have yet to find one in the tag so

Humans are weird

Guess what tag I’ve been reading through all day???

I have yet to find one that mentions our weird dietary habits, I mean, some will eat the same food over and over again despite the health risk. We’ll cram our bodies so full of food that sometimes we’ll throw up, and then probably keep eating. Fast and deep fried food are a thing here, and they are SUPER unhealthy but humans still eat them. Or think of cravings! Sometimes I get such bad cravings that it’s the only thing I eat (*cough* carbs *cough*). Imagine a crew having to deal with a human who has severe cravings.

Another thing, people who ignore allergies. I’m allergic to dogs and I flat out ignore it. Like, ‘oh I’m going to swell up and be really itchy then probably pass out, yeah. But doggo’. Or someone who’s severely lactose intolerant eating ice cream because it’s fucking delicious and you can’t stop them.

A friend posted this. I don’t know the source [edit: thanks to @cynicalcripplepunk I now know this was originally posted by @candidlyautistic. I hope you don’t mind this, Candidly. Folk, please check out the original blog]. I figured a lot of you would enjoy it. While I’m mainly tagging this for autism, it works for other conditions too.

I don’t yet feel like I have a community of ‘penguins’ to love as I’ve met too many narrow-minded autistic people among the decent and open-minded ones. I think that, autistic or not, people tend towards mannerisms and thought processes I can’t abide. It’s not the differences between non-autistic people and autistic people I find weird, it’s the similarities.

I hope one day I’ll get the feeling of belonging to “The Tribe” so many autistic individuals speak of. I hope I’ll find many penguins to love and I hope loving sparrows becomes easier. So far, the sparrows and penguins I allow in my life for any real length of time are wonderful. I don’t see them much or get out but when I do, they look out for me.

And my own late diagnosis has mostly felt the same. I’m no longer unaware of why I am me. I’ll be going to see the doc about this comorbid ADHD possibility because of the research I’ve been doing. If it turns out the specialists agree, I’ll know there are parts to my “being a penguin” which make it difficult to get by and there’s possible treatment so I can waddle about easier, on my terms.

I don’t know how to summarise this.

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WAIT but imagine the team in the mini comic of urs finding out about Klance, more so the Dirty Laundry fic!!!

Actually it would be hard to not came across with klance in a voltron tag so they already have been exposed to it just no one said anything about it yet. Every ship is like…elephant in the room right now. 

But waaait~ There is one Paladin that avoid looking at voltron stuff just be himself, afraid of what he will find~ That’s right. Lance doesn’t know about klance, about langst, about hance, shlance, shklance, about discourse, about memes, and about how much he’s loved in the fandom. He just watch 80′s vld with Shiro, not aware how many people claim he’s their son and favourite, the most relatable character.

But he will find out, oh, he’ll find out…

You Saved Me - Part 4 (End)

Original request from @fandom-rpblog: Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: So we have now reached the end of this story. I had so much fun writing this and all the feedback and comments I got from you all was absolutely amazing so thank you! <3 I love each and every one of you! (I have a feeling that I missed someone off the story tag list. I remember someone asking to be on it but couldn’t find the ask to get their username so I apologise to whoever it was if they’re not on the list.)

Bucky x Pregnant!Reader

Words: 1,483

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)

As the door opened you wasted no time in wrapping your hand around the edge of it to prevent him from closing it should he change his mind about letting you inside and then you stepped foot inside his room. You couldn’t see his face as he had his back turned towards you but the scan picture was no longer on the floor near the door, or anywhere else nearby for that matter, so you could only assume that he was still holding it.

“Buck I understand that you hate me for what I did. I should have been honest with you from the start but I…..I didn’t want to hurt the man who had given me reason to wake up on a morning.”

At your words he turned himself around to face you and that was when you saw first-hand just what you had done to him. The bags under his eyes were so dark they could easily have been mistaken for black eyes and tears he had cried had stained his cheeks. It broke your heart to see him in such a state but before you could say anything else he spoke himself.

“What do you mean I gave you a reason to wake up on a morning?”

You had never spoken to him about your life before you met, at least not in great detail anyway, so when he voiced his question you felt your nerves beginning to set in as an awkward lump formed deep inside your throat. One that didn’t seem to disappear no matter how many times you swallowed down onto it.

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More really simple and probably unnecessary recolors a la me. Today (June 1) is CANADA DAY! And not only is it Canada Day, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday! I have loads of friends (like @simblob, follow her!) and relatives who are Canadian, and since the US and Canada are bros and I actually live relatively close to Canada I wanted to make a little something for Canada Day.

All rambling aside, with this you get 2 shirts (1 male frame, 1 female frame) and 2 facepaints (unisex). There’s just one swatch each because yet again I’m a lazy slut but it’s a pretty cute design if you ask me. The male frame top requires Fitness Stuff and the female frame top requires Spa Day. The facepaints are BGC.

