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I haven't read the comics and I don't think you really keep up on them, but I was wondering if there are any moments/quotes that you like from them from a shipping/character background perspective.

Guess I was too deep in thought….thoughts about Bucky!” - Steve Rogers, The Avengers Volume 1 #56, me every day

I am worried about Bucky.” - Steve Rogers, Captain America Volume 1 #606, me every day

I believe in you, Steve. I believe in Captain America. All that hooey about symbol of liberty, Fighting American, – even someone like me could fall for it… I guess ‘cause we need a Captain America. I need a Captain America.” - Bucky Barnes, Captain America Volume 1 #4, also unsurprisingly, me every day

That’s the thing – the thing that makes Captain America great…is Steve Rogers!” - Bucky Barnes, Captain America 70th anniversary special, also me every day

Sometimes I think if you didn’t have me, there wouldn’t be a single person in the world who really understood you…” - Bucky Barnes, Captain America Volume 5 #11

I keep trying to escape it, but I can’t. Bucky the lone wolf… Bucky the killer… the Winter Soldier. No. Stop it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you stupid selfish fool… this isn’t about you. You’re doing this for Steve.” - Bucky Barnes, Thunderbolts Volume 3 #5 (also not to be dramatic but literally punching me in the throat would hurt less than this quote)

On my oath as an Avenger, I shall devote my life, if need be, to finding the one who caused Bucky’s death! Only then will I be able to find peace!” - Steve “i invented melodramatics” Rogers,  Avengers Volume 1 #6

Of course, there were things I couldn’t tell him…things I don’t know how to say… Like that I didn’t only relive my past…I also saw my future…and I think if Bucky doesn’t keep wearing that uniform…if he doesn’t keep being Captain America…I think he may die…and I couldn’t live with that. Even if it means I have to sacrifice a future I want.” - Steve Rogers (who apparently will sacrifice himself for Bucky in any and all universes), Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield

I’d enter a thousand traps - for the slimmest chance of finding Bucky again!” - Steve Rogers, Tales of Suspense Volume 1 #88

okay so we know what other competing skaters/coaches thought of victor’s decision to coach yuuri ( “yeah it won’t last, we want him back” ) and japanese commentators like morooka generally just seemed way more interested in yuuri overall to comment much about whatever victor was doing in his life. 

we also know that it has to have become common knowledge that victor and yuuri are engaged at the grand prix final. they kissed at the cup of china, they’re wearing literal gold wedding bands on their ring fingers (and on the hand which is traditionally used for wedding rings in russia), the multiple ring kisses before the short program at the GPF, the ice dance, etc etc. 

we don’t yet know other competing skaters’ reactions to victor’s decision both to return to competition while still coaching yuuri, but what i really want to know is what the international community thinks of this??? like retired professionals or commentators, because they’ve just observed

  • obviously very skilled and talented yuuri katsuki have a poor showing at his first grand prix final and bomb his entire season, struggling to get back on his feet;
  • a viral youtube video of yuuri katsuki, who’s just left his coach in america for the first time in five years, skating living legend victor nikiforov’s routine to near perfection*;
  • victor announcing barely any time later that he’s going to be yuuri’s new coach - had they been secretly planning this/working together for a while before announcing it?;
  • victor choreographs short programs for katsuki and plisetsky, who also shows up in japan (have any of these russians ever interacted with yuuri katsuki before???? there’s no evidence about this and the international media would like to know!!!)
  • victor and yuuri go fairly under the radar for a while;
  • yuuri announces on japanese national television that he wants to hold onto victor and that he’s very consciously calling that emotion “love” (debatable how much this makes it into international commentary at the international competitions, but fans def know)
  • victor and yuuri kiss at the cup of china;
  • victor and yuuri are clearly romantically involved at the cup of russia;
  • victor and yuuri are straight up engaged at the grand prix final, when the hell did this happen holy balls how long have they been in a relationship;
  • victor has both his world records broken by programs he choreographed;
  • victor is…. returning to competition??? but still coaching yuuri katsuki??? his fiancé??? can anyone explain the season they’ve just witnessed?!???

i really want to hear the commentary on that one when the next season kicks off, like the american commentators at skate america going “well it was clearly very gay phil but how do we think they’re feeling right now? did yuuri katsuki’s theme of ‘love’ last season and record-breaking performances prove that their combined gay powers will be enough to keep both of them at a mental and physical level they need to be?”

