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Apples and Heroes

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Request: Can you please do a Star Trek story with Bones and the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “your pulse is weak,” and “all the apples in the world wouldn’t stop me.” They aren’t in your prompts list I hope that’s okay? Thank you!

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Request: N/A but, @marveldcmistress , you said you wanted to be tagged in this!

A/N: First Lance fic!  I will definitely be open to writing for him again if any of you guys want to request a fic for him!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance Tucker x reader

Word count: 2030 (damn I’m wordy)

Summary: Lance never thought he’d be so excited about being a father… maybe now he’s a bit too excited… But, seeing Lance go all mushy for his baby is the most heartwarming thing you will ever see.

Warnings: pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness, cravings, etc..), super fluffy adorableness.

(Y/L/N)= your last name

(Y/B/N)= your baby’s name

(E/C)= eye color

(H/C)= hair color

 (GIF not mine)

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Ankle Biter | 05

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 4.8k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 06

moodboards: before & after

warning: a lot of implied drug usage/mentions of drug usage

“Good morning, buddy.”

You looked up from your phone to see Taehyung leaning over the little body that was lying still in the hospital bed. The two of you had been here all night, taking turns sleeping on one another’s shoulders or laps while waiting for Taeji to wake up. It was 7:15 AM, and Taehyung’s phone rang so incessantly that you decided to get up for the day and let Beatrice know you won’t be coming in.

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung had whispered, kissing your cheek before hustling out of the room. But now, he was back and had promptly hung up as soon as he heard you calling for him. Taeji had woken up, his weary eyes puffy but not dim. The spark that always took refuge within Taeji was still there and for that, you’re thankful.

“How are you feeling?” Taehyung asked softly as his hand brushed the hair away from Taeji’s forehead, only for it to bounce back to place.

“I’m good, daddy. When can we go?” Taeji asked, struggling to sit up. Taehyung stepped backwards and helped prop him up against the pillows before pulling the blanket towards the little boy.

“Soon, buddy. We just gotta find your doctor to discharge you.”

Taehyung stands and you silently nod as he walks out of the room to find the doctor, and you’re left alone with Taeji. “That was a little scary yesterday, huh?”

Taeji nods. “But I still want another muffin.”

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Decisions, Decisions: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: Tom and Reader are having twins and can’t decide on the names. Sorry in advance for the weird ass layout, I typed the rest on my phone.

“Look love! This website has a bunch of great names.” Tom sat beside you. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked at the screen. “I tol dyou we’re having girls.” You giggled. “Nope, I’m not listening to you until the doctor tells us for sure.”

“Well fine. But I”m pretty sure we’re having girls.” You smiled. He rolled his eyes and scrolled through the names, “How about names that start with T.” You suggested. His eyes widened, “Really?”

“Yeah.” You smiled, you loved the way he got excited over the smallest things. “Well in that case, what about Tyler and Tristan?” He asked pointing to the screen. “Um-” You made a face and shook your head. “What about Theodre and Timothy.”

You wanted to make him as happy as possible so you sat through the many combinations of T names. “How about girls?” You asked. He nodded, “Tiffany, Taylor, Tiara, Taamara- Oh Tia and Tamara?” he joked. You laughed, “I don’t think so.”

After an hour of thinking of names, you both sighed feeling a bit defeated. “What if we can’t think of a name?” Tom asked, starting to get a bit anxious. “Calm down, honey. We’ll think of something but of course it will go smoother once we find out what we’re having.” You said rubbing your belly. “Boys.” He said postively. “Ha, I feel like we’re having girls>”

“The Holland genes are strong darling. If you haven’t noticed my mom has 4 sons.”

“Oh I noticed and I don’t want that for myself.” You joked. “Wouldn’t it be something if we have all girls and you’re stuck being the only guy. Kinda like how your mom got stuck with all guys.” You laughed. “Ugh I know! Poor woman but she’s the best.” he sighed, admiring his mother’s patience. 

“Whatever these children are, I just hope they get your smile.” You said brushing your fingers on his lips. He blushed, “Well as long as they get everything else from you. You’re stunning.” He leaned in and kissed you. “Are you trying to flirt with me Holland?” You asked. “I don’t know? Is it working?”

“It worked once.” You said pointing to your large stomach causing him to laugh. After a few moments of laughter he turned to you and a serious sincere look came across his face, “Marry me?” You sighed and let go of his hand, “Tom-” “Just listen to me, please.” He said pulling out the diamond ring that you’ve seen plenty of times. “I know how you feel about marriage but I swear-” He paused trying to gather his words, “I love you and I want to be with you forever.”

You were skeptical of marriage after witnessing your parents nasty divorce but then you met Tom and he made you feel like a successful marriage was actually possible. You’ve been with him longer than a lot of married couples you knew, and when you got pregnant your families emphasized marriage.

“I love you too but I think we’re good where we are. We get along better than practically every married person I know.”

“But we could still keep that, I don’t think marriage is going to change us. Its just a piece of paper.” He said, you heard the desperation in his voice. “But look what happened Brad and Angelina, they were together for forever and as soon as thy got married-” He stopped you, “Don’t compare us to them, ever. We’re realer than that.”

You sighed and rubbed your stomach, “I want to marry you but I’m scared.” You whispered. “Scared of what?”

“Of being a terrible wife, of being a terrible mother. I’m just scared.” You started crying and he pulled you into his arms. “I honestly think you’re going to be an amazing wife and an incredible mom.” He brushed your hair out of your face and kissed you on the forehead.

He calmed you down, “Just please give it a chance. You don’t even have to marry me at this point , I just want to see you wear the ring.” He pleaded. His voice broke your heart, “I do want to marry you Tom.” His eye lit up, “R-really?”

“Yes but under one condition!”, “Anything!”

You sighed and grabbed his hand, “I give birth to the babies and I lose my baby weight. I kinda already had my eye on a dress.”

His smile beamed and he got teary eyed, “Of course.” He stumbled with the ring and got down on one knee. “Y/N, will you marry me?” He asked. “Yes.” He slipped the ring on your finger and gave you a passionate kiss. “I love you.”, “I love you too.”

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hey! I love your writing so much - you're amazing ☺️ here's a wee prompt idea if you fancy it: Emma thinks that Regina obviously needs glasses but every time she brings it up Regina gets really defensive but it turns out that the EF version of the opticians was really scary

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma shakes her head as she looks at Regina squinting and struggling her way through her reports. “Will you just let me take you to the opticians already?” 

Regina shakes her head furiously, “No…I don’t need glasses.” 

Emma raises a brow before lifting up a report and holding it so that Regina should be able to read it, “What does this say?” 

Regina narrows her eyes and focuses, “It’s a report about the high crime rate in Storybrooke.” 

Emma looks to the paper in her hand as she replies, “It’s a requisition form for updated textbooks for the school…i hadn’t realised that was a crime…”

“Shut up,” Regina huffs, “I don’t want glasses.” 

“Why? They’ll help you read and you’ll probably get less headaches.”

“I know I need them,” Regina snaps, “I…I don’t want to go to the opticians.” 

“Why? It’s just an eye test. You just have to look at the screen and say what you see.” 

Regina frowns in confusion, “What? The doctor holds your eye open and looks at it through a crystal forcing you to read and spot things for hours until he finds what’s wrong with you…it’s horrific and painful and not very accurate…”

Emma shakes her head, “Okay…I’m guessing Enchanted Forest eye care wasn’t quite up to standard? In this world, it’s a lot easier and quicker…and it doesn’t hurt. Trust me you’ll be fine.”

Regina sighs, “I suppose I can’t put this off forever…will you still love me when I have to wear Harry Potter glasses?” 

Emma grins, “Maybe even more.”  

Screaming from the Dr’s room

A smut request where Gerard is a gynaecologist, and things go a bit better than you expected.

Part two x

Staring down at the multiple tweets that didn’t interest you, you switched to another app to try and find something interesting that would fill your waiting time. Sure, you could just do things the old fashioned way and not have to have your eyes glued to the screen of your phone; but you didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that. You were at the doctors to get your pelvic examination done, nothing had been worrying you, but it’s always best to get checked out. You’d rather a bit of awkwardness  instead of being surprised with some kind of STI. Even though you knew it was a perfectly normal thing to get done, you didn’t really want to look around at the other people in the room, who would make it obvious that they were judging you.

After scrolling through twitter, facebook and tumblr five more times, you heard a little beep, as your name appeared on the screen in the waiting room. Putting your phone away, you walked towards the doctors room. You weren’t going to lie, you were a little nervous, you’d never been to one of these things before, so you didn’t really know what to expect. Your legs went wobbly beneath you, and you could tell that anything would set your cheeks alight, even if you got the tiniest bit embarrassed. Knocking on the door you took a death breath in, closed your eyes, entering when called by the doctor. You were met with a peculiar man, or at least peculiar for a doctor. A man in a blue suit stood in front of you, with crazy flame red hair. Well this certainly wasn’t what you were expecting. You expected maybe a fat middle aged man who hated his job, or a judgemental women in her 20’s who seriously regretted her life decisions. Instead this man introduced himself as Dr. Way, and seemed friendly and alert, not to mention… attractive. You sat down, placing your rucksack on the floor, thumbling with the strap whilst avoiding eye contact.