They all have custom thumbnails and such as well so they’re easy to find. If you use these tag me!

download: sfs (280 kb zipped)

The Adventure Zone (from what I have seen on my dashboard)

I have never listened to this at all (I only recently found out that it was a listen-to thing I literally had no idea) and @the-tao-of-fandom asked me about my impression of it from my dashboard. SO here goes:

Consists of a bunch of characters:

  • Taz: wears a pointy hat, skinny, has a sibling; does improbable things; completely batshit in fanon, not sure about canon; everybody’s favourite.
  • Taz’s sibling: an enigman who looks the same as Taz
  • Big Naked Guy: killed a million bad guys in a supermarket or smthing?
  • dwarf: has a nice beard
  • and some other people probably

is about:

  • some unholy combo of homestuck and a very long DND game?? 
  • the aforementioned group of characters travelling around
  • They’re… adventuring somewhere. In a zone. Only in this one zone? are there other zones? no one knows
  • Despite being peppy and ridiculous in places it is also capable of inducing THE FEELS
  • there was a woman who turned into an umbrella? or something? like a mary poppins animagus idk
  • I sometimes confuse taz fanart with that junky guy from that game with all the characters (yet another thing I see a lot of on my dash and barely understand)
  • could just be my dash, but doesn’t seem to be particularly shippy

Tao thinks it’s good, so I can further extrapolate that:

  • There are possibly bones involved
  • Or maybe succulents

that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. One day I may actually listen to it and find out…

How to search on tumblr?

Hello everyone!

Today we will learn HOW to make my life easier help you with finding answers for your questions on Three Musqueerteers tumblr!

1. Tags are your friends

When I answer/write post I always use tags. It helps with organizing the page AND looking for old posts when I need them.

Here’s short list of tags I’m using in most of the time:

ask - if you sent a question, every answer will have it

preorder - all questions connected with volumes preorders (English and Thai, depending on which one we are currently selling)

volume - posts connected with THAI volumes

English volume - posts connected with ENGLISH volumes

other translations - posts connected with releases in other languages than Thai and English

three musqueerteers - when posts is about the team

There are also tags connected with titles so Pulse, Lily Love, The Mistress Story, 15y, Snow & Sunflower, Magnet, Mentality, Bridesmaid

Obviously I’m also using tag Ratana Satis but because it’s almost in every release post, it won’t help you BUT keep reading, you will learn sth new too.

There are also other tags that I’m using. Just look at the bottom of posts.

2. Ok but HOW I can use tags?

It’s really simple:

http://three-musqueerteers.tumblr.com/tagged/[insert tag]

So for example, if you want to look for preorder posts you will write


Told you it’s simple :)

3.  “ Lol I will not scroll back an entire year for one question” 

And you don’t have to. 

You can use search.


  • For example you want to get info about tracking in preorders, right? So normally you would use tagged/preorder - but you would have A LOT of results. SO you will use SEARCH


Thanks to it you will see all posts with “tracking” AND “preorder” - and it’s MUCH less than all “preorders” questions

  • But if you didn’t find the answer for your question about tracking - NO! Don’t send message yet! TRY ONE MORE THING


The difference between first and second results is that in second link, you will have ALL POSTS with word “tracking” in them. So there will be one tagged as “preorder” and some might not = you have more posts to check for your answer


/tagged/ - you use ONLY TAG words 

/search/ - you can use one OR two TAG words (don’t forget about + if you will use two words)

- OR one TAG word AND other word (for example “birthday” /search/lynn+birthday)

- OR one or two other words (but I couldn’t came up with idea it could be, because I usually tag most of the keywords for better searching :P)

4. So what if I want to know more about Ratana????

First, remember she’s also a human being that likes to keep her life private as much as it’s possible so try not to ask too many questions on tumblr or her FB ;)

Second, we have a lot questions to Ratana we already answered, so please read them. I mentioned before that it will be tagged as “Ratana Satis” but you will have like… all posts in this tumblr 😂

Use /search/Ratana Satis+ask

and you will get questions sent by fans that were already answered.

Please check also Q&A tag. Post from it are also connected with her.


DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE FAQ??? Sometimes I think people don’t see these questions and just scroll down to ask box :/


So NOW you can send the question. YOU CAN ALSO USE CHAT! 

And don’t need to write it all the time in Anons… If you will write normally and question was doubled - I can answer it privately (so you don’t need to worry if you think you will “look dumb” or something).

If you will write on Anon, I’m forced to reply it OR I WILL JUST IGNORE IT. 

So yeah, it’s better if you will write OFF the Anon cuz it’s better chance you will get the answer.

This post will be also added to FAQ and tagged as TUTORIAL so you can find it in the future.

I really hope it will help you and myself

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One of Graves' biggest passions, though he would never admit it out loud, is knitting. When Newt's birthday comes, he gets an anonymous gift that contains a pale blue sweater knit with love with a picture of a hipogriff.

@thegaypumpingthroughyourveins This is gross, I love it.

Healing from the physical damage Grindelwald had laid upon his body had turned out to be relatively simple. Not easy, no - Graves would never go so far as to say easy - but simple. Take these potions, rest for these many days, perform these exercises to regain the musculature lost, eat this many calories, drink this much water; orders, Graves could follow.

