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Ok hear me out on this big FAT gay

It’s the Losers Club senior year of high school, all of them are 18 and stressed about being adults and It’s prom season

  • Eddie musters up the courage to ask a girl out for the first time with the help of a bunch of super supportive Losers
  • On the night of prom she bails on him because she couldn’t be seen with someone so “uncool”
  • That would have been his first date.
  • Everyone in the Losers club tries to convince him to go anyways even though he’s absolutely heartbroken but they’re all dead set on cheering him up.
  • Most of the night the Losers take turns dancing with him and keeping him company all together
  • It comes to a slow song and everyone else has a dance partner besides Eddie.
  • He gets really upset and uncomfortable and rushes out to the empty hallway and cries because he’s a pussy bitch baby boy and feels really alone and scared that the rest of his life is going to be like this
  • After Richie notices he’s gone he immediately wants to go after him.
  • Richie spent the entire night checking up on Eddie so his obviously his date is like “What the fuck we can’t even have one slow dance without you leaving to check on him? Wow, maybe you should have brought him as your date instead.”
  • that makes him super fucking pissed because that’s his best friend and he’s like “yeah maybe I should have taken him instead of your gremlin looking ass, go choke on a fat one”
  • Once he finds Eddie crying in the hallway he comforts him and they have a huge feelings jam and Eddie’s sniffling and goes “I’ve never even gotten to dance with anyone before”
  • And Richie goes alright get up right here right now we’re doing this shit
  • So they slow dance in the empty hallway while muffled ‘Forever Young’ plays from the closed auditorium doors
  • After a bit Beverly goes to check on the both of the boys and gives em that 👀👀👀👀 LOOK
  • They scramble away from each other and their faces are as red as Satans asscheeks and then pretend it didn’t happen
Are You Sure About That?

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer Reid is your best friend in the entire world. Best friends totally spend every weekend together, and walk around holding hands, and cuddling on their movie night, right? 

Note: Just an idea I had one night. Hope you enjoy. 

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the first time jack visits tater’s apartment unannounced he accidentally sits on kent parson’s 6 month old espn body issue, hastily showed between two sofa cushions.

what follows is the most awkward conversation since bad bob tried to tell a 20 yr old jack about the birds and the bees. it really solidifies their friendship.

  • *the Room of Requirement*
  • Mary: *clears her throat* Will you go with me to the Yule Ball?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: *smiles* See how easy it is?
  • Sherlock: *nods*
  • Mary: Now pretend I'm Molly Hooper.
  • Sherlock: *nods*
  • Sherlock: *swallows; stares at the ground* Molly Hooper...willyougototheballwithme?
  • Mary: ...
  • Mary: *blinks* We'll call that 'attempt one'.
  • *the Great Hall*
  • Sherlock: *sitting at the Ravenclaw table*
  • Molly: *approaches* Hi...
  • Sherlock: *looks up; blushing* Hello...
  • Molly: *awkward* Um, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you.
  • Sherlock: *confused* Sorry?
  • Molly: *frowns* You and Mary Morstan? I saw you leaving the Room of Requirement together earlier-
  • Sherlock: *quickly* That was nothing.
  • Molly: Really? You looked quite pleased-
  • Sherlock: She was trying to help me ask you out.
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *swallows* Where?
  • Sherlock: *quietly* The Yule Ball.
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* I'll be there *hurries off*
  • Sherlock: *smiles*

now I’m interested in an au where jack and bitty start dating in year 2 on the DL except that bc of something jack said, bitty is convinced they have an expiration date. like, he’s under the impression they’ll break up at graduation and it’s more of a “enjoying the here and now” kinda thing which makes him sad, obviously, but he’s okay with it and then graduation rolls and around and bitty brings it up and jack think bitty WANTS to break up and it’s a huge angsty mess

soft apologies│a.i

for mine and @calumsbicth‘s valentine blurb night

credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Warning: smut (oh shit), swearing.

Description: When Ashton forgets about Valentine’s Date he has with Y/N, thoughts and emotions immediately start running through her mind. 

The clinging sound of your heels filled the kitchen as you prepared the last things for the night. Candles, home-made meal, flowers, everything was perfect. You always hated Valentine’s because you never had anyone to celebrate it with. Your last couple of relationships would always end right before the 14th, so it was not even weird that you were looking that much forward to the night. It all seemed like a movie. You had bought new lingerie, made him food like you were some kind of mum - even though you had to call Calum to get him to help you. Nothing could go wrong.

