have you ever seen anything so perfect

compliment sentence starters.

’ you always know how to find that silver lining. ’
’ has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? ’
’ you have the whitest teeth! you’ve got a hollywood smile! ’
’ you have the most beautiful eyes i’ve seen before. ’
’ i love your hair so much, it’s so pretty. ’
’ you have the best laugh in the universe. ’
’ you always dress so fabulous! you’ve got so much style! ’
’ you’re the best at anything and everything you do. ’
’ you are the smartest person i know! ’
’ sometimes i wonder why you’re my friend. ’
’ you’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for. ’
’ you always seem to have a solution for any problem. ’
’ you are the most attractive person i’ve had as a friend. ’
’ anything looks good on you! you’re perfect! ’
’ you always make the days a little brighter for people. ’
’ you’re like, really loved and adored, despite what you think. ’
’ anyone would be lucky to have you as a girl/boyfriend. ’
’ you’re going to make the best parent one day. ’
’ one day, you’re going to make someone so happy. ’
’ ever since i met you, i’d been the happiest i’ve ever been. ’
’ you are the perfect role model. ’
’ you deserve an award or something, you’re that great. ’
’ you did so good on that art work the other day! ’
’ that speech was phenomenal, left me speechless. ’
’ you’ve got an amazing face and i just want to stare at it all. ’
’ i could stare at you all day and never get tired. ’
’ you are the better looking out of the two of us. ’
’ you’re the smarter one out of the two of us. ’
’ you always smell so good. what perfume is that? ’
’ i’ll only get a make over, if you’re the one who does it. ’
’ i’d trust you with my life any day. ’
’ you have the biggest heart out of everyone i’ve ever met. ’
’ you are just the sweetest person ever. ’
’ you are so creative! i could never be that original. ’
’ your ideas are so beautiful and original, i love them. ’
’ you really do make a fantastic meal, the best i’ve ever had. ’
’ this is so delicious, oh my god, you’re amazing. ’
’ you do not need make up to look beautiful, you were blessed. ’
’ why does everything you buy fit you so well? ugh. ’
’ you give me so much inspiration. ’
’ you inspire me so much, i’ve always looked up to you. ’
two rotten apples [m] | pt. 2

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 17.686

GENRE → smut | eventual angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | spanking mention | mild cum play | explicit language | male and female masturbation | penetration | erotica mention | public sex | restraints | dry humping | graphic dirty talk 

LINKS → 1 | 2 | 3 | 4COMING SOON

The second the timer on the drying machine went off to alert you of your shirt finally being dry enough to wear, the band from its neckline snapped against your shoulders when you slipped it back on. You pulled some of the cotton material to your nose, trying to see if it still even faintly smelled like beer.

Unlike your underwear which just smelled like cum and farts.

The farts courtesy of Jungkook. Well, you didn’t know if he actually farted, but he just naturally smelled like that to you—like old beans and moldy cheese.

You’d spent the past two hours in the laundry room in nothing but a bra and your loose-fitted skirt. It still hadn’t hit you yet—at least not entirely—that you had let your next-door neighbor spank and bone the living shit out of you. That was something you were going to put on your list of stupid-things-you’ve-done-but-did-anyway-for-some-reason. Maybe his mother could relate after giving birth to him. You were pretty sure she found him just as annoying as you.

But then everyone else thought rainbows shined out of his ass.

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Jealous Fights (Jughead X Reader)

Summary- You get jealous that Jughead is hanging out with Betty so much, so you try to make him jealous too. 

Warnings- fighting, jealousy, kissing, crying.

requested- yes! @dixiehasalotoffreetime (thanks bes frand ily)

A/N- my first writing got 7 notes! (thats not a lot but still) thank you!  Also, I will be doing a second part to this! (probs won’t be as exciting but whatever) So stay tuned for that!

“So Jug, you up for studying tomorrow?” Betty asks Jughead.

You and your friends were all sitting at a booth at Pop’s, as usual.

“Uh, sure!” Jughead replies and smiles.

You quickly look both of them over. Jughead was your boyfriend and he seemed to be spending a lot of time with Betty lately. It was really getting on your nerves. 

“Whatcha gonna study?” You ask, scooting a bit closer to Jughead. 

Betty glances at Jug and replies, “For the science test, you know how hard Mrs.Hank’s tests are.” 

You nod and take a sip of your milk shake. 

You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but you were a little jealous.

