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You should write an imagine about Bruce not realizing Damian is his son until Damian is about 16ish maybe? And then when Talia wants him to go to live with Bruce he's torn because he has a girlfriend in the league who he loves more than anything and doesn't want to leave, but he knows life will be better for him with Bruce

Hello, thank you for sending this in! Sorry if it took me a while to get to your request and hopefully, this is what you had in mind when you asked for it. Enjoy!

Your eyes follow Damian’s every move as he paces in front of you. Every single time you try to ask him what is wrong, Damian lets out a groan and continues pacing. You have opted to play with your throwing knife right now, sharpening it because who knows when you might need it.

“Beloved.” Damian finally stops his pacing and drops himself beside you, letting out a sigh. He seems restless and this causes you to frown. You have never seen this side of Damian before and surprisingly, it’s nothing you would not want to know. As a matter of fact, you have always thought Damian to be too robotic – too trusting of his mother – but this show of emotions is new so you stop sharpening your knife and look at him.

“Are you ready to talk to me like a normal person, Damian?” You ask him, setting aside the knife, making sure it’s far enough to not hurt the both of you accidentally but close for you to reach if anyone ever tries anything. (Though whoever is dumb enough to try anything with the both of you might have an early death wish).

“Tt.” Damian crosses his arms as he stares in front of him. It takes him a few minutes to actually talk to you and when he does, you actually paid attention. “Talia – mother – wants me to go live with father.” You have known as long as Damian have known about his father and you stare at him before pulling him in a hug, feeling happy for your brother.

Damian sputters as he confusedly wraps his arms around you. “Y/N?”

You pull back, still with the smile on your face. “This is what you have been wanting for as long as I have known you, Damian. Are you not happy?” You ask him, pulling your arms from his body. “You have that look on your face – come, tell me what is wrong.”

The frown on his face deepens and he lets out an annoyed sigh. “The problem is she wants me to leave and by leaving, I have to leave you!” He all but spats in anger. Damian really does not think he could leave you alone in the league but Talia has been pushing for him to live with his father. He loves you more than anything in the world and he will never leave you to the wolves here, even if you can defend yourself. “She tells me life with Father will be better than what I have got going on for me right but Y/N, do you so what is so wrong about this?” Damian glares at you.

You scoff before bonking him on the head causing Damian to growl at you. You roll your eyes at your boyfriend before squishing his cheeks together. “The only wrong thing I heard coming from your mouth is that you think I will willingly stay behind without you.” You state in a matter-of-fact tone. Damian’s jaw drops slightly and he is staring at you in confusion. You sigh and shake your head. “Remember that promise we made years ago? I promised I will never leave you alone and I will go wherever you go, Damian. You are my light, my pillar of strength – if you think I am going to just let you leave me in the league, you are going to be so in trouble, Damian.”

Damian pulls you roughly in to his embrace, hugging you tightly. He had been so caught up with his own worries and fears that he did not stop to think about how you would feel! You could feel the tremors on his body and you rub his back soothingly. Once he calms down, Damian pulls back and gazes at you.

“Will you really follow me to my father, beloved?” Damian knows if he gives enough reasons to Talia, Talia will let you leave and Damian’s mind is calculating just how much he has to grovel to get Talia let you leave. Worst case scenario, Talia might even ask you to do something to prove your worth.

You nod your head. “I have liked you since I set my eyes on you, Damian and of course I will follow you!” You tell Damian. “I need to see for myself – what’s so good about your father.” You say cheekily, remembering the times Damian and you spent researching about Bruce Wayne.

Damian rolls his eyes. “Tt.”

You poke his cheek. “Come on, Damian – let’s train. It would not do us go if they see us being lazy.” You made a move to get off Damian’s lap and stretched. “For what it’s worth, I think life with Bruce will be better for you, Damian. This place does not have anything else to offer to us and I think it is time for you to spread your wings.”

Damian keeps quiet for a few minutes, simply watching you stretch as he mulls over what you have said. Talia said about the same thing too, only of course she did not say it like that. It had been a roundabout way of telling him his life in the league will lead him to nothing but a path to downfall.

“Tt. Come on then, let us prepare ourselves.”