have we spoken before

PSA for anybody who has ever felt insecure about how they write their character. Remember why you began writing them in the first place. Remember how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy writing them. There will be other people roleplaying the same character as you, it is inevitable, but there is only one of YOU and only one who plays the character the way YOU play them. You bring something special to that character. Something that nobody can mimic or do the same as because nobody is just like you. You need to accept that, and accept that there will be others, but just like you they will be playing the character their own way as well. Nobody is better. Nobody is the same. Nobody deserves to play a character more than another person does. This is no popularity contest and you should never feel as though you aren’t worthy of playing a character just because you or someone else has made you feel that way. Instead of comparing yourself to others who play the same character as you; try to embrace the differences and admire them. Cheer up and keep on keeping on. You love your character, you love roleplaying as that character, and in the end that is all that matters.

Daily Reminder

-You are loved in more ways then you think, even if you dont feel it. There is love in so many different places. Just got to know where to find it, just know I love you no matter what, who or what color you are! Even if we have never met nor spoken before, you a human who deserves love! Remember that you are worth it and even if you have fallen, have scars and even hate yourself you are still worth it. Chin up and keep looking to the future just know these feelings dont last forever so keep strong and head held up high, I love you all so much! You are loved in so many ways…….

School AU Prompts (based on my experiences)

* “A bird flew into the classroom and our teacher who is very afraid of birds is screaming and diving behind us to seek shelter” au

* “We’re playing field hockey and you hit the ball so high that it hits me in the face, but I’m fine and keep playing and two minutes later you’re screaming at the blood on my face and oh that’s unfortunate” au

* “We both have transparent rulers and we’ve never spoken before but you find this to be the perfect opportunity to start talking to me. Really? This of all things? Matching rulers?” au

* “You asked me if I was emo and Christ, that’s the third time I’ve been asked that today *deeply inhales* BOI” au

* “I have a love for learning French and am determined to be the top student but your first language is closely related to French, so the subject comes naturally to you bUT YOU SLACK OFF AND NOW WE HAVE AN UNSPOKEN RIVALRY” au

* “I’m not athletic and get nervous real easily so instead of participating in gym, I keep scores. While your team switched places in volley ball you whisper to me to sneak your team a couple points and I’m too awkward to realize it was a joke and you have to stop me” au

* “You’re the top student in chemistry, but you often get lazy on homework and I’m failing, but when the teacher says I was the only one to have a perfect score on a test, we all get a taste of your petty side” au

* “I blank out during a test, but you mistake it for me not knowing the answer so you whisper the answers to me. I thought I was hearing things, but I hover my pencil over the letter you suggested and you whispered ‘yes that one’ damn I’m gonna ace this” au

* “We have an assignment to write a bunch of poems in English class and I got too into it, so you gawk at my four page poems making me uber uncomfortable” au

* “I know jack shit about this subject, but I’m well versed in random 80’s pop culture, so when our nostalgic teacher tries to make references so we can understand the material, I’m the only one who gets them and you think it’s because I failed the subject so many times that I lived through the references” au

* “I have my head leaning on my fist and crack my knuckles against my chin, but you can’t figure out where the noise is coming from and I have to hide my laughter.” au

* “I started daydreaming and forgot to pull out my work, so the teacher asks me about it and I panic saying it’s already finished. You and your friends start getting loud, so the teacher points to me and says to follow my example and don’t you give me that look” au

* “You teach me phrases in sign language, so when you start talking during a lecture, I sign to you to stop talking because I didn’t want to be caught talking and somehow I’m still the one who got in trouble” au

* “You start off singing 'let it go’ really quietly and progressively get louder until you’re standing and doing the moves and- wait, now you’re sassily walking out the door and is the teACHER SERIOUSLY JUST GONNA LET YOU LEAVE?” au

* “Another fight broke out and a rumor started that it was over buttpads and you keep reminding people. It’s my third class of the day and I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HEAR THE WORD 'BUTTPAD’ ONE MORE TIME” au

