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Ah with Hiroki acting in his current stage play, does that mean he was practicing both hq and his current one at the same time?

He went to a few rehearsals for Gifuu Doudou during the days when Haikyuu wasn’t touring, but as soon as Haikyuu returned to Tokyo for the final leg of its tour, he was solely focused on that since they were performing Summer of Evolution pretty much every day for almost 2 weeks.  He did the photoshoot for it toward the end of Engeki rehearsals I think, but rehearsals for Gifuu Doudou didn’t begin in full for him until after Haikyuu had finished touring.  He pretty much went to Gifuu rehearsals the day after Haikyuu finished.


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⌈ The Empire is only a dying wounded animal refusing it’s fate. But it cannot escape it. ⌉

⌈ And from it’s ashes a new, better future will be born. If they refuse the oncoming change, I will force them to face it. No matter the cost. ⌉


finally reading this ‘homestuck’ everyone’s talking about.

Me? Getting super invested in HS?? more likely than you think