have to go to youtube i guess

My best friend and manager was filmed without his knowledge telling a kid he couldn’t buy a mature game without an ID and the kid (a 17 year old) posted it on Youtube, complete with demeaning comments, hateful commentary, and bullying.

If you go into a Gamestop just to harass and demean the staff, you’re a loser. Plain and simple. We DON’T SET TRADE AMOUNTS, we DON’T SET PRICING, and we FOLLOW FEDERAL LAWS REGARDING MATURE CONTENT. 

I don’t want to link the user or the video because he’s a tiny little account and the video has like, 120 views, and I have no intention of bringing that number higher. He is never going to be popular, and I guess I can find solace in that. But my friend is hurt and embarrassed nonetheless. 

To give perspective, this is a man who has lost many people who are important to him. He works to support his girlfriend and his father, who is battling very intense cancer. He is smart, loving, funny, and one of the most admirable people I’ve ever met. This makes me…irrationally angry. This guy can’t catch a break. He is the LAST PERSON who deserves this. He is trying to get through every day smiling and this is the kind of shit we have to put up with.

My first reaction is always to get blood when someone attacks a person I care about so much. But I don’t want my friend to suffer more embarrassment by drawing attention to the video.  

So instead, I want to do something else. 

Just leave a nice message in the replies on this post. Even if you don’t know him. His name is Don. Just…any nice anything. I want to show him that people don’t want to see him struggling like he always is and that he doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment for doing his job. 

It would really mean a lot to both of us.    

The Internet Is Here Lyrics
  • Phil: Whenever I’m alone, or if I’m feeling gray there’s one place I can go to brighten up my day. It makes me want to sing. That's how the show should end. But wouldn't it be good if I could sing it with a friend?
  • Dan: Phil, I think you should have asked before putting me on the spot like this.
  • Okay. Fine. Whatever. I'll join in too.
  • Phil: I might go outside and feel more alive. Without twitter where would I be?
  • Dan: I guess I'd be fit. I'd stop posting shi
  • Phil: -rubbish
  • Dan: But tumblr's a part of me.
  • Phil: So many websites and so little time. There's one or two you should avoid.
  • Dan: Just don't stop watching youtube, or we'll be unemployed.
  • Both: The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate? We might be antisocial, but these days, that is fine.
  • Dan: Because life is so much better when you spend it all online.
  • Phil: A place where you can be yourself, no matter if you're geeky.
  • Dan: Find friends that share your hobbies, even if they're creepy.
  • Phil: Where any question in your head is answered in an instant.
  • Dan: Who cares if you procrastinate your one shot at existence.
  • Both: The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers, who needs a real mate?
  • Phil: We'd never be here on a stage, doing things we might regret.
  • Dan: Dance break.
  • Phil: Who cares if you're a loser, and everybody knows it?
  • Dan: Or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses?
  • Phil: Even if your chances of getting tan are slim.
  • Dan: Or if you live vicariously through the life of a sim.
  • Dil: Chiltay zombo
  • Both: *music gets intense and beautiful* The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate?
  • We might be antisocial, but these days that is fine.
  • Because life is so much better, life is so much better, life is so much better
  • When you spend
  • it
  • all
  • online


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These are the people who take up hours of my time. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE. I hate them for that but love ‘em for everything else. Here we have

@markiplier, @therealjacksepticeye, The Gabbie Show, @itsamandafaye, baby Luna, @matthiasiam, jacksfilms, @ashhardell, @missfenderr, @iisuperwomanii, @allisonraskin, and Gaby Dunn. Or as I know them, Mark, Jack, Gabbie, Alayna, Ash, Jack, Amanda Faye, Luna, Matthias, Lilly, Allison, and Gaby. In that order. I guess. Not including the big “youtube” sign of course.

These people are all amazing, wonderful people who have great senses of humous and I love their content. It always cheers me up to watch their videos, and… yeah. I recommend you go check them out if you don’t already know them. PLEASE DO. And subscribe to them if you like their stuff.


Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Unless there really is a secret fourth episode, as some of you seem to think. Ha! That would be silly. Ha ha! [exaggerated shifty eyes] (x)

Cards on the table? I don’t think there’s a secret fourth full episode they’re going to surprise!air on TV. That would have… all sorts of problems in execution.

But I have noticed that there might be just enough unexplained stuff concentrated at one point in the filming timeline to suggest Rachel Talalay could’ve directed a short bonus minisode. And of course the official YouTube channel people would be the ones to know about that.

Not trying to get anyone’s hopes up, including my own.

But I guess what happens next depends on how dangerous a game the marketing folks have decided to play here…

Okay I didn’t want to but you leave me no choice:

Phil Lester: Ugly

bOI have you seen him smile?

Bite his tongue when he laughs?

Seen his gorgeous eyes that are a million colours?

His hair, the way is cutely sits on his head?

I could go on…………

Nash Grier: Gorgeous 

I can’t even

EDIT: someone in the comments said Nash Grier looks older than him in this photo and im dying because they are right lmao

Phil Lester: Less subs

yep cuz subs only count, he has a very big and supportive fan base

1,000,000 average views a video

Raised  £187, 571 with other YouTubers for charity

And uh also:.He completed a degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of York and a post graduate in the Department of Theatre, Film and television, going on to obtain a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects.

Nash Grier: Vine Famous

lol rip vine

and also yea he has YouTube,  4,839,788 subs but guess what he gets 400,000 average a video

Oh and he’s also news famous for making homophobic comments like fag and saying ‘gay rights nah’

Great role model

Phil Lester: Old 

its funny isn’t it?

Every year you get older

He can’t help it?!?!! like what he’s only 30, you’re making it look like he’s 68

there are celebrities older than 30, is that bad?!

Nash Grier: Young

19 years old,


Phil Lester: Emo

Maybe back in 2006-2009 but Phil is the sunshine bean (lol kms)

and so what?

WHy is that a bad thing?

its kinda hot……..

Nash Grier: Popular

I legit had to research Nash Grier to see who he was

This photo triggered me so much

Dear Markiplier fangirls and/or stalkers,

So, Mark has an amazing girl friend now. You know what that means? He’s happy. And you know what THAT means? HERE COME THE TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRLS TO GO ON AND RUIN HIS HAPPY RELATIONSHIP.


Amy is wonderful, and you have no right to tell them to break up because of your emotions. Let Mark be happy and stop being salty.

Thank you, and go learn some manners and common decency.

A angry person

12 Days of Anime Day 8: Hibike! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonum is an anime about band kids and it is completely, 100% straight in every conceivable way.

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No, really.

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Nothing gay here.

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Just 2 gals bein’ pals.

I’m serious guys.

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Y’know when I was in high school the Ultimate Extracurricular Lesbian Gathering Place™ was theater tech (trust me on this). But in Japan I guess it’s different.

*this is the most gay show I’ve ever seen that isn’t actually gay*

Ok, I’m being perfectly serious right now: Kumiko and Reina are perfect for each other. And that’s not just my starving gay heart overanalyzing shit again, no no, I mean, they actually have really good chemistry throughout this whole show. They work so well together and in like every scene they have together there’s so much gay tension. If you go to YouTube, you can find an hour, a FUCKING HOUR of gay moments with Kumiko and Reina compiled just from season one alone

And not even kidding, as of me writing this post, this ship ain’t canon

Are you fucking serious.

I mean, a big part of me knows all of this is just bait. That they’re just doing this for money and these two are gonna stay… ugh… really good friends. And considering Reina’s got her eyes on their teacher the entire series and in the now-finished light novels, Kumiko gets a boyfriend (because OF COURSE), chances are looking pretty slim. But… dammit, that other little part of me just keeps falling for it! 

For the first bit of the series it was a bit easier to admit to myself that yes, this isn’t canon nor will it ever be. The moments with them were super fucking cute, but I could let them just be moments… for the most part.

