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I don't know if you've done this yet or not- but the Parks characters and what kind of bender they would be?

Okay I’ll just come out and say it, this is the best ask I’ve ever gotten on my blog, ever. So THANK YOU so much.

For those of you who may not be familiar with element bending, here is an explanation on each element:

Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.  

Earth is the element of substance. The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong. They are persistent and enduring. 

Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns, and they found peace and freedom. And they apparently had great senses of humor.

Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribes are capable of adapting to many things. They have a sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.

April Ludgate

Waterbender (specialization: icebending)

Aside from her being a literal ice queen (with a soft mellow heart), I think April adapts to many situations, she is able to change and evolve and she clearly has a strong sense of community. She chooses the people close to her and sticks to them.

“When I started working for you, I was aimless and just thought everything was stupid and lame. And you turned me into someone with goals and ambition.[…] So I just wanted to say thank you, and I love you very much.”

Leslie Knope


Is there even any doubt? Leslie has the drive, the energy, the passion. She’s 100% fire, baby.


Ann Perkins

Earthbender (specialization: lavabending)

Ann is a very grounded person compared to the people she’s around. She is reliable, always a presence there, and she’s grown to be very self-assured. However, she still has some flexibility so I think lava would fit her better than just earth.

“Ann, I need you to text me every 30 seconds that it’s gonna be okay.”

Andy Dwyer


I think Andy has both things that are very important for waterbenders: he is very flexible, and he is very attached to the people around him. He’s very loving and he can adapt to all situations.

“The only thing that matters is that we found each other, right now, and it’s the best.”

Chris Traeger

Airbender (specialization: spiritual projection)

Chris is by far the most spiritual person in the main cast. He’s untethered, I think he’s very free spirited, and he is very open-minded. He is 100% air nomad.

“I’m not lonely, I have me.”

Ben Wyatt


Ben is Leslie’s rock most of the time, he’s a great support, not just for her but for his friends. He’s reliable and doesn’t really let other people sway his personal opinions without good cause. He’s pretty much grounded.

“As a person, I agree with you, but as a City Manager, I don’t think you have a case.”

Donna Meagle


This one was the hardest for me and it could have gone other ways, but I chose this one because really, Donna has a bite. She doesn’t take any shit, and she definitely has the drive and passion to reach her goals. I can really see her as a firebender.

“I’m about to go Mjölnir on his ass!”

Craig Middlebrooks

Firebender (specialization: explosion bending)

Craig is all energy and fire and drive and passion and sudden bursts of shouting. He is always looking to do his projects and he doesn’t exactly control his voice.


Jean-Ralphio Saperstein


Jean-Ralphio is very unattached to people and things in general. He’ll get fired and not care, he was ready to just pretend to be dead, he’s just a big ball of no attachment.  

“Technically, I’m homeless.”

Garry Gergich


With all the shit Garry takes at work, he still manages to be the greatest husband and father at home and remain unchanged. He is a picture of diligence and stability. 

“As long as the people I love are part of my life, I will be just fine.”

Tom Haverford


Okay, I’m sorry but really, I can’t see Tom really fitting any element. He doesn’t have the stability of an earthbender, the intensity of a firebender, the lack of attachment of an airbender or the sense of community of a waterbender. Plus, who else is a nonbender? Varrick, and really, if there’s one person who is like Tom, it’s Varrick.

“Who is Tom Haverford? He’s a mentor, a lover, a hero.”

Ron Swanson


(Specialization: Metalbending)

Ron is tough. He is strong and reliable, and always there when you need him. He is the very definition of an earthbender.

“I’ve never been a fan of change.”


legit quality shows

so i spend a lot of my time making fun of tv shows but i wanna talk about some shows that ARE REALLY FUCKING GOOD and only have a few flaws if any at all. so here’s a list of shows i would recommend to anyone. these are… 


Eye Candy

if you’ve ever looked at my blog you’ve probably seen me yelling about eye candy, and that’s because it was just that good. it was, for real, THE most quality show on television. it had everything. quality writing, interesting characters, romance storylines that worked as part of the plot and didn’t feel unnecessary, a kick-ass leading lady of color, well written poc, amazing acting, a never boring plot, I COULD GO ON AND ON I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH and i will go to my grave upset it was cancelled. i truly believe it’s one of the best shows you’ll ever watch.