It was the after part that he struggled with. After his body had healed. After all visible signs it had ever happened were gone. Graves had always been a very physical creature. So it was beyond his comprehension when he woke up one day feeling amazing only to realize that his heart was still sick. His body had never felt better, but he was loathe to leave his bed in the morning and dreaded even more the act of climbing into it at night - deterred to sleep lest he dream. Lest he fall back into that place…

So he works more; anything to keep him from his house and the silence that waited for him there. Anything to keep his mind off the gnawing sense of emptiness in his chest. Anything to keep him moving, lest he stop moving altogether.

And when Picquery catches onto to this and forces him to leave his office on time because honestly, Graves, you just survived a madman. I’m not going to let you work yourself to death when only just got you back - Graves decides to start making daily walks through Central Park. At first only in the evenings but as time passes, he goes in the mornings too and it’s then that she meets her:

Julie-Ann Marie Smith.

He had been sitting on a park bench and staring out over the expanse of the park when she randomly sat next to him one day, this innocent little No-Maj. She had a curtain of cute silver curls atop her head and these huge spectacles that made his blue eyes two sizes too big to not be comical. She wore her Sunday best every day, her neck and wrists and ears outlined in modest jewelry.

“May I join you, young man?” She had asked quite kindly, her hands trembling where they held up her rather hefty looking bag.

Graves blinked, then made a point of scooting over to make room for her.

“Of course,” he said.

“Thank you.”

It turned out the woman came to the park to knit that day, and as Graves would later find, every day. He watched as she pulled out two long, wicked looking needles and a ball of soft yarn and simply began to knit right next to a total stranger.

He had thought about leaving from his morning walk early, only… he couldn’t stop watching her hands weave such plain and simple yarn into something long and grand and elaborate. There was something soothing in the gesture of her needles, in the way the fibers melded into something greater, in the way she created something out of nothing. Without realizing it, his fingers danced in the air from where they hung between his knees, hunched over as he was while watching her. He startled when she suddenly spoke.

“Would you like for me to teach you?”

“E-excuse me?”

“Knitting. Would you like for me to teach you?” She asked again, her eyes never lifting from her work, but still somehow growing gentle. “You look as though you’ve got a bit of an inch in your hands. I find it helps me keep my hands occupied when I get an inch. I tend to lately, since he passed.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Graves said.

“Thank you,” she smiled, and something glimmered behind the thick lens of her glasses.

“I’m afraid I must go,” Graves said, rising to his feet only to pause. He watched her for a moment, contemplating. Curious. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer another day.”

“I’m not hard to find,” she smiled. 

They end up making somewhat of a ritual together. Every morning, thirty minutes before work, Graves met Julie-Ann in the park at their bench. He brought coffee for himself, tea for her and two of those oddly shaped scones everyone’s been going on about for the both of them. She teaches him to knit and once he’s learned, they knit together every morning.

Its soothing for his hands and occupies his mind. He sleeps better after sitting beside his fireplace knitting until he’s weary. It helps him clear his head for his cases and actually makes it far easier for him to connect the dots between patterns in his criminal cases than ever before. It lowers his blood pressure and winds him down after a hard day at work. 

The only problem is - what does one do with several dozen blankets and scarves and mittens?

He thinks of Credence and the other Barebone children, and decides to give them away.

Time passes that way for a while, kind and patient and healing. He overhears Tina telling Queenie and Newt about how she’s been seeing a lot of orphans running around with finely knit sweaters and mittens and scarves and how wonderful that is - some organization must have finally taken an interest in New York’s children - and Graves can’t help but smile ever so slightly, proud. If Queenie catches his gaze as she hands him his coffee later and smiles at him strangely, neither of them comment on why.

But even so, Graves’ favorite reaction he has gotten to any of his creations has to be when Newt Scamander finds a simple brown package on his desk one day - no note, except for a simple tag that reads “Happy Birthday”. 

It is a simple sweater, nothing too elaborate - Graves isn’t that good yet. But it’s made of fine, soft yarn; the sort of sweater you relax in when it snows. And into the yarn, Graves had weaved a gentle spell that wove the image of a hippogriff into the front - grand and tall and proud. 

He overhears Newt asking quite nearly everyone who created such a kind gesture for him, but no one knows. And no one dares ask the director, because why would a man like Percival Graves own knitting needles?

Graves smiles over the rim of his cup, listening to them try and solve the mystery. It isn’t until Christmas that he’s found out.

“Mr. Graves,” Newt asks, lingering at his door. 

Graves blinks. It’s late and most of his people have left to go attend Christmas with their respective families. He thought it was only himself in the office at this point. But here Newt is, case in one hand, a familiar package in the other.

“Mr. Scamander,” Graves greets in return, eyes on the package and the familiar length of scarf tumbling slightly out its side.

Newt walks into his office, more confident as he goes.

“I didn’t realize anyone else was here,” Newt says, eyes wandering along the office as he goes.

“Neither did I,” Graves says. “You don’t have plans?”

“For Christmas? No. Going home didn’t quite pan out this year. Rarely does. You?”

“Nothing to go home to,” Graves says before he can stop himself. Silence reigns between them.

