have to check the date

the first time jack visits tater’s apartment unannounced he accidentally sits on kent parson’s 6 month old espn body issue, hastily showed between two sofa cushions.

what follows is the most awkward conversation since bad bob tried to tell a 20 yr old jack about the birds and the bees. it really solidifies their friendship.

Updated Object Sets

I have updated all of my buy mode custom object sets. I managed to get the rest up on simfileshare this morning since i wasn’t getting the upload errors. 

All updated sets:

Grove Furniture Collection

Grove Furniture Collection: Separated Bedding

Bayside Bedroom Set

NOX Dining Set

Atwood Living

Mid Century Eclectic

Shaker Kitchen

Serenity Bathroom

Lennox Kitchen and Dining

Hamptons Getaway

Myra Living

Atwood Dining

Hamptons Getaway

If you are unsure that you have updated packages, please check the date created for merged files and the date modified for separated package files (from downloading the archives). If any of them contain files edited in January 2017, then you have updated files. I did not need to update every file so don’t freak out if all of them don’t say they were modified Jan 2017. The amount of edited files varies depending on the set.

If you downloaded files individually there is no way for you to tell if they are new or old so best to redownload any bookcases, seating, counters/islands or items specifically mentioned in the update notes. If you think I have missed updating anything from my custom objects, let me know as soon as possible so I can check it out. I still have addons and recolours to do, which will be next so i am aware of those. 

Now time to move onto more updates for my other creations. Yippee

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it is a CRIME that these two have barely interacted

Dating Fred or George Would Include....
  • <p> <b></b> •Having to always check if it's the right twin when going out for dates.<p/><b></b> •The occasional prank gone wrong; sending you to the infirmary.<p/><b></b> •Skiving together because you both forgot to do your Potions essays.<p/><b></b> •Getting bitten by garden gnomes together.<p/><b></b> •Warm Weasley Twin hugs.<p/><b></b> •Ditching them for Ginny.<p/><b></b> •Pushing Fred away when he tries to kiss you in front of either of your families.<p/><b></b> •Kissing George's cheek in public just to make him blush.<p/><b></b> •Laughing at them when their pranks back fire.<p/><b></b> •George's eskimo kisses when you hug.<p/><b></b> •Fred's neck kisses when your sad.<p/><b></b> •Everyone thinking your so sweet, but Fred and George being the only ones who know you better than that.<p/></p>

As the season 10 ended a photo came in my mind , this may be an old photo, perhaps from another season but I can’t remember an episode where Julia is dressed like that on that bed … do you ? Does that a scene they cut like it was in season 9 finale when Julia was supposed to be in a train before on the horse ? Does that scene a scene from the second half of the cliffhanger ? I wonder …

The photo is from Hélène’s twitter but I don’t remember the date … perhaps I should have check that if it wasn’t November, it can’t be the finale but from another episode they filmed close to that time …
  • Mickey: Hey Gallagher, have you checked the-
  • Ian: Whatever it is, not today, Mickey. I have a date, and I need to go get ready.
  • Mickey: You have a- wait, what do you mean you have a date? Who is it? What’s his name?
  • Ian: His name is not important. What IS important is that he’s better than you in every conceivable way.
  • Mickey: Damn it Gallagher, that could be anybody!


namelessnightly  asked:

(Back at it again) Poly HC: Z-T-KC The trio go on picnics every Friday evening during the Spring & Fall. Travis is a surprisingly good cook for some who once set a kitchen on fire. He cooks for all these picnic dates. Zane is more of the "location manager", he checks out places for them to have dates. They sometimes invite Aphmau and Aaron, the only ones who know about their relationship besides Garroth and Dante. KC is very shy about talking about her relationship. Z & T... Not a prob!!


Can I just give a shoutout to the people who have been liveblogging and posting their pictures/videos and tweets w/ quotes from David & Billie today because without you guys it would’ve been a lot more chaotic trying to look for this stuff. YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL MVP’s AND I’M GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS ❤️


{ Okay so it’s time for me to post one of these again the tone of the last one isn’t doing it for me anymore and I’m just letting you all know that my time here will be less frequent! Its the end of the semester and we all know that means finals and research papers! For example, I have a Psychology exam on on April 3 and a research presentation due not too soon after +usual assignments, a Humanities research paper coming up, a Comp. paper that’s actually due on Tuesday this up coming week, and a shit-ton of Algebra+ and exam I think next Wednesday(???? I’ll have to check the dates).

Anyway, it’s quite a bit to do and I’m really trying to manage my time better, so of course whenever I have free time I’ll mostly be studying/doing homework so I won’t fall behind.

I’ll be online occasionally though, hence this being a semi-hiatus rather than a full on one because I’ll probably be here to give myself a break from schoolwork or if by some miracle I get certain things done early( which may happen more than I think considering I’m about to have Monday’s off from work, so that of course will allot me extra time to do things.

So yeah, I’ll try to keep the queue going and pump out replies when I can, but this is just further warning that I’ll probably take longer than I usually do! Also I know ya’ll don’t really care about what I have exactly, but I’m also using this as a list of what I have, I’ll probably check things off as I get them done }

I’M FUCKING SCREAMING. I lit just got an email from South Yorkshire police, and lmfao, part of me was expecting them to reject me or something, but shit, THEY ACCEPTED MY APPLICATION AND I’VE PASSED AND SHIT, NOW I HAVE TO BE ALLOCATED A DATE/TIME/PLACE FOR THE SECURITY CHECKS, FUCKING FUCK FUCK. I’m crying so hard. I don’t even know what the hell the noise was that I made, but I’m so excited!