Gravity Falls

yes this is a cartoon on disney XD but it’s literally one of the best shows on tv right now. it has quality writing & quality drawings. i don’t think there are any plot holes, like it’s gotta be one of the most well written shows on tv. go watch it from the beginning.

Young & Hungry ; I Didn’t Do It

i’m putting these two together because i love them for kind of the same reason. they’re just a good laugh, a quality sitcom, nothing more. and that can be really fucking good when done well. and both of these do that. just take them for what they are, a sitcom meant to make you laugh, and you’re gonna have a good time. like i said: just take it for what is it, so if you don’t like sitcoms then these probably aren’t for you, but if you just wanna relax and chuckle a little, these are a good way to go.

Skins (UK)

ok, maybe this show has let me down a few times, but it is my favorite show of all time, so i just really wanted to recommend it. it’s an emotional rollercoaster with some of the most well written characters you’ll ever see. and it can be kind of an artsy mess which i’m always a slut for. it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but like i said, it’s my fav show ever, so i’m suggesting it.

Parks and Recreation

do i even need to explain this one? it just always makes you laugh and feel all around good. watch it when you’re sad, i guarantee you’ll feel better.

How To Get Away With Murder

this show is just so badass and diverse. it’s honestly refreshing to watch. i personally love when no character can really be trusted or even defended and that’s exactly what this does. these characters are real as fuck and you never know what’s gonna happen next. it’s a very fun time.

Hart of Dixie

this is just such a cute show and is the perfect balance of drama and comedy. all the characters are so real and lovable. it’s just such a nice show that i always enjoy watching and is always entertaining. i feel like anyone could get emotionally attached to the characters. give it a watch.

look, you can make whatever excuses you want for the shitty handling of and writing for the bruce/natasha ‘storyline’ (if it can even really be called that) in aou, you can handwave away all the reasonable problems people have with it as ‘not understanding their characters’ or ‘bruce isn’t clint that’s why people hate it’ or whatever else you may come up with

but nothing you say can ever change the fact that betty ross was completely fucking erased from the mcu in order to make your ship happen

nothing you say can ever change the fact that betty ross already had almost that exact storyline with bruce

betty was able to calm him down

betty was able to reach the hulk

betty was his fucking rock

and she was erased without a single goddamn consideration to the fact that bruce was in love with her and hasn’t so much as thought about her since

even jane got a cursory line of reference in the first avengers movie

i am just so sick of brucenat shippers not giving a shit about the woman who was erased to make their ship happen while going on about how ‘feminist’ the storyline really was

              100 FOLLOWERS POST!!
      thank you all so much for following & staying! thank you for making my writing experience so perfect and welcoming! i never thought making this blog; i would end up anything over 30 followers, which i would have been fine with, i didn’t ever think i’d reach 100 and i can’t think all of my followers enough!! i have always had a sick obsession with chucky and his character and i enjoy writing him so much & i know i don’t do him justice but i try so so hard and i thank all of the roleplayers who have or is writing with me! i love all my threads and all of my followers! i’m just rambling on but i do want to write with all 100 of you and i am so new to tumblr rp, still learning a lot, and its been so fun and great and i just can’t express how thankful i am of you all. i enjoy the sweet, nice asks as well as not so sweet and nice asks. in closing i hope to write with all you wonderful people!


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[james patterson voice] this ain’t a character it’s a goddamn minority card

Okay, I’m sorry, I didn’t know how else to title this. There is absolutely no good way for me to explain my anger at James Patterson about how he treats his characters that are just there for his diversity factor. Because they end up only ever being that. Or worse, the fact that they are a minority only applies at specific times.