*but for a few downgraded jumps

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I’VE HAD MOMENTS where i’m telling a story and i can just kinda feel myself breaking out into a cold sweat because i know there’s a word coming up that i don’t know the translation for and i’ll be sitting there like “uhhhhh it’s like… a big box. has a little round window in it. you put wet clothes in it and it makes them dry???” 

it’s so weird to have an 80% grasp on a language because you keep realizing that you don’t know the word for the most random everyday objects. like FOR EXAMPLE i don’t know the english word for a whole bunch of items of clothing/furniture! it’s weird!

When Abu Bakr ‎was asked about the meaning of the word “Aba” in ayah 31 of Surah ‘Abasa.

He replied: “What sky would shade me and what earth would carry me if I said about the Book of Allaah that which i did not have knowledge of!“

Tafsir Ibn Kathir under Surah ‘Abasa

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Hi! Do you have anymore football au jily?

Here are a few more!  (Side note, the author of this last one has deleted their Tumblr, but this link will provide the full fic!)

Title: What’s That Word?
Author: Groundswell
Rating: M
Genre(s): Drama, Humour, Romance
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 47,497
Summary: Control. Knowledge. Keeping James Potter at a safe distance from her. These, Lily thrives for. These, Lily needs. But somehow, they slip out of her grasp - Lily doesn’t have control, doesn’t have knowledge, and most importantly, can’t keep James Potter away from her. How did this happen to her?  “All because of a damn football tournament.”

Title: The Complexities Of Football
Author: DagnyHepburn 
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Humour, Friendship
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,016
Summary: Lily Evans attempts to explain football to her boyfriend James Potter & their friend Sirius Black. They end up playing a game of soccer in the rain/mud, wrestling, having a mud fight. JPLE fluff and Sirius being his usual charming hilarious self. Funny stuff. Friendly bonding with a pinch of romance.

Title: Untitled
Author: Geronimaj
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Prompt: can you write a modern au Jily where they’re best friends and kind of flirty, but everyone knows they’re crazy about each other? And James plays football and at the final game they end up kissing in the middle of the field (bonus points if it’s in the rain)! ;)

OK so I’ve seen some “how to accurately write bilingual characters” posts floating around lately. And? I? Am? Bilingual? And I find myself disagreeing on the “no one switches language mid-sentence. That’s not a thing you do” point I’ve seen?

Idk it’s a thing I do sometimes. I’ll start talking in English and switch over to Swedish or vice versa. I mean when I’m properly awake it only happens with people I know to have at least a passing knowledge of both. But… like… it happens.

∟55 days of Delena 8/55

“This person belonged with her.he was her magic,her solace,her best beloved.It didn’t matter how he’d gotten here,or what happened before.He was her soul’s eternal mate”

One of my most favorite aspects of Damon and Elena, apart from the obvious, is the words they use to describe each other, and the words people around them use to talk about them. Caroline, in the last episode, basically reduced me to a puddle of feels that will never let up :) Anyway, I just have a great love for their quotes, and this is one of them. 

I have to insert a disclaimer that I do not have any formal book knowledge of the Vampire Diaries. Only the bare basics, and an afternoon spent trying to read the first two or three of them. What I do know is that Delena seem to have an incredible relationship in the books that mirrors the show. Elena’s love seems to be as consuming as it is on the show. When Damon died in the show, we all know how devastated she was. 

In the books? It seems that the situation is mirrored that way, too. 