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Power Cut II

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Pairing : Yoongi x Reader
Genre : Fluff, slight angst, Hybrid!au
Word count : 2952 

Summary : Yoongi is the cat hybrid you once adopted at an adoption center. You took care of him as best as you could months following his adoption but he still has not erased the distance he voluntarily puts between you.

PART 1 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

A smile crept up on your chapped lips as you removed your jacket to swiftly put it on the couch, almost throwing it. Warmness eased through your tired limbs at the feeling of finally being back home. It was the weekend. Friday night. The soft scent of your air freshener was a real treat to welcome you whenever you got back from work. It felt like home. Your eyes briefly scanned the quiet living room bathing in the soft city lights. An eerie silence reverberated, the hybrid nowhere to be seen. Still, you tried to voice something as a plea to reassure yourself that everything would be fine.



You knew better the cat used to nap in his room but at 7:26 PM, you knew he should be mostly awake on the couch, lying down and doing nothing productive. With a frown, you threw your handbag on the couch with the bag containing the lamp, still holding the several grocery bags in your other hand. An eerie silence was piercing your entire flat while an apprehensive feeling slid in your gut. Blinking, your heavy eyes roamed around the room as your steps carefully guided you around only to find said hybrid in the kitchen, fidgeting awkwardly with the induction cooktop.

Great. Just great.

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the samwell team is great but lbr bitty deserves queer friends

Mom doesn't wish to see you [Part 2] (Batboys imagine)

[Part 1]

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can you do a part two on Mom doesn’t wish to see you? Where like you start dating other men and like all the batboys are supportive. Except Damian because he still has hope that his parents will end up together?
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath. 
Word count: 588
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

You were rushing up the stairs of your apartment building for your weekly dinner with your sons. You made sure that the bond between all of you stayed as strong as ever. Since you had to work full time and you had joint custody over the kids with Bruce, meaning that they still lived in the manor, meant that this was the only time in the week you’d have completely dedicated to them.

I’m here!” you yell at the door, quickly shrugging off your outdoor clothes and throwing your keys in the bowl near the door with a clank. All of the boys were already there since they had their own keys.

Delicious smells were coming from the kitchen where Dick and Jason were finishing your meal and Tim was pulling out a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies. “hello, ummi!” Damian said giving you a hug before pulling out your chair at the table.

Everyone gathered around the table, the atmosphere light and homey. “You look fancy ma!” Jason says, being the last one to get seated. “Well I just came from a date!” you happily chuckle as the boys start spewing questions your way.

What was he like?”

“Did he treat you well ma?”

“Does he have a job?”

“Is he financially stable?” 

“Did you check his dating history?”

So many questions were thrown your way you had no idea the boys were so interested, well everyone but Damian. Damian hadn’t said a single word, his gaze was fixated on the plate in front of him as he slowly ate. It stung your heart and you weren’t sure what was wrong.

For the rest of the diner he didn’t say a word while everyone else was having a lighthearted conversation. Luckily Dami was staying the night so you could find out what was bothering him.

After the dishes were done and the table cleaned all the boys said their goodbyes and left, leaving you and Damian alone. He was sitting on the couch when you timidly sat next to him. 

What’s wrong, Dami?” You asked.

Nothing,” He answers dully.

I know you’re lying, please tell me! You were in a good mood before dinner, and now it’s like night and day,” You try to get him to speak.

Are you and father never getting back together again?” He asks sadly. You take his hand in yours, playing with his fingers to comfort him. If you were anyone else you would probably be killed by now.

I don’t see that happening baby, I’m sorry.” You sigh sadly.

Why not ummi,” He asks, causing you to grab him into a warm loving hug. “Bruce hurt me Dami, I can’t trust him again. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop loving you, you’re still my son as much as his and I’ll always be here,” You truthfully tell him, he takes a moment to think before finally saying, “I love you Ummi.” 

That night you went to sleep with a heavy heart. It’s hard knowing that your youngest still hoped for a reconciliation, that you knew would never happen. You didn’t know how hard the separation actually was for Damian since he was so emotionally isolated, even though he trusted you the most in the world, he just didn’t know how to talk about things. All you could do as a parent was try and restore the natural dynamic of the mother-son relationship you had before the divorce and try to always be there for him as best you could.