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Vernon As A Father

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“could you do vernon as a father please”

I feel a little weird with writing about Vernon being a father, but maybe it’s just because he’s two years older than me and I still feel like that’s a little young seeing that I’m 17 and he’s 19 (American age), but idk. If it makes you guys happy I will try my best! It might be a little awkward, but I hope you enjoy and feel free to request more boys! xx

  • Alright
  • To be blunt here, I really don’t know all that much about Vernon
  • Maybe it’s because I’m that 1% of the fandom that’s not really attracted to him??
  • Don’t get me wrong he’s freaking hot
  • But it might also be because he’s off limits to me according to one of my friends iDK
  • Honestly I see him more as a best friend material to me rather than boyfriend material
  • But I’m going to try my best to make this seem not awkward but that probably won’t happen so bare with me
  • I feel like Vernon would be the type to want and wait until Marriage before starting a family
  • Like he wouldn’t want to take things too far at first and would much rather just kind of want to take in his relationship while he could
  • But once he got married and was settled down for a year or two he would be all for the thought of having a baby
  • Vernon would be the type to feel really nervous about becoming a father
  • Mainly because he wouldn’t want to do anything that could ruin the way his child would think about him
  • He’d be most nervous about dropping the child or yelling at it or something like that
  • But with a little reassurance I’m pretty sure he’d feel 50% better about starting a family
  • So when the topic came up at dinner one day he nearly chocked on his food before asking you to repeat yourself
  • When you did he knew that his ears weren’t lying to him and he’d nervously scratch his neck and respond to you
  • “uh yeah…kids kind of scare me so…”
  • When you would ask what was so bad about children he would just kind of rant to you about all of his fears about becoming a father
  • You understood him though because you were just about as scared to become a mother but tons of people start families and most of them end out just fine
  • You told him that he might not be the perfect father but if he tries his best he could turn out to be just fine for his future child
  • “okay [y/n], let’s have a baby”
  • aND BAM
  • After a rough night in the bedroom ;)))
  • You felt that you for sure were going to get pregnant from that
  • And it wasn’t just because Vernon took it a little rougher than expected
  • not that you would complain (what am i saying i am currently writing this in church pls help me)
  • A couple weeks later you began getting some of the symptoms and you were kind of excited
  • I mean, it’s not like you were potentially carrying a little fetus inside of you phhhttt
  • But you didn’t want to freak Vernon out so you set up an appointment for yourself
  • You were nervous through the entire thing
  • (shot game: take a shot every time I mention the word nervous)
  • After the ultrasound the doctor looked at you with a smile and pointed at the screen a picture of a little tiny fetus cell
  • “congrats mrs chwe, you’re preggers”
  • You were really happy but really scared at the same time because even though Vernon was okay with the thought of having a baby you still didn’t really know how her would react
  • So you decided to wait a bit and tell him in this really cliche way
  • You waited about a month or so before putting your plan into order
  • One day after Vernon came home from practice you decided to make him this really nice meal
  • But somewhere inside it you hid a tiny pacifier
  • You were impatiently starring at Vernon the entire time during the dinner
  • Kind of creeping him out a bit but he just shook it off
  • And then he saw it
  • He pulled the object out with his chopsticks and just kind of looked at you weird
  • “are you trying to poison me”
  • And that’s when you just kind of gave him a look like brUH
  • Vernon just kind of sat there really confused while trying to process why there was this object in his food until you literally had to spell it out for him
  • “dude i’m pregnant”
  • “wait…what”
  • It would take a couple minutes before he would finally smile and walk over to where you sat before picking you up and spinning around
  • He honestly would feel so happy despite feeling so nervous before about becoming a father
  • But something he couldn’t resist is the excitement of having a little boy or girl to look after with his wife
  • Vernon would be so careful with you from the second he found out about your future baby
  • Like he would be that gentleman
  • He would be the man to always hold doors for you and hold your hand as you walked up the stairs
  • He would even put his jacket over the puddles so you wouldn’t slip and fall
  • He’d be so sweet and walk with his arms tightly around your waist to support your back even though you didn’t have a bump yet
  • And asdfghjkl daddy vernon makes me feel so fluffy
  • For your 4 month checkup Vernon would be so happy to finally find out the gender of your child\
  • Secretly it’s been killing both of you on the inside
  • You both didn’t want to state your opinions on the gender to each other out loud because this wasn’t something you wanted to fight over
  • But the boys on the other hand would constantly pester Vernon with their thoughts saying that he was going to have a mini man who will have amazing rap skill just like his daddy
  • But Vernon would internally curse them out because he really wanted a little girl to spoil someday
  • But that’s not something that he would say out loud
  • But here you are now laying on a chair with your shirt lifted up slightly as the doctor rubbed gel over your stomach causing you to giggle at the ticklish contact
  • Vernon would just kind of stand back in awe at how adorable you looked as you giggled
  • Once the picture was displayed upon the screen the entire room became silent as the doctor tried to figure out what gender the baby was going to be
  • The doctor turned to the two of you with a smile and pointed at the picture of your baby
  • “Congrats you guys, it looks like you’re going to have a little girl someday”
  • And Vernon literally shouted in a loud New York accent “yES!!”
  • You and the doctor both looked at him in shock of his reaction causing him to sheepishly look away and rub the back of his neck with a small “sorry”
  • You only rolled your eyes and motioned for him to come to you so you could kiss him
  • Which he happily obliged to
  • Omg Vernon would go so hard while shopping for his little girl
  • Picking out the cutest “my daddy is the best!!111!!” onesies and “my dad is a stud” bibs
  • You would smack him at his choice but just roll your eyes in enjoyment because your husband was so corny and you loved it
  • Telling the boys about the gender would be something
  • Like Vernon would stride into practice one day with some much pride and confidently hand the ultrasound to the boys like
  • “yeah, that’s right bitches, I’m having a daughter”
  • And they would just kind of stare at him in shock before telling him to fuck off for being too cocky
  • And Vernon would just kind of be like “wut”
  • But the boys would be happy anyways because that meant that they had a little girl to help spoil
  • The entire nursery would be pink
  • This baby would be so spoiled to the point where her mobile would a chandelier and her crib would be a canopy
  • But she was going to be Vernon’s little princess someday so she had to have the nicest things
  • The first time you would feel the baby kick would be late at night
  • It kind of shocked you because you were confused as to why your stomach was being punched from the inside
  • And once you realized it your face would just
  • :O
  • And you would immediately smack Vernon until he woke up just so that way he could feel your belly too
  • But Vernon was like still half asleep so when he placed his hand on your stomach he was like half paying attention
  • And then he felt it
  • bOI
  • It was like something sparked inside of him and suddenly he became really wide eyed and wide away at this point
  • And he would just rub your belly and start talking to your little girl about anything and everything
  • You fell asleep to the soft sound of Vernon trying his best to sing your little girl to sleep to get her to stop kicking you
  • Mood swings would be hell for Vernon because he never knew what to say around you
  • Like one minute you would be bawling your eyes out at a kitten commercial and he would try to comfort you but only get flipped off at in the end
  • And when you tried to rip his clothes off one particular night when you felt horny
  • He tired his to flirt back only to get smacked in the end and scolded by you for having him say “such crude things”
  • The poor boy would feel so confused on what he was supposed to do
  • But luckily the mood swings were one of the better symptoms of your pregnancy
  • Because let’s just say that Vernon could not deal with making ice cream with pickles and kimchi every night
  • That was just a no no
  • Your cravings honestly weren’t that often though
  • And you really did have to hand it to him in the end because he was being such a trooper for you
  • Vernon was so nervous when it would come to your final days until the due date
  • He was even more nervous when he found out that the baby was going to be late
  • It was like 2 weeks after the due date and both of you were growing a little bit worried so you guys went into the doctor
  • The doctor gave you another ultrasound and frowned slightly
  • “Babies usually shouldn’t be this late, but by the looks of it there is a possibility that your daughter could be sick”
  • The doctor told you that they would need to give you a c section before anything could happen
  • The last thing you needed was to get sick as well
  • Vernon was as pale as a ghost by this point
  • There was basically a 50/50 chance he could lose his baby or his wife
  • Or even both
  • The doctor told him that he would need to get dressed in scrubs if he chose to be there for the surgery
  • Vernon gulped and nodded before following a nurse out to go get changed
  • Meanwhile the doctor took you to an operating room to get you set up
  • When Vernon arrived he strutted straight to you trying to look sexy to lighten the mood but failed when he tripped on a wire
  • You laughed and squeezed his hand as the doctors put you on anesthesia
  • He wouldn’t let go until you were fast asleep
  • Actually the doctors had to pull him away because he refused to let go
  • Vernon stood behind the tool table and out of the way next to a nurse who was keeping track of your heart rate
  • She gave him reassurance saying that it was rare when a girl would die from a c section
  • But that didn’t really help any because there was still a chance that he would lose you
  • Good thing that the c section was a success
  • The baby didn’t cry due to the fact that it seemed to be dead at first
  • The doctor called Vernon over so he could help out
  • He told Vernon to take off his scrub shirt so he could place the child against her father’s chest to try and heat her up so she would stay alive
  • Vernon did as he was told and held his daughter tightly to his chest praying that she would stay alive as the other doctors fixed up his wife
  • A couple hours later you woke up in a different hospital room while the lights turned off and soft humming could be heard in the room
  • Vernon sat in the corner still shirtless as he rubbed the back of your daughter who was hugged tightly to him
  • When you asked him what he was doing he looked up at you with a wide smile and explained everything the doctor had told him
  • It turns out that your daughter had cold intolerance which made her severely sensitive to chilly and cold air
  • Apparently it had to do something with the lack of body fat in your child’s body
  • She was pretty skinny after all
  • But you didn’t mind though because it only made her special
  • The doctors had given you strict directions on how to deal with your daughter’s condition
  • You and Vernon actually managed the newborn pretty well
  • And despite her being cold most of the time to the point where it hurt her physically,
  • She was actually a pretty quiet baby
  • She rarely cried and wasn’t as needy as the doctors made her seem
  • Vernon loved that about her
  • In fact he loved everything about her
  • He was nervous about being a father at first but he knew that this was really worth it
  • One of his favorite activities was rocking his little girl to sleep every night
  • And then making sure that she was wrapped up all comfy cozy in her princess crib
  • She really didn’t know how lucky she had it to be Vernon’s daughter
  • Like any girl would give just to be tucked in every night by the man
  • Plus she was even more spoiled by her uncles
  • The first time she was introduced to the boys Vernon almost had to shield her body away from them in fear that they would crush her
  • The boys were a lot more gentle than he expected and his daughter seemed to warm up to them pretty easily
  • One person in particular she seemed really comfortable with was Joshua
  • She seemed to cuddle up to his chest and fall right asleep
  • Vernon had to admit he was jealous
  • But she looked so cute and warm all snuggled up to his fellow American liner
  • Ever since then his daughter always was really close to Joshua
  • She even requested for him to show up to all of her birthday parties as she grew older
  • Joshua was kind of like a best friend or an older brother to the little girl rather than an uncle
  • Not that he really minded though
  • He was just really happy that he was able to spend time with Vernon’s daughter
  • Your daughter grew up becoming really attached to Joshua and much rather than going to you or Vernon with you her problems she would go to Joshua
  • Vernon was kind of hurt that she chose Joshua over her own father
  • But you tried your best to help him understand that it’s easier for a girl to go to a trusted friend rather than her own parents and that she would warm up to them eventually
  • But sadly even through her teenage years she didn’t really warm up to her father
  • It wasn’t until her first heartbreak caused by a dick who cheated on her when she went running to her daddy instead of Joshua
  • Which actually shocked both you and your husband
  • But neither of you complained because she just really needed the comfort of her father at the moment
  • And Vernon swore to that day that his daughter would never have her heart broken by a boy ever again
  • Despite your daughter being a looker
  • She got picked on a lot at school because of her condition
  • She wasn’t allowed to go outside and play in the snow with her classmates during breaks
  • She wasn’t allowed to go ice skating with her friends
  • And it eventually got to the point where she fell into a sort of depression and wouldn’t talk to anyone
  • She coped with it pretty well though and took advice from both your and Vernon to find something that would distract her from her problems for a while
  • And she found a passion that matched her father’s in rapping
  • She looked up to many artists like Dreke, Iggy Azalea, and other famous rappers
  • One of her friends had secretly recorded her rapping and uploaded it online
  • She became an overnight sensation
  • You were quite shocked when you woke up to watch the news and saw your daughter’s video on the news
  • When you asked her about it she said she didn’t know someone had recorded her
  • But she didn’t really mind though
  • She began getting calls and messages from people all over asking if she would want a record deal
  • Which she gladly accepted to sign a deal with Capital Records in LA
  • Although it meant moving out of Korea and away from her family
  • She was happy that her parents were so supportive over her decision
  • Vernon even offered to go with her if she wanted
  • But she refused and told him that she really wanted him to stay in Korea to be with his own group
  • Vernon understood though
  • He just really wanted to spend time with his daughter
  • Both you and Vernon became really proud of your daughter
  • She became a huge inspiration to people everywhere
  • She was considered one of the most successful rappers in America
  • Vernon even got his manager to allow his daughter to be the opening act for Seventeen on tour
  • Your daughter never really fell in love
  • She didn’t want to get her heart broken like the way that she did all those years back
  • It’s not like she minded though because she was already too busy to be involved with that kind of commitment
  • So she didn’t end up getting married
  • But you weren’t really too upset over that
  • It’s what mad your daughter happy
  • And if that made her happy than the two of you were happy
  • And that’s all that you ever really wanted since the beginning