Then you got an idea. Why not make Jughead jealous too?

You turned to look at Archie, sitting on the other side of table. 

“Arch, do you to study with me? My place?” You ask the ginger haired boy. 

He quickly glances over at Jughead who looks a bit suspicious. 

“Uh, ok.” He replies.

You could see Jughead staring at you with hawk eyes, he was jealous already!

“Alright Archie, should we go?” You ask him leaning into the table.

“Sure.” He smiles and you both get up.

“Bye guys!” You both say in unison, before you lean down to kiss jughead.

Not just a peck, but a real kiss. You wanted him to see what he was missing out on.

You deepened your kiss and held his chin with your hand before breaking off. You wanted to be a tease.

You hear ooo sounds from Veronica and Kevin as you get back up from leaning over, still locking eyes with Jughead.

Jughead still looked flustered as you and Archie exited Pop’s. 

“What was that for?” Archie asks, referring to the kiss.

You turn to him and say, “Juggie has been spending a lot of time with Betty lately. And I don’t want to admit it but I’m kinda jealous.” 

“Ya, but they’re just friends.” Archie points out.

“I know but- I just want to make him jealous too. That’s why I asked you to study with me at my house.” You tell him as you near your home. 

Archie nods and you both enter the house.

The next day, you Kevin and Veronica walked to school together.

I didn’t take long for Kevin to bring up that kiss.

“Ok, but can we just talk about that kiss?” He exclaims. 

You giggle as he goes on.

“I mean that was hot. Like wow.” He says. 

“Thanks,” You laugh.

“But like why? You hardly ever kiss Jug like that in public, is there something happening that I don know about?” Veronica asked as she pulled her phone out of her pocket to check her hair on the camera.

“I don’t know. Jughead has been hanging out with Betty a lot lately. And I know that they are only friends… But I’m kinda jealous. I guess I just wanted him to see what he was missing out on.” You explain as you all enter the school.

“Oh! Well I can help you make him jealous if you want.” Veronica offers, winking. 

You laugh and open your locker. 

Then you see Betty and Jughead walking side by side down the halls, laughing. 

A fire burns in you. You didn’t know why, but you were mad. 

Then Archie comes up beside you and Kevin to open his locker. 

“Hey Arch!” You say loud enough so Juggie and Betty hear as they came closer. 

“Hey Y/N!” He replies and smiles and grabs some books out of his locker. 

Then Betty and Jughead come up to you guys. 

“Hey.” Jug says to you all and takes you into his arms in a light kiss. 

You kiss him back a little harder and then let go, smirking at him. 

You turn around and get books out of your locker as the rest of the gang talks. 

“So how was studying?” Jughead asked you. 

There it was, he was jealous.

“Fine, and you?” You asked smiling.

“Fine too.” He looked at you a little angrily and then said, “Well, I better get to class.” and walked away. 

After school, while in your room, you heard a knock on your window, it was Jughead. 

You quickly opened it and let him inside. 

“Hello beautiful.” He said and leaned in for a kiss. 

You rolled your eyes at his cliche saying but kissed him back. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around your waste as his lips moved gracefully against yours.

After a few moments you broke apart and stared lovingly into his eyes and he did the same. 


His phone dinged and he pulled it out. 

“Ugh. I got to go.” He sighed and made his way towards the window.

“What? why?” You asked in an annoyed tone.

“I promised Betty I would help her with an assignment, sorry.” He said.

You lets out a loud groan. Jughead turned around to face you.

“What was that for?” He inquired.

“Nothing… It’s just seems like you’ve been wanting to be with Betty a lot lately.” You answered turning your head up a bit.

“Ya, so? She’s my friend.” He said.

“Friend, huh? It seems like you want to be more than that with her.” You said. You know you were going overboard, but you needed to show Jughead you meant business.

“What? Y/N that just stupid! You know that’s not true!” He raised his voice a bit.

“Oh really? Then why are you spending more time with her than with me?” You said, crossing your arms.

“I’m not! We just study together sometimes and-” He began but you cut him off.

“Sometimes? Sometimes?! You have been with her almost everyday after school for the past two weeks!” You raised your voice and stepped at bit closer to him.

“I have not! Your just jealous!” He yelled.

Anger burned in your eyes, you could feel your face getting red and your palms sweating.

“You know what? Fine. Whatever! Just go!” You yelled pointing to the window. “I’ll just invite over Archie!” 

Jughead began to leave until he hear the last sentence. He whirled around.