“Would you like to spend Christmas night with me, then?” Newt asks, and Graves blinks - surprised.

He accepts.

They spend their Christmas night in the employee lounge by the fire, exchanging polite conversation followed by kind stories. They discuss this and that. They talk about Theseus, their connection in common. They talk about Newt’s beasts and, as Newt becomes more and more comfortable over their fire whiskey, the goals he has for his creatures (and the illegal extent of his case within). 

Graves decides not to take note of it. It it Christmas after all.

It isn’t until late that night or perhaps early morning that Newt finally tottered onto his feet, case in hand, ready to depart for the night. Graves rose to his feet to see him off, determined to spend the night in his office - no point in going home at this hour.

“Well I had a lovely evening, Mr. Graves,” he says, “Thank you.”

“As did I,” Graves says. “Merry Christmas, Mr. Scamander.”

“Merry Christmas,” he says back, then bends to pick up his little package as he catches sight of it out of the corner of his eye. “Oh, I almost forgot!”

The scarf unravels from the package extravagantly - yellows and blacks and grays. Newt smiles fondly, his fingers digging into the soft yarn pleasantly. He looks up at Graves with a strange look.

“Your secret santa gift?” Graves bluffs.

“Yes,” Newt says.

Graves looks at the scarf in the man’s scarred hands and feels a plume of pride. He really likes the way the Hufflepuff themed scarf had turned out. He had tried to replicate the one Newt had said he lost, burned accidentally by a baby dragon he had in his care for a week. 

And from the look on Newt’s face, he very much likes the outcome too. Graves watches as the man takes the scarf in his hands and deftly winds it around his neck until his mouth and nose is all but lost in its warmth. But even so, Graves can tell the man is smiling. 

Graves doesn’t know it smells like him. Like whiskey and old books and rich cologne. Newt cherishes it.

“I suppose this is goodnight then,” Newt says, suddenly walking toward him. Graves doesn’t realize his intent until its too late - until there’s lips on his cheek, chaste and bashful.

And then they’re gone.

“Thank you for my scarf, Mr. Graves,” Newt says, blushing, as he walks away. Graves stiffens.

“How do you know it was me?” Graves challenges him, eyes on his back as he goes. Newt pauses, glances at him over his shoulder, and smiles.

“You’re the only one I told about my old scarf,” he says. “Because I knew you were the only one who wouldn’t make fun of me for losing another article of clothing to my creatures.”

Graves blinked. People made fun of him? But –

“Goodnight, Percival,” Newt said, his smile as warm as the whiskey in Graves’ belly. 

“Goodnight, Newt.”

how is it possible that i have all four books of the raven cycle, eight sticks of sealing wax, a fortune cookie, a newspaper clipping from 1920, a map of India, and a plane ticket from 2009 in my backpack and yet, not one pen

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hi !! i hope you have/had a great day ! soo, now what i wanted to ask: wcif the earrings in you recent post (where you remade blanka) ? i hope no one asked this before, i checked your wcif-tag but i couldn't find it. thanks so much in advance !!

no one has asked yet dw but thank you for checking the tag before asking!! 

- ̗̀ cross earrings  ̖́-

I have so many issues with the Mulan (2018) remake....

And most of them revolve around Chen Honghui and his replacement of Li Shang.

Chen Honghui is a bully who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And he is also going to be her “love interest”. But it’s not until he finds out that Mulan is a woman that he starts to develop feelings for her. Or even respect. (Can anyone else say “enemies to lovers” tag on ao3?) (No word yet on if they are actually going to “fall in love…” or if it’s a one sided thing. Going with Disney’s track record? It’s the former.). Until then he hates her because she’s better than him. How is that a good romance in a movie in 2017/18? Especially with how good Disney has been in the past few years! “Oh i hate you until you’re stripped of your rank and thrown out of the army and THEN I love you. Cause you’re not a guy. #nohomo.” They’ve shown in recent years that true love isn’t always your significant other, but through the people you love and who love you back (Maleficent, Brave, Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph, MOANA!!!! I can go on if you want.). If you don’t want a love interest that’s fine! Make it about the love and loyalty soldiers have to have in each other in order to make it through war alive. No possible homo involved. Plus, who’s gonna have the rank to stick their neck out for Mulan without Captain Shang there? Certainly not Chen, cause he’s just a recruit like Mulan. And the others can’t/won’t.

(Is STILL going on about Shang because holy crap Disney you screwed the pooch on this one…)

Shang felt respect and camaraderie with Ping when Ping was a man, and was deeply betrayed by the fact that he was actually a she. When Mulan saved all of China by personally ensuring the safety of the Emperor, she was honored by the highest power in the land. She. A. Woman. Was honored as one of China’s strongest warriors. And after, when Shang is willing to just let her walk away, to honor the fact that she is a warrior (and also because he doesn’t know how to approach this new incarnation of the person he’s trained with for months), the Emperor himself gives his blessing for him to go see her again. Shang is a fucking beautiful character, who loves his Father and wants to serve China and grows to respect the stand out new recruit (whether or not he actually develops feelings for Ping before the reveal). And you replace him with a bully who is offended by the bean pole little squirt who is standing in his way of eternal glory? Gtfuohwts.