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So I was re-watching season 1 on OUAT, and re-realized how much I enjoyed Graham. (I mean he's not Killian Jones but it's close). Anyways, do you think, had Graham ever coexisted with Killian, that Emma might have had a slightly harder time choosing Killian, had that been the "Love Triangle" versus the Neal-Emma-Hook thing? Do you think it would have been more interesting to watch? I know this is completely irrelevant to anything I'm just curious as to others opinions on this:)

Honestly, I’m probably not the best person to ask about this because I really don’t care about or for Graham at all (I liked him well enough but never had any major feelings about him, and then fandom’s continuing and outsized obsession with him kind of soured me on the poor guy, alas). And I just can’t imagine how, with Graham’s character set up as it was, he would ever live long enough to be any kind of actual rival to CS; if Regina was willing to kill him for kissing Emma, she would have done so at any hint of a further relationship unless they had some complicated plan to rescue his heart from her and I don’t think they would have. I answered a question recently about how I envisioned them using Killian in Season 1 if they had gotten the rights immediately as they wanted, and even then, I had Killian replacing August (as I said in that post, I think they wrote in August precisely to take Killian’s planned season 1 role). August didn’t show up until several episodes after Graham died, so we might spot Killian in the background in the early episodes, but his arc and involvement wouldn’t start until after Graham was already out of the picture.

I suppose theoretically it would have been harder for Emma to choose, but as I am a CS shipper and know that it was always the plan for them to be together and don’t have any feelings for Graham, in my mind it would still have always been obvious that she was meant to end up with Killian. And if they went that route and then brought in Neal as well (which they had to once they committed to him being Baelfire) it would have been a giant mess. So I think the main what if for the “Love Triangle” is what would have happened if Colin hadn’t broken his leg in season 2. I’ve also said before that I think Neal’s fake death in 2x21 would have been his real one if they were able to have the Hook/Neal stuff that they wanted in the back half of season 2, but since it wasn’t, they had to make it be a placeholder until they could do what they wanted with the Neverland arc, get Killian and Emma developed, and then off Neal to close loose ends.

Hey Bioware

You know that block button on tumblr I’ve had to use for half of the templarfanbase on here?  You know the copious amounts of anon hate I’ve had and other Anders fans have had for loving Anders?  The constant hate in Anders’ tag?  

You re just like ALL those assholes, you’re trying to sell ‘grey morality’ so much, that you will drag Anders through the dirt, just like the people I’ve blocked on here.  The only difference?  You’re the fucking company who technically owns him, and those people on here are asshole fans.  But you know what?  You’re no better than they are, for trashing my favorite character repeatedly, and I wish you knew that I’ve met people who write Anders and other characters better than you ever did.  Even if they were technically YOUR characters to begin with.  I may BASH some of your characters openly, but I never tag that shit.  But what you just did, is like a massive tagging of Anders hate, except it was vitriol that came out of your mouths.   And you deserve nothing but my contempt for it.

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I read the Alliance trilogy!!! It was so amazing! I absolutely loved Gregory and Gabrielle was just. So A++ honestly such a nice read bc it felt like the female characters had so much agency?! Whereas other books it's not so much, and I especially loved Lia and Marie's thing bc Gabe and Sasha found their power in political intrigue and violence which I 100%love but I do so love it when lipstick is made into a weapon. So I loved Lia so much for that would you ever write more for her? Best books!!

Thank you! I’m so glad! Those books were my first babies, really, and they will always have such a special place in my heart. Gregory and his giant silly noblenesses. How I didn’t know Sasha was genderqueer until I reread it years later and was like… inky… that’s gender dysphoria. Right there? On your page. You did not know what that was when you wrote it down. Hm. 

I’m so glad you love Lia and Marie. I love Lia and Marie. If I ever rewrote these books (I don’t plan to; one of the most important things I learned from this first series of mine was that one day you just have to move on, even from your art) I would give Lia and her duchess so much more screentime; and explicit rather than implicit romantic tension. 

I’m not certain what more I’d write for Lia, though I’d love to revisit that world again. Occasionally I sit around and just miss those kids and their self-righteous well-meant posturing so much. Will’s goshdarned arrogance. Eli’s tightly-wound patience slowly chipping at the edges. Lord, I love those kids. 

Hm I do have a bit of Lia/Dereck/Marie I wrote for doctorcakeray once upon a time… maybe I could post that up here. 