|| S.Coups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || DK || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino ||

Damage (Jay Park)

Requested by anon

Prompt: “After all this… you still want me?”, angst

Originally posted by aomgwithkids

     Jay’s brow creased as he saw the name on the screen of his phone. It was your mother’s. She hadn’t called him maybe ever, and it was late on a Thursday night, a very strange time for her to be calling in the first place. He picked up, pressing the phone to his ear. “Hi!”

    “Jay,” her voice said shakily and instantly he knew something was very, very wrong. “You need to come to the hospital right now. She… she was in an accident and she’s in surgery now. I just…” she took a deep, ragged breath, “You should come.”

    “Holy shit, is she going to be okay?” Jay asked, his chest tight with sudden anxiety.

    “They don’t know. We’ll tell you everything when you get here.”

    He sped to the hospital, his heart pounding, trying to push back the rising panic in the back of his head, and when he arrived, he found your parents sitting in the lobby of the hospital with cups of coffee clutched in their shaking hands, their faces haggard and pale as they explained that you’d been in an accident and you were currently in surgery for extensive damage to your facial bones and on top of that you had several broken ribs, an injured leg, and possibly a bad concussion.

    The three of them sat in the lobby in awful, heavy silence for hour after hour, as the monitor which indicated the status of all the surgeries going on got emptier and emptier until just one was still ongoing- yours. Your parents sat close but Jay stuck to the end of the couch until your mom said, “Come here, Jaebum,” and pulled him in as he shifted over, wrapping a tight arm around his shoulders. He lost track of how many times he silently prayed as the minutes ticked by and he couldn’t have distracted himself even if he wanted to.

    It was just past 4:00 in the morning when the screen showed you had moved to recovery and just minutes later, the doctor emerged from the hall.

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He Knows pt. 3 || Rafinha Imagine

Notes: ITS HERE! I hope you all like it! Feedback is appreciated of course and suggestions!

Warning: A tiny bit of smut but it doesn’t turn to smut.

“It’s a girl” the doctor says, moving the instrument on your stomach. You quickly grin and look at Rafa who was smiling brightly, the one you loved were his smile reached his eyes and squinted. “And a boy” the doctor adds and your eyes widened, just like your boyfriend’s.

  “Wait-” Rafa says quickly but hesitates.

  “What?” You ask, both of you looking at the doctor with wide eyes.

  “You will be having twins, a boy and a girl, congratulations” he says with a grin, and both of you were too astonished processing the news. “I’ll leave you two think it through” he says while Rafa and you look at the monitor that showed the two small frames that were your kids before you look at each other again. The doctor hands you a towel for you to remove the gel from your stomach and turns off the screen before clicking something. Then, he leaves.

  “We…” You start as you blink several times.

  “…are having twins…” Rafa finishes before he chuckles and starts peppering you with kisses all over your face making you giggle and squirm. “We will have twins!” He says excitedly and kisses a part of your exposed stomach that is not covered in gel.

  “You wanted this, didn’t you? You jinxed me and now you have the best of both worlds” you tease and clean the gel off your stomach as you sit up, him helping you as he chuckled.

  “I didn’t ask for it, I did wanted the pair, but not as twins, but I don’t mind it” he says and you laugh.

  “Sure, since you won’t be fat like a whale carrying them” you tease.

  “You won’t look like a whale. You will look beautiful. I will help you with everything” he says quickly. When has he ever not done that? Rafinha has always, even before your pregnancy, been supportive and made sure you were comfortable in every way. Not the suffocating way, but the most loving and gentlemen way. One of the many reasons why you fell for him.

  “I know, Rafa” you say and cup his cheek. He is still grinning like a little kid when he leans down to kiss you happily, smoothly pulling down your shirt.

    You two went to Rafa’s doctor to follow up on his cut the same day. The doctor had given you a copy of the picture he took of the ultrasound and Rafa was staring at it as he spoke to Thiago and told him about the news, happily telling him every detail.

  “I’m having twins! A boy and a girl” he said into the phone chuckling. He spoke a few more minutes with him before he handed the phone to you as he was called for check up.

  “I bet he is being a kid about all of it” Thiago says into the phone making you laugh.

  “Yeah, he is really excited. He didn’t want to call you right away because he wanted to post the picture on instagram and wait for your reaction, he didn’t want me to message you either” you admit.

  “I thought he wouldn’t tell me” he chuckles. “How are you holding up, though? Is everything alright? Your studies?”

  “Yep. Filled the papers for graduation, but I won’t actually go to the ceremony. Its the same month I might give birth and I don’t want to risk having contractions in the middle of my speech” you laugh, so does Thiago.

  “Just going to ask for the diploma then?”

  “Pretty much, its faster too so I can start working.”

  “You realize that my brother won’t let you work, right? Not after those news.”

  “Trust me, I know” you smirk before adding, “But he knows that as soon as I can I want to work. I don’t want to depend on him.”

  “Good luck with that” he says and you smirk. “Hey, you let me know what they say to him about the injury follow up. I have to go get ready for practice.”

  “I will. Take care” you hang up and walk over to the room Rafinha is in. He has some sort of mask over his face, every section of it marked according to his features. Your eyes looked at him, showing confusion.

  “Hey babe, I didn’t tell you, Marvel wants me as a superhero” he says and chuckles, which you join.

  “For a failure of a hero, we already have Deadpool. Stick with football” you lean against the wall and take a picture of the doctor’s working around him.

  “I want that picture” he says and you roll your eyes.

  “Mrs. Alcantara” a doctor says and you look at him, “We are making a mask he can use so he is able to play the next games. It will help him place the nose back in place and protect his face. He should be able to play as normal” he explained.

  “Thank you, doctor” you smile.

  “What would be a good superhero name for me?” He asks and you roll your eyes before laughing. You loved that about Rafa, he never stops joking or smiling even in hard times.

    “Done” Rafinha said as he posted the picture of the ultrasound on his social media. The picture was your hand and his holding the picture and you found it adorable. You posted it on yours too, just for the fun of it, but everyone you knew followed your boyfriend too, so there was no point.

  “Phones blowing up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” you wait.

  “Failed” he said with a chuckle and moved on the couch, his body laying down across your lap, his ear on your small bump. “Hey babies, daddy can’t wait to show you about football and spoil you” he cooed and you smiled down at him, hands running through his, finally, growing hair.

