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Ephemeral (Part 2/4)

Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader

Words: 1410

Summary: Could you do something where the Reader is Steve’s fiance and right before the wedding they find out he’s not really in love with them, he’s in love with Sharon? Whether that be he tells them or she finds them together some way. And she goes to Tony for support and after a lil bit (the night of or a few months from then) they get together? Sorry if this is confusing…

Warnings: Some swears,insecure Y/N,and lots of angst. 

Requested By: @wannabe-weasley

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The door shut behind you with a slam. You pressed your hands against the back of it,as you threw you head back,not having any care in the world how it hard it hit the wood. You sucked in a breath and then you let it all out in one breath,you screamed out of frustration. You slid down with the support of the door,your back against it,and bent your knees,caging them in your arms.

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Blue boy comfort

Ethan x reader
Summary: Reader is stressed out over school and Ethan comforts her
Thanks to @canklegankle requesting this

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You were silently crying as you looked and stressed over the tedious amounts of work and homework that needed to get done. It wasn’t helping that you were still trying to catch up from days you missed. You sat on your bed surrounded by papers and crying. It felt as though no matter how much you did more and more just kept piling up. You basically were having a complete breakdown at the moment, you began to sob feeling completely hopeless of ever finishing any assignments. Not knowing you weren’t alone lead to your obvious breakdown, you didn’t like people seeing you cry or know something was wrong so you choose to hold in your emotions until you can vent them out. Ethan who sat just outside two rooms down the hall now heard your loud sobs. He became extremely worried. Quickly getting up he quietly pads over to your door. He stands at the door quietly as he can, the sobs have gotten louder and his heart breaks at the sound of them. He gingerly raises his fist to knock, contemplating giving you your privacy or comforting you. Finally gathering the courage he softly knocks he hears a sniffle and a shuffle as papers and things are being moved. (Y/N) opens the door looking completely broken their eyes are red and puffy, their face tear streaked and hair a complete mess. (Y/N) sniffles, quickly hugging Ethan. Feeling completely helpless you hug Ethan, feeling his tense composer as he wasn’t expecting the sudden hug he pulls you into a tight embrace rubbing soothing circles on your back as you sob into his chest. He fixes your hair and wipes the tears from your red cheeks “what’s wrong (Y/n)?” You look down obviously embarrassed over the problem “I’m just really stressed out Ethan, I can’t get ahead of my work and it’s getting too difficult” you sniffled while keeping your eyes glued to the floor. “Hey its alright, it’ll pass but you gotta take care of yourself, babe. You are more important than a silly paper.” You sighed “I need to pass Ethan my parents will kill me and it’s really important” you looked up at him tears still rolling down your face. “Babe I know it’s really important to you but sometimes it’s okay not to be ahead on everything. Health and happiness are more important.” He hugged you trying to calm you down. “Listen why not just take a break, I’ll help you with anything you need after okay?” You nodded, Ethan went ahead and gathered all the papers from your bed organizing them and setting them on your dresser next to your laptop. He had you climb in bed while he gathered some snacks. Together you guys watched a movie and ate snacks, feeling exhausted you fell asleep in the middle of the movie, Ethan stayed to not wake you. He turned off the movie and slept next to you. He’d help you with work later right now it was important that you were well rested.

TDBM Drabble: Old Friends

Prompt: Season 5; Episode 3
Word Count: 300

As soon as they entered Henry’s house, Jean said, “I’ll make tea.”  

“You’re so kind.” Henry sat heavily.  She bustled around with the comforting familiarity of his mother.

But when she gave him a sideways smile, she was a little girl again, the tag-along with toffee-colored curls, who’d stay behind in the house as the other kiddies ran off to play.  She’d join him looking through his mother’s periodicals; pictures of fashionable ladies, faraway locations, theater scenes.  He, a gangly teenager that the other boys avoided, and her, a tiny girl balancing the magazines on her knobby knees, tracing the images with her fingertip to capture them.

“Did you ever get away, Jean?” Henry asked as she placed the steaming cup down before him.

“No… Not yet.”  She gave a contemplative smile.

“Perhaps that handsome doctor will carry you away from all this.”

She sat with him. “No, it’s taken Lucien this long to come home. Just like you.”

“I don’t know if I’m someone to be emulated.”  Henry put his head in his hands.

Her grip was strong on his shoulder. “I’ve come to see I don’t have to leave Ballarat to find the excitement I was looking for.”

Henry rallied. “He does look like he would give a girl a good time,” he razzed, even though Blake wasn’t his type. Too big and broad.

She went pink and swatted his arm and they were children again.

“He says we’ll go to Paris. To see all the sights.”

He was going to tease her again, something about Lucien showing her his etchings, but then he remembered the first time he’d seen Phillipe and his eyes flooded.

“Can I tell you about Paris?” he asked, voice quavering.

“Do. Tell me everything,” she replied, and he collapsed in her open arms.