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I honestly feel like if I passed out at work, all I would get is a "ISNT YOUR BREAK DONE YET?". I have a fever and been vomiting and my boss was like "yeah, we really need you to come in..."

Vomit on your boss and ask them if they really need you to stay. -Abby

  • Yuri: *can't find Victor in a crowded room* Yurio, do you know where Victor went? I can't find him any-
  • Yurio: I got this
  • Yurio: *cracks knuckles* *uses hands as a megaphone* *takes a deep breath* yURI KATSUKI SUCKS ASS
  • Victor: *nonchalantly strolls up to Yurio* lol ya my ass
  • Yurio: ...
  • Yurio: ......
  • Yurio: bippity boppity back the fuck up
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Heather Duke has a jeep, why did Macnamara have to ride the bus? Sure Duke was an ass, but did she really make her friend ride the bus? Unless she didn't have her license, but in that case, did she also ride the bus? I mean I don't think that would fly with her, right? She would bitch at her parents to give her some other way. But would she really still make her so called friend still ride the bus? Why does Macnamara not ask for a ride? Is she afraid of Duke? I mean it would make sense if she was because Duke has the ability to ruin her like Chandler used to be able to, but why is Duke more popular than Macnamara, is it because she's bitchier? Maybe it's because she's meaner in general? Or she's just louder? Either way, Macnamara was the more liked of the surviving Heathers, so wouldn't she "inherit" the throne? Or maybe Duke was the only one who wanted it. But in all of Duke's popularity did she really have to make her friend ride the bus? Would no one else give Macnamara a ride?