  “Are you happy about this?”

  “Of course, why wouldn’t I? I’m having kids with the girl of my dreams” he says, blowing you a kiss making you smile. He smiles back before lifting your shirt and kissing your bump causing your eyes to flutter.

  “I saw that” he teased and you blush before he sits up and pats his thigh, making you roll your eyes before you sit on his lap. “You look beautiful, Y/N. Our babies are making you look…wow…” he said as he circled his arms around you, holding you close. The way he was looking at you making you blush.

  “What are you talking about?” You giggle shyly.

  “You just look different. You have this glow on you and this vibe…”

  “Are you sure it isn’t the new bonsai we got that is making you relax and see things?” You joke and he laughs.

  “Te amo” and with that he moves to kiss along your neck.

  Your breath hitches and your hands tighten around his shoulders as he does, neck automatically exposing itself to his lips. He was leaving open mouthed kisses along it, teeth grazing the skin teasingly earning a quiet moan from you.


  “Please, princess. We haven’t been together like this. I’ve been training and you’ve been studying…” he was at the edge of whining and you have to suppress a laugh.

  You bite your lip before moving to catch his lips with yours, hands resting on the side of his face as you deepened the kiss. His hips shift under yours and you moan into his mouth, only making him continue the movement and move your hips under his lead. His tongue runs along your lower lip and then the upper and you grant access, his tongue moving against yours as the kiss got heated. You run your hands through his hair, missing the hair you used to play and pull at when you were in this situation.

  Your whole body is warming up at the actions, and he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours as he lets out a moan as your hips created friction. You are out of breath after the heavy make out session, your heart pounding wildly against your chest. You move to kiss his neck and he groans, a sound that made you feel good because of what you were doing. His fingers are running along the end of your shirt and down your back, a shiver going down your spine.

  “Y/N…Babe…” he pants as his hips moved against yours. You hum out in response and when he is about to speak, the phone goes off. “You gotta be kidding…” he growls, his head tilting backwards.

  “If its Ney ignore him…” You say as you take the moment to kiss his neck again.

  “I will kill him.. ” he mutters and you move off his lap so he can reach for his phone that rang on the table in front of your couch. “Grandma” he says and answers.

  You run your hand through your hair and watch him talk, she was calling about the picture and he was happily giving her all the details. Your parents knew of the news right away and were happy for you. Since they both still worked at your hometown, they weren’t able to travel until they could get their vacations set up, which you hoped it would be before the babies are born.

  As he talks, you scroll through his page to see all the comments of his followers about the baby, a smile appearing on your lips. He smiled at you as he continued to talk through the phone, now speaking to his grandmother how you were doing. Your phone goes off in your hands and see that the caller ID belonged to Neymar.


  “I’m going to be uncle of two?!” He almost shouts into the phone making you pull it away as you giggle.

  “Yeah, you are getting old Ney” you tease and he chuckles.

  “Never. Hey, do you guys want to come with us to the new restaurant they opened downtown? We agreed it was a guys only thing, but we need to celebrate your news.”

  “By us, who do you mean? Not the whole team, right?”

  “Nope, almost. Leo, Luis and Pique, although I’m not sure he’d go since he is taking care of the kids. Shakira is away for a music video.”

  “Oh. right. Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t told her about the news.”

  “So, you coming?” Ney asks.

  “Yeah, sure. We will be there.”

  “Alright, see ya’ there.” And you both hang up.

  You hadn’t noticed Rafa had hung up and looking at you, a mischievous smile curving his lips.

  “Now, where were we?” He asks as he moves forward making you lay on your back.

  “Neymar called…” You tried to say as his hands slid under your shirt and ran up your baby bump.

  “And?” A kiss against your cheek.

  “He asked if we wanted to go to a new restaurant downtown…”

  “And?” He was kissing along your neck and shoulders now, which took all your concentration to form coherent words.

  “I said we’d go…” Rafa pulls away and looks at you in disbelief.

  “Seriously?! Now?” He sounded offended and you giggled.

  “We have to eat. I have appetite for three now” you joke.

  “But does it have to be right now? Not later? We were in the middle of something” he pouts and you peck his lips several times.

  “I’ll make it up to you when we come back” you promise and he continues to pout. “Come on, let’s go.”

  The two of you get ready and meet with the others at the restaurant. As Ney said, it was a guys night, but you were the exception, and the others didn’t seem to mind. You did felt bad though, Rafa hasn’t spent much time with them alone, he was always around you and during games he’d come back home quickly so you didn’t stay alone at home so long. During the conversation you learned that Lucho had told the others that Rafinha would be in the substitutes for the next game to get him back on track, which meant he had to leave for a couple of days since it is an away game.

  It was something you were used to now, and it has never bothered you staying alone. Yes you felt lonely sometimes in the big house, but it was something you were slowly getting over it. Now, in this pregnancy phase, you knew he wasn’t going to leave you alone at all. You could already see him being thoughtful by your side after the news. They were yet to be confirmed, but he was trying to be one step ahead in case it actually happened.

  “Have you thought of names, yet?” Suarez asks as you eat. Rafinha being the one to answer.

  “Not really, we are still processing we are having twins” he says and Leo chuckles.

  “Good aim, man” Pique says and you almost choke on your water causing the trident and Pique to laugh. Rafa, on the other hand, was patting your back and chuckled as you cough.

  “You did not say that!” You can’t help but laugh at it, Neymar was at the verge of tears.

  “Deny it! One try and suddenly you got twins. Those aren’t easy to get” Pique continues and everyone in the table is laughing.

  “I think we had enough of complimenting Rafael’s…abilities” Messi tried. He tried hard to not make it related to the topic, but it only caused everyone to laugh again and his cheeks had turned red as he joined.

  You loved hanging with them, they were so playful and joked so much. They lifted up your mood all the time. It was lovely seeing how they acted out of the pitch. Leo was the only one that you never guessed would joke so much, but he does, but keeps his serious behavior. Someone has to when Pique, Suarez, Ney, and Rafa were together.

  “Did you told Shak about it?” Pique asks.

  “I tried to call her but there was no signal. I did sent her a message, still no response.”

  “Maybe it was after she got on the plane. She finished the musical early and is heading back home. Will arrive tomorrow or so.”

  “Perfect” you hear Rafa say and you look at him curiously.

    After a couple of hours at the restaurant, you all pay your bills and decide to go home. Tomorrow they will be training and Rafa had gotten a text from Lucho to join the others. You were on your way back home now, music playing in the car as Rafa drove. He was the first one to speak.

  “If Shakira is going to stay with the kids while Pique is away, you can stay with her while I’m away” he says. Exactly what you were thinking.

  “You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine. Its just a few days…”

  “I don’t want you to be alone. What if something happens? What if you get dizzy again? You need someone with you.”

  “Shakira will have a handful with the kids.”

  “You always help her with them. Is either her, or, I ask grandma and Thaisa to come over for those days to take care of you” your eyes widened at that.

  “I don’t think that’s necessary. I don’t want to be a trouble to your family…”

  “Y/N, you are my family. We are building a family” he says as he pulls into the garage of the house and turns to you. “They won’t mind it. Grandma wants to see you and she said that we can ask her for anything if needed, so this is it. She can come over. Thaisa loves you, she won’t mind being here and taking care of you” Rafa was right. His family had gotten used to you right away. There were no problems to click together and were always very welcoming to you. It was why you didn’t want to push your luck with them.

  Rafa gets out of the car to help you do so as well after you opened the door. He held you close as you headed inside the house. “I’ll talk with Shakira about it tomorrow. You can ask your grandmother and Thaisa if they’d like to come. They can maybe come around the first few days and then I can stay with Shakira” you say and shrug.

  “Whichever replies first.” He says and you nod your head in agreement as you take your clothe to head to the shower. “Need help there?” Your boyfriend asks and winks making you roll your eyes playfully.

  “Perfectly capable of showering myself, thank you though” you stick your tongue out to him.

  “But what about saving water?”

  “Don’t worry, I won’t use much” you say and slowly close the door of the bathroom, leaving a small gap open because you didn’t like closing the door completely. It made you feel as if you did it, it would feel like if you were rejecting Rafinha and that was obviously not a thing. You hear an audible whine from the room you two shared and you giggled. He could be such a kid sometimes. “Would you like to help me get in?” You say playfully and next thing you know Rafa is right behind you and you laugh as he wraps his arms around you, kisses being peppered all over your shoulders and what he could reach of your neck.

    “We should really think of names” Rafa says as he walks out of the bathroom, wearing only his sweat pants, hanging just under his V line, you could see a few drops of water running down his toned chest, his wet hair all over the place, what was growing of it anyway. How did you get so lucky finding this man? He was perfect in every single way possible. “Earth to Y/N” Rafa says, a cheeky grin as he looked at you.


  “Not sure if you are thinking of our babies names or something else…”

  “Shut up” the two of you laugh and he jumps on the bed besides you, doing what he usually did when he was about to sleep, resting his head on your stomach. “Is there any names you like?”

  “Hm…I like a few…I like uncommon names” you say with a smirk as you run your fingers through his hair.

  “Any in particular?” He asks looking at you.

  “I like Emeraude…”

  “Poor girl writing down her name” he teased.

  “Can you do better?”

  “Sebastiao…Just changes the last letter” he says and you roll your eyes teasingly.

  “Well done, we just improvised on our babies names.”

  “It wasn’t that hard, why do people complicate their lives with these?” He is looking at the ceiling now.

“Although, what if we change-”

  “Oh no. No changing names. Those are it.” He sits up quickly and you laugh.

  “We got this” you say and open up your arms and he lays down besides you, taking your hands in his and kissing them.

