have to say this scene was a bit shit to me

i know it’s kind of a meme in the fandom that viktor thought making A SCENE and greeting yuuri naked in japan but i think that was completely unintentional? which makes it even funnier imo?

allow me to explain

i don’t know exactly how long after yuuri’s video went viral that this scene happens, but it’s safe to say that at least a couple of days passed? perhaps a week or a bit more, even though the anime makes it look like it’s on the next day?

so he’s been avoiding the media for days, keeping his phone off so absolutely nobody’s going to be able to reach him until people forget about this madness 

which means he’s also entirely clueless about the rumors of viktor being his coach

and it makes it so much funnier because we know yuuri’s dad doesn’t know jack shit about figure skating, and viktor doesn’t know how to speak japanese AND IT WAS PROBABLY TOSHIYA WHO FIRST TALKED TO VIKTOR WHEN HE ARRIVED AT YU-TOPIA?


so what has happened was probably something like “i have no idea what you’re saying mr. foreign-dude but you’re probably here for our famous onsen so yes make yourself comfortable” which viktor, tired as fuck from his travel (a long ass flight from st. petersburg to tokyo, probably? plus the train from tokyo to hasetsu?) GLADLY ACCEPTS

hell yeah i’m going to enjoy the fuck out of his hot spring

since yuuri is nowhere to be seen why not take some time to relax after a long travel, am i right

it’s not like viktor would understand if yuuri’s parents were to say “oh yes yuuri is holed up in his bedroom but he’ll come out eventually” so as viktor is pretty sure he found the right place and that yuuri is there he’ll just wait and have a nice soak meanwhile


well, this was not how i had planned this to go but here you are?


in viktor’s mind, yuuri is this extroverted, outgoing party animal he got to know at the banquet and was absolutely mesmerized by, so he probably thinks yuuri’s going to be alright with this extra introduction? also knowing yuuri lives and probably worked at the onsen for a while viktor maybe just assumes he’s probably unfazed by nudity?

oh viktor, little did you know

it just gets funnier the more you look into it

more qrow branwen shit

Okay so I’ve been thinking about volume 4 a lot since it ended and I still have several questions about it, particularly these moments.

I watched these scenes over and over again in an attempt to figure it out. A thought finally hit me. The two recurring factors in these scenes are Qrow being poisoned by Tyrian, and Jaune and/or Ruby being there. So, I took it upon myself to do a little bit of research on the symptoms of scorpion stings.

It was made very clear to me that a scorpion’s venom is highly likely to cause hallucinations that can last until the wound is treated. I thought some more, and… something popped into my brain.

What if Tyrian’s poison caused Qrow to hallucinate, and he keeps seeing Jaune and Ruby as Tai and Summer? (bonus if he thinks Ren is Raven bc hair) It would make sense in the scene where he says “Tai she’s not coming” because he’s facing Jaune when he says it, so he could’ve stolen a glance at him and hallucinated. In the scene where he grabs Jaune’s hand, he may have been hallucinating about a past battle with team STRQ and urging “Tai” to be careful. And in the scene with Ruby, he may have been imagining a time when he was injured and “Summer” was there to comfort him. Just putting it out there…

Unpopular opinion: I hate when people in the fandom say that Victor fell in love with Yuuri during the dance scene when he wanted him to be his coach and danced with him. I don’t believe in love at first sight though, which I think develops as you get to know someone over time. He clearly developed a crush or an interest in Yuuri that night though. That’s obvious

This is to people comparing No.6 to YOI

I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying things like “why are so many people going crazy over YOI and Victuuri when No.6 basically was the same thing” and it’s honestly starting to peeve me off a bit.
Yes, No.6 is a great anime/manga/novel and Shion’s and Nezumi’s relationship is similar to Victuuri in how they developed so naturally and weren’t treated as fan service. But the main reason (I think at least) people are losing their shit over YOI and Victuuri right now is because YOI is a sports anime.
Anybody who has watched a sports anime knows that they are always queer baiting us. They would present relationships to us and give us characters who honestly have a deep connection with one another but then have the relationship never go farther than “best/close friends”. The show would then just continue to tease us by showing scenes that are a bit suggestive and questionable.
And honestly, it gets tiring to constantly watch sports anime and just have queer bait shoved at our faces and to be constantly teased upon.
So now for Yuri!!! on Ice (a show quite a few people thought was just gonna be a queer bait sports anime) to have a CANON queer relationship has all of us losing our shit.
So yes No.6 was great and all but to people who are being annoyed that so many people are going crazy over YOI right now, please just chill for a bit. We’ve been wanting something like this to happen in a sports anime for forever and it’s finally happened ok? Please just let us have our moment.

