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This isn’t about how it’s amazing that 10 people made the anime in 500 days or how deep the plot actually is. That is also great, but Kemono Friends is even more than that.

Humans have the tendency to believe that we are above everything else, thinking of other animals as if they weren’t worth of our treatment, and we drive many whole species to extinction.

(See how Japanese River Otter has no shine in her eyes? It’s because her species is extinct. I don’t want more Friends to loose the shine in their eyes because of humans.)

Kemono Friends revolves around the fact that all animals have different qualities and different ways of being. It brings us closer to them by showing us characters based on different animals, allowing us to learn more about them.
It shows us animals we very probably never heard about, or wouldn’t have taken into account because of how they look. Random fact here but, did you know that pigs, rats and crows are amongst the most intelligent animals on earth? Crows, for example, can create hooks with wood sticks and use them as tools. Or make use of our stoplights to throw nuts, let cars crash them open, and pick up their meal once the cars have to wait.

After the anime was released, there was sort of a boom regarding certain characters, and with it also came more media circulating around their respective animals. 

It is already well-known how their collaborations with zoos are making far more people visit them, or how they share their proceeds with zoos like Kumamoto City Zoo, which was damaged in an earthquake in 2016… 

Basically, Kemono Friends is about getting along with animals, and several humans are getting closer to nature thanks to this franchise.

Please keep supporting Kemono Friends!!

There’s many more I wanted to say but didn’t want to make this too long so… Please add more if you wish to!!

Beneath My Skin - Lex Luthor x reader oneshot

Fandom: DC comics, Batman
Warning: some swear words, creepy lex and joker
Pairing: Lex x reader
Summary: The joker breaks Lex out of Arkham and Lex confesses his love for you.


A/N: This was so fun writing!! I got carried away so badly ;3 sorry if it‘s too long.

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Brawling Love Part 16

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs swearin’ pretty short oops sorry


After a long, long wait the doctor comes out of the room. Bucky sits up immediately, hands folded. His eyes were red, brimmed with tears that kept coming after he continuously wiped them away.

“Is she alright?” Steve asked, asking the question Bucky wanted to ask but couldn’t find himself to.

“She’s fine. The bullets didn’t hit any important organs but she was bleeding out quickly. I’m glad you guys brought here home right away, if you had waited another minutes she could very well be dead due to extreme blood loss.” the doctor fills the two men in on your condition. “We got the bullets out and patched her up. She’s asleep at the moment but when she does come to, have her eat and drink something.”

“Will do.” Steve nods.

Bucky lets out a sigh of relief at the news. You’re going to be okay. He nearly lost you. God, he was so happy you’re fine.

“You can go in there and see her if you want.” the doctor adds. Bucky shot up from his seat, entering the room where he saw you laying down with a bunch of stuff attached to you.

He frowned, finding a chair and dragging it to the side of the bed so that he could sit down next to you. Bucky reached for your hand. lacing his fingers with yours as he stared at you. You had bruise on your cheek, your lip was busted followed by a cut on your eyebrow and a few scratches here and there. His eyes trailed down your body, seeing the bandage around your abdomen poking out.

Bucky let a whimper escape his lips as he brought your hand over to his lips, pressing a small kiss on it. “I should have been there to protect you.”

A couple of hours went by and Bucky didn’t leave your side. Around this time, the others started coming in to see you.

“How is she?” Natasha questioned as she walked in with Clint and Wanda.

“Fine.” he sighed, looking up at them. “She’s still sleeping.”

Wanda stared at you, mixed emotions crossing her face and Bucky gave her a worried look. “You okay?”

She snapped out of it, looking at Bucky. “I heard the gunshots through my earpiece. I felt my chest tighten. It reminded me of..”

She trailed off and everyone knew what she was talking about. It reminded her of her brother. After her brother passed away she isolated herself from the others but you comforted her. You stayed with her throughout it all. You were the most important person in her life after her brother. When she heard the gunshots it’s like the world froze. She lost one person she loved, she didn’t want to lose another.

Bucky stood up, pulling Wanda in a hug. “She’s okay Wanda.”

