argument, and Why We Actually Do Need To Know How Ben Died, Thanks. “Traincat, how much have you thought about this?” I don’t want to talk about it! Except I do, under the cut:

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Tommy Shelby Imagine

Request: Could you do Thomas Shelby request of having grown up with the Shelby boys but your family moving when you were teenagers and then coming back as a adult to be a nurse in the clinic in Small Heath and running back into the Shelby boys (but having kept contact with Ada since you are like a older sister to her) who can’t help but flirt and basically becoming their go to ‘doctor’ and one night after fixing Tommy up their feelings come out??

Note: Okay so I’ve missed out some parts of the request. I couldn’t fit it all in, it would go on forever so I’ve tried to shorten it the best I can whilst keeping the main part of the request all in.

Originally posted by benedict-in-winterfell

You felt a sudden rush of butterflies in your stomach, the nerves were kicking in now. You were on the train on your way back to Birmingham. Your first time back in seven years. You played over all the different scenarios in your head and all the different things that could be different about Garrison Lane and the people that lived there.

You moved away when your were only a teenager, your parents were having a lot of problems, dad cheating on mum blah blah and they wanted to make their marriage work so they decided a fresh start would be best for you all. You’ll never forget the day they told you, your heart crumbled into a million pieces right there in front of them. You pleaded with you parents to stay “Please, please! All my friends are here, my job is here” but they didn’t listen to you, “oh nonsense (Y/N) you’ll meet lots of new friends in London” that wasn’t really the reason you wanted to stay, quite frankly you hated your part time bar job you had, and you didn’t really get on with anyone at school, you just didn’t want to leave the Shelby’s especially Tommy. You’d all grown up together on the same road and lived next door from each other, you did everything with the boys, they were your family. It had felt wrong but you started to feel different about Tommy, there was something about him, he was different from John and Arthur, he was…special. None the less you left anyway, but you never told Tommy how you felt, it had been so many years since it all happened, the feelings just died away, you don’t think they could exist anymore. Besides, you were sure it was just a teenage crush.

Ada was coming to meet you at the station, you had kept in contact with her, you both write letters to each other all the time, you were like the big sister she never had and even though you were one hundred miles away for seven years, it always felt like you had seen each other everyday, she filled you in and updated you on everything that happens with the family, you both sent weekly letters the whole time however they became less frequent after Karl was born and Freddie died. She was obviously just caught up with everything, and busy looking after Karl, which you understood.

The train started pulling into the station, slowing down, you searched through the window to see if you could find Ada, wondering if she came alone or if she had brought her brothers with her. You spotted her almost instantly, standing alone with Karl in her arms, this was the first time you got to see Karl in person. As soon as the train stopped you dived off with your luggage, she spotted you just as you got off the train.

“(Y/N)” She squealed. Dropping your cases, you ran to her and embraced her in a hug.

“Ada, its been so long. I’ve missed you so much” you choked. You both stayed in your hug for what seemed so long before Ada pulled away, tears filled her eyes and were falling to her cheeks. 

“I can’t believe it, you’ve changed so much!” She smiled

”I’ve changed? Look at you now! At how well you’ve done for yourself” You replied wiping your eyes, referring to Karl.

“Karl” Ada said placing Karl down onto the floor, she held his hands whilst she spoke softly to him “This is your Auntie (Y/N)”

Karl wouldn’t leave you alone the whole way home, he held your hand whilst you spoke to Ada, getting updated on everyone since you last spoke to each other.

You were back at the Shelby house now, none of the boys were in yet, so you and Ada, were sat at the table having a coffee whilst Karl sat on the floor with his toys.

”When will the boys be back? I thought they’d be here by now. They knew I was coming today.” You huffed, eager for the reunion.

“Well…” Ada started “You see…. they don’t actually know?”

“What?” You replied, genuinely thinking you may have misheard what she had just said

“I thought it would be a nice surprise for them” She exclaimed innocently

Before you could argue about it with her, the door slammed. “Ada?! Ada! You won’t believe what Joh-” Arthur cut off what he was saying once he’d seen you, he stood in shock, not quite believing his eyes. The silence brought John and Tommy in the room, both curious to what shut him up.

“(Y/N)?” John questioned “Wha- What are you doing here?” Before I could reply they both ran at you into a hug, you all laughed and said how much you missed each other, complementing each other on appearances. You pulled away from them both to greet Tommy who was still standing in the doorway watching you.