* “You just waltz into the band room where me and all my friends hang out in the morning and offer to read a fanfiction you wrote about two of the teachers” au

* “I misspoke and accidentally said something that sounded like a pimp name so I shouted 'if anyone is in need of a pimp name, I just came up with one’ and without missing a beat, you said 'your offer intrigues me’” au

* “I stuttered over my words and accidentally said something really bad and you were the only person who I could convince to punch me and now you feel really bad, it’s okay, my bruises heal quickly, I had it coming, here’s three dollars” au

* “I have nothing to do until play practice which is hours later, so I hide in a storage closet and you’re the one to find me while searching for your tuba” au

* “You think you’re some fancy salesman, selling useless car parts and junk from the streets, but hey I guess the jokes on me, I bought an antique, broken street light glass off you for fifty cents and now I have to carry it around all day, using it as a paper weight” au

* “We share the same birthday and I sit directly behind you in class and one of your friends says 'happy birthday’ to you and now every. single. person is now wishing you a happy birthday, including the TEACHER and not a soul says it to me I MEAN SERIOUSLY THEY ANNOUNCED BOTH OUR BIRTHDAYS ON THE LOUD SPEAKER THIS MORNING” au

* “The teacher is speaking with someone and we hear them point out that we’re the only two people with curly hair in the class and you turn to me and say 'there can only be one’” au

* “We both have a cold and have to sniffle frequently, and we accidentally got the whole class sniffling as a joke and- hey buddy, you started it” au

* “I’m quiet in chorus but when we have a concert with my favorite song as a piece, I make myself HEARD and after the concert you compliment me and say I should sing louder more often and dammit, I shouldn’t fall in love with everyone who’s nice to me” au


* “You’re the lead in the school musical and I work backstage, but it’s my first time and I’m nervous so I call a friend, but you take my phone from me and start saying ridiculous (but hilarious) things to them like its nothing and… hm, I’m not so nervous anymore” au

* “You’re vocally homophobic, but only to impress your conservative friends because you’re scared they’ll leave you, but when we were in kindergarten, I had a crush on you and we kissed on the playground, and I recently came out as trans, so I just have this blackmail on you that you kissed a boy, just try me fucko” au

A more in-depth guide to dealing with house spirits

Ayyy so tonight let’s talk about dealing with house spirits. This is based on my experiences. YMMV.

As an animist I believe most things have spirits, and most houses are homes not only to your human family and pets, but also many spirits of various kinds. In general these spirits are benign and may not even be aware of us! You may practice magic for some time and be unaware of spirits living in your home (I was practicing magic intensely for perhaps two years before I saw the brownie that lives in my home). Other times, spirits are very noticeable. Feelings of being watched can be common, as well as noticing things disappear on their own then reappearing exactly where you had looked before. I have had my latched door open and slam closed on it’s own, for example. Things move to where they could not possibly get on their own (when no one else was home), computers and radios turn on by themselves, etc. Sometimes rooms will also have strange emotions to them, so when you walk in you immediately feel a strong emotion that is not “yours”. In general, when there is an active spirit in your home, people tend to know it.

This guide is specifically for the question: “I am moving in to a new home. How do I deal with the spirits there, both friendly and negative?” But this guide will be applicable to anyone who wants to start communicating with spirits in your home.


You will want to, if possible, have a regular visiting place where spirits know they can go to contact you. An altar works excellently for this. If possible do not make this place in your bedroom, as you will want to be able to get sound sleep and not be constantly interrupted by spirit activity. Traditional areas include the kitchen or hearth. You could even choose one chair to sit in, or one part of the couch to sit on. When you sit in this special place and meditate, the spirits know they are free to contact you.

Set up an altar if you are free to. Otherwise choose a place to regularly contact spirits. Plan exactly what you want to say to your house spirits. Do you want to form a relationship with them? Ask them to do something? If necessary, write down exactly what you want to say. Otherwise have a very strong idea of it.