After they pulled away from the hug, he tucked his hair behind his ear, looking over at Clint and Nat. “How are you doing, Barnes?”

Bucky cleared his throat. “Good, better than earlier.”

Natasha nodded. “I heard you were ready to kill Tony.”

Bucky let out a laugh, nodding. “I have to apologize for that. All that was on my mind was that Y/N was hurt.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” she says. “I would’ve done the same thing.”

She pats Bucky on his shoulder and he smiles, glancing back at you.

You let out a groan, slowly opening your eyes. You felt a slight pain in your lower stomach and sigh, looking up at the ceiling. You feel someone holding your hand so you turn your head to the right, seeing Bucky sitting in a chair beside you. He had his head down on the bed you were lying on, soft snores escaping his lips.

You smile before squinting your eyes, now noticing the blinding sunlight seeping through the window. Before you could complain out loud, Steve walks in with a bag full of food.

“Hey, you’re awake.” he smiles.

“Can you close those?” you question, pointing to the window. Steve chuckles, closing the the curtains before walking over to you.

“How are you feeling?” he questioned.

“Other than the pain in my lower stomach, good.” you respond.

“When did you wake up?” he asked.

“Just before you came in.” you tell him and he nods. “How long was I out?”

“Two days. He never left your side.” Steve nods over to Bucky and you smile. “He also hasn’t ate.” Steve nudges Bucky twice. “Wake up, Bucky.”

Bucky let out a moan, grasping your had tighter as he moved away from Steve’s touch. “Leave me alone.”

“You gotta eat, Bucky.” Steve replies, nudging him again.

“I’ll eat when Y/N wakes up.” he murmurs.

“Well good thing she’s awake.” Steve laughed and Bucky’s eyes shot open, looking up at you.

“Oh my god.” he sits up and pulls you into his arms. “Are you okay? How are you feeling? When did you wake up? You want water or-”

“Easy with the questions, Buck.” you cut him off and he chuckles.

“I’m just glad you’re awake.” he says. You two stare at each other with a stupid grin on both your faces, completely forgetting that Steve was in the room. He makes his presence known again when he clears his throat.

Both you and Bucky look over at him. “Can you give us some privacy?”

“Bucky.” you slap his arm.

“No it’s fine.” Steve laughed. “Just promise you’ll eat.” he sets the bag of food on the table. Bucky nods in response.

After Steve leaves, Bucky turns back to you. He held your hand firmly, pressing a kiss to your knuckles with a smile on his face.

“I thought I lost you.” he murmured.

“You can’t get rid of me that easy, Barnes.” you playfully roll your eyes and he laughs.

“We need to-” you start at the same time Bucky says, “Listen.” You both look at each other and laugh.

“You go first.” you say.

Bucky opens his mouth to speak but was cut off by the doctor coming in. “Miss Y/N, you’re awake.” he smiles. “Let me run some tests on you real quick.”

Bucky exhales loudly and you giggle, holding Bucky’s hand up to your chest. “Guess this talk will just have to wait.”

A/N: Boom. Gimme yo thoughts homies.



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As It Seems: Chapter 10

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: Sam and Dean wake up from their memories of the other timeline

Word Count: 2357

Warnings: None in this part

Beta’d By: @kclaire1


~Dean’s POV~

It was just like waking up, but about seventeen times harder. I could’ve sworn that my head was going to split in two from all of the new memories and an entirely different lifetime that was squished in there right next to my life here.

I understood now.

There wasn’t a seed of doubt within me that Crowley was lying about the other timeline. Who knew the day would come that I would actually believe a word that guy said?

But Y/N was right. What I felt for her was too real to be fake.

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Withered Flowers (Junkrat x Reader)

hahahaha i dont know

Originally posted by hospitalvespers

Almost his whole body was covered in… ashes? Was that it? You weren’t sure but it was at least easy to wash off.

You found him, literally laying in the streets. He was unconscious and hurt so you carried him to your home to heal him.

You carefully washed his head, moving between some bald patches on his head.