“Archie? Why Archie?!” He said, his eyes burned.

“See!! Your jealous too!!” Your voice getting louder by the second.

“I am not!” Jughead yelled, heading towards the window again. 

“Yes you are! Now leave! Be with Betty! Cheat on me, see if I care!!” You screamed, tears welling up in your eyes. 

That was it. He turned around so fast he was like a blob of black clothes. 


Jughead had never been so mad before. He had never yelled at you. He had never called you anything other than sweet things. But he was the most angry you had ever seen him.

Your face got hot, tears began to stream down your face.


“YES I WOULD HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOSE! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!” He screamed coming closer to you.

Did you hear him right?

“I love you Y/N.” He said a bit quieter, but still loudly. 

He then took your face in his hands and brought his mouth to yours. 

But before he kissed you, you let out a small whisper, 

“I love you too.” 

Headcanons: Airship
  • The airship is arguably sentient and capable of thought. To some extent, it has a personality of its own.
  • It’s the airship’s job to look after Sportacus and assist him in his duties as a hero. This includes, but is not limited to providing him with food, alerting him to certain things such as the time or temperature, monitoring his physical and mental well-being, dropping things down upon request and reporting back to the village and elders in the form of statistics and data.
  • Rumour has it that its voice is modelled after the first hero’s partner, who had done all of that for her while alive.
  • While it follows Sportacus’ commands most of the time, it is capable of disobedience within certain parameters or in emergency situations.
  • Its main goal in ‘life’ is to ensure Sportacus is well. It would do anything, even against the hero’s wishes, to do so. Some would accuse it of being overly protective or mothering, but it has no concept of things like that.


  • Sportacus’ ship figured out he has a crush on Robbie long before the elf did. At first, it didn’t approve, but after thorough observations (yes, it has cameras) it came to the conclusion that the two would be perfect for each other.
  • Have you ever seen an airship play matchmaker? Would you like to?
  • It was very confusing for both Sportacus and Robbie to see an airship behave so… odd. Sportacus even let Robbie look over the wiring to see if anything was amiss. For days afterwards Sportacus had a feeling the ship sounded smug.
  • Once the two finally get their act together and start dating, the ship starts recognising Robbie’s voice, obeying a handful of commands without having to be programmed to do so.
  • The ship expands its care-taking to Robbie. It monitors his health, bodily functions and mental state, and takes measures to ensure he is fine and happy. While Sportacus’ crystal doesn’t work well with Robbie, the ship has no such problems. It also has no sense of privacy. 
  • Being mothered by an airship is both terrifying and oddly nice.
Archie x Reader: Daddy's Little Girl

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: fluff

*your POV*

I should’ve been sleeping. It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep due to the enormous bump on the front of me. Baby Andrews was 41 weeks and I was sure to pop at any moment and my stomach was so big it made me unable to sleep. I looked to my side to see Archie sleeping peacefully. I groaned and shifted to the left a little bit, wishing the days of sleeping on my stomach were still here. Suddenly, I felt a faint wetness between my legs.

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I still remember I never liked Samurai Jack when I was a little girl. I’d change the channel at once whenever I saw it. However, several years have passed, I’m an adult now and all of a sudden my friends recommended me Samurai Jack season five and!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in my entire life! I was stunned with everything about it. The story, the character designs, the style, the art, the pace, the emotions… everything is perfect. I’m so glad that Adult Swim gave Samurai Jack a chance to give it it’s best shot.

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So, I have pretty bad stretch marks and they make me self conscious. I'm scared for anyone to see me in a bathing suit or nude. Anywho, that got me thinking: how would each of the hosts react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time and finding out they have stretch marks? You don't have to, but if you do thanks in advance.

No problem! I have some stretch marks I’m not too happy with as well, so this was therapeutic in a way, so double thank you!~


He honestly wouldn’t notice. This boy would honestly be so flustered at seeing you naked he wouldn’t notice anything really. When he finally cleared his head enough to realize what he was looking at, he wouldn’t notice anything of that sort. He’d be telling you how perfect you were because to him, you honestly were. He’d be telling you he hadn’t seen anything so perfect, ever and he’s genuinely believe it. If you were to point it out he’d be soooo confused! He’d be one of those people who’d just be like ‘and this is bad, how?’ It would suddenly be his mission to make you love every part of you, and make you see yourself how he saw you.


