have to do it xd


i drew this for my sister and her boyfriend!! they like juggling a lot

lubay-nue  asked:

Kyyyaaa to be like that, then I ask for a classic Sans and Underfell Sans with all the accessories ... from everything to everything that you sell * u * I will buy whatever it is for them! Could you also have a Swapfell Papyrus plant? I love him. Another question Do they choose what type of plant they are or is already determined? As if they were, I do not know Roses? Chrysanthemums Or do they only have the two leaves on their head?

Suuuure XD!!
It’s determined QWQ They’re Sans, a kind of plant XDD
and yes, only two leaves on their head QWQ
(without the leaves they’ll die)

Take care of them QWQ♥

I know this is an art blog xD but I’ve been down lately so I’m trying to…–ya know I honesty have no idea what I’m trying to do xD. (And all these have filters duh except the bottom, middle, goofy one; also, the beard filter was my everything T_T) but, well, I’ve just been super stressed lately since I’m sort of coming to terms with myself and I live with a super bigoted, super homo/transphobic mom who would literally kick me out and never speak to me again if she knew I was trans. She’d probably stab me tbh (she’s scary af but I still love her. She’s just got really old views of things, ya know ;-; plus we’re southern and the massive bigotry is still lurking down here) but my friends love me and I love me, and isn’t that all that matters? ♡

Somedays I’m like, “Why hello, sexy. I haven’t seen you in a while~” Then other days I’m like, “Who is this strange girly looking creature?” XD

Victuuri | Power of Love | Stay Close to Me  
↳ for my precious Minji-chan! ( @vvictor )

Fantasy Iwaoi



Nobuchika Ginoza | Enforcer | (๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭
↳ “No matter how severe the situation is, if you continue to stay there, you’ll accept everything as a everyday life” Happy Birthday to my lovely Kisa (✿´ ꒳ ` ) @durararas​ 


                                              “P e a s a n t s
                                               l o v e
                                               t h e i r
                                               S a i n t s”