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You have said that Hiro's roommate is autistic and I think that's awesome but I'm just wondering, how much experience/knowledge do you have about autism? I'm asking cause there is a lot of really badly done autistic characters in all kinds of media, and we're probably difficult to write for most people, and there is some very inaccurate/vague info floating around. I think you can do it, I'm just really nervous about it :S I love MGS and I love how there's representation for all kinds of people<3

My little brother is autistic, so I do have some experience with it, and have researched it a bit. Even so, he’s not the same as she is, just like no two people can ever be the same. My brother has less of a problem communicating than she does, but he has problems with other things. I had hoped to delve more into Kin’s personality, but unfortunately, she won’t be showing up again. (It’s really a shame because she’s one of my favorites : / ) I had planned to have her show up in season 2 more, but, that’s no longer up for production.

Despite all this I’m glad you liked that I had her show up! Even if it was only for a little bit. ♥

okay little nuggets i was going to put this under a ‘read more’, but i wanted everyone to see this because truthfully - from the bottom of my heart i want to thank you all. my past few roleplaying experiences haven’t been the greatest, and jumping into this character i was so nervous to write for her because i wanted to do her justice. the fact that so many of you like this blog, and have told me how glad you are that i’m around… it just means so much, and you guys have no idea how much this makes my day as a writer and as someone who loves this character. you guys are amazing, and there aren’t enough words for me to express my gratitude. this is the most fun i’ve ever had on any blog, and… you guys just make it the nines.


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Hi I really love your ideas! I would love to help you if you ever need it bc I planned one of these with my friend and we had it all figured out we just didn't have enough tech knowledge to get it going successfully. Oh and I have questions: are you going to be able to chat with other real life players at camp? What are you going to do with cabins? Also with camp Jupiter for the Romans how are you going to determine cohorts? Oh and I have some ideas/questions about fights bc that's always hard

Oh well to start we’re only gonna be making it a tabletop game the pottermore bit will have to come later(We’ll definitely need to get Riordan’s permission for that) but I’ll definitely end up making a site/forum where players can set up their own games, but you’ll have to find your own Game Master to run it.

Besides Tabletop games are way more fun than video games in my opinion, you get so much more freedom in the story and characters that way. Plus, we can all admit sometimes things look better in your head than on screen. *cough* Lightning thief and sea of monsters *cough*

11 Questions

Rule #1:  Always post the rules 
Rule #2:  answer the 11 questions the person who tagged you wrote, then write 11 new ones
 Rule #3: Tag 11 new people.

Tagged by italktomymadness  thank you so much! ;3

1. Do you prefer winter or summer?

Winter, I have a lot of headaches when it’s too hot.

2. A song that reminds you of your otp (which otp)?

https://youtu.be/vgDlK0ialr8 Korpiklaani - Under the Sun It reminds me Oz&Echo. :3

3. A song that reminds you of your fav character (which character)?

Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become It suits Shion Sonozaki soo much and I just love her, I enjoyed reading Meakashi-hen as manga, aaaah, Shion, my poor baby! :c

4. The weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I worked in a restaurant and my chief left me money to pay for berries and when rhe seller arrived he told me that the price was much higher and he was yelling “I will smash your head”. I was scared and I did a thing I didn’t want to do - stabbed him with knife about 6 times. “I am in blood, what should I do??”, I thought. So I jumped into those berries so it looked like I had a little accident. When I was leaving a restaurant, some nice old ladies gived me tips how to wash berries blobs.

5. Do you prefer black or white?

Black beacuse it so… soft for my eyes?

6. Favourite fairy tale?

I know some people may not count it as a fairy tale but that little about 5 years old Beet constantly rewatched Silent Hill and if she couldn’t watch it (time for sleep etc.), she asked to tell her this story in bed. So it was a fairy tale for me, about 3 years ago I’ve even found my old Silent Hill drawings.

7. Favourite month?

Hm, May or November, I like rain and it’s not too cold.

8. Do you like raspberries?

It depends but usually they are yummy! :D

9. Do you want to be friends with any fictional character? Which one?

Artem from Metro 2033, I loved his journey, how he discovered people, his sweet heart, his opened mind.

10. Which fictional character do you want to date?

Hm, dating is such a confusing thing and I like to avoid confusing situations but it would be probably… Sansa Stark?

