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The bet

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Request:Hey 👋🏻 ❤ So could I request a 40’s Bucky x reader?the reader is very shy and a friend of Peggy. Bucky is the ladies man. One night they all went to a party and Bucky asked the reader out as a bet she said yes and they became a couple. Bucky begins to fall in love with the reader. After a while she discovers by accident about the bet and her heart got broken. Bucky does not give up on her and tries to win her back! With a happy ending,angst and fluff!! Thank you love you 💛💙

Warnings: angst, swearing, fluff

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   Bucky was bored, Steve was bored but Peggy was having the time of her life. The three of them were out celebrating the end of the war, the fact they were still alive; In fact, it seemed everyone was out celebrating their win. The bar was crammed full of men and women, all dancing and drinking, having a jolly good time, everyone except Bucky and Steve. Peggy had had one too many drinks and she was content to talk the entire night away, boring both men into a light sleep. The only thing that woke them up was when Steve accidentally let his head slip out of his hands and he smacked the table, jolting both men awake. Bucky looked around in shock, before looking at Steve who was now rubbing at his red forehead. Bucky snickered softly, shaking his head but his laughter immediately died when his eyes caught something lingering at the entrance. 

   A young girl, around Peggy’s age, was standing at the entrance to the bar, looking rather anxious. Immediately she perked up as she looked in his direction. Bucky thought she was smiling at him but he quickly realized he was wrong when Peggy jumped up and rushed over to her to hug her. 

   "(Y/N), you’re here!“ 

   "I wouldn’t miss out on the chance to see you,” She smiled gently, showcasing her beautiful smile. 

   Bucky looks at the two interacting for quite some time, entrance with (Y/N) but a quick tap to his shoulder quickly snapped him out of his trance.

    “I’ve got a dare for you,” Steve smirks coolly as he folds his arms over his chest. “I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you go and ask her out,” Bucky looks at him, furrowing his brows. 

   "Okay…what’s the catch?“ 

   "You have to date her for more than four months,”

    “no,” Bucky shakes his head, folding his arms over his chest. “No way, do you know how many days that is that I’d have to go without kissing some cute blonde?” Steve chuckles, shrugging his shoulders.

    “What about two hundred?” Bucky purses his lips in thought, humming softly as Peggy and (Y/N) approach the table, still talking to each other animatedly. 

   "Fine two hundred dollars,“ Steve chuckles as he leans back into his seat, closing his eyes once again.

    "Guess you’re gonna be out of two hundred dollars in a month," 

   "Whatever,” Bucky growls to Steve as Peggy and (Y/N) sit down. 

   "Steven, James, this (Y/N), a friend of mine,“

   "Hello,” Steve answers politely, giving (Y/N) a soft smile. Bucky on the other hand was going to be more flirtatious, he did have to win a bet after all.

      “Heya doll,” Bucky leans forward, smiling at (Y/N) smugly. The poor girl blushed madly, her entire face red as Bucky looked at her. 

   "Hi,“ (Y/N) replies quietly, her eyes glued to their hands as she does so. She was shy, Bucky loved the shy ones.

    "She recently moved to Brooklyn-" 

   "Good choice cutie,” Bucky winked at her and Bucky swore he’d never seen a face redder than hers. It was…cute. Most women were throwing themself at his feet, batting their eyelashes and acting all sorts of sweet and innocent but for once Bucky thought he’d found a girl who actually was what all those women pretended to be. She seemed so genuinely moved by his compliments, as though no one had ever called her cute nicknames or told her how cute she was. 

   Oh, Bucky was going to have fun with this one. 

   The “party” had dragged by painfully slow, with Peggy still rambling and (Y/N) occasionally breaking the constant talking with small input here and there. Every now and then Bucky would throw a compliment her way, a ‘your hair is looking fantastic’, or maybe a little something like 'Thats one hell of a dress’. E very time he so much looked her way she ended up blushing madly but nonetheless it always brought a small smile to her rosy cheeks.

    Around 10 Peggy finally crashed, quite literally too. She was slowly talking one second and then the next she was fast asleep. Steve picked her up and carried her home, leaving Bucky and (Y/N) all alone. He was of course going to walk her home, what kind of a man would he be if he didnt? And truthfully he was actually looking forward to some one on one time with (Y/N), she seemed beyond nice and Bucky wanted to get to know her more.

    “(Y/N)’s a gorgeous name,” Bucky states as he walks along, hands shoved in his pockets. Even in the dim lighting of Brooklyn he could see (Y/N)’s wild blush. “And that blush is pretty cute too,” Bucky smirks as (Y/N) cracks a wide smile, hanging her head to hide jus how much of an effect his words had on her. “So (Y/N), you got a man of your own?" 

   "Um no,” (Y/N) whispers, cheeks burning once again. 

   "No?“ Bucky asks dumbfoundedly. "That’s- no- that’s not possible, how can someone like you not be datin’ anyone?” (Y/N) shrugs, her ever present smile still there. 

   "I’m really quiet, guess that’s not something men these days like,“ 

   "I like it,” Bucky supplies rather quickly. “Shy gals are the cutest," 

   "Seems like you’re the only man on the face of the earth who thinks like that,”

    “Good,” Bucky smirks a bit, “more for me,” (Y/N) smiles, a wide toothy thing that had Bucky’s heart fluttering just a bit. “So (Y/N), I was wonderin’ if maybe you’d like to go out on a date sometime, I get if you don’t want to but you seem really nice and I’d love to get to know ya more,” (Y/N) looks at Bucky with a shocked expression, eyes wide and lips parted.

    “Are- are you serious?" 

   "Hell yeah I’m serious,” Bucky smiles at her widely. 

   "You’re not lying to me?“

    "No doll,” Bucky stops walking, turning to face her immediately. “I’m bein’ dead serious, I’d love to take you out for some dinner some time, maybe see a movie, go feed the ducks, whatever the hell you wanna do,” (Y/N) blushes once again but we smile is much brighter and bigger than he had ever seen it. 

   "I’d love that,“ Bucky sighs gratefully, internally chanting and rooting himself on. In five months he was going to have a nice stack of two hundred dollars in his hand… 

    Well- Bucky had fucked up Royally, what had supposed to be nothing more than a stupid bet had quickly turned into something more. Bucky quickly realized what a gem in the rough he’d found, (Y/N) was unlike any other girl he’d ever met. She was abnormally sweet, so caring, beyond adorable, and not to mention the most hilarious person he’d ever met.

    After having spent a couple of years with the military he was used to strong language, crude jokes but what he heard from (Y/N) completely topped anything he hear in the army. It was a huge surprise when one day whilst (Y/N) was cooking a meal for the two of then he quite suddenly heard a loud crash followed by (Y/N)’s feminine voice yelling a short but consice "Fuck!” Bucky didnt think he had laughed that hard in his entire life. But Bucky quickly learned that (Y/N) also had a bit of a feisty side. She was bound and determined to do everything herself, she didn’t need help doing a single thing. While most women would expect him to do everything (Y/N) would most likely punch him if he even thought about doing a single thing for her. She was different and Bucky loved that.

    It didn’t take him long to realize just how screwed he was. A month of dating each other and he realized he was in love. The damn idiot had actually fallen in love. Now, it was the five month mark and Bucky was as anxious for it as he could be. He couldn’t accept Steve’s money now, not after falling in love with (Y/N) and he sure as hell had to tell her about the bet, how horrible would it be of him to not to do so? He’d be the worst boyfriend on the face of the earth but whenever he tried to he’d choke up and refuse to tell her. But now he had really done it. 

   He had meant to tell her that night but then things went a little….sidewards and now he was laying in (Y/N)’s bed, butt fucking naked as he held a sleeping (Y/N). Her skin was still slightly sweaty from precious activities but if he even dared pulled away she’d begin to shiver and whine in her sleep so Bucky stayed by her side, holding her as close as humanly possible. 

   He’d tell her later, after she woke up. He’d make her a nice breakfast (even though she’d probably beat him for it), he try to explain it as nicely as he could and hope for the best. 

    “Wait…” (Y/N) looks at him, her eyes brimming with tears. “Are you- are you being serious?” Her tone was meek and quiet, just like the tone she usually had around anyone but him. Bucky sighs, his stomach twisted up in knots as he nods.

     "Yeah, yeah I am,“

    "I was just- I was just a bet to you?” (Y/N) squeaks, her voice breaking as her tears threatened to spill over. 

   It physically made Bucky sick to see (Y/N) hurting, especially because of him. He’d never seen her cry and the idea that he was the cause of these fresh tears made his heart ache. 

   "In the beginning yes but as soon as I took you on that first date I realized that you meant more than that-“ Bucky stops when (Y/N) sniffles, a single tear rolling down her beautiful cheeks. "Doll, I promise-” Bucky reached out to wipe the tear away but his hand froze in mid air as (Y/N) abruptly stood up, tears now freely sliding down her cheeks, turned on her heel and marched to Bucky’s front door. She grabbed her jacket and hand bag, not even giving Bucky a second glance as she did so.

     "(Y/N), doll, I promise it’s not like that anymore-“

     "Two hundred dollars?” (Y/N) looks at him, her beautiful lips trembling. “Two hundred dollars is all I mean to you?” Bucky’s heart aches, it hurts so fucking much and all he wants to do is reach out and hold (Y/N), comfort her and convince her that she meant the world to him. But before he could even open his mouth to respond (Y/N) slammed the door shut, leaving Bucky all alone in his apartment. 

    Bucky immediately ran to Steve’s place, damn well knowing that Peggy was probably there as well. His fist best upon the door loudly, he panted from the exertion of running god knows how many blocks, and his eyes burned with unshed tears. Immediately the door opened, revealing a rather dishelved looking Steve. 

   "Buck, uh- I’m kinda busy right now-“

    "Yeah, I can see that,” Bucky grumbles as he marches into Steve’s apartment, ignoring Steve’s cries not to. Bucky completely ignored the fact that Peggy was laying naked on the couch, a blanket wrapped around her body as she looked at Bucky in disappointment. “I fucked up Steve, I fucked up so bad," 

   "What? What’d you do?” Steve asks as he slams the front door shut, obviously unhappy with the way things were turning out. “I told (Y/N) about the bet,”

     "you- you- you fucking idiot! Why the hell would you do that?“ 

    "I thought she deserved to know!" 

    "God Bucky, what kind of an idiot does something like that?”

    “I do!" 

   "Wait-” Peggy raises a hand, silencing both boys. “What bet?” Both men sigh in disappointment, knowing that Peggy would beat both their asses for what they did.

     "That day in the bar, the day we returned home,“ 

    "Yes,” Peggy nods, acknowledging the memory.

     "Well I told Bucky that if he could date (Y/N) for a solid five months I’d give him two hundred dollars,“ Peggy looks between the two of them, dumbfounded, and even a bit hurt. The room is silent for far too long, no one says a word as Peggy sits there brewing in her anger. Both of the boys nearly cowered in fear, waiting for Peggy to snap and bite their heads off. 

   "You two-” Peggy whispers quietly, “Are the biggest dicks on the face of this earth!” Peggy chucks a pillow their way, cursing both of them to hell and back. “I can’t believe you’d do that!" 