  “Thank you, for making me this happy” he says and you lay down on your side facing him, his eyes were looking at you fondly and that made you blush. “I’m happy I waited for you all this time” he brushes his nose against yours in a eskimo kiss.

  “And I’m happy you chose me to be the mother of your kids…” You lean in to kiss him, a simple lip lock that you sighed happily into before you pulled away to roll your body to the other side. His arm went around your waist, resting on your small bump and you both fell asleep happily.

    “Thank you for being here in such short notice. I knew I could count on you” Rafa said to his grandmother as he placed her luggage and Thaisa’s inside the house before taking them to the respective rooms.

  “Y/N, good to see you!” Thaisa came over to you and hugged you tight.

  “I’m so happy you are here” you admit as you pull away and grin at her before turning to Rafa’s grandmother. “Celia, its good to see you again. Thank you for coming at the petition of the worried kid over there” you point at Rafa and she laughs.

  “Whatever makes my boy happy, that’s what I promised always when he was a kid” she says and you hug her. “Couldn’t wait any longer to see how my great grandchildren will be doing. Have they been of trouble?”

  “Not at all. Not yet anyway.” You admit and she grins, a hand on your stomach.

  “It has Alcantara DNA, beware. That one was a troublemaker when he was young.”

  “I’m…right here?” Rafa says pointing at himself.

  “Isn’t he still? I mean, he always makes fun of me and one time when I was learning to drive he started to panic when we were at a red light just to see my reaction” Thaisa confessed and glared at him.

  “You were going fast.”

  “I was at a red light!”

  “You are still a danger driving.”

  “Like if you were an expert” his grandmother says and you laugh.

  “I’m leaving before I end up beaten here, this is just unfair.”

  The three of you laugh shortly and he comes over to Thaisa first, hugging her tightly. “Have fun. Take care. Behave” he says and she rolls her eyes. He comes to you next, cupping your face between his hands. “I love you. If anything happens call me. I’ll let you know as soon as I’m in Paris, okay?” You nod your head and he pecks your lips, you can feel he just doesn’t want to leave even if he also does want to leave. “And you…” he addresses Celia now, he pinches the bridge of his nose and let’s out an exaggerated playful sigh. “Please don’t embarrass me. Please behave” he chuckles and she grins.

  Celia places a hand on his shoulder, pats it and nods her head, “I’ll never do anything to embarrass you. I’ll just tell her everything and see if she us up for it all” she was an amazing grandmother.

  “Oh my God!” He groans and takes his bags. “Alcantara women are terrible” he mutters playfully, loud enough for all of you to hear.

  “Remember your girlfriend here is one.”

  “I just lost my girlfriend to you two.” He points at us before you here a beep outside. “Neymar is here. I love you three” he blows a kiss before he leaves.

  Thaisa hugs you again and you smile. “So where do you want to go?” Celia asks as she looks at you. “Went shopping for baby things already?”

  “Not really. Rafa said we could go when he came back so-”

  “No. He has terrible tastes in baby things. Ask Thiago about it. Let’s go to the mall now. Let me go get my things.” She says and disappears up to her room in a few seconds.

  “I’m too young to be aunt of three kids” Thaisa says and you laugh.

  “Right! I just remember Thiago is also expecting. He said it will be a boy, right?”

  “Yep. Thinking of naming him Gabriel.”

  “Oh right, I forgot. I need to call him later anyway.”

  “Do you have your names?”

  “Yes. Emeraude and Sebastiao.”

  “The boy name was Rafael, wasn’t it?” Celia asks as she joins you.


  “That kid always liked that name” she shakes her head with a smile. “Ready?”

  “Yeah. Let’s go.” And that’s how you started your day with Rafa’s grandmother and sister. You could tell it was going to be quite fun. You didn’t spend more than a day with them before, so you were grateful for tis opportunity. It was the beginning of a great relationship between the three of you.


Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 4 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 4518

Chapters: 4

Chapter 4 summary: 

Sillage (French)- scent that lingers in air, the trail left in water, the impression left in space after someone or something has been and gone; the trace of someone’s perfume

Chapter 4 is up on ao3! You can read it below the cut, too. 

Thank you everyone for the wonderful messages and comments I’ve received for this fic so far!!! It makes me so happy to know that other pple like this au as much as I do ^^ Next week you’ll learn which flower Killua is coughing up :) until next time~

It was the afternoon.

School had already ended for the day, and Killua was staying over Gon’s house for dinner. They were currently holed away in Gon’s room, Killua leaning against the side of Gon’s bed with a textbook in his lap while Gon laid on the floor, stomach pressed into the soft carpet.

And he couldn’t stop himself from staring at Killua.

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Les Amis in Les Mis ‘34

I’ve been meaning to do this thing for a while. It’s kind of like @ellie-valsin‘s Every Ami Ever series but going at it the other way around. (Also I can’t do as many adaptations because I haven’t seen as many.) You get a different perspective when you look at them in context and secondly I thought it’d be worth it to talk about their depictions as a group. They do often have a sort of group identity in adaptations (and in the Brick too actually).

So the plan is to go through all the adaptations I’ve seen that have any named Amis other than Enjolras. Most of this will be subjective, but that’s the nature of these kinds of things.

(omg look at these nerds <3 they wrote their name on the wall)

Les Amis in Les Mis ‘34, the French movie trilogy thing:

These guys are adorable. They don’t really have very distinct personalities but they’re very passionate and excitable, they’re always laughing and they sing A LOT. (They might even give the musical Amis a run for their money in the singing front…) They’re also very obviously close and very affectionate with each other in that sort of 19th century way from before the masculinity police started hunting down men who dare to express their feelings openly.

Their military tactics could use some work though. Maybe don’t actually blow up your own barricade? And please, please, take some cover when you’re being shot at. It helps you stay alive.

Specific Amis: (In order of introduction)

Enjolras, Lesgle, Courfeyrac, Grantaire, Combeferre (mentioned), Feuilly (mentioned), Prouvaire

There’s a whole bunch of Amis in this (a lot more than nine) but only some of them get names and even fewer have significant lines or personalities. Combeferre and Feuilly are named while they’re off screen but you can kind of deduce which ones they are based on the seating when Enjolras addresses everyone by name. (Plus the guy I think is Combeferre sings the Caesar song, another clue.)

^ This Enjolras is very physically affectionate with everybody.

^ It took me a while to learn to tell Courf and Lesgle apart: they look SO similar to me.

^ Possibly!Combeferre singing (seen here clearly being played by the Tenth Doctor passing through 1930′s France.)

^ I think the one in the middle is Feuilly because Enjolras just said his name and still has his hand on his shoulder (because of course) but it’s impossible to tell really.

More about their personalities (those who have them) under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

imagine the missus being pregnant with P... harry and her are laying on the couch, H stroking the missus hair scrolling through his phone and he'd start to tell her weird pregnancy facts... funny ones, silly ones, disgusting ones... all giggles and stuff 😘

She’d be laid down between his legs and he’d be kind of slouched up and resting against the arm rest of the sofa, one of his hands snaking round to run over her bump and his other holding his phone as he scrolled through a website loaded on his screen. The telly would be showing a recorded episode of One Born Every Minute; as show that the missus had always been hooked on, and, had been watching more often as her due-date came closer and closer. Getting ready and prepping herself for what will happen during labour, and making sure Harry knew what to expect so he could work through it when necessary.

“You know the baby is probably using you as a toilet right now? Our little girl could be weeing inside yeh belly,” he’d chuckle, rolling his head back, “maybe that’s why you need to wee all the time?”

“That’s, uhm a little gross and random,” she’d mumble, tilting her head up to look at him with a smile, catching a sight of his phone screen, “what are you looking at on there?”

“We’re watching One Born Every Minute, and, I got curious about things that a foetus and what a baby does when they’re growing,” he’d smile cheekily, “like, what they do at specific months throughout a pregnancy, how big they are in each trimester, what body part they have developed. They eat what you eat, you know?”

“I know that, you idiot,” she’d brush her toes over his and squeezed his thigh, “I’m feeding them through a tube.”

“The umbilical cord,” he’d remind her, “get technical.”

“Alright, Doctor Styles,” she’d mumble, swatting at his thigh, “move your legs please, Peaches. I need to get some water from the kitchen. And, I fancy some chicken. Can you make me a sandwich? We’re hungry.” xx


Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: ~2,200
Warnings: Depression, pregnant reader, angst (no spoilers but it’s in the tags for those who have it blacklisted)
Summary: Y/n gets pregnant with Sam’s baby and angsty things happen
A/N: This is the first part of a series inspired by a show that I’m watching. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. <3
Tags: @fangirl1802  @jared-padaloveme @disneychic8 @impalaimagining @ellen-reincarnated1967 @fernandasvaldi@tmccarney​ @atc74 @supernatural-jackles  @jensen-jarpad @just-a-touch-of-crowley @the-latina-trickster@yunngarab @thinkingscared
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Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

You sat in the chair of your doctor’s office, waiting for her to come back with the results of your test. You all but held your breath when you heard her walk in and close the door behind her. She smiled as she sat behind her desk. “The test was positive, y/n. You’re pregnant.”

Your eyes widened. You had always wanted a baby but knew that the odds of hunters raising kids successfully were very slim. You didn’t want to raise a child into this life but what choice did you have? It’s not like you and Sam could just leave this all on Dean’s shoulders and you sure as hell weren’t leaving Sam, even though he’d probably try and convince you when you told him. You smiled softly at your doctor as she told you what would happen now. You let out a sigh as you scheduled your next appointment and left. You sat in the car, not ready to go home and tell the boys your news. You were staring blankly at the wheel when your phone went off. It was Sam.


“Hey, Baby. Where are you?”

