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January 20, 2017

So we all know the political direction the US took today. 

As a person with a history degree, I am at a lost for words that we as a country let ourselves get here. History truly does repeat itself but this feels new. As a single, childless, working class woman, I am frightened of what the next four years will hold. I never thought this would happen. However, I am trying to approach the situation with compassion and kindness. I am trying to give the new president a small chance. He’s the president and there is nothing I can do to change that. The historian in me says we’ve had bad presidents in the past and we made it through but at the same time perhaps bad presidents have led us here. I’m truly scared…and I’m rambling. 

I took the day off from work, because  today is my birthday, I turned 29 for the third time. So while the president was sworn in, I was playing The Sims. :-) 


Y’all better prepare yourselves because I’m about to get sappy af.

So today is one of my best friends’ birthday, the amazing, lovely, beautiful, precious and hilarious Alex (@auclizzy). Tbqh I’m still not sure what did I do to deserve someone as wonderful as them; I mean it all started with Alex saying happy birthday to me, so why not I do the same thing, right?

When I start talking with people I don’t really expect it to be this way. I mean we started talking from time to time here but then we moved to snapchat for some reason I don’t really remember (but probably some excuse of mine to see Alex’s selfies, I was frustrated at the time by the lack of Alex’s selfies okay? Don’t judge me). And since then we have a streak, we talk every day, and they are one of the few that make me extremely happy. Alex makes me laugh and smile, and definitely makes me feel better when I’m down. They might not think too highly of themselves, but Alex is an amazing friend that deserves all the love and the good things in the world.

The only thing about our friendship that makes me sad is how far away of each other we are. You don’t know how many times I wished I was there to hold Alex, to be there with them through shitty and good times alike. If there’s something I will never regret, it’s sending Alex that one message on here that started everything. I may not be the best friend out there, or even remotely the best one they have, but I’m happy to be considered one and I hope we can still be for more and more years to come.

Alex, I have said this a million times but I love you to the moon and back, you mean a lot to me and I’d do anything for you in this earth and anywhere. Despite everything going on, I hope the times that come are the best for you and I’ll be here as long as I can to support you if you let me, of course. Happy birthday, my precious wonderful friend.

November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists:

post break-up au
  • i literally can’t sleep alone anymore so i’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas, can we have one more nap together, please? 
  • we promised to stay friends but we’re doing the same stuff we did when we were a couple and i don’t wanna point it out because i don’t want it to stop
  • listen i know i can’t just show up at your apartment at six in the morning but i need coffee and no one makes it like you do 
  • we broke up after i left and moved away and months later i find out you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late 
  • you keep calling me over to get rid of spiders from your apartment and i’m pretending i don’t know you’re not afraid of them at all because i miss you too
  • we keep showing up at all the same places separately because we’ve always had similar interests 
  • cop!au i’ve been undercover for months/years and i know i told you not to wait for me but i’m still in love with you and it’s killing me
  • or, i fell in love with you while i was undercover and i know you’re mad at me for lying but i have to go back to my old life (and i want you to be in it)
  • i know we’ve been broken up for a while but i still have those concert tickets and you’re the only person i want to share this with
  • i found the ring when i was moving my stuff out of your apartment and now everything makes sense
  • are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?
  • i’ve seen you hanging around my apartment and i thought it was because you missed me, turns out you’ve been using my wifi you asshole
  • i know you can’t cook for shit so i’ve been bringing you dinner every night, just, y’know, to keep you alive
  • i kissed you goodbye by accident - old habits die hard okay?!?!
  • roadtrip au where we need to save gas money so we take a long, awkward, tension-filled car ride 
  • instead of dividing up the CD’s, let’s play a drinking game to determine who gets what (it may or may not end in sex)
  • i was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it) 
  • you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital 
  • soon to be divorced couple obnoxiously painting the walls wacky colours every time the other paints over it 
  • you’re pretending we’re still together because my relatives will disprove of the break up so you’re being all sweet it’s reminding me of why i fell in love with you in the first place
  • we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realise i’m wearing your shirt 

One of my best friends from camp happened to have a mop of curly brown hair the same shade as mine and often tended to wear a baseball cap, glasses, and navy blue bomber jacket. People were always mistaking us for one another, even though she’s much taller than me. We decided to roll with it and tell the kids that we’re identical twins, and they all believed it. It only got awkward on her birthday when she was called to the podium during the middle of a group meal. To maintain our ruse, I went up with her and we stood uncomfortably in front of hundreds of people.
Later, we decided to fuck with people further by wearing the same clothes.


