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This post contain a list of 6 helpful links I wanted to share for relationships and crushes!

7 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

Wanna know how to impress your crush just by texting? Follow these steps! #3 is a life saver!

Need some advice on text messaging your crush? These tips are fail-proof! We love #4!

12 tips to have a perfect date!

Check out 12 Habits of a Happy relationship! We think #5 is super helpful!

Do you feel like a simple “I love you” won’t do? Here are come creative ways to show your love. #9 is awesome.

it is a CRIME that these two have barely interacted

the first time jack visits tater’s apartment unannounced he accidentally sits on kent parson’s 6 month old espn body issue, hastily showed between two sofa cushions.

what follows is the most awkward conversation since bad bob tried to tell a 20 yr old jack about the birds and the bees. it really solidifies their friendship.

Self-care ideas for the signs.

Aries: Cry when you need to, stretch, have a snack, scrapbook, take plenty of selfies, open your windows.

Taurus: Sit in a quiet coffee shop, write a love letter to yourself, garden, say “I love you” to yourself, make a self-care box for yourself.

Gemini: Take a nap, go cloud-watching, buy yourself flowers, read what makes you happy, write a love letter to a friend.

Cancer: Put on comfy clothes, breath in fresh air, color something, bake cookies, do some gentle yoga (check this).

Leo: Write a poem, have a self-date, learn to say no, cuddle a teddy-bear/pillow, have an adventure day, paint your nails.

Virgo: Take a long hot bath/shower, start a compliments file, go to the library, take deep breaths, go stargazing.

Libra: Drink a cup of cold water, list five things you’re grateful for, have a picnic, give compliments to yourself.

Scorpio: Snuggle under a cozy blanket, order in dinner, make a playlist, go skating, write a letter to your future self.

Sagittarius: Burn a scented candle, swing on the swings, take a leisurely walk, doodle, plan your dream trip.

Capricorn: Play some music, dance/sing (with wild abandonment), eat chocolate, sleep in, watch the sun rise/set.

Aquarius: Go on a photo walk, have a scoop (or two) of your favorite ice cream, read poetry, create a bucket list (here).

Pisces: Make yourself some tea/hot chocolate/coffee, sew something, splatter paint, daydream, make wishes.

(P-s: Be good to yourself. Feel free to read all of these, ok. Love you!)


MNET WIDE reveals list of comebacks for the first half of 2014!

MNET WIDE recently broadcasted quick glimpses of a calendar outlining major K-pop comebacks scheduled for January - June 2014 (here). Luckily, Kayoforum has snapshots from the program and we have listed the information! Check out the dates and see if your bias is returning in the first half of this year!

January 2014

MC The Max: January 1st

Rain (Bi): January 2nd

Girl’s Day: January 3rd

TVXQ & Ailee: January 6th

Dal Shabet: January 8th

B1A4: January 16th

GOT7 (JYP New Boy Group): January 20th

Girls’ Generation: January 30th

February 2014

100%: February 3rd

Orange Caramel & Ailee: February 6th

C-Clown & Boyfriend: February 10th

APINK & Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)*: Februaury 13th

BAP & CNBLUE: February 20th

Sunny Hill: February 21st

March 2014

Sunmi: March 6th

Shinhwa, Juniel, Son Dambi, Crayon Pop: March 13th

K-Will: March 17th

Bangtan Boys & EXO: March 20th

SPICA & TINY-G: March 24th

WINNER*: March 27th

Dal Shabet & G.Na: March 28th

INFINITE-H: March 31st

April 2014

Baek Ah Yeon: April 1st

Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo & T-ARA N4: April 3rd

AJAX & EvoL*: April 7th

After School: April 10th

4MINUTE: April 17th

Ladies’ Code: April 24th

May 2014

2PM & SISTAR: May 1st

Brown Eyed Girls & Block B: May 5th

Tahiti: May 15th

Shin Hye Sung: May 22nd

Seo In Guk: May 29th

June 2014

SHINee: June 5th

Rainbow: June 12th

Jewelry: June 19th


Is your bias making a comeback in the first half of 2014?