He replied with a small smile, and watery eyes. You walked to him, stopping inches away, waiting for him to speak, but nothing. He just watched you. You couldn’t work out if he was happy or disappointed to see you. You held onto his shoulders and pulled him into a hug. You didn’t care if he din’t want to. You did. He wrapped his arms around, you could feel his strong hands against your back and face his tucked into your neck. You had a sudden rush of a million different feelings come to you at once, familiar ones that you had once felt for him. Feelings that deep down, never really left. Tommy pulled away and wiped a tear that had escaped your eyes with his thumb. in that moment, that one little moment, you realised how you really feel about Tommy Shelby. He was your first love, your best friend and you knew that feeling would never go away.

It’s been one week since you moved home to Birmingham and one week since you last spoke to Tommy Shelby. Yep, thats right… its not like he hasn’t acknowledged you at all, its just as little as he can get away with. When you do try to speak to him, its all one worded answer or grunts as well as avoided eye contact. Speaking of ‘avoided’ thats all he’s done to you since you’ve been here. Still though whatever his reasons were for ‘hating’ or ‘disliking’ you, it didn’t change the way you felt, you’d just realised you truly loved him. That feeling wouldn’t go away because of how he’s been this last week. Which is why it explained why you were sitting in the living room at three am. Everyone was in bed asleep, apart from Tommy. He’d gone out somewhere and not yet come back. You couldn’t sleep it was constantly on your mind and you couldn’t stop worrying no matter how hard you tried not to. So instead of struggling to sleep, you thought you’d just read a book or something (even though you couldn’t concentrate) and wait just to make sure he was in ok. At half three in the morning Tommy walked through the door into the living room where you were waiting.

“What are you doing up this late?” he questioned avoiding your eye, he walked over to the cabinet and poured himself a whiskey. It didn’t take a genius to notice the cuts all over is face and his dried bloody nose, even in this light.

“What happened to you? Are you okay?” You asked concerned

Tommy turned to look at you confused “Are you- are you waiting up for me?”

“No!” you barked back denying it, although you’re pretty sure that just made it even more obvious you were

Tommy didn’t reply sitting down on the sofa next to you taking a swig of his drink. His eyes looked tired, he looked physically drained. “I’ll just go get some stuff, we’ll clean you up” you said softly

“I’m fine, don’t” Tommy shook his head, refusing your offer

“Let me help you for gods sake Thomas” before he could say anymore you got up and left the room to get your little medical kit you took everywhere with you. You returned a couple of minutes later, Tommy still sat in the same place as when you left. You cleaned his cuts and put some cream over them to help. Once you had finished you let her hand drop to your waist and you watched him in silence, trying to figure out what on earth he was thinking, and what on earth he had just been doing. 

“I’m sorry” he spoke barely a whisper, not looking at you

“Don’t mention it” you replied waving a hand “I do this all the time” referring to cleaning up the cuts “normally they’re a lot worse”

“I don’t mean for fixing up my cuts” he turned to look at you “I mean for how I’ve been acting” his eyes never left yours, your heart sunk, he knew what he was doing the whole time. You didn’t reply, you just let him speak “Its just…. I just, didn’t know how to be around you. I thought things had changed, but when you came back last week, It just all come back to me and i’ve been so…..so overwhelmed I’m trying to take it all in” he swallowed

You cocked your head to one side in confusion, you wasn’t sure what he was getting at “Whats wrong Tommy. You know you can tell me everything. Its me” you placed you hand over his and squeezed it gently. He looked down at your hands before turning back to you, he moved in before you had the time to realise what was happening, he kissed you. It was just like you’d ever hoped it would be.

“(Y/N)” Tommy said pulling away “I love you. I’ve loved you since we were kids. And when you left, it hurt so badly. But I never stopped and I never will, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I will always, always, always love you”

A tear fell to your cheek, your heart was bursting with more love and joy than you’ve ever felt because Tommy Shelby just made you the happiest girl in the world. You choked back your tears “I was waiting up for you.” the pair of you laughed and kissed again before you held is face and spoke the most truest words you have ever said “I love you too”

I really hope you guys have enjoyed this! Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests, suggestions just send them through, I will try my best.

If you haven’t already check out my Peaky Blinders fanfic I’ve started (x)

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750 Follower Appreciation & Tumblr Awards

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Alright guys!! It’s here but for real this time!

Thanks to all of you who’ve decided over the past few months to follow me! It means a lot, especially because everyone is so helpful and kind!

