have to be happy without you

Sometimes I pause and suddenly remember a time where my day was brighter because I had a funny, interesting or genuinely sweet interaction with a stranger, and I start to wonder how they’re doing and if they’re happy.
I just thought u guys should know that you might have been that funny, interesting, or genuine person for someone else too, and I guarantee that they’ll look back upon that interaction at least once in their life and will hope you’re doing well. Don’t ever think your life isn’t important, cause you might’ve been important to a stranger without even knowing it.

It truly breaks my heart that Mark still doesn’t feel like he’s apart of GOT7…even after all this time. I just want him to know you are loved by them and us, remember it’s 7 or never, Jackson didn’t just say that because it was the right thing to say…he meant it. We can’t see GOT7 without you. We’d miss that high pitched laugh when you’re really tickled, the way you switch between English and Korean, your savage attitude, and most of all that bright and beautiful smile, I know men don’t like hearing this but you are beautiful man. I hope your attitude changes in the future, we love you and most importantly GOT7 loves you. Without you we’d have no complete rap line, please continue to smile and stay happy. ❤

MCR speech:

Right now I’m just thinking back to the first time I listened to the Black Parade album (it was like 2 and a half months ago) and just wow. I was a totally different person then. And now I know about this frickin amazing band that has created the greatest music I have ever frickin heard and im so grateful holy shit im gonna go cry now.

Just thinking about the first time i even heard welcome to the black parade while i listen to it and it just makes me so fucking happy that i found this band. I wouldnt be me without this band oh my god. Why is it so amazing. Like how. How did i not know about it before? Honestly whats wrong with me. They are just so amazing oh my fuckin god my chest hurts. It feels like someone has stabbed me and twisted the knife.

MCR… you kill me, yet revive me. You scare me, yet intrigue me. How. Like what genetic chance made these beautiful humans that came together to make this music that literally transports my soul to another dimension.

These last 2 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions oh my god im so grateful.
Like is it possible to just give everything i have to the boys for making these masterpieces of beautiful musical creation. Oh wait… it wouldn’t be enough. NOTHING WOULD BE ENOUGH BECAUSE WHAT THEY HAVE CREATED IS SO AMAZING AND NOW I WANNA DIE OK BYE


happy sweet birthday to our sweet golden hands’ birthday. i hope you’ll be healthy and happy always. i hope you’ll live your days full of happiness, love and joy. i hope you’ll find the happiness that you deserve. if i could give you the whole universe, i would without a doubt. have a great ahead my precious, be happy always !!❤️🎁🎂 #HappyRenjunDay

Advice To The Bride

1) It is important that you immerse yourself in pursuit of whatever might please him and make him happy, since earning his love and achieving his favour are things that will lead to the continued happiness of both yourself and your family. Disobedience, raising your voice in his face, and rebuking his acts of goodness will only lead you into a state of loss.

2) You must not leave home without his permission. If you have sought your husband’s permission to leave in order to visit one of your relatives, you must accept his opinion even if it does not seem fair and reasonable. If he does not approve this time, inshaaAllaah he will approve next time. There is no harm in discussing the issue so long as it occurs with etiquette and is done calmly.

3) If you feel in your heart that your husband has neglected one of your rights, it is important that you choose an appropriate time to discuss the issue. Your discussion of this matter should be gentle and good-natured and should not involve raising one’s voice. Your discussion should not involve emotional tension or intensity because this ultimately causes dissention and never brings about the intended results.

4) If you were careful to avoid whatever displeases Allaah and angers your husband and remain patient, then you have truly benefited because you have gained the pleasure of your Lord and your husband. This is the true success and peace of mind that will relieve both you and your husband. In fact, this will benefit your family, your parents, and the entire community.

  • Dr. ‘Aasim Ibn ‘Abdullaah Al-Qaryuti

Before I start let me say that I am 100% thrilled that wlw got a few more options in this game. I am absolutely thrilled that we get to romance two whole aliens. Not really thrilled about the background npc romance but honestly I’m never happy about those. It’s just my own personal taste.

What I’m not happy about is how badly mlm got shafted in this game. There isn’t a single main male squad member that’s bi. Or gay. Not a single one. All you’re stuck with is a background romance with either a guy who leaves or a guy that’s pretty much a clone or Mass Effect 3’s mlm Cortez. You’re a gay guy? Good luck getting the trophy that requires you to romance 3 separate people! At least without having to go outside of your potential comfort zone.

You wanna actually be able to interact with your LI in your party? Too bad my dudes you’re just gonna have to sit around with side conversations on the ship or whatever planet you find Reyes on. Bioware is so fucking afraid of two dudes being together that they went out of their way to avoid it. And yeah I know they gave us dorian and iron bull in dragon age inquisition but why the fuck is a game that came out that many years ago and SET IN MEDIVAL TIMES more progressive than their space adventure? Not to mention it was written by a different group of people.

Why can we get to see Scott banging it out with 3/5 romance options in the crew and yet none of them are with another guy? Why are all the background romances fade to black and 1/3rd the size even though they promised that they would be just as well developed and as impactful as the main romance options?