11. Favourite ‘Alice in Wonderland’ characters, if any?

Mad Hatter! :D

I want to tag the-deaded cookieofillusions ijusthadareallywonderfuldream isnt-the-universe-beautiful unprincessed potaco y-u-m-i-k-i sailorlock amorraborealis berrymuttbb birdemics

My questions: 1. What’s your favourite song from early chilhood? 2. Do you learn any languages? At school or on your own? 3. How would you like to change the world? 4. What’s the biggest problem of humanity? 5. Do you prefer sunny or cloudy weather? 6. A book\show\film\anything that kicked you into the moral ditch? 7. What’s your opinion on not showing legs and other things which are the manifest for society’s requirements? 8. How often do you smile? :D 9. What time zone is in your living place? 10. What’s your opinion on life in the space? Do you think it exists? 11. Which place would you prefer for holiday - tropical or northern?

Tag questions

Ok, so myfavoritebisexual has graciously tagged me in her question game (feel free to consider yourself re-tagged for my questions if you’d like)

1. What is the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

Well, I used to have reoccurring dreams where the room would be shrinking in around me. That, or waves. Like massive waves. For some reason they’re always in my worst dreams. And yet I love swimming. 

2. If you could live in any fictional land, where would it be?

I would be a sham not to say Middle Earth. I would be a hobbit. They have their breakfast priorities right. 

3. What was the first pet you ever had?

Ok, so story time - I would’ve been 4 or 5 when I somehow acquired a rabbit. I called it Cottontail (after the Beatrix Potter character, thank you very much). However, one day it was gone. My parents told me it ran away to join the wild rabbits. I did not question this version of events for 15 years, until it suddenly occurred to me that that was total bullshit. And yeah, turns out it died. My mum could not believe that I hadn’t already realised. I felt very betrayed. 

4. Describe your favourite item of clothing that you own.

That would be my pyjamas. I’m boring like that. And they’re comfy. Or maybe my Doc Martens. 

5. What family member are you closest to?

In age, my brother. In general, probably my brother too. Although in all fairness, I’m equally close or distant with all my family members. 

6. Do you live alone or with someone?

Do housemates count? There’s 3 of them. 

7. Favourite Disney song?

Circle of Life (I mean come on, how could I not choose that one?)

8. Worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Depends - there’s the ‘so bad it’s good’ movies, like Euro Trip or Ace Ventura, and then the ‘really terrible awful please gouge my eyes out’ movies. I’m thinking…Dumb and Dumber. I just can’t do it. 

9. If money wasn’t an issue, what would be the next thing you bought?

An apartment (when I go overseas)

10. What was the last thing you had to print?

Probably a train ticket. 

My Questions

1. You can completely obliterate one fictional universe (from a movie, book or TV show) from human memory - which one and why?

2. Travel to the moon or explore the depths of the Mariana Trench?

3. If you could chose any accent/language on earth to speak in, what would it be? 

4. Commuting at rush hour on a crowded bus every day for a week vs. super slow wifi for the entire day before your work is due?

5. Most terrifying animal (extinct or not) and why. 

6. Be honest - are you that person in the horror movie who dies five minutes in?

7. Weirdest family traditions?

8. Do you bite your thumb at me sir?

9. What is the best time of the day?

10. The answer to life, the universe and everything is ____

Enjoy friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman, ursulaismymiddlename, reykogastdoieverforgetthepie, shakespearelove and anyone else please join in, especially if you can give one of my questions a particularly interesting answer :)

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MUN ASKS [ X ] accepting !

✉ || Are there any RPers you admire/are inspired by?

oooh so many…. off the top of my head i love the way abrideoffire composes her character’s thoughts along side their speech, it all consistently follows through rather well and smoothly making it easy to read. cetrasguard has a great skill in heavy research and dedication to her muse which i adore. whenever she goes into full-explanation mode during headcanon posts i find myself hanging off every word. wingheadcaptain always had been a writer i’ve liked reading the posts of. every aspect of steve’s life you really feel within the variety of posts and i hope one day i too can reflect a character’s entire being in that same way. arthurus both in character and out of character, she inspires me. i admire her love for the story of king arthur, since i know she understands so much more than i ever probably will have time to look up myself. her passion for british mythology just fuels me i think to make sure i always take the time to read up on everything i can in relation to my muses. thewrathwithin will always be an inspiration to me. she has had the same muses for so long, developing them repeatedly and always willing to put them in new scenarios. she never changes herself, however, always dedicating her time to her ‘main’ characters and pushing them as far as she can. tacticixn inspires me through her strength in putting her foot down when needs be. the rp community can be rough and she knows that well but she moves forward with a maturity i don’t think i have mastered yet. 