So in thanks I’ve decided to host another


(Well technically I’m holding two, one VISUAL and one for WRITING)

I’ve updated the schedule for this. Instead of the original plan of holding it this week it will be held the week after the next (from June 26th to June 30th) to give everyone plenty of time to prepare. I also added more details and descriptions to some of the tasks to help you out!! :)


  • You must be following this recycling bin (some people say trash can but come on guys you gotta have more self esteem than that). And I will check whether you are following me or not.
  • You must reblog. Likes do not count. I will check, yet again.
  • You have to tag EACH entry with the appropriate Blog Contest classification and the appropriate task number (SEE ‘TAGGING’ BELOW)
  • *If you do not tag properly* and your tag doesn’t show up in the tagged page that entry will not be graded. (Just so ya know that means that the 2 required tags will have to be the FIRST ones you tag the post with, bc after 5 tags they don’t show up)
  • I am choosing winners *ONLY* based on THESE edits/fanfics/etc. NOT based on previous content or anything else on the blog.
  • Because of this^, I am going to let the last RQ blog contest winners @lilyharvord and @evangeliensamos and all of the runner-ups to compete.
  • There will be one WRITTEN winner and one VISUAL winner. There will be one runner up for each category as well.
  • Entries must be submitted on time, on the day they are meant to be posted. Please schedule/queue them to post between 6am-11pm Eastern US Time (the New York time zone).

**You can only enter ONE of the competitions. You have to choose between either the VISUAL or the WRITTEN competition and put your choice in the tags**


  • Winners will receive: a request for an edit/moodboard/aesthetic, a request for a fanfic/head canon, and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)
  • Runner-ups will receive: a request for a head canon and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)


    ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Ship Day  Create a 4x2 moodboard for a rq ship (common, uncommon, whatever). For inspo check out this amazing blog.
   ➫ Tuesday, the 27th: Task 2 = Diversity Day  Create a 3x3 aesthetic for a single poc and/or lgbtq+ character. For inspo check out some of mine.
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 3 = Historical Day  Create an edit for any historical figure that we know from the RQ verse (characters only mentioned). These can include Caesar Calore, the tactician that united Norta, Juliana, his daughter, Barr Rambler, one of the first recorded Silvers, Garion Savannah, Tiberias the 3rd, King Onekad Cygnet and more. For ideas look here, or on pages 171-175 (amongst others) in King’s Cage.
   ➫ Thursday, the 29th: Task 4 = Text Day  Create an edit for an interesting/exciting/funny scene or quote from any of the rq books/novellas. I made one a while back, too, check that one out here.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 5 = Creativity Day  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go a long with it!! Create a 4 image/gif edit. Describe the ability in 3 sentences and the house (colors, etc) in another 2.


   ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Next Generation Tuesday  Write a glance into the future for a child of any rq ship *in the red queen world, not an au* Number of words: 600-850. Ex. Marecal’s daughter, could include appearance descriptions, ability, personality, and please write a little story! :)
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 2 = FLUFF Thursday  Write the most adorable thing that you can for a red queen ship. Can have angst but make it cute too. I’d prefer if it was a ship that’s different from the one you used in Next Generation Wednesday. 750-900 words.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 3 = Creativity Saturday  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go along with it. Advertise the ability in a concise and persuasive paragraph (4-6 sentences). Ex. ‘Are you tired of _______? Well then ________!’ That part should be a bit satirical of those really bad commercials XD. THEN, make a long head canon of interesting things to use the ability for, more details about the house, and INVENT a character with that ability in that house and tell me about him/her and tell me how he/she uses that ability.


For those entering the VISUAL rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #visual rq blog contest

For those entering the WRITTEN rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #written rq blog contest

Each ENTRY has to be tagged as well, like so (I’m leaving extra spaces to separate each tag):

#visual task 1 rq   #visual task 2 rq   #visual task 3 rq   #visual task 4 rq   #visual task 5 rq

#written task 1 rq   #written task 2 rq   #written task 3 rq


L E T   T H E   G A M E S   B E G I N ! !

Good luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see what you create!

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look under here for the URLs you can win! (I really love some of these!)

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Taking Baby Steps: Month 7 // A Phan Multi-Shot

Genre: parent!phan, domestic fluff, fluff, slight angst

Words: 5.6k (this chapter)

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Being parents to a newborn baby isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. There are so many things they don’t quite understand, and there’s a lot they need to learn on this journey. But at least they’re doing it together. / AKA the wild ride of Dan and Phil’s first year as parents.

Previous Chapter | Masterlist 

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Blacks and Blues (Part 2)

A/n: OOOOOOOOH DANG! I left this open for a part 3 so let me know if you want one. This might get a lil weird in the middle tbh I wrote most of this in school, so I was kinda rushing. I hope I caught most of it in editing tho. -G

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader

Warnings: Drugs

Originally posted by 1900stove-0


He had majorly messed up. Honestly, that was putting it lightly, he’d turned himself into a monster. He didn’t care if the radiation would’ve killed him how could he ever face her if he was a danger to everyone around him? He glanced down at his arm ‘failure is not falling down but refusing to get back up’ sometimes he hated how perfect her quotes were. It was at that moment that he decided to find a cure or some kind of fix to this problem, but if he couldn’t, he had to cut ties with her. He couldn’t put her in danger.

