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Support women in STEM

Because they’ve advanced the success and growth of those fields for just as long as men, even when they weren’t afforded the opportunity, the recognition, or the grants. Onward:

Rosalind Franklin (July 25, 1920—April 16, 1958)

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Rosalind Franklin was a chemist and, get this, X-ray crystallographer. As far as titles go, you can’t do much better than crystallographer. Her work in understanding the molecular structure of DNA laid the foundation for the discovery of the double helix. She also made significant contributions to understanding the structures of RNAs. And viruses. And coal. And graphite. Her work was not fully appreciated until after she passed away. Two teams of all-male scientists who used her work to discover great things later went on to win Nobel Prizes.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler (February 8, 1831—March 9, 1895)

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Rebecca Lee Crumpler spent most of her professional life being the first at things. She was the very first Black woman to become a physician in the United States. The first (and only) Black woman to graduate from New England Female Medical College. She authored Book of Medical Discourses, one of the very first medical books written by a Black person. Every obstacle she powered through was done in an effort to provide care for other people. Hero. 

Mary Anning (May 21, 1799—March 9, 1847)

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Mary Anning discovered the first full Ichthyosaur skeleton at 11,  the very first Plesiosaur at 22, and then opened up her own fossil store front a few years later. We repeat: She opened up her own fossil store. We could go on and on, but Rejected Princesses (@rejectedprincesses​) already did it best in this biographical comic. While you’re over there, check out their whole archive and the dozens and dozens of women’s life stories within.

Follow these too:

  • She Thought It: Crossing Bodies in Sciences and Arts (@shethoughtit​​) is a database dedicated to shedding light on women making strides in both science and the arts. A whole bunch of great things.
  • Lady Scientists of Tumblr (@scientific-women​​) promises everything you could ever want from a feminist science round-up blog: intersectionality and equal representation of all scientists who identify as female. Hell yeah.
  • Math Brain (@ihaveamathbrain​​) backs the novel idea that women are indeed capable of understanding math. Shocking. With the perfect amount of sarcasm, they tackle the idea some bozos have that women just don’t have the mind for mathematics.

light skinned women are just as shitty to dark skinned women as black men are. it’s unsettling. wanna know why? bc both black men and light skinned women have some type of privilege or advantage over dark skinned women and don’t use it to help boost dark skinned black women. they use it to bash them

gross I know


How would I describe my personal style? I suppose it’s impulsive..and it’s not necessarily entirely successful; but it’s a lot about trying to pretend not to be me. So, I often treat clothes…just like…as costume, and think I’m channeling somebody else and then I unfortunately see a photo of me in something and it’s not entirely what I meant at all. In fact, not at all, not even entirely; just not at all what I meant at all.. -Helena Bonham Carter for Harper’s Bazaar UK (2016) 


D E F I A N C E   I S   F E M A L E

Tess Asplund defying a march of 300 uniformed neo-Nazis, Sweden

Lucie Myslíková standing up to a neo-Nazi demonstrator, Czech Republic

Ieshia Evans making a stand against police brutality, Louisiana USA

Saffiyah Khan defending fellow protestor Saira Zafar at a far-right rally, UK 

Unknown woman standing up to police in a prodemocracy protest, Chile

Valid critique of female body/menstrual art and photo sets: most of the women portrayed in these images are white, thin, and conventionally attractive. There needs to be more inclusion of women of color, as racial and ethnic background can have a profound effect on an experience of femaleness. It would also be good to include GNC women, as they have an experience of femaleness that is very seldom represented. The same goes for all women who are not thin, able-bodied, etc.
Not a valid critique: lmao these stupid cis women are so dumb and gross. Ur period is nasty and also acknowledging your body is transphobic sweaty :)


Kenta visiting the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition and…

Playing around with every prop he can get his hands on (including both Karasuno and Aoba Johsai cheering flags), and playing shopkeeper in the goods store.  

#1 piece of advice for pregnant young women telling the news to whoever got you pregnant: please keep in mind that your decisions are going to affect your life more than his. If he responds in a way that makes you uncomfortable or suggests something you don’t like, you do not have to listen to him. You do not have to take his opinion into consideration. Trust your gut. Your comfort and happiness are most important; this is happening in your body and he has no right to it. He doesn’t have any right to make you have a baby or get an abortion. He doesn’t have any right to be involved with raising your child. His involvement is yours to permit. It is a myth that he has some essential biological right to fatherhood because that would mean he has a right to your body and he doesn’t. Don’t let him guilt you into any life decision. You are in charge of yourself and you don’t have to make these decisions to please him. I love you no matter how defensive this message makes you and my inbox is open if you need advice from someone supportive


In Mexico today we celebrate the National Day of Mexican Cinema (Día Nacional del Cine Mexicano) and to celebrate here’s a list of 10 films directed by Mexican women:

1.       No quiero dormir sola (2012) Natalia Beristáin

2.       Cinco días sin Nora (2008)  Mariana Chenillo

3.       Los insólitos peces gato (2013) Claudia Saint-Luce

4.       Fecha de caducidad (2011) Kenya Márquez

5.       Nos vemos papá (2011) Lucía Carreras

6.       Sabrás que hacer conmigo (2015) Katina Medina Mora

7.       Las buenas hierbas (2010) María Novaro

8.       Tempestad (2016) Tatiana Huezo

9.       Todos queremos a alguien (2017) Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

10.    Perfume de violetas (2001) Marisa Sistach


Bellas de noche (2016) María José Cuevas

Just a reminder that Charlize Theron is a survivor of Childhood Trauma and Abuse and has only just started to open up about it earlier this year.

Do not blame the victim for staying silent. Sometimes it takes years or a voice of validation from an outside source to gain the courage to speak up.

….is something an *actual human adult* is choosing to get angry about.

Tomorrow: why soup is misandric.

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