Like I said, if you want #nohomo, then make it about the brotherhood that comes with living and training with the men around you for months. Make it about how you need to depend on each other to survive. Make it about how you can be more than what society expects of you! Keep Mulan single and still BAMF.

(Now onto something that isn’t Shang related…)

The music. The music plays the part it’s given. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of any disney movie, and all the other live action remakes have it! You can have a dark movie with beautiful music in it (Sound of Music, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before Christmas). It would be a beautiful way to play on the emotions of the audience, to increase shock when the Army finally gets to the pass (after a song about what they want after the war to get to the destroyed mountain pass outpost), to show how Mulan feels about how lost she is, not knowing who she as a person truly is on the inside, THEGOSHDARNTRAININGSONG! (LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. TO DEFEAT. THE HUNS.)

Mulan was always about self empowerment and the journey to find yourself as you protect the people you love. She was a small town farm girl who was supposed to be married off. Instead she steals her fathers enlistment papers (after failing to impress the matchmaker) and runs off to the front lines. She’s risking everything to be there. And you’re taking away from that by changing the things that make these movies so beautiful. Because, the honor she received, the respect of an entire kingdom, an Emperor (and the love of a good man who respects her and her abilities as a warrior) wasn’t her being chosen. It wasn’t handed to her by someone else. It was her reward for being who she is. It was her reward for her choice. It was her reward after she worked her ass off and impressed the most important person there, was disgraced, AND THEN TURNED AROUND AND IMPRESSED THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON EVER. It was her reward after she nearly gave her life three times in service to her family and country. Not because she’s the only girl in a 50 mile radius.

She earned that respect. And no bully-cum-lover will ever be a good replacement character. The songs? Fine. No love interest? Also fine. But don’t make this a “I fall in love because you’re a girl” thing. Make it like it’s supposed to be made. Hua Mulan fought to stay alive to protect her family (her crippled father) and protect her country. She earned to respect of the people around her. Don’t cheapen that.

But I digress.

The formula was perfect, and the songs would be a nice take away from what’s sure to be a dark interpretation of war. You stuck with the original stuff and were still able to make the remakes beautiful. What are you gonna do next Disney? Put white people in there? Cast a man to play Ping and a woman to play Mulan? Remove the ancestors, Mushu, and cricket? Get rid of the three dorks who grow to be Mulan’s best friends?Please.

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It's kind of hard to tell what Jonghyun fansites are active and not. Do you have a list of all of? Them the old ones if that isn't too hard to do?

lucky for you, anon, i have absolutely nothing to do right now so forgive me if this list seems a little more in-depth than usual or more in-depth than you were expected (or wanting, lol). i tried my best to split them into four categories: active, semi-active, inactive / on hiatus and closed. you can use this page to find direct links to fansite tags on the blog but a forewarning that i haven’t updated it for … a long time. i’d say well over a year - if not close to a year and a half so there’s a lot of newer fansites that are missing along with fansites that are closed that haven’t been moved into that category yet. i’m going to work on a new page for fansites when my university semester finishes tho! fansites that have a ♡ are ones that have opened in the last two months! it’s also likely that i may have skipped over one or two by accident but i think it’s pretty thorough otherwise.


active [criteria for: fansites that actively post. fansites that have posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last month. bolded sites are most active.]

agape (jongtae)
bam (ot5)
close to you
dankanbang (ot5)
dans ma bulle (jongtae)
decalcomanee (jongyu)
flos paradiso (ot5)
guilty pleasure
illpjontaem2 (jongtae)
ideal boy
jbluezyh ♡
j for you
jonghyun world ♡
love belt
maruko / jjongdppp
miracle (jongkey)
moment shiny (ot5)
only you
peach planet (ot5)
perfect reason
savior (ot5)
soundshine (ot5)
spring fantasy (ot5)
touchdown ♡
total: thirty five

semi-active [criteria for: fansites that semi-actively post. fansites that have posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last four or so months. the cut off that i’m going to make here, date wise, will be the year end gayo festivals.]

babe powder
base on you (jongyu)
bling effect
by all means
counting night (ot5)
dear. tender boy
first and foremost (ot5)
four season
hahadoris (ot5)
jjong jjong jjong
must romantic
promise (ot5)
something special
sunflowers0408 (germany based)
sweet poison
zorro (heena)
total: twenty four

inactive / on hiatus [criteria for: fansites that have either confirmed that they are on a hiatus from posting or that have not posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last ten months. fansites that have not posted any of the aforementioned but still tweet or retweet material onto their fansite twitters during that timeframe also fall in this category.]