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Swan Queen Week Day 3: Medical AU

Title: Technically
Pairing: Swan Queen
Rating: G

“Excuse me, where’s Dr. Whale?” the mother, Emma, asked as she walked over to stand on the other side of the bed.

Regina ignored her and held up her pen. “Grab my pen.”

Henry’s arms stretched outwards, grasping at the air next to her pen.

“What’s going on?” Emma asked.

Regina finally looked up at the woman, brown eyes connecting with green. “I’m afraid you and your son won’t be leaving her anytime soon, Miss Swan.”

[in which Regina is a doctor trying to save Henry from a seemingly incurable disease]


[medical jargon shamelessly stolen from an episode of House]

“New case for you, Doc,” the nurse from the station in the ER called out. Regina walked over to the desk and took the offered clipboard.

“What do we have?”

“Patient Henry Swan. Seven years old. Mom Emma Swan noticed blood all over his pants while they were out at the park.”

Regina glanced at the charts in her hands, her eyebrows furrowed. “Henry Swan? I thought he was Whale’s patient.”

“He is,” the nurse said. “Whale called out for the day.” She handed over another clipboard. “They just need your signature to go. Simple case of bloody diarrhea. He’s already been put on fluids—”

Regina stopped. “Bloody diarrhea?” The nurse nodded. Regina started walking towards the room listed on the chart. She entered the room with her usual heir of confidence, marching right past the blonde mother and over to the brunette child laying on the bed.

“Follow my finger,” she commanded, moving her finger from side to side in front of the child’s face.

His eyes followed her finger, but they were much more unsteady than they should have been.

“Excuse me, where’s Dr. Whale?” the mother, Emma, asked as she walked over to stand on the other side of the bed.

Regina ignored her and held up her pen. “Grab my pen.”

Henry’s arms stretched outwards, grasping at the air next to her pen.

“What’s going on?” Emma asked.

Regina finally looked up at the woman, brown eyes connecting with green. “I’m afraid you and your son won’t be leaving her anytime soon, Miss Swan.”

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Unaware As Why

Originally posted by 1derland-niall-louis-blog

“And there’s your baby.”

The ultrasound technician reports as you and Harry watch the screen tentatively.  At five months pregnant, your belly is slowly but surely enlarging, as you watch the trained woman run the transducer probe across it.

“Would you like to know the gender?” She smiles and you snap your head towards Harry.

“Do we?”

He gives you a look of agreement and you nod towards the woman in charge.

She moves the transducer around a bit more, studying the screen closely before beaming at you both.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs.Styles, you’re having a baby girl.”

You let out a breath as Harry’s eyes widen, lips curling into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen from him.

“R-Really?” His countenance is happier than a child at Disneyland and you hold the same appearance.

The technician nods, “Really.” Your husband leans over to give you the best hug he could as you lie on the bed, cold jelly over your bump.

He leans closer into you as you are handed a copy of the ultrasound image, eyes filled with admiration.

“Hi there,” Harry speaks to your stomach, “you’re beautiful already, if you could see yourself.”

The technician gives you a nod before exiting, giving you both a few moments to yourselves.

“I’m so glad to be having you, princess.” He kisses a soft spot, almost in tears.

“Hi, love.” You greet your soon-to-be-born daughter, “Daddy’s a bit emotional, if you haven’t already learned.” A laugh electing from both of you.

“We’re so excited to have you, I hope you know how happy we are. I hope we can make you happy as well.”

Your husband carries a face of contentment as he squeezes your hand, laying a kiss on your knuckles.

“Your mummy and I love you so, so much.” He whispers closely, rubbing your side gently.

“So much.”


“This is fun.” You declare, a price gun in your hand as you register items for your baby shower.

“Mm, nothing else can compare to putting the dangling thing that will hang over your daughter’s crib on your baby list.” Gemma jokes, scanning the bar code of a crib mobile.

The countdown is on as you slowly begin more and more preparation for the baby, one of them being to actually purchase furniture. Gemma insisted on aiding you with the task, telling you that her future niece would appreciate her opinion. You were going to ask her anyway.

“My goodness, this is all so adorable.” She gushes at the plush toys, taking one into her hands.

“Consider it my first present to her, whatever her name is.”

You giggle, “Darcy, or Sydney. Your brother can’t make up his mind.”

She scrunches her face, “You’re not picking it?”

“Well,” You pick up a random toy, “I can’t really find a decent one without it being linked to someone I don’t like or Harry doesn’t, nor can I seem to decide on much lately. But, regardless of that, even before we were married, I know that a baby girl is all Harry’s been waiting for so I thought I’d let him choose. Besides, I’m more of the veto person rather than the suggestion type when it comes to this big of a decision.”

With a nod, Gemma bends to check the cost of a crib you two were examining earlier.

“God… that’s too much.” You frown after learning the price. It is perfect however, something you could easily convert into a toddler bed when the time comes. The colour is one of your favourites and you could already picture your little one curled up in it, with you and Harry hovering over her with adoration emanating off your bodies.

Gemma smiles, “And my second present to her.”

You gasp, “No, no, Gem. I can’t let you get this for her-”

“Do you think she’ll like it?”

“Well, obviously I think she’ll love it but-”

“Then she’ll look beautiful in it.” She stops your sentence, and you learn not to fight it. She’d only sneak around you later on despite your arguments.

“How is she doing, anyways? How was yesterday’s check-up?”

You grin, “Fantastic. The nurse said she and I are doing fantastic for eighteen weeks.” You place your hand on top of your protruding belly, feeling her movement underneath you.

“Gem,” You whisper, “She just kicked. Do you want to feel?”

Her eyes pop out, immediately situating her own hand on the spot.

“You feel that?” She nods, stunned at your daughter’s actions. “I think that might be her knee.” You feel the bulge.

“God, I cannot wait for you.” She informs your bump, giving it a light kiss before smiling widely at you.

“I am so going to spoil her.”

You laugh, “I can tell by the cost of the things you’ve just declared your buying within the last five minutes.”

“Something tells me that her father isn’t going to hold back on it either.” She winks.

“You don’t even know the half of it, Gem.”


“Well someone seems happy.” Harry muses, watching you smile widely at your phone. “Looking at photos of me?”

You scoff at him, “Absolutely not. I’d have a face of agony whilst seeing those.”

He rolls his eyes, opening the duvet to lie beside you.

“I’m just looking over some of the things we ordered. Gem is already spoiling her and she’s not due for another four months.”

“Of course.” He laughs, “What, did she buy a crib or something?”

“Actually, yes,” You smirk at him, “care to see it?” You load the photo of the purchased item.

“Oh god,” He groans, nuzzling his nose into your neck, “I told her not to do anything like that for us.”

Your eyes bulge out in fake surprise, “She’s just as stubborn as her brother!”

“Very funny.” Harry squints at you, “Let’s hope she doesn’t have her mother’s sense of humour.”

You gasp, “You’re so rude! Like you’re any better with your knock-knock jokes.”

“Those provoke quality laughs! The fans love them!” He gapes, eyebrows curled in confusion.

“The fans love you, Harry.” You chuckle, “And loving you also comes with putting up with your dork-like actions.”

“You love them.” He shakes his head, pecking the button of your nose.

“I do, and she will as well.”


It all remains extremely vivid in your mind.

Everything happened so quickly, so suddenly with adrenaline surging through both your bloodstreams.

First, you were stripping down for a shower. You giggled to yourself as you remembered Harry’s whining for you not to leave him on the couch just a few minutes ago. The water was warming as you shed your undergarments whilst examining your figure in the mirror.

“Shit.” You muttered, realising you left the towels in the dryer from washing them earlier that day. You shut off the water and wrapped a robe around yourself before exiting.

Whilst the towels, you suddenly felt a sharp pain to your pelvic region. You stood in the hallway, clutching both your lower area and your back, for it as well was hurting.

“Ah,” You hissed, wishing for the pressure to disappear as you went back to the bathroom.

As you reached out for the faucet lever, you felt it. Water pushed out from your core and flowed down to the tile of your bathroom. You gasped, having a heavy feeling of what it already was.

“No, no.” You shook your head furiously, not wanting to believe the gut feeling in your stomach.

“Harry!” You called, him rushing to the bathroom at the sound.

“What’s the matter?” He inquires before seeing a pool of liquid underneath you.

“We need to get to the hospital.”

The entire scene replays in your head over and over again as you sit distressed in the waiting room of the hospital. Your eyes hardly blink from being so uneasy.

Harry rubs the back of your hand gently, attempting to keep a relaxed face despite the trouble.

“Y/N Styles?” A nurse calls out, clipboard in hand.

You both stand apprehensively, sharing a sigh before following the nurse.

“Dr. Cameron should be in shortly, it’s good that she’s still here.” You are told.

Ten minutes in whilst waiting, your regular doctor makes an appearance.

“So what seems to be the problem?” She asks, cheery regardless of the long shift she must have gone through.

Harry exchanges looks with you before recounting the night’s events.


“We’re going to do an ultrasound first just to check up on everything.” The machinery is pulled out and cold jelly is applied to your bump.

The doctor’s mouth parts as she studies the screen, waving the transducer around. You hear her sigh, causing you to be alarmed.

“What, what’s going on?”

“We’re going to run some tests on your body.” She states curtly.

“Why? Is my baby okay?” You tremble in the bed, tightening your grasp on Harry’s hand.

She parts her lips for a few seconds, scrambling to find a proper response. “We’re checking to make sure she is.”

Several tests are taken on your body, leaving you and your husband in angst inside the exam room. Harry would occasionally lean in to kiss parts of your body in an attempt to calm your nerves.

Dr. Cameron finally enters the room hours later, a file of papers in her grip. She tries to have a poker face however you know it will not last.