He looked so at peace…

Taking a new, wet wash cloth, you began cleaning his wounds. He winced in his sleep and you whispered a ‘sorry’. His wounds weren’t that major so healing him was easy.

Except for his leg.

Dried blood coated his knee, right above his peg leg. Carefully - and nervously - you removed the peg leg and saw a big wound. Hastily, you searched for a bandage wrap. Once you found it, you quickly covered the huge wound.

Blood was flowing out quickly but the bandage fixed that problem temporarily. 

It took a while before he woke up but when he did, he may or may not have tried to kill you.

“Where am I?” his voice boomed. “W-Wait! You’re at my house!” you stopped him from breaking anything. “Why am I here?” he continued. “I-I found you on the st-streets… You were hurt…” you confessed. He frowned, “'n’ why should i believe that?“. “Because I healed you?” you suggested.

“‘n where’s my leg?” he looked at his knee. “Well, you were bleeding so I had to remove it” you fiddled with your fingers.

“Well, thanks for healing me. I have to go” he crossed his arms. “Wait! You’re not fully healed! Please tell me you’re going to a hospital” you prevented him from leaving.

“Now why would I go to a hospital?” he shrugged. “Because you’re hurt!” you exclaimed but he brushed it off, “’s Just a scratch”.

“Just a scratch? You could’ve died!” you crossed your arms. “Alright, I’ll stay. Happy now?” he huffed and you breathed out, “Yes. Thank you”.

After a week he left while you were asleep. He didn’t leave a not or anything, nor did he take anything. Of course you were sad, you had grown used to him and that loud voice of his.

But one day, when you returned home from work, a bouquet of withered flowers rested at your front door and somewhere you knew who left them there.

Spy Kiss

An almost typo in group chat led to this fic. @panda013 requested a Shatt spy kiss, and I couldn’t say no.

“Let’s go.”

“What did you do?”

Matt smiled. “What makes you think I did something?”

“Because we’re walking to the exit, and as far as I can tell, we still don’t have the intel.” Shiro kept his voice low as he spoke.

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Matt slipped his hand into Shiro’s, pressing a small chip into his palm. “As usual, you underestimate Rover.”

Shiro grimaced, catching some curious glances from the corner of his eye. “We’re walking too fast.”

“That might be… because we only have a minute to get out.”

What did you do?” Shiro hissed.

A concussive boom from above answered his question, and Shiro shot Matt a glare.

“Huh. That went off faster than I expected.”

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The Colors of the Plaid- Part 6

Childhood friends who don’t understand that they are supposed to hate each other. Family betrayal. An adventure that leads to so much more than a happy reunion. An unexpected love that turns the world upside down. Secrets and lies that threaten to destroy everything. Is it possible to get your happy ending?

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: SMUT 

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A/N: Next part soon! And I apologize in advance, but y’all saw it coming, right? Here are some people who wanted to be tagged, sorry if I forgot anyone!@aprofoundbondwithdean @abby-ackles @goandsavemyunicorn @desiraeduran@winchesterprincessbride @hunting-for-idgits  @liger26 @-hiddlesdweeb- @iwriteshortstuff@homeschooled-fangirl

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Worth Fighting For (Alexander x Reader)

Hiiii!Love your blog!Would you mind doing a Alexander Hamliton x Reader in a Mulan like scenario?(Reader dresses up as a man to fight alongside Hamilton)

Requested by anonymous

“No,” you told your reflection in a warning voice, “You can’t do this. You cannot fall in love. This is war, and you are a man.”

Your reflection just stared back and you sighed. Despite the hair and the uniform, you knew who you really were underneath it all, and no amount of lies could cover it up.

You had been fighting for six months now. Six long months posing as a man in the military, fighting for freedom. And every day of that time, you had grown closer and closer to your fellow soldier, Alexander Hamilton. Now you were realizing what your feelings towards him had become, and it needed to stop. It could never work. He didn’t know you; not really.

“(Male version of your name)!” a voice called just outside your tent, causing you to start and jump up from your seat.

Alexander poked his head in through the tent flaps and told you, “We’re going to dinner. You coming?”

