have you exercised today

Checklist for when feeling crappy
  1.  Is it late at night? Try to go to sleep. If it’s stressful try some white noise or audiobook or something, or just lay down but don’t turn off the lightsIf it’s not working, keep going with the list and try again later
  2. Are you cold? If yes, put on a sweater, or some socks, or a tuque and gloves if necessary
  3. When was the last time you ate? If it was more than three hours ago, go find something to eat
  4. Have a sip of water
  5. Have you taken your meds/vitamins today?
  6. Have you done any bit of exercise today? If not, do something, even if it’s small. Choose a short workout from Darebee or take dog for a walk
  7.  Have you showered in the last two days? Take a shower (or a bath if that feels right). If, once you’re in exfoliating sounds like a good idea, do that. If, once you’re out, moisturizing sounds like a good idea, do that.
  8. If it’s daytime, are you dressed? Put some comfy or otherwise feel-good clothes on
  9. Do you have any homework or similar pressing work to do? Spend five minutes working on that. Maybe you’ll get into the flow and do more, but if not, no biggie
  10. If you have pets, have you cared for them today? Check and make sure their spaces are clean and they have food and water. Pet and play with them
  11. Have you hugged anyone today? Go hug someone. If no people are available hug a pet, if no pets are available find a teddy bear
  12.  Is your living space clean? Spend five minutes tidying or cleaning something
  13. Have you done anything creative today? Try that for five minutes
  14.  Have you talked to anyone today? Even if no one’s around physically, send a text to a friend at least
  15. Have you gone outside today? If it’s light out and/or not too cold, go and spend a few minutes outside 

This was made with my own needs in mind, but if anyone finds it useful, feel free to reblog

Trying to use the gift system on Pokemon:

>You need to turn on wireless communication to connect to the Internet, are you sure you want to connect to the Internet? YES

>If you disconnect or your battery runs out while using the code you will not be able to receive the gift, do you understand? YES

>Are you sure you want to connect to the Internet? YES

>You must save your game before connecting to the Internet, do you want to save your game? YES

>Connecting to the Internet means you must connect to the Internet, do you want to connect to the Internet? YES

>Have you eaten today and done at least twenty minutes of exercise? YES

>Connecting to the Internet, please stand by…

>SYSTEM UPDATE REQUIRED *closes without warning*

quick self-check
  • Are you hungry? Should you get some food?
  • Are you thirsty? Have you had anything to drink in the last two hours? Should you get a drink?
  • Do you need the bathroom? Do you need a shower?
  • How is your posture? Are you sitting comfortably? Are you sitting in a way that is good for your back?
  • Check the time. Have you been on for too long? Are you ready for any scheduled things you have today? Were you going to work, exercise or sleep in this time?
  • Are you the right temperature? Too warm, too cold?
  • How is the air? Is it stuffy? Do you need to open a window or go outside?
  • Have you taken your meds and/or birth control?
  • Is your music loud? Could it be turned down to spare your hearing? Are there background noises that are stressing you out?
  • Are you developing a screen headache? Have you had a break in the last hour?
  • Have your hands had a rest from typing and clicking? Are they tired?
  • How are you feeling? Are you getting stressed? Is your stomach settled? Are you tense? Is there anything bothering you? Do you need to pause? Do you need to meditate?
I’m Here

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Jackson x Reader



Word Count: 1865

“Do you have your aftershave?” you asked.

“Yes” Jackson said.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be gone for a whole month and a half” you sighed.

“I know, I don’t want to leave you here” Jackson sighed too.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. I’m just going to miss you that’s all” you pouted.

“I’m going to miss you too; I’ll be back before you know it” he smiled and kissed you on the lips. Each peck was as sweet and loving as the next. You embraced each other, you gazed into each other’s eyes.

Flight 266 to Shanghai, China is now boarding! Flight 266 to Shanghai, China is now boarding!

“That’s my flight” Jackson said pulling away. “I’ll call you”.

He glared back one last time, you smile and wave good-bye.

A whole month and a half, they’ll be gone. China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and America

You knew these tours would happen. You told yourself positively, I can get through this. No pressure.

