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journal ideas 2.0 🌻
  • my imaginary mini garden/terranium: step up your flower and plant art doodle and make a garden or terranium instead!
  • quick ways on how to save the bees: let this dedicated page serve as a constant reminder that you must help in saving the bee population
  • how do i plant my *insert plant here: i have this page called how i plant my sunflowers and it may also double serve as my seed count recorder. quick suggestion: do it in numerical bullet form
  • my pet profile: this is absolutely adorable if you make one for every pet that u have and add a little box where u can doodle em
  • soothing notes to self: one-liner reminders in bullet form to read and write regularly for a healthy heart
  • monthly goals: step up your monthly goals game by making mini squares and doodling your goals in every box instead of the old bullet way!
  • mini paintings: of absolutely anything: your pets, flowers, whatever that inspire the monet in you
  • pressable mini sentimental things: tickets, candy wrappers, tea packs, cute tags, book marks, mini notes, old stickers, stamps, flowers, leaves, petals, etc
  • what i love about today: write it down. like the old times. no need to doodle stuff, just narrate your day because there’s nothing better than raw stories.
  • what’s in my backpack: quick illustration of the stuff u have inside your jansport, kanken, whatever u bring in school or anywhere else!
  • my skincare routine: i dont actually have this page but it feels like a good addition because it’s a way of reminding myself that i have to care for my skin
  • small gestures of self-love: things that i plan to do for myself for optimal self-love!! more like a plan?
  • little things that i should do more often: things that you are going to do in the near future to live your life to the fullest and help you grow and become a better person
  • sunshines in a bottle: make mini bottles and paint each bottle with your very own version that reminds you of the good things that happened to you this week or month maybe!
  • the go-to art materials: an illustration + list of my favorite art materials that i use almost everytime! i wanted to add this page because it helps you organize your brushes or something
  • the coffee stars: rate and maybe even sketch the coffee shops that you’ve been to for the past few weeks! dedicate maybe 3 or 4 pages max for better effect!
  • weekly mantra: what is your chant for this week? write it down and make it look like art (i.e: through calligraphy, etc)
  • popcorn n flix: a movie + snack favorite list that should be done once a month!

ok but is no one going to talk about phichit’s dream of having his own ice show








Taeil- INFP

Taeil’s Ne came as a bit of a surprise for me. I first noticed it in one of their vlogs when he says “When I’m lying in bed, I feel like a forest fairy.” I don’t even remember the question but I know that his answer caught the other members off guard as well. He said his diary would contain the many experiences he had this year as well as thoughts on how he should live out his future (Ne-Si). He gives off this subtle vibe of eccentricity by doing and say things that are quite random and unexpected. He even said that his charm grows with time, most likely because as people get to know him, he’ll be able to open up more.

His Fi can be seen in his strong focus on himself. When talking about his sunbaes he said that “Our seniors opened the road for us well and now we have to go down our new, own road with our own goal.” He makes it clear that he plans on going a different route, all his own instead of just merely living up to the expectations that were placed on his seniors. He’s mentioned how he likes New Age music because it makes his heart feel at peace. He’s literally a cinnamon roll. Mark has described him as someone who “is lovely and pulls people in.” Once he mentioned how he listens to him well and they can both relate to each other, and he said it with appreciation, revealing that he really desires to be with people who understand him or at least put up the effort of doing so without judgement.

Taeyong- ISFP

So the first thing you’ll notice about Taeyong is that he looks very serious and stoic, that alone gives enough reason for one to suspect Te (not to mention his organization skills). However, Jaehyun has mentioned before that Taeyong “seems cold and proud on appearance, but he’s a very considerate guy who cares for you.” In fact, the members have said that at times he can be too sensitive. He describes himself as being timid although he also says that he’s laid back and chill.

At first I thought of him having Ni higher in the stack. He thinks about the future quite often and he other members have said that is known for being very sincere and giving out great advice (at times it becomes overbearing). When someone does something wrong, he sets them right with honesty. He’s even referred to as the life mentor of the group. So then why not INFJ? Because he has no Fe. He just doesn’t have that natural reciprocity of emotions that Fe-users have nor does he do things for the sake of keeping harmony.

He does have Fi however. That scandal that he was involved in when he was in middle school resulted in him receiving a lot of backlash, even before his debut, and it’s really shaped how he wants to live out his life. He’s mentioned that “his bad behavior when he was young caused a lot of mistakes so he doesn’t want his members whom he cares a lot about to make the same mistakes like he did. so he wants to tell them stuff based off of his experiences.” This isn’t Si, as most people will probably assume.