   "I know,” Bucky cowers in fear as Peggy continues to throw pillows. “We were stupid!" 

   "I ought to get up and beat you to a bloody pulp, both of you!" 

    "Or you can help me fix this with (Y/N)!”

     "Why should I you heartless prick?“ 

    "Because I love her, okay! I love her more than I’ve ever loved anything in this world and I can’t- I can’t lose her,” Peggy finally settles down, looking at Bucky with a now much softer gaze. “I want to fix this, I want (Y/N) to know how much I love her.” Peggy sighs softly as she readjusts her blanket, pulling it up her body a little higher. 

    “She’s not going to be easy to win back, she’s sensitive and she likes to hold a grudge,” Bucky nods, sighing in defeat. “But I know you can win her back James,” Peggy smiles softly, “Plus with a little help from me you’ll be golden,” Bucky smiles, sighing in relief. 

    “Oh thank you so much Peggy, I can’t thank you enough," 

   "You can thank me by getting out of here, I’ll come buy Tommorrow to figure something out, okay?” Bucky nods as he runs a hand through his hair, gripping the strands gently.

    With Peggy’s help he actually had a chance at winning (Y/N) back, there was a glimmer of hope for him. He just hoped that he hadn’t hurt (Y/N) too much, he hoped it wasn’t too late to repair what they had.  

   "She loves the stars,“

     "Yeah, I know that Pegs,”

    “Loves chocolate," 

    "I know that too,”

     "She loves to read-“

     "Peggy, this is all shit I already know-”

    “She likes red wine too,”

    “How is this going to help me at all?”

    “Just combine them all together,” Peggy sighs, shaking her head. “A night under the stars, some chocolate and red wine, pick up a book for her," 

   "Peggy, Brooklyn is covered in snow, how am I supposed to-”

     "Stark has been working on this machine, more like a room really. Find (Y/N), tell her you’ll pick her up at six, I’ll give you directions to the place, you just show up with your stuff and I’ll have everything ready,“ 

    Bucky was a bit reluctant to agree, after all, what if Peggy screwed him over for making the bet? But this was the best plan he had right now so he had to roll with it even if his gut feeling was telling him it was a bad idea.

     Bucky rapped his knuckles against (Y/N)’s door, sighing shakily as he awaited an answer. 

    "Go away,” (Y/N)’s voice was soft, full of insecurity.

     "(Y/N), please just open up,“ 

  "Are you here to rub two hundred dollars in my face?” 

  “No, I’m here to ask you on a date-” 

  “a date? Are you serious?” 

  “Please (Y/N), just open up so I can talk to you,”

   “Why should I?” 

  “Please (Y/N),” Bucky rests his forehead against the cold wood door, sighing as he does. “I’m beggin’ ya doll,” Bucky could hear (Y/N) sigh softly and not a moment afterwards the door swung open, revealing a rather worn down looking (Y/N). Her eyes were puffy and red from crying, her hair was a mess, and the only piece of clothing around her body was an old robe. Even now Bucky found her stunning.

    “So…a date?” 

  “Yeah,” Bucky nods, trying to tear his eyes away from (Y/N)’s gorgeous form. 

   “I’ve picked some stuff up and I’ve got something special planned for us,”

   “Do I have to dress up?” Bucky smiles a bit, shaking his head as he does. 

  “Of course not, wear whatever you want,” 

  “…when do we leave?” 

  “Six,” (Y/N) sighs, resting her head against the doorframe. “I know I hurt you,” Bucky looks at his feet, shame flooding through his system. “It was stupid to even have the bet, I shouldn’t have done that to you and I’m so sorry (Y/N)-” 

  “It’s okay,” (Y/N) shrugs, “Guess it was the only way someone would ever want to date me-”

   “No doll,” Bucky takes a step forward to hold her, just like he usually did when she was hurting but this time he stopped himself, deciding against it. “That’s not true,”

   “that’s why you dated me, right? Had it not been for the bet you wouldn’t even be with me right now, would you?”

      “I don’t- I don’t know doll,” Bucky sighs, looking down to his hands once again.

       “Yeah…that’s what I thought,” Both of them fall silent for a bit, just staring at the ground, each one biting back their own words and feelings, too scared to share them at such a vulnerable moment. “I’ll be ready at 5:45,” (Y/N) finally speaks, their voice so quiet Bucky had to strain to hear it. “You can come pick me up then,” Bucky nods, sighing shakily as he does,

      “Sounds good,” He gave (Y/N) a gentle smile but it didn’t quite reach his eyes like it usually did. (Y/N) smiles back, mirroring his expression as she murmurs okay and gently closes the door, leaving Bucky all alone on their doorstep.

     Well, she had said yes, that was a start.

    As promised Bucky was there at 5:45, knocking on (Y/N)’s door gently. Immediately it swung open, revealing the girl herself and holy shit- she damn near took Bucky’s breath away. She wasn’t dressed in anything extravagant, just a simple floral dress, she didn’t even have a lick of makeup on and Bucky still thought she looked far more beautiful than any other woman he’d laid eyes on.

  “You look amazing,” Bucky whispers, his eyes unashamedly raking over (Y/N)’s form. A slight blush rise to her cheeks, the same blush that made Bucky fall in love and suddenly he felt like he was on his first date all over again.

   “Thank you,” (Y/N) whispers all shy and timidly, making Bucky’s heart flutter lightly.

  “I uh- I’d ask to hold your hand but I think you’d break my hand if I did,” Bucky smiles sheepishly as he and (Y/N) make their way down the steps and out onto the open streets. Wordlessly (Y/N) clasps Bucky’s hand in her own, giving it a soft squeeze, a reassuring squeeze. Even when she was mad at him she could help but give into the affection, Bucky loved it. Bucky smiles happily as he guides (Y/N) along, his thumb smoothing circles into her skin as they walked along, venturing further and further away from civilization.

  “Uh- you’re not taking me out here to murder me, are you?” (Y/N) chuckles nervously, looking at the abandoned streets and overpowering weeds in fear.
  “Of course not,” Bucky chuckles. “I’ve just got something special, that’s all,”

  “Is it murder? I bet it’s murder,”

  “It’s not murder,” Bucky chuckles a bit. “I promise,”

  “Well, what’s in the box?” (Y/N) gestures to the small bag Bucky carried in his free hand. It was full of all the materials Peggy told him to bring, chocolate, wine, a good book all he needed was Starks facility and hopefully he was good to go…hopefully…

   The place Peggy had given him the directions to was…run down to put it lightly. It was a crumbling buidling in some old lot, one that barely looked inhabitable but Bucky didnt doubt Peggy, never did and never would.

  “This is the surprise?” (Y/N) asks in disbelief.

  “It’s on the inside,” Bucky mutters, biting his lip as he took a few steps towards the building. He trusted Peggy, he trusted Peggy, he trusted Peggy, he trusted-

   Bucky stops as he enters the building, his eyes roaming around the interior in shock. It was full of stars- not exaggerating. The entire interior was space, he could see all the planets, every star, every little speck of dust in the universe was in this room.

  (Y/N) trails not too far behind, her eyes wide as she stepped in as well. If Bucky thought that was cool it became magnificent when suddenly the stars and planets began to move, orbiting as though they were actually in space.

  “Bucky-” (Y/N)’s voice is quiet, full of surprise as she looks around. She trails off however as they reach out, touching a small star close to them. The thing moved to her hand, sitting there as though an actual fucking star was made to fit in her hand.

   “You like stars, don’t'cha?” Bucky asks as he gently tugs (Y/N) along, to a small spot in the middle of the room. There was already a blanket there (Thanks Peggy) and Bucky sat down, pulling (Y/N) alongside him. She looked around in awe, her eyes twinkling in a way Bucky had never seen before. She looked so beatiful, so full I happiness and curiosity that Bucky wished he could just live in this moment forever, just to watch (Y/N) smiles the way she was smiling. “I also- uh- have some chocolate and wine,” Bucky pulls the two Items out, setting them down on the blanket for (Y/N) to take. “And I know you love poetry and love so-” Bucky chuckles as he pulls out some poetry book he had found at the store. It was chuck full of cheesy romance poems and he knew (Y/N) would simply eat up.

   “You did all this for me?” (Y/N) asks softly, her eyes brimming with tears as she looks at Bucky. Bucky nods, smiling at her so sweetly and so lovingly he was surprised he didn’t develop diabetes.

  “Yeah I did, with a little help from some friends,” (Y/N) smiles, her eyes watering even more as she pounces forward, wrapping Bucky up In a warm, tight hug.

  “Thank you so much,” She whispers as she nuzzles into his neck, breathing in deeply.

  Bucky wraps his arms around (Y/N)’s waist, sighing softly as he finally- finally held her. It felt so good to have her back in his arms, it had only been a few days but even that had been too much for him.

  “Anything for you doll,” Bucky whispers as he kisses the tip of (Y/N)’s ear, a small action that she loved dearly. “I’m so sorry about the bet, I promise you mean so much more to me than some stupid money. The thought of hurting you the way I did makes me sick, I don’t want you to ever think I don’t love you, because I do, I love you so fucking much (Y/N) and I wish I had told you sooner,” Bucky rants as he rubs his nose against (Y/N)’s pulse point, her heartbeat soothing him slightly.

    “I love you too Bucky,” (Y/N) smiles at Bucky, her cheeks now wet with tears. “I love you so much,” Without any hesitation she leans forward, connection her lips with Bucky’s.

     It felt so good to be kissing her, to be able to feel her and hold her, it felt so amazing to know that she knew that he loved her, what was even better was knowing she loved him back. Bucky and (Y/N) loved each other, that’s all that mattered.

    Bucky pulls (Y/N) a little closer, kisses her a little deeper, a little more passionately, a little more sensually-

     “As cute as this moment is,” Howard Stark’s voice blares through the room, breaking the two lovers apart. “I’d like to remind you two not to have sex inside here, I don’t need your bodily fluids all over my experiment, thanks,”

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Rebelcaptain + 11 for the cuddle prompts

11. post-coital cuddle (also in this case post-first time cuddle just because)

Jyn stares up at the low ceiling, heart still pounding a shaky rhythm in her ears, Cassian’s arm a half-reassuring, half-terrifying weight draped across her stomach. She wants to tilt her head to look at him, but she has absolutely no idea what to say. Sorry I jumped you? I actually came in here to talk about your latest mission report and I’m not really sure what happened but this wasn’t at all intentional?

All her mind seems capable of doing is replaying that look on Cassian’s face: cheeks beautifully flushed, eyes scrunched closed as he—

Not helpful.

She has to say something, anything. This is a moment, however initially unintentional, and he has to know that it mattered, that this isn’t just something she does with just anyone, that she…

And then, as if chastising her for waiting too long, her stomach makes a loud squelching noise reminiscent of the inner-workings of a trash compactor.


After a beat, Cassian turns and props his head up on his hand, glancing down at her with an amused half-smile. “Did that noise come out of you?”

Just like that, her nerves ease.

She scowls. “Shut up.”

“Hungry, I take it?”

She smacks him in the shoulder, and he doesn’t even look irritated.

“Shut up,” she repeats. “I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I got distracted.”

