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Not gonna lie, I’m gonna be playing ME:A and wondering:

Liara is 700 years now at this point. She is nearing the Matriarch stage, if she isn’t already there. Is she doing well? Did she have a brood of little blue children. Has the years been kind?

Also Grunt would be around 600 years old. Is he ok? Is he eating well? Does he get enough sleep? Is someone providing my tank-son with enough ammo?

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Catdads: Gabe finding Jack holding a cat person baby. Maybe after a rescue?

Oh my god.  Oh my god, anon, the cuteness is too strong.

Somebody blew the whistle.  By the time Overwatch gets into the facility, about half of the labs are vacated, ransacked, and/or trashed.  They’re searching the facility for any stragglers or experiments that need immediate attention when Jack gets side-tracked.

A tiny cat-person baby, so small it fits curled in Jack’s two hands.  He looks down at the tiny thing, its tail drooping over his thumb, and wonders how this is possible.

Gabriel comes up to his side.  “What the hell’s that?“

"It’s a baby.”  Jack holds it out to him.  Gabriel makes a noise of shock in his throat, and reaches out to delicately touch one of the tiny silken ears.  "Gabriel…“

She’s so tiny.  The size of a preemie, except that she seems more fully developed than that.  She stirs in his hands, nuzzles at one of his fingers, and falls back into a deeper asleep.  She’s precious and impossible and the implications of her are terrifying.

“Where did she come from?”  Gabriel twists his body, but it takes him a moment before he can manage to look away from the child in Jack’s hands. He looks around them, at the machinery surrounding them, the papers on the desk, the tubes and chemicals and deep freezer along the far wall.  The two incubators lying nearby, side by side, their heat lamps still on.  Whoever was running this place managed to escape before the strike team got into this lab, and Jack has a feeling they took something with them.  “What were they doing here?” Gabriel whispers.  "The SEP made us.  They retired the project.  Who else could do this?”

Jack glances over his shoulder while he flips through the papers on the desk.  Some of them look like the charts Jack’s dad used to review when he was looking to breed their cows.

Jack studies Gabriel’s profile, intent on his study and limned in the lamps’ orange light.  He has a hero’s face: strong and elegant, full lips and hook nose, eyes dark and sharp and glinting with their own fire. And, peeking out of the short dark curls on his head, the graceful swoops of his cat’s ears.  So much like the ones on Jack’s head.

The SEP subjects all had tissues and samples of all types taken during the course of the project.  There are sperm samples in the cold storage.

“Gabriel…”  A cold shiver goes through Jack that makes his ears pin back and bristles the fur of his tail. He speaks quietly enough to make sure voice won’t carry past the two of them.  “I think they’re breeding us.”

Gabriel sets the papers down with a terrible care and meets Jack’s eyes, his ears twitching backwards with an apprehension that doesn’t show anywhere else in his body.  “Who?”

Jack clutches the baby girl, the kitten, protectively against his chest and returns Gabriel’s stare mutely.  After all, who else could do this?


Someone take this phone app away from me. I’ve been taking stupid stanchez miifotos all afternoon. 

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Can you tell us more about your webcomic?

YESS! I don’t wanna tell a whole lot bc I did want this to be on the mystery side of things! I’ll explain the background a bit, the comic takes place in 1995, America. 

and so this is Clay,

he’s 18, horror movie enthusiast, and the biggest nerd to ever nerd basically. 

He goes to school with Rico.

Who is Clay’s bully essentially.  Locker shoving, wedgies you name all the cliche’s. But yeah, he’s got … issues… 

sb: asks a question
jensen: answers it honestly in order to prevent ppl from getting their hopes up
everyone: gets pissed at him for answering the question
me: ?????????

Lame Jokes with Bangtan

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Maknae Line

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Rap Monster/ Namjoon: You’d been hanging out with eomma Jin a bit too much and started to adapt his penchant for telling bad jokes.

“Hey, babe. I have a question?”


“What type of shoes do ninja’s wear?”

“Y/N…I swear to Go-”


Are. You. Sure Y/N??”

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Seokjin/Jin: You’d both been going back and forth, bickering in the kitchen about whether you should make an additional portion of 짜장면 (Jjajangmyeon) for when the other boys would come back to the dorm. Suddenly, it popped into your head, the way to win, bad dad jokes.

“Hey, Seokjinnie Oppa, I have something important to ask you…”


“How do you make a tissue dance?”


“You put a little boogie in it!”

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Suga/Yoongi: While he was looking up books on musical composition you’d found a jewel on jokes and decided to see of you could get a chuckle out of him.

“A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender sa-”


“The bartender says, “We don’t serve food here!”“

"Yah! Do you think that’s funny?”

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J-Hope/Hoseok: You all were on a drive down to Busan for a shoot by the ocean and had been in the car for hours.  All the members were asleep except Hoseok who seemed to have a lot on his mind. His mixtape was dropping soon and you could tell he was feeling a bit anxious about the reception. You decided to lighten the mood with a bit of a joke.






“Yes, Y/N??”

“Stop thinking so hard! I can smell the bacon from here. We’re only in Daegu and I’m already hungry.”

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My kitties!! In order we have:
Theodore- Black and white spotted boy, weighing in at 16 lbs and 8 years old. Son of Angel and always grumpy.
Angel- calico soft girl, 12 lbs and 9 years old. Oldest, sassiest, kindest kitty in the house.
Merlin- brown tabby kitten boy, 6 lbs and barely 6 months old. A little shit.
Gilligan- brown tabby boy, 20 freaking lbs and like 6 years old. Fat and lazy.
Serenity- dilute tortie girl, 9 lbs and 5 years old. Small and growls at Dexter all the time.
Dexter- orange tabby boy, 16 lbs and 8 years old. Likes to yell and cuddle.

~mod Melly