She wondered why he had stopped writing to her, but that didn’t prevent her from writing to him. A quote of the week, it had become a habit and she figured it would help him with his current situation which she guessed was drugs. What else would explain the puncture marks in his skin that would become surrounded by bruises? She wasn’t surprised that he was doing what he was, she just hoped he would get better.

‘Life is tough, my darling, but so are you’ she painted onto her skin while she was working. She wondered what he was doing as another needle mark appeared on her skin, one a day for the past month. He had used more lately than he had in the year since he stopped talking to her.

‘Hey…’ she wrote and waited. No response, just like every other time she’d tried to talk to him in the past year.

‘Went to the mall today’ she started and proceeded to tell him about her day and what she did. Just because he wasn’t going to talk to her didn’t mean she was going to stop talking to him.

Bruce was grateful for that, no matter how much he ignored her she was determined to be seen. He soon became her personal journal every night there was a new entry, a new glimpse at what her life was like.

‘I dunno if you’re on drugs or whatever but take care of yourself’ he read while he was laying in bed one night

‘I mean I would like to meet you at some point ;P’ he couldn’t help the frown that appeared on his face. He didn’t even think about her getting the pin pricks on her skin and not knowing what they were for.

The next morning the words ‘Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change’ was scrawled on his arm. That was the day he bought a plane ticket and left for Calcutta. Granted he’d probably never meet his soulmate but at least he wouldn’t be running and she’d think he wasn’t a drug addict.

He still wasn’t talking to her although whatever was causing the small marks on her skin did end up being less frequent. One would show up every few months, but she figured if it were drugs he’d dropped them. She had moved to New York a few months ago needing a break from her small town. She was walking home from work when the sky opened up, and aliens started pouring out. She ran as fast as she could to the nearest open building. Probably a bad idea but if she had to she could help people get out right? She watched as a group of people in weird costumes and someone that looked like Captain America fought in the streets. That’s what she wrote to him about that night.

‘So I guess there are these Avengers guys now. You probably saw them on the news.’ Bruce read

‘And like aliens were attacking but it wasn’t a big deal cause Captain America was there and Iron Man. Ngl best part if my day was being within 10 feet of Tony Stark’ the words made Bruce pause, she was there.

‘And the Hulk too. I thought he’d be all scary and destroying everything and he was but. I dunno. He seemed nice. You probably think I’m crazy’ He smirked

‘Anywho, that was the best thing that was the scariest yet coolest thing that happened to me all day, all week even. Possibly my entire life.’

Bruce watched as the quote she had written earlier in the day ‘better to fight for something than live for nothing’ slowly disappeared from his wrist along with her story. The next morning she woke up to the words ‘morning sunshine’ written on her palm. A smile spread across her face.

‘So you didn’t lose your ability to write in some freak accident.’ She wrote

It took them awhile, but soon they were writing every day again. He’d write his work on his arm if he was having trouble and she’d do her best to help.

“We have perfectly good paper, and you’re using your hand?” Tony said

“It’s easier for me to work outside of the lab this way” Bruce lied

“Since when do you leave this place.”

“For food.”

“Pepper brings us food,” Tony countered

“Well, sometimes I like a second opinion on my work.”

“You have a soulmate.” Tony stared in awe at his friend

“Maybe…” Bruce responded, “what’s that got to do with anything?”

“I have one too.” Tony replied, “We haven’t talked lately, but she’s out there somewhere.”

“Can I write to her?” Tony asked after a beat if silence

“No,” Bruce responded quickly “knowing you, you’d say something rude or draw dicks all over me.”

“I would never,” Tony said in mock offense

“You can talk to her after I meet her,”

“Well, what if you never meet her?” Tony replied

“Then she won’t have to deal with you,” Bruce responded before

She was walking down the street to the local cafe. Reading the little notes he wrote to her, trying to make sense if the equations. She got in line behind a man with the words ‘I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you’ scrawled on his forearm. Without thinking, she tapped his shoulder.

“Nice tattoo,”

The man looked at his arm “oh, thanks, it’s from a book.”

“The Alchemist,” she smiled “One of my favorites.”

“Bruce?” the barista called

“That’s me,” the man said as he went to sit down. It wasn’t until Y/n had gotten her coffee that she even bothered to look at her arm, the quote she wrote yesterday still clear as day. ‘I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you’ she looked to the man sat in the corner all by himself.