Cassian smiles, ducking his chin. “Yeah. Uh, I think the mess is still open. You probably want to…”

His hand fidgets with the sheet, almost like he’s nervous, too. And Jyn thinks: maybe there’s a way to do this without having to say anything at all.

She leans forward, tilts his chin back up, and kisses him, firm enough for him to know she means it.

“Coming with me?” she asks when she pulls away.

Cassian is just staring at her, lips parted and eyes wide with a kind of incredulity that seems kind of absurd given how closely they were entwined not a few moments before. But then he smiles, brighter than she thinks she’s ever seen from him.

“Food sounds good,” he says, nodding. “Lead the way.”

she shines so bright
but it doesn’t
make the stars seem duller
no, she’s the lightswitch, the fuse,
each and every thing is illuminated
just because it saw her
tell me, have you ever seen a bluer sky?
—  everything became brighter when i met you // L.H
Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) Series - Part One

Okay, so a few of you said you’d be interested in reading my series that I wrote a few months back. So here it is :) I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think <3

Luke’s POV

I walk down the familiar hallway to my flat, my feet bouncing with excitement as I make my way through the run-down building. The boys and I have just finished a press tour to promote our next album, but thankfully, I wasn’t gone very long. It was a few weeks in LA, a week in London, and a week in Australia, which comparatively speaking isn’t too bad. I see our door down at the end of the never-ending hallway and my heart skips a beat.

I’m not so much excited about being back in my apartment as I am to see my best friend and roommate, (Y/N). We’ve been best friends since secondary school, and when she turned eighteen we decided to get an apartment together. In all honesty, it’s mostly her apartment since I’m gone most of the time, but I still pay half of the rent. When the band first started to get big, I had planned on just saving my money and getting an apartment somewhere in America like New York or LA. But after she finished high school, (Y/N) asked me to be her roommate, and I just can’t say no to her.

A smile forms on my lips as I finally reach the door. I notice that it’s cracked open very slightly and I freeze for a moment. I check my watch and see that it’s only 11 AM, so (Y/N) should still be at work. I begin to brace myself to attack the intruder until I smell burnt food wafting from the kitchen. At that point I know it must be (Y/N) because despite her many talents, she is a terrible cook.

I very carefully push the door open and walk through the living room. Just seeing our old couch and tv makes me smile even wider. I really have missed being here. I drop my bag near the edge of the living room and head toward the kitchen. I have to stifle a laugh when I see (Y/N) dancing around the kitchen with her headphones in while she stirs something on the stove. I casually lean against the doorframe and wait for her to notice my presence. After a few more minutes of jumping around and quietly singing along to the music in her ears, she finally turns around. Her eyes go wide and she immediately drops the spoon that she’s holding and it hits the floor with a loud clang. She glares at me as she pulls the headphones out of her ears and places one of her hands on her heaving chest.

“You can’t scare me like that, Hemmings!” She breathes as a smile stretches across her lips.

Before I even have time to respond, she lunges toward me. I’m able to catch her just before we both go toppling to the ground. She wraps her arms around my beck and buries her face in my shoulder.

“I missed you,” I say once I’ve steadied myself.

I feel her nod against my shoulder. “You can’t leave me for that long ever again,” she whines.

She says this every time I come home, and sometimes I wish I could just stay here with her all the time, but I know I can’t. She loosens her grip on me and I gently set her back down on the floor.

“Have you been working out?” She asks as she reaches out and squeezes my bicep. “You used to struggle to hold me like that,” she teases.

“Please,” I snort. “You weigh like two pounds. Even weakling Luke could pick you up with no trouble.”

She smiles, and I swear the whole room gets brighter. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and it never ceases to knock me off my feet.

“It gets so lonely here at night,” she says as her smile suddenly fades. “The other night, oh my gosh, I almost had a heart attack. There was this creaking noise…” her voice seems to fade out as my eyes focus in on the hint of a bruise that’s fading underneath her right eye. “…I pick up my hair dryer and start walking around the apartment looking for intruders and-“

She stops talking when she sees me staring at her.

“What?” She asks, laughing nervously.

“What happened to your eye? It looks bruised,” I say as I reach out and brush my fingers over the fading yellow spot.

A shiver runs through her as soon as my hand touches her and her eyes immediately fall to the floor.

“Oh,” she says, her eyes suddenly unable to meet mine. “I did that at work the other day.”

She’s never been a good liar, and I’ve known her long enough to know when she’s trying to cover something up.

“Oh yeah, that riveting library job,” I say sarcastically. “Must get pretty crazy in there.”

She lets out an insincere laugh as she turns back to face the stove. “Speaking of work,” she not-so-subtly changes the subject. “I took the day off so that I could be here when you get home. I wanted to make you a special dinner for your grand return,” She says, gesturing toward the burnt food on the stove. “However, after three attempts, I’ve begun to realize that I simply can’t cook.”

I laugh as she turns the stove off and officially admits defeat.

“So, pizza?” She asks.

I nod. “Pizza sounds good.”

She picks up her cell phone to order the pizza and I grab my bags and carry them to my room. I open the door and am met with a perfectly clean bedroom, which I know for a fact is not how I left it. (Y/N) must’ve cleaned it while I was away. She steps into my doorway a few minutes later as I’m beginning to put some of my clothes away.

“You could at least fold your clothes before you put them in the dresser,” she sighs, a small smile still on her lips.

I roll my eyes playfully and attempt to fold the shirt in my hands before giving up and shoving it in the drawer with everything else. She laughs.

“Oh, I don’t know if you have plans tonight, but Jonah is coming over for dinner,” she says, sitting down on my bed and folding the rest of the clothes that are in my suitcase. I guess she got tired of watching me messily shove them away.

I try to keep the disgust off of my face as she mentions her boyfriend, Jonah. I know I should be supportive of her relationship since she’s my best friend, but I just can’t. She deserves better than him. He’s not a terrible guy, but he’s just not nearly good enough for her.

“I was actually just planning to sleep,” I admit. “Jet lag is starting to hit me.”

I could be imagining it, but I swear her smile falters ever so slightly when I say that, but she nods.

“So you and Jonah just try not to make the bed creak too much, huh?” 

The words taste like vinegar coming out of my mouth. I can’t believe I just make a joke about her having sex with that idiot.

She tenses up at my attempted joke, and she suddenly stands up and walks toward the door.

“I’m gonna go wait for the pizza,” she says. 

Something is definitely off about her voice. Did I offend her somehow?

“(Y/N)?” I ask, but she’s already out the door.

Something has changed since I left; something big.

Finding Home (1)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of weed? Something resembling a panic / anxiety attack, though probably not, but just in case. No specific ship in this entire story, tbh, but I’ll make sure to add some fluff + sexual tension between you and everyone, lol.

Author’s Note: HEY. So, it has been a long time since I’ve written any fanfic, much more an Avengers fanfic. I hope all the characters are in character, ehehe. So, I’ve decided to do a series of connected one-shots of your high school senior year with the Avengers gang + other Marvel characters, inspired by the 30 day drabble challenge (although I will not be doing drabbles, and for now, I’ll just do seven of them, depending on my inspiration). So, hope that you enjoy this! Let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! (:

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

1: beginning

n. a starting point / new or inexperienced

This office was such a fucking dump. You looked at the pee-colored wall, bare but for the chippings on the corners by the ceiling. Good thing a few bulky, metal cabinets covered that eyesore of a wallpaper – although that still didn’t help in the general aesthetic quality of the room. There wasn’t even a window in here.

Your gaze fell on the small desk in front of you, unoccupied except for a laptop, a fuckton of paperwork, and some kind of 1940 action figure of a man in blue-white-red spandex. Oh, and of course, the name of your class advisor-slash-guidance counselor on a rusty, golden plaque: Mr. Phil Coulson.

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Whatever You Say

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 1846

Characters: Izzy and parabatai!reader, Raphael x reader, Jace Lightwood, Clary Fray, Simon Lewis

Warnings: Fluff? I don;t think there’s anything else, actually!

Summary: Set in 1.09 Rise Up. Rapahel has a condition to his keeping Simon and Clary safe.

“Hey, Y/N. Can I ask you a favour?”

You had been planning on spending this evening training with Izzy, but Jace found you in your room just as you were getting ready. He was leaning against your doorway, and he looked tense. You were immediately on your guard. Jace hated asking people for help. If he was coming to you, then whatever the problem was, it was serious.

“Sure. What is it?” you asked warily.

He glanced around, before coming further into your room and closing the door. “Look, you know Simon?”

“Clary’s friend? Sure I do.”

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The Heart Wants what the Heart Wants. Chapter 5

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1.940

A/N: I am finalyy done with another part!! Thank you all for loving these series and for supporting me eventho it has been a shitty long time since I updated. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this and that you will continue to love it :). 

Introduction || Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 

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The Right Opportunity

Written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork​‘s Fanfiction Friday Challenge - For Science (Week 2). 

Prompt - “How could this happen?


Jemma’s brow furrowed as she pulled off the back panel of Bashful in her attempt to identify the cause of the day’s unfortunate incident. Fitz usually handled the dwarfs by himself with Jemma hovering a few inches away to make any adjustments along the way. But today, Fitz stood back with his arms crossed as he watched his partner warily. He knew she wouldn’t find anything out of order, but he didn’t want her to figure that out too quickly, hoping he could continue with his charade until she grew tired and let it go.

Calling the incident unfortunate was a bit of an understatement, considering the entire faculty of the Science and Technology division was in attendance for the apprenticeship presentations. Once the students were told about the chance to work under the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Jemma focused much of her time discussing Fitz’s application and the project he would present to the judging panel, saying he wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this.

At this point in their studies, the dwarfs were pure prototypes, but with Jemma’s constant encouragement and countless late night brainstorming sessions, they were able to get them to a working condition suitable for an impressive demonstration. Jemma radiated confidence, believing the judges would be overly impressed by Fitz’s creation. But Fitz didn’t share these feelings. He knew his invention and overall intelligence were above average compared to others at the Academy, but he didn’t know exactly what the judges were looking for, and more importantly, he didn’t know how he would get on in a high tech lab all by himself without his best friend by his side.

On the day of his demonstration, Fitz walked to the stage and shakily introduced himself before quickly jumping into his presentation. All was well at first – the dwarfs demonstrated their ability to scan the vicinity for textures, matter density, and radiation, the footage projected on a large screen behind him. That was until Bashful decided to go about its own course and flew into the auditorium, nearly missing the judging table by a few inches before crashing to the ground many rows up. 

The silence that filled the space was deafening as Fitz hurried to retrieve the malfunctioning drone, muttering frantic apologies to the observers in the room. Fitz knew Jemma was somewhere in the dark auditorium quietly cheering him on – well, until his presentation came to a shocking halt – but he didn’t seek her out until they were free from onlookers, knowing she would likely be upset.

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Dance With Me? (Steve x Stark!Reader) Oneshot

A/N: Alrighty, this is for an anon who asked this on my personal blog and I had to, because Steve x Stark!Readers are my weakness. Enjoy, loves :) The song I listened to while writing is right here

I actually started this on my phone, but it came out terribly and it ended up having not much to do with the original prompt.