The real question is, why does Bioware continue to shaft entire groups of people in their games continously after promising us so much more? They claimed progression in this game and all I see are the same backwards things.

Its too early for her phone to be ringing. Too. Freaking. Early. This better be a powerful alien or she will be the one destroying something. She reachs blindly for it and answers without opening her eyes

- What?

The voice and the tone of it makes her sit up : Alex! I need you!

- Whats happening Kara? !

- I dont know what else to do! They wont calm down! -Kara says crying -They wont just, calm down. We’ve tried everything! Lena already fed them. I changed their diapers. They are clean and healthy and happy.. WHY WONT THEY CALM DOWN?!!

Ok, Alex says to herself. Ok, its just the twins having problems to go to sleep. She never had a baby herself but can imagine what state her sister and Lena are after 2 months of no sleeping for over 2 hours straight. - What can I do Kara? - She asks

- Could you. . uhm.. Could you maybe.. sing to them?- the question is whispered

-What?!! No! Kara, I wont go at 3 in the morning to sing to them! sing them yourself!-

-I’ve tried!! But, it ist working! They dont want my songs right now. Pleaseeeee! please! I dont know what else to try! You used to sing to me when I couldnt sleep… Please..-

Ales sighs. - ok, but I wont go over there. Just, just put me on speaker-

-Yes! Thanks Alex! Really. Ok, you are on speaker now-

Alex glances at Maggie sleeping next to her. She hasnt woken up yet, she wont wake up now. So she starts singing. Not with much will at first, she is really tired, but when she stops hearing the cries on the other side of the line she starts singing with more will. A couple of minutes later there is just silence.

-Oh Rao. Alex, they are sleep!- And then she hears her sister start to cry. And Lana whispering things next to her

-Sleep well girls- Says Alex before hanging up and curling around Maggie 

Two days later it happens again. Really, Alex is a call away of turning evil. She answers it saying -Put me on speaker- And so she sings again. And the twins are sleep at the end of the song. The call is finished with a whispered - Thanks - 

She doesnt want to become evil, so after it happens again, she makes sure Maggie isnt close and noone is listening and records herself. She hnds Kara the pendrive without saying anything and everyone moves on with their lifes. 

Maggie knows Alex doenst like to be heard when she sings. She knows because once she came back from work and found Alex singing in the shower and was threaten with no sex for a week if she said anything about it. But, Maggie loves when Alex sings. She has a beautiful voice and is really soothing. So when its been a week and there has been no night call from Kara she knows Alex must have recorded herself so they dont need to call her every night. There is only one thing to do. The next time she sees Kara asks her if she is right, and when Kara gives her a bearly there nod she asks her for a copy of the songs. 

Alex comes home one day to her voice coming through the speakers and Maggie singing along. She doesnt know how to feel. She feels vulnerable when she sings, like she has no walls around her. Thats why she only sings when she is alone. But, this is Maggie. So, after she recovers from the shock, she joins in and starts singing along.

wanderlust-sims  asked:

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

Thanks both you and @femmesim for sending me this <3 and the fact that I stared devoid of expression at my screen for way too long without a clue of what the hell to write down ;__; 

But here goes nothing:

1. Over the course of years, I’ve realized that I love being odd. It genuinely makes me happy to be different in some way, be that my tastes or a way of thinking. Fun fact: my flatmate’s new catch phrase whenever we interact is “FFS, can you be mainstream for once?” At this point, she actually believes that I prefer certain things just for the sake of being weird :D

2. The fact that I have a good memory. It has saved my a** oh so many times in a school. I could recite most of the things - commercials, book pages, song lyrics (obviously), birthdays (even those of strangers), something that you said on 5th May, 2001… just to name a few. Though, I sometimes forget what I had for breakfast, so yeah, there is that.

3. I like my mother tongue, which is sarcasm, btw.

4. That some people think I am scary with homicidal tendencies (which I am not, *nervous laughter*). But it’s a refreshing feeling to be intimidating sometimes, as, otherwise, I am that kind of person who would look pathetically cute with a bloody knife in a hand (according to my bf, at least).

5. The fact that there is a friendly and warm person underneath my resting bitch face. People have told me that they feel at ease when talking to me, as supposedly they don’t feel judged at all. I guess, I am secretly a psychologist haha :D

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Okay so I just really wanted to say that I love that you're still really respectful of other's opinions and ships or preference of characters because lately in a lot of fandoms, I keep seeing pure hate and people getting attacked for liking different things!! So, thank you for that!! I'm happy that you can acknowledge the flaws in a character without completely just dragging the character

I mean I feel like, at times, I can sometimes act like a jackass on purpose (exhibit a) me @ zane 24/7) but I appreciate this message! 

I try to be as far as I can without sacrificing my bias– and I won’t hide I have my own bias. I always keep in mind my favorite isn’t perfect, so I have no high horse in this conversation beside it isn’t even my own work so… lmao… I don’t need to get all defensive.

I just need to rant about something personal and I have no where to do this without people judging me…so… Yeah Tumblr, you are the one to read me.