With love,

Your transformation

This is the progression of a white sissy in the BNWO

Training and brainwashing make you start to dress and show yourself off.

After you have been checked out by Black bulls on few dates and found good enough the BNWO decides you take a vacation for three weeks where you will be formed completely

You will be fetched by some strong Black boys you will service them during the whole trip 

your passport is kept by them while they bring you over the boarder to mexico or into another country. This way they can be sure you wont back out.

you will be brought to a small room

you will receive for 2-3 days constant brainwashing files and clips so you become extremely obedient and horny 

You will then be brought to a doctor that works with the BNWO and is specialized in feminization surgery

The rest of the vacation will be your healing process and further strong conditioning and hypnosis cause we still have your passport you have no chance to do something against it. At the end you will return home where your own family wont recognize or accept you anymore cause you are now a full fucktoy for the BNWO.

We seek hypnotists, doctors etc that might in future work to make this a reality for sissies or to bimbofication for white women.

Like: if you like

Reblog: if you want to spread the message

Reblog and mail to me: if you want to become a part (be patience cause i am only one person that tries it to make it a reality) whitesissynun@gmail.com

Stood Up (Castiel x Reader)

Plot: Cas notices a beautiful girl sat by herself and realizes she’s been stood up. To stop her being embarrassed, he goes over and pretends to be her date.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warning: Fluff, angst if you squint, sadness, being stood up, Cas being adorable and awkward, Dean being annoying

Word count:1,110

Prompt: “Is ketchup a vegetable?” 

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

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anonymous asked:

For the Drabble request could I please get Jimin, 32, and have it be a domestic!Jimin AU? Thanks, and congrats on 5k💕

thank you so much for requesting this i loved writing it! and thank you! i hope you like it! 

32.“Babe I did a pregnancy test.”


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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for 3DS out Nov. 21st/23rd, new trailer

The upcoming 3DS release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney isn’t a new game, but Capcom’s sure shooting out trailers like it is!

A new trailer released today mimics the style of launch trailers for games past, with voice acting, dramatic character intros, and all that good stuff.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear Orion Acaba and the other English voice actors - Capcom-Unity has only released a subtitled version of the Japanese trailer.  Still, check it out!

More importantly, we have a firm release date for the game: November 21st in North America, and November 23rd in Europe.  Just a little over a month until justice!


Whether you are in a bar or meeting someone from SA, we all know there are some real creeps out there. Needless to say, your safety is on you. 

1. Always and I mean always follow your gut feeling. There is power in your intuition. If something feels wrong, ask yourself why
2. “Should I give him my real name?” Personally, I used to use a fake name. My issue is that I never remembered to answer to it, which always made things a little awkward. If you can fully commit to your new persona, then I encourage you to use one. Just be smart about things. For instance, do not leave your purse with your real ID near a date, if you have items with your initials monogrammed, or if he meets your dog and it’s collar says your real name. I know those are extreme situations but you never know. 
3. Use a texting app. AGAIN, I have been reckless in my days and just used my real phone number. Realistically I have given it out to random men in bars. However, there are a ton of texting apps. I highly recommend sideline
4. I always meet POT’s at the selected location. I never accept a ride home or an uber on their account. I pay for my own transportation - it’s a L worth the taking.
5. GET YOURSELF A SUGAR FRIEND. I cannot stress how important this is - whenever I go on dates I always share my location indefinitely with my gal pals. I provide them with his SA account information, date location, all the information I have gathered about him. I also check in throughout our date. SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO. 
6. Meet in public locations - if you did not already know this then please remove yourself from the bowl for your own safety.
7. I walk with mace and a key chain siren lol
8. Do your research. Get his full name and try your best to get all the information you can about him.

That’s all I have for now but feel free to add on to this thread babies 


Pairing: peter x reader

Request by anon: Request please :) Coming over to give peter a piece of your mind for missing a date, you end up waiting so long you fall asleep. When he gets home he takes his suit off throwing it at you because he didnt realize you were there. (Hope this makes sense)

A/N: I really hope this is what you had in mind. Thank you for requesting, enjoy! x

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You sighed as you checked your phone, again. You were suppose to have a date with your boyfriend Peter Parker. You had made plans for dinner, but Peter hadn’t shown up. You checked your messages, but there was nothing from Peter. He was already an hour late, so you figured he wouldn’t come anymore. You stood up and left the little restaurant you were waiting at. Since Peter’s apartment wasn’t that far, you decided to pay Peter a visit. It happened more and more often that Peter bailed on you and it made you think he didn’t like you anymore. It was either that, or there was something going on with him. You were one hundred percent sure Peter wasn’t cheating. He would never treat you like that.

