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Yo I read so much kpop smut and most of it’s pretty great so shout out to all the writers of smut. Y'all are doing good out there, friends.

the signs as k-hip hop(-ish) bands/singers
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Dok2, Kangnam, Mad Clown, Outsider, Mino, Hanhae, Bang Yong-guk, Zion.T, Mingyu, U-kwon, Himchan, Jackson, Bom<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Cheetah, Jay Park, Hani, Junghwa, B:eta, D:elta, H:eta, BamBam, Nakta<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Yoon Mi-rae, i:ota, Shownu, A-Tom, Kim Hansol<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Park Kyung, Tablo, Wonwoo, C:ode, Daehyun<p/><b>Leo:</b> Basick, Tiger JK, G-Dragon, Haha, Kim Jin-Pyo, 5Zic, S.Coups, E:psilon, Gohn<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Beenzino, Rap Monster, Zico, Hyerin, Jungkook, Mark, Junior, Choi Youngjae<p/><b>Libra:</b> B.I, Crucial Star, Noh Seung-hwan, Sanchez, Swings, Zelo, Jinsil, F:ie, Taeil, Jimin, Jooheon, P-Goon, Yano, Jenissi<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> MC Tukutz, Kim Jin-woo, Microdot, MC Mong, Masta Wu, T.O.P, J:eta, Yugyeom, Lee Minhyuk, Hojoon, Dara<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Bobby, Jessi, Yong Jun-hyung, MC Meta, Tymee, Verbal Jint, LE, B-bomb, Jin, Kihyun, Kidoh<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Black Nut, Double K, Gaeko, Mithra Jin, Iron, J'Kyun, LOCO, Ollttii, Solji, Jaehyo, V, JB, Hyungwon, B-Joo, Minzy<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Kisum, Jerry K, Cream, Giriboy, P.O, Minos, San-E, E-Sens, Vernon, J-hope, G:amma, Yoo Youngjae, Jongup, i.M, Xero<p/><b>Pisces:</b> CL, Choiza, Gary, MC Sniper, SiMS, Kiggen, Yuk Jidam, Simon Dominic, The Quiett, Wonho, Sangdo<p/></p>
"So, um, I'm sorry but what's your name?" | Zico Drabble

》ship 》zico x reader
》genre 》fluff
》summary 》you wake up in a stranger’s house after a night of heavy drinking and some steamy sex, but you might have found a cuddle buddy.
》word count 》285
》a/n 》Hello, hello! Ya girl is having some Zico feels so here’s some fluff! I hope you like it. I’m also taking requests!!


The early morning sunshine beamed through the window into the bedroom. You scrunched your face and stretched out, letting out a soft moan. You opened your eyes and turned around to look at him.

Him – what was his name? He had told you last night, but you honestly couldn’t remember. You studied his face, looking at his handsome facial features. He had thick brows, a masculine button nose with full lips and silky smooth thick black hair. You remembered running your hand through it last night, making you smile.

You cuddled up to him, and ran your hand along the side of his face and into his hair. He wrapped his arms around your waist and put his head to your chest. He hummed contently, nestling himself into your boobs. You sighed, continuing to play with his hair.

You knew it was only a one night stand, and that you should’ve left by now, but damn he was just so cozy and warm.

But little did you know that he was actually awake. He was also just enjoying your body warmth. Actually, just mostly his face in your boobs, but it felt nice for him to just be held.

He actually wanted you to stay, so when you moved to get up he tightened his grip around your waist.

“Don’t go yet,” he mumbled, his voice still raspy from sleep.

You laid back down, continuing to play with his hair. You couldn’t believe someone who was basically a sex machine last night was a marshmallow now. It was kinda cute.

“So, um, I’m sorry but what’s your name?” you asked hesitantly.

“Jiho,” he hummed as he snuggled closer. “Nice to formally meet you, (Y/N).”

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While I’m writing y’all some filthy smuff, here, have some Dean and Zico. The producer line up for SMTM6 is actually whoa and I can’t wait to watch that shit. Friggen Drunken Tiger and Bizzy. Duuddeeeeeeee Whoa

Beach - Zico (fluff)

It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining, it was the perfect weather with just enough of a soft breeze blowing through your window. And you were staying inside, on your bedโ€ฆ on your laptopโ€ฆ You sighed, such a beautiful day and you were bored out of your mind. You unlocked your phone and Zicoโ€™s face lit up your background. Poor baby had to work today, you thought to yourself. You hoped he would stay hydrated with this warm weather. The pictures scrolling on your dash all seemed so boring, you wanted to do something, get out of the house, enjoy this beautiful day. You wanted Zico to be here, but he wasnโ€™t. You hadnโ€™t seen him in a while and you really missed him, especially his kisses and his hugs.

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KBS Super Dog Block B Cut

anonymous asked:

I heard Zico got a new back tattoo, is that true? I can't seem to find any proof of it...

There have been some previews of Zico wearing a wet white shirt which shows a potential new tattoo on his back.