Happy Birthday, Max @mangaken!!

Ayy same birth month buddies HAHAHA We’ve just gotten acquainted only earlier this year, but it has been quite an eventful few months ever since! Thank you for being an awesome friend all this while :’)

I am still not very confident with my art style whenever I try to draw the gems, but your art inspires me to keep trying! I hope that you’ll like your gift, and keep drawing what you love!


Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo

(170115) Hyungwon’s Fancafe update
This is Hyungwon.
What kind of day did everyone spend today?
I spent a happy and full day.
There were people who spent today with me and people who were unable to, but since everyone’s hearts in congratulating me are the same, I express my thanks to you all.
Starting from yesterday to today, I read a lot of posts.
Posts that were congratulating my birthday.
While reading them, I thought “Ah… I’m really living quite happily.
I’ve lived quite well up till now.”
I also thought that I have to work harder in the future, so that people that are congratulating my birthday right now are able to congratulate my next, next birthday with the same hearts.
I will work harder and show a lot of good sides.
All the congratulations I have received today. I won’t make them meaningless.
Thank you so, so much ㅎㅎ
My mood is quite good today.
I think I’ll be able to wake up earlier tomorrow!!! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
Monbebes, since it’s cold, wear clothes warmly tomorrow too~
I’ll go work hard in supporting at ISAC ㅎㅎ
Sleep well.

translated by monstaxtrans ϟ take out with full credit.

Have you seen the tumblr post that’s just like “take me to play laser tag and push me in a corner to kiss me and then walk away” it’s just so Maggie/Alex and it would be so cute 🙈

It’s Winn’s idea and it’s Winn’s birthday party and because the birthday boy decrees that Alex and Maggie cannot be allowed on the same team because come on, it’s my birthday, I don’t wanna be destroyed before we even start playing, and I also don’t wanna declare victory before we even start playing, Alex and Maggie suit up with different laser guns, with different team vests, but with a nearly identical gleam in their eyes and smirk on their faces.

“You know they’re either gonna kill each other or straight-up start having sex right in the middle of the game?” James leans in and half-whispers to Winn as Kara covers her ears and whines, while Susan Vasquez smirks and checks the scope of her laser gun.

Maggie falls into J’onn’s command seamlessly and creatively once they get started, and as he’s crouching into the best angle to demolish Mr. Schott’s supposed surprise attack, he wonders, not for the first time, about asking her to leave the NCPD and come work at the DEO.

Susan and James get locked down in a firefight that Kara breaks up by flinching and shouting sorry!! by sending a more-accurate-than-she-expected-it-be-laser beam right at Susan’s vest.

But it’s Maggie who steals the game.

Because Alex has fought her way through the crossfire and is perfectly positioned to send a beam at J’onn’s vest when suddenly she’s pinned to the wall and suddenly Maggie’s lips are on hers and her mouth is sliding open and she’s nearly dropping her gun because fuck is this why teenagers are constantly making out in seemingly random places, but then Maggie is pulling back and Maggie’s smirking and Maggie’s walking away and Alex is weak in the knees and staring at her ass and Susan is sending an entire volley of laser shots straight into Alex’s spluttering, stunned, still vest.

“Sorry, ma’am. All’s fair in love and laser tag, right?”

What? Wait, you – you two planned that?”

Maggie’s turned around, now, and she’s smirking like she just won the lottery.

“Thought you were trained to expect the unexpected, Danvers.”

“She has a point, you know,” J’onn chimes in, “I taught you better than that, Agent Danvers.”

What? I – is anyone not gonna gang up on me right now?”

“I’m not, it’s my birthday and I don’t wanna get killed.”

