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Homework Starters

“When did we learn this?”

“I’ll do it later.”

“I’ve seriously been staring at this problem for the past half hour.”

“It’s been ten minutes. Stop being so dramatic.”

“Can’t you ever get anything done in advance?”

“Nope, I don’t have any homework.”

“If it’s not due tomorrow it’s not getting done today.”

“When is it due?”

“I have so many missing assignments, though.”

“Do teachers like get together and all decide to give homework on the same day?”

“Have you started the homework yet?”

“I have an essay due tonight.”

“Why do you always wait till the last second to do any of your homework.”

“You know, I think the point of homework is to do it at home.”

“How can you even focus on your homework with your music up this loud?”

“I have a question on the homework, ________.”

“Time to get some study snacks.”

“Wait, we had homework?”

“Stupid printer! Always breaking just when I need it.”

“______ can I borrow your homework? I forgot to do it.”

“Who has time for a job when all my time is spent on homework.”

“You’d probably be less stressed about your homework if you didn’t wait till two hours before you went to bed.”

“Whatever, I’m too tired. I’m going to bed.”

Betrayed [Part 3]

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Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,832

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

“If I didn’t know better I’d say he’s flirting with you.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 1 ✧ Part 2 ✧ Part 4 ✧ Part 5

A/N: Sorry for the long wait oh my god !! I finished at like 10 at night only functioning on ramen and some crackers so I’m sorry if it sucks and that’s it’s so short. 

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who cares | 02 (m)

 pairing:  kim taehyung x oc 
 genre/warnings: angst, drama, adultery
 words: 4,363
summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
 note.  inspired by Dean’s album 130 mood:trbl

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11

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Erase (Request)

Something inspired by We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth?


It had been exactly 157 days since you had spoken to Harry.

For some reason, you hadn’t deleted his texts; you still had a record of all your conversations from the moment you met until the moment you stopped talking. You should have gotten rid of them, all they did was bring up painful memories of how and why the two of you ended things.

If you looked back through the records, you could see different milestones in your relationship. At first, the texts were more formal. A lot of them were asking how the other was and what their schedule looked like. You had the text from the first time he asked you on a date and the corresponding text he had sent you after he dropped you off that night, asking if he could see you again tomorrow.

The texts between you when had first started dating were straight out of a romance movie. They were sappy and sweet, always telling the other how much you missed them and all the little things you liked about each other. They were constant – almost scarily so – and you wondered if you had thought about anything else at that point.

When things had gotten more serious, the texts were a bit scarce. It wasn’t because you weren’t talking, but because you now spent most of your time together at each other’s house; sending texts to each other would have been redundant. The only time they picked up was when Harry was away for a few weeks.

Near the end of things, the texts were still scarce but now a lot more rigid and blunt. Things weren’t good between the two of you and your conversations reflected that.

The last text exchange between you was simply,

I’ll be home in an hour. We’ll talk then.

That was it. That was the last text Harry had sent you. He had come home about two hours after that to find you stewing and waiting for him in the living room.

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Dean x reader

Please don’t judge this too harshly. This is my first time writing fanfiction and this idea just won’t leave my head.

Here it goes.


It was only two days until you and Dean’s one year anniversary and you are completely elated. But there had been a sudden change in Dean’s attitude towards you. He used to do almost everything with you like hunting, go on supply runs, and your favorite, watching movies together on the couch until you both passed out. Dean also would look at you with his big green eyes that lit up whenever you were together.  But something has changed and he looks at you the way he looks at his little brother Sammy. He even sometimes acted like you were just another one of his acquaintances. It tore your heart apart especially when he barley even kissed you or say “I love you.” 

 You were worried that you would end up having to shut everyone out like you did after your ex cheated on you.

You, Dean, and Sam were doing research in the library on a possible case when Dean got one of the many calls that day.

“Really, Dean, another call?” Sam said in suspicion.

“Sorry but I have to take this.” Dean exclaimed as he hurriedly walked down the bunker hallway to our room.

“Has he seemed a bit off lately?” Sam asked as you were giving an annoyed face.

“I don’t know what is up with him. First it is all the calls, then it is the fact that he disappears to nowhere and he is becoming more distant from me.” You said as you realized what you needed to do.