20080525net (ot5)
abnormal temperature (jongkey)
almightyblings (jongkey)
caprice (jongyu)
dazzling diamond (ot5)
evening glow
graze (ot5)
head over heels (jongkey)
hello pocket boy
hohyun (jongho) (china based)
hohyuner (jongho) (china based)
holyblood (ot5)
hyunstar (china based)
i’m sorry
kimkibumssi (ot5)
little crazy
melt on you (jongyu)
mjeijkei (ot5)
never guess (ot5)
perfect score (jongtae)
rock on killer
teaone (ot5)
sweet candy (ot5)
until forever (ot5)
total: twenty seven

closed [criteria for: fansites that have either confirmed that they have closed or that have been gone for more than ten months without posting anything on either their fansite twitter or website. a note that most of these fansites went inactive awhile ago. fansites that have closed or went 10 onth+ inactive in the last year will have a ♡ after them.]

2btogether (jongkey)
5 diamonds (ot5)
april dream ♡
aya0_0panda (ot5)
apple eye
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PSA for gif makers! (important)

I have no idea if half of you will even see this tbh, because it appears my blog has been marked N/S/F/W for the most part.

I’ve come onto tumblr mobile this morning and realised that the very vast majority of my gifsets have been marked with this 

1000% innocent gifsets with absolutely nothing N/S/F/W about them at all have been marked.  When a post is marked this way, new users who have this feature on my default (thanks tumblr) will not be able to see your posts, nor will people who have safe mode on.

If you see your stuff has been marked this way, you can click on the bolded word and submit it for review.

As of this moment, I’ve found no way to have your work reviewed from desktop (despite tumblr support telling me there should be a ‘request review’ button on flagged posts. There is not). I’ve viewed my posts on desktop that I know have been flagged, both on the dash and on my actual blog, and there is no indication that they have been flagged, nor anyway for me to submit for review. So basically checking your posts / having them reviewed must be done from mobile. 

The vast majority of my blog and posts rn are unavailable for people with safe mode. When all my posts are completely innocent and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Just wanted to let people know so they could start reviewing their posts (most likely you’ll have to do this on mobile, as I’ve yet to find a way to do it on desktop) and submitting them for review so people can see your work.

(And for all those interested, a screengrab of my one of my offending gifsets is under the cut, just to prove that completely innocent posts are being marked)

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Love's the only thing that's free - kallistob - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Original Percival Graves/Newt Scamander
Characters: Original Percival Graves, Newt Scamander, Gellert Grindelwald, Seraphina Picquery (mention)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Fluff and Angst, a lot of fluff, Watching Movies Together, Percival Graves needs a hug, And Gets One, they’re in love but they don’t know it yet, Kissing, Sleepy Cuddles, the boys are having an accidental sleepover, First Meeting, newt is crushing so hard, Strangers to Lovers, Hope, i cant believe im writing fluffy things

Newt isn’t sure how it happens. One moment he is sitting in his favorite coffee shop next to the window, reading a book about magical creatures, and the next the most handsome man Newt has ever seen takes Newt’s hands in his and says, “Please be my boyfriend.”

welp. i did it <3 

Tour life

Wesley Tucker x reader
Prompt: you’re on tour with Wes and there’s a mix up with the hotel and there’s only one bed.
Rating: PG
Words: 1281

Tonight was one of the lucky night’s that I got to spend in a hotel instead of on the tour bus. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being on tour, especially when it was with some of my best friends, but having an actual bed to sleep in was always enjoyed. None of the hotels we stayed at were the greatest but it was nice to have a full size bed for once.

When we stayed in hotels, we roomed in pairs. This time Wesley and I were sharing a room. We didn’t know each other very well but we got along pretty well.

We all gathered up enough stuff for one night and split up to go to our different rooms. As Wes and I walk to the room, we talk about how the tours gone so far. He tells me about some of the gifts he’s gotten from fans as he opens the door. I set my bad down next to the door as Wes walks in behind me. As first I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary until Wes points it out. 

 “Uh,” Wes freezes and I look at him with an eyebrow raised. “Weren’t we supposed to have two beds? Because there’s definitely only one.” I look up and sigh. He’s right, there’s only one bed.

 “I’ll call the desk and see if they can fix it. I’m sure there was just a mix up.” 

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”Wes sits on the edge of the bed while I pick up the phone. I dial the number listed for the front desk and wait. When I tell them the problem, they say that it’s the only room available. For some reason this whole hotel is full. I sigh and thank them before hanging up. 

 “Bad news. This is the only room available. Everywhere else is full.” I report. 

“Okay,” he sighs. “Well, I’ll sleep on the floor and you can have the bed.” He starts to stand up and grab a pillow. 

 “No, Wes. I can’t let you do that.” I pause and bite my lip. “I don’t mind sharing if you don’t. ” Wes bites his own lip and sweeps his eyes across the bed. 

“Okay.” He shrugs. “I can’t make any promises to not try and cuddle with you in my sleep though.” He jokes. 

 I smile. “Same here. It’s okay, I don’t mind.” 

 He grins. “Well, uh, did you want to shower?” 

 "Yeah. It’s nice to have an actual shower for once.“ I chuckle and well back over to my bag. 

 "Yeah, I know what you mean. I love touring but it gets difficult sometimes.” 

“Same here. Well, I’m gonna go shower.” I slowly start walking towards the bathroom. 

“Okay,” he smiles and settles back onto the bed. 