“Yeah!” you said hurriedly, trying to ignore his beautiful eyes.

You followed Alexander out of the tent and met up with some mutual friends. John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Lafayette. You greeted each other and walked off towards the dining tent together.

“Are you ok, (m/v/y/n)? You seem sort of out of it,” John remarked, drawing your attention away from your thoughts.

“Yeah! I’m fine,” you responded quickly.

“Are you sure?,” John said incredulously.

“I guess my mind is just elsewhere,” you answered.

“Oh really?” the conversation caught Alexander’s attention at this point, “Who is your mind on, (male version of your name)?”

Your heartbeat sped up at Alexander’s teasing that was so close to the target. This only made your cheeks heat up, which the men took notice of immediately.

“Ooh, (m/v/y/n), do you have a crush?”

“Who were you thinking about, huh?”

“Do we know her?”

“I-I…no…you don’t know her,” you tried to avert their attention.

“Well tell us! Where is she?”

“How long has this been going on?” Alexander cut in, throwing an arm around your shoulder and waggling his eyebrows.

Your mind blanked at the proximity between you, and you found yourself tongue-tied.

“I…well uh…it’s just…I…” you fumbled gracelessly.

The group roared in laughter at your response.

“It’s alright, (m/v/y/n)! You can keep your big secret relationship, if you want!” Hercules laughed.

“Bet you’ve never had one before, have you?” Alexander teased, pinching your cheek, “They grow up so fast!’

By this point, you had reached the dining tent, and the group filed inside, still laughing at your predicament. You let them go ahead of you and stayed outside for a second to catch your breath. You placed a hand over the cheek Alexander had pinched, and tried to slow down the beating of your heart.

The sounds and smells of battle flooded your senses as you fought steadily. The fight had been raging nearly the entire day, and your only thought was to keep going. Cannon fire, screams of pain, the smell of gunpowder, the red of the sky and of the ground around you; these things surrounded you as you shot your rifle mechanically, using your bayonet when a redcoat got too close. The sounds of death all around you had become a dull throb in your ears; there was simply too much to focus on. Besides, if you thought too hard, you would be sick.

“We’re not gaining any ground,” Alexander hissed beside you, “We need to get the upper hand.”

“How?” you yelled over the sound of gunfire.

“We need to punch a hole in their defense,” he shouted back, “Follow me!”

He gathered men as he went, slithering through the muddy trenches, trying to ignore the bodies of fallen companions.

“They think the cannons can stand for themselves. That’s their weakest point. If we can break through there, we can catch them off guard!” Alexander yelled, pointing to the place he was referring to, “But we have to be fast. On my command!”

You waited until the deafening boom of the cannon sounded just ahead of you.

“Go!” Alexander roared, and the troop ran immediately.

The men in the front mowed down the soldiers by the cannons. Maybe this would actually work.

You fought hard. It took a long time, but you could tell the British defense was failing: folding in on itself. The command to retreat could be heard above the gunshots. British soldiers were turning and running. It was going to be over. You turned as the front line chased after the retreating soldiers and caught Alexander’s eye. He gave a ragged smile.

You started to let down your guard when you happened to glance over Alexander’s shoulder and saw a redcoat lower his gun at Alexander’s back. It was too late to shoot him. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the soldier pulled the trigger and the bullet sped towards Alexander’s heart.

“NO!” you screamed, and without a thought, you jumped forward, pushing your friend sideways, and catching the bullet in your own chest.

The pain didn’t set in immediately. It was like a blur, watching the world rise around you as you fell to the ground. The sounds of fighting seemed distant. There was Alexander, shouting something or other. He bent over you, face dreadfully anxious. You looked down at the dark stain spreading over your chest. Alexander was desperately undoing the buttons of your uniform, trying to assess the wound. You opened your mouth to stop him, but no words came out, and then it was too late. Alexander’s gaze fell on the cloth wrapped tightly around your chest as part of your disguise, and his hands stopped. The pieces connected in his mind as he stared, speechless, leaning back on his heels as doctors arrived to carry you off the battlefield. Everything was going grey for you. You were lifted onto a stretcher and carried away, and the last thing you saw was Alexander’s stunned expression as he sat on the field.

