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Mr. Novak's Office

Pairing: AU Boss!Castiel x Reader
Summary: You and Mr. Novak have a somewhat… interesting work relationship.
Warnings: S M U T, office sex, slightly Dom!Cas, dirty talk, language
A/N: Alright, he’s some office Castiel smut because it happens to to be one of the things i haven’t seen yet and thought it was a good idea. Also, I don’t have a tag list, but if you want to be tagged in what I write let me know and i’ll start tagging you. Hope y'all like this. (: Masterlist


You sat casually at your desk, looking though the stack of papers that was laid on your desk this morning when you got there. You were incredibly bored, to put it delicately. The day had been excruciatingly tedious. You found yourself constantly looking up at the clock and feeling disappointed at the lack of time that seemed to be passing each time you looked at the clock.

Leaning back in your chair, you sighed, the stack of colorful office papers mocking you under the dull office lamp. A cup of coffee slid into your view in front of the papers. Looking up, you seen Sam smiling down at you.

You grinned lightly, “Thanks.”

Sam just shrugged nonchalantly at you, his long, brown hair moving with him and a goofy smile still on his lips. He sat on the edge of your desk and crossing his ankles on the ground. He inquired, “I thought you got off at seven?”

“I was supposed too,” you sighed. “But I guess there’s no rest for the wicked.”

Sam chuckled, “Or the broke, in this case, short stack.”

“You’re not wrong.” you stated snorting. “And don’t call me that, Gigantor.”

Sam laughed with you and stood a little bit, his tall body literally towering over you. He often picked on you because of your height, but you weren’t really short. Sam was just tall, really tall.

You looked up at him and stood as well, which did nothing because he was still looking down at you with a flirty smile playing on his lips.

“I was wondering if you’d like to—” Sam began before the phone on your desk rang, cutting him off.

You groaned, “I’m sorry, hold on.” You leaned over your desk annoyed while picking up the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID. You brought the receiver to your face and spoke in a very unsatisfied tone, “Hello.”

“Come to my office immediately.” a deep, gravelly voice mumbled through the phone. You froze in your place, recognizing the voice, your heart fluttering lightly at the tone.

You still hadn’t answered. You just stayed silent as his words and voice continued to vibrate through your mind.

“Do you understand me?” Mr. Novak asked sternly, creating a flutter in your chest and the feeling of eagerness arose from within you. You gulped at the slight growl in his tone.

You licked your lips looking at the ground, “Yes, sir. I’ll be there in a moment.”

You hung up the phone and turned back to Sam, hoping he didn’t notice your change in demeanor. Sam just looked at you with his eyebrows raised, “Are you alright?” he asked and you cursed yourself.

“Um, y-yeah,” you stuttered, “It was Novak. He needs to see me.”

Sam furrowed his brow, “Did he say why?”

You shrugged, acting oblivious, but you knew why; you knew exactly why.

“I’m not sure,” you lied. “But if I’m being honest, he sounded pissed so I should probably head up there.”

You swiftly turned away from Sam and mumbled a goodbye while he stared at you confused. You practically sped walked to the elevator and frantically pushed the up button as if it was going to make it come to you any faster.

The electric doors opened and you walked in, your heart pounding hard against your rib cage to correspond with your anxiousness. Your breathing got heavier as you stepped onto his floor and made your way to his private office.

You tried to contain your slight excitement as you felt the wood of his door against your knuckles as you knocked. You breathed in and out slowly trying to calm down so you didn’t seem eager, the game between you two was more fun when you were able to tease him. Your nervousness could easily prevent that.

Mr. Novak’s voice mumbled from the other side of the door for you to come in and you slowly opened the door, revealing yourself to him. He sat at his large, chestnut desk with two feet propped up atop of it with his ankles crossed as he leaned back in his swivel chair casually. Mr. Novak looked his best as usual with a dark suit, white button down, and tie as always; except at the moment he wasn’t wearing the suit jacket, he was only in his white button down with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

He crossed his arms over his chest while his blue eyes examined you, as they always did. “Y/N.” his deep voice hummed.

“Mr. Novak,” you mused, with slight confidence which was surprising considering your previous state seconds ago.

Amusement flashed in his eyes for a moment at your tone, “Well, you sound a lot more composed than when we spoke briefly on the phone,” he teased.

You pursed your lips innocently leaning against the door and crossing your own arms, but you said nothing.