You knew Jackson is always determined to make things work between the two of you. You two were peas in a pod, always had inside jokes no one knew about. You both cherish each other’s thoughts, feelings, and secrets. Jackson tries relentlessly to make you work out with him but you rather stay home. He constantly kept you on your toes and not a day would go by until he makes you smile. You were his queen and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

Each night he would call you from his hotel room, “How are you?” you asked. “Tired, a bit jet lagged” Jackson said laying across the bed. “Have you eaten yet? It’s getting late there” Jackson wondered. “No, not yet” you said sadly. “Babe, I need you to take care of yourself ok?” Jackson urged. “I know babe but I’m doing fine” you reassured. “If something happens to you, I would blame myself for leaving you home” he sighed. “I know, but don’t worry about me. Besides, I’m more worried about you anyway” you pointed out.

“Don’t over it, try to get as much sleep as possible” you suggested. He nods and says “I love you”. “I love you too baby” you said kissing the phone screen. He kissed the phone screen back and threw a finger heart. “Bye” you said and hung up.

You would think a video call would make things better. But you knew Jackson couldn’t stand being away from you for a very long time. As you lie awake in bed, wanting to be spooned in Jackson’s arms. You looked over to Jackson’s side, now an empty space.

Each morning, you received a text: Good morning, baby. Guess what happened? Did you sleep well? I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I miss you! And I know you miss you. I’ll see you soon!

His morning texts helped you start your day. It made you smile. He didn’t text back, due to practice and performing. When he has time, he sneaks in a kissing emoji, maybe an eggplant or two.  

He finishes your day with a text: Good night baby, how was your day? You aren’t stress, are you? If you are, I wish I was there to help you relax. Did you eat well today? Did you exercise today? Take care of yourself or I’ll have to. ;)  I miss you. I love you beautiful. Sleep well, dream of me.

You responded back while smiling. Your day ended perfectly knowing he thinks of you and only you.

It was close to Jackson’s birthday; but you wouldn’t be there to celebrate with him. They were going to start touring in America in another week. You were just going to send Jackson a ‘Happy Birthday’ text.

While you were at work, your cellphone rang, it was an unknown phone number. You answered anyway.

“Hello” you said.

“Hi, this is Y/N?” a woman asked.

“Yes, this is she” you answered.

“My name is Ms. Kim. I am a staff member here at JYP Center, we know you are dating Jackson. We are putting together a special video message for his birthday and we wanted to feature you, will you be able to come in sometime today and film for us” she asked.

“Yes! I can come around 4 today” you confirmed.

“Great, see you then” she said.

After work, you went to JYP, you walked in and found a woman at the front desk. “Hi, I’m here to film a video message” you spoke shyly.

The receptionist, “Are you Y/N?”. You nodded. “Follow Me” she instructed. You followed her downstairs into a room; three people were waiting for you. You saw the camera was ready to record. You came in and comfortable sat in the chair.

“Hi, Y/N. I’m so happy you can join us today” a lady spoke behind the camera. At a precise angle, she took her eye away from the camera and saw you. “I’m Ms. Kim, I oversee all film production of JYP” she continued, “Since Jackson’s birthday is coming up, we want to do a video of those closest to him. And you being his girlfriend, you would be a perfect”.

“Thank you for having me here” you said pleasantly.

“No problem, we’re going put some makeup on you first and then we can get started”. You nodded. “Are you nervous?” Ms. Kim asked. “No” you said. “Do you know what you’re going to say?” she inquired. “Yes”.

“Alright let’s get started” Ms. Kim insisted. “I’m really interested in what you have to say, stay calm, talk as though you’re having a conversation with him, take your time, and you can start talking whenever you feel comfortable”.

She counted down: Three, Two, One

You started talking, there was no hesitation in your voice. Not even a stutter. Everything you said was sincere. Because everything you said came from the heart.

After you finished talking, you saw Ms. Kim left in awe. “How did I do?” you asked shyly. “You were amazing” she beamed “I know he’ll love this”.

“It’ll be nice to see his reaction when he sees this” you chimed in.

Mrs. Kim raised an eyebrow and spoke, “We can make that happen”. You froze. “Are you serious?” you asked.

“They’re last stop is Los Angeles; we can fly you over there and let you surprise him” she suggested. “That would be great”.

“Perfect, we’ll send an airplane ticket and have reservations for you at the hotel and concert” Ms. Kim said writing the details in her schedule.

You flew out to LA, you were nervous walking through LAX, as if people knew who you were. You were going to see Jackson after a month and half. Your palms kept sweating. You spotted a JYP official holding a sheet of paper with your name on it.