Thanks, Schott.”

“Aww, babe, don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you tonight.” Maggie slips back into Alex’s arms, laser gun dropped to her side, hand reaching up to tangle in Alex’s hair.

“You promise?”

“Cross my heart.”

“Good god, can we all just go back to shooting lasers at each other?”

It’s Been Years ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader x buttercream squad x Kendall Jenner x Justin Bieber

Word Count: 1228

Summary: Y/N used to best friends with the Maynards, till the day after her 18th birthday she disappears out of their life. Three years later the buttercream squad go on a hoilday to L.A to have a relaxing two weeks, only to bump into the long lost third muskateer; who isn’t the same as shy girl she was three years ago. 

Requested: Hell yeh, this seems like one hella interesting series for me to do.

Not my gif

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Three years ago…

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Y/N, happy birthday to you.” You smiled and ducked behind your hair to cover you redden cheeks while your family and the Maynard family sang to you.

“C’mon munchkin, make a wish.” Jack, your best friend whispered in your ear making your cheeks redden more. You had always had a crush on Jack since learning the meaning of it, he may of been a year older than you but the two of you were joint at the hip since you were born and you couldn’t imagine your life without him but yet, later that night you would have to.

Conor, your other best friend stood the other side heard what Jack whispered and made a comment, “Yeh, c’mon Y/N. That cake isn’t going to eat itself.”

Laughing at Conor, who stepped forward and blew the candles out in one go. Your smile grew when you heard Anna scream ‘Cake’.

You sat on the stairs as you watched your family smiling and laughing, Anna playing with your younger brother, Helen and Gary talking with you parents and finally you let your eyes drift over to Jack and Conor whom were arguing about who had the biggest slice of cake.

As your mind drifted into memories of the three of you, you didn’t realise they had both come back. “Why you looking so glum?” Conor asked sitting on your left, while Jack sat on your right handing you some cake.

“Just thinking.” You smiled at them both, you knew they weren’t convinced but they shrugged it off.

“Well, we got you some presents.” Jack grinned, lifting a bag that you didn’t even see from his feet.

Laughing you set the plate of cake on the step behind you and pulled out a small box, that Conor told you he got. Opening it up was a ring with the first letters of each of your names with two little swords each side of the letters. Thanking him you pulled out another box, which was from Jack, inside was a necklace with letter M and a message on the back of it. The M stands for “Munchkin” as its the nickname Jack had always called you and the message read ‘Love you, babyJ.’, babyJ was the name you called Jack after him crying when you punched him when you were both little.

The last present was what really set you off, it was a photo frame with collages of all the pictures you had taken together over the years with the caption, Three musketeers forever.

You sobbing alarmed Jack and Conor but they recovered quickly and pulled you into a hug. “Hey munchkin, wha-what’s wrong?” Jack softly spoke, sharing glances with his brother.

“I just love you guys so much.” You cried harder into Jack’s shoulder.

“We love you too Y/N.” Both boys said hugging you tighter, unknown to both of your parents tearing up at the sight in front of them.

They both knew you were leaving later than night, in fact everyone knew you were leaving to follow your dream modelling career in Los Angeles besides Jack and Conor.

Don’t get it wrong you wanted to tell them you were accepted, they were the first people you went to tell but your mum and Helen had stopped you. You were outraged when you they forbid you to tell them. They both wanted you to tell them but they also both knew that if you told them, you wouldn’t go. They knew Jack and Conor would be distraught and they would both beg you to stay and being the person you are; you would have stayed.

You would have done anything for them and everyone knew it.

Just as you had finished crying, Helen came over and told the boys it was time to leave. As they were collecting their stuff, the rest of your family came over and wished you a good luck before leaving. You just managed to hold your tears in saying goodbye to them, but knew if you started crying again Jack and Conor would start asking questions.

Once your family had left, you were left saying goodbye to the Maynard family. Gary was the first person to hug, you telling you to do well and he loved you, next was Anna. You had told Anna the other day you were leaving because just leaving without saying goodbye to her would confuse her.

