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Grief in Sherlock


okay, so I know I haven’t seen the final problem yet. But I NEED to talk about how grief has been portrayed in this.

My answer? BLOODY WELL.

I will sit here and defend Martin’s portrayal of John Watson’s crying over Mary’s dead body till the cows come home. People don’t like it, but have you ever lost someone you didn’t want to loose? That noise, that exact noise is what you hear. If it’s not you making it, it’s someone else. When my dad died, that’s the noise I heard upstairs for months. When he made that noise, I broke. Because that is what grief sounds like. It sounds like that. 

Also, TLD. They dealt with grief so well. The line about how how when you die, your death isn’t the bad thing, it’s how it affects the people around you. That broke me. Because it’s true. Death is inevitable, but it’s so fucking hard to deal with. John being in denial, having Mary there, seeing Mary everywhere he went…. that’s what it is like. To have John beat up Sherlock, to have John say to the figment of his imagination and confess to his cheating… that is what it is. To see Sherlock take John into his arms, to see John finally accept what was going on, and Sherlock too.. it was such a heartwrenching moment but one that is written so fucking wonderfully. If anyone was talking to me after T6T, especially after it first aired, I hated John. I hated what he did to Mary. But… I got some resolution tonight. John wasn’t perfect. Nobody in this show is perfect. They all want to be. They all are desperate to hide who they are. But… they’re all flawed. Every one of them is flawed. Is anyone a hero? I’m not sure. They are a family though. 

Mary says that Sherlock is they’re ‘monster’. I think everyone is. I think Sherlock is finally seeing himself to be and accepting himself to be human. To have him accept it before John was just such a good literary aspect of this show. Sherlock and John are both grieving. I feel like they will both heal from now on, now that they’ve got eachother. But the wound will never go a way. I’m glad that Sherlock didn’t fully go back into his mind. I’m glad he’s owning up to his grief. And I think I can start to learn to like John again. Not as much as I did, but at some point I will. 

I’m still *technically* on hiatus but y’all know I’ll be back to check notes lmao. 

make known. deancas. 16k. (ao3)

Dean should have known better than to think he knew a damn thing about Castiel.

He’s gotten complacent over the years, he sees now. You spend enough time with someone, spend enough time talking to them, fighting with them, fighting next to them, saving and being saved by them – you stop an apocalypse with someone and you get to thinking you know them.

Dean keeps forgetting, is all. Castiel looks so much like a friend, so much like family, that Dean just keeps forgetting what he really is.

Castiel is the closest thing to God that Dean has ever seen, and that should have tipped him off, really, that should have clued him in. Dean has always looked around at the world and wondered what kind of God would let the universe get to the state it’s in, who would create something so vast and incredible and then simply leave it to rot. He’s cowed by that holy apathy, terrified of that divine callousness. God works in mysterious ways, Dean has always been told, but if there’s some divine plan being served by all the suffering Dean has seen in his lifetime, he sure as hell doesn’t want to hear about it.

When he sees Castiel’s face lit from beneath by holy fire, Dean finally remembers what he really is. He’s not Dean’s friend. He’s not Dean’s family. Castiel is one of the first creations of an unknowable God, and he is himself unknowable.

Dean turns and runs. He runs from that face, that form, that non-person he thought he knew, and all he can think is that he should have known better. He should have known.