“Are you Y/N?” he asked as you approached him. “Yes, that’s me” you answered. “Follow me, I’m June by the way. I’ll be your assistant for tonight” he introduced himself. “Oh thank you”.

He escorted you to the car and drove you to the hotel, “So you’re Jackson’s girlfriend?” he asked. “Yes, I am” you smiled. “He’s a lucky man” June smirked, “I will escort you to the concert tonight, so get as much rest as you can, I will pick you up at 8pm”.

You could use some much-needed rest. The flight between LA and Seoul was very long.

It was around 6:30pm and you wanted to look your best for him. You decided to wear high waist jeans and a white crop top and black ankle high converses along with your black bomber jacket.

8pm came, June was waiting for you downstairs and drove you over to the concert. The concert had already started; you hear screaming fans and music playing in the background. The boys were performing beautifully as usual.

“Hi, Y/N” you heard someone greeting you, it was Ms. Kim. “Hi!” you said happily. “After this song, they are going to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, then we’ll play the videos” she informed you, “Once the videos are over, you are going out on stage to surprise him”.

You were happy to see Jackson; you keep twiddling your thumbs just ready to run out on stage already. But you waited.

“Now, today is a very special day” the translator spoke after the performance was over. “And what is that special day?” he asked. The entire audience screamed “ITS JACKSON’S BIRTHDAY”. They cheered. The members and audience started singing ‘Happy Birthday to him”. “Alright everyone, look at the screen, we have something very special to show to Jackson” the translator chimed in.

You peeked from behind the curtain and saw Jackson’s parents video playing. You looked over at Jackson down in one knee, he started to cry. You knew how much he misses his parents unfortunately they were not able to make it. Their video ended with I love you.

Then you appeared on the screen, you quickly looked at Jackson’s face. His eyes were wide and happiest grin spread across his face.

You spoke:

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you and how wonderful I feel when I’m with you. Jackson. I feel blessed for having you in my life. You make everything seem easy and simple. You help me get through each day since you’ve been gone. You always put people before yourself and yet when I worry about you, you always worry about me more. You don’t start a day nor end a day without making me smile. I’m so grateful to be yours. You have made me ever so happy. Every second, my love for you grows. Though I can’t be with you, just know I am sending you all the kisses, hugs and love for all the times you missed me. Happy Birthday Jackson, I love you!

Tears forming in your eyes. You looked over at Jackson forming more tears.

“Go now!” Ms. Kim whispered in your ear as she nudged you to the stage. You slowly came out, you only stared at Jackson. The audience grew louder pointing at you. The members turned to your direction. You waved. Mark crouched down next to Jackson and whispered in his ear. Jackson saw you. His face glowed, he mouthed “Oh my God”, he ran to you and you ran to him. With open arms, you embraced each other.

“Surprise” you said in his ear.

“I’m so happy to see you” he said holding you even tighter. You heard fans saying “Awwww!” as he kissed you full on the lips.

“How’s your birthday going so far?” you asked quickly.

“It’s better now that you’re here” he said biting his bottom lip with his hands going further down your waist.

“Babe, now is not the time, nor the place. You got a show to finish. So, I will see you afterwards.” you said.

He nodded and pecked you on the lips before he continued with the concert.  

You hurried off stage, happy to be with Jackson on his special day.

Today is such a day! Seriously. It’s kind of bad, kind of good and I feel like I’m in a funk. Why the heck can I not get out of this funk?? I did some meditation. Didn’t really help. I feel more relaxed and grounded though. So that’s cool. I need to clean my room so I can clear my head. 

I’m going to do some yoga too. 

What exercise are you all doing today? Do you have any that you’d recommend?

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Thank you for filling my prompt, it was adorable! Just what I wanted. Also, yes I was thinking of those damn leather pants too, hahaha. More autumn prompts you say? How bout raking leaves as punishment for being risky on a mission/blowing shit up ("Merlin, we have landscapers for this shit." "They were fired.") So annoyance, frustration as the wind blows the leaves around, taking off of layers cuz they got hot, ultimately giving up and tackling each other into leave piles and snogging.

“Merlin, I’m pretty sure we got gardeners for this shit,” Eggsy groaned. “Posh places like this have fucking teams of gardeners. Seen it on Downton Abbey.”

“And they deserve a day off for doing excellent work without blowing up a warehouse,” Merlin replied, sounding bored. “Stop whinging or you’ll be out there all day.”