She wanted to follow. Nothing was real. Didn’t he understand? She could not imagine a universe, no matter how many dimensions there were, without a Damon in it. There was no world for her, if there was no Damon.“

There was nothing for her in that moment because her solace was gone. Her magic, her best beloved was gone. Isn’t that quote above just brilliant? It gets me every single time, and is one of the reasons why my love deepened for them on the show because that is truly how I see them. He is her best beloved, and her soul’s eternal mate. Which is why when he died, it was so completely unfathomable to her that she wanted to follow. She needed to. 

In the show, Elena took drugs to keep his memory alive, and keep him with her. The reality of his death was much too horrific for her to consciously bear. In the books, I admit I have no idea how she coped with it. I can imagine that it was not easy for Elena Gilbert to live without the love of her life. 

“This is it, Elena realized, stopping stock - still in front of him and staring dumbly up into his face. This is who I’m meant to be with. My destiny caught up with me after all.”

Endgame. That’s all I see when I see what’s written above. And of course, the lovely picture that just screams the intensity of their love for one another. Her destiny was to be with him, and her heart was fully into it. When Ric came to see her in the dorms, Elena used the words “eternal” to describe her love for this mysterious stranger. Not once did she hesitate to say those words, and even did so with a smile on her face. Damon was everything, and the concept of losing him had not once entered her mind. 

“This is it. This is who I’m meant to be with.” 

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I hang out / work with / see a lot of people who are 10 - 20 years older than me and I mostly feel repressed to speak up because I think I might have a big lack of knowledge compared to them but the past few days I haven’t been feeling the Winter Sad so much and I have been speaking up and they have laughed at my jokes and good good good


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

Bee Magick - Save the Bees

This post is dedicated to the bees, make sure you do your part to save the bees! 

Facts to increase your love for bees:

  • They have personalities.
  • They can recognize human faces.
  • Their honey contains all the substances needed to sustain life.
  • Eating Honey can make you smarter.
  • Honeybees can only sting once.
  • They beat their wings up to 200 times per second.
  • Honeybees are the only insects that produce food for humans.
  • Bees don’t sleep.
  • All worker bees are female.

Ways to attract bees:

  • Plant flowers that attract bees.
  • Build a bee houses.

  • Place bee waterers and bee baths around your garden.

  • Do not use pesticides or herbicides of any kind.

Plants that attract bees:

  • Bee balm
  • Lavender
  • Crocus
  • Snow Drop
  • Wildflowers/Any native species
  • Catmint
  • Borage
  • Anise hyssop
  • Heliotrope
  • Sunflower
  • Oregano
  • Yarrow
  • Coneflower
  • Black eyed susan
  • Asters
  • Goldenrod
  • Foxglove
  • Marigold
  • Pansies
  • Sweet peas
  • Nasturtiums

Bee folklore:

  • It is unlucky to kill bees.
  • Believed to have the knowledge of the future and all secrets. 
  • If a bee lands on your hand, it suggests money is on it’s way.
  • If a bee lands on someones head, they will become successful in life. 
  • If a bee flies into a home, it means either good luck or a stranger is on their way. If you kill the bee it means the stranger will be bringing bad news.
  • Seeing a single bee will bring luck.
  • Bees buzzing around a child’s head foretells a happy, successful life.

Bee mythology:

  • Ancient Egyptian pharaohs used the bee as their royalty symbol. They believed honey bees were born from the tears of the sun God, Ra. To the Egyptians, bees represented resurrection and protected against evil spirits. 
  • Druids believed that bees represented the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community.

  • The Greeks thought that a babies whose lips where touched by a bee would become a great poet or a great speaker. In ancient Greece it was also thought that they symbolized industry, hard work, messengers of the dead, and obedience. Honey was often used as an offering to their Gods. They also believed bees were the surviving souls of the priestesses who served the Goddess Aphrodite. 

  • They have been seen as a symbol of sacredness and could be associated with the Great Mother or Divine feminine. The Mother can be symbolized as the queen bee. 