“The pressure and sudden burst was your water breaking.” She informs you both, confirming your earlier thoughts.

“How can that be? I-I’m still in my second trimester.” You stare at her, mouth ajar.

She gives you an uneasy look before sitting in the side chair next to you.

“This is due to a condition called cervical insufficiency, where weak cervical tissue causes it to open early, resulting in premature birth or the loss of the baby. Though it is rare, it can happen anywhere in your second trimester and holds fatal risks in a pregnancy. In your case, which unfortunately has happened before, when your water broke, the placenta along with tissue from the fetus were released from your body.”

You sit speechless, scrambling to find the proper words. But there isn’t anything you can say as your lower lip trembles, tears at the brink of falling. Harry grips your hand tighter, speaking for you.

“S-So what does this mean?”

Dr. Cameron swallows hard, her face full of something you’d never want to see from a doctor.

“The placenta is connected to the umbilical cord, where nutrients transport from your body to your baby. Because the placenta was lost from your body, your baby could not survive. You’ve had a miscarriage, I’m sorry.”

“W-We…” You stumble on your words, a sob escaping your lips. Your hand falls away from your stomach to Harry, whose strong-willed facade fell to one of disbelief, motionless as you tug him closer.

“I’ll um…I’ll give you two some time.” She exits the room quietly, leaving an implacable silence to circulate through.

Your vision is blurry whilst gazing at Harry, who wears an expressionless face. His lips are parted with eyes full of every emotion there could be. He doesn’t know what to feel, or how to feel.

“H.” You gasp out, blinking rapidly as more tears cascade down your face.

He looks at you with water-filled eyes, parting his lips every few seconds in an attempt to make some sense of the situation. However, as he lets out a wary breath and leans in closer, nothing needs to be said. Harry clutches you closer, finally crying as well while rocking you both back and forth.

“We’ll be okay.” He tells you weakly, having a hard time believing the sentence himself. Though despite any situation, he would always reassure the both of you that it would be alright.


Silence overtakes the rest of the night.

On the car ride home, your vision is fixed out the window. Though you’ve been through this ride countless times before, it is only now that you notice the amount of city lights that surround you.

Subconsciously, your hand drops to your belly. Normally, you’d feel a small kick from your little one. Nothing is there anymore.

You begin to cry, tears travelling a well-known route down your face. You’re forced to bite your lip to hold back a sob, however Harry already knows you’re bawling. He takes your hand in his, releasing a breath.

It becomes harder to breathe as you give in, heaving to yourself. He only squeezes your hand harder, water expelling from his eyes as well.

“She can’t be gone.” You say lowly, eyes now trained on the dashboard in front of you.

Harry peeks over at you, rubbing his thumb across your the back of your hand. Nothing more is said until you reach home.

Inside, you are stricken harshly with reality. Every step becomes increasingly difficult as you head towards the bedroom, your breath lost with each whimper. Harry strides behind you, a hand situated on your back to prevent you from breaking down.

You’re forced to hold back a blubber whilst walking past the nursery, refusing to glance inside.

“Almost there.” His voice pokes, guiding you to the bedroom. You almost don’t want to be there since the connecting en-suite is where it happened.

Once tucked in, you have a hard time finding any solace despite your husband’s calming touch.

“She can’t be.” You mutter, staring at the glass of water on your bedside table.

He sighs from behind you, feeling the pain course through him as well. Slinging an arm to your side, Harry kisses your temple softly. For a moment, he nuzzles his nose into your neck, laying another kiss to your sweet spot.

“I love you.” He whispers, and though you aren’t able to reply, he knows your answer very well.


“We don’t have a baby anymore, Harry.” You utter gently, more tears flowing down as he enters the room. “We should just return all of those things.” You refer to the crib full of baby items you had just bought days ago whilst in the living room.

He gulps down, glancing at you nervously from his upright position. He’s not willing to do anything rash just yet. Quite frankly, having to deal with any reality that does not include your daughter is like being repeatedly slapped in the face to him.

“Maybe we should wait, love. We need time to think about everything before making irrational decisions.”

“What’s the point?” You snap your head up at him, a glare clear across your face. “She’s gone, Harry! She’s not here anymore.”

You then realise your hand has been stroking on your belly, and at the absence of warmth from your palm does it hit you that there will no longer be any movement.

Your husband snaps his head up to meet your scowl, though with a face of empathy rather than one ready to argue.

“We don’t need to keep those things if we aren’t expecting anymore. It’d be even more irrational to have them around. ” You tell him harshly, your tear-streaked face.

He says nothing to fight back, only taking strides from his away position to you. You glance up at him, warmth encompassing your body as he embraces you closely.

“It’s okay.” He whispers, stroking the back of your head as you cry softly into his chest. Tears spring down his eyes as well, pressing his lips together to keep quiet. He is unsure of what to say, both of you are. What do you do in a situation as tragic as this?

With a kiss to the top of your head, you find solace in his body, soon drifting off into sleep.


Three days have passed since the incident.

You have not had much contact with the rest of the world, Harry doing all of the food shopping so that you don’t have to go out. The only people you have spoken to are your mother and mother in-law, both feeding you words of wisdom and comfort.

“Love, I knew someone who suffered from that exact event when I was your age.” Anne told you over the phone, “It was difficult, but they were able to get through it. A few years later, they ended up having two kids who are very healthy from the last time I’ve spoken to her.”

You give a half-hearted smile, “Thank you for the hope. Dr. Cameron said there would be some correction procedure I could go through, should we want to try again.”

She nodded, “There we go. You should never give up on it, darling.”

Harry was then handed the phone, with his mother relaying to him that she was proud.

“What do we do, mum.” He asked, teary eyed as he left the room.

“Nothing else.” She replied, a small smile making its way to her face. “You’re doing everything you can at the moment, both of you are. You’re taking care of yourselves, which is the best thing you can do.”

He pouted lowly at his mother, thankful for the reassurance.

“I know it’s difficult, love. But you have to be strong, for the both of you.”

Harry had been, seeing as he was the one to make sure the two of you still functioned by doing normal human things. He would cook meals when the time came for needed nutrients and run a sponge across your body when it came time to cleanse. For the most part, his touch would never leave your skin, not that you ever wanted it to.

“I’m proud of you for looking after her.” His mother cooed.

“She’s done it before for the both of us.” Harry paused to take a glimpse of you, seeing your blank stare at the painting he had done not too long ago. “Now it’s my turn.”

That was two days ago. You now stand listless in your hallway, peering into the room that would be a nursery. Your hand absentmindedly falls to your stomach before remembering that nothing is there anymore, and so you swipe it away quickly.

Your husband stands a few feet behind you, arms crossed as he follows your movement inside the room. You plant yourself on the floor with Harry following suit.

“Why do people always say ‘I’m sorry’ when something terrible happens.” You utter, vision fixed on nothingness.

“I mean, most of the time it isn’t even their fault. In most situations, they had nothing to do with why it went so badly and there’s nothing they could do to fix it.”

“I think they just say it as an expression of empathy,” He attempts to reason, “that ‘I’m sorry’ is supposed to a symbol of understanding emotional pain and feeling remorse for us having to go through it.”

You chortle, “Why should anyone feel guilt when I’m the only one to blame.”

His face falls, head shaking at your response, “Don’t say that, please don’t think that, angel.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” You choke out, “You probably think it too.”

“No, I don’t.” He swallows, tears now travelling down his cheeks.

Your hand travels to your stomach again, which is now bump free. Your face is sour, water decorating it slowly.

“C’mon, Harry.” You mutter softly, “If it weren’t for my damn cervix opening up early, we’d still be having a baby.”

“Please stop saying those things, my love.” He practically begs you whilst trying to intertwine your hand with his.

“What is it that people in the medical field call it, an ‘incompetent cervix’, hm?” You almost laugh at how pathetic you’re feeling at the moment.

“You can’t put yourself at fault here, darling.”

“And why not?” You snap, though your face is still soft, “It’s because of me and my stupid body, you know that.”

He shakes his head, “I don’t know that. You don’t know that either.”

“How can you be so sure it wasn’t your incompetent wife’s fault?” You susurrate, losing your grasp on the situation.

“Because I cannot blame you for something you had no control over.”

You don’t meet his eyes as he continues, “There’s no possible way you or anyone else, even the ultrasound technician, would have known that this would happen. Dr. Cameron said that cervical insufficiency is very hard to diagnose especially if a pregnant woman appears as healthy as you are. So please, please, Y/N, don’t fall so hard over something so tragic that no one would predict.”

“Why aren’t you angry?” You shift your head to face his. “Why are you so good to me in this situation?”

“You are not incompetent, nor are you responsible for this happening.” He replies as you finally allow your fingers to come together.

Resting your head upon his shoulder, he wraps an arm to meet your other side. You lick your dry lips as water glides past them and onto your thighs. Grief is written across your face but fades the tighter your husband holds you. Harry breathes out, the weight of the world slowly but surely lifting off his shoulders every time you allow him in.

“If we aren’t meant to have her right now, then we aren’t.” Though it pains him to speak those words, you both know that they are the truth.


The next morning you are awaken at the early hour of 7am.

“What are you doing?” You grumble, noticing the time at which you were shaken up.

“Up, love. We’re going out today.”

Your face falls into a panic, “W-Why? Harry, I don’t-”

“I think we both know that we need some time away from this house.”

He kisses your temple whilst tracing your hair softly, “C’mon.”

The 8:35am train from London to Dorset is one that is not very packed on a Monday. Most people would be going into the city, not out from it.

You did not argue very much about leaving, considering you did not have the energy or mentality to want to do so with your husband. He sits across from you with a guitar on his side, gazing out the window.

“Admiring me, again?” He smirks and you giggle, the first one since the accident.

