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A huge personal Reigisa headcannon of mine, though I don't know how much it matches with their characterisation, emerged after I read that Nagisa had been bullied because I think that after hearing that Rei would get super protective and try to do everything to make sure that never happened again. So Nagisa bumps into some big guy in the school hall and the guy pushes him back against the locker roughly because he's small and Rei comes up and full-force punches the guy in the face (tbc)

(continued) and when the guy is on the floor Rei looks down at him and just says quietly “walk away before you can’t anymore” and the guy gets up and fucking sprints away from Rei and Nagisa and Rei gets sent to the head master’s office for the first time in his life but he refuses to go until he makes sure Nagisa is okay and the whole time Nagisa is just staring dumbfounded (and incredibly aroused)

Wow, Rei is quite a bad ass here, isn’t he? :P Though not totally OOC, knowing how he handles confrontations…

I’d be interested in seeing how Nagisa handles bullying. We know he received it in his elementary years, and would cry and relent to the abuse.We don’t know about middle school beyond the fact that he didn’t have any friends worth keeping, and transferred back to find Makoto and Haru. He doesn’t speak about those days, and blatantly avoids the conversation. So whether he also experienced bullying in those days is uncertain, and we don’t know how he would handle the issue now. 

Yet he doesn’t seem timid or nervous around strangers, and doesn’t respond negatively to outright rejection, as shown in his persistent pursuit of Rei in episode 3. 

Nagisa bounces back from this pretty easily. 

Basically, I’m wondering how he would handle a bully, considering that he no longer seems to shy away or back down. 

But we also have to take into consideration that Nagisa avoids conflict like the plague and would rather please someone than deal with a situation. It’d be interesting to see how far this applies. 

And we’ve seen how this dork reacts when he feels threatened somehow:

The directors themselves were excited to reveal this “manly” side of Rei. And it is canon that he is overprotective of Nagisa. He’d probably freak if anyone was ever inflicting pain on Nagisa. 

So if we combine these two in a situation like the one you laid out, it would be really interesting to see how they react. I especially would like to know more about Nagisa’s childhood, and if he has dealt with the bullying in his past fully (beyond his brief convo with Haru in the drama CD about the women’s swimsuit) or if there is still development left to be made in that area. 

These two are probably in better shape than any bully, at the very least!