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Naive: Part 3

A/N: I’m so freaking happy you guys seemed to like the story so far!, I wrote this and a few other chapters up in one night! Hopefully I can get you guys as hyped as I am for this story. Oh and if you couldn’t already tell, the reader IS mixed race. Because there’s a serious lack of mixed race reader inserts. If this offends you or deters you just skim over it I guess??

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: Just cursing in this chapter because I have the mouth of a sailor. Get ready for it to get smutttayyyyy next chapter tho, my home dogs!

Summary: As the goddaughter of Tony Stark you were no stranger to the Avengers, but when you meet the newest member- you’re a little more then intrigued. Unfortunately for him, Bucky Barnes has caught your eye.


It’s honestly insane what a little bit of sleep can do to improve your life.

Well okay, a lot of sleep. You’d slept for like thirty hours straight, thank the mother fuckin’ lord and you felt like a brand new woman.

Especially after you take a couple bong rips.

Wake and baking was a way of life for you, had been since you we’re fifteen years old. There was just nothing like it.

You take a shower, deciding against getting dressed in real clothes and instead you wiggle into a pair of black lace trimmed lounge shorts, and then slip on a wireless bralette. It gives you no support of course, your supple breast sit comfortably and unrestrained. Just the way you liked them to be.

As you sit at your vanity and stare at your reflection in the mirror, your brain cloudy and happy; your eyes slightly red rimmed and low, you feel …numb. But a good numb. The numb you wished you can be forever.
You rip the tie from your hair and it tumbles down from the bun it had been in and falls around your shoulders, the silky strands tickling your bare, fresh skin.

Do you think you’re pretty? Fuck yes. Do you think you’re fat? Also, fuck yes.

It was a concept that most people couldn’t seem to understand. How could you admit that you we’re fat and yet still sit and check yourself out in the mirror? Well because to you, fat was just a descriptive word. Not the heinous insult other people thought it was. Yes, you we’re fat. Just like you we’re smart. And fucking hilarious if you do say so yourself… and at the moment, extremely stoned.

Your confidence hadn’t appeared out of thin air, it was something that had been ingrained in you.

Because your mother had never made you question your worth. She didn’t give a shit about the numbers on a scale or cellulite. She didn’t care if your hair was wild and curly, curlier then her, a white woman had known how to handle for years. No- she cared if you we’re kind to others. If you we’re brave enough to go after you wanted and speak up for yourself.

So you had.

You broke away from that fat girls should wear baggy clothes and stay quiet and try to shrink themselves. Nah, fuck that. This fat girl was going to do whatever she wanted.

Did have negative thoughts about yourself sometimes? Duh, you’re a human being. Everyone has ugly thoughts sometimes, but mostly you we’re a little full of yourself.

Like now, as you blend on warm, smoky eyeshadow, carve your brows and contour your face. Drowning yourself in highlighter. Acentuating and defining all of the parts of your face that you loved. You liked primping and pampering yourself, loved all things beauty, really. Eyelash extensions, going for manicures, facials. They we’re all your jam.

When you’re satisfied with yourself, tossing and musing your hair until it falls around your head in a messy way that looks more sexy then homeless you rise, intent on going and finding Wanda or something.

Not wanting to be alone anymore.

You almost walk out of your living room in a bralette- because of comfort reasons but think twice as you pass the mirror by the door.

You really didn’t want to give Tony a coronary on this fine Thursday.

Why couldn’t we all just walk around naked? Everyone would be a lot more comfortable. It would probably bring world peace.

So after throwing on a loose shirt and a cape like McQueen floral kimono you slip into a fluffy pair of slides and start your epic journey to find sustenance, thinking about how human beings greatest down fall was when we made it a systematic norm to have to be clothed… what kind of crazy weed had Jessica sold you?


You don’t think it’s attention you like, and you’ve thought about it a lot.

No, it’s affection.

You’d always been a…touchy person, and it had tended to get you into trouble. You understood boundaries, you just hated them. You didn’t know why it was such a taboo to show the people you cared about that you cared. Why was intimacy in friendships so frowned upon? Why couldn’t you wrap your arms around your friends. Kiss them on the cheek? Cuddle with them?