“More like wondering why you brought that, you hardly ever play it for me, let alone out in public.”

“Hm, you’ll see when we get there.” He hums, going back to watching the English countryside travel past him.

After a few hours and a taxi drive, you two arrive at the top of East Cliff in West Bay, Dorset. The morning fog has yet to clear up, leaving you to peer out into the grey distance.

“This is amazing, Harry.” You remark at the beauty of your surroundings. He hums in reply, kissing the top of your head.

Your hands are shoved into your pockets as you marvel at the view. The Atlantic ocean seems endless from your position, local fisherman decorating the sea. The grass underneath you is soft, green as can be along with seagulls making their noise not too far away. The ocean breeze is almost enough to clear your mind. Almost.

“When I was struggling with myself,” Harry starts, bringing you back to his presence. “with all the attention from the media while trying to find out who I was, you never once argued with me about it. You never once got upset with me, or at least you didn’t do it to my face.”

You watch his movement, sighing as he added on, “I know me having a hard time affected us both, but you never once doubted that things would get better. You held us up. Now it’s my turn to be strong for the both of us.”

“Harry…” You utter, realising why he has never once lashed back at your anger.

“Though it’s killing me that we have to have this, I know we’ll get through it.” He whispers as the corners of his lips curve up.

“Thank you.” You say in a hushed tone, sending a smile back.

It is silent for a few more minutes until the steady strum of a familiar song echos to your ears. Harry stands beside you, getting ready to sing.

You were just a small bump unborn, in four months you’re brought to life
You might be left with my hair, but you’ll have your mother’s eyes

Your breath hitches at the choice of song, chills running up your spine. The hairs on the back of your neck stand tall as you are unable to comprehend your emotions.  

I’ll hold your body in my hands be as gentle as I can
And now your scan on my unmade plans
Small bump, in four months you’re brought to life

Tears accumulate as he continues singing, you noting the emotions coursing through him as well.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.” You gasp, the tears cascading down your cheeks. You almost hum along, the song fitting everything that’s gone on in your life.

I’ll hold you tightly, I’ll give you nothing but truth
If you’re not inside me, I’ll put my future in you

You think about your baby, where she is and how she is doing. The events you had already imagined in your mind are no longer coming to pass, but with every turning second you know that she’ll always be with you somehow to celebrate.

The jitters you held about giving birth, dealing with the lack of sleep, temper tantrums and fits of crying all faded once she went away. You aren’t going to join the armada of mothers in the world who speak the same language just yet, however you know that Darcy or Sydney will always make you think like one.

“She would’ve had all the love in the world.” You whisper, lips twitching into a smile of getting over your grief.

“She already does.” Harry responds before singing the last verse of Small Bump.

‘Cause you were just a small bump unborn for four months then torn from life.
Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware as why 

I don’t have any words for this, mainly because it was so difficult to write both physically and emotionally. Nevertheless, thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope it’s alright. Apologies for the medical side of this if it isn’t right, I tried my best to make it seem accurate.

If you’ve ever had a miscarriage / know someone that has, I’m sorry. I understand that miscarriages come more often than we think and I don’t know why, but I do hope that whoever has experienced it is able to cope well with the situation. It’ll be alright.

If you’ve ever watched Broadchurch (One of my top four fav shows, seriously), then the cliffs of where it is filmed is where Harry and Y/N go. If you’ve ever seen House M.D. (also one of my complete favs, ugh), Dr. Cameron on there is who I refer to here, heh.

Thank you for being so lovely in reading, messaging and following. You’re wonderful

Love to you if you’re reading this,

Iz xx


From @thefandomimagine || Genre: fluff, hint of romance, humor || Warning: mild cursing || Author’s Note: This fic is a follow-up to “Nocturne,” in which Bones has awakened the reader from a 200-year sleep. A very special thanks to my dear friend @heilith for the Russian translations, and to my friend Veronica for cleaning up my Spanish

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Unwanted (part 4)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1336

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

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Request: Hello darling! I have this request, only BC I just have to find another one with protective TFW. So maybe the reader is the youngest Winchester and they end up running into the Ghostfacers and the reader asks for Cas to pretend to be her boyfriend to get them off her back. A ton of shenanigans ensue (with TFW and Ghostfacers) and the two end up together at the end (with fluff)? So sorry it’s so specific! Thank you! :D

Request: Hi! I love your blog! Can I please have a readerxcas imagine where the reader really likes doctor who and she’s like in love with Rory and Cas gets really jealous of it but then in the end they admit their feelings for each other? Just fluff like you’ve never fluffed before!

Request: one where Cas hears the reader singing ‘Hallelujah’ by Rufus WainWright? and like she get all embarrassed cause she’s also playing the piano and just lotttts of fluff?

Request: Reader is Sam and Dean’s sister, and has a huge crush on Cas. Cas gets hit by a potion that makes him tell the truth, and he confessses that he loves the reader. Fluff! (I accidentally deleted the original request. But this is basically what it said.)

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mypiafan  asked:

Imagine Jamie survived Culloden and went through the stones and wind up in the hospital where Claire is now a Doctor. Frank is not in the picture. :)

[Eloise comments: So due to a joke and the resulting draft conversation, this turned into a somewhat strange AU. This is dedicated to the amazing Mod Wheel, whose birthday passed recently. Happy hedgehog, Wheel!]

“They certainly have you looking lovely, mo nighean donn,” laughed Jamie as a scruffy, ridiculously-clothed Doctor stepped out of the familiar blue police box on-screen.

“Oh stuff it.” The Doctor replied, settling in beside her companion with some tea and toast.

“With pleasure!” He replied, snatching a slice of toast off her plate.

“Oi!” She made a grab for the toast, but he gobbled it up before she could snatch it back.

“I like bananas!” Jamie protested, as though that excused his actions. “Ye ken that.”

“I should never have introduced you to banana daiquiris” She grumbled, carefully balancing her plate on the armrest away from him before nearly overturning it as she gestured angrily at the TV.

“Honestly, why is it always a man? For a show with such imagination, you’d think they’d be able to conceive of a non-white and/or non-male timelord.”

“Weel they canna do that. After all, he is a doctor, aye?” He replied nonchalantly, washing his stolen snack down with a swig of coffee.

She turned to him, furious, to find him grinning foxishly back at her. 

“Watch yourself there laddie, or I’ll drop you in the Paeleolithic age and leave you to the mercy of the glyptodons and sabre-tooth tigers.”

“I could hold my own.” He said confidently, leaning back and propping his feet on the small coffee table. 

The Doctor snorted.

“And besides, ye’d come back.”

She raised her eyebrows “Oh would I?” 

“Ye ken ye’d get lonely without me, even if ye did have the nice-looking Nine lad the watch on the box.”

The Doctor grinned. “Don’t risk it, that’s one interpretation of me I have no problem spending lots of quality time with.”

Jamie opened his mouth to protest, brow furrowed in jealousy, before catching a glimpse of his own TV counterpart.

“Speaking of interpretations, I’m nothing like that gowk!” He exclaimed, gesturing at the mop-haired Scot talking with the TV Doctor.

The Doctor laughed. “Really? I think it’s a rather flattering portrayal.”

Jamie scowled. 

“I dinna ken why that lout inspired yon American to write about us.” He commented, with a nod to the blue book on one of the side tables whose cover bore a crown and thistle.

“Well, at least she got it mostly right, except for the nonsense about the Stones.” The Doctor allowed. 

Jamie cocked his head and hummed in agreement. “Hmm, and te be fair, ye did show up on Sanhaim, and a tad worse for the wear at that.”

“Damned Daleks.” The Doctor muttered, recalling the cold, wet night she’d met Jamie after one particular plan of hers went awry and she’d had to beat a hasty retreat. Unfortunately the Tardis had been a bit too enthusiastic about that course of action and had spit itself back out a few centuries later than she’d expected, and a few countries away from where she’d intended. 

“And it was some time before we made our way back to the wee large box.”
That too was true, the Doctor having been taken prisoner by the friendly MacKenzies and separated from the Tardis for a good few years. Luckily it had disguised itself as a faerie stone and, superstitions being what they were in Jacobite-era Scotland, nobody had dared take a closer look.

The Doctor took Jamie’s hand thinking, as he was, of their abandonment of his people. For all she’d explained that you can’t change a fixed point in time, it had been hard for them both – him in particular – to leave them to their fate. They had ensured Jamie’s family was as safe as they could be, and his tenants too, but in tying his fate to hers, he’d been unable to shape history himself as he would have. 

“It wouldn’t have worked, Jamie.” She reminded him for the hundredth time.

“I ken. And ye canna know how happy I am that I’m able to stay with ye. But…”

“You mourn it the life we could have had there.” It had been some years now, but the Doctor knew he still imagined them living in a large place with a couple of children running around. In another world, perhaps that would have been possible.

He nodded. “Aye, it would have been hard, but then, so is this. And in this, we’re alone.” He noted, reminding them both of that this little distraction was merely a way to calm their nerves as they waited.

“Well, alone except for the 12 other version of us, plus our book counterparts.”

That teased a smile to his lips.

“Aye, except for them.” 

Just then they heard a mechanical noise from outside.

The Doctor sighed and reached for her disintegrator gun. “Well, I guess break time’s over then.”

Strange and Weird Times

Character: Dean x reader (Pala), Sam x Sophie

Words: 3339

Summary: Time moves on for Dean, Pala, Sam, and Sophie.

Part 10 in the Strange Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, and Part 8 here, and Part 9 here.

Part 9 in Weird  Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, and Part 8 here.

And here we are- the last part of Weird and Strange!! I have loved all these series, so much. And I am so, so glad you all have enjoyed it with me. I love you all so much, and enjoy this long epilogue. :)

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