have u seen the tag lately


i’m so late with catching up with all of my tags from before my exams, but i’m getting to them, i swear!!!! there’s been a lot of drama and just things in general happening in my life as of late, so that’s why i haven’t been online for as often as i’d like :c basically i miss y’all a lot and i see all of your notifs and mentions and ily guys for still thinking of me even when my queue is empty and i’m basically mia on here

i was tagged by @ki-hyunie @wonhonnie @kihqun @minnhyuk @stan-the-best-stan-monsta-x @monbeboo @jhmx and @chaerismatic to do the bias selfie tag and i am reminded yet again of how beAUTIFUL kihyun is like wow have u eVER SEEN SOMEONE SO FINE and then there’s my pic next to him like lollmao

i tag @jewishtransboy @93shin @thisisroom-service @monjinki @trashstax @m0nst4x and @chaebunny!! ofc you don’t have to if you don’t want to <3

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I figured it out. There's major sexual tension between Chris and Alex. They don't realize it. But I feel like that's what I'm looking at when I see them together.

U late af honey. Have u seen my chrislex tag

1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.

3. Write 11 questions on your own.

4. Tag 11 people.

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1: A meme that you’re glad is dead

Friggin Dat Boi tbh

2: Something popular that you Just Don’t Get

The avocado toast meme… and lots more tbh. I’m normally an expert but lately….

3: Ever seen a whale in person?

Sadly I have not (that I remember)

4: If your crush was a muppet, would you still find them attractive?

Not sure how I’d feel about a smiling anime horse muppet but I mean probably

5: Are you hungry? What for, if so? (I’m hungry ;-; hungry for some sweet chicken nuggers)

I also want chicken nuggets but no

6: If you could fight anyone in the nearest 7eleven parking lot at 3am, who would it be and why?
@spillywolf or anyone who wants to g o

7: Could you give me your address so I can come to your house and gaze sorrowfully at you through your bedroom window?

Yeah sure it’s 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480 hit me up

8: Could you draw me a sheep?

Yes……. but will I?

9: Describe one of your favorite books to me in no more than three sentences, and be as confusing as possible.

S o. Tiger men and dragons. Also rapunzel and ice castles. (That’s it)

10: Same as question 9, but with one of your favorite movies

Okay so there’s a huge castle and a flying man. Old lady in love with fire. Another old lady who is the love interest. (I’m not even being vague at all everyone knows what I’m talking abt but whatever)

11: Did you steal my Jurassic Park t-shirt? Because I can’t find it anywhere, and I’d like it back.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

M y q u e s t i o n s:

1: What’s ur fave emoji? Lenny type or 👌type.

2: What’s a joke you’ve been waiting to use since the beginning of time?

3: What’s the weirdest thing you ever believed that wasn’t true? (i.e. I used to think when my hair fell out in the shower that I had cancer… lol just smth like that)

4: Your fave song atm? Like one you put on repeat for hours and d r o w n in.

5: What are the colors of your room?

6: Your aesthetic in 1 word

7: The most unreasonable reason you started sobbing (like a happy thing?? Or just smth weird idk)

8: Ur fav shoes 9: ur fave youtubers ^^ like 3 of them

10: describe the perfect outfit that you just love and want to wear e v e r y day

11: What’s your biggest and weirdest thing you want to accomplish?

Heheh ;D have fun

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hi sarah!!!!!! I was just wondering if you had seen the post going around about victor over hearing yuri's parents talk about how the inn isn't doing so well? I wanted to show my roommate and I can't find it (because I tag incredibly inconsistently) if you know who posted it or where i can find it i'd love you forever and bake you cookies but even if you didn't I'd still love you forever and bake you cookies :) <3 *flowers* thanks!!

hello dear!!! i gotta be honest with u i have no idea what post you’re talking about :ooo sorry :c (i will be waiting for you cookies HAHAHA thank you  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡)

HALP can any of you guys hunt down this post or have you seen it lately??? I TOO WOULD LIKE TO READ THAT 

let’s get a little meta

you know, as much as we’re flipping our shit over bitty’s final tweet and the upcoming weeks of silence, just imagine how his in-universe fans are going to feel about it. at least we know for sure he’ll be back at some point. his fictional vlog fans and twitter pals just know he livetweeted the hell out of graduation day, and then….nothing.

his vlog schedule, if he has one, is a mystery, so they might be used to having a bit of a wait. and he’s gone a few days without tweets before, so it will take a while, maybe a week, for them to notice that his absence is indeed an absence and not just “oh gosh sorry yall things got a bit crazy there, you know how it is.”

weeks pass, not a peep out of our georgia peach. “@omgcheckplease r u ok?????” and “WHAT ABOUT ‘THIS BOY’??????” tweets and comments on his youtube channel (or whatever site he uses to disperse his vids) start piling up, wondering what happened to him. someone makes a “have you seen this boy?”-type meme using his old profile pic and the old “side of a milk carton” image:

maybe things get a little out of hand and at some point johnson texts bitty “hey bro, have you googled yourself lately…?” and he’s allowed a single “oh my goodness yall, i’m fine! i’ll explain later. <3“ tweet, which fuels speculation even further and the “Eric Bittle (RPF)” tag on the omgcp-verse ao3 explodes.