And then they put in that mountain scene from episode 8.

Because of something that happened between them in middle school as well as Reina just not being a very social person, Kumiko and Reina start this series off pretty awkward. As they spend more time together in band practice they kinda get better acquainted, but they’re still on a last name basis with each other and just treat each other as fellow bandmates. 

This scene right here? This is where all that changes. After this point, they’re much closer and they start to become better friends and maybe even more than that. It’s a big turning point for Kumiko herself, too, since Reina’s influence is one of the first things that motivates her to try her best in band. And it all starts here at the top of this mountain.

Of course the ship is helped along even further with them saying stuff like this:

Then when they reach the top of the mountain they play a beautiful trumpet/euphonium duet together. The song is called “Ai o Mitsuketa Basho”, which in English is “the place where I have found love”. And here’s some of the lyrics:

Hey, who do you want to see right now?
Hey, who do you love right now?
I’m always here wishing that it were me

Hey, I can’t see my heart
And that instantly becomes a worry for me but
We can’t move on to tomorrow, by just the things we believe in

The stars that rise to the night sky, do so as they keep someone in mind
How many people in this town are looking up at them? I wonder

Even if I’ve seen all the beautiful things in the world gathered before my eyes
Nothing compares to you who’s smiling for me right now

Looking at it again it’s really symbolic of them deciding to reach for their dreams together and Reina sort of inspiring Kumiko to aim higher. Especially because directly after this they begin preparing for auditions.

But guys.

It’s a love song.

It’s a love song.


KyoAni, please, I beg of you, fuck the source material and just let it happen. PLEASE.

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Stand by You by Pikuna

A music-mix for my Story ’Stand by You’.
Thought a while about to do this playlist, since I have the feeling it could at least spoiler the mood of how the story will continue, but well…I think most can be guessed anyway. xD

1. Rachel Platten - Stand By You / 2. Schandmaul - Prinzessin / 3. Queen - We Will Rock You / 4. Blake Shelton - Friends / 5. Bruno Mars - Count on me / 6. Pharrell Williams - Happy / 7. Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars / 8. Disturbed - Who taught you how to Hate? / 9. RED - Part That’s Holding On / 10. Lindsey Stirling Ft Andrew McMahon - Something Wild / 11. Phil Collins - You’ll be in my Heart / 12. Ryan Star - Last Train Home / 13. Within Temptation - What Have You Done / 14. Nickelback - Miss You / 15. Lindsey Stirling feat. Carah Faye -  Where do we go / 16. Janet Jackson - Broken Hearts Heal / 17. Lindsey Stirling ft Dan + Shay -  Those days / 18. Avril Lavigne -  Keep Holding On / 19. 3 Doors Down - It’s Not My Time / 20. Nickelback - Far Away / 21. Queen - You’re My Best Friend / 22. Journey - Faithfully / 23. Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran -  Be my Forever / 24. Sunrise Avenue - All Because Of You


Here’s my first video in a series of vlogs I’ll be doing about The Legend of Zelda games as I play through them in anticipation for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coming out for the Nintendo Switch. The first game I chose to go through was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo. I had never actually gone through and beaten this game before, so I had a lot fun doing it.


I was having issues with getting this out to people last night, as were a lot of other youtubers uploading videos at that time around 9PM-12AM EST. Videos weren’t showing up in the sub feed including ones from many people I’m subscribed to. It seems to be working now. A lot of you last night weren’t able to see it, but for the ones that did, please leave a comment.

REBLOGS are greatly appreciated!

“Good lord, evolution, what is that?”

“It’s a flannel moth caterpillar I just finished. Funny little guy, huh?”

“It’s sort of… terrifying.”

“What? Nah. Look, it’s mostly hair. Pretty irritating, maybe, but there’s not much room for brains under there. It can’t actually do anything.”

“Okay, if you say so. But then where are you going to put it? Like, what is its ecological niche going to be?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Do I have to think of everything? I mean, I guess it could run for president of the United States.”