       DANCE WITH ME, a Steve x Stark Reader oneshot

     Honestly, in the past few years, you had come to terms with being the big oops. Your parents, Howard and Maria, were quite old when you were born, and had been in an accident when you were barely 2. Tony, being 18 yeas your senior, was charged with raising you. Which, obviously, was not the optimal choice regarding child care. 

   Currently, you were 26 and living in the Avengers tower, having been recruited by the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself as an engineer and part-time super hero. How you had landed a job saving the world was beyond you, but you had a feeling that it had something to do with your last name.

 “Stark.” A smooth-as-silk voice snapped from your thoughts and brought you back to reality. Both you and Tony looked up to see Steve Rogers leaning in the doorway of the lab. 

  “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific there, Spangles.” You quipped, diving back into your project (which, as an experienced engineer and mechanic of sorts, was an old arc reactor that was falling to complete shit and had only gotten worse since you had decided to fuck with it). Tony grinned as he went back to repairing mark 42 of the Iron Man suit. Little did you notice, Steve looked you up and down. His eyes followed the curves of your body that were perfectly outlined in a pair of black leggings and a baseball tee with a Led Zepplin album cover on the front. One thing he had always loved about you was your work effort. You pushed and worked until you achieved your goal.

  “I meant (Y/N).” Steve smiled at you. You pushed a hair from your face and left a streak of something (whatever the hell it was) on your forehead and looked up at him. 

  “Alrighty, what can I do ya for Cap?” You asked, grabbing a rag from the table. You called out to Jarvis to turn the music down, and before you could finish your request, Tony cut you off, promptly telling Jarvis not to listen to you. . “Prick..” you muttered. Steve laughed quietly and you felt a familiar heat creep up to your cheeks. Gently, you ushered Steve outside and looked up at him expectantly. You, just like Tony, had been cursed with the Stark height gene, or, lack thereof really. Steve started talking, but you didn’t quite hear him. You just looked him up and down, admiring his beautiful eyes and god-like physique. Of course, you would never say anything of the sort to his face, seeing as he was almost 80 yeas your senior and considering his love/hate relationship with your brother, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to pursue anything. So, you ignored your amazingly huge crush on the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and were determined to keep it quiet for however long it was present.

 “(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” Steve waved his hand around in front of your eyes, seeing as you had completely spaced out. “(Y/N)!” you blinked a couple of times and looked back at him. 

 “Sorry Capcicle. What was that again?” you flashed a grin. Steve’s heart fluttered.

 “Well, I wanted to know if you could teach me how to dance, actually… I mean, because er– well, you know.. Tony has a party coming up.. And uh, there’s this girl I’ve seen around and I’d love to sweep her off of her feet with a dance.” Steve stammered, suddenly taking interest in his shoes. Your heart stopped for a minute, smile melting from your face. 

  “I don’t know if I can right now, Steve.. I have.. I have some things I need to do.” You faked a smile, feeling about ready to cry. As you turned back into the lab, Steve gently grabbed your arm.

  “Please, doll?” Steve’s eyes searched yours as you turned to face him, You melted, nodding quietly. 

 “Hey, dumbass.” You called into the lab. 

  “I only respond to ‘Your Majesty’.” Tony replied. Rolling your eyes, you shot back at him without missing a beat.

  “Okay. I have a thing that needs to get done King Schmuck. Catch you on the flip side.” Steve stifled laughter as you heard a bolt hit the glass behind you. “Better luck next time.”

Once the two of you were safely in the bar and common area, you looked up at the ceiling.
  “Jarvis, whats the last song I listened to?” you asked.
  “God is Dead by Black Sabbath.” The AI’s cool voice reverberated throughout the empty room. You looked at Steve, who’s expression was a mix of shock and confusion.

  “Okay.. Um.. Put on Half the World Away by Aurora. On repeat.” You replied, walking over to Steve and dragging him to the middle of the floor. As the music started, you felt your heart flutter. A light beat rang throughout the otherwise silent room. Placing Steve’s hand on your waist and settling yours just shy of his shoulder on his chest, you felt warm and fuzzy. Content. Whoever this bitch happened to be that Steve had suddenly taken interest in, you hated her. It was probably Sharon, and you would take extreme pleasure knocking her teeth down her throat right about now. “bitch…” you whispered to yourself.

 “What was that?” Steve asked, having sworn he heard you speak.

  “Nothing. Okay so you’re going to need to keep up with the beat.” You said. “For now, I’ll lead. All you need to do is follow the beat. I think it’s a three count..” Gently, you guided him through the steps. 

  One you had been there for at least 30 minutes, Steve stopped you.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it.” he muttered, taking the lead. You smiled sadly, hoping it wouldn’t end too soon. The two of you waltzed around in complete silence, a comfortable silence. He raised his arm for you to twirl under, and he couldn’t get his mind off of how absolutely graceful you were.

  “So.. Who’s this girl?” you asked, trying your best not to sound bitter. If Steve had noticed, he didn’t say anything.

 “Well,” he started. “She’s absolutely beautiful, in every way imaginable. She has these eye, oh god her eyes. They shine brighter than any star I’ve ever seen. She laughs at my stupid jokes, her laugh is so contagious. It sounds like birdsong.” Steve smiled, a blush forming on his cheeks. “I draw her a lot, when she’s not looking. Candid shots of her are great, because she doesn’t even have to try to look gorgeous… It just sort of happens. She’s brilliant too, a real genius. She could do anything, and she would for her loved ones.. She’s just amazing in so many ways, it’s unrea–”

 Having had just about enough, you shoved Steve away from you, to his surprise. You felt rage bubbling inside you. What a stupid fucking question to ask.

 “Why didn’t you ask her to fucking dance with you?”  You spat, turning around. Steve ran to you, wrapping his arms gently around your torso.

 “You know, for someone so smart, you can be incredibly dense sometimes.” He laughed quietly, his breath tickling your ear. Your eyes widened.

 “Wh-” Steve spun you around so you were facing each other.

  “What I’m saying is.. (Y/N) Stark, you are the most amazing, beautiful, brilliant woman I have ever met… I am yours, and I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you.” His forehead was now on yours. Your heart was hammering uncontrollably in your chest, and you could feel his. Smiling, you stood on the very balls of your feet and smashed your lips against his. Your eyes fluttered closed and you snaked your arms around his neck, one hand tangled in his golden blond hair. His arms fell to your waist and tightened around you. The kiss quickly became hungrier, more desperate. He picked you up, placing you on the bar behind you. Your legs wrapped around his waist, and you felt a gravely chuckle work its way out. His tongue explored your mouth and as soon as you began to pull off your shirt, you heard the elevator door open. To your horror, Tony, Bruce, and Pepper fell silent at the sight before them. Slowly, you pulled your shirt back down over your torso, quickly concealing your bra. Steve cleared his throat awkwardly, turning away from you quickly and running his hand through his hair.

  “Were you just– Did that just–” Tony sputtered. Pepper and Bruce stifled laughter and you could swear you saw the ghost of a grin on Steve’s face. “The 90 year old virgin was just feeling my sister up! Rogers, what the hell!?” Tony’s face was now red, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Pepper grabbed Tony’s arm, forcefully dragging him away.

 “I’m 95, not dead..” Steve muttered, chucking a bit. 

 “I can tell.” You smirked, hopping off of the bar. “My room, 5 minutes. Don’t be late Captain.” You turned around to see that Steve had turned a bright shade of red and pulled at his clothes nervously. You winked and made your way to your room. 

 And that was the beginning of your relationship with the famed Captain America.

Story of the Year: Part One

Yup, my first Miraculous fanfic. Which has somehow morphed into a multichapter fic.  Ridiculously fluffy so far.  A post-reveal, Adrienette story with hints of Ladynoir.  Here is part one.  I am sorry.

Alya is vibrating with excitement when Marinette meets her at the school gates.

“Girl!  Where you been?  Why’ve you not been answering my calls?”

Back pressed against a chimney, Chat’s warmth and scent filling her world, fingers in his hair, his claws just pricking the small of her back as he gasps.  The brick scrapes pleasantly against her shoulder blades, reminding her that it’s real and happening.

“Never mind!  Have you heard?”

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First Memories

A/N: I am really sorry, I had to delete the original blog because it kept stuffing up. Anyway, so here are the links to all the imagines this 2-parter is based off (x) (x) (x) (x) (x). This fanfiction is Fili/OC but it can be read as reader as I left the descriptions vague enough for whatever takes your fancy ;P

The case of a Dwarrowfinding his One can occur at any point of his two-hundred and fifty year life (Mahal’s blessing provided it is long, as such). Yet perhaps the rarest of these circumstances are of Dwarrow finding each other in childhood, as children seldom know their own thoughts let alone their own hearts. Children who are each other’s Ones can find that they are inseparable and often mistake that their feelings are of a fraternal nature until they are old enough. However, it is most amusing for said Dwarrow’s parents to watch the events unfold.

Things for Thorin Oakenshield had simply gone to the orc’s bollocks that week. A second mine-shaft collapse within the year, and it was only early. The unseasonal rains in the Upper Ered Luin shafts had only shown that rock was more porous that Dwarves cared to acknowledge, and had seeped through many of the minute crevices, rotting the supporting wood-shafts at an alarming rate.

But no, the loss of forty or-so miners was not the main worry, it was the loss of two in particular. Two over-seers, not that their rank had anything to do with it, it was the fact that they-

“Uncle… Uncle…” It was only then Fìli had decided to remind him that he was in the middle of telling a story.

“Yes, of course. Your mother was rather upset with your uncle Frerìn and myself, after all it was her favourite doll. Your grandmother had our ears for that and- Mìra, lass, is that you?” Thorin felt his nephew squirm in his arms, craning his neck to look at the small lass. It was Mìra’s parents who had been among the missing or dead. Dwarves were hardy folk, under normal circumstances they could survive such a collapse, but the shaft was blocked at all ends, not even the emergency route proved fruitful, and with not even a note coming from that accursed silver mine, they had to assume they were all dead.

“I heard a story… can I listen?” This was what made his week a living hell, the fact that he was housing this child, having to live with the guilt as she slowly began to wonder why her parents had been gone for so long. He couldn’t blame her, if she couldn’t bring herself to even look at him again. He should’ve been able to prevent their deaths, he should’ve foreseen this. “If you don’t mind your maj… majesh-“

“Thorin is fine Mìra, come here.” Thorin opened up an arm as she walked closer to the fire, nestling herself beside Fìli. For the next hour he continued in this manner, recalling stories from his childhood, doing his best to elicit laughs from the pair, if his memory served him right, she was only a month or so younger than his nephew.

Dìs and Vìli had yet to arrive home, they had been collecting Mìra’s belongings and anything they found suitable from her parents. Dìs and Vìli lived beside Mìra, they agreed that with no other living relative, it would be safe for the lass to live with them until she was old enough to live on her own, perhaps find a craft she loved.

The pair had long-tired of his stories and left him to leave them beside the fire to play, and continue back to the armchair in order to continue more paperwork. No doubt the miner’s families would want his beard for this, no matter how much he tried to appease the situation, possibly the reason why his hair was turning prematurely grey. It was almost unnerving for Thorin to watch the pair play, it felt as if he were intruding upon something private. Their games were silent, the children (they were barely out of being toddlers) merely enjoyed the other’s company, communicating through smiles and nods.