He would… note it? It would be when he was initially looking you over. He’d be memorizing every inch of you, so naturally he’d commit any marks on your body to that mental image as well. Any moles, birthmarks, or stretch marks would be simple additions to the canvas that made up you as a whole. He would just treat it like nothing. Genuinely he wouldn’t care. But, if you were insecure about it he would try to make you feel better about it, in his own weird ways. Little things, like complimenting them when he could see them, buying you swimsuits and clothing that would compliment them. He would try to make you understand that the stretch marks didn’t define your beauty, but the way you wore them could accentuate your beauty.


When he saw you naked the first time, trust me, the last thing on his mind would be any so-called imperfections. Mostly just, awkward, incoherent thoughts, and trying and failing not to show his awkwardness on his face. No but really, nothing would change. If you point them out he’d just say something along the lines of ‘yeah, so’? It would change nothing  for you two. Actually, I take it back. Nicknames. The only thing in your relationship that your stretch marks would affect would be your nicknames. He’d probably call you Tiger. He’d tell people that it’s because you’re fierce yet beautiful or something cheesy like that, but it would really be his very own unique approach to trying to help your insecurities on the matter.


This gentle boy. The first time he saw you naked, his face would get soooo red. He’d never seen anything so perfect and if you didn’t see it the same way, he’d be so sad. He wouldn’t understand, but he’d do anything and everything he could do to make you feel better about yourself. Constant compliments for one, but not in an obnoxious way, he makes it flow with the conversation, he makes it seem almost offhanded. He has no idea how you could possibly be insecure about anything relating to yourself, so doing things like this to make you feel better about yourself becomes his goal.


Let’s be honest here, this boy worships you. He loves you so much, it’s incomprehensible. The first time he saw you naked, he almost didn’t want to look in order to protect your virtue what a gentleman, but the part of him that was undeniably attracted to you won over, and he was in shock to be honest. He loves you, and your body is just an extension of you. He doesn’t think much of physical beauty, as he is more attracted to who you are as a person, so he thinks he’s lucky to have someone as physically stunning as you. But, you’re looking shy while standing in front of him. Why is that? Once you explain to him that you’re insecure about your stretch marks, he gets really quiet for a moment. He then proceeds to point out every mark on his body. Every scar he’s gotten in training, every abnormal birthmark, that one mole that just appeared one day from God knows where. He tells you their stories and then points to your stretch marks, telling you that they’re just stories your body has to tell as well, and that you should never be ashamed of what makes you, you.


When you told him your stretch marks made you insecure about yourself he looked so confused. You honestly felt  like you had just kicked a puppy. He had just been trying to take in your appearance for the first time, looking oddly serious, when you had told him there was no need to stare at them, because you knew they were gross. His eyes had snapped up to yours in an instant, the kicked puppy expression coming to his face. All he had been doing was admiring the view ;) when you had said possibly the least understandable sentence in the world to him. But, you were confused that he was confused. Wasn’t he looking at your stretch marks? When you asked him this, he looked back down, then said “Oh, you do have stretch marks, huh? Why would I care?” Not gonna lie, you were a little offended. How could he just brush them off like that? You tried explaining to him what the problem was, because he was clearly not getting it, but he just stared at you, looking uncharacteristically serious. He told you that some marks on your skin did not define you, and that you were beautiful in his eyes, despite what you seemed to think. Then he started to tear up dramatically, asking you why you were faulting yourself and so on. You sighed. He was back. But, you were also oddly touched… He had managed to make you feel a bit better about yourself, and for that, you were grateful.


  Not gonna lie, Honey’s scenario wasn’t my best work. Not too happy with it, but what can you do? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this though, thank you for reading!! 

Ashes~ <3 xoxo

thankful for you - grayson dolan {smut}

uGh look at him why does he do this to me 

this is so badly written i apologise but i wanted to write something and this picture gave me feels and it was thanksgiving so.. (not that i celebrate thanksgiving i’m australian) 


This Thanksgiving, it was Lisa and Sean’s turn to host since last year you and Gray went to your parent’s place to celebrate. So, after days of procrastinating, you are finally packing yours and Grayson’s clothes frantically and keeping an eye on the time so you don’t miss your flight from LA to New Jersey.

Grayson sneaks up behind you as you fold his clothes neatly and grasps your hips in his large hands, placing his cheek against yours. You instantly giggled and moved your head away when you felt his stubble tickling you.