i will be here forever if i list all of them!

kinglrh asked:

1. MATT MY BABY IMM SO JAPPY I LVOE HIM and also omg that last 'unkown part' was so creepy i love it but at the same time im scared for the readers safety?? i also love how you put in a little pietro reader fluffy cuteness i reALLY liked these chapters and im excited for the next part, PART THREE OF BLANK SLATE AAAHH and the new bucky imagine whenever that will be !! as always im obsessed w ur writing😩😩💓

Matt is one of the BEST CHARACTERS EVER. Him and Scott have seriously upped-the-anti against how much I love Stark… it’s a much harder choice now! Ahaha, yeaaaaah, I figured some nice dark ominousness was just what the Agent needed in her already hectic life! But you’re right, I think she needs to be a little more careful… I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE ENJOYING IT <3 I felt Part 19 was a bit of a flop (but necessary) as I wrote it, so I had to get Part 20 up too :P I’ve gotta get working on them both really, haven’t I? I’m trying to get my mind back into Blank Slate and hoping that some cute Bucky love ideas will float into my head…

And as always I am forever grateful for your support and wonderfulness <3

ALSO YAS you were right about Scottie - did you like the little Luis cameo? ;)

vigiilance asked:

Gwen is everything to me. She's been that way from the moment we started talking & writing together and it's been a dream ever since. I love her in a way I've never loved a character before. Thank you so much for bringing such a powerful, emotive woman to life. Know that you have done amazing work creating one of the most lifelike characters I've ever had the pleasure of writing with and thank you for letting me be part of your incredible journey in creating her. I admire and love you so much.

what is your opinion on my portrayal?

Where would I be without you? In nine months, you’ve given me so much, more than I could have ever imagined in roleplay in general, not just the fandom. I’ve never had a character love so strongly in my 14 years of doing this. Blackwall and Gwendolyne’s relationship has grown beyond anything I thought it would become and it’s because of our friendship that it has weathered all of the storms that have come our way. They survive tremendous obstacles, gained two children ( another in their modern verse ), and things continue to change and blossom after nearly a year. It’s the greatest accomplishment I have on this blog. You’ve helped shape who she is, helped me realize things about her that I never knew before. Thank you for everything, you’ve been an inspiration and the most earnest partner. I don’t deserve you, but I am grateful for you all the same. Thank you for not only playing Gwen’s soulmate, but for being mine.

lamourhaine asked:

have you accepted maddie matthews as your lord and savior? (talk about me)

Anonymously send me a url, and I’ll tell you what I think of them!

can i just marry you instead so i can keep you? anyway. ahem. so this totally is on anon and maddie is one of the most wonderful human beings ever. she’s adorable, got a lot of energy and she’s an extremely talented writer holy fucking shit. like ?? i’m extremely astounded by the way she writes because it’s so beautiful and literally she could talk about flowers and i’d probably still think her writing is beautiful. we met when i had a werewolf original character and then i found her on her main account and then we’ve been talking more and more lately within the small amount of time we’ve known each other !! i love her creativity and her vines are literally the best thing ever. like there’s so much i could say about maddie but it would be pages and pages. i am v, v thankful to have her in my life and ilu darling.  (*≧ω≦*)

Birthday Gifts for Boobie Boy 8/31

Well, it was that time of year again.

The time to whip out the sweaters, skeletons, everything
pumpkin flavored… and then a special thing or two. Not 
because it was the best season ever, but- because it just
so happened to be a certain friend’s birthday.

She had to wait till after school, though, or else her gift 
might have been too much for him to handle (at least 
she hoped that it would be).

But now waiting outside his front door, Satsuki held two 
boxes. Both were wrapped in a comical bumble bee gift
wrap, mainly to amuse herself, the smaller of the two 
sitting atop the larger one.

Satsuki then rung the door bell, knocked three times, 
then waited. Someone had to be home, someone was 
always home.