“Already been out here all day,” Eggsy muttered under his breath.

“I can hear you, lad. This could become a weekly exercise for you both.”

“What have I done? Today I mean?” Harry spoke up for the first time since he had asked if Merlin was truly serious about the two rakes he was holding when the tech wizard met them at HQ that morning.

A gust of wind blew by. While it was welcome on such an unseasonably hot day, it did blow off the top of the newly made leaf piles.

Eggsy took off his glasses and threw his head back, glaring at the sky. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” He wiped his bare forearm across his forehead and set about raking the wayward leaves back into place, back muscles making a most appealing view.

Harry gave in and removed not only his suit jacket, but his shirt as well. Since he’d been chosen as Arthur, he’d done far fewer missions and as of yet, none outside of the United Kingdom. Harry feared he was showing a rather pale complexion in comparison to Eggsy, who had been on a mission in California for the past month.

At least until Eggsy found out that the drug smugglers he’d just beaten the crap out of were also human smugglers and decided letting any surviving scumbags get arrested was too good for them.

Harry had been his handler, as such it was his responsibility to reign in his agent’s darker inclinations. But then Eggsy had turned to face the group of young people he’d released from the literal animal cages. Not a one could be old enough for university. One girl was clutching a doll that Harry recognized as being some Disney princess or other because he’d seen it’s twin in Daisy’s bedroom.

“Go ahead,” Harry said.

Eggsy ceased just playing with his lighter and got the victims to a safe distance before priming the gold grenade and tossing it in a perfect arc.

“Pretty,” Harry had commented as the building went up in flames, the smoke catching the beginnings of the sunrise.

Eggsy had laughed. Harry would gladly let a hundred warehouses full of criminals burn for the sound of that laughter.

Merlin knew that all too well. So after he reviewed the footage, he determined that both deserved equal blame for the incident coming to the attention of local news crews. “Highest level of discretion,” he’d muttered and glared daggers at Harry. “You used to know what that meant. You two are a couple; you can stop showing off for the lad any day now.”

“I’m afraid he’s trained it into me with positive reinforcement now,” Harry had said in a complete monotone. “I rather expect this incident has earned me a month of blowjobs.”

Eggsy had laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair and it was entirely worth it when Merlin threw a laptop charger at Harry’s head. Neatly ducked, of course.

“How did you make him worse?” Merlin addressing Eggsy, still bent double and gasping for breath between outbursts. “How did you actually make Harry Hart more of a flash bastard than he already was?”

So Merlin had devised the punishment (“yes Eggsy, despite the fact he is in name my boss, I can punish Harry because if he fires me the coffeemaker will never work properly again and he wouldn’t risk a bunch of highly-trained agents all going through caffeine withdrawal at the same time”) leading to their present predicament.

A shrill whistle distracted Harry from the leaves he’d been mindlessly raking.

“Looking good,” Eggsy said, sidling over to his partner to admire him.

“Likewise,” Harry smiled and his eyes traced a drop of sweat as it made its way from Eggsy’s pectoral down to the darkened fabric at his waistband. Where his gaze lingered.

Merlin’s voice growled in Harry’s ear, “If I reprieve you morons, will you at least take this somewhere private?”

Harry tiled his head, considering the offer.

Eggsy, who could tell something was up but couldn’t hear, decided to take that moment to stretch his right leg behind his head with a wink.

“No, I don’t think so,” Harry said to Merlin before he tackled Eggsy into the giant leaf pile, ruining an afternoon’s work and unrepentant of the fact.

Harry vaguely registered Merlin’s voice telling him about all the nasty, unpleasant jobs he was assigning to them both immediately. He paid no mind and removed his glasses while Merlin was still ranting.

Eggsy was laughing between kisses and the leaves were falling gently around their heads

Entirely worth it.

remember to care for your body.  sit up straight while at the computer; take breaks to stretch out and get your circulation going.  go grab a glass of water.  have you eaten today?  if you can manage some exercise, reserve some time to do a little.  your body is too precious to ignore; treat it with love.