“Babe,” You warn him, closing your eyes as you feel him kiss your neck and his hands roam lower. You both knew you guys would be very late if Grayson continued.

“I can’t help it,” He mumbled, pushing himself away from you and collapsing onto the bed. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

Your eyes are drawn to his semi-hard cock he doesn’t try to hide and you have to clench your thighs together to stop yourself from crawling on top of him and having your way with him. You have no time and you detested being late for anything.

You shake your head to rid the dirty thoughts and thanks him shyly. You’ll never be used to Gray’s forwardness and his need to compliment you every second, even after three years of being together. You tell him to quickly take care of himself in the bathroom as you hurry to finish.

Patting the clothes you had packed down, you zip up his suitcase and pull both yours and his towards the front door. You yell out to Grayson as you find your purse and check you have everything.

Grayson walks out of your shared bedroom with a flushed face and no sign of a boner. You ignore your needs and hand his sweater to him and walk out of your apartment hand in hand whilst the other tugs their suitcase behind.

The drive to the airport was filled with comfortable silence. It was too early in the morning and both of you didn’t particularly feel like making small talk.

You arrive and look for Ethan, who sits at a cafe with closed eyes clutching his coffee in his hands. “Tired, E?” Grayson comments with a chuckle, pulling your chair out for you before sitting on his own.

“Shut up,” Ethan instantly slurs, sipping his coffee before weakly grinning at you. “Hey, (Y/N). How are you?”

You laugh, cuddling into Grayson’s side. “I’m fine, Ethan. How are you?”

Ethan rambles on about how thankful he is for coffee and other random topics. Time flies by and before you know it you’re walking through the airport in New Jersey.

You find Cameron barely awake in one of the chairs and are too late to warn her before Grayson and Ethan pile on top of her, shouting in her face and breaking the silence. You blush as you see everyone in the airport look your way.

“Idiots!” Cameron punches the both of them, walking towards the exit. “You scared the shit out of me!”

The car is filled with laughter as everyone catches up with each other. You can’t help but stop and admire the scene in front of you. Ethan is dancing to the radio in the front seat, his body intentionally bumping into Cameron as she laughs and yells at him. Grayson sits in the backseat with you and records everything, messing with both of them at the same time. This. Them. They are your family.

Grayson notices your quietness and puts his phone down, grasping your hand with concern. “You okay, baby?”

“I’m amazing, Gray. I love you.” You grasp his face with your hands and kiss him. It takes him a second but he kisses you back, pulling you closer gently.

“Guys, seriously? That’s disgusting. Cameron, tell them to stop!”

You watch as kids run around the backyard screaming and laughing and make sure to avoid running into them as you hold a platter of snacks. It’s been a few days since you, Grayson, Ethan and Cameron arrived. The house had been loud already with just Ethan and Grayson being them usual selves, but now, since all of their family are over for Thanksgiving it’s even louder but you didn’t mind, you loved each and every single one of them.

You move back inside and tried to find Grayson. After looking for a bit you found him in his old room laying on his bed quietly. Moving towards him, you touch his stomach lightly and watch as his head shoots up.

“You okay?” You whisper, still standing above him as his eyes wander over your body. He quickly grabs your thighs and pulls you on top of him.

“I want you,” He mumbles and rubs his hands up and down your thighs. You consider it for a second, before shaking your head with a pout.

“Your whole family is here, Gray. What is someone hears us or walks in?” You barely try to pull away when he pulls you down so your chest pressed against his.

“They won’t,” Grayson says between the kisses he presses against, trying his hardest not to leave marks.

You wanted to object, you really did, but you wanted to feel Grayson inside you even more. He’s wanted you ever since the flight to New Jersey and you had refused to have sex with him at his parent’s house with them there, but since everyone was occupied and you needed him to, you finally give in. You slowly roll your hips against him and kiss his neck before moving to his mouth and kissing him roughly. His hands tighten around your thighs as he jerks his hips up, his clothed crotch jutting against yours. You moan into the kiss, pulling away to lift your shirt above your head.

He rolls you both over so you’re under him and he immediately unbuttons your pants and slowly pulls them down whilst you unclip your bra and throw it across the room. Once he removes your pants he places kisses from your hip bones all the way back up to your mouth and kisses you roughly, his tongue invading your mouth pleasantly.

Grayson removes his shirt and pulls away for a second to pull it over his head before pressing his lips back to yours once again. Your hands run through his hair and tug, earning a moan from him.