“I’m sure he is just making plans for your one year anniversary,” Sam said reassuringly.

“Right. Since when is Dean ever the romantic type?” You said as you grew to worry the worst.

Dean walked back in with his coat and keys, “ I have to go help an old friend with something and I probably won’t be back till tomorrow,” Dean said even though you knew he was lying.

“Ok, me and Y/N will figure out if these murders are our thing and get some supplies,” Sam said not looking away from his computer screen.

You waited a few moments for Dean to make it to the garage and that’s when you rushed to get your coat and your gun before going after him.

“Were are you off to?” Sam said with his usual worried look because you looked like you were off on a hunt.

Knowing that you couldn’t lie to Sam without him trying to yank the truth out of you and you didn’t have time for any arguing so you just explained,”I am going to follow Dean because I have this bad feeling.”

“Why?” Sam asked confused,”He is just helping out one of his old friends. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“I know I just want to make sure and I will come right back” you shouted already headed to the garage.


You had been driving for an hour following Dean keeping a four car length between you when you arrived at this bar. A few minutes later a girl in a pink tank top, white booty shorts, and heels came out and got in the ‘67 impala. Your stomach dropped and a knot was in your throat as you held back your tears. Maybe it wasn’t what it looked like. So you followed the old classic muscle car once more. 

You followed Dean to this shady motel. You watched in horror as Dean was all over the skank calling her “baby.”

You got out as soon as they went into the motel room. You were frozen in shock. Tears slipped down your eyes as you grabbed your wallet and took the picture of you and Dean you loved so much because it was a picture Sam took when the two of you weren’t looking while you laughed your heads off. The picture was in your hands and you only had enough strength to put the picture on Dean’s precious car and put two bullet holes in the picture as well as the hood of the car.

After you got in the car and screeched off watching as Dean ran out screaming, “Son of a Bitch,” as he examined that his car was damaged only to realize that it was the picture of you and him.

“Oh no, Y/N!!” Dean yelled as he watched you drive away. 


As soon as you got to the bunker and got through the door your emotions took off.

“Y/N!?” Sam asked as he ran up to you right as your legs gave out falling into Sam’s caring arms.”Y/N, what happened?”

“H-how c-could h-he d-do th-this to me?” you managed to let out in between sobs.”D-dean d-doesn’t love me any-more.”

Sam was afraid and didn’t know quite what to do because he has never seen you like this even when tortured by monsters you never cried. So Sam picked you up bridal style and wen’t to the room that you and Dean shared. He laid you down ever so gently afraid he might hurt you in this fragile state.

“It’ll be ok, Y/N,” he said holding you rubbing your back as you let out all the feeling you had for Dean. You started to calm down and you could feel yourself becoming numb because you weren’t going to let anyone hurt you again. 

Sam and you had been talking for a while when the bunker door swung open and you could here Dean yell,”Y/N! Y/N! Please, Baby, I need to explain!”

“Stay right here.” Sam said so calmly as he shut the bedroom door behind him.

“Sam, were is Y/N? I need to talk to her.” Dean said now in the library.

“You know what, Dean, you have some nerve to pull something like that! Y/N loved you with everything she had and you know how hard that was for her to do especially after her ex! The five years that we have known her and the four it took for you to earn her trust you managed to destroy it within a couple of days!” Sam shouted angrily at his brother hoping to knock some sense into him.

“I-i didn’t mean-” Dean started but got cut off by Sam.

“You didn’t mean what, Dean!? You didn’t mean to hurt her in ways that even you can’t fix! Did you really think that you wouldn’t get caught!?”


“No, Dean, you said you would never hurt her, that you would protect her! Dean, I can’t even imagine how you could do this, especially since Y/N was still by your side no matter what, and everything you two had been through!”

“I-i’m sorry-” Dean wispered as reality kicked in and he noticed he screwed up and will never be able to fix it and tears began to well up in his eyes.

“Sorry, Dean? Sorry is not going to cut it and you shouldn’t be apologizing to me.” Sam said as he couldn’t believe Dean did this, it was a new low even for him.

While Sam lectured Dean downstairs, you started to pack a bag and writing a letter to Sam and Dean. You had a plan that was fairly risky.

You called Cas, hoping he would respond. With a gust of wind Cas stood in front of you with a confused look.