“Your maj- Thorìn?” Mìra had tugged at his trouser leg, looking up at him with her beautiful doe-eyes. They were her father’s eyes, if he remembered correctly, though Fìth’s eyes seemed to be lined with more worries and cares than his daughter’s. “Ma and da don’t want me no more, don’t they?”

“Lass, what could make you say that?” He cursed himself, he should’ve realised children were more perceptive than he cared to think.

“They left me here.” His heart broke to hear how certain she sounded.

“No they haven’t they… the mine collapsed. They’ve gone to the halls of your forebearers…” There was no sugar coating it, she deserved to know the truth. “I’m… I am so sorry…” Thorin held the lass close as she began to cry. It wasn’t loud, heaving sobs but they were quiet, almost as if she was ashamed to be crying. “Mìra?”

“ ’s’not your fault.” She managed to get out, her breath haggard as warm tears began to seep through his shirt. Fìli appeared to have disappeared, and if the quiet talking on the other side of the door was anything to go by, his sister and her husband were home.

“Thorin, where in Mahal’s name is my son?” Yes, he was going to have to explain that, wasn’t he? The fact that there was a very distressed child in his arms, his nephew had decided to vanish and why the table hadn’t been set. Trust him to ruin everything and start a shouting match all before dinner.

“Dìs I-“ His sister softened, placing the box of clothing down next to the door.

“She knows.” Vìli guessed, pushing his golden mane away from his face. “Did she ask?”

“Thought she’d been abandoned. I- I failed her.”

“No you didn’t, it’s not your fault.” Thorin let out a short laugh.

“You know, that was exactly what she said to me- is that?” Thorin moved closer towards the doorway of the main sitting room, gazing where he’d left Mìra beside the fireplace. His small nephew had toddled up to her, trailing behind him a blanket filled with all his stuffed animals.

Fìli knelt down beside her, swinging the blanket around her as best as he could, Mìra looked up, her small brows knitted together in confusion. What happened next elicited a laugh from Vìli and a sharp inhale from Dìs. Fìli placed a small kiss on her forehead then another on her lips, wiping away her tears with his pudgy hand.

“Don’t cry, ama… amâlimê. I love you and it makes me sad…” Fìli said those words with such tenderness and sincerity that in that moment Thorin considered possibly having his three and a half-year old nephew teach him how to court dwarrowdams.  Fìli had always been a quiet child, Dìs had always been loud and extroverted, it seemed she skipped the trademark Durìn trait of being dwarrow of few words.

Whatever Fìli said, it seemed to have worked; Mìra stopped crying and gave a shy smile. Fìli smiled at her as if she were more precious than all the mithril in the world, taking her hand in his, he promptly handed over several animals and began to coax her into playing, smiling even brighter if such a thing were possible, when she began to smile again.

“I told you my son wouldn’t mind her moving in.” Vìli gave Dìs the biggest shit-eating grin he had ever seen on a dwarf.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!!!!! I wrote this little drabble for you, I hope you like it and have a great birthday!<3 @sacredallura

Allura sat in the hangar, head bowed to look into her hands. The black lion towered above her, intimidating and unmoving.

“I know I’m not him, I’m not the one you chose…” Allura whispered, her voice echoing off the walls even with the low volume.

“I know I’m still young and have much to learn, but…” She trailed off with a sigh.

“Perhaps this is pointless, I was never meant to be your pilot.” Allura took a deep breath and put on the brave face she had mastered over these last months before standing and turning towards the door.

Allura stopped with a gasp as she felt a pull in her mind. “Wha-what is this?” She questioned before falling silent as images were pulled foreword, stopping on a memory.


“Even with all the stars shining, your eyes still hold the brightest light I’ve ever seen.” Allura smiled up at her father, who was regarding her with a fond expression.

“What does that mean father?” Allura asked, a lisp present with the absence of her front tooth.
“My little princess,” Alfor bent down to pick her up, walking around the viewing deck. “you take such a passion in everything you do, an interest that cannot be changed in direction. I can see it in the way your eyes light up brighter than the sun when you get an idea. It is a great quality to have, especially in a future ruler.”

“Oh, father,” Allura smiled brightly and wrapped her small arms around Alfor’s neck to hug him close. “What silly things you say,” She giggled.

Alfor rested his free hand on the top of his daughters back hugging her tightly.

“Just you wait, you are going to grow up and do amazing things. Don’t ever forget that I love you my little princess.” He said as he pressed a kiss into her hair.

Allura pulled back with a smile, “I love you too, father.” She pressed her forehead into his for a moment before hopping out of his arms, “now come on! I’ll race you to name the most stars!”

Alfor laughed as he watched his daughter run to the middle of the room to and pull up the distant star maps. He knew she was born to lead and he would tell her every chance he got.


Allura gasped back to the present, tears wet on her cheeks.

“How-how did you-” She was cut off as a gentle touch wrapped around her mind.

“The king never stopped believing in you and I, too, believe in you Princess Allura.” The black lion spoke, more in feelings than words before she stooped down and opened her mouth.

Allura stood frozen a moment more before a smile took over her face. “Thank you, I will not let you down.”

“I know you will not.”

Allura straightened her stance and strode towards the lion, a helmet under her arm and a light in her eyes.

anonymous asked:

For a prompt: Nanami is still alive, somehow, and catches up with the ship the 77th Class is on to find out what's going on from Hinata himself?

A/N Finally, the ending that Nanami deserved

Chiaki Nanami’s IF read part 1 2 3 4 5

Complete Class Picture - finale of Nanami’s IF where the rest of the class reunites with her

There before them was a ghost… until Hinata gave the ghost a gentle push and confirmed for them that this was no ghost. This person was real and alive.

Chiaki Nanami was alive.

“Nanami? Nanami?! Nanami!!” The whole class rushed towards her with tears in their eyes and hope bursting from their hearts.

Nanami gave them her brightest smile yet as she shouted, “I’m back, everyone!”

And everyone rushed forward to welcome her back.

“Is it really you, Nanami?” Owari cried as she held her tightly in an embrace. “You’re soft! You’re real! You’re alive! Guys, it really is Nanami!” She shouted in joy as she cried harder.

“Yes, it is me.” She answered as she gently stroked Owari’s hair. “It’s good to see you too, Owari.”

“Hold back a little or you’ll crush her.” Nidai reprimanded lightly but his voice broke at the end, he too was crying. “We can’t let anything happen to you now that you’re back again.”

“It’s okay. I can handle this much.” She giggled as she relished in the feeling of affectionate physical contact. “Thanks for worrying over me though. You’re the same as ever, Nidai.”

“Welcome back, Nanami!” Sonia cried as she too wrapped her into a tight embrace. “Oh, how we missed you! We missed you so so much!”

“Same.” She said as she returned her embrace. “I missed you too, Sonia.”

“Hell yeah! Nanami’s back!” Souda shouted with a grin despite his tear-stained face. “For reals though, it’s good to have you back!”

“It’s good to be back.” She smiled wider. “It’s good to see you’re still so energetic, Souda.”

“It would seem that the gods have finally accepted my rituals and sacrifices.” Gundam chuckled as he then proudly showcased his army who were also crying. “Welcome back to the world of the living! You have been blessed by the dark lords!”

“Yes, I guess I really am blessed.” She agreed with him. “I’m sure that your rituals have convinced the gods to bring me back, Tanaka.”

“This is truly something worth celebrating!” Teruteru didn’t even make a green comment because of how emotional he was too. “Quick, tell me all your favorite dishes! I’ll cook you all of the food you want to eat right now!”

“I’m not a picky eater. Oh, but if you insist then…” She pondered as she tried to recall a particular dish in mind. Anything tasted better when shared with everyone so maybe something they ate together in the past. “I really missed your meat and potatoes stew, Hanamura. If you would, I’d like to have that please.”

“We didn’t think we’d get to see you again! Ever! Waaaaah!” Hiyoko sniffled and just cried harder as she hugged Nanami as well. “Don’t ever leave us again, okay? Never ever you hear me? Promise me!”

“I don’t plan on leaving you either. Never ever.” She said in all sincerity. “I promise, Saionji.”

“UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT A B START” Ibuki shouted almost  mechanically and with all of her energy and then burst into tears. “That is Ibuki’s way of saying she missed Nanamemes in gaming language!”

“Ah! A Konami code! That’s so cool and sweet of you!” She replied with just as much enthusiasm. “L R R L UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT A B START! I missed you too, Ibuki.”

“N-Nanami! I’m s-so sorry for everything! SORRRRYYYYY!!” Mikan wailed as she threw herself in. “B-But I’m also s-super happy that you’re back! Thank goodness you’re back! I’ll do my b-best to make up for w-what I did! P-Please don’t ever leave us again! We love you so m-much!”

“It’s alright. I forgive you. I was never even mad at you.” She said as she tenderly patted her on the head. “Be more gentle on yourself, Mikan. And I’m super happy to be here with you too.”

“I know we didn’t get to know each other much but…” Mitarai started and smiled weakly. “I’m happy too that you’re back. You’re so strong to have come back.”

“Ah, hello there. Mitarai, right?” She said with her head tilted. “I finally got to meet you! Let’s get to know each other more from here on out!”

“Guys, give her some space to breath! She could barely move in there!” Kuzuryuu yelled over them, his face was suspiciously angled in such a way that his working eye was hidden. “Well, I can’t blame them since we’re still not over you, ya know?”

“I don’t mind. This is actually… nice.” She admitted with a soft smile. “But thanks for worrying over me. I missed you too, Kuzuryuu.”

“You have always remained in our hearts.” Pekoyama seconded with a small smile. “We’re grateful that you have returned and are now able to remain in our lives as well.”

“Thank you for keeping my memory alive all this time.” She replied in a tender tone. “I’m happy too that now I get live and make more memories with everyone.”

“The class just wasn’t the same without you, class rep.” Twogami commented as he discreetly wiped off his tears. “The leader role suits you more than it did me. It’s good to have you back with us again.”

“You’re giving me too much credit. You did fine even without me.” She said with her face flushed in embarrassment. “But if you would like then I’m okay with keeping the class rep position.”

“We can finally have complete class pictures again.” Koizumi said as she took another photo despite the tears in her eyes. “I’m going to take lots of your photos to make up for lost time!”

“Yes, I look forward to those photos!” She seconded with a shout. “Give me a copy,  Koizumi. I love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces.”

“This must be it! A hope brighter than anything I have ever seen! You, Nanami who is our class’ hope have returned to us in spite of all the despair we’ve been through and created an even greater hope!”  Komaeda proclaimed with his widest and most heartfelt grin yet. “Look at how bright your hope is and how it’s shining over the whole class! You and your hope has united everyone’s hopes yet again! This must be the ultimate hope! How truly blessed we are!”

“You look like you’re the happiest you’ve ever been.” She said with a chuckle.  "Thank you for believing and holding on to hope, Komaeda.“

And not too far away, Hinata was smiling at her. “Welcome back, Nanami.”

“Thank you for bringing me back, Hinata.” She said with a tender smile and then more tears flowed. “Thank you, everyone. For having me back.”

And as they celebrated her return, she knew that this was just the beginning of their future. The future they all worked hard together to achieve. A future in which hope and despair are mixed together. A future wherein they are complete and together. A future that they could shape as their own however they want to.