A series of what appear to be ancient tablets have been found. Written upon them are a series of dates. When checked, they align to historically significant events in the history of man, all of which have happened….except one. The date for the final event, is one week from today.

Dating Woozi/Jihoon

How you met:

  • honestly there isn’t many moments when a fan will get to actually meet him since pledis is always down their backs ya’know?
  • anyways
  • you were out alone, going to the new marvel movie, and like you were trying to go quietly in and out because going alone to a movie is pretty sad
  • while you were there, because you were alone, of course some asshole group of ppl think it’s alright to harass you
  • woozi sees it go down
  • “what you doin’?”
  • omg this smol child is going to try and save you, is this some kind of joke-
  • wow he beat them up, holy
  • He offers to walk you home because he doesn’t want you getting harassed again
  • when you get to your door you offer to buy him lunch some time to repay him
  • and that’s how it goes man, he’s taken with you, you’re taken with him, it’s not too long before you guys become a thing

Dating Woozi/Jihoon:

  • having to check in on him often because you’re worried he’s putting his music over his health
  • again
  • visiting the studio at like 2 AM with burgers and cola because he’s got midnight munchies and needs to refuel
  • you don’t mind, seeing his face so early in the day is always nice for you
  • sometimes the pledis staff is like, “excuse, who’re you??????”
  • getting jealous of him with s.coups all the time
  • making really balanced lunch boxes for him since you REALLY care about this poor baby’s health
  • he’s constantly worrying and putting pressure on himself
  • Always having to reassure him
  • “Babe, stop, your fans are so loyal, it’ll be fine”
  • “But what if the song isn’t a hit”
  • “You made it, Jihoon, of course it’ll be”
  • him serenading you all the time
  • even if it’s for the dumbest things ever
  • “I know, but if we poop in the same house it’s basically like being married”
  • unexperienced PDA because this boy is such a pure lil-
  • realizing you’re starting to mimic his actions
  • *both of you hand curling because one of the other members does something so cringe*
  • getting into arguments and never winning bc damn that boy can debate
  • sometimes you’ll feel like you’re not worth him because he’s so multi-talented, but he’ll always make you feel 10000% better whenever that happens and then you don’t worry anymore
  • one day he’ll come over, and it’s still dark, you’re super groggy, so is he
  • “why’re you here?”
  • “I just wanted to be with you”
  • “Boi-”
  • no matter the height difference he’ll always be the one to give the forehead kisses
  • when he gets out his guitar it’s either run or smooth melodies filling your house
  • tickle fights, then someone gets kicked in the face
  • when it’s him you better prepare for the worst
  • (This is just me but I think) Woozi will sulk whenever you talk about other members, and like
  • hardcore sulking
  • calling him up late at night to hear him sing you to sleep, and you can hear the other boys in the back just screaming and teasing him for being a cheese ball
  • sharing clothes because all of his fit just right and are loose and nice and smell like him, and sometimes he’ll see you wearing a really nice sweater and it’s his now
  • okay but his hands are so big
  • loving to hold his hands because yes
  • please
  • “Please keep your hair this style”
  • “y/n, that’s not up to me to decide-”
  • “I have so many pictures to prove why this hair color, this style, this cut, this trim is the best”
  • “y/n, please”
  • sometimes he’ll be super grumpy like: “These damn kids don’t listen to a word I say, I told Seungkwan that he needed to put more depth, does this sound like he’s putting depth into his voice???? DOES IT?????”
  • and you just sit there and listen to him complain, but once he’s done he’ll just slowly melt into your arms
  • like
  • this kid needs a break, he works so hard
  • sneaking up behind each other and biting each other’s shoulders
  • is it a kink or is it just bc u two are so playfully fond of each other? no one really knows
  • let us not forget, every song is dedicated to u
  • he loves you to the moon and back
First Date

Archer Palmer-Smoak had been checking his watch for the past five minutes as he waited outside of the movie theater. Being a techno baby and the computer voice inside his cousin’s head gear, he got used to running things on a schedule. At the very least, he wanted to be able to meet his appointments on time. He only hoped his dates would take the various hints he gave them and do the same. Archer did enjoy hanging out with the twins in their clubhouse, especially since they were always willing to be his guinea pigs for any of his latest experiments. They were just very… volatile, at times. They meant well, but they really needed to learn some discipline. So, after countless times they hounded Archer in the showers, he told them that if they were really interested, they would have to meet him on a proper date, to the movies. He knew they would love to join him in watching the latest action dystopian flick. 

You two have five more minutes before I end up buying tickets for the latest foreign chick flick, so you better get here.” He texted them before looking at the empty counter line.

ok i have wanted to ramble about this picture

for the longest time and that last post just made me want to do it more


this pic

between kisses


is he:

  • realizing what he’s just done
    • “I kissed him. I just… kissed him”
    • “I didn’t expect to do that”
    • or conversely “I got to do that”
    • “Should I have done that?”
  • looking at Bitty’s face and thinking about that
    • “His eyes are still closed”
    • “He looks so cute”
    • “He looks so innocent I have to be careful I don’t break him”
    • “He’s so trusting”
  • pondering his feelings
    • “I’ve wanted this without knowing I wanted it for so long”
    • “The things I feel when I look at him”
    • “Now everything makes sense”
  • wondering what he should do now
    • “I don’t have time for this but…”
    • “He wants me to kiss him again”
    • “Would it be all right if I kiss him again”
    • “I want to kiss him again”
  • or just
    • “Oh my God…. look at him… I have to kiss him again”


(ymmv it’s ok if you think some of these are OOC i just want to explore every damn possibility)