‘You look lonely.’ She wrote on the side of her hand. She watched him write three question marks under her statement.

She made her way over to his table as she wrote her next message

‘Look up’ he read as a lady sat across from him

“Nice to meet you" She smiled

“Are you?” he looked at her, dumbfounded

She nodded and giggled “I am.”

“Bruce Banner,” he held out his hand

“Y/N Y/L/N” she shook his hand

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Ms. Y/n,”

“So formal,” she chuckled “I must be a lucky lady,”


A/n: I hope you guys liked it! Let me know if you want another part! -G

WTWF behind the scenes!

So a lot of thought went into making WTWF, and I thought it would be cool to show you guys some of the ideas and planning about the story that you might not know about :) Thank you again to everyone who took the time to read my fic and leave wonderful messages about it to me, you guys are the absolute best <3

  • WTWF was supposed to be a one-shot story originally! But then I realized all of the scenes in my head were going to be long so I ended up dividing it into chapters
  • the first title for this story was ‘Tasting Marigolds’ or ‘The Taste of Marigolds’. But I didn’t want to spoil Killua’s flower until the 5th chapter so I had to change that.
  • I didn’t come up with the idea for Killua’s flowers to be marigolds! Someone submitted this fanart and poem to me about the hanahki au before I had a plan for a full fic and I just kept the flower from there since the marigold meaning is so perfect
    • Marigolds represent despair and grief over the loss of love and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun, so its perfect for killugon!

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Thing that I noticed and mid-theories in BTS- Blood sweat and tears mv

1. Daedalus and Icarus.

In Greek mythology Daedalus was a craftsman . He had a son Icarus. Once Daedalus built wings from feathers and wax. Father and his son were testing out new vehicle. Icarus was too enthusiastic and he flight too high, warmth of the Sun melted the wax and he fell down and died from the fall.

Now the question how it is connected to BTS? First of all- WINGS. The series of short films with the title “Wings” and motive that was used in them.

Second. The paintings.

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus  by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. We see it in the scene of Taehyung jumping off the balcony.

The Lament for Icarus by Herbert James Draper. It is located in the room with Jungkook on the swing.

Further in the mv, when boys are running out of the ‘museum’, Jin stops and is looking back on something. Then Taehyung comes to him and covers Jins’ eyes. Now we can see some  glimpses of someone covered in some kind of curtain. The curtain rises and shows off kneeling Taehyung with revealed remains of wings on his back.

After this we see what Jin sees after Tae uncovers Jins’ eyes. We see a statue of man with black wings. The statue probably just appeared because it isn’t visible earlier in the mv. Jin comes to the statue and kisses it.

It is possible that Taehyung is compared to Icarus or even is a Icarus. He was also carried by emotions (I need you mv, where he killed his father or his sisters’ boyfriend). And his reaction was a reason of his failure.

Jin might be a equivalent of Daedalus. He gently kisses a statue (of Taehyung?) as a sign of mourning. In the mv we also could see a midified version of Pieta by Michaleangelo. Which shows Virgin Mary with dead Jesus Chris on her lap. Both the myth and the Pieta in some ways shows a suffering of parent after losing own child.

The thing I’m completely clueless about is why the figure of Jesus in mv is unfinished. It still looks kind of like raw stone.Maybe is it because of things that wasn’t finished during the lifetime? Because Christ died when he almost finished his mission on Earth so the statue in the mv isn’t finished like his?

2. Fallen Angel

Jin is here looking at the painting named The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Painting shows two Biblical scenes from the beginning and end of the world.

- exile of rebel angels from Heaven. Which in the Bible is the first fight between good and evil.

- Archangel Michael killing a seven headed dragon. In Book of Revelation there are described two beasts. One that “rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns”. The appearance of second is pretty much unknown.

 Going back to fallen angels. As we all know angels have wings. The most stereotypical image of angel is a beautiful human with wings and blonde hair. Which one of our boys has both? Yep, Taehyung. Maybe is Tae some kind of fallen angel? He already shown his roguish and rebellious side in I need you mv, Run mv and his Stigma short film.

There is one more thing about Pieter Bruegel, one of his most famous works is The Seven Deadly Sins and The Virtues. He did a series of allegories of grotesque sinners and virtues with odd headpieces. Which reminds me of Jins’ teaser photos. It is also possible that Jin and Taehyung are portrayed as  opposites.

3. Kain and Abel. Adam and Eve.

Again the Bible. Adam and Eve were the first humans. But because of Satans’ trap they were exiled from paradise. Satan in the form of snake convinced Eve to eat a fruit from the forbidden tree.In many versions this fruit was an apple.

Hello there.