“Beautiful,” He whispers, kissing down your body once again. You feel nothing but love and pleasure as he gets closer to your pussy. He removes your panties quickly and shoves his face into your heat. You place your own palm against your mouth to contain your scream as Grayson eats you out roughly.

“Yes, yes, yes.” You moan out. You feel his stubble on the inside of your thighs and your clit and even though it burns you can’t help but feel even more aroused.

His finger enters you and your back arches off the bed, your fingers aching with how hard you’re clenching the sheets. You feel yourself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Grayson knows your body so well, he knows how to make you scream and moan and cry. His mouth attaches to your clit and bites down gently and you feel yourself release all over his mouth unexpectedly.

He continues and holds your shaking hips down before giving you one last kitten lick and moving towards your mouth. You taste yourself on his lips and bring him closer to you, frustrated that his sweatpants are still on him and you removed them yourself. You watch as dick strains against his boxer briefs.

He pushes you back against the bed, removes his boxers and stops, admiring your beautiful naked body that lies restless beneath him. He’s never seen anything more perfect in his entire life.

Grayson rests his forearms on each side of your head and kisses you gently and you feel slightly confused about his change in behaviour. He pulls away from the kiss and stares into your eyes.

“I’m thankful for you,” He mutters. “So, so thankful.”

You could have cried right there and then. Grayson is the sweetest guy you’ve ever met and you’ve so thankful for him too. You press your lips against his gently, hoping he got the message.

Grayson didn’t want to fuck you, he decided. He wanted to make love to you. He wanted you to know that you’re one of the best things in the world to happen to him if that made sense. He pushes inside of you gently and watches as your face contorts with pleasure.

You wrap your arms around him and clutch him close to you. He gradually speeds up to a pace that was pleasurable for both of you. You feel every inch of him and try to pull him as close as humanly possible. Right now, was perfect. You couldn’t imagine spending Thanksgiving with anyone else but him. Grayson intertwines his hands with yours and you feel your climax brewing.

“I love you,” You make eye contact with him as you squeeze his hands tighter.

“I love you too,” He smiles at you before kissing you and in that second you feel your orgasm come. You bite Grayson’s shoulder to conceal your moan and feel your legs shake around his waist. He comes straight after, grunting in your ear and releasing inside of you.

Your chest heaves up and down as Grayson collapses next to you, relaxing for a quick second before sitting up and picking up his clothing.

“Happy Thanksgiving, baby.”

Spike > Angel

This has been said before, but I’ll say it again. The Angel/Buffy relationship was a joke. Angel popped up whenever he wanted with no explanation and expected Buffy to explain her every move to him. He destroyed her without a soul: tortured her loved ones, tortured her. His behavior was rooted in the very heart of misogyny and sexism. He knew that to kill Buffy, he had to love her. Like men do. Get her hopes up, make her fall in love, have sex with her, and then toss her aside like nothing.

Even with a soul, just being with Buffy as a friend was not enough (not to mention the fact that he creepy stalked her outside her window). He left her because he couldn’t deal with a Buffy that wasn’t defined by their relationship. But really, it’s a good thing he left.

At the most recent anniversary shoot, Sarah Michelle Gellar said she was Team Angel, but I disagree (just without the hate). He didn’t have the gumption to love her… not truly.

Spike grew to love Buffy without his soul. He’s not perfect, but even the demon inside him didn’t stop him from feeling terrified at the thought of hurting her or ashamed whenever he did hurt her. Even without a soul, he chose to love her and chose to obtain his soul so he could be whoever she needed him to be: friend, confidante, lover - take your pick. He stayed by her side when all of her friends lost faith in her.

He said it, not me: “I’ve been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. I’ve seen things you couldn’t imagine, and done things I’d prefer you didn’t. I don’t exactly have a reputation for being a thinker; I follow my blood, which doesn’t exactly rush in the direction of my brain. So I make a lot of mistakes. A lot of wrong bloody calls. A hundred plus years, and there’s only one thing I’ve ever been sure of. You. Hey, look at me. I’m not asking you for anything. When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you - it has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try… I’ve seen your kindness, and your strength, I’ve seen the best and the worst of you and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman. You’re the one, Buffy.”

In the end, it’s Spike who gets it.

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Marichat May Day 24 - "I Owe You One"

When Marinette jokes with Chat about her feeding him so much, he decides to bring her cupcakes. He also finds it to be the perfect opportunity to ask her something he’d been wanting to for awhile.