“Y/N, what is going on? Why is Sam yelling at Dean?” 

You close your eyes and took a deep breath holding back the pain behind your puffy red eyes.

“I need you to erase my memory.”


Part 2? 

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Tbh i don't think good things going to happen for Louis before harry' album promo ends :/ Which is sucks. We will probably have to wait till June for the good things to happen Louis :((

Let’s see how today/tomorrow goes and if Louis pops up somewhere to stunt. If he does, then it’s further proof that there’s a connection between Harry’s music promo and Louis’ stunts and then I’m inclined to agree that June will be the month to watch, hopefully. The sooner the better though I’d say.

KBTBB Snapchat (Fluff / Humor Request)

Hi! I was wondering if you’re open for requests? If you are and if you have time, could you do a HC/ short story of the Bidders catching the MC playing Pokemon Go or playing around with Snapchat filters and joins in with her? LOL XD

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Hi there, thx for your request and patience. I had fun writing this ;) Apologize in advance if Mamoru’s one is slightly longer, can’t help it with my love

Fandom: Kiss by The Baddest Bidders
Category: fluff, fanfic, romance, humor
Character: Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Mamoru, Shuichi

Prologue (bidders’ POV)
Another long day at work, only one thing on my mind to make it all better. As my feet get closer, I hear her funny giggle through the half open door and see her lying comfortably on her stomach, showing her seductive curve. Hmm I like the view of that, quietly walk towards our bed as I see a vague image on her ipad screen, is that a man? Is she looking at my photos? Wait, that doesn’t look like me though. Standing behind her in no time, staring at the ridiculous photo she’s laughing so hard at, “What is this, ______?”

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Character: Credence Barebone

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: The request was somewhat different, but I think the desired outcome is there :)

In the somewhat short amount of time Credence Barebone had been living in your apartment, he had become very attached to you.

You were one of the very few people he felt completely and utterly safe with and could trust. You were also the first person to show him any kind of affection, something he hadn’t realized he wanted until after he met you.

So majority of your days were spent with you going about your days, and him following behind you.

He was very helpful though, assisting you whenever you asked for his help and doing small tasks like drying the dishes while you washed them or setting the table.

To say the least, Credence had become used to you being a part of his everyday life.

And given his past, he was generally one to worry over small things.

Say if you showed up from work far later than usual, or whenever something out of the usual schedule changed, though he was getting better at it.

However, he wasn’t fond of you coming late lately since it got darker earlier and the cold had been especially unforgiving as Christmas came closer.

“Shouldn’t you wait till morning to go out? It’s gotten dark out.” Credence told you, holding out your coat so you could put it on easier.

You flashed him a small smile of gratitude before nodding your head. “I’m afraid I won’t have the time tomorrow morning, I’m trying to get in more work hours so I won’t have to worry about it over Christmas.”

Credence nodded. “Well, be careful then.”

You smiled at him, reaching up and pecking his cheek before opening the door. “I’ll be back soon.”

Credence watched you leave, closing the door behind you. You never exactly told him where you were going, telling him it was top secret and he wasn’t allowed to know yet.

Being an auror only aided you in keeping the secret well hidden from him.

Which of course, only peaked his curiosity since you never usually kept secrets from him.

However he could never dwell on it for so long sine you usually kept your promise and came home the next hour or so.

“Why don’t you head off to bed? I still have some of these cards to finish.” You said, looking over your glasses to look at Credence, who was reading by the tree.

“Will you be alright up by youself?” He asked, closing his book and placing it on the sidetable.

Credence was always concerned about your wellbeing, questions like these were common and he asked you some variation of it almost ten times a day, although you found it somewhat endearing.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ve seen my fair share of late evenings.” You encouraged, removing your glasses to look up at him with a smile. “Besides you need your rest, it’s Christmas tomorrow.”

The corner of his mouth turned to smile ever so slightly as he nodded. “Don’t stay up too late.”

When Credence woke up the next morning, he was somewhat surprised that when he entered the parlor, you were nowhere to be seen.

You almost always woke up before him, running around the kitchen trying to get a cup of tea made before you left for work or somewhere else.

But now it was dead silent, everything the same except under there were several brightly wrapped gifts.

