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Stopped for dinner after Skip drove me to Pompano beach to check on having hip surgery. That date is Nov. 9 and I’m sooooo ready. (Asked for smaller hips. Hoping)

For some reason every time I imagine what Sam and Steve’s kid would look like, I think of Alfie Enoch, mostly because of his portrayal of Wes Gibbons on HTGAWM. It kind of makes me want to write an AU where the totally normal son of two Captain Americas goes to law school to help out people from within the system (y’kno w/out the part where he becomes complicit in a murder or looks like he’s tryna fuck his law professor… or maybe keep that part, idk).

Witchy Dating Sites!

Okay.. so I’m sure you’ve seen the post floating around. If not, you will, I’m sure. Anyway, I decided to do a little search and I actually found a few! I will list them here.. but just be warned I haven’t checked any of them out yet. I will do that later when I get the chance. :)




Amazing Printables!

I found this amazing printable online by Harper Honey

Below I have quoted her description of the printables located on her website

College Application Deadline Organizer:

  • Helps you set personal due dates for your first essay draft, final essay copy, transcript request, recommendation requests, and the all-important thank you notes
  • Separate sections for early admissions and regular admissions, since the due dates differ greatly
  • Has spots to write due dates and check off that you have completed each task

College Application Information Organizer:

  • 2 pages of printable for 6 colleges worth of info– of course, print more as necessary :)
  • Write in deadlines, both early and regular
  • Common App or Non Common App?
  • Login and Password for online applications
  • Essay section that includes # of essays needed, goal date for first draft, and a place to write your prompt(s) so you have it on hand
  • Keep track of the fee amount, and when you sent payment or a waiver
  • Keep track of the transcript send date and the application send date when you’re done!”

For a Direct Link to the Download Click Here

anonymous asked:

In a KWK interview Shahid Kapoor said he liked voluptuous women (in front of Vidya Balan, I might add). Then he married Mira Rajput, who is pretty skinny. Now I'm not discriminating against body types or anything, he's free to like whatever he's into. The whole thing just got me wondering how credible celebrities' answers are on KWK?

*He actually said that when he was on the show with Sonakshi, not Vidya. But he supposedly dated Vidya, so there’s that!

Look, we all have a type, but in the end it doesn’t mean much. My “type” is dark-haired, dark-eyed, dark-complexioned guys, and yet my longest relationship was with a blue-eyed blond Polish boy. When you’re looking for someone to spend your life with, they have to check off more boxes than just body type. If Shahid dated Vidya, he also dated Priyanka. If he married Mira, he also dated Kareena. None of them resemble each other. And I think by now we know that his marriage was arranged, which means they (hopefully) looked for compatibility in all areas of life. I’m sure her body type didn’t rank very high on that list.

I just think you’re reading too much into it lol in an ideal world, we’d get everything we want. I want to marry a guy who looks like Kunal Kapoor, but I’ll probably end up with a redheaded version of Uday Chopra lol you just never know how things are going to turn out. But that’s what makes it exciting, right?


I finally found it.  The PS4/Vita currently-exclusive Nishikikouji Tohri route!  Moa said at one point she’s working on a stand-alone version for those of us without PS4/Vita access but until then, behold!

Xella: I must not, however, spend that [newly-won commission] monies on a ps4
Positron: Haha
Xella: no matter how much the lack of nishikikouji romance videos on youtube distresses me
Xella: oh shit hold that thought someone finally uploaded one!

Stefan's Plan Pt 2/2

Stefan steps inside the room and keeps himself at the ready for anything Caroline tries to distract him with. It doesn’t sit well with him that this girl might be compelled though, so he wants to check first.

“You have to compel your date Care?” He asks, sliding his jacket off of his shoulders and placing his bag of weapons and tools on the floor by his feet.

Caroline rolls her eyes and gestures at her own body. “Does it look like I’d need to convince her?”

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adaliagreyson replied to your post:I just went on the most awkward date with a…

Just curious, what steps would you take to ensure a safe sugaring situation? Cause I might be overly cautious and completely wrong about it, but I see soo many ways for sugaring to end badly.