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Nostalgic questions time!
  • 1) What did you like watching the most on TV when you were a kid?
  • 2) Did you like shows or cartoons more?
  • 3) What was your favorite TV show (series) when you were 10?
  • 4) Who was your favorite character in it and why?
  • 5) What was your favorite cartoon?
  • 6) Pick a favorite episode of any cartoon you have ever seen and describe it.
  • 7) Cartoon Network or Disney Channel?
  • 8) Old Disney or new Disney?
  • 9) That's So Raven or Sonny With a Chance?
  • 10) Disney Selena or Disney Demi?
  • 11) Who is your favorite Disney star?
  • 12) Do you still watch any of the shows and cartoons you watched as a kid? Have you ever re-watched any of them cause you felt nostalgic?
  • 13) Did your family ever watch your shows with you?
  • 14) Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken or Codename Kids Next Door?
  • 15) Johnny Bravo or Totally Spies?
  • 16) Powerpuff Girls or Ed, Edd n Eddy?
  • 17) Xena or Hercules?
  • 18) The X Files or Roswell?
  • 19) Potential Breakup Song or Paranoid?
  • 20) Nick or Joe Jonas?
  • 21) Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
  • 22) ...Baby One More Time or Toxic?
  • 23) Genie in a Bottle or Fighter?
  • 24) Justin and Britney or the Beckhams?
  • 25) Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys?
  • 26) Wannabe or Everybody (Backstreet's back)?
  • 27) Clueless or American Pie?
  • 28) Titanic or Fight Club?
  • 29) Black Eyed Peas or solo Fergie?
  • 30) What is your favorite song from a Disney theatrical animated feature?
  • 31) Who is your favorite Disney princess/heroine?
  • 32) What is the one trend from your past that you will not miss?
  • 33) Is there something or someone you wish would make a comeback?
  • 34) Did you like musicals as a kid?
  • 35) How about now?
  • 36) What did you like more, playing outside or watching TV?
  • 37) What was your favorite game when you were a kid?
  • 38) Were you afraid of the dark? Are you now?
  • 39) Did you collect anything and if you did, what?
  • 40) Did you have any pets? Or were you one of those kids who wanted pets but their parents would never allow them to have one?
  • 41) Were you social as a child?
  • 42) Describe the worst hairstyle you ever had.
  • 43) Do you like card games?
  • 44) Who is your favorite comic book character?
  • 45) Did you read comics growing up?
  • 46) What was your favorite book when you were a preteen?
  • 47) What is your favorite book now?
  • 48) Who is your favorite character from any book you've ever read?
  • 49) Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?
  • 50) Draco or Harry?
  • 51) If the Harry Potter Books were written from Draco's POW, who do you think he would have dated and why? Do you think things would have been different if he was the main character (let's assume Harry is still the chosen one but Draco is the central character)?
  • 52) Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia?
  • 53) If you could live in any period in history and be guaranteed fame, fortune and a long and prosperous life, what time would you choose and why?
  • 54) If you could be born as famous person from the past, anyone really, who would you be? You can't choose something corny like your mom or anything like that, it has to be somebody you read about in history books or online or heard about in movies or on TV. Why would you pick that person?
  • 55) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • 56) What kind of cakes do you like?
  • 57) What was your favorite food when you were little?
  • 58) Did your parents let you eat what you want or did they restrict your food intake/kept junk food away from you?
  • 59) What was your favorite thing to eat for breakfast when you were younger?
  • 60) If you could have one talent in which you would be better than anybody else in the world, what would you choose?
  • 61) Do you think you changed a lot in the past 10 years?
  • 62) Do you think the future you will like the kind of person you are now?
  • 63) Is there anyone in your life who you want to keep there forever?
  • 64) Did you ever lost somebody important?
  • 65) Are you still friends with the same people you were friends with 10 years ago?
  • 66) Do you have any regrets from the past?
  • 67) Skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans?
  • 68) Flannels or pastel sweaters?
  • 68) Skirts or pants?
  • 69) Dresses or onesies?
  • 70) Winter or summer?
  • 71)What was your favorite time of year when you were younger? Is it the same as now?
  • 72) Do you like snow? How about snow fights?
  • 73) Did you like swimming in the summer when you were younger?
  • 74) What was your favorite summer pastime when you were younger?
  • 75) When did you have your first kiss?
  • 76) Was it any good?
  • 77) What job did you want to do when you were a kid? What career did you see yourself in?
  • 78) How close are you to becoming that person now? Or are you somebody completely different?
  • 79) Are you close to your parents and grandparents?
  • 80) Were you close to them before?
  • 81) If you could tell one thing to your former self, what would that be?
  • 82) Write down your favorite quote.
  • 83) Write down your favorite line from a song.
  • 84) Tell a joke.
  • 85) Give a message to all of your followers, something you want all of them to know.
Swiss(-German) Gothic
  • When the wind is just right, the air smells of chocolate. No one has yet figured out what ‘just right’ means, or what brand of chocolate it smells of. Neither has anyone figured out where the smell originates from. Asking is strongly discouraged.
  • All cows must wear bells so they can be found in the fog. You know of a farmer who refused to put bells on his cows. He hasn’t yet returned from fetching the cows. The cows have not returned, either. The fog is still lying heavy over the mountain.
  • The trains always run on time. Bad things happen when they don’t. There has been an incident, once. Everyone knows about it. No one talks about it. But the trains run on time.
  • Everything is clean. Suspiciously so. You have never seen anyone cleaning. You have, however, heard of someone guilty of littering. It was the last you ever heard of them.
  • There are seven and a half people in the government. You never know all their names. No one does. It’s better not to ask, and better not to wonder. They are representatives of the people, and you have no wish to anger the people.
  • You vote four times a year. They don’t tell you what on. You only know that everyone involved is ill-qualified, and all your options are bad. You still vote. You are also still recovering from the one time you tried not to.
  • There is no school on Wednesday afternoons. Neither is there anything else on Wednesday afternoons. You don’t dare to go outside, but you can hear children scream.
  • The churchbells start ringing at sundown on Friday nights. They will not stop until Sunday morning, and you will hear their echoes all week. You have yet to find a church, or even a belfry. 
Reblog and add the one small thing you hate most about your period.

Over time I have been happy with how tumblr as been educating both women and men about the truths and false hoods of the monthly period. I have seen many posts about the common side effects on women, but never have I seen a post that does into the details, the small, almost insignificant details of a period. Those things that no one ever talks about or teaches about, because we have all been cowed into not talking about it.

So, I want you to try what I wrote above, to both vent about it, \ to end the constant worry of “does this only happen to me?”, and to educate those who had no idea about it. Even if the thing you hate the most is already posted, reblog it any way to let others know that these things are normal, and are things we should not be scared to talk about. 

I will go first:

The black slug size blobs of congealed blood.