Credence walked over to your bedroom door, reaching up to knock on it but it pushed open whenever his knuckles barely tapped it.

He looked inside, finding your bed empty but made, and all the lights off.

Now truly confused, and on the slight verge of panic, he left your room and noticed your coat was missing from the rack.

He then went over to the window, squinting whenever the bright light hit his eyes.

Credence jumped slightly whenever the front door closed, he turned and saw you standing there.

“Where did you go?” He asked, walking up to you and pulling you into a hug.

“Oh I’m sorry, I had to mail my Christmas cards.” You said, returning the embrace for a few moments before pulling away.

“Next time I’ll leave a note, I didn’t mean to worry you.” You said, turning to smile at him.

“It’s fine.” Credence said, looking at you with a small smile, happy to know you were alright.

“Now!” You said enthusiastically with a clap of your hands. “I have a gift for you.” You announced, taking a box from under the tree and handing it to him.

“Well I have more for you, but you’ll have to wait until everyone shows up later to open those ones, but here’s one for the road.” You said with a smile.

Credence looked down at the small box and his head tilting slightly. “It’s for me?”

You nodded. “Of course, I picked it out especially for you.”

He took it from your hands, and carefully undid the wrapping paper before finding a small velvet box, which upon opening revealed a silver pocketwatch.

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to get you, but I saw this and it reminded me of you.” You explained, taking the paper from him and setting it aside.

It was an ordinary pocketwatch, the front of it was blank but extremely shiny.

“But! That’s not the best part.” You said, pressing the top button and as it flipped open he saw the letters “C. B.” engraved into it in curly font.

You looked up at him but the smile fell from your face when you saw his somewhat sad expression.

“You hate it don’t you? I had a feeling it would be to flashy, but I couldn’t help feeling you might like it and-” Your stream on consciousness was interrupted whenever he pulled you into another hug.

“I don’t hate it, it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever gotten from someone.” He said quietly, pulling away to look at you. “I just didn’t get you anything.”

You let out a breath of relief, happy to know he liked it. “Don’t worry about that.” You said encouragingly. “Knowing you liked it is a gift enough, I promise.”

Credence smiled, looking down at the watch again. “I really do like it.”

Regardless of your words, every year after that Credence always bought you a gift, constantly saying you deserved them far more than he did.

Of course, you would always disagree.

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Can we suggest songs to you guys? For you mistake? Also how are you guys doing?

Jeremy: You can always recommend us songs! Since all of our tastes in music differ there’s gotta be at least one of us who likes it. Speaking of The Phoenix, that’s on our second playlist you can find here

Jeremy: As for us here, it’s been pretty quiet since Ryan left this morning. Gavin is still asleep and most likely won’t wake up ‘till later this evening, Michael’s catching up on the sleep he missed when he was fussing over Gavin, Ray’s been working so he hasn’t been around… not really sure what Geoff or Jack have been up to since they’ve holed themselves up in the planning room.

Jeremy: It’s not that weird though. There have been plenty of times where it’s not completely chaotic here, things will probably be back to normal tomorrow when Ryan gets back with Meg. Oh, wait, yeah – Ryan’s a whole foot taller than me. Almost forgot to answer that.


So today is my birthdayyy 🎉🎉🎉
I look super tired, probably because I stayed up till 6am finishing my final project for class and only slept for 3 hours before going to class. Oops.
So far it’s been good though, today was my last day of class for the Summer, i went and bought fabric to make a Candela cosplay, and now I’m waiting for my boyfriend to get off work so he can come over and have dinner with meee.
Plus, apparently I’m totally getting a camera for my birthday, i should be getting it tomorrow and I am SO ecstatic! I’ll be able to do reshoots for most of my cosplays and I won’t have to rely on my boyfriend iPhone for when we go to cons!


Well here is some pure Steve Rogers smut. You can’t go wrong with some nice simple Steve smut. I haven’t written smut in quite some time so apologies if it’s a little dodgy! But enjoy anyway folks. As always please do let me know what you think :) 

“Come on it’s fucking freezing just fix the damn thing!” You shout at Steve from the sofa, curled into the smallest ball possible. Steve is standing in front of the boiler, looking puzzled. He is wrapped from head to toe in as much clothing as possible, socks on his hands, two hats on his head, the works.