It just had never been a big deal to you. You liked touching, and fuck, did you liked to be touched.

When you walk into the kitchen, you’re surprised to find the gathering there.

Nat, Wanda and Clint stand at the island, cutting up veggies and talking between themselves. Thor and Bruce sit at a table with Steve and Bucky. It all seems so…pleasant. One of those rare quaint, normal moments in the tower. It would make anyone smile.

“Goodmorning, sunshines” You greet them as you walk in.

You steal a piece of tomato from Natasha’s cutting board and plop it into you mouth.

“Y/N you are aware that it’s almost one, right?” She informs you with a smile to which you just shrug.

“Technicalities. It’s still noon-ish so it’s morning…pretty much”

“Flawed way of thinking you got there, squirt” Clint criticized. His eleven year old had better sleeping habits then you.

“Flawed or brilliant?”

“You sound just like Tony” Bruce calls from his place across the room and you pull your head from the fridge.

“Why thanks”

When you cant find anything that catches your eye in the massive fridge, even though its brightly lit with an array of food, you call for FRIDAY and ask her if she could have the chef cook you up some Nutella crepes, “please and thank you!”

“How high are you right now?” Wanda reaches over to whisper to you knowingly and you lean forward to rest your chin on her shoulder, her long dark hair tickling your face pleasantly.

“Super. You have to try this shit that I got from Jessica, it’s crazy” You reply, your breath hot on her ear so that she’s the only one who can hear you.

The both of you break out in to giggles, girlish and young sounding. Wanda missed this, the having a connection like this with someone. Welcoming and relishing another’s touch in a way that was both intimate and utterly innocent.

She’d had it with Pietro…and then he’d gone and left her alone and she thought that was the end of it.

But then you’d gotten close to her, befriended her, and there it was again. Being able to just, melt with someone was something that should be cherished. She cherished her friendship with you. The way you let her lean into you with no resistance. You and your bright eyes and contagious laugh. She felt…she felt more like Wanda when she was with you. Less like Scarlett Witch.

Bucky hadn’t meant to watch you for as long as he had. He’d turned to you when you’d entered the room and hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away, for more then mere moments, since. It was a mixture of the tiny shorts you had on, the way the black lacy material rode up your sumptuous thighs…but mostly it was your interaction with Wanda. He wasn’t particularly close to her(he wasn’t particularly close to anyone except for Steve and Sam…although he’d never admit it) but he’d never seen the girl like this. Like you’d somehow lit her up from the inside.

The two of you we’re whispering and laughing like school girls, carefree and light and it stirred something in his stomach.

His eyes snap away as you approach the table.

“Hello sirs” you salute as you come up and take the seat in between Steve and Thor. It’s comical how intensely the two men dwarf you.

“Hello little woman” Thor squeezes your shoulder, his big palm encompassing the flesh “How was your sleep? It seems like it’s been days since you graced us with your presence”

You cant help bite your lips together to hide a grin. Would you ever get over the regal manner in which Thor talked?

Probably not.

“Yeah, Y/N. How are you feeling today? Less drowsy?” It’s the tone in Bruce’s voice you don’t like, not his words. He’s using his doctor’s voice on you.

Yes, Bruce knew about your…situation. Tony had told him, with your permission, so that he could help monitor the process. You didn’t mind him knowing, you just didn’t want him blowing it and everyone finding out about it. It was a sensitive subject for you and you’d rather keep it quiet. It’s not that you didn’t trust the others its just…you weren’t ready for it to be public knowledge.

You didn’t want to be looked at differently.

“I’m fine” You play it off “My sleeping schedule’s just been off. I just had to reset my internal clock to the eastern time zone. No biggie’”

Bruce wants to ask you more but he’s a smart man, and decides he’d press the issue later in the privacy of the lab. He knew what it was like to want to keep a secret, and he wasn’t about to go making you uncomfortable by blowing yours.

You reach over to steal one of the fries off of Steve’s plate, sticking you tongue out at him “How has you guy’s day been so far? No alien invasions yet?”

You had a way of setting the atmosphere, keeping it light.

You talk with the guys until Bruce leaves, needing to go run some labs or smash some things…okay that was an asshole joke, you chastise yourself. You didn’t like teasing him about his little green problem, Thor follows him. Talking about some meeting he was being “forced unwillingly to attend”

“Good luck, big guy” You kiss his cheek before he leaves.