Novak’s feet fell from the desk as he continued to take in your appearance, his eyes hungrily trailing over your breast which were exposed only a little and he found it extremely torturous.

“Come,” he said, “Sit.”

You pushed off the door, making your way to one of the chairs in front of his desk, but before you could plop down on one of them he sternly said, “No. Here.”

You swallowed and slowly walked around his desk. You stopped in front of him and slowly trailing your skirt up your legs while he watched your hands do so, afterwards you brought your legs up to each side of his lap and straddled him, his slight bulge pressing against your center. You looked at him, your eyes sparkling with innocence as his blue, lust-filled eyes met yours.

His fingers made their way under your chin, holding it firmly in his grasp. His lips formed a sly smirk as he leaned into your ear. With his lips brushing against the skin he whispered, “As good as this blouse looks on you, I have a feeling it would look even better off of you.”

You smirked lightly, “Why don’t you find out, sir?”

He shuddered at the name, his bulge growing underneath you and you felt the arousal deep inside as you let out a small moan. His hands were at your shirt in a second, unbuttoning as swiftly as possible and huffing each time he failed to free you from this fucking shirt. You basked in this, him wanting you so bad he gets a little angry every time he messes up. It was adorable.

The cold air hit your skin as the thin fabric left your skin and fell to the floor, leaving your breast semi-exposed under the lacy purple and black bra. He chuckled at this, “Who in the world got you this?”

“My boss.” You answered smugly, “He told me dark purple compliments my skin well.”

“Your boss is right.” he husked as his lips connected with the base of your throat and a sigh escaped your lips. Upon hearing this, Mr. Novak moved his fingers down to your core and brushed the soaked fabric. Groaning at your wetness he silently asked, “Who’s is this?”

“Yours.” you moaned, your head back giving him more access to your neck, but instead he grabbed a handful of your hair and made you look at him.

“Who’s?” he asked firmly.

Stifling a groan at the feeling of his finger pressing in your core you said, “Yours, sir.”

“Damn right,” he growled, the grip on your hair tightening and the pace of his hand on your center increasing dramatically as he inserted another finger.

You sighed in pleasure and began grinding against his fingers, which only made him slow himself despite the pleasure of watching you come undone above him.

You whined at this and started moving up and down as fast as you could, but he ripped his fingers out of you and looked at you. His fingers glistened in the low light of his office as he brought them to his lips, putting them in his mouth and shutting his eyes while tasting you, “Mmmm,” he sang, pulling the fingers from his mouth. “You always taste so good, kitten.”

You moved back and forth against his boner, trying so hard to create some fiction between the two of you. He grabbed your hips tightly to pause your actions. “Ah, ah, ah,” he tsked you with a smug smirk, “We don’t want to rush this now, do we? We have all night.”

Just then, a knock sounded from the other side of the door causing you to jump as panic soared through you. “Hey, Cas,” a male voice said through the door. “Can we talk? It’s about this invoice you gave me.”

“Um, yes, hold on.” Mr. Novak’s hands left you as you slipped off of him and to the ground, scooting underneath the desk to hide. After sliding in to the chair space, Mr. Novak said for the person to come in.

You heard the door open and heard footsteps approaching. You sat on your knees facing the crotch of Mr. Novak’s pants as his co worker spoke to him, “I really don’t mean to bother you because it’s late, but there are things that are unclear.”

You recognized the voice because it was your other boss, Dean Winchester. You froze a little as you heard him sit on the desk across from Mr. Novak, which put him in the spot right above you. Mr. Novak’s cock was tenting his pants in front of you and seeing his arousal just made you more desperate.

Your hands found their way to his pants as the two men talked above you and you ran your hand over him, making him stutter mid-sentence when he was replying to Mr. Winchester’s question. You mentally giggled while taking the zipper of his pants down. Mr. Novak’s hand immediately grabbed yours to stop you, holding up his index finger and moving it back and forth to tell you no.

You ignored him, pushing his hand away and pulling him out of his dress slacks and boxers. A sigh erupted from his lips. “Cas, are you alright?” You heard Mr. Winchester ask above you.

“Yeah,” was his reply. “We just need to get this done, there’s something I need take care of. Something really bad.”

You took the head in your mouth and pumped his length in your hand. He twitched in your grasp as your tongue swirled around the sensitive skin before you slid as much of him as you could in your mouth, tongue flat against his shaft. You bobbed your head slowly, closing your eyes and tasting his salty precum. His breathing increased during this and you felt him shift looking down at you.