*corrections: Kim Hyung Jun of SS501, not Kim Young Jun

EvoL will be returning on April 7th, there will not be an A-JAX subunit.

*WINNER may debut at the end of February instead

Best Relationship Tips :

  1. Check out How to Seduce Every Zodiac Sign! 
  2. Texting: You’re Doing it Right/Wrong 
  3. If you’re in a relationship and you want it to last, you should listen to this advice!
  4. She may be your best friend, but she could be after your boyfriend! Find out how you can tell.
  5. It’s time to get over that nasty breakup! These tips will help. #7 always works
  6. Bad dating habits to avoid
  7. Follow these 15 steps and you’re guaranteed to have a good date! 
  8. Check out why you push guys away. 
  9. You’ve got the perfect guy, now how do you win over his friends? Here are some ideas.
  10. Starting a new relationship can be hard. Here are some helpful tips
  11. Want a hairstyle that will get his attention? 
  12. How many of these signs do you see in your relationship?
  13. Need some advice on text messaging your crush? 
  14. Wondering how to tell if you’ve got a good man?
  15. Do you feel like a simple “I love you” won’t do? Here are come creative ways to show your love. 
ok i have wanted to ramble about this picture

for the longest time and that last post just made me want to do it more


this pic

between kisses


is he:

  • realizing what he’s just done
    • “I kissed him. I just… kissed him”
    • “I didn’t expect to do that”
    • or conversely “I got to do that”
    • “Should I have done that?”
  • looking at Bitty’s face and thinking about that
    • “His eyes are still closed”
    • “He looks so cute”
    • “He looks so innocent I have to be careful I don’t break him”
    • “He’s so trusting”
  • pondering his feelings
    • “I’ve wanted this without knowing I wanted it for so long”
    • “The things I feel when I look at him”
    • “Now everything makes sense”
  • wondering what he should do now
    • “I don’t have time for this but…”
    • “He wants me to kiss him again”
    • “Would it be all right if I kiss him again”
    • “I want to kiss him again”
  • or just
    • “Oh my God…. look at him… I have to kiss him again”


(ymmv it’s ok if you think some of these are OOC i just want to explore every damn possibility)

It Had To Be Done

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,395

Summary: Dean gets jealous when he finds out the reader has a date and he tries to tag along.

Lotion? Check.

Shaved? Check.

Makeup? Check.

Nails painted? Check.

Freaking the fuck out? Check.

Tonight you have a date. It’s not just a date, it’s a huge decision. It will either make or break your fucking world. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic but it’s true. It will completely alter your life and you’re praying it will be the outcome you want.

Keep reading

First order of business: Guide to Warped Tour

I’ve been going to Warped Tour since 2007 and in that time I’ve learned a lot about suriving a festival such as this. Keep in mind you can find a huge amount of helpful material on any official Warped Tour website, blog, social media outlet, etc. This is just my take and I am not professionally associated with Warped Tour in any way.

Every year I have a sort of check-list/game plan for every date (as since 2011 I have done no less than three dates every summer).

First, you need to plan what you need to have with you at the festival. It’s important to prepare but not to overdo it with the items you bring along; you don’t wanna carry around a bunch of unneeded crap all day.

My list of items is simple:

- SEALED water bottle (they will let you in the gates with it and you can refill all day for free at a designaed location - otherwise it’s like $3-$4 for a bottle of water)

- Sun screen - DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NOT APPLYING SUN SCREEN. You WILL burn and it WILL suck. I reccommend a high SPF and the spray on type. It’s easier to apply throughout the day and less messy.

- Phone/portable charger

- ID, cash and a credit/debit card (optional). I usually don’t bring in my whole wallet.

- Sunglasses

- Sharpie

- Small draw string bag or back-pack or shoulder bag. (Please don’t be that person to bring a back-pack/bag big enough to travel Europe for three months with).