Source: Olly Boon / YouTube


“You have no heart” - that’s what she said. By “she” I mean my mom. A sentence I have been hearing all my life.
Girlfriends, dates or just people have been telling the same thing. They tend to be more creative than my mom - adding bird names here and there. 

I used to think that I may be a psychopath or sociopath. Guess what? I am neither (took an online quiz that said I was not). I actually have a lot of empathy but not so much sympathy - people often mistake the two of them.
Yet, I do doubt to be an actual human being from time to time. When that happens, I go on YouTube looking for a certain type of videos. I like watching those “Soldier comes back early from his tour in Iraq and surprises his family” or “Found and rescued a female dog and her puppies” videos. Not gonna lie, I cry like a baby while watching. A full river of tears. I do feel better afterward, reassured in my existing human nature.

Those emotions are not “mine” though. They are born out of what I “witness” - a movie, a book, a song, etc. They are not exactly part of me. I absorb those emotions. That’s how empathy works. Thus they disappear as quickly as they appeared.

The odd thing is that when someone confront me because of something I did or said, I do not feel anything but annoyed. Crying or yelling do not exactly work on me. I don’t because the person is crying in front of me. I would stand there thinking “What happened to you?”. 
People love attacking me. I am not saying I am particularly nice ‘cause I am not. Yet I do not usually fight back at people who pick on me nor that I intentionally hurt people in the first place. ENTPs love to debate not to fight. I do not enjoy conflicts at all. I let them talk knowing that I could crush their feelings and confidence in just a few sentences. 
“If you are offended by what I say, imagine how you would feel if I do not hold off”

Lately, I have been entertaining the idea I could live forever as an AI stuck in a machine. That would be a perfect “excuse” to be the logical pragmatic individual I am.

[That’s the second time I am writing this post. I miscliked the close button the first time. The original post was so much better written. Sigh ]

How to: Download Paint Tool SAI 2015 [FULL VERS]
PLEASE LIKE THIS VIDEO AND SHARE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS :) I'd really appreciate it. This is free. No surveys, no payment! Click on the link below and try it! :)...

Also I remember someone asking about paint tool sai or a free drawing program, so here’s the link to where I got it :) It’s the 2015 ver. so there’s a lot of pretty neat new brushes that I didn’t have before.

To download, just go to the video description (the video is a tutorial on how to download it lol but if you wanna watch it, it helps i guess) and there’s a mediafire link. Or you can download via winRAR (basically downloads a zip) either 32-bit or 64-bit, whatever your computer is on.