When you are feeling calm and prepared, go to this place. I would recommend bringing at least some basic protections. This is not a guide on how to communicate with spirits [try this one], so I will leave the actual contact up to you. Simply call the spirits in your home:

“Spirits that dwell here, old and new; spirits that live here, born and true; visit me now, so we may commune.” Consider asking the spirits if they will introduce themselves to you. Take your notebook and record what images you see and the names they give you. Also consider asking where they generally stay in the house, which could be useful for future reference. Do not be frightened if you see any very scary images at this point. Scary things can make the best allies of all.

Do not be surprised if you see a number of spirits you did not expect to encounter. I wrote a new spirit call for you all (the one above) and I decided to try it out, and I met three new spirits I had been unaware of, plus the ghost of my dog. It just so happens that none of them were doing anything that would otherwise cause me to notice their presence.

Once you have achieved contact, say what you planned to say earlier.

  • “I am new here and I want to introduce myself. My name is [name]. I come in peace. I want to get to know all of you so we get along as well as we possibly can.”
  • “I know we have never spoken before, but now I think we should get to know each other. There have been some problems going on in the house that we need to correct.”
  • “I am a magic-worker. I do not want to disrupt your lives, but magic is a part of my life.”

Forming a relationship

Your house spirits can be invaluable allies. They can act in aid and defense of your home, and alert you when something goes wrong. Having happy house spirits can also just make your home run more smoothly. One thing I do know is that spirits like to be appreciated. The best way to appreciate spirits, in my opinion, is to throw them a party!

Basically, this means leaving offerings. Spirits enjoy much of the same stuff humans enjoy. Tobacco, all whole foods, all alcohols, a wide variety of beverages (try making them tea, coffee, or pouring a glass of milk or water), and incense. They also enjoy physical gifts such as kinetic toys, beautiful or interesting objects, money, or other things of value. When giving a disposable gift (food or drink), after the spirits are done, dispose of it as you normally would (in the trash or down the drain). With a non-disposable gift, keep it in a special place such as a certain box or shelf so the spirits can come enjoy it any time they like.

You can give offerings as often as you feel it is necessary. If possible, get a schedule and try to follow it. You can give offerings daily if you like, or weekly, or monthly. Weekly I feel is best. When giving offerings, call the house spirits and make it clear this offering is for all of them to share and enjoy.

Daily or weekly, go back to your chosen point of contact. Meditate and ask the spirits to visit you, bringing you information about your home or problems you need to correct.

In my experience, it is not difficult to make spirits happy. They want to be acknowledged as real. They want some basic attention paid to them, and they want to be thanked when they help out. Offerings cover all these bases.

Dealing with spirits that disrupt your life

A spirit does not have to be bad, negative, or evil to cause disruptions. They could be bored, seeking attention, or just acting out for some unknown reason. If you are experiencing disruptive spirit activity, call the spirits as usual. Ask specifically to speak with the spirit or spirits who have been causing disruption in your home.

Don’t beat around the bush.

“There have been problems in my home and I believe you are the cause of [events x, y, and z]. I need this to stop immediately. Is there something I can do to facilitate the ending of this behavior?”

You do not need to bend over backwards to please spirits in your life. If you give weekly offerings and this spirit wants more, you do not need to comply out of feelings of guilt. Do not be pushed around. “I already give weekly offerings. I will not be giving any more. Please abide by the rules of this household and live in peace.” If you feel that what the spirit is asking for is reasonable, then give it to them. Otherwise stand your ground.

I am of two minds when it comes to spirits who attack. On one hand, I believe the mature practitioner should question why this attack happened and whether or not they provoked it, and respond accordingly. On the other hand, I believe for most people, you should simply just get rid of all spirits who attack you, regardless of whether or not you caused it. This is not a guide on banishing, so I will leave the actual technique up to you. Just remember that you are trying to banish one spirit, not every spirit that lives in your home.

Asking your house wights for help

If you are giving regular offerings and treat these spirits with respect, it is fine to ask them to do things for their home. After all, they live there, too. They will want things to go well and be calm and peaceful just as you do. Call the house wights in your normal manner and ask them for favors as you feel it is appropriate to impose upon them.