**Keep yourself updated on the projected weather for your date so you know if you need to add any rain gear to this list which would be either a poncho/hoodie and a plastic sandwhich bag to keep electronics safe.

Moving onto what to wear…I keep it simple/practical every year.

Hair - If it’s long, tie it up and if it’s short you’re good to go (if you plan on dying your hair a vibrant color don’t do so the day before because you will sweat and it will bleed all over your skin. Dye it like a week or so before to prevent that as much as you can)

Upper body - Tee-shirts, tank tops, sports bras (with or without a shirt), badeus, etc. Anyhthing light and airy that you can also get physical in and still be comfortable throughout the day.

Below the waist - Shorts. Don’t try to wear jeans, it’s fucking summer and it’ll be hot. I like to wear shorts that I can get at a Model’s or any other sporting goods stores because the material keeps me cool and they’re MADE for physical activity. But jean shorts are good too. High-waisted shorts are a good way for girls that want to stay cool and functional but also keep it on the stylish side.

Shoes - VANS obviously are acceptable. I either wear those or regular running sneakers because they offer more support and you’re on your feet all day. TOMS, sandals, flip-flops or anything that leaves your feet exposed or easily fall off are just a NO. Doc’s are a good option but are heavy on your feet - that’s up to preference really.

***And for God’s sake WEAR SOCKS. You’re feet WILL sweat and no socks = a smelly ride home later.

Make-up/accessories - This comes down to preference/how motivated or not motivated you are. At Warped I personally don’t put on make up or wear and type of necklace or bracelets (with the exception of my NTIO bracelets). If you don’t get the right make-up you’ll just sweat it off or it’ll run everywhere and an arm full of rubber bracelets will make you sweat on your forearms so much faster than if they were bare.

***Again the accessories/make-up you wear is your choice, as is everything you choose to wear. This is just my take on what works best for the setting/weather.

How to handle the day…

Warped Tour is a long, hot day. But it’s also fucking amazing. That being said, it can be an overwhelming environment for first timers. So, here are some tips.

- If there’s a band you want to make sure you get a wristband for meeting then you NEED to get there early. In additon to that, make sure you bring $5 bucks, canned goods or an old cell phone with you to hand into the Feed Our Children tent for an early entry wristband (they will be located outside the main gates at every date)

- Going off that ^^ turn on notifications for the bands you would like to see/meet and the tents they’re signing/meeting at (I.E. Alt Press, Kia, Journey’s, etc.) because then you’ll know as soon as it is released as to WHERE those bands will have wristbands available for meet and greet.

- If you’re trying to meet high priority bands (like Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil… basically the main stage bands) as soon as you’re in the gates run in and find the tents you need to, to get wristbands. They’ll go fast.

- After I get my M&G stuff for the day I make my way over to where the bands and set times are listed (you can’t miss it, it will be a big, blow-up wall that says ‘VANS’ on it and all the stages, bands and set times will be listed). Put all the bands and their times/stages you would like to watch into your phone (or bring paper if you’re scared if you’re phone dying later) and then you have you schedule for the day. Make sure to also include any M&G times you’re doing in that schedule.

- Now usually I go with a group of people and I’ll tell you right now if you’re in a group of like 4 or more it’s very unlikely you’ll stay together all day because you’re going to want to do different things and not always see the same bands/performers/artists. So, make sure to have everyone’s number (maybe make a group chat) to stay in contact and make a place to meet at the end of the day (or a certain time of day) if anyone’s phone should die and they can’t get in contact.

- As far as merch goes, if you’re planning on buying A LOT don’t load up on it at the beginning of the day. Because who wants to carry all that? I know I never do. If you just want a few pieces or small things, then I would get it ASAP and just get it out of the way. However, shopping for merch is a good way to kill down time between sets/meet and greets.

That pretty much covers it… other than that, just have fun! Warped Tour is the highlight of summer every year for me and hope it will be for anyone reading this too.

