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So I discovered that I fucked up my Tumblr settings that’s why my artworks don’t show up in the BoruSara tag which made me sad. I decided to post this for the BS shippers who haven’t seen these drawings yet. And to check whether or not I am able to fix my settings successfully.

I have this “Catching-Up-With-BoruSara-Fandom-Because-I-Went-Hiatus-For-3-Months-Yes-Im-Late-But-IDGAF Project” thing last time because I went hiatus from the fandom for a while to give way to my Dota 2 fangay self. I drew 1 BS fanart for each month that I was hiatus and finished up to July (’coz apparently I went hiatus for more than 3 months XD). Now I’m fully back on the fandom (since last month, August) so there’s no catching up anymore lol.

Since most BS artists I see drew them as their age right now, I, on the other hand specializes in drawing them as adults/grownup/teens haha. If you’re into that then I’m the one that you’re looking for lmao

Check some of my old and newest here if you like :)

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I feel bad for new charioce or charinina fans who get desperate by amount of hate toward cari or nina. When i was new into this fandom, i thought the hate come from misunerstanding to thw plot so i try to clarify it but it seems the antis are just either idiotic or purposely ignorant to hate chara. The fans of chris also need mental fortitued u seeXD to give zero fuck n now i am like=come bash me, hate me, juat bcoz i like fictional chara

Yeah, actually SAME MATE, to think that there may be new charioce/charinina fans surfing the snb tag saddens me, because there’s the chance all this hate would let them down… ಠ╭╮ಠ

I mean, by now I’ve seen so many arguments pulled out, I got used to that I don’t care anymore. But I know sometimes people want to have a validation, an acknowledgment of their likings, so they go on the internet for some feedback. And what’s on the main tag lately would probably let them be unsure of what they like…? I hope not. Everyone is free to like the f they want imo.

SO FEAR NOT, FELLOW FRIENDS! Here some good stuff to cheer you up, reminding everyone how this is a freaking show with fictional characters, that you can like what you want and most importantly that all these sweet scenes happened for real ❤️

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it’s me! !! with my bias!! And my bias wrecker/ other bias!!
thAnks for @felixsfreckles @incorrectstraykids and @nineasone for tagging me in this and sorry for doing this like years late!!
I’m tagging @hyyunjinn (u probably were already tagged but hey) @straykidzz (thanks for letting me use the dab picture) @fehlix (I don’t think I’ve seen u do this yet so) @chanbaee (ur just cool) @squishywoojin (!!!)

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have u seen the sanvers ao3 tag lately? i just read after by goodgayegg and i’m ..... how do u say...... bawling my fucking eyes out

i check like all the time but i haven’t seen that one 👀 i’ll go look

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All I can picture is Remus and Sirius dancing and singing to Toucha Touch me from Rocky Horror in their dorm and I need you to write this!!! (haha please tho ik u get a lot of asks its just an idea)

Hello! Thanks for the ask! :)

Here’s where I admit that I’m a bad gay and have never see Rocky Horror all the way through. At least, not that I can remember, rip. I’ll keep your idea in mind if I ever get around to watching it, though!

let’s get a little meta

you know, as much as we’re flipping our shit over bitty’s final tweet and the upcoming weeks of silence, just imagine how his in-universe fans are going to feel about it. at least we know for sure he’ll be back at some point. his fictional vlog fans and twitter pals just know he livetweeted the hell out of graduation day, and then….nothing.

his vlog schedule, if he has one, is a mystery, so they might be used to having a bit of a wait. and he’s gone a few days without tweets before, so it will take a while, maybe a week, for them to notice that his absence is indeed an absence and not just “oh gosh sorry yall things got a bit crazy there, you know how it is.”

weeks pass, not a peep out of our georgia peach. “@omgcheckplease r u ok?????” and “WHAT ABOUT ‘THIS BOY’??????” tweets and comments on his youtube channel (or whatever site he uses to disperse his vids) start piling up, wondering what happened to him. someone makes a “have you seen this boy?”-type meme using his old profile pic and the old “side of a milk carton” image:

maybe things get a little out of hand and at some point johnson texts bitty “hey bro, have you googled yourself lately…?” and he’s allowed a single “oh my goodness yall, i’m fine! i’ll explain later. <3“ tweet, which fuels speculation even further and the “Eric Bittle (RPF)” tag on the omgcp-verse ao3 explodes.