In this case Jimin is the figure of Eve. And Adam, maybe it’s J-Hope? Because they were together in hospital or Yoongi because their short films were connected.

Kain and Abel. They were brothers, long story short Kain killed his brother. After the murder Kain was stigmatized. Again Tahyungs’ short film title was Stigma. Also a loud thing across ARMYS. Demian by Herman Hesse. Book that is a large part of some theories. One chapter of it “Kain”. Main character was talking with Demian about Kain and misunderstanding of his figure. Demian claimed that Kain probably hadn’t killed his brother, but people scared of his stigma were talking behind his back and that is how the story was created.

Another important part of the plot is the way of understanding the world by the main character. Sinclair always was seeing world as two parts: good and evil. At the beginning he was part of the good side but as the time passed he slowly became part of dark side. At first by mistakes of youth. Sounds familiar?

4. Perseus and Medusa.

See this little guy on the left?

This is him. His name is Perseus and he just killed the Medusa.

This poor girl was turned into a Gorgon (human with snake hair, that could turn a living creature into a stone just by making an eye contact with it) by jealous goddes. He defeated her using a winged shoes of Mercury and mirrored shield. Even after death her gaze was so powerful that it stayed in mirror of shield. It still could petrify.

In past short films there was the image of mirror. In one of past theories I saw that broken glass or mirror symbolizes broken promises. In case of BTS it was RapMonster and Taehyung.

In the mv there is also breakage in the mirror, but this time it’s Jin. His face break a few seconds after the face on Virgin Mary on Pieta. Another comparison?

5. Mother

In a couple of short films there was this picture of woman holding a child. Probably mother with her child. Also look at Jin in past mvs like Run or in Prologue. He was taking care of boys, driving the car, taking photos etc. Kind of like a loving mother would. Another little thing is that J-Hopes’ short film was named Mama.

6. Chaos

“ One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.“

Friedrich Nietzsche

The meaning of this quote is something like you must stay in chaos, push yourself to the limits to become a better version of you (the dancing star).

In my opinion this could mean that boys had been pushing themselves to the edge, risking almost everything to repair the mistakes of their past. To get out of the labyrinth of mistakes (Forever young mv).

7. Eden

Eden is a biblical garden of peace, a paradise. It was the garden that Adam and Eve was banished from. There are two scenes in the mv. One with all the boys sitting at the table, and second only Jin is there and he’s standing on the table.

♥♥♥ I know it was messy but I hope you understood my path of thinking. ♥♥♥

edit. I forgot about adding one thing. The number seven. There is seven members, dragon had a seven heads and there is seven deadly sins.

edit 2. Thank you <3


The pictures aren’t mine. Credits to owners.

Why I Write

Oki! (Hello)

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Quite frankly I was mostly just scared of failing so I never really “tried”. I was just a girl from a rez. All I knew was that I wanted to be involved with the media industry in some way. It intrigued me because it was and still is constantly evolving. 

This past October, I got the opportunity of a lifetime.. Well for me, anyway! I got an interview to work for my reserve’s media outlet. Three weeks later, I got the call that I got the job. Immediately, I thought “shit, I can’t do this!” This was my first reaction because I’m not one to finish what I start. Also, I get scared of failing so I get discouraged easily. The job description included: 10 newspaper articles per month, 10 hours of radio per week, three photos per article (plus 10+ photos for the rest of the paper), advertising, graphic design, editing, videography, and interviews. I was expected to take over the newspaper, radio station, and media services for an entire reserve. Canada’s second largest reservation… On my first day I got a tour of the office and the radio board was like braille to me, there’s no way I can learn this and figure out what it means. And let me touch on the fact that I’m the ONLY person doing all of this. Yes, I only have 2 other co-workers. Our boss/editor and the office administration. I’ve had about 67728 “I’m not cut out for this shit” moments since i’ve started. Yet, I’m still here. Let me explain why:

I took everything gradually. The first two months I focused solely on photography and writing, because that already came easy to me. Then I hit the ground crawling with the radio content and I’ll be honest, I’m still not perfect at it; but I’ll get where I want to be. Next I’ll be focusing on videos so I can do news casts, live on location updates, interviews, short docs, etc. And good news: I have since been upgraded to full time this past April! I haven’t been fired yet! With a population of +7,000, I underestimated how many people I’m actually reaching. Not to mention the surrounding areas of my reserve, which include all of Southern Alberta. So again, why am I still here? 