After two days spent in your cot, slipping in and out of consciousness, you were finally able to stay awake most of the time. The doctors had succeeded in extracting the bullet, and your wound would heal. It hadn’t hit any vital organs, miraculously. What would happen to you next was unknown. Evidently, they were going to let you heal before whatever consequences you would be receiving. You felt numb thinking about it. But worse than the thought of whatever the military commanders would do to you was the thought of what Alexander was thinking.

You’d lied to him for so long. What must he be feeling? Betrayed, for sure. You felt terrible for it. But what could you have done? He had to understand the position you were in, or at least you hoped so. After days had passed without word from him, though, you were starting to think that you would never hear from him. Therefore, it cames a surprise when you looked up toward the entrance and found Alexander entering the hospital tent. He caught your eye with a blank look before lowering his gaze and approaching you. You took a deep breath, preparing yourself.

“Hi,” Alexander said, still not looking at you.

“Hi,” you replied timidly, unsure how to read his mood.

“How are you doing?”

“It hurts, but the doctor’s say it will heal,” you answered.

“(M/v/y/n), I just want to-” he stopped suddenly, looking up and studying your face, “That’s not your real name, is it?”

You shook your head and corrected him in a quiet voice: “(Y/n).”

“(Y/n),” Alexander repeated slowly, “Well…(y/n), I just wanted to thank you for saving my life.”

You gave him a startled look. That was not where you had expected him to start.

“Of course,” you replied, pausing before rambling on, “Alexander, I am so sorry. I didn’t want to lie to you, I really didn’t, but in the situation I was in…I know you must feel betrayed and hurt, and I’m so sorry about that. I get it if you want to just leave, I-”

“(Y/n),” Alexander cut you off, shaking his head, “I understand.”

You halted your babbling, and he continued.

“I did feel hurt and betrayed. All this time I thought I knew you, and you were someone else. I was confused and shocked, but then I thought about it, and it all made sense. You couldn’t blow your cover. Of course. I understand that you had to keep this up. And after all that, the reason you were found it is because you saved my life.”

“You-you forgive me?” you questioned in disbelief.

“(Y/n),” Alexander said, taking your hand and giving you a smile, “There’s nothing to forgive.”

Heaven on Middle Earth


    “Oh mama, look at what your grandson in the attic while we were looking for his pirate costume!”

    Your daughter strode over to you with her child following closely behind. He waddled over and plopped a magnolia colored book on your lap. The cover reminded you of the adventure book Ellie made from “Up,” a movie that you took your grandchildren to see a few years ago. It took you a moment to dig through the overflowing stack of memories that occupied your mind, but you remembered it to be a photo album filled with long ago adventures.

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You’re My Satellite - [ A Cresswell / Cress x Thorne Fanmix ]

“ for the girl with the impossibly long hair and impossibly big dreams; and the man with the impossibly cocky attitude and impossibly cocky smile.”



i. satellite - guster
shining like a work of art; are you what i think you are?
you’re my satellite, you’re riding with me tonight

ii. alone together - fall out boy
say yes, let’s be alone together; we can stay young
forever, scream it at the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs

iii. i do adore - mindy gledhill
everything you do, it sends me, higher than the moon
with every twinkle in your eye; you strike a match
that lights my heart on fire

iv. fool like me - cobra starship
your daddy always said you should stay away
from a fool like me, a fool like me

v. i wouldn’t mind - he is we
forever is a long time,
but i wouldn’t mind 
spending it by your side

vi. i see the light - mandy moore & zachary levi
and at last i see the light
and it’s like the fog has lifted
and at last i see the light
and it’s like the sky is new

vii. satellite heart (cover) - holly henry
i’m a satellite heart; lost in the dark
i’m spun out so far, you stop i start
but i’ll be true to you

viii. hey jude - the beatles
hey jude, don’t make it bad
take a sad song and make it better
remember to let her into your heart
then you can start to make it better