Making up for his mistakes by becoming a better person has become a part of his morals that he desires to attain. He’s even said that “My roots are to become a worthy person. I’ll always work hard thinking of the great amount of attention and words I receive.” In every interview you see, when citing his personal goals, he always mentions becoming a better person. His actions in the past really affected him and now he is set on “building a basis for continuing to show my improved self” because his inner goals are unshakable (typical Fi-user trait).

Doyoung- ENFP

He has this unique way of thinking, not typically aligned with how others usually see things. When asked about how he feels about NCT U’s popularity, he replied by saying “I think it’s fascinating to see our name on the main screen of a portal site.” When asked which song he liked better between “7th Sense” and “Without You, this is how he answered: “To me, this is like asking ‘do you like your mom or dad better?’” His Ne isn’t as obnoxious as other Ne-users because he seems to have found a way to communicate his abstract thoughts to others better. He doesn’t shy away from mentioning his big dreams and even says that “it’s good to dream big”.

He has this strong desire to do things that no one else has done before (like Taeil does), and it just proves how much he prizes individualism and straying from normality. “I feel pride in being a different principle of a group that never existed before. Whenever we introduce our team, we say worldwide.” He also has a strong set of moral values like when the other members were teasing Taeil for wanting to be a migratory bird, he didn’t hesitate to let them know that they were going too far. His Si is apparent when he’s mentioning past events: “After releasing our song, the one week we had before we would be performing on music broadcasts, I would bite my nails and count down every single day until d-day, and those days felt like it would never pass, but afterwards, the one month passed by so quickly. I was happy all throughout the month.”

Jaehyun- ENFJ

So for starters, Jaehyun has that typical Fe smile. He says that his biggest flaw is being too sensitive. His motto is to always be the bigger person and have the bigger heart. The other members say that he makes them feel good: “If we’re down with stress or feeling irritated, he comes over and lightens the mood for us.” He’s very modest, he even looks uncomfortable at times when people compliment him. Taeyong said that he’s the type of person who tries to make everyone happy. His first impression of him was that Jaehyun was someone completely different than himself (his positive thinking and maturity specifically). He’s very accommodating and understanding when it comes to other people. This is a quote from him talking about the multicultural members: “Because each country has its own culture, our basic rule is we have an atmosphere where we respect that. We understand and take consideration of one another, so there’s not many times where we would collide or get into problems.”

Ni-users often undergo existential crises. Am I really going to be happy doing what I do now in the future? What if this isn’t what I’m meant to be doing? He’s the same way as he says that 10 years from now, he wants to be doing something that he’ll be happy doing and be able to live without any regrets. “I think as time passes I become more definite with what I want to do. There are times when I’m just practicing where I’m not sure what I’m practicing for, but when I promote like this I realize what I am getting ready for.”He also says that he works to live a straight life (following the rules well, doing everything perfect to make it seem like he has no imperfections, etc.)


Ten’s always bright and joking around. He’s the one member that you can clearly see genuinely enjoying himself in interviews. He just seems like a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who doesn’t bog himself down with extraneous details or worries. He lives in the moment and likes enjoying every aspect of life he comes across. He also describes himself as being laid back and relaxed (a lot more apparent than Taeyong). Interestingly, he also prides himself for his creativity. He’s known as a jack of all trades because he is multi-talented in various areas.

His Se comes from how he seems restless and unable to sit still. He says that he loves listening to songs with a groove because his body naturally goes along with it. He has many physical hobbies that he enjoys and many of them involve being out and about in nature. This is a quote from him regarding his personality: “the bright and joking around side seems more like me. Because my smiling and non-smiling face has such a different atmosphere, I sometimes get misunderstood. Even when I’m feeling okay, I would hear ‘Ten, are you angry?’”

Mark- ESFP

Mark is known for being very positive and optimistic. He’s very expressive as he’ll be the first one to laugh when someone tells a joke. He’s also known the group’s mood maker. He acknowledges himself as not being perfect and still lacking in many areas, but he doesn’t get dissuaded and instead uses that to drive himself to become better. His Fi can be seen in how personal his goals are, for example, while the other members might say something like “become more successful” he said that he would want to buy his mother a present on her birthday from the money he earns himself. He has unwavering ambition and expresses confidence that they won’t change anytime soon.