Growing up, I was a jingle dress dancer. I have always been proud of my culture and where I’m from. I’m 100% Blackfoot and I’ve never shied away from that. Outside media tends to paint a negative depiction of First Nations reservations, or natives in general. Drugs, alcohol, abuse, violence, homelessness, these topics are often used when major outlets cover first nations stories. And to top it all off: when these are broadcasted, social media trolls have a field day in the comments section. Yes these unfortunate things happen to First Nations, I’ve already had to write a few articles on them. However, that’s not all we are. We’re not all high school dropouts, drug addicts, panhandlers, drunks on the streets, dealers, prostitutes, etc…

Just like EVERY community out there, these things exist. It just takes a small number to make the rest of us look bad. How many city kids have ever been to a reservation? I highly doubt a lot have been. Yet, most of them only see a Native in person if one is homeless or drunk downtown asking for change. That’s the only impression of Natives that some non-natives get. 

Also, our issues are more offered to the general public because reserves are much smaller, so when violence, drugs, or controversy or whatever happen it’s a huge thing, thus causing outside media to swoop in and report on it. Let me give you a personal example: My first HUGE coverage was the Castle Mountain Land Claim settlement. Basically, Canada took a piece of our land away and we have never been compensated for it. That land is nestled between Lake Louise and Banff. So I’m live on location in Siksika and a guy from the Calgary Sun and the Calgary Herald calls me and just strikes up a conversation with me. I told him not to quote anything from our conversation, but what does he do? He misconstrues my words and basically wrote that I said we’re selling our land. I died, I thought for sure I was fired. Thankfully my boss was behind me throughout the mess and the fallout. But after, I learned that the big boys in the city will do anything for a controversial story, especially if it involves Natives. However I’m not bitter, I just learned the hard way that that’s how some journalists work. Now, the reason I write? Why am I still in this stressful, underpaid position?

I want to counteract the negativity. I want to help the departments on my nation. I want to shed light on issues that need awareness. I want to celebrate nation members who are doing positive things for the community. I want to continue running a radio station and newspaper, and hopefully it’ll develop into something bigger. Possibly add a magazine, podcasts, apps, photo studio, the list goes on. I want to continue dreaming and thinking outside the box, because it is all possible.

I love my job! I love all that I do. Will it be as stressful forever? No, because I’m still learning, and it’ll honestly take me about a year or so to “settle” and get into the regular grind and routine. Am I a perfect writer/ interviewer/ radio host/ photographer/ videographer/ editor? Definitely not. But I know I am determined to get to where I want to be.

I’m still here because this is what I’ve wanted forever. And what you want won’t come easily at all. You have to fight for it and that’s what makes it worth it. I don’t want to be a radio star or a native Oprah, I simply want to share stories to help others. I am happy to say that at 24 years old, I finally know my career and purpose.

Victor’s Thought Process and his Decision to become Yuuri’s Coach

So I’m sure a bunch of people have talked about this by now but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. We can now clearly see Victor’s mental journey when it comes to his decision to be Yuuri’s coach and that, unlike what we had previously thought, it was never just based on a whim in the first place.

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creativity-thewise  asked:

I've never heard/thought about Thalia as cap and Jason as winter soldier until I read your tags! And now I'm suddenly interested can you tell me more about??

indeed i can. first of all; i get that jason looks a lot like cap, but he really doesn’t ACT like steve rogers. if you’re seeing steve as a flowery grandpa who abides by all rules always, you’d be wrong and it doesn’t really fit for jason, either. thalia on the other hand has MASSIVE similarities with cap. like.

  • both of them are SUPER defensive. about themselves, about the people they love, the things they want to keep from others. a lot of it would have come from how they were raised. remember that steve rogers had an alcoholic father, and thalia had an alcoholic mother. steve lost his mother young, and thalia’s was so negligent she had to look after herself for the most part. both of them are extremely independant. and severely against anything that could detract from that. i.e. steve’s issues with certain authority figures/following blind orders, and thalia’s refusal to bow to that prophecy. they decide on their own terms where they fight, who they fight for, and why
  • again, coming from their childhood experiences, they are also fiercely protective of the people close to them. i.e. bucky and jason (and annabeth/luke, but that’s for later). their lives did not revolve entirely around this other person, no, but it was shaped to include them. and the loss of them tore something away that moulded them into something else. they never lost that protective streak (cap with the avengers, thalia with luke/annabeth and the huntresses), but it became so ingrained in them that they HAD to protect, they were willing to give their lives for that cause. (edit; more under the cut cos’ this got LONG)

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Your mouth is obscene (Daredevil One Shot)

Pairings: Matt Murdock x Reader

Word Count: 1591 words

Prompt: “How much time did you spend looking at Matt’s lips?”