“I lived, fought, and risked my life for this.” And although she was crying with them, she was also smiling with them. The hope they had with them all along was shining brighter than ever. A hope that was born from their bonds. And with that hope, they were able to overcome despair. “This is the miracle that we all won together.”

“An ending like this… isn’t so bad.” Hinata remarked softly.

“You’ve got that wrong.” Nanami objected with a small smile. “This isn’t an ending. This is just the beginning. The beginning of our bright and shining future!”

A bright and shining future lay ahead of them. It’s true. It’s absolutely true. She knew it was true every time she saw her friends’ faces full of hope. She knew it was true since she’s here and with the people she loves. She knew it was true because she believed it to be true. That’s what she believed in. And hoped for.

And though the future may be uncertain, she’s sure that if they just give it a try, everything will turn out okay. And with everyone doing their best, she knows that tomorrow will be even better.

“There’s no need for you to worry… The only thing beyond this point is a shining future!”

Day 2: Field Trip

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(Not related to previous drabble)


Anything for my Chaton

… … … … … .

“You can’t go? What do you mean you can’t go? You aren’t sick are you?” Marinette overheard Nino complain from behind her. She averted her attention from Alya’s remarks about her latest Ladyblog update to the conversation shared by the two boys behind her.

“No, not technically sick, but I have had a chronic case of ‘way too overprotective father’.”Adrien sighed. 

Marinette frowned. She knew what the conversation was about. Their class just turned in their permission forms for a field trip, but she did notice in class that Adrien never stood up to turn his in. Which is usual for his case; his home life is - from what Marinette has gathered - very complicated. Mother gone, father pretty neglecting but still super strict, and scheduled to the second, his life is far different from hers. It makes her sad to know such a great guy is kept from enjoying such simple things she takes for granted.

“I’m so sorry, dude. If there is anything I can do let me know, okay?” Nino said bumping his shoulder lightly. What Marinette did next seemed to surprise Adrien more than herself.

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thepurplesoccerball  asked:

Can you do a huddling for warmth oneshot? Thanks <3

“This is ridiculous,” grumbles Sirius, inches away from Peter’s face. 

Rubbing his hands over his arms, James narrows his eyes. “Did you want to get up from the huddle to find Madam Pomfrey with only your pants on?”

Sirius turns his frown towards the pile of wet clothing beside them. He reaches a hand out to grab his trousers, but Remus aims a kick at him. “We’ve been over this, Padfoot, that’ll make it worse.”

“Why didn’t we take our wands again?” asks Peter, his eyes watering from the cold. 

“Because someone dared us to jump in the lake after dinner,” Sirius replies, throwing James a look of disdain, “and we’ve had a ‘no wands at meal times’ rule since third year and that incident with Lucy Talkalot.” 

James scoffs. “If it was such a bad idea, why did you agree to it?”

“Impulse control issues.” 

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To Find Rest in Each Other’s Arms

For Katie (@tillthebooksrunout), who has so graciously included me in her Follow Forever. I woke up this morning to see I was tagged on your list and it immediately inspired this story, I cranked it out in 30 minutes and if I didn’t have class I’d have posted it right away. Seriously, I’ve never written so quickly. This idea came out of nowhere but did come to me the moment I saw my name on your list. I was so incredibly inspired so, I’m dedicating this to you!

It’s an honor to be included and to know I’m one of your faves. Besides wanting to make myself feel better, a primary reason I write fic is to make other people such as yourself happy and your list was validation of that. I can’t thank you enough. So, one last time, thank you and congratulations on your milestone!

This is set after the last episode, 5x17, in which Captain Swan find a moment alone to catch a breather. It is a ‘sharing a bed together’ trope.

Hope you like it!

Also on ff.net | AO3


It’s awkward.

Large, the bed may be, but neither of them are used to it. 

(A ship being no place for a king-sized mattress and Emma, having grown up in bunks that barely fit her body once she was a teenager during her earlier years then living alone for most of her adult life, never needing anything bigger than a queen.)

After divesting themselves of their jackets and beanies and boots and gloves, they gravitate towards each other but even with miles of space all around them, somehow, they knock into each other still.

Emma’s long locks in his face, Killian’s knees bumping into her legs, her elbow at his ribcage and his stump pushing into her shoulder.


“I could–”

They can’t seem to find a comfortable way to fit, no matter how they position themselves. Amidst adjusting once more, Emma ends up kneeing him in the groin and Killian falls flat to his back as he groans.


Killian’s hand is down there to ease the ache and instinctually, (despite never reaching that level, never having the time), Emma’s hand makes it there as well. But when her hand touches his over, well, him, she realizes what she’s doing and snatches her offending limb right back.


And then she’s laughing – she’s laughing at the situation because it’s… it’s awkward but it’s pretty damn perfect too. 

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Screams in the Night- Bucky x Reader one-shot

Summary: Bucky’s nightmares get noticed by the girl next door.

Characters: Reader Y/N, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Notes: WARNING: Extreme fluff, mentions of PTSD flashbacks, mentions of sex


Bucky went for his morning jog, as usual, but was a little bit more tired due to waking up to his own cries of terror.

“Mornin’, Buck,” Steve greeted him happily. They made a habit of running in the morning together, since that was almost the only time they could see each other. Even though Bucky was invited to live in the Avengers Tower, he didn’t feel as though he belonged, so he opted to stay in an apartment just down the street.

“You doing okay?” Steve asked as they began their 15 mile run around New York.

“Yeah, just… sleep was an issue last night,” he told his running mate. They passed several joggers who gave them both weird looks, but then saw Steve’s face and realised why they were running so quickly.

“How about you get some rest once you get home?” Steve suggested halfway through the run.

Oh Steve, ever the caregiver.

“Yeah, probably…” Bucky said.

They didn’t talk much during their runs together, it was more of an enjoying each other’s company thing, really. Steve patted Bucky’s shoulder as they parted ways, each going to their seperate homes, the sun fully up now. They probably ran for more than 15 miles given that the distance usually only takes them 20 minutes at most and they were running for about 45 minutes.

Bucky got up to his floor and noticed a little basket by his door. Automatically in defense mode upon seeing something so unusual, he approached his door cautiously. The basket seemed to contain a dozen muffins and some plums. It had a pretty white bow at the top of the saran wrap keeping it together and a note. He picked the piece of paper up and saw the note was hand-written in a beautiful cursive.

“Dear neighbor, I noticed you usually have a plum in your hand when I pass you in our building, so I figured you liked them. Also, I made you some blueberry muffins! I hope you enjoy them and if you ever need anything, day or night, I’m just across the hall! Your friend in apartment B7, Y/N,” it read and the note ended with a smiley face.

The corner of Bucky’s mouth slid upwards as he read the note and he concluded that this basket was not a bomb and the sender most likely did not have any ill will towards him. He looked over at the door to B7 and figured that she must still be asleep. He took the basket inside with him and placed it on the kitchen table, mulling over in his head what this Y/N looked like. He had known that other people lived on his floor, just not very many. He didn’t know how he had never seen the tenant in apartment B7, especially given that he was in apartment B6.

He decided to thank her, but he didn’t know how, so he called Steve.

“You’re supposed to be resting,” he answered.

“Steve, I got home and there was a gift basket full of plums and blueberry muffins and a really nice note from my neighbor…” Bucky told him more frantically than anticipated. It wasn’t that Bucky was scared or even remotely threatened by Y/N, he just didn’t know how to properly thank her and he didn’t know why she just now decided to drop a basket of his favorite things off.

“And this is a problem…?” Steve asked, obviously confused by his friend.

“I.. I feel weird. I need to thank her, but I don’t know how..“ Bucky said into the phone.

“Well, write her a note. Have you ever met this girl?” Steve asked.

“No and she lives right across the hall…” Bucky said, putting his head in his hands then running it through his hair.

“Well, maybe stop by and meet her. Who knows? Maybe she’s cute,” Steve joked.

Bucky felt an unsettling knot in his stomach. What if she was cute? What if she was nice and cute and she lived across the hall? Bucky blushed at the thought of a cute girl making him muffins and getting him plums.

“Steve, I.. I haven’t talked to a girl in… a really, REALLY long time…” Bucky said, nervous.

“Buck, you’re a lady killer. Always have been, and probably always will be. Just stop by and say thank you. No biggie. And if she’s cute and you like her, get to know her,” Steve advised. “Go get ‘em, tiger.”

“Yeah.. thanks, Steve..” Bucky said lowly and hung up.

Bucky looked at the clock and decided that 9am was still too early to bother her, so he picked up one of the muffins and noticed that the wrapper was an animal print and he smiled to himself as he peeled it off, wondering if she liked animals. He bit into the muffin and concluded that she had to be a baker because this muffin was damn delicious. Before long, he had finished three muffins and two plums. He pondered why she would make them and go through all this effort, and decided that 9:45 was good enough. His stomach in knots, he left his apartment and walked the short distance over to her door. He took in a deep breath and knocked.

The door opened and there stood an incredibly cute girl who looked especially soft in just an oversized sweater, shorts that had the same zebra pattern on them as the muffin liner did and slippers that looked like teddy bears. Her hair was a little unkempt, and her eyes were still slightly puffy, but she was probably the most beautiful and adorable girl he’d ever seen. His mouth immediately went dry and he could barely form words.

“Hi,” she greeted Bucky with a smile. “Can I help you?”

“Um… I.. I live in B6.. and I, uh.. I got your basket… I just came over here to say thank you.. I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sorry,” Bucky managed out through the lump in his throat.

Her eyes got brighter as she smiled and Bucky swore he could have fainted. Her smile brought about his own and he met her eyes with his.

“I know you’re in B6, I see you all the time. ’S how I knew to give you plums. The muffins were a gamble, but I hope you like them anyway…” she said brightly.

Bucky didn’t understand how he has never seen her before. Maybe because he generally looked down and avoided any eye contact…

“The muffins are delicious, thank you…” Bucky said. “Oh, I’m Bucky, by the way..”

She smiled. “I’m Y/N.”

Bucky stuck his hand out and she took it, her hand soft and warm as she shook his. Bucky didn’t want to let go, but did anyway.

“So, why now?” Bucky blurted out.

Y/N looked at him with an eyebrow up. “Come again?”

“I mean.. why did you decide to give me a basket now? I mean, we’ve lived by each other for what, six months now?” Bucky said cautiously.

She smiled slightly and cast her head down and looked to each side before speaking, “I.. heard you scream last night. I didn’t know what to do at the time, so I just started baking… I felt so bad for you.”

Bucky’s eyes went wide. She had heard him. She heard him screaming for his vision to stop hurting him, for him to stop hurting people.

“I’m.. I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to wake you,” Bucky said, feeling guilty that she was subjected to his screams of terror.

“No, it’s okay. I just… Bucky, I know we just met, but I want you to know that if you ever need anything, I’m here for you, okay?” she said, nothing but kindness and compassion in her face.

Bucky’s heart swelled for this girl. “Thank you.. I’ll let you get back to your business. I’m sorry for waking you and I’m very grateful for the muffins and plums.”