HAVE ANYONE PLAY BLEACH BRAVE SOUL THE NEW EVENT YET? I bet this game producer also Ichiruki fans. Sorry that I didn’t capture more (I don’t want any hime in my phone tho) I found this scene is like….. How should I say it… Byakuya comes to Ichiruki wedding and Renji told him about it. It’s really look a bit like wedding dress to me lol

Plus these things never in manga or anime I believe, but see HOW RUKIA CARES FOR ORIHIME and when HIME THROWS THE THING TO RUKIA AND ALMOST HIT HER (well they play the like-badminton thingy that plays on New’s Year and Byakuya vs Ichigo / Rukia vs Orihime) Then comes up with an excuse like ‘I was too excited’ sth like that? Holy shit.

First thing that for us Ichiruki shippers>>>> Ichigo and Rukia are with each others, greeting happy new year, They are always together. But then Orihime comes up that Rukia decides all this event FOR HER AND ONLY HER. Rukia makes Ichigo pay for the cake and drag Ichigo alongs even HE DOESN’T WANT TO. HE IS THERE BECAUSE OF RUKIA.

At the end of that game, Ichigo lost to Byakuya(by the bankai) and Rukia lost to Orihime(almost got hit). Those two ended together on this event and Ichigo knows what Rukia wants to eat with Mochi.

THIS IS SO REAL OMG Even the game shipped Ichiruki.

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You. This is completely your fault. I've now marathoned all of blood bank and while the start especially was so uncomfortable (so much yaoi-typical dubcon. So much unhealthy relationship. The rape scene, ugh) the PLOT is beautiful and they're becoming more functional and starting to play a bit safer (though, if only they would use proper lube for once!) Argh you've dragged me into vampire hell. (Love your fic, by the way!)

Bwahahahaha. If I’m gonna be stuck in vampire hell, I’m dragging as many people down with me as I can. xp Yeah, there were definitely some moments that were really uncomfortable… it’s not as bad as some other yaoi things I’ve seen, but that’s hardly saying much. orz I hope they manage to combine their developed, healthier relationship and more of the kinky shit at some point. uwu

Thanks for reading and enjoying the fic!! I’m working on chapter 3 at the moment. Which I had hoped to finish tonight, but then I was a fucking moron and dropped dinner on my carpet and of course it was stainy things, so I had to make a late night run round to the supermarket to get carpet stain remover and that took up all my writing time. Ugh. orz

Hopefully dicks will get touched this chapter, at least. xD

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West wing au 😍😍😍😍 do you think it will actually happen? I would just melt in a puddle of it did.

oh man, no, i don’t, to be honest.  at least, not any time in the near future at all. Things have been very stressful for me at work lately, so when i get home all i’m doing is sitting on my computer and like, looking at hockey shit.  

i do have to say, though.  The idea of the larry version of that scene where donna tells josh that if he were in a car accident, she wouldn’t stop for red lights MURDERS ME.  

I mean, okay first of all. Imagine a hilariously transparently jealous Louis haranguing Harry about how awful his college ex-boyfriend was, and how dumb it was of Harry to temporarily leave and go back to him.  And he would do some gentle teasing, but then it would get sharper once and he’d end up hurting Harry’s feelings.  And then Harry would go to him to tell him the story about how his ex-boyfriend stopped on the way to the hospital to get a beer, and Louis’s face!!! would be like, outraged and so endeared by Harry.  And Louis’d be like “if you were in a car accident, I wouldn’t stop for a beer.”   And there would be a pause and Harry would be like “if you were in a accident, I wouldn’t stop for red lights.” AND THEN LOUIS’S FACE??!!? he would totally floored and completely speechless for once, and Harry would just stroll past him out the door.  Harry would def be dramatic and good at exits in this fic.    

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What is this | Not my type | Meh | Ok | Decent | Pretty | Hot | God-like | Call 911 ASAP | *Dead*


No talent | Bad | Lacks a bit | Ok | Not bad at all | Good shit | Great | Eargasm | One of a kind | LEGEND

F I R S T   I M P R E S S I O N

Rude af | Seems kind of mean | Didn’t have any impression | Normal I guess | Literal cinnamon bun | Looks nice and kind | Precious | Generous | Caring | Sexy af | Innocent | Weird

Send me an idol and I’ll rate them!

frayedheart replied to your post: honestly I agree that the fandom complains a lot,…

especially after last night (and last week, honestly) like there were serious, offensive, hurtful issues (and have been throughout the show) and i don’t care for people saying STOP COMPLAINING! STOP BEING NEGATIVE!, as if you’re supposed to accept any and all errors made in fiction. it’s an awful mentality. if you don’t point out these mistakes, the bad treatment, try to make others see why it’s wrong, everything would go to shit. fiction isn’t immune from being wrong and we should talk about it

Isabelle’s drug storyline, Raphael being dragged into it, and basically forced into an unconsensual feeding scene literally made me feel physically sick, and I haven’t even seen the scenes, just heard about it. so you can be damn sure I’m going to be complaining about it. but fans of colour have been complaining about legitimately racist issues for much longer, e.g. related to Luke, Cleophas and Aldertree. and the way they advertised all episodes with Malec while barely giving them screentime in the episode, and reducing Magnus, the High Warlock of Brooklyn to basically just the guy who waits around for Alec to come back… yeah.