Warnings: slight smut in the end

Notes: I have no idea what this should be. Big thanks to @sws-is-love-sws-is-life (check out her blog) ​ for translating my work  and make it sound way better. Love ya! x

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Tokusatsu 101: Kamen Rider Memes (Part 4)

Meme #10


Point of Origin: Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider OOO was one part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the franchise (the other part was Fourze), featuring a hero who uses the mystical and natural powers of animals in the form of coins called Core Medals. The series currently holds the record for most Rider forms with over 129 total possible forms for the main hero!

This cheerful fellow is Kousei Kougami, the President of the Kougami Foundation, a corporation that is researching alternative energy and mystical artifacts among other things. They help the hero but also stay neutral as they have their own agendas.

Mr. Kougami is…a bit out there, he loves the beginning of things seeing them as beautiful and loves to make birthday cakes, so much so his office sits on top of a bakery. (Hence some fans nickname him “Japanese Cake Boss”)

Whenever something new happens with OOO or the evil Greeed he exclaims: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and he is overly enthusiastic and excitable. When things go his way or please him, he loudly proclaims that this is “SUBARASHII!” (Splendid!) This makes him a fun character as you never know what to expect from him and the delightfully hammy acting and mugging of Takashi Ukaji really sells it.

Uses: Simply a way to wish a Rider fan, actor, producer or writer a Happy Birthday. When something excites you. When you see a birthday cake in a Kamen Rider Series.

Also fun fact, the song “Happy Birthday to You” is now in a legal battle to enter the public domain. So if you wish to do a silly video impersonating Kougami singing it, soon you may not have to pay royalties to the guy who wrote it… despite the fact he’s been dead for over 100 years.

Meme #11


Source: Kamen Rider X

There are moments in Japanese TV that make you say: “What in God’s name am I watching?” This is one of them and arguably the most infamous enemy in Kamen Rider. Even some non-Rider fans know of this due to how bizarre it is.

Kamen Rider X was the 3rd series and had an aquatic Rider who was the first to have an on-board weapons system in the belt.

After failing to defeat Kamen Rider X with their Greek Myth themed cyborgs, the Government of Darkness aka G.O.D. decided to up the ante. They created cyborgs made from what I can only assume to be the bio-matter of animals and infamous figures in history to try to do in the swashbuckling hero. At some point after failing a few times with stuff like Ant Capone, they decided to fuse a Starfish’s cells… with Adolf Hitler’s DNA. Thus Starfish Hitler was born!

Uses: To showcase that tokusatsu goes to weird places that even the fans cannot explain. To show how lovingly campy and goofy the Showa Era could get (despite X being one of the darker series in the franchise). A logic breaker. Showcase how overused and stock a villain type the Nazis are in fictional media and how silly this can get if not used properly in writing stories.

Meme #12

Catchphrases/Belt Sounds

Source: The Heisei Era Series

So many quotes from Riders and belts, so little time…

Insert Here:

Yes Rider fans! I want you to be a participant in this one to show the newcomers!

I’ll Start!

“DAI KAIGAN! OMEGA DRIVE!” (Ghost Driver-Kamen Rider Ghost)

The life you have taken…please return it to God!” (Kamen Rider Ixa -Kamen Rider Kiva)

“Rocket! Drill! LIMIT BREAK!” (Fourze Driver-Kamen Rider Fourze)

“Despair awaits you at the finish line…” (Kamen Rider Accel - Kamen RIder Double)

Edit: X is the 3rd series not 5th. Too much Turkey causes memory loss, don’t eat it.

my love’s the type of thing that you have to earn

and when you earn it, you won’t need it

because mac’s need for approval (especially from the main male figures in his life) makes my heart hurt. the way he models himself off of these figures too- he slicks his hair back and tries to be intimidating like his father, he creates his own dennis system (“i’m swimming in your wake”). i also have to wonder how much of his personality, or rather the personality he fails to have, is modeled after country mac’s. and of course, his ultimate need is for the ultimate Father to accept him.

mac tries to be a ‘monster’, tries to be feared, to be like his terrifying felon of a dad. but this ideal goes farther than that, as his vision of god is just as scary. (see this quote from sweet dee gets audited- “it’s supposed to be terrifying! that’s how you know god loves you.”) a father’s love, heaven or not, is fear.

in the gang saves the day his fantasy isn’t just, well, saving the day. after all the action movie stuff, it’s his friends seeing him be badass, him dying, dennis saying that he loves him/can’t live without him, and then going to heaven and getting a seat right next to god.

and as dennis and charlie discuss, the project badass videos are just another attempt to impress them. mac day has tons of examples of this as well, but the one that stands out to me the post is his immediate reaction after getting a point in the karate tournament. “guys, did you see that?! i got a point! i got a point!”

someone give this gay loser some unconditional, non-frightening love.