I lean against the door after closing it and take a deep breath. I’ve lowkey had a crush on Wes since the tour started. He was just adorable and I loved his voice. I’ve never expected anything to happen but now we’re sharing a bed together. 

I quickly get undressed and hop in the shower. Calm down, Y\N. The most that was gonna happen was some accidental cuddling. I shake my head to clear it and start actually showering. 

I get out of the shower and dig through my bag. Since I didn’t want to bring all my things up here, I only brought panties and a long t shirt to sleep in. I shrug and put them on. It’s not like Wes hasn’t seen me walk around the bus like this before. 

I dry my hair out a little and brush my teeth before leaving the room with my bag in tow. Wes is in the same place as before. He looks up when he hears me and smiles. 

“Nice shirts,” he nods towards me. I look down in confusion.Oh! I had one of his merch shirts on. 

“Thanks,” I blush. “I like the design.”

“My name looks good on you,” he smirks. 

“I bet mine would look even better on you,” I play along. 

He grins and stands up. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He grabs his own bag and gently brushes past me on his way to the bathroom. 

I chuckle and shake my head. I was almost too surprised to flirt back. Almost.

It seems like Wes already picked his side of the bed, so I set my stuff down and get on the other side. I wasn’t really ready to sleep yet so I grab my phone and see a text from my friend, Y\F\N.

“where are you tonight?” 

“Kansas. We even get a hotel tonight.”

“Sweet. Who you rooming with?”

“Wesley. and we only have one bed.” 

“Oh ;)”

I roll my eyes and text her back. “It’s not like anything is gonna happen” 

“you never know”


In between texting her, I’m scrolling through twitter and instagram. During my scrolling, I find that people really seem to ship Wes and I. There’s all sorts of fan fiction about us. Dirty and clean. I scroll through our tag for about 30 seconds before deciding that I’ve had enough. 

Wes comes out about ten minutes later in sweatpants and a t shirt. 

“Did you know that people actually ship us? Like there’s even fan fiction about us.” I say in amazement.

Wes chuckles and runs a hand through his hair. “I’ve gotten tweets about it but I didn’t know it was that big.”

He sets his things down gets onto the bed next to me. “I only looked through the tag for about 30 seconds. It was mildly terrifying.”

He laughs. “Yeah. I try to avoid any type of fan fiction. It’s weird to read about yourself.”

“I just thought it was really weird. We barely know each other.”

“And yet I still got you half naked, in my merch, in the same bed as me,” he smirks. 

“Hey. I’m the one who talked you into sharing the bed. And I’m not making you stay fully dressed.” I raise an eyebrow and smirk right back at him. His smirk falters for a second and I think that I’ve gone too far, but his smirk comes back right away. 

“You’re right,” he agrees as he pulls shirt off. I know he’s a little insecure about being shirtless. His top surgery scars are barely visible but they’re still there. It doesn’t make me think any less of him. Not at all. If anything I’m proud that he’s conquering his insecurity. 

“Is there anything about you that isn’t perfect?” I sigh. “Cuz it’s kinda annoying.I smile at him playfully. 

“Let’s see if you’re still saying that when I wake you up in the middle of the night because I’m trying to hold you,” he rolls his eyes. 

“I’m perfectly okay with that. I like to cuddle.” I admit. 

“Then turn off that light and come here,” he opens his arms and smiles.  He doesn’t have to tell me twice. I turn the lamp off and basically jump into his arms. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around me and tangles our legs together. 

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I laid down. “I really like you, Wes.” I mumble sleepily. 

“I really like you too, Y\N.” he chuckles. “I’d like to take you out sometime.” 

When I look up at him, he’s already looking at me. “I’d love that.” 

“Okay,” he smiles. “Now go to sleep. I can tell that you’re tired.”

“Mkay.” I lay my head back down. “Goodnight, Wes.”

He kisses the top of my head. “Goodnight, Y\N.” 

Voice on the Other End

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Pairing: Sam x Amy
Word count: 998
Warnings: Sex talk, swearing
A/N: I started this ages ago for the lovely Amy. I’m finally done, and here it is! Love you, Hooker<3

Flopping back on his bed, he groaned. He was tense, sore, and stressed. Dean had gone off to his own room to clean up so he could head to the bar, Sam having turned the offer down to go along. He’d shower, soon, but right now, he didn’t want to move. He let himself just lay there, eyes closed for a bit.

Sam finally got up and made his way towards the bathroom, pulling off his clothes as he went, letting them fall to the floor. He didn’t care at this point, the hot water was calling his name. Leaving the door open, his nude body stood outside the shower as he waited for the perfect temperature. Letting out a content sigh, he stepped in, pulling the curtain closed.

The hot water washed away the dirt, grime, and blood of this last hunt. It stung slightly on small cuts that he hadn’t even noticed, but helped his sore muscles relax. Leaning forward, he let the water turn his hair into wet curtains, hanging on each side of his head. His hands were resting on the tiles, which were still slightly cool to the touch.

Standing up straight, he grabbed the small bottle of shampoo provided and poured it into his hand. Sam’s eyes closed as he lathered up his hair, massaging his scalp as he did so. He didn’t bother taking his time rinsing his hair, knowing the hot water wouldn’t last forever.