He’s very observant when it comes to other people. According to Ten, when he first arrived in Korea to meet the trainees, Mark approached him first and said “If you need any help with anything, you can come to me anytime.” So he was just very approachable and friendly.True to most xSFPs, he desires to have fun with whatever he does and to live his life to the fullest. Despite him and Ten being outsiders, they both adjusted quickly, according to the other members (xSxP tendencies).

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You and the guys seem to really enjoy yourselves and live ur lives to the fullest, always going to disneyworld and that. It's quiet inspiring. Would u say there was a time in ur lives where u just decided to live like that or has it always just been natural to you?

I work really hard and as much as I can in as rapid-fire of a burst as possible so that I can specifically enjoy the good times with total commitment and have it feel earned. That was a giant run-on sentence but I’ve been that way my whole life.

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hey imane u've talked about feeling ugly before so i was wondering if u have any advice for me? i'm 17 and i feel like i'm missing out on life bc i'm ugly... all the other girls my age seems to be living life to the fullest: dressing up, going out, taking pictures stuff like that and then there's me who never leaves my house, talks to like 7 people and has stopped even trying in the looks department :/

hi babe at ur age i was in the same situation, my friends went out and dated and partied and dressed up and i felt like the little ugly cave goblin that nobody cared about and i think that at that stage it’s fairly normal to be like that, and it’s not an end in itself, it’s literally a phase that you can get over with soon if you rise above ur self doubts and just go for it. now in hindsight i realise that this shit doesn’t matter bc i feel like i am living my life more and more fully NOW because i have finally accepted that this flesh vessel isn’t meaningful, it’s a tool at best and as long as the tool is working i don’t care much about whether people like what they see or not. i am the only person living my life and therefore i am the only person who can dictate what i can or cannot do (within reasonable limits lmao like im not gonna rob a bank under the pretense of living my life to the fullest but that’s obvious i guess!)

i think at the end of the day to live a happier life u have to put a more positive spin to the things you live through. everyone feels ugly at some point and it’s only through active reflections on beauty standards and stuff that you can free urself from the voice in ur head that keeps telling u that u aren’t good enough bc ur chromosomes didn’t line up a certain way or smt. beauty standards are so arbitrary that i find it absolutely ridiculous how much importance we give them. and they certainly will NOT stop you from experiencing the things u want to experience. the way i see it, you are standing in ur own way bc u have internalised misconceptions about life that u can only get over by proving urself wrong. stand up for yourself against ur doubts and fears and live ur best life bc u deserve it regardless of what you think you look like and what you think ur physical appearance precludes you from doing. go to one or more of these seven ppl that u talk to, ask them if they’re interested in doing something fun, and do it! nobody ever said that having fun was a pretty privilege and if someone did then they can fuck off, they’re too ugly on the inside to even follow their stupid ass rule. every day is the first day of the rest of ur life, give meaning to ur life that goes beyond what you look like, as cheesy as it sounds practice gratefulness because it seriously helps in the self-esteem department, and learn to be kinder to yourself and to accept yourself the way you are and strive towards spiritual/intellectual improvement instead of letting ur flesh prison dictate the way u should live ur life.

ur still young and u will go through ups and downs and not everyday is going to be easy and even tho i don’t really care anymore about what ppl think i look like i have moments where i relapse and i feel like shit but what matters isn’t how often u fall it’s that u can pick urself up and not dig a deeper hole. u can never miss out on life if u assign a meaning to the things you DO and LEARN instead of assigning more meaning to how you LOOK. physical beauty fades! but strengthening ur spirit, believing in ur capacity to do things, whether they’re big or small, whether they’re just for fun or if they have a deeper meaning, living ur life for urself, that is something u will carry with u for ur entire life and that’s not something anyone can take away from u except urself, so don’t let urself hold u down and let ur spirit rise above all of these preconceptions that uglies can’t do shit. life is more than dressing up and partying but that’s also smt that is important to experience if that’s what u wish so just go for it, no one is stopping u but urself. im 24 and in the last 6 years i have done more than i ever thought i could and i still have a lot of things to discover so as u can see, if u want it to get better, it does get better :-) good luck kid u can always come back to me for a long ass pep talk thats my specialty 

Sad Boy: The Musical

So i got some brain problems and im working on getting them fixed and i just kinda want to say some stuff about it. but TL;DR: If you are feeling sad or anxious or anything that is affecting your life and productivity or happiness please go talk to a doctor or therapist or even just some guy because it will help i promise you.

Heres the whole thing under  this break

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awww thank u! your lovely words really made my day!

