have some update art

hey guys do you like time travel, Cold War America and lady scientists because if so, @arsparadoxica has the good good content for you


…college starts tomorr– oh i mean in 7 hours… and my headache is killing me.. BUT I MANAGED TO FINISH THIS ONE! sorry i made it manually and i tried to make it visible QwQ

first chapter of the 3 chapters about Eves’ work environments (?)

the next one gonna be CN ;) when i can have free times?


Holiday update #6
Nature au, Creek and birds nests.

previous holiday update

Also I’ve legit decided that I’m a real life Clyde, I fucking cried when I dropped my sandwich today, chubby af, and have access to cheep shoes.(also I feel my personality matches his pretty freaken well. Whhhhyyy.)

Frank hanging out at Terry’s pad, learning to braid hair. Terry has a lot of hair to braid. Terry is Jesterdraws’ character!

anonymous asked:

@ Pursuit23 from twitter made a comment about how would it be better if ouat would get cancelled due to a bunch of cast members not coming back (I think he admitted that's what he heard- rumors). I dunno if he read those art... But have you heard some update after those art? Not asking u what... Only if u did

Nopes no updates after those articles…


Have some closeups and updated stuff. I have developed a serious case of art blindness so I need to take a day or two off and then hopefully I’ll be able to see all my mistakes. So if you see anything wrong please let me know.

the legs look short but goddamit I’ve checked them like 10 times and they should be just right. kill me


I found an old dollhouse out by the dumpster like forever ago and I cleaned it up and painted it for the cats, and they had been kind of ignoring it, but a few days ago I put it up on top of a table and now the boys are using it!! I guess they just wanted a higher perch lol… What A Sweet Boye In Hise Sweet Home