Sam pushed his hair back, getting it out of his face so he could grab the small bar of soap. He held it under the water for a moment, wetting it. Holding it in the palm of his hand, he began running it over his chest, wishing he wasn’t alone in that damn shower. As he washed, he moved lower. His hand brushed against the curls at the base of his half-hard cock and he groaned. “Fuck.” He muttered.

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He’s Not Real- Part Five

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A/N: sorry for the wait guys! I uploaded to my phone bc my tablet wasn’t working but the tags didn’t load, so I didn’t want to post. But its here now! Send me an ask if you wanted to be tagged:) Also apparently I have over 900 followers??? Wtf??? IM SO EXCITED!!! THANK YOU to very one who’s helped me out:) I might just do a celebration🤔🤔🤔 we’ll see😉

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Another scream shattered the silence of the night while the boys and Bobby worked to find a cure. Dean took a lot of walks. Sam’s face never softened. Bobby drank.

It was a long night.

“You boys better be getting some sleep,” Bobby sighed, shutting closed yet another book. “You ain’t no help to Y/N if you’re brain dead.”

“M’fine, Bobby,” Sam muttered as he flipped through more pages. The purple moons stamped under his eyes said differently, though. There were empty beer bottles littering the floor where his feet were, unmoving, as he read book after book on everything Bobby had. The old man sighed.

"Listen,” he started. “I get that you’re worried for Y/N, but do you really think that she’s gonna get back at it if you two are-”

"We’re doing everything we can, Bobby,” Dean snapped from the kitchen, slamming a book on the counter. “If you don’t care about Y/N and you’re too tired, go on up and go to sleep. Me and Sam? We actually give a damn about what happens to her. You should too. You could do her at least this solid, seeing everything she’s done for you.” Bobby twitched, face hardening from where he sat.

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INTP Moment #whatever

INTP: *Is thinking about many complex and contradictory (yet simultaneously parallel) ideas, attempting to make sense of them for enjoyment*

Person: What are you thinking about?

INTP: *Tries to explain the intensely abstract concepts but fails to adequately vocalize and describe them with language as a whole*

INTP: *Explains the idea in a way that is too simple to be an accurate representation of their thoughts, and becomes frustrated because they would like to further validate the actual idea they have*

Person: I don’t get it.

INTP: *Sigh*

INTP: I need to keep thinking.

atem-mypharaoh  asked:

Hello! I saw an answer you posted to a user asking if you spoke Chinese! I'm currently studying it alongside my degree and just want to know if you had any other tips to get to grips with the language? Recognising characters, improving pronunciation etc?

—Put yourself into situations where you have a motivation to use your Chinese BEYOND simply improving your Chinese. Find media that hasn’t been translated into English, play a game that’s in Chinese, befriend an adorable Chinese elder who doesn’t speak English. When you get disheartened about your progress in the language itself, that larger motivation will help keep you going.
—Learn your radicals, learn the rules of stroke order. Writing the characters the same way every time is important. That’s muscle memory. Moreover, if you ever do calligraphy, if you don’t do the strokes in the right order they won’t look right. Also, stroke order helps a lot with dictionaries.
—Pronunciation: decide what accent you want, first. Hopefully you have a choice; depending on your program you may be forced into speaking standard Chinese (aka newscaster Chinese). I mean this is what basically every Chinese program expects you to speak but I decided when I was a teenager more or less “I hate this accent and I’m not doing it.”

Originally posted by socialtpinsam

Fortunately my teachers were all cool about who I chose to model my speech after, which was, um, Taiwanese actresses:

Originally posted by lestatscherie

(Apologies to anyone who speaks standard Mandarin for calling your accent dull. But it is.)
For me, this accent made sense–I was surrounded by Taiwanese in my personal life, loved Taiwanese media, and wanted to live in Taiwan (and did eventually).
It also helps to remember that loads of Mandarin native speakers and close-to-native speakers (people who are totally fluent and have been speaking it since childhood) have non-standard pronunciation–non-standard pronunciation is not “bad” pronunciation IMO! The most important thing is to be understandable!
—If you have a problem with a particular sound, you may find guides that show exact tongue placement to be helpful. Here is one. Remember that different accents don’t use the same exact sound for different pinyin sounds–in my chosen accent, /h/ in 好 is basically [h] in IPA but in standard it should be [x] in IPA.

Hope that helps! I’ve been thinking of making a Mandarin-focused sideblog at some point but I haven’t gotten the focus to do so yet.

 — sim oc tag —

i was tagged by: @kotiij

chosen oc: ben hankin
you can find the story here: the rookies (there’s a new character page in the works)

the votes came in and you guys wanted to know more about this asshole so here you go!! everything is under the cut <3 


  • you don’t need to answer all questions if you can’t answer them (i.e, it’s not revealed yet, no one will ever know, etc.)
  • fill out the 2 blanks above, with the link to their bio/pictures and where people can find the story they’re in!
  • once you have finished, tag 10 more people to do this tag at the end (anyone with an oc can do it!)

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