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we're on friendly terms but not close, despite this I still think you're full of love, empathy, a sincere desire to live to the fullest and connect deeply with ppl, yourself, and God. you seem lost but always searching, always striving despite setbacks and frustrations. if there's one word for you it's hope, imo. there's always hope. and remember, you're never alone on your journey. love <3333

i’m ??? in tears??? waaaaahhhhh this is so unbelievably kind!! thank u for taking the time to message me this :’) you made my heart feel so warm. i hope u have a beautiful day/life. sending love and light your way xx

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life sucks and I can't do nyThing with it. How do I live my life to the fullest like u

Hey !!! I feel ya !! Life sux alot of the time 4 me too !! Especially lately !!! Not all of it is bad tho!! It goes up and down!! We r all just spiraling in different ways forever. I don’t feel like I live my life to the fullest at all ! Even alot of brilliant artists that I know and get inspiration from, hardly feel satisfied!! It’s surprising, but I think just naturally as a human being you Always Want More. Life is a treasure and privilege however!! The best option is always (besides a few rare cases) to make the most out of it and soak it in while ya can. The other cool thing is, you have the majority of control over ur own life !!! Yes its true! It’s not always easy to change everything and do whatever u want and start living in ur ideal perfect manner, that is true as well. When ur at a low point, you dont feel capable of doing those things. U feel tired, unmotivated, ect. That is your starting point!!! Big changes rarely occur overnight. It’s more about… taking small steps gradually until you start to notice the result. Each day, do a few things that are healthy and beneficial. What do you want to do in life??? What do you like 2 do?? Make small goals and force yourself to begin them. Goals feel meaningless until you actually are indulged in them!! Trust that it’s going to be worth it!! Get help for yourself !!! Reach out to someone and get urself started. Make a plan !!! The only separation is Trying and Not Trying. Find bad habits that are holding u back and work on cutting them out of ur life. Dont surround yrself with toxic people. Keeping busy is good, but if you aren’t feeling fulfilled by what you’re doing, find something else to do or somewhere else to go!!! Eat healthier and run around outside- around the block or find a field or a backyard, whateber. Use social media less and forget abt petty texting and boring conversation. Leave voicemails or mail letters or write alot of interesting things at once. Learn about others. Nvr be half hearted with friendships or relationships. I do truely believe that ppl are being dulled by the internet and cell phones !!! Log the Hekc off. Read more and avoid ur bed as much as possible until you actually want to sleep. Drink alot of h20 (water) !!! There is someone outside the corner store across the street from me currently, just Shredding on electric guitar and continuously playing solos, despite that its cold and raining and strangers might find it weird. Who carez ya gotta do what you enjoy. Make sure u are making other people happy and never making anyone else feel worse or uncomfortable. Pay attention to the feelings of those around you.These are all just tips but of course not anything official. Only what I’ve learned from experience!!! We can wallow in sadness 2gether dont worry, as long as u make sure to do a few great/progressive things each day. I believe in u !!!! yo yoyoyoyo u sick. Start 2 turn it all around tmmrw. Nothing more u can do than literally just start. Dont delay it or wait for specific dates!! That becomes addicting and you nvr actually begin. Ok good luck best wishes god bless 

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what I've noticed about this fandom is that you guys love sarah and it's like w h y. why aren't you guys jealous of her. she gets to wake up next breb, she gets to do THINGS to him

Well yeah i mean we are jealous of her to some extent, id love to be her (for multiple reasons (one being wow shes pretty as shit dicks holy fuck)), but damn, she is just living life to the fullest and she is so happy and to think of being in her shoes and to get hate for just being in LOVE and for having someone LOVE HER.. Can you even imagine how awful that is? 

besides, she’s a generally good person, granted i dont know her personally, but i trust the judgement of brendon + she’s very sweet and kind to the bandom, she doesnt flaunt brendon (even though she totally should bc oh my GOD sarah look what u have), and she talks to us!! a lot!! which is really cool! she’s really helpful with health tips + beauty tips which is nice, also. And she’s also really pretty and i’d totally make out with her if the chance ever presented itself i mean

come on

(holy SHIT her in plaid rattles my gay skeleton bones)

point is; Hate is blinding, and you dont have to hate someone just because you’re jealous of their life. She’s a good person, who cares about Brendon, inspires him, and 100% gives him cute little smooches, (and makes him wash his greasy hair?), and i, along with an amount of other people, choose not to hate her just because she gets to make out with Brendon Urie. Ja feel?