A few minutes later you arrived at Peter’s apartment. May opened the door and smiled.

‘Y/N! Come in,’ she said.

‘Thank you,’ you smiled as you entered the apartment.

‘You look very beautiful,’ May complimented you on your looks.

You looked down on the cute dress you were wearing. ‘Thanks,’ you sighed. ‘Peter and I were suppose to go on a date, but he forgot, I guess.’

May shook her head. ‘Well, he is in his room. In case you want to, you know, beat him up or something,’ she send you a wink.

You let out a laugh and nodded, ‘I will,’ you said and walked towards Peter’s room. You softly knocked before entering, only to find a completely empty room. Where the hell did he go? He definitely sneaked out, otherwise May wouldn’t think he’s be here. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell her Peter was gone, so you let yourself fall on his bed, waiting for the boy to return.

After an hour or so, you felt your eyes starting to get tired. You put your phone away and planted yourself on Peter’s bed once again.

‘Just five minutes,’ you said to yourself.

You closed your eyes and you slowly fell asleep.

Peter opened his window as quiet as possible. It was already dark outside, since it got pretty late. May already went  to bed , so he had to be careful. After the boy was inside, he started to take his suit of. That was easier said than done, because it was completely drenched with water. Chasing two robbers down the river seemed like a good plan. Oh, well, he had caught them, so it was fine.

After finally getting rid of his suit, he threw it across to room, onto his bed, not noticing the girl who was asleep on it.

You were woken by a wet piece of clothing which was thrown onto your face.

‘What the hell,’ you muttered as you immediately sat straight up and grabbed the wet thing. Your eyes went wide when you saw what it was.

The Spider-Man suit.

You looked up and saw Peter standing in the middle of the room, with a horrified look on his face, the mask still in his hands.

Your mouth fell open as you looked at the suit and back at Peter again.

‘Peter, you’re-’ you slowly began.

‘I-I uh, I c-can explain,’ Peter stuttered.

You just stared at him, processing what just happened, everything was coming together. So this was the reason why he kept bailing on you.

You stood up and walked over to your boyfriend, who looked absolutely terrified. You took a deep breath and looked into his gorgeous brown eyes. You handed his suit to him and smiled.

‘You know, I was gonna rant about how you missed our date. Again. But I think you have a pretty good excuse.’

Peter was quiet for a moment.

‘So you’re not gonna freak out?’

‘Oh, believe me, I am freaking out right now,’ you told him.

‘I am sorry,’ Peter spoke as he grabbed your hand. ‘For not telling you, and not showing up.’

You sighed, ‘I understand, Pete. I just thought you didn’t like me anymore, or that you found me boring or something.’

Peter’s eyes went wide, ‘Y/N, you are the most wonderful and beautiful person in this earth. I don’t know what I would do without you.’

Peter opened his arms and pulled you into his warm embrace. ‘I am so, so sorry, Y/N,’ he whispered.

You put your arms around his as he held you close. You felt this weight falling of your shoulders.  You looked up at him and smiled. Your heart filled with happiness as he looked down at you. You boyfriend was a superhero. How amazing is that?

Peter slowly leaned in and you closed your eyes as you felt his soft lips on yours. You smiled into the kiss and pulled him even closer.

‘I love you,’ you whispered against his lips.

Peter smiled as he pulled away. He planted a kiss on top of your head, not daring to let go of you.

‘I love you too.’



You looked him seriously in the eyes.

‘I would appreciate it if you didn’t throw your suit into my face next time.

Peter chuckled as he pecked your lips once more.

‘I won’t throw my suit into your face anymore.’


read on ao3

It was a hot, sunny afternoon when Lance finally decided to leave his bedroom and enter the kitchen. Thin material of his tank-top clung to his skin unpleasantly and so were his blue, star printed boxers and his short hair.

He looked around with bleary eyes until his sight reached the fridge. A tiny, weary smile graced his face as he shuffled towards it and opened it.

Cool breeze was indeed refreshing  but it wasn’t enough to fully wake him up.

No. He needed something better than this.

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