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[Trans] Daehyun & Youngjae talking about DaeJae Couple

[Source: Japanese Magazine]
[Pict Source: magiemaggie (tumblr)
[Translation: hellosaya]
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- There is an unexposed B.A.P member -

DH: This is the second time we have Youngjae and Daehyun pair (combination). Come to think of it, our fans call us “YoungDae couple”, right? (Korean fans usually call them DaeYoung 대영 instead of Daejae 대재)

YJ: Because we are close, seems that our fans always see us appearing together on photos and videos. But of course, we are not dating each other in reality (laugh).

DH: Although Youngjae’s part in “Exploring B.A.P!” series has finished this month, I think we can explore more things about each other. I always think about this, because I’m having too much pride, it takes time for me to open up to other people. But for Youngjae, he is good at socializing with people, he can control himself to fit in with other people, which I admire him for this.

(I can only translated the upper row of the interview, if you’ve found the rest of it, do send to me so that I can translate it for you too^^)

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