“Any time, Bucky. See you!” she chirped and closed her door after he walked away. He closed his own door behind him and sighed deeply. It went better than expected and Bucky felt his cheeks burning. Was he.. blushing? Jeez, he’s starting to get wrapped around this girl’s finger…


A few days roll by and Bucky has actually made an active effort to look for Y/N when he’s in and around the building. He actually sees her several times in a day, saying hello to her each time he passes her. It isn’t until a week after their initial encounter that he decides to make a conversation with her. He saw her walking towards the building, coming from the opposite direction he is, several books in her hand and a distraught look on her face. He immediately gets concerned and rushes to her.

“Hey, you want some help?” he offers.

“Oh! Hi, Bucky.. No, I can–oh, jeez…” she said and stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk, spilling her books over the pavement. Bucky helps her collect them and keeps the heavier ones in his arms. He looks at her again and it looks as though she is seconds from tears.

“Thank you, Bucky… you don’t have to carry my books,” she said and smiled lightly.

“It’s alright. How was your day?” Bucky asked as they made their way up to their third floor apartments.

“It was okay…” she said. Bucky could tell she was lying, however.

“Why don’t you come over and I make us some coffee and you can tell me about it? It’s the least I could do, those muffins were to die for,” he offered.

She looked like she was about to cry as she smiled, the dullness in her eyes brightening a little. For some reason, Bucky wanted nothing more than to coddle and protect this girl and seeing as how she seems to have had a very bad day, he made it his obligation to make her feel better.

“Okay, sure. Thank you, Bucky,” she said.

They reached their floor–and it really was their’s as no one else lived on it but them–and Bucky opened his door and started brewing the coffee while Y/N went to drop her books off and ‘get into something more comfortable’.

Bucky heard a soft knock at his door as he was pulling out two mugs from his cupboard. He set them down and went to the door, running his human hand through his hair before opening it.

Y/N stood in grey sweatpants and a sloose sweatshirt and she couldn’t have looked more huggable. She still looked tired and worn down, but less so than earlier.

“Come on in,” Bucky said and stepped for her to enter his home.

“You have a lovely home…” she said after a pause and looking around.

“Thank you.. I don’t usually have guests, well, except Steve, so sorry if it’s a little messy..” he said and closed the door behind her, then making his way back to the kitchen where she followed him.

“No, no, it’s immaculate in here… Which isn’t a bad thing, I wish I had that skill. My apartment is a wreck,” she said and followed him, taking a seat at the bar.

Bucky smiled and looked over at her. He could get used to her being in his apartment and in his life. He had absolutely no clue as to why he was having these thoughts and he wasn’t sure he liked feeling the knot in his stomach every time he saw her, but he wasn’t sure that he disliked it, either.

“How do you like your coffee?” Bucky asked.

“Lots of sugar and dairy,” she said.

Bucky raised his brow and lowered the corners of his mouth.

“You?” she asked.

“I prefer mine black,” he said and smiled at her and the coffee maker started to drip water through the filter and down into the pot.

Bucky wasn’t sure if it was safe to bring up how he hadn’t tried his coffee with anything because he didn’t have that luxury back in 1942 or in the army. And Hydra certainly never gave him coffee. He wasn’t sure she knew exactly who he was, so he figured he’d keep that information to himself for now. Of course, he wanted to share with her who he was eventually, but right now he didn’t want to scare her off.

When the coffee had finished, Y/N hopped off of the stool wand walked over to Bucky, who was pulling out some milk and sugar for her coffee.

“I can mix it, you don’t have to fuss over me,” she told him and took the carton over to the mugs. “Which one is yours?”

Bucky pulled the mug with more coffee in it into his hands and Y/N poured a little bit of milk and about two tablespoons of sugar in the mix. She smiled at him and put the milk and sugar away.

“Thank you very much, Bucky,” she said, smiling warmly at him and holding the mug. Bucky nodded and motioned for them to sit on his couch. They made their way over and sat down.

“So.. what’s been bothering you today?” Bucky asked.

Y/N sighed. “It’s just been a stressful day… It was the first day of class and I didn’t exactly know what to expect or where to go and then I get out and my backpack rips open and all of my paper and books spill out, and they start blowing everywhere and nobody helps me, they just kind of step all over my stuff and so I had to go back to one of my professors and he kind of laughed at me, then gave me another paper. But basically, today was intimidating and stressful… I’m really glad you let me come over, Bucky. Thank you so much,“ she rambled. Bucky honestly wanted to punch everyone at her school in the face for not helping her, and he wanted to slap her teacher for laughing at her distress.

“It’s not a problem, I like to listen to you,” Bucky said, smiling.

Y/N giggled and took a sip of her coffee, smiling at the taste.

“Is it good?” Bucky asked.

“Yes, very. Thank you so much… How was your day, Bucky?” she asked, turning towards him.

She and Bucky then spent the evening together and by the time Y/N left, he figured he could listen to her talk forever, even if it was about nothing.


Bucky woke up sweating, his throat dry and raw, he assumed from screaming. His blankets and sheets were twisted at the foot of his bed and his heart pounded in his chest, the blood flow rushing in his ears. He couldn’t quite see where he was yet, but he knew he wasn’t being tortured anymore. He turned his bedside lamp on and found himself in his bedroom in New York City, not in Siberia.

His heart rate began to slow and he stood up to change his sheets, but a knock at his door startled him slightly. He looked and saw that it was 3 am.

“Bucky? Bucky, are you okay?” he heard Y/N’s voice say. Oh no, he had woken her… a wave of guilt crashed over him and he went to his front door, throwing on a fresh shirt before opening it. He saw Y/N standing there in her oversized shirt and zebra shorts looking extremely worried.

“Hey,” Bucky said, not knowing how to begin this conversation.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s early, but I heard you screaming and I had to make sure you were okay…” Y/N said while she awkwardly played with her fingers.

“No, no, I’m sorry I woke you up.. I’m.. yeah, I’m okay,” Bucky said, running his metal hand through his hair, not realizing that she had never seen his arm before–he always wore gloves and long sleeves around her.

Her attention was drawn directly to the shiny appendage and her eyes wandered over it, but then went back to meet his eyes.

“You’re the Winter Soldier,” she asked, though it was more of a statement.

Bucky hung his head. “I am.”

“No wonder you don’t like sugar in your coffee… Do you like chocolate chip muffins?” she asked, seeming to not be bothered that the world’s most dangerous assassin lived across the hall from her.

“You don’t have to make me muffins…” Bucky said, his eyes looking back up at her.

“That’s not what I asked, silly,” she said with a smile.

Bucky sighed and let a slight smile creep on his face at her. “Yes, I like chocolate chip muffins.”

“Thank you,” she said. After a pause she looked at him more seriously and asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Bucky shook his head. “No, I don’t want to give you nightmares too.”

“Well, we’re friends now, so if you ever decide you want to, I’m here. Well, unless I’m at school, but I always come back here,” she said and smiled.

“Thank you, Y/N… You should go back to sleep, it’s early… I’m sorry for waking you,“ Bucky said.

“It isn’t a problem. Hey, if you wake up and I’m not at your door, come and get me, okay?” she said.

“Alright, I’ll keep it in mind.. Good night,” he said and closed the door as she walked away. He went back to his bedroom and changed his sheets, deciding he was too tired to actually wash them right now. For the rest of the night, he dreamt of only Y/N. It was a foreign feeling to dream about a cute girl, but he wasn’t opposed to it. He was opposed to the stiffness between his legs when he woke up, though. He barely had time to get ready for his run given the problem he woke up with.

“So have you asked her out yet?” Steve said after their run.

“What?” Bucky asked, almost choking on his water.

“The muffin girl. You said she was cute, why don’t you ask her out?” Steve said, taking a large swig from his bottle as they walked back to their street.

“I.. Steve, I don’t really know her all that well…” Bucky said, avoiding the fact that he wanted to know her and that she had visited him last night after he woke up screaming.

“So? That’s why people go on dates. Ask her out, you’re already blushing, so I know you want to,” Steve said.

Bucky’s face got even hotter and he gave Steve a pitiful glare. Steve laughed and they parted ways. Bucky got up to his floor and saw a small plastic box sat at his doorstep. He picked it up and took it inside then placed it on his counter, already knowing who it was from.

Bucky decided to shower before he dealt with the box and the note attached and possibly asking the sender out on a date. After his shower, he opened up to box to find twelve chocolate chip muffins. He smiled to himself and then opened the note.

“Bucky, I made you chocolate chip this time! I hope you enjoy them and I didn’t have any plums, but I’ll get some later. If you need anything or want to talk, I’ll be home all day, Y/N,” it read and again, a smiley face.

Bucky sighed and took a muffin out of the box and found that the paper lining was a purple and black zebra print. He chuckled and bit into the muffin. If blueberry weren’t his all-time favorite, he would have said these chocolate chip muffins were better than the last batch. She must like to bake.

Bucky finished it and ran a hand through his hair and texted Steve about the present.

“She’s into you, Buck. Walk over there and ask her out before I do,” Steve said.

Bucky knew Steve wouldn’t actually ask her out, he had a girlfriend after all, but a small twinge of jealousy still struck him.

Before he had time to even think, he looked in the mirror and checked how he looked before walking over to her door. He gathered his thoughts and swallowed the lump in his throat before knocking on her door.

After a pause, the door opened and Y/N stood there in black lounge pants and a purple off-shoulder shirt. She smiled, showing off a lovely set of teeth that Bucky decided he wouldn’t mind if they left marks on him.

“Hi, Bucky!” she said and her voice was like his favorite song. He smiled at her.

“Hi. Thank you for the muffins…" Bucky said and smiled.

“Oh, you’re welcome, it’s not a problem. Baking is kind of a hobby of mine,” she said cheerily.

“Well you’re very good at it…” Bucky said

“Thank you..” she said and smiled, looking down bashfully. Bucky thought he saw her cheeks turn slightly pink.

“So, I was wondering… umm… Would you like to go out tonight? Maybe we can grab dinner?” Bucky managed out.

Her face knitted in confusion. “You mean like a date?”

“Y-yeah, like a date…” Bucky said and nervously ran a hand through his dark tresses.

She smiled. “Okay, yeah! It’s a date. I’ll see you tonight, then!”

“Really? I mean, uh, great! I’ll pick you up at say five thirty?” Bucky suggested.

“Sure thing!” she said and smiled, closing the door.


“So it’s been three months and I still have yet to meet Y/N,” Steve said one morning. Bucky cocked an eyebrow in response.

“Steve…” Bucky groaned. Steve had been at Bucky for a week about not meeting Y/N, who had agreed to be his girlfriend after just one date.

“What? I want to meet her. Want to put a face to a name, especially since it’s been so long since you’ve had any action. Wanna make sure she’s doing right by you,” Steve pressed.

“Of course she is, Steve, we haven’t even kissed yet…” Bucky admitted.

“Wh… what?” Steve said, stopping mid-run to stare at Bucky’s reddening cheeks.

“Yeah..” Bucky groaned, knowing Steve was about to lecture him.

“Why not? Are you scared?” he asked.

“No, it’s just.. things are so different… Like, she always makes me muffins and brings me plums when I wake up at night, I just don’t want to force her into anything…” Bucky said and they began to walk back to their street.

