have sweet rave party

Homestuck Vids That Haunt Me To This Day

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The Lyricstucks


Vintage Homestuck Videos

A collection of old videos from days of fandom past, in no particular order:

[s] Gamzee: Sing a song about things

Eridan’s United States of Wwhatevver

[S] Everyone: Have Sweet Rave Party

  • this was a huge collaboration between dozens of askblogs and was a Really Big Deal when it was made

[S] John: Just Lose it

Gamzee: Fondly regard rainbow

Dave: Peeve Tavros and Gamzee off

[S] Ancestors: What’s Going On


Buzzin’ Feat. Sollux

Vriska: Advertise Retaphin

Homestuck Trolls - That’s Your Horoscope For Today

When I’m:  LEADING | вla2тιιng | HoNkInGseadwwellin’ | STRONG | FIDUSPAWNING,

Quest of the Highbloods


  • this was also an askblog collaboration, but a much less known one

Homestuck the love story musical 

John and Dave play Sburb

John sells zoobooks

Homestuck crack flash 1 and 2

John wants a glass of Malk

Equius texts Terezi

Not Right Now, Gamzee

Tavros Believes in Himself

Basic Etiquette

[Homestuck] Powethirst

Eridan’s Face 

Everybody Loves Mituna!


[S] Alpha Kids: Ascend

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I watched this so much last semester. Thank you, Homestucks fandom, for making me become super excited and blast this song on the radio all the time. This video was really cool!

Homestuck is awesome because of… Fananimations!

Animation: [S] Rex Duodecim Angelus

Artist(s): Group effort (people mentioned in the credits - really long list)

Absolute top notch thing when it comes to this fandom - people grouped up and made an animation of the battle with the Black King - something we have seen only snippets of when Karkat talked about it. It paces perfectly well with the music and even if there are some canon inconsistencies (for example - Terezi is the one to make Gamzee flip out, when in canon no one knows why Gamzee flipped out), they’re very minor and it’s a pleasurable watch you simply can’t view only once.

Animation: A Lullaby for Gods.

Artist: http://guzusuru.tumblr.com

This is a very emotional ride animated really well - it’s almost as if Homestuck has gotten his own, very fluid and well paced anime trailer. Check it out.

Animation: Mambostuck.

Artist: http://toastyhat.tumblr.com

Seriously, who doesn’t know “Mambostuck”. Just click the play and enjoy.

Animation: Eridan’s Fanfiction.

Artist: (that’s their youtube).

Animations, of course, don’t limit themselves to the songs only. This is also a great example of animation that has a great voiceover (which includes Eridan’s quirk to all characters, which shows it’s Eridan narrating all this) added to it.

Animation: Everyone have a sweet rave party!

Artist(s): Many various ones (group effort of askblogs).

This was a selfmade meme among askblogs made for various Homestuck characters - it sort of spun out of proportions and ended up being grouped up in such kind of a video, which is also an awesome way to make something come to life!