Ok…sorry about that…. moving on

How did I end up with someone so beautiful, smart and loves me so much? My god I love this woman to pieces! I have no clue what I would do without my sexy girlfriend. She’s just makes me so fucking happy ( even tho I wanna kill her 24/7 ) I still love her more than anything in the entire world! I’m so thankful I fell in love with your goofy ass. I’m get back to eating my peanuts. I love you so much Miranda rose. 💖

Today marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance split up. Even though it hurt all of us fans I am so glad that they are all happy right now. Gerard is making comics, Ray is making music, Mikey is about to have a kid, and Frank is currently on tour right now with his band. Not enough words can explain how much this band means to me. Without them on my life I honestly would have been a different person, I am so blessed to have discovered them. They impacted my life in so many positive ways and I am so grateful to have them in my life. I just want to say thank you to My Chemical Romance for everything they ever did for us. Though its been 4 years, killjoys never die ❤

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You're gonna have fun thinking up channel names for the losers! Or are they gonna be formal and just use their names? I would love to talk more about this with you!

Oh I definetly gonna have fun with it. Some examples are: Burr is of course ‘Aaron Burr, Sir’. Peggy is ‘And Peggy!’ (because Angelica and Eliza made a channel without her called the Schuyler Sisters, so she made her own out of salt). Lafayette is either ‘Fighting Frenchman’ or ‘French Fry’ OR Modern Lancelot. Hercules is HERCULES MULLIGAN and he starts every vid with BRAAH BRAAAAH. 

I love talking about this AU forreal hmu <3

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Yeah ASC was super fun and hilarious! The boys always have so much fun on there :') I cracked up so much when they just took all of those gifts lol. THEN JB AND YUGYEOM SINGING ALL SEXY LIKE I WAS LIKE #NOPE #DEAD. They always make my day so much better. Also the boys got their 1st win and I cried. I am so proud but like it's not the same without Jackson :(( I pray he is resting up and getting well. Omg yeah I'm in my last year of college. I have one month left before I graduate!- shy anon

XD they are so silly~ I love ASC because they can be their crazy selves (though I always feel bad for Jimin LOL)

:( I know what you mean~ It’s such a happy moment, but it’s never quite complete without all 7 boys ;; I hope he’s being taken care of and is getting the rest he deserves :( But I do hope he comes back really soon ;; I really miss him ❤️️ But of course, only after getting completely better ;;

:D omg!!! You’re so close!!! ^^ I hope you finish the month strong!!! ❤️️ Being done with exams is the best feeling!! ^^

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i really wanna take tennis or martial arts or some sorta sport but im kinda afraid since im a little chubby that i won't be taken seriously or i'll be made fun of, i know it makes zero sense but im just sorta worried.

Well, I can’t 100% promise you that won’t happen, unfortunately, because the reality is there are some shitty fatphobic people out there. But I can tell you that a GOOD teacher or coach will be really happy to have you and won’t allow anyone to make fun of you. I’ve seen great athletes who are chubby, even Olympians - heck, even Serena Williams’ thighs touch down to her knees. Being chubby doesn’t mean no one will take you seriously.

I suggest you go for whatever sounds the most fun, look for a good coach, and try to keep an attitude of “fuck them” to anybody who tries to make you feel bad about yourself. You should have fun and do what you want without feeling self-conscious.

“She lost her back legs when she got hit by a car. She’d already been returned to the shelter twice already. She’s a lot of work. It’s almost like having a child. You need to be very patient. You always need to change her diaper. It’s very hard to find a babysitter. But I’ve had her for 1.5 years now and I can’t imagine life without her. Everyone loves Lucy. And Lucy loves everyone. She can’t wag her tail, so I was worried that I’d never know if she was happy. But she tells me with her eyes.”

(Rosario, Argentina)

I know we haven’t talked for a long while, and I know you pretty much forgot about me at this point. But I hope you’re happy with whatever you’re doing. I hope you find someone who will love you as much as I did. And I hope you find happiness within yourself. Even if we did end up having a fallout, I hope you’re doing what you love and find true happiness. Even if it’s without me.

4 months with no contact. if you were to tell me a year ago that i’d be able to go 4 months without hearing your voice, i would’ve laughed in your face. i remember the first time we didn’t speak for a whole day. i’ve never felt an emptiness like it.

4 months with no contact and i am a totally different person now. i have scars on my skin that you’ve never seen. i have stories to tell which you’ve never heard. i have memories i won’t share with you.

4 months with no contact and i am thriving. i am doing well. i am healthy, happy almost. i am content with life and i am moving on, slowly.

4 months with no contact and this is not the first night i’ve broken down in tears. i miss you. in a very naturally human way. i miss you.

4 months with no contact and i still feel sick when we don’t acknowledge each other whilst passing by. but i don’t see red anymore. i guess that’s an improvement.

4 months with no contact. 8 months with no contact. a year. 5 years. i will miss you for a lifetime.

—  you promised you wouldn’t leave but now you’re gone and you’ve moved on and you no longer think of me