“Kiss her. She’s going to think you don’t want her if you don’t…” Steve said and clapped a hand on Bucky’s shoulder before they went to their separate homes.

Bucky came home and found Y/N sitting on the floor outside of his apartment and started to panic. As he approached her, he found her sniffling and holding her legs to her chest.

“Hey, doll, what’s wrong?” Bucky asked, worried.

“Bucky, I’m so sorry, I fell asleep when I was trying to make you muffins.. I know you love them, I just had a really long day at school yesterday and I was so tired and I forgot to set my alarm after a half hour so I slept and I’m so sorry!” she rambled through small tears.

Bucky couldn’t help but smile. His heart throbbed for her and he hated seeing her cry, but he was relieved it wasn’t serious. She was so upset over something so inconsequential. Yeah, her muffins were honestly the best he’d ever had, but he didn’t need them.

“Sweetheart, you don’t need to make me muffins every time I have a nightmare…” Bucky explained and more tears fell from her beautiful eyes.

“But you were screaming and I wasn’t there…” she said.

“Oh, Y/N… It isn’t your responsibility to take care of me…“ Bucky said and pulled her into a hug.

“I care so much about you, though..” Y/N mumbled into his chest and his heart soared. Hearing her say that made him smile and feel a way he hadn’t felt since before the war.

Bucky led her into his apartment and tried to cheer her up with hot chocolate.

“How about you show me how you make those delicious muffins? That way, I can make them instead of you feeling guilty about getting adequate sleep and I can bake with you,” Bucky suggested after a little bit. He wanted to see her smile and not look at him with so much guilt in her eyes.

“You.. want to bake with me..?” she asked, slightly confused.

“Yeah, I would love to. C'mon, let’s get to your kitchen,” Bucky suggested.

They spent the day baking all sorts of things because Bucky kept on suggesting they make various recipes. They made three batches of muffins, two cupcake recipes and finished off with a merengue pie. Bucky loved seeing her face light up when the finished product had come out of the oven and he enjoyed eating the creations with her.

After the merengue pie came out of the oven, Y/N cut a piece for him and handed it to him.

Bucky’s eyes closed at the delicious mix of sweet and tangy. “This is so good…”

“Good, I’m glad you like it,” she said and dug into her own piece. Bucky then got a brilliantly devious idea. He dipped his finger into he egg whites on his piece and then, when she wasn’t looking up, he smeared some on the tip of her nose. A harmless flirting gesture, really.

“You did not just do that…” Y /N said warningly and looked up.

“Oh, I did, you see…” Bucky smirked, cockiness thick in his tone.

“Alright… I see how it is. Wanna play like that? Fine,” she said and smeared some of her own merengue on his face. Bucky trembled at her touch, but looked at her devilishly anyway.

“This means war, my dear,” he said and grabbed the can of whipped cream, then squirted some on her head and in her hair.

“How dare you!” Y/N exclaimed and grabbed the frosting bag, squeezing a large glob of frosting into her palm. She then rubbed the frosting into his hair and over his face.

The two of them fought against each other, spreading various confections over each other until they were laughing so hard that they could bearly breathe. Bucky noticed the sun setting and he didn’t want their time together to end today, so he decided to take another step forward in their relationship.

“Do you… wanna spend the night?” he asked her.

She looked slightly alarmed. “Bucky, I didn’t know you wanted that yet…”

He then realised that his wording could have and was misinterpreted. Yes, he wanted to have sex with her, but he hadn’t even kissed her yet; they weren’t ready.

“No, no, I mean I do, but I meant just sleeping… I want to spend more time with you and you don’t have school tomorrow, so…” he corrected, blushing fiercely.

Her face relaxed, “Oh, okay. Yeah, sure, I’ll pack a bag. It’ll be just like a sleepover! We should watch a scary movie!”

“Yeah, Steve got that movie thing for me. I’ll get it set up,” Bucky said, now nervous that she was sleeping over. He went to his apartment and set up his Netflix to where all the horror movies were displayed and he decided to order pizza and make popcorn. Y/N came over after a little bit and they settled in on the couch, pizza in hand.

“That one looks good…” Y/N said, pointing to a movie called ‘Dead Silence’. She pushed the play button and they watched, Y/N inching closer to Bucky. They had cuddled many times before, but there was something more intimate about being ready for bed and getting close, Bucky thought.

At a particularly scary part, Y/N jumped and buried her face into Bucky’s chest. Bucky didn’t find the movie scary at all, but rather interesting. He often wondered how it was filmed, what they did to make things look like that and how they even came up with a story about evil dolls. So, he wrapped an arm around her and held her close to him, comforting her.

“Want me to turn it off?” he asked. She peeked her head out and shook it.

“Wanna see how it ends,” she said and looked at the screen. While she was encased in Bucky’s arms, he found himself feeling something he hadn’t really ever felt before–safe. Her arms weren’t around him, but he felt sheltered and protected anyway. For some reason, Y/N made him feel completely at ease and relaxed.

The movie ended and Bucky found himself no longer immersed in how they got someone to look like their jaw had been ripped off, but rather in Y/N. He looked at her every day and he had always found her beautiful, but for some reason tonight was different. She let out a cute yawn and Bucky smiled.

“Wanna get to bed?” he offered.

“No, it isn’t a proper sleepover unless you stay up late. Let’s watch another movie if you want?” she said, only slightly sitting up.

Bucky chuckled. “Okay, doll.”

By the middle of the second movie (which was some animated movie he had never heard of), she was soundly asleep on Bucky’s chest. He looked at her fondly and decided he, too, would like to get some sleep. Better yet, he’d like to sleep next to her. Carefully, he carried her off to his bed and let her snuggle beneath the comforter. When he turned to leave, he heard a soft whimper and turned his head to see her reaching out for him.

“Stay and cuddle?” she said in a small, sleep-ridden voice.

Bucky’s heart melted and he climbed in bed with her, letting her rest her head on his chest, sleep overtaking the both of them.

Panic flooded his body and he shot up, tears streaming down his face and sweat coating his skin. He looked around the dark room, only the green light from his clock slightly illuminating the features of his room. He felt a warm body next to him and remembered that Y/N had slept over. He hooked his arms around her and held onto her tightly as if she’d slip away if he didn’t keep her close.

“Bucky?” she asked, voice groggy from being awakened. “Bucky? Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I.. nightmare…” he said, his voice shaking.

“Oh, Buck…” she said and wrapped her arms around him. Her hands reached up and stroked his hair soothingly, and he calmed down at her gentle touch.

After a few minutes, he pulled away and looked at her through the darkness.

“You alright?” she asked.

“I am now…” he said and he could barely see her face. He delicately pushed his right hand out in search of her cheek. Once he found it, he ran his thumb over her bottom lip ever so gently.

She said nothing, and Bucky took it as a sign to continue his movements. He wanted to kiss her. He had wanted to since he met her, but he was never sure if she would be okay with it. Now, having woken up beside her and using her as a way to ground himself, he found that his inhibitions and doubts about connecting their lips were gone. He leaned in and he felt the soft skin on her cheek with his lips before he moved them to connect with her’s. She didn’t pull away, but did the opposite. Her hands grasped his shoulders and pulled him closer to her, urging him to kiss her deeper. He obliged and slid his tongue across her plump bottom lip and she widened her mouth, allowing him to slip inside and explore her mouth. All too soon they had to pull away for air.

“Finally…” she whispered, causing Bucky to chuckle.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the moment I laid eyes on you…” Bucky confessed and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

“I feel the same…” she said and let out a yawn.

“Sorry I woke you…” Bucky apologized.

“I’m not,” she said and laid her head back down on the pillow. “I like kissing you.”

Bucky blushed and leaned down, letting their lips collide again in a kiss.

“I like kissing you, too…” he said. They both drifted back to sleep.

Bucky woke up to his apartment door opening. He instantly tensed and prepared to protect Y/N from the intruder when suddenly his bedroom door opened and there stood Steve in his running gear.

“Hey, Buck, did you sleep through your–oh,” Steve said as he walked in and saw Y/N’s head on Bucky’s chest.

“Sh, you’ll wake her up,” Bucky whispered and relaxed. “Sorry, buddy.”

Steve smirked. “So that’s her?”

Bucky nodded and felt Y/N stir and look up at him, here eyes open.

“What’s going on?” she asked, rubbing her eyes and looking around.

“Nothing, doll. I just didn’t set my alarm, so Steve came to check on me…” Bucky said and Y/N rolled over to look at Steve.

“Oh… Captain America… is in your bedroom…” she said slowly and sat up more.

Steve smiled bashfully. “Well, your boyfriend is Bucky Barnes, my best friend.”

Y/N brought a hand to her forehead. “Oh my god, DUH… I only had to do like six reports on the Howling Commandos in grade school, I should have pieced it together…”

Steve and Bucky both laughed.

“Well, Y/N, this is my best friend Steve. Steve, this is the girl I’ve been telling you about, Y/N,” Bucky said and placed a hand on her back. Steve approached her and stuck his hand out.

“Pleased to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you,” Steve said and Y/N, took his hand.

“Likewise,” she said. Bucky smiled and held her waist, then planted a kiss to her cheek.

“I’ll catch you two later. Nice to meet you, Y/N,” Steve said and left the apartment, closing and locking the door behind him.

Bucky laid them back down and kissed her lips before getting a few more hours of sleep, feeling completely safe with Y/, in his arms.

Austin Carlile Imagine

  After a month and half of waiting to give Austin,your husband, a surprise visit on warped tour, the day has finally come and I have very important news for Austin. I’m currently 2 months pregnant and have been waiting to tell Austin.

  The only one who might have been more excited than me is our five year old son,Aiden. The whole airplane ride he explained everything he wanted to do with his father. Just the amount of pride Aiden had in his father was the cutest thing.

  Aiden pulled me along the various rows of buses towards the one with a huge ’&’ printed on it. Right when we went to knock on the door it swung open revealing a very handsome Austin Carlile.

 "Daddy!“Aiden screamed running into Austin’s arms and sharing a tight embrace. The pure joy on Austin’s face was enough to make my day 200% greater.

  "What are you guys doing here, Y/N ?"Austin smiled and pulled you into the hug he was sharing with his son. "We figured we could stop in to visit and I have to talk to you about something.” You gave him a long kiss which was soon interrupted by two noises mimicking disgust.

 You looked to see Alan and Aiden snickering next to you.“Hey Alan” You greated him with a hug and was replied with a quick,“ hey." 

  "Mommy Daddy, Uncle Alan said he was going to take me to go see a band…..can I go?” He jumped up and down with pleading hands.“It’s okay,Aiden."Austin gave him a ruffle of his hair and the two boys went toward the venue.

  "So,what did you want to talk about, my love?” He took your hand and lead you to the back lounge. He ran a hand through your hair and gave you smile full of bliss. You took a deep breath and just let out with it. “I’m pregnant,baby.Two months.”

  Austin smiled brighter than I’ve ever seen. “This is great! I hope it’s a little girl, so she can have two protectors, her brother and I of course. We could take her to Disneyland and dress her up like Belle and it will be so great…"He went on and on about your child whilst rubbing the almost non-visible bump.

  Austin’s predictions were right and the little baby girl was one of the most loved humans you’ve ever seen.