“I am having a party this evening. Can you please make sure my guests feel as comfortable as possible?”

“I have lost my iPod, can someone help me find it?”

“How do you feel about my home defenses? Do they need improvement?”

“I feel something negative is in our home. Do you agree?”

Other notes

It is polite to inform house spirits before you perform a home cleansing. If you create home defenses, leave access ways so house spirits can still move in and out. Most spirits seem to enjoy parties on holy days and appreciate very generous offerings during those times.

Some spirits are very understanding if you ‘fall off the grid’ and stop paying attention to them and stop giving offerings. Other spirits will be royally pissed off by it.

Locked In // Jay Park

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Genre: Fluff // Comedy

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: The reader is a focused higher up employee for AOMG and jay never really paid that much attention to her but after some sort of encounter he becomes totally smitten. Fluffy please :) 

“Can you make sure to have the campaign translated and sent to me before 10 tonight? I need to proofread it and make sure there are no mistakes in English before we send it off.” You said to your assistant, Lisa, as you packed up your bags for the day.

“Absolutely Miss (Y/N), I’ll get to it right now. When is our deadline?” she replied, typing on her laptop and looking up at you eagerly. You smiled, thinking back to when you were just like her – fresh faced and new to a big company.

“Deadline is tomorrow morning! Ahh, translation for promotion is stressful sometimes, right?” you chuckled, placing your hand on her shoulder and giving it a little squeeze. She let out a silent sigh and nodded her head in jest.

“Yes, but with you looking after me…it’s not so stressful”

You smiled at her kind hearted words, before waving her goodbye and stepping out of your office.

You’d been an AOMG employee for the past 4 years, starting off as someone who went and got people their coffee and lunch. Now, you were head of translation in the marketing and promotions division and you had 7 people working under you. You’d worked your ass off to get to the position you were in now. The pay was great and you couldn’t complain about the hours as they were flexible for you, and you got to talk to and converse with a lot of the talented acts that filled the ranks of AOMG – although you never really had the opportunity to have a proper conversation with the man himself; Jay Park. When it came to the relationship you had with him, it was purely business – only ever talking to him through email or his P.A when one of you had a query regarding your line of work. You couldn’t deny that he was beautiful, that you hadn’t wished before that you could be as friendly with him as everyone else seemed to be, but usually – when it came to the serious side of things; Jay was all work.

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The Races | Tommy Shelby

request: can i please request a Tommy imagine where you seem to think that he’s cheating on you with Grace and a massive argument breaks out between you and Tommy in front of everyone at the betting shop, which he doesn’t like and you walk out but he finds you and tells you that it’s not true and stuff 

[a/n - no hate towards grace.]

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To Do Things Right

Pairing: Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta

Rating: G cause this is pure SAP and will ROT YOUR TEETH with fluff

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10882908

Genji Shimada doesn’t fall in love. Genji Shimada doesn’t grow attachments, doesn’t wake up in the arms of his significant other every day for the past three years, and he certainly doesn’t plan on proposing.

Genji Shimada doesn’t do any of that. When he stopped being Genji Shimada is unknown to him. Part of him says it’s when Overwatch turned him into the cyborg he is now, but the other half says it’s when he met Zenyatta. He supposes it doesn’t matter now. He is no longer Genji Shimada, and he never will be.

Genji Shimada is dead.

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Jovah’s Witnesses Not Wanting to Talk About the Bible...

So I have just had some Jovah’s Witnesses knock on the door, and not want to talk about the Bible with me.

I opened the door (hoping to see the Postman) their faces dropped, my face probably dropped, and they went: “Oh we have spoken to you before haven’t we? I recognise your hair. Have you changed your mind about the Bible?”

Me: “Nope”

They then exchanged a couple of pleasantries, and left. Quickly. 

Last time I spoke to them for a rather long time, but they were really conflicted because they were like well we are happy you read the Bible, but they were really uncomfortable with the passages I was bringing up with them. They weren’t prepared to deal with me. This time they were just like nope!

I feel a little sorry for them, because next door is very Catholic so they’re probably going to have some fun there too.