Before I leave you, a few words on safety…

- STAY HYDRATED. I cannot stress that enough. It is HOT. You NEED water. And try to eat at least once during the day. Your body will need it.

- Be AWARE of yourself in the crowd. There will be moshing, pushing, shoving, crowd-surfing, etc. If you feel overwhelmed get yourself out and if you can’t figure how to do that or you’re about to pass out/have a panic or anxiety attack ask for help in the crowd. We’re family and the people surrounding you should know how to help get you out. If you happen to be on barricade or very near it get securty’s attention and get pulled out.

- DO NOT leave the festival with anyone you DO NOT KNOW. I don’t care if they’re in a band or not. YOU DO NOT LEAVE THOSE GROUNDS or EVENT AREA without someone you know/came with.

- KNOW THE LOCATION OF THE FIRST AID TENT. If you’re hurt, feel sick, etc. go to them and get help. Seeing/meeting a band isn’t worht getting hurt or getting sick or passing out.

That should be it I think. If you have any remaining questions about anything specific in this guide feel free to inbox us!




With a new school year underway, chances are you’re already swamped with homework and extracurriculars. Here are some tips to help you stay focused and get your tasks done on time without procrastinating.


The key to staying productive and avoiding procrastination is to keep a planner and/or bullet journal and to check it every day. If you have no deadlines or important dates and times written down, chances are you’ll forget about them or avoid them. It’s easy to avoid something when it’s in your mind and not in front of you. When you’re presented with the information written down in front of you, you can’t avoid them any longer and procrastination will be more difficult. Personally, I use a planner for homework assignments and academic events, and a bullet journal for bigger picture events and events that aren’t really related to school. You can use one or both in whichever way you like. There’s no rule or formula; it depends on what works best for you. Once you’ve set up your chosen method, check it daily. I would recommend that you at least check it when you come home from school to get a preview of the things due tomorrow and stuff coming up in the future.

how to bullet journal

how to use a planner


Don’t work in a mess. The clutter will distract you from your tasks and you’ll end up procrastinating. Take a few minutes before you get started with your work to clean your desk or wherever you work, removing anything that you don’t need for your current task. I would also recommend that you try to avoid eating while you study. It will make a mess and distract you further.


Try to have all the materials necessary for the activity you’re about to complete ready before you start the task. If you’re studying, have your notes, textbook, notebook, pens and pencils, computer etc. ready to go so you don’t have to go looking for them later. Interrupting your task to go look for something will break your concentration and make it hard to get back to work. Thus avoid any opportunity that will drag you into procrastinating and have everything prepared beforehand.


This means no TV, no tumblr, no music, no youtube, no facebook etc. Anything that will tempt you to interrupt your studying/work needs to go. If you’re afraid that you’ll be too tempted to go onto social media or other distractions while on the internet get this app (StayFocusd) for google chrome. It will block all websites for a specified amount of time. It’s a lifesaver. I would also recommend that you don’t study with music unless it’s a soundtrack or a genre that doesn’t have lyrics (dubstep and electronic music excluded). Anything besides this will distract you and make it hard to focus. The lyrics will make you want to sing along or your brain will be trying to process the words of the music and your homework. Both of these scenarios will lead to a decrease in productivity. Also keep your phone far away. You’ll be tempted to check your texts or other social media and any noise it makes will distract you. Put it away somewhere where you won’t see it or hear it and your productivity will increase greatly. I recommend this app (Forest) to help you stay productive.


If you want to avoid procrastination and study for long periods of time, take frequent breaks. If you study without breaks, your brain will get tired easily and you’ll be tempted to quit after a few hours. The Pomodoro Method is a good way to increase your productivity. In your breaks, stay away from distractions because they will drag you into the land of procrastination. Instead, take a nap, drink a cup of tea, read a book, take a walk, anything but watching TV, going on your phone, or checking tumblr. These “productive” breaks will make it easier for you brain to assimilate new information.