ix. arms - christina perri
you put your arms around me 
and i’m home

x. she’s got you high - mumm-ra 
she’s got you high and 
you don’t even know yet

xi. blue jeans - lana del rey
blue jeans, white shirt
walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
it was like james dean, for sure,
you so fresh to death and sick as ca-ca-cancer

xii. our song - matchbox 20
i’m gonna be there always
after the pain has gone away
the feelings are so strong
this can be our song

xiii. royals - lorde
let me be your ruler (ruler)
you can call me queen bee
and baby i’ll rule (i’ll rule, i’ll rule, i’ll rule)
let me live that fantasy

xiv. enchanted - taylor swift
please don’t be in love with someone else
please don’t have somebody waiting on you

xv. boom clap - charli xcx
boom clap, the sound of my heart
the beat goes on and on and on and on


Day: 929
Shirt: Groovie Ghoulies - Crazy Cat
Color:  White
Brand: Cinder Block
Source: you find inspiration in such weird places.  @chrisshary posted up a video of his kid Sam who his puppet show version of his fav song and i thought to myself man i totally forgot about this band..  wait i have that shirt.  boom.  thanks Chris.  Actually thank you Sam (if you read the internet)

anonymous asked:

I need your help Hannah. There is a gorgeous guy at work who has the best fricken personality on the planet and I really like. But he doesn't have fb and I'm too scared to ask for his number. Plus I'm not even sure he likes me. Pls help

okay I have a whole bunch of techniques for subtly asking for a dudes number okay so aside from the fact that you WORK with him you can pretend you need it in case you wanna swap shifts n shit, I like the classic “pretending you need it for a totally innocent reason” okay here’s an example “haha yeah oh my god this picture is so funny, u gotta see this mate I’ll message it to you! wait u don’t have FB? what’s ur number son” boom

there’s lots of other things u can substitute in just stay casual

but here is my number one trick for introverts to get a boys number okay hide ur phone, not like really well, just in a place u might leave it by accident then u go “hey, I’ve lost my phone, mind ringing it for me??” and they’re like o yah sure and then ur like “oh my god I’m so forgetful, silly me I left it next to the oven… hey u can save my number if u want (he might’ve even already done it)/hey how do u spell ur last name I’m gonna save ur number in case I need it later…”

fuckin boom numbers are exchanged ur havin babies and naming ur firstborn hannah as a small thank u. smooth as shit

Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple get out of control during filming probably
  • Norman as Daryl: "y'know.. it was stupid, i knew you weren't gone but.. i'unno"
  • Greg: *whispers* i can't breathe
  • Emily as Beth: "daryl.."
  • Scott: *whispers* shh don't...
  • Crew Person: *signals* shhh!
  • Norman as Daryl: "hmm?"
  • Scott: omg here it is....
  • Greg: hold me
  • Scott: omfg here it is it's happening
  • Greg: fucking hold me scott!
  • Scott: we cry together as men!
  • Crew: CUT CUT CUT!
  • Scott:
  • Greg:
  • Norman:
  • Emily:
  • Greg: wut
  • Crew: sir, we can't have you two screaming and sobbing every time we film a scene..
  • Scott: we weren't even screaming...
  • Greg: yeah....
  • Norman:
  • Emily:
  • Crew:
  • Scott: fine..
  • Greg: yeah we see how it is....
  • Crew:
  • Norman:
  • Emily:
  • Greg: if you need us, we'll be in the office.... reading fics

asmilelikestarlight  asked:

When do you think Rose and Mickey weren't a couple anymore? Because my brother argues they were still together until rotc/aos, which makes gitf in character and okay because there wasn't anything besides friendship between the Doctor and Rose to cause any issues. I feel like their relationship was over around Boom Town, even if Rose and the Doctor didn't become official until Krop Tor.