“Do you not think I am TRYING?” He shouts back, impatiently storming away from the boiler. It was mid-winter and temperatures were dropping below zero at night. Not an ideal time for the heating to break in your old, draughty apartment.

“We will just have to wait till tomorrow.” You say, trying to control your chattering teeth. “I’m gunna go get into bed.”

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Soulmate AU Part 2

I accidentally posted this to the wrong account at first. Whoops!

Part 1 here

Part 2: Will

Will was the only one of his friends who hadn’t found his soulmate yet. Most of his friends had found theirs years ago, but Will guessed he wasn’t that lucky. It was unusual for someone his age, the ripe old age of twenty-six, to have not found their soulmate already. Will just assumed that his other half was in another country or something, mainly because there was never any writing that appeared on his skin, just drawings. They were incredible, and Will was aching to find the person who created such beautiful art.

That could wait though, well at least till tomorrow because today, Will and his friends were going out to celebrate. Will had just graduated from medical school and he would be starting at his new job in a few weeks. Will checked his hand for probably the millionth time that morning, just to be sure of the restaurant and time. It was then that he noticed the beginnings of a new drawing. Will smiled to himself and continued to get ready. Lou Ellen and Kayla were on their way to pick him up since he didn’t feel like walking.

Will walked out of the door and waited in a patch of sunlight for Lou Ellen and Kayla. Will had always enjoyed the sunlight and his friends would joke that he was like the son of Apollo. A car horn tore Will from his thoughts. He shook his head and jogged over to the car. Once Will was inside, he greeted the two girls up front.

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You Rang?
  • Sherlock: *dramatic sigh*
  • John: *eye roll* Yes?
  • Sherlock: She hasn’t picked up yet.
  • John: Who?
  • Sherlock: *glaring* Oh, I don’t know, the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • John:
  • Sherlock: Whom do you think I was calling?
  • John: I still don’t know mate.
  • Sherlock: Molly. I was calling Molly.
  • John: And?
  • Sherlock: She isn’t answering my calls
  • John: How many times have you rung her?
  • Sherlock: Fifteen.
  • John: *incredulously* Fifteen! What ever for?
  • Sherlock: Not important.
  • John:
  • Sherlock: What’s important is that she hasn’t picked up once or called back or cared to even send a message and I’ve been trying to reach her all day.
  • John: *checking the time* When did you start calling?
  • Sherlock: Eh… Just after 9:00.
  • John: 9:00 am this morning?
  • Sherlock: No, 9:00 pm last night. Yes, 9:00 am this morning!
  • John: I know that you git.
  • Sherlock: Then why-
  • John: You do realize it is now 3:00 in the afternoon.
  • Sherlock: So?
  • John: And where do you suppose Molly would be from 9:00 to 3:00 on a weekday?
  • Sherlock: *thinking* 3:00 on Tuesday the 7th- *buffering* -she has a meeting with the pathology department from 2:00-3:30, so she should be out soon.
  • John: *under his breath* What, did you memorize her schedule?
  • Sherlock: Sorry?
  • John: Nothing, nothing. I meant in general, Sherlock. Where is she?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Work.
  • John: Right. And there you have your answer.
  • Sherlock: *fidgets with his phone* She always picks up, though. What if something’s wrong!
  • John: She’s probably just busy.
  • Sherlock: *pouting*
  • John: I guess you could always go down there and-
  • Sherlock: *hops out of his chair* Excellent suggestion, John.
  • John: *muttering* -see if everything’s all right.
  • Sherlock: *grabs his coat* Don’t wait up. If she truly is fine-
  • John: *jokingly* If who’s fine? The future queen of England?
  • Sherlock: *pauses* Who?
  • John: Oh, never mind.
  • Sherlock: If Molly is fine, I won’t return till tonight –tomorrow morning if I’m lucky. *grins with a wink*
  • John: *scrunches up his nose* Yes, yes, I got it. Go, your girlfriend’s probably expecting you soon.
  • Sherlock: She called you?
  • John: No. You called her. Fifteen times, remember?
  • Sherlock: Yes. Right. Bye.

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Congrats on your finals being done! For a prompt or two, how about the Mystery Skulls end up with a litter of kittens and their mamma who adopts Mystery as co-parent. Or the Mystery Skulls investigate a haunted dude-ranch, now who's up for some horseback riding?