happy drawing~~

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Movies (Dan Howell x reader Smut)
  • I don't know what makes me want him. I guess it is because he is my best friend and when you are around someone for a long time, slept with them (like cuddling), being with him all the time. How did they think that I was not going to get some feelings. I don't know how I can tell him or anything.
  • Today I am going over to his house because we are having a movie day. He invited me over and I had to say yes... Even though I think he only thinks of me as a friend. It's nice to be able to see him.
  • Once I get to his house I knock and just a few moments after I see Dan running up to the door. I laugh when he opens the door out of breath.
  • "Hey, (y/n)" He said to me opening the door wider for me to be able to come in.
  • "Hey, Dan" I say as I pass him and kiss his cheek. His face reddens and he just smirks. We sit on the couch after all of it is set up. We are watching something that Dan had always wanted me to watch but we never had the time.
  • ``````Time Skip``````
  • When the movie ends I look up at Dan and he smiles at me.
  • "I guess I should go then." I said as I tried to get up. I got pulled onto Dan's lap. I turned beat red and look at him turning around and stratling him. He puts his hands on my waist. I was so confused, why would he do this.. I know I wanted and I was feeling the want in my lower regions. I was already starting to get wet for him.
  • "W-what are you d-doing, Dan?" I stuttered out.
  • "Right now I want you to call me Daddy. Alright, (y/n)?" He said to looking at my lips.
  • "Why?" I asked him. I was confused. Why would he want to be called daddy? Does he have that kink of something..
  • "Just do it, you don’t want to get punished do you?" He said to me. I gasped and looked at him with an expression that said 'what the fuck does he want from me?'
  • "Okay… Daddy.." I said I tried to use the new name for him.
  • He then attacked my lips and I responded with not as much force but I tried to make it enjoyable for him. I am scared that he thinks that I am just someone he can't do anything with because I am inexperienced.
  • He swiped his tounge on my lip asking for permission. I allowed it and he slipped past my lips and rubbed his tounge against mine, I let out a quite moan. He smirked in the kiss that we were sharing.
  • He slowly crept his hands up shirt and he reached my bra. He took the fabric that was my shirt and took it off of me. He then skillfully unhooked my bra and put it into the growing pile that was our clothes. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and swirled his tounge around it and then sucking on it for a sec. He did not leave the other one with nothing either, he took the other one in his fingers and toyed with it making it hard.
  • "You like it when Daddy does this?" He said in the most sexiest voice I have ever heard.
  • "Ahh" I said in reply. I could not really string up any words. So this was my way of saying that this was amazing.
  • He then left my breasts and went to my shorts that I was wearing, He slid his hand into them taking them off painfully slow. I had to stand up to get them off for I was still sitting in his lap. Once I took all of my undergarments off I sat on his lap again.
  • Dan then took his skilled fingers and rubbed my clit.
  • "Ahh Dan.." I moaned.
  • "Tst… I told you what you must call me how many times do I have to say it, (y/n)." Dan said as he stuck one finger in my heat. I gasped and he just smirked and leaned me on the couch so I was laying down. He then spread my legs and sat in that spot that is there.
  • He kissed from my thighs down to my throbbing heat, He took a long lick between my folds and I moaned… loud.. He then started sucking my clit and making the best pleasure run through me.
  • "Ahhh.. Daddy.. That feels so-" I could not finish my whine/ moan before I felt a pleasure build up in side me. I let out my loudest moan of the night as it racked through me.
  • "Oh my gosh." I breathed. I was not ready for this kind of sexual touching when I came here.
  • "Think you can do one more of those?" Dan said as he came up from my heat. I nodded and he got undressed and sat back in the position we were previously in. He slid the condom on and then slowly went inside of me.
  • I let out a cry. This hurts so bad.. I let one of my tears slip through and he leaned down and kissed it away.
  • "It will be better in a minute" He said to me in a kind voice. I nodded once again and he slid all the way inside of me and waiting for permission from me to be able to move.
  • I nodded at him. He started pumping inside of me. It hurt a lot at first but then all I felt was pleasure.
  • "Faster! Daddy please!" I moaned at him. He just lifted his eyebrow and startd to pound into me. I started moaning uncontrollably and then I started to feel that pressure build up inside me.
  • "I'm gonna cum!"
  • "Me to!" And then we came together. He pumped in and out a couple more times so we could ride out our highs.
  • He slid out of me and threw the condom away and looked at me. I had gotten comfortable on the couch. He shooke his head at me and picked me u bridal style and takes me to his room. On the way there he says,
  • "Don't think I forgot about earlier. You are going to be punished. You need to learn your lesson." He smirked at me.
  • ___________________________
  • I did it!!! Yay the first request!! And I am going to try to do all of the requests that come my way!! Thankss!
Young and in Love - Jack Maynard Imagine

heyy I was wondering if you could write a Jack Maynard where you just turned 19 so the boys (Conor and Josh) make fun of Jack for having a girlfriend younger than him, but Jack doesn’t care and is super cute to you?