The Beginning

Wow… I’ve honestly been blown away by the response to The End. For all the ups and downs we’ve had I’m so glad we could part ways on a positive note. In case you really haven’t been paying attention, I am no longer a part of Eddsworld (I wrote this post yesterday about why). It was a struggle to sign out of all the accounts for good. I admittedly kept logging back in to tweak video descriptions and add subtitles the last remaining eddisodes. Moving on after 13 years seems impossible but I’ve gotta try!

I wanted to answer a few questions I’ve seen people asking about the show but first I want to once again thank everyone who helped make Eddsworld Legacy a reality. Especially Paul, Todd, and Eddie; 3 people who routinely worked either for free or for way less than they deserved. They really helped keep the show going. In regards to The End specifically I want to thank everyone who contributed to the ep. In the past I’ve had some sort of falling out with a massive number of the people who gave us something to include in the finale and even though they were doing it for Edd, it still meant a huge amount to me.

Anyway! Let’s answer a few of the frequently asked questions I’ve seen pop up online over the past few days.

  1. Is this really the end of Eddsworld? - Eddie and I wrote ‘The End’ to serve as both an ending for Eddsworld Legacy and also the show as a whole if needed. However, both Matt and the Gould family have plans to keep Eddsworld going in some way or another. That’s honestly all I know!
  2. Will Tom still be in Eddsworld? - If/when Eddsworld boots up again I believe the character of Tom will still be a part of it. However, he won’t be voiced by me for the reasons I mentioned in my last post. I want to make it clear that the characters and the people are separate things. They absolutely have my blessing to hire another voice actor to replace me!
  3. Why wasn’t Tord Larsson voicing Tord in The End? - Again, in my mind the characters and their original voice actors are separate entities. That said, the “real” Tord left the show 8 years ago and we haven’t spoken since (and barely spoke before). I have no way to contract him.
  4. Why was Tord the bad guy and Tom the hero? - Okay so here’s where we start to get deep. The End isn’t just about Tom vs Tord. It’s actually a metaphor for the unexpected return of Edd’s illness, how it destroyed everything we’d made together, and how I felt lost, angry, and responsible for rebuilding. Knowing that, I hope it makes more sense. For what it’s worth, I hope Mr Larsson doesn’t take it personally… If he’s even still out there.
  5. How could you abandon your promise to Edd? - There was no promise, dudes. Not made by me, at least. There was only my quest to give Eddsworld a last hurrah and make Edd proud. That’s it. Now I finally feel like I’ve accomplished that and have earned my right to move on.
  6. How did you celebrate the release of The End? - I drank a bottle of wine and either fainted or had a small seizure. I’m a party animal!
  7. Why are Tom’s eyes black and what’s the story with Red Leader?!  - Both good questions which I fully intend on answering one day… Just not in Eddsworld… OooooOOOOoooohhhh mystery ;D

Thank you again, everyone. Hope this helped ease your minds a bit!

anonymous asked:

No offense but you guys didn't even come close to guessing my identity, though I guess Noc is as good an attempt as any, hehe. I'll stop confusing and worrying you about this now and disappear back into the voids of internet. Have a nice day...

bruhhh do i even know you lololol omg


hello, mister

One-shot. 1984 words. 

 me and my housemate just spent twenty minutes trying to take the lid off of a blender and had to resort to taking it to our next door neighbor, who we have never met or spoken to before. he opened in it about six seconds.

ffn  ao3

An extremely disheveled, disgruntled Mary MacDonald stumbled from her bedroom to find her ex-best-mate perched crossed-legged on the wobbly table in their kitchen, a small blender tucked between her legs.

“The fuck are you doing, Evans?”

“I’m trying,” Lily grunted through clenched teeth, “to get this damned lid off.”

Mary, unimpressed with the considerable effort Lily was putting into this task, glared at her. “And why in the fuck are you using the blender?”

“To make a smoothie,” Lily answered casually.

“And when in the fuck did we get a blender?” A legitimate question. “And why?” Another.