Hnggg I wanna do both of them. Here’s the kitten one for now.


The dog had paused in their dash home, making Vivi cringe. It was pouring down rain and usually Mystery hated getting wet. At least she had her umbrella but even that was proving useless in this wind. Curse her need to stay late at the bookstore! “What’s the matter? Come on, we gotta go!”

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LOVE ME RIGHT- CHANYEOL~ The Cheshire Cat Part 1

Well you asked and so you shall get! And I can’t even wait till tomorrow because my mind is literally coming up with every word now. A certain muffin asked for Chanyeol’s next and I was already planning this so


You hated this. Your sister was getting married, and of course you had to be one of the brides maids. It could be worst, at least you weren’t the maid of honor. Nope she was on her way having just landed in South Korea.

But your sister, the bride, made you get all dressed up when though the wedding wasn’t until a couple weeks still. So here you were sitting on an uncomfortable stool looking out the window. Your sister had received a phone call and left the room leaving you alone. You observed the attire you were wearing. The dress, a light blue coming down to about your knees. Underneath the dress were white stockings. For some reason you had to wear these, apparently it was themed to a certain fairytale that you had neglected to remember the name of.

As you say in silence something white caught your eye out in the dark green grass of the garden. Upon further observation you found it to be a white rabbit. Curious about it you quickly slipped out of the room and outside. You had left those uncomfortable shoes inside, which you would get yelled at for later being that you would get the stockings grass stained. Although you didn’t care.

You looked around desperately for the rabbit and out of the corner of your eye spotted a small fluffy white tail disappearing behind a hedge. You ran after it but behind the hedge there was no life insight. There was however two paths and a big old tree. You took a look down the paths and thought about which one to take to go after the rabbit and you were about to go down the path to the left you heard a deep voice behind you.

“Oh he didn’t go that way”, you nearly jumped out of your skin as you turned around to see a boy sitting on the lower branch of the tree. He looked about your age, he had disheveled white hair and a big grin. He was wearing a black and white striped suit.

“Oh really then? Which way did he go?”, you asked curiously, “And who are you?”

“He went down the rabbit hole of course”, the boy pointed towards the bottom of the tree revealing a hole. “And I’m Chanyeol. What’s your name sweet heart?”

“…._____”, you said hesitantly, blushing lightly.

“Ah a beautiful name for a beautiful girl”, Chanyeol smirked.

You giggled, “That’s so cheesy!”

His smirk quickly turned back into a wide grin, “I know.”
He hopped down from the tree and walked in front of you.
“Well don’t you have a rabbit to catch?”

You looked at him pointedly, “I thought you said he went down the hole.”

“I did.”

“Then how am I possibly going to catch him now?”, you asked frustratingly confused.

“Well that’s the problem isn’t it? You could always follow him”, he chuckled when you gave him a look, “That would be quite the adventure wouldn’t it? Well I suppose you have to make a choice then.”

“It obvious that I wouldn’t follow him. It’s a rabbit hole for goodness sake! I wouldn’t fit. Are you mad?”, you accused.

“Naturally. But we’re all mad here, aren’t we?”, Chanyeol asked grinning.

“…I guess so-”

“I know so. I know you know so too!”, he chided happily.

“Why are you so…giddy?”, starting to worry, you were beginning to think he was indeed crazy.

“Why shouldn’t I be? Tell me ____ why are you so boring?”

“I… How dare you?! I’m not boring! What kind of question is that?”, you yelled.

“But you are! That’s why you didn’t follow the rabbit down the hole, because you’re boring. And you’ll just go to that boring wedding, and then live your boring life. And one day you’ll be the boring bride at the boring wedding getting married to a boring guy. And you’ll have boring kids and then die a boring death.”

“Okay okay I get it’ll be boring! But all because I didn’t go down a rabbit hole? Thanks but I’d rather be boring than daft”, you argued, then fell silent, “Hang on how did YOU know about the wedding?”

“Oh everyone knows! Gosh did you think gossip doesn’t spread around wonderland too?”, Chanyeol laughed.

“Wonderland? What’s that-”

“_____!”, you were cut off by your name being called. It was your sister.