I’m not going to go on because I didn’t want to talk in length about the issues on this blog, but there are so many LEGITIMATE issues in the second season, and shutting the criticism out with “stop being negative” doesn’t help. telling us to “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” also doesn’t help - the entire reason we are this upset is that we WANT to like the show, because it has so much potential, but they keep pulling this shit.

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i dont understand the gif for my l/xa ask lol. i was genuinely wondering, because i actually like her but i am a bit conflicted about saying it out loud and i wanted to know where you stand with her character.

Now that I have used my 3rd favourite .gif, real talk, I basically assume all questions about Lexa are this fandom being shit disturbing drama llamas. 

So anyway, I like Lexa but I get why you’re nervous to talk about it. This fandom is basically an unholy shitstorm of incomprehensible rules about who you’re allowed to like and how you’re allowed to watch the show. See: literally anything about Octavia ever. Lexa’s not like, top ten for me. Unless we’re talking about my To-Do list and even then she might not qualify because everyone on this show is so god damn fuckable. But yeah, I like her. 

Hot chicks with swords is a really easy sell for me. 

And the scene at the end of 4.04 where Clarke was like “so are you gonna fuck up the ambassadors?” and she was like “nah, bruh. they were just doing what they thought was best for their people” did a lot to rehabilitate my opinion of her following 2.15. Being able to stick to her guns and say that doing what you believe is right for your people is the right choice, even when it is to her own detriment, didn’t justify her Mount Weather betrayal but it did make it a lot more palatable.  Having that be a truly held belief of hers, again, even when it negatively impacts her, makes it easier for me to swallow the choice. I might fucking hate it but she’s not hypocritical about it, and she’s not self serving in it. 

And I think Lexa, like all of the characters really suffered from season 3′s rushed writing. Too much plot in too little time. 

because i’m both Melodramatic Hurt-Comfort Garbage but also congenitally unable to take anything fictional 100% seriously i have this scenario in my head that’s like funny to me even though it’s actually kind of sad that like maybe War Regens 1-20 Pearl still had just like. the frailest little body. like i’m imagining when they say ‘pearls aren’t built for fighting’ they mean they’re like deliberately made to be super fragile and feel strain at high levels of physical activity
but anyways i’m imagining in my head this little scene-let where like rose and pearl get back to safe ground after fucking shit up/Rebellion Activities and pearl just like. lays down on the ground
and rose goes “are you okay?”
and she emphatically holds two thumbs up in the air and then poofs

Gintoki Can’t Swim

Exert from my fic Proceed with Caution. I’ve been wanting to share this scene for such a long time, but my dumb ass forgets I have finished updates and shit, so here’s this as a sort of promo since I’m so behind on posting chapters for this one pft

“You sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yeah,” Gintoki replied and though his voice sounded normal, there was something in the way he was watching the water that made Hijikata doubt him.

He wanted to say something, maybe offer Gintoki another way out, but he bit his tongue. If he hovered too much, Gintoki could get tired of him or think he was annoying. He also didn’t want their night together to end too soon, so that was another reason he kept his mouth shut. He said a lot of really stupid shit when he let himself overthink things and Gintoki was only just starting to open up to him, he desperately didn’t want to mess it up.

Keep reading

But what really BAFFLES me about the interrogation scene and has ever since the viewing is, like, Kylo Ren went in there to find a specific bit of information, like he was there for the map, and the shit he was saying had, like, less than zero relevance to it. Like if I’m going to the library to find an encyclopedia and I’m on a time constraint I’m not gonna stop and chat w the librarian about her childhood? It’s so transparent like buddy u r not even TRYING to hide how fascinated u r by her!! U went in to find a map and instead ur like “oh no ur so lonely and sad… u dream of oceans… u have insomnia….” Like. Buddy. come on.

“I came to you cause I needed help. I came to you cause I wanted to be a better man. And this … you give me this as my reward? Which begs the question - whose side are you on? Hm? All I ever wanted to do was protect the people that I love. Even if that meant crossing the seas, turning my back on my boys, cause I know they’re better off without me. So if this is you punishing me then … you’re too late. I’m already damned …

Let Steven live. Please. If you let Steven live then you’ll have my word, I’ll leave him alone. Do what you want with me. I put his life in your hands and I put my faith in a punchline, because if I can’t be around to protect those I love then I need to know. I need you to tell me.”

Kids are too precious

I was walking back home after being dropped by the bus, and there was this kid, 8 years old I’d say, playing on his front lawn. He looked at me, came over and proposed me a hug. I laughed, said yes and asked him why and his only answer was ‘You look a little bit too sad, I don’t like it’ before giving me a hug.
His mom came out of her house, looked at the scene and said ‘Tom, you really have to stop giving hugs to strangers’.
I just can’t get over the fact that this kid casually gives a hug to a stranger because he thinks they are sad and wants them to be happier. Tom is too good for this world and needs to be protected at all cost.