As you were hugging her, she started to cry begging you not to leave in a tiny whisper knowing Jack and Conor didn’t know. You were about to cry yourself when Gary said he would take to the car.

Taking deep breathes you hugged Helen goodbye, now Helen was like a second mother to you and saying goodbye to her hurt you deeply. “Just remember, you have my number. If you need anything, I mean anything don’t be afraid to ask. I love you.”

Your family made their way outside along with Helen, so you could have your finally goodbye with two most important people in your life.

“So Y/N, kicking us out early, got someone special coming round.” Conor laughed wiggling his eyebrows at you.

Raising a brow, you punched him in the shoulder, “Yes, now give me a god damn hug.” Conor laughed before pulling you into a long hug, “Love you, Y/N/N. Happy birthday.”

“Love you too Con.” Once Conor pulled away, he waved goodbye before leaving the house to join his family.

As soon as he left the house, you threw yourself onto Jack. Laughing he hugged you tightly, “Had a good birthday?”

Afraid you were going to cry, you nodded in the crook of his neck. You both stand there wrapped in each other’s arms for what felt like hours when it had only been a couple of minutes.

“I need to go.” Jack whispered.

You took a deep breath, thinking it was now or never. “I love you so much Jack Maynard.”

“I love you too Y/N Y/L/N.” Jack whispered, kissing your forehead.

Little did you both know… you both meant it.

Present time…

“Can I come in?” Conor’s voice rang through Jack’s bedroom.

“You’re going to anyway.” Jack sarcastically said.

Conor laughed before sitting on the bed next to Jack, “Still can’t believe she made it so big.” He muttered looking down at the photo in Jack’s hand.

“I’m so proud of her Con but I hate that she just left. No goodbye or nothing.” Jack muttered bitterly

“You know she wanted to tell us, but mum and her mum wouldn’t let her.” Conor started off with his speech, “We both know we would have told her to go but we wouldn’t have meant it and she wouldn’t be where she was now.”

“I loved her Conor! She is so high up in the world now, she probably doesn’t remember us. I just want her back.” Jack said putting the picture of you and him down.

“I know, one day she will be back with us but come on let’s not talk about it anymore and get ready for our flight.” Conor grinned standing up walking out the door but stopped in the door way. “If it was anything, she loved you so much.”

Jack looked at the picture and smiled, “I know.”


I was checking every student’s birthdays on Class 3-E with a bit more info about them until this caught my attention.

Isogai’s weight is freaking 57 kilograms while Maehara’s

67 kilograms? Boi, have you been eating. This really upsets me though, that just shows how really poor Isogai was then. This also means Maehara can just easily lift Isogai and sweep him literally off his feet

But I’m just concerned with Maehara’s weight because look at this:

Karma’s at the same height but?? I’m just really concerned lol

Despite everyone and their mom getting into TAZ right around the same time, it was actually my coworker who introduced me to it on our morning work errands

It’s his birthday tomorrow so I badoobled a thing

The card says “Normal is overrated. Happy birthday, weirdo.” And then I wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY! in shaded caps with a little (nerd.)

And told him I’d have gotten a jumbotron but those things sold out like 2 months ago 😜

My thoughts on Paris

Since I let you know about my thoughts on the video: Paris is indeed shipper gold!! 

And indeed much more valuable than a video of someone who might be Sam, staying close to someone who might be his good friend Marina. The video says nothing really, the pictures of Paris say: BUSTED!!!

Remember Paris? Let me remind you:

Sam posting a birthday tweet that contained a bag-emoji for no reason  = did the bag mean a trip to Paris?

Sam being a happy, excited puppy all day = was he going on a short trip with his love and looking forward to it?

Sam tweeting the morning of the fashion show = he did have some free time on his hands, because his girl was at the show?

Sam and Cait both absent from twitter for hours. So absent indeed to miss they were nominated for Scottish BAFTA and both coming online at the same time then, three hours after the actual incident, to express their joy and gratitude = they met after the show and went to some dinner or Party or wherever TOGETHER??

Besides the new pictures, there was yet another picture where people thought they saw Sam in the background = chances are indeed high that SAM WAS IN PARIS WITH CAIT.