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“You know how when you’re driving and it’s pouring down rain, you drive under a bridge and everything stops? Everything goes silent and it’s almost peaceful. Then you finally get out from under the bridge, and everything hits you a little harder than before? You were my bridge.”


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I'm a Hufflepuff and I went out with friends today, one of them is my crush and I tied her shoelaces and I was holding back on saying "can't have you falling for anyone else, can I?" She's so lovely

Awwwwww you should have! That’s so cute!
-Mel (the Slytherin)


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how do you think kirishima will react once he finds out that bakugo used to (still?) bully deku? i feel like it would be something that he will eventually come to realize/know when theyre in a relationship even if bakugo had no intention of hiding it or idk if he would even feel ashamed or not but i think it would be a stab in kirishima's self esteem as well now that we know his past self..?

i think i disagree with the premise of your question, which is that kirishima (and class 1a, as a whole), doesn’t already know. bakugou and deku’s relationship underwent a significant and paradigmatic shift when they entered ua, which plays into how the class perceives their relationship, but at a baseline? i think their classmates know, at least to an extent.

when the school year first started, bakugou had several outbursts directed at deku that made it very obvious that a) he and deku have known each other for a long time and b) their relationship is a negative one. bakugou sneers at deku in class, he ran across the grounds screaming when deku used one for all in the quirk apprehension test and had to be physically restrained from attacking, and during their first hero training, the entire class watched bakugou completely lose his composure and try to beat the living daylights out of deku. they couldn’t hear what he was saying in that last instance, but a couple things would’ve been obvious— bakugou doesn’t like deku, and his dislike is vicious, violent, and personal.

at the same time, they meet deku, who is noticeably timid and frazzled. during the entrance exam, the crowd even comments— “what kind of life did he lead to make him so timid, when he has a quirk like that?” while it’s not made explicit, i imagine that a lot of 1a had similar thoughts upon meeting deku. they’re not stupid— they’re all kids coming out of middle school, and they know what bullying looks like. i doubt that anyone’s guessed the specific nature of bakugou’s bullying, but they certainly know that he talks down to deku and that deku, at least at first, is hesitant to stand up for himself.

there’s some complications, here. like, when uraraka first calls him deku, he has to explain that it’s an insult. so people hear bakugou and midoriya calling each other “kacchan” and “deku”, and the exact nuances of those names might be lost on them. but after that correction, uraraka certainly knows the tenor of the deku-bakugou relationship. she’s said as much in extra chapters. i think iida understands it, too, and other characters who haven’t commented on it as explicitly. based on how 1a interacts, i’d say kirishima is one of those characters. he’s too emotionally central to 1a’s dynamics to have missed the biggest line of tension within their group.

but, regardless of whether kirishima knows, i disagree with you about how it would play out if he needed to find out, and that’s mostly for two reasons.

first— bakugou and deku’s relationship undergoes that fundamental shift when they start ua. deku has a quirk, and by definition has lifted himself up to the same stage as bakugou. this completely changes the power dynamics of their relationship (one of the things bakugou has the hardest time accepting), and so deku and bakugou can never again just have a dynamic based on one-sided bullying. by definition, bakugou doesn’t have that power over deku anymore. and yeah, he’s definitely still awful— he physically and verbally attacks deku at basically the slightly provocation— but it’s not the same kind of bullying.

add to that the fact that deku learns to stand up for himself, and has a group of friends, mentors and supporters who give him the sort of strength he didn’t have prior to ua. bakugou spends many arcs thinking he’s running to catch up with deku, and not vice versa. so regardless of how bakugou treats deku (and that, too, changes over time in very significant ways), his taunts don’t have the same effect on deku anymore. deku still is very impacted by bakugou’s presence, but it’s not the same thing.

so, the dynamic that 1a sees is not the one that existed pre-ua. this is obvious in the fact that midoriya is friends with practically everyone in 1a, and bakugou is the one who’s more often being ribbed or teased by them. again, their circumstances have completely transformed. so 1a can probably guess that bakugou bullied deku, but in evidence they see deku as the one growing stronger while bakugou is constantly stifled by his own tantrums and inability to process.

and, second— kirishima has made it clear that he cares about, and understands, how bakugou’s internal thought processes work. so i don’t think, even if he found out how bakugou treated deku in the past, that his immediate response would be “bakugou is a bad person, i need to reevaluate my relationship with him.” rather, i think he’d work harder to understand why bakugou acted that way. he probably wouldn’t be pleased by the knowledge, but i think he’d approach it as another opportunity to understand why bakugou is the way he is, and help him develop from there. he does this pretty intuitively throughout the series.

so i don’t think he’d take bakugou’s actions towards deku as a reflection of himself. bakugou has constantly insulted and jabbed at kirishima, but kirishima has never taken it personally. rather, he’s worked hard to earn bakugou’s respect and deeply values the ways that bakugou has expressed how much he admires kirishima. i think learning the bakugou-deku backstory would impact his relationship with bakugou, but i don’t think it would change it, fundamentally.

(plus, my personal read of the narrative is that no one else is really ever going to find out that deku was quirkless, or the specifics of one for all. that secret is unique to his relationship with bakugou, at least right now.)

so, yeah, kirishima had/has confidence issues. but i don’t think he’d take bakugou’s very complex relationship with deku as a reflection on himself. it just seems like too much of a leap.

tl;dr - bakugou and deku have developed so much since they started at ua, and 1a has enough understanding of how both of them have grown, that i highly doubt they’d unequivocally judge bakugou for his behavior, even if they’d disapprove of it. the way he is now is too different, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

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With the news of Sanvers confirmed breaking up, I have this terrible feeling the same is going to happen to Wayhaught. Kat is working on another show, and is getting married soon. Flo left because she was working on other projects, and Kat isn't even credited as a title character. Plus there's a greater chance of her getting pregnant like her peers. Yes Kat loves the representation, but for all intents and purposes so did Chyler and Flo. It's just how the business is, go where the money is. 😢

Nah they’ll be fine. The big difference between wayhaught and sanvers is that the showrunners actually care about wayhaught, where with sanvers they just decided to throw us a bone. with wayhaught, the relationship is one of the most important of the show. Plus supergirl has gone wayyyyy downhill since the CW took it over, and that network has a horrid track record when it comes to LGBT representation. As long as Wearp continues on, wayhaught will continue on with it.

other paladins: “I don’t use poison because that’s dishonorable and also cruel.”

Paladin Mordred: “I don’t use poison because it’s cruel to watch someone’s body betrays them and also poisons work too slowly while my mailed fist in their face works a lot faster.” >:(

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Blizzard, I could write you a two page essay on why there needs to be more neon skins.

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V Route Email Answers (UPDATE: COMPLETE)

Hey all -

I’ve seen some people asking for the answers for the guest emails, so I’ve been writing some down as I go.

I don’t know how spoilery this is, so putting it under a cut for those who haven’t had a chance to play the route yet, just in case!

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