  • i definitely think they broke up in boom town; mickey made it clear that he was seeing someone else, and it was obvious to him if not rose that rose only really had eyes for the doctor by that point 
  • i think rose liked the security of having mickey at home waiting, but she realised in boom town it was selfish of her to let him think they could be a proper couple again. she even says ‘he deserves better’
  • he’s been her best mate for years and she’ll always love him, but i think exploring the universe and experiencing a better life made her realise that her relationship with mickey had been about friendship and what was expected of them, rather than any great passionate love
  • i don’t think rose realises she’s in love with the doctor until parting of the ways
  • mickey helps her get back to him in that ep and he knows then and in the christmas invasion, when he says ‘you really love him don’t you,’ that as much as he cares for rose and as much as rose cares for him, it’s not gonna compete with rose’s love for the doctor
  • at the start of new earth, rose kisses mickey goodbye, on the lips. i puzzle over that one sometimes because to me, it’s obvious that mickey and rose are not the ones who would’ve been getting close again over Christmas
  • while ten and rose are still perhaps working out how to be around one another in terms of the newly regenerated him, their comfort and ease and date talk when they are lying on the applegrass shows they’re pretty much back to normal
  • so, new earth indicates to me that they’ve spent the last few weeks (that rtd & david say in the commentary they’ve spent on Earth, since Christmas) being in each other’s pockets and therefore bonding again
  • which puts the kiss with mickey in the ‘friendly’/habitual column for me, even if mickey still thinks it means more, maybe?? 
  • regardless, in s2 mickey steps up. i love s2 mickey. and his story there - it’s about him growing into himself and becoming brave and lovely, and he’s properly let go of any hope of getting it back on with rose by rotc/aos
  • in school reunion he isn’t joining team tardis because he thinks he’ll get rose back out of it. i really don’t believe that’s the first thing in his head. it might be a lingering thought - that he can prove to her he’s just as adventurous/fun/reliable as the doctor, but i don’t think that’s why he comes on board
  • it’s about him; he wants to have a crack at this travelling the universe shindig, esp after spending their earth-bound adventure feeling like the ‘tin dog’ 
  • i love that he has the courage and enthusiasm to want a part of it, too - and rose clearly does not lol
  • she doesn’t want him to join at the end of school reunion, the doctor sees her face, knows this; invites him anyway because a) the doctor and rose are getting too close, he thinks maybe mickey will be a buffer (this does not work) and b) mickey deserves to be asked twice (he wasn’t ready before, when nine asked)
  • in gitf mickey makes a few digs about the doctor & ~other women, ‘yeah, but he called her cleo’ etc - and i really think he thinks rose and the doctor’s friendship has developed into something more by then, even though really it’s still just on the cusp of an actual relationship
  • i don’t know how anyone can seriously say rose and mickey are still together in rotc when that ep starts with the doctor and rose hanging all over each other on the jumpseat ignoring the poor bloke lmao
  • the doctor and rose are not officially together then but they are closer to being together than mickey and rose are, definitely, 100%
  • during rotc when mickey says to the doctor ‘you can only run after one of us, and it’s never gonna be me, is it?’ - that line says more to me about how mickey feels second best in the doctor’s eyes, rather than about his r/ship with rose and feeling second best in hers
  • he wants the doctor to be proud of him lbr
  • and in aos when he decides to stay in pete’s world, rose’s devastation at him staying there is totally understandable and believable even if they aren’t together anymore (which they are not, your brother is wrong lol) because he’s like her oldest friend and she’s never gonna be able to see him again (so she thinks) AND she knows she’s taken him for granted a lot, so there’s probably a ton of guilt there, too

Boom: Larry? MAKE OUT!? WHAT?! 
Pom: Uuuuuugh… Well… I mean… um… 
Pom: Technically ya’ said “no sleepovers with guys OR girls” Larry is… well… Larry
Pom: It does when ya’ see Larry.
Pom: …ya’ mean the one ya’ said was gay?
Boom: U-uh. Yeah… that… guy… who’s… probably… ga-
Pom: Ya’ have no idea, do ya’?
Boom: …No.
Boom: I can’t believe you actually BELIEVED me, HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! 
Pom: YOU… make a good point.
Boom: So wait. What was this about a make out? 
Pom: Don’t worry ‘bout it. IT WAS A ONE TIME THING.

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