“Well it was certainly nice meeting you. I promise I’ll be seeing you again, and look I’ll even seal my promise.”

Suddenly he was in front of you and you felt a pair of lips on yours. You almost flinched away in surprise but you closed your eyes. And when you opened them. There was no one in sight.

Just then your sister ducked through the hedge to find you standing awestruck. “There you are! I was worried about you. You’ll never guess, my maid of honor’s car broke down. She’s staying at this strange old cafe that Chen said he knew”, Chen was her fiancé and you quickly rolled your eyes.

She gasped, “____! Your stockings! They’re all grass stained and look you’ve got a hole in them! What am I going to do with you? Come on now back to the house!” She ducked back through the hedge and you followed her, sighing.

But when you were ducking through the hedge you swore you heard a deep chuckle.


Well then as you know these are all to be continued. And I hope you like this one.

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I saw your twitter asking who you should draw as Jon Snow and it should definitely be Dan because he even cosplayed as Jon Snow before.

Oh, he has?? ;D Haha, stupid question -of course he has! I’ll wait till tomorrow to decided which one(s) I’m gonna draw, but thank you so much for your ‘vote’! (I might even draw myself as Jon Snow, who knows? xD)

Otra Dublin 1. 16.10.15

I’m gonna be honest, It was a very emotional show for me, and Niall too! I m gonna make a post about that tomorrow cos I’m too tired now. But here are some things that happened in what was an amazing show.
* The crowd were insane. That’s the fifth time I’ve seen the boys live and I’ve never heard a crowd like it. Liam said at one point they couldn’t hear what they were supposed to be signing. Niall was emotional.
*Niall s family were there - there was a shout out by both Liam and Harry to his family, Bobby was mentioned :) Niall was emotional.
*Someone threw a cuddly frog on stage when Harry was sitting on the catwalk - I don’t think he was impressed. He made a really confused then kinda offended face.
* Harry was hilarious dancing in his boot. He still did all the hair shaking and tried to do all that jumping on one leg.
* The boot was removed ( can’t remember when) and he wasn’t as crazy in his dancing, although we got lots of upper body dancing! He didn’t seem to be limping.
* Niall said Ireland 445 times.
*Liam is hot.
* Harry sang the first line of his solo in Louis’ direction and then remembered he probably shouldn’t and angled himself away.
* Louis’ eyes are ridiculously blue and he is adorably cute - he was joking a lot with Liam and Niall.
* I didn’t see Harry and Louis go backstage, but I may have missed it.
*Louis got someone’s flag - I nearly had a heart attack as I thought it was a rainbow flag. It was a Spanish one.
*Harry s mic stand dropped down and he sang bent over at one point
*Niall just smiled the whole time - he was really emotional
*Harry threw water over the standing areas to cool them down.
*Twice I saw Harry ask security to help someone in the crowd. Once he did it over his mic when he was talking to the crowd.
*Liam read signs - no Larry signs.
* I may be wrong but I got the feeling they’d had a warning about Harry and Louis interacting. They were different to when I saw them in London. I was quite far back though, so maybe someone who was closer could give their view on that.
*Louis announced to the arena he needed a wee.
*Harry did the two banana for a pound thing and then him and Niall started talking in Irish accents.
* Louis’ voice was incredible tonight.
* Louis talked about The No Control Project asked who had been involved. I was all “whhoooo hooooo Me ” hands in the air and about 20 mothers looked at me with disgust. Lol.
* Harry is just wonderful. I love him a lot. I wanna touch his hair ( with permission)
*There were a hell of a lot of kids there tonight. Way more than I saw at the London shows.
*Perfect was fucking incredible live. They all sang one of the choruses together.
*Its a much smaller venue so the stage was a lot smaller than at previous venues.
*Didnt see any rainbow direction people - we had some rainbow stuff but no one else near us did. We got looks and my green and blue bandanas were not appreciated by some people.
*I had a couple of horrible things happen before going in but I ll explain those tomorrow - don’t want to put them in here.
*Didnt see rbb or sbb anywhere.

So I had a new camera which I was messing with quite a bit, so I could have missed a load of interesting things. I have some great pics too, have to wait till I’m home to upload though.
If I remember anything else I ll add it in.
Great night though and can’t wait for Belfast.
If you are going tomorrow - enjoy!