Young and in love

“God, I’m so hammered.” You mutter sitting up on the couch at Jacks apartment.
“Shhhhh then go back to bed sweetheart.” Jack says stroking your head soothingly
“I guess you can’t take the shots as well as a twenty one year old can.” He snickers
This comment caught the attention of Conor and Josh,
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Genuinely asked Josh
“She’s only 19, Josh.” Says Jack
“Nineteen?! Y/n is only nineteen?!” Says Conor sitting up
“Well you know, having a young girlfriend does have its perks.” Jack trailed on
“Ughhhhh it feels like forever till I’m twenty. Why can’t it be now?” You whined, you were always younger than your boyfriends. Sometimes it would affect the relationship, but this one was special. Jack was special.
“Don’t worry, it will be soon enough. But don’t wish your life away, your age doesn’t mean a single thing to me.” Says Jack looking at your eyes.
“Woah, way to get to deep and way too monumental.” Says Conor laughing
“Yeah this is too gross.” Says Josh
“Doesn’t matter, love you boo” you said jokingly
“Love you boo.” Jacks says and kisses your forehead

IKEA ~Dan Howell Imagine~

Hello humans! Guess who’s back?! I finally have wifi again and guess what….I just bought tickets to see TATINOF at Playlist Live!!! Anywho, I hope you like this! :)

*Not My Gif*

“Where the hell did he go?” I mumbled to myself as I searched behind everything in the store.
Dan and I came to IKEA to buy a new coffee table, but Dan had other plans. Upon arriving to the department, Dan decided to play hide and seek.
“You’re getting colder.” I heard his voice speak.
I playfully rolled my eyes and followed his voice. I searched around the corner of one of the fake walls and saw Dan staring at me with a cheesy smile.
“You’re a dork.” I laughed.
“Only with you.” He placed his lips onto my forehead.
“Can we go pick out a coffee table?” I questioned with a laugh.
“Fiiiinnnneee.” He drew the word out like a child.
He put his arm around my shoulder as we continued on through the store.
“You’re cute when you pout.” I giggled.
He smiled to himself.
Once we got to the tables and picked one out, I looked up at him with a grin.
“Now whatever you do, be careful with this one. I don’t want you breaking it like you did the last one.” I laughed.
“In my defense, it wasn’t all my fault.” He remarked.
“That’s what they all say.” I joked.
Dan pecked my cheek and pulled me closer to him.
“I love you.” He mumbled into my ear.
I turned my head and smiled at him sweetly.
“I love you too Dan.” I replied as I kissed his soft lips.
He grinned and pulled away.
“I have an idea.” He whispered.
I smiled and glanced up at him.
“What’s that?” I replied.
“TAG, YOU’RE IT!” He shouted as he ran down the room and disappeared out of sight.
I sighed and let out a loud ‘ugggghhhhh’ before stomping like a child to go find him.

Request an imagine in the ask! :)     Requests are closed momentarily :)

HI. So, if you don’t know by now, YouTube decided to make a move and try to make it seem like it isn’t going to be a bad thing. Lord, have mercy on them.

I’ve been saying this many times, but I guess I’ll have to say it again. There’s nothing harmful with the subject of LGBTQ+. If these people want a limited experience, all they have to do is not click on the video. It’s easy. It’s common sense.

By restricting videos, you’re restricting the creativity of a very large number of users. These are topics people want to get out there. These are conversations that your creators want to have with their audience. And by doing this “thing” you did, it’ll take away that experience.

Even the most tamed LGBTQ+ videos have been restricted, and it makes no sense.

There are countless of videos that are going over your head that SHOULD be restricted. Maybe try to figure that out instead of making the most pointless, infuriating move onto your creators.


So, this was tweeted in 2009, a few days before they first met. This was tweeted at about 2am I think, and he was on the phone. Guess who he was on the phone to? PHIL FREAKING LESTER. I know this because Phil also tweeted a bit before saying he was on the phone to Dan. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot of this because I accidentally deleted it and can’t be arsed to go back to this date😂

Since i pulled an allnighter watching youtube videos and still have’t slept yet. I guess i’ll just go make coffee and work on some C# code. Even so, my brain is much more active and productive when properly sleep deprived. I don’t know why but it is so and i am gonna use that.