“Discount shop. It was to two pounds, and to make smoothies. Obviously.”

Mary nodded as if the sight of Lily making a smoothie wasn’t weird as fuck. “Why in the fuck did the inclination to make a smoothie strike you?”

“Hangover cure,” Lily said cheerily, flashing a toothy grin at Mary. After dabbing at the light sheen of sweat on her forehead with her sleeve, she resumed her efforts. “Why in the fuck are you saying fuck so much?”

“Because you,” Mary said, pointing an accusatory finger at Lily, “banging that wooden spoon so damn loudly on that plastic lid woke me up at—” she squinted at the clock, “six-thirty-fucking-seven on Friday morning.”

“Oi, right, sorry.”

“I don’t have class today.”

“I know, which is why you went out to that party last night, which is why I blended you a hangover cure.”

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Charlie hurries over to where April is stood. She’s one of the few people at the school who’s actually nice to him.

“Hi Charlie.” April greets cheerily. She ticks a few strands of hair behind her ear.

“Having a date to the prom is important, yes?”

April nods, smiling a little bit more now. “Oh yeah.”

Charlie smiles back at her. Though his social research of television programs, he knew having a good first date was a very important part of wooing humans.

“I shall ask Matteusz as my date.” Charlie replies, thinking back to the tall, handsome boy in his classes. There were many good looking people in his classes but Matteusz was the only boy was nice to him, always there to explain something he can’t understand or defend him, which made Matteusz seem extra special.

“Oh…” April said, face dropping a little. “That’s great Charlie.” She seemed a little upset at the information - perhaps because he rejected her proposal they went together before.

Still before Charlie started his research into human feelings of envy, a familiar figure walked past, shooting his classic grin at Charlie.

April could wait, Matteusz might have a date if he left it any longer.


“Matteusz.” Charlie calls, jogging slightly to catch up. He feels his stomach flip when Matteusz turns and grins his usual carefree smile. “Um, hello.”

Matteusz wasn’t fazed by his awkwardness in the slightness. In fact he never seemed dazed by Charlie’s strangeness. He didn’t mind his habit of googling pop culture in class or his general misunderstanding of human jokes. If anything he seemed to find it endearing.

“Hello Charlie.”

Charlie suddenly felt shy. He had mentally planned what he was going to say yesterday but suddenly his mind went blank.

“Umm…” he stuttered. Perhaps it was best not to get involved with Matteusz, since merely talking to him turned the once charming prince into a stuttering mess. “Hi.”

Matteusz laughed, although not unkindly. “You already said hello to me Charlie. Is there anything else you wish to say?”

The shy feeling had returned to Charlie suddenly. “I’m sorry. I’m usually more academic with my language. I’m just a little nervous.”

“What’s there to be nervous of? We have spoken before.” Matteusz seemed to be teasing him, although Charlie could never be sure with humans. Sarcasm always threw him off.

“There is a dance tonight.” Matteusz nodded, his half grin growing into a pretty smile (although he properly should keep that description private). “I was wondering if you would like to go with me?”

Matteusz tilted his head to study Charlie. Usually it would make him feel uncomfortable but it simply gave him a very human feeling of thrill. “This is not a joke is it?”

“Why would I joke about it?” Charlie asked. Maybe he needed to do further research into human’s humour because he couldn’t understand how asking someone on a date was funny.  

“You wish to go to prom with me?” Matteusz asked. He seemed to not believe that Charlie was serious. Perhaps he had asked wrong?

“Should I have brought flowers? Because they always bring flowers in movies.”

Matteusz laughed again - the same fond laugh as before. “No, you are being sweet enough already.”

Charlie understood enough of human culture to get that ‘sweet’ was usually a compliment. And Matteusz was smiling so much it was most likely a compliment. “So you would like to be my date to the prom, yes?”

“You are very strange.” Matteusz said. “But I like you very much.” He leaned in and kissed Charlie on the cheek, which left the prince feeling speechless.

Charlie held a hand to his stomach as if it would steady the butterflies there.

Human emotions were weird but in no way unwelcome.