When I say don’t eat the elephant, I mean don’t do some big project the day before it’s due. You’ll end up procrastinating and do it last minute at 12:00 am. Split it up into smaller portions and do it over a longer period of time. It will increase your productivity and your quality of work. Also, when you sit down to work, only focus on one subject or task. Don’t try to do three things at once because you’ll get distracted and end up not working on any of them. Spend time on each of them separately and do them well.


You’re more motivated to work, and thus not procrastinate, if you have an attractive end goal in mind. List out the tasks you want to complete and a reward for completing each one. For example: “If I do my Clac 3 homework, then I get watch an episode of The Good Wife” or “If I study for my APES test, then I get a cookie”. This will give you something to look forward to and make the task seem less insurmountable. 


Write your goals down. If your goal is to memorize that  vocab list you have for French, write it down and put it in front of you on your desk. Look at it often and it will keep you grounded and help you complete the task without procrastinating. You’ll get everything done much faster.

I hope this helped reduce your procrastination! If you have any questions, feel free to hit up my inbox :) Good luck!


On February 1st, Nick Grimshaw gets a card that says “You’re not as much of a twat as you could be.” He doesn’t expect the epic saga to follow, complete with Louis Tomlinson revealing himself as his Secret Admirer on Valentine’s Day

Alternatives to Book Piracy

I understand your plight. You are completely broke. You can’t afford that Shiny New Book that everyone is talking about. Obviously you are entitled to read it. You are entitled to read it right now, for free, and the consequences be damned! Right?!

Originally posted by gifsofthe80s

I hate to break it to you, sunshine, but you are entitled to nothing. However, here are some ways you can get your hands on the book you so desire, while taking into account the immense amount of work the author has put into it.

The Library

The library is very accommodating with bringing in new books. Heck, if you let them know early enough that you want the book, they may be able to have it available for release date! Check with your public library, and your school library if you have one. Librarians are awesome people, they are not scary at all, and libraries REALLY get a kick out of being used. Libraries also rotate their stock fairly regularly, and library book sales are so super awesome, I can’t even begin to describe them.

Used Book Stores

This requires some waiting *gasp* but, it allows you to buy the book at a discount, usually in support of a good cause. It also makes sure that somewhere, someone paid for the book from a book store or the publisher. This is important in making sure that the author gets to eat. You can also look on Kijiji - using your safe Kijiji practices.

Borrow It

You have a friend. Your friend buys the book. You ask very nicely to borrow the book. You treat the book with love and respect. You read it, and return it in pristine condition. Some books you can also borrow via Kindle or Nook, though not all of them. You also have the option of websites like Paperback Swap, which lets you swap your own books with other people.

Obtain an ARC

I mean legally here, people. Through Edelweiss or NetGalley or one of the other book review sites. The way you pay for your copy here is by writing a review and spreading the word about the book you just read. Especially right around launch day, because those sales are SO important to the author. You can sign up for sites like NetGalley and just request books without writing reviews, but you won’t get very far.

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See, wasn’t that easy?


Introducing: the Sherlock AU exchange!

Hello Tumblr! We love AUs, and we know that the Sherlock fandom does too. So we wanted to do something that would encourage people to create AU fanworks for other fans! We will accept any and all types of fanworks. So if you want to write someone a fic, that’s great, but if making plushies is more your thing, then go for it! We just wanted people to get excited about creating things!

Here’s how this will work:

  1. To enter the exchange, fill out this form–be as specific as possible! Signups close on May 27th at 12pm EST.
  2. Once signups are closed, you will receive information about your giftee and their preferences.
  3. Begin creating your fanwork!
  4. We will have a check-in date on June 10th to make sure that things are progressing smoothly for you. We’ll have more information on what this entails when the date gets closer.
  5. On June 27th, post your finished gift! Tag it with #exchangelock and your giftee’s username within the first three tags and we’ll reblog it to the blog for everyone to see.

We’re really excited about this exchange, and we hope you are too! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an ask, or email us at exchangelock@gmail.com.

Happy creating!