There are so many ways for sugaring to go wrong. The steps I take involve very carefully choosing who to go on dates with, having a scheduled check in with my best friend or girlfriend (they also have all of the potential SD’s info in case I don’t check in and the cops have to be involved), I carry Mace and always meet in a public place, preferably where I know the staff. 

A sugar baby should ALWAYS make friends with the staff in bars/restaurants they frequent! Even if you’re just friendly acquaintances, if you take the time to remember their names and treat them well they will remember you and they will take good care of you. Not only that, it gives you an excuse to stay after the date if you don’t feel safe walking back to your car AND if need be they’ll likely walk you out there. If you’re meeting a POT somewhere you’ve never been before, scout it out. Go for a drink the day before or earlier the same day and chat up the hostess, the bartender, the manager, the waiters, literally be super friendly and engage everyone you reasonably can. Learn their names, pay attention when they talk and tip well.

Obviously, there’s way more that goes into sugaring safety but I don’t have the energy to do a full write up on that at the moment. Always do your research before jumping into this stuff, please. 

thehomosexualunit asked:

Hello! I have checked the FAQ and what I was looking for was the release date, but I found the person who already asked that question in the tag. But I'm just asking when did you answer that ask? You said you would start up again in the beginning of January but do you mean January 2016? I wish you guys the best of luck and my family is very excited for the trailer!

That was January of 2015. We shot for a week in January and a couple days in March. Since then we’ve been hard at work on post-production, which is just by nature a slow and arduous project, especially for a project of this scale.

All Time Low confirm February UK tour

All Time Low confirmed last night on stage in Edinburgh that they will be returning to the UK in February next year. The date they announced was February 15 at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro, but more are expected to be announced soon.

The band are set to play Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend.

EDIT: Thanks to a poster posted at Leeds festival, further dates have been confirmed. Check them all out after the jump!

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“But They always leave, only the cat is staying” - Auberge NoLa - April 2015

That is the principle of a Hostel, you have a check in date, hand in hand with a check out date.

No matter how well you get along with someone, how much you like your guests, they will leave. Anyway, when you travel you have an inertie, you are a bullet, you can’t stop moving, you really need a wall to stop you, and sometime its not enought, or it crushes you.

Everytime you are left behind, full of memories, full of assiociations. Elicia, peted this, cat, everytime i would see it, i’ll think of her. My Friend Max Payne (yes it’s name) ate ramen noodle at every meals, so everytime i’ll eat a cheap ramen i’ll think of him. And it work with everything.

But, as sure as one will leave soon, another arrive soon, not replacing but taking the relay.

Tonino Rizzo-Boyce

In the past week:

- I have been asked by a woman at work to open a jar for her
- I have been gendered as a woman on a date
- I have been checked out by many a cis gay man
- I have been ogled at by confused people (mostly parents) at student orientation
- I have been addressed with the word “ladies”
- I have been clumped in with the men at work
- I have been asked what my sex is when making a doctors appointment
- I have had women give me nervous eye contact and body language when walking past them
- I have had a dude in a car almost stop in the middle of the road for me when I planned on crossing behind him (he was obviously gendering me as a man, it was like I owned the fucking road)
- I have had older people stare and scowl at me from their cars
- I have been gendered correctly as nonbinary in many situations (just adding this because I know it sounds like a lot of misgendering)

Point is, I don’t have this simple, linear, binary experience of gendered privilege and oppression. Not only do I not have much control over how I’m gendered, most of the time I can’t even predict it until it’s already happening. I can be tossed a free mandarin at the market by an older man interacting with me like I’m a teenage boy and then get run down by a man on the sidewalk who thinks I’m a woman who should get out of his way, all within the same five minutes. I’m at the whim of other people’s perceptions, always.

It’s never going to be as simple for me as having the gendered experience of a man or a woman. I don’t have access to male privilege in many spaces, and when I do, it’s conditional. I don’t experience women’s oppression when I do face gender oppression, because I am not experiencing it as a woman. There are no words for my experience, and it frustrates me every day. And until we let go of the simplistic, binary way we talk about oppression, there can’t be words for it.