Rated G || 1,341 Words

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The Missing Cupcake

“Thanks Marinette.” Chat’s voice was muffled as he spoke around the half of a croissant he’d stuffed in his mouth. If Marinette wasn’t so used to interpreting him with his mouth full she would have never understood what he’d said. A moment more of chewing the pastry then Chat continued after gulping it down. “I definitely owe you one.”

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(Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader)

Word Count: 6033

Request/Summary: No request! (again…). Based off of Ed Sheeran’s Happier

Warnings: Brief diet smut, drinking because of emotional pain, way too many Dirty Dancing references (may or may not have been watching it while writing…)  angst, cussing.

Tagging: @satans-little-midgets @imagineham (extra special thanks to Steph for helping me with the title) @gwynstacee  @bleepblopbloop56 aaannnddd thanks to @hamilton-noodles most of this fic exists, so thanks, Jo.


Side note- Italics is the past, regular is the present. The present is organized linearly and the past is ambiguous to any specific order.

“Good morning.” Oak’s voice crackled as if he was speaking to you through a phone somewhere with bad reception, still coarse from his full night of sleep. You smiled. You couldn’t be mad at him for waking you up. You couldn’t be mad when he whispered in your ear like that. When you were encased in those big arms of his. When it was just cold enough in the room for you to want to stay close to him and under the mess of covers.

“Good morning.” You muttered back. You didn’t want to leave this moment behind. Not when he had his body wrapped around you, his breath against your skin, the room smelling just slightly of coffee, the covers soft against your skin, not when you were feeling like you were sinking into the mattress more and more with every passing second. You rolled over in his arms, your fingers finding the smooth polyester fabric of his navy colored t-shirt. You fiddled with the hem of his sleeve.

“I don’t want to get out of bed.” You told him, inhaling the scent of his chest- lavender, just like the soap bar you kept in the shower… for yourself.

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I’m not sure if you have seen this video yet but if you haven’t seen it then I feel as if you’re doing a disservice to both your ears and your eyes which could have easily been blessed about a million seconds ago with this fucking perfect creation of art and majesty. 

aka: my favorite song from one of my favorite artists decides to do a music video and far outshines anything I’ve ever witnessed ever

aka: the one with the sparklers. 


BUFFY MEME: two/seven quotes

I’ve been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. I’ve seen things you couldn’t imagine, and done things I’d prefer you didn’t. I don’t exactly have a reputation for being a thinker; I follow my blood, which doesn’t exactly rush in the direction of my brain. So I make a lot of mistakes. A lot of wrong bloody calls. A hundred plus years, and there’s only one thing I’ve ever been sure of. You. Hey, look at me. I’m not asking you for anything. When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you — it has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try…I’ve seen your kindness, and your strength, I’ve seen the best and the worst of you and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman. You’re the one, Buffy.


Scarlet, before you go through this, I want to remind you of September 7th, 1988. It was the first time that I saw you. You were reading Less Than Zero, and you were wearing a Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt. I’d never seen anything so perfect. I remember thinking that I had to have you or I’d die… then you whispered that you loved me at the homecoming dance, and I felt so peaceful… and safe… because I knew that no matter what happened, from that day on, nothing can ever be that bad… because I had you. And then I, uh… I grew up and I lost my way. And I blamed you for my failures. And I know that you think you have to do this today… but I don’t want you to. But I guess… if I love you, I should let you move on.

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gladstone's character design might be a wee bit off but you have to admit- they hit the nail on the HEAD with that casting choice. Have you ever seen paul f tompkins as frank doyle from beyond belief? because that guy is LITERALLY GLADSTONE. 'i got into a scrap with a jar of olives this morning. took me minutes to open it. HURT MY FINGER IN THE PROCESS, BUT YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER FELLOW'

oh my god yes I already flailed about the perfect voice acting decision but it bears repeating because MY LIFE what a perfect Gladstone VA

Late - Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Request: Hi first of all I love your works they’re absolutely amazing! ❤️ Ok anyways, my request is a Draco x reader where it’s the Yule ball and the reader is running late and Draco is worried about why she hasn’t shown up yet. But then, when she finally shows up, she’s in the most extra, extravagant, high fashion dress and makeup. Everything after is up to you. 💕 

By: Anon

A/N: This one flowed really well when I was writing it, I just hope that it flows as well when you read it!!

Words: 1083

Warnings: Lil fluffs

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