Mental health checklist:

  • Have you drunk enough water today? 
  • Have you eaten enough today?
  • Have you taken your meds today?
  • Have you exercised today? (It doesn’t have to be a long workout, even 5 minutes is okay!)
  • Have you talked to someone today (online or in person)? (It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, a short chat is just fine!) Extra: Have you gone outside today?
  • Have you done your homework? Extra: Are there any other responsibilities you need to take care of? (e.g. grocery shopping, cleaning, making appointments)
  • Have you taken care of your personal hygiene today? (shower/bath, brushed hair, brushed teeth, deodorant, shaved (if applicable), cut nails (if needed) changed clothes)
  • Have you been kind to yourself today? Say some affirmations, out loud or in your head! Remember that you are beautiful, valuable, and loved.
  • Are you on track to get enough sleep? 

These are all things I have to remind myself of, so I hope it helps some of you~

hello, this interruption comes to you by the care-for-yourself-patrol.  please take a moment to read these reminders:

have you eaten today?  showered?

have you stretched?  exercised?

try not to sleep too much or too little.  turn off the computer early, put on some soothing sounds, brew yourself some chamomile.

it takes conscious effort to remember yourself, but if you do i can guarantee you that you’ll be able to think more clearly after taking measures to maintain yourself.

as someone who cares, please do these things for yourself today (and every day).

Permission to challenge your ED

let this be your official permission to go against what your ed wants you to do. You have permission to eat that chocolate bar and keep eating however much you want for the rest of the day. You have permission to have a second bowl of ice cream. You have permission to order chips on the side instead of salad. You have permission to have two or three afternoon snacks. You have permission to put nutella on your pancakes. You have permission to double the ingredients for your pancakes because the single serving isn’t big enough. You have permission to not exercise today or tomorrow or all week. You have permission to mix the separated oil back into your food instead of pouring it down the sink.

You don’t need my validation to recover, but just incase you needed to be reminded that recovery is not greedy, recovery is brave. And to get the freedom and peace we deserve in life, we need to fight with everything we’ve got. 

remember to eat today, okay? 

I know it’s hard and you might just not have the spoons to but you deserve to have food in your tummy. Even if you haven’t exercised or moved at all today. You don’t have to ‘earn’ food. Just eat something. Even if it’s not much, I’m proud of you for trying <3

Encounter with the Ubershatten... (RWBY open)

“If you have not guessed… Today is the start of endurance training exercises… I know this may sound somewhat strange, but there might may be a time in your life when simply killing any Grimm you encounter is just not enough.” The dark haired teacher said with her speech, the nearby Beowolf-like beast snarling and snapping at the students in it’s cage.

“And… for practice for those times, I brought this big guy back with me…”

This was going to be interesting…

“Are there any volunteers?”

Just checking in to see....

Have you stretched today?

Are you Hydrated?

Have you done any exercise today?

EX: Running

EX: Pull ups

EX: Dance! (duh)

Did you work up a good sweat?

Remember to stay hydrated!

Have a healthy snack!

and whether or not you have….

Smile! :D

and spend time with those you love :D

(Inspired by a animal post with little check ups)

Here we Go again

Greg Ellis is posting again on twitter and not at all being appropriately apologetic to the person his actions harmed.  He can plead intent all he wants; actions here are what counts. People calling you out for problematic behavior is NOT cyberbullying (and man have you been pretty happy to exercise that ban hammer today).  What is happening to that poor girl IS.  Stop playing the victim here.

*insert disgusted Cassandra noise*

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How often did you guys exercise to get the weight off? I'm so close to my goal but it feels like it's taking FOREVER!

I came across this graph the other day & find it exhibits nicely why exercising up hills is so important.  A friend of mine came to visit this weekend and we went for a run, he told me he normally does 3 to 4 miles every day & I was not surprised at all that he could not make 1 mile on a gradual incline. The “Light Exercise” reminds me of how most people interpret activity, just walking or jogging or being on their feet all day or riding on flat land might not get you past your glycogen % to burn fat as fuel.  If you look at those moderate and heavy lines what do those remind you up?  BIG HILLS!  So if you want to break into that stubborn last bit of fat this might give you an idea how to get your body to use more fat as fuel.  I road for about 4 hours today with Robby up mountains & we even had to carry our bike about a mile up a trail that was too washed out & steep.  (LexisVeg on snapchat) Get your heart rate up, and have fun doing it!  Do you think I thought today as exercise?  No it was ADVENTURE!  Find some mountains, your body won’t hesitate at all to drop the added weight when you really make it carry it upward provided you aren’t filling your fat tank back up with high fats in your meals.