  • In Celtic mythology honey bees had great wisdom and thought to be messengers between worlds. Honey was sacred and used in rituals.

  • In some cultures they can be associated with purity, health, and wealth. Some also believed bees were a symbol of the human soul.

  • The druids believed that bees symbolized the sun, the goddess, celebration, and community.

Deities associated with bees and honey:

  • Aphrodite
  • Ra
  • Vishnu
  • Pan
  • Vishnu
  • Cybele
  • Mellona
  • Melissa (Melisae)
  • Neith
  • Apollo
  • Artemis
  • Freya
  • Thor
  • Demeter

Bees in Magick:

  • Bees are closely associated with the fae and their presence in gardens which indicates blessings of fae. Encourage the bees, by putting up bee houses, hives, planting bee-friendly plants and waterers and not using pesticides. Thus, encouraging the blessings from the fae, while harming bees can anger them and cause them to seek revenge. 
  • The symbol of a bee can be used to seal a spell with sweetness for one who appreciates good will and a sting for one who takes it for granted or doesn’t keep his end of the bargain. 

  • Honey stirred into your tea can ‘sweeten’ your day. 

  • Honey is used often in magick to sweeten a situation.

  • Anointing your lips with honey will make your words sound sweeter. 

Bees in your dreams:

  • May be a good omen.
  • Bees in your dreams may be telling you to take a look at your social networks. They may be pointing toward a desire for more harmonious and functional relationships, or celebrating the ones you already have.
  • A visit from a bee in a dream may also be notifying you that a friend or family member needs to speak with you. You will know as this person will also pop into your mind somehow. It means call them or perhaps, that you will hear from them soon.
  • Dreaming of a beehive usually relates to the home and family or your business and coworkers. A happy, buzzing hive means a happy, buzzing home. It may foretell incoming abundance, and fruitful times ahead. If the bees are swarming around the hive, rather than working in it, proceed with caution. There is a lack of harmony that is interfering with productivity.
  • A swarm of bees may indicate that you feel that a group of people upon whose cooperation you rely is becoming chaotic and out of control. Perhaps the need to balance your own interactions with your different business and social groups for your own sanity.
  • Beehives bring to mind abundance and prosperity: bees seem to work hard and are rewarded by flowing stores of honey. An empty beehive, then, represents the opposite: lost opportunity and financial misfortune.
  • A beehive can also represent a home. The fullness or emptiness of the beehive may indicate unconscious feelings about family life, marriage, children, or the house itself. Honey may represent your property or belongings.
  • A beehive on fire or burned bees are often interpreted depending on your emotional and physical condition. Burned bees may mean you are overcoming fear and want to take control of life and anger, are you’re progressing through life with more confidence without any fear of obstacles. Burned beehives can also mean you have lost something precious, like money, a relationship, or some valuable information that you’ve forgotten or ignored.
  • If a bee or a swarm of bees is chasing you in dream, it may mean there is some unsettled business or a memory that haunts you. Make sure you let it go from your mind or deal with it in order to avoid these bees.
  • If you dream about getting a bee sting then something may be bothering you, or you have a persistent annoyance in your life. Concerns about your relationship, career, finance, or some unknown issue is bugging your subconscious mind. Find out what it is and sort it out.

Magickal uses for Honey:

  • Can be used in binding spells to symbolically stick things together.
  • Used for offerings to fae and deities.
  • Can sweeten a person or a situation.
  •  Honey is sacred to Aphrodite.
  • Can be used in spells corresponding to purification, health, love, happiness, spirituality, wisdom, good fortune, fertility, 
  • Use certain types of honey that corresponded with your spell.
  • Bathe in warm water and honey to attract love.
  • A dish filled with honey can attract angels and beneficial spirits.

Do your part to save the bees they are an important part of our life and in our magick practices. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Sources: witchipedia.com, kitchenwitchuk.blogspot.ca, exemplore.com