You looked up at the desperate man above you who was trying so hard to keep his composure. His hand found your hair and pulled hard, probably trying to pull you away but you weren’t having that. You increased your speed and took him in deeper.

“Dean, this is a really bad time.” Mr. Novak rasped.

Mr. Winchester slid of the desk at this, “Its cool, Cas. I understand it’s late and I think everything’s worked out.”

The departing footsteps made you take him in deeper. Once the door closed, Mr. Novak slid out from his desk pulling you out with him, holding tightly on your hair to force him even deeper into you.

Mr. Novak started thrusting upwards into your mouth while his other hand also found your hair. He thrusted into your mouth roughly and fast as his breath became heavier and you moaned, the vibration running over his cock softly.

“You dirty little girl,” he whispered, “You like it when your boss fucks that pretty little mouth, don’t you?”

You looked up through your eye lashes at the gorgeous man above you; he looked flushed and he was sweaty, and you loved it.

Reaching behind your back, you unclasped your bra letting your boobs spring free. Mr. Novak groaned at the sight, “You’re going to get it so bad.”

He pulled you from your knees, turning you around and forcibly bending over the desk. He gripped the hem of your lace panties and pulled them down your thighs while he lifted your skirt up above your butt.

Leaning on your palms waiting for him to enter you, a hard, stinging smack landing on the flesh of your ass causing you to gasp. He rubbed the spot gently before spanking you again, even harder than the first.

Mr. Novak leaned into your ear, “That’s for being such a bad girl while I was working just now.” Another smack. “That was for wearing those goddamn panties and blouse today, you little minx.” Smack. “And that, was just because I enjoy spanking such a naughty little thing like you.”

You moaned, “Please, sir.”

“Please what, little one?” he teased, his hand finding its way to your clit and running lightly.

“Please fuck me like the naughty girl I am.”

“Mmmmm,” he mused. “Do you deserve that?”

You shook your head violently as he continued to rub your bud at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Please, Mr. Novak, I’ll be a good girl.”

His hand found your throat as he squeezed the sides tightly causing a lack of blood which ultimately gave you pleasure, his head found your entrance and he glided in with ease, he pulled all the way out to the head and slammed himself back into you as you cried out to the feeling.

He continued this while keeping a superb rhythm, his grip on your neck tightening only slightly with time.

“Yes!” you cried as he found that spot in your core, he noted this mentally and aimed for that spot over and over and over.

The sound of skin slapping together and the sound of your pussy taking him in filled the room loudly along with the sounds of grunts, moans, and everything else you could possibly think of.

Mr. Novak slammed into you, his teeth grazing your shoulder blade. He rasped, “Mmm, you like being fucked over my desk, huh?”

You bit your lip and nodded swiftly. He let go of your throat and gripped your hips giving him more leverage to go deeper.

You loved ever bit of this. You loved him being controlling and talking so dirty, him spanking you, him taking advantage. And the best part was you did this because you wanted too, you didn’t need too. You were good at your job, fucking your boss was just an extra perk really.

You felt the orgasm abruptly, pulsing through you and giving you the best feeling. You eyes rolled back in your head and you through your head backwards and shuttered against him, “Mr. Novak – Oh, my god!”

“Say it again,” he groaned, spanking you roughly.

“Mr. Novak!”

Just then a growl left his lips as he went faster and pounded even harder, his nails digging into your hips as his hot arousal shot out in hot spurts inside you. He only slowed down when he was empty, pulling out and falling back onto the chair.

You stood as straight as you can and turned around to him, leaning back against the desk. You both breathed heavily. Mr. Novak leaned his head back and shut his eyes and you just observed him, he was so ruggedly handsome, even when he was disheveled like he is now with a wrinkled shirt and loose tie.

He looked at you, a smile playing on his lips while watching you lean down and grab your bra to put it on and sliding your blouse back over your shoulders. You grasped your underwear from the ground only to have your boss snatch the lace from your finger tips.

“Uh huh,” he smirked. “I’m keeping these.”

“Why? Because you enjoy our conferences so much?” you said sarcastically.

He raised an eye brow at you, “As a matter of fact, I do.”

You rolled your eyes playfully as he stood, trailing a hand up your back and to your hair, pulling very lightly and bringing your lips to his.


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