have we even ever seen him freak out about anything

Fic: Chicago Layover Pt 2

A/N: So, there is a touch of smut in the beginning. So I guess NSFW. Other than that, pretty much pure MSR fluff fest. Just a heads up. P.S. Miss the first part? Here.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own a thing. Just borrowing.

The blizzard continued to rage outside, the skyscrapers becoming invisible in the snow. Scully was bundled under the rich sheets, snuggled cozily against Mulder’s side as Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Crystal Trench” played on to the large tv in front of them. She never though Mulder as a cuddler. In all honesty, she never expected this to happen except in her dreams. Granted in her fantasies, they were usually wearing a bit less clothes, not the ones they normally slept in. But she wasn’t going to complain.

They had devoured breakfast, the bloody marys. She was already slightly buzzed and just happy to have this. “Why Hitchcock, Scully?”

She shrugged. “You know I like the classics. Besides, the moral of this story is relevant. Don’t go waiting in the past, move towards the present, or else you waste your life.”

“Trying to tell me something?”

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