“So really, what have you guys been up to today” You ask the two men you’re left with as you cut into your crepes.

“Nothin’ much, it’s been a quiet one so far. Just training. I was thinking about going for a walk later on, maybe Central Park? Get some sketching in while I can” Steve answers.

“You drawing more, Steve? That’s amazing! You’ll have to show me some of your stuff sometime! I remember they were always so good” You urge him excitedly. Since you’d known him, you’d tried to push him to take his art seriously. Fuck knows it was his only release. You had a feeling even Steve Rogers had a breaking point, you also had no desire to ever see it.

Only Steve’s ears turn red, which is actually progress for him “Yeah, I can do that”

“Really? So a pretty girl asks to see your sketchbook and your game, but I, your best friend cant?” Bucky sees an opening and cant help but take it “Whatta’ Jerk”

Okay, where did that come from? You fight to keep the shock off of your face. Pretty girl? Really?

“Well she’s not a crap critic like you are” Steve justifies himself “Last time I showed you somethin’ you told me that I couldn’t draw dog paws for shit”

“Hey, I was just kidding. That was about a year ago, too!” Bucky sounds truly apologetic and you break out into a squawk of laughter.

“You guys are so married, oh my god” You shake your head at the two of them. It’s cute… seeing them together. Both of their guards way down.

“Don’t encourage his behavior, Y/N” Steve’s trying not to chuckle.

You turn your attention to Bucky then, your body literally angling towards him as you focus in. “What about you, Bucky? Any big plans?”

Why? Why does his brain turn off when you look at him like that? Your gleaming eyes looking at nothing but his face.

“Uh- nothing yet, doll”

“Awe if I didn’t have to go shopping I’d say lets have our marathon!”

“Marathon?” Steve wonders, his eyes flashing between the two of you.

“Yeah, I’m going to force Bucky to watch Harry Potter with me. You know, bring his life great enlightenment and fulfilment” You answer him nonchalantly, taking a bite of your food. Letting out a little moan and crossing your eyes “Oh my gosh this is amazing”

Did you mean to look so sexual? The way your pretty lipstick coated lips wrapped around that fork had Bucky tensing.

“No really you guys, who even is this new chef? Is he the second coming of Christ? Taste this!” You encourage as you cut another piece and hold it out to Bucky, your hand under it incase it falls.

He doesn’t know what to do. Does he turn you down? Would that be rude? Would it hurt your feelings?

So he just opens his mouth and allows you to feed him the sweet pastry.

“Amazing, huh?”

“Mmhmm, really good” is all Bucky mumbles, trying to keep the heat from his face.

“Steve try it!” You urge, pouting a little when he doesn’t let you shove your fork in his mouth.

As tempting as the offer was- Nutella and the look on your face- Steve had learned his lesson. What if Tony came in and saw you spoon feeding him? Nope.

“I just ate a burger, I gotta’ watch my physique” He teases and your eyebrows knit together.

“Really, take a bite. I’m sure your physique can handle it. Here” You give him the fork so that he can feed himself.

Since when was Steve weird with you like that? You used to be able to…flow with him. Without even thinking about it?

You shrug it off as pot linked paranoia. Just because he didn’t let you spoon feed him didn’t mean you guys weren’t still close. Right?

“Hey are we still going shopping?” Wanda asks as she comes up “If so I’m going to go change?”

“Yeah! Definitely. I need to find a new backpack before I start school again next week. And yeah, I need to change too, you can come get ready with me in my room if you want” You stand quickly, scooting away from the table “You guys can have the rest of that. See ya’ later, gentleman"

And with that your sashaying out of the room with Wanda.

Steve notices Bucky staring at the sway of your hips.


“Shut up, Steve”

“I told you. Y/N- She’s- Something else” Steve searches for the words “But the kid’s Tony’s pride and joy and we’re still on thin ice with the guy”

“How old is she anyway?” Bucky completely ignores the Tony part of Steve’s sentence. Why’d everyone call her kid? She looked a little young, with that dimpled smile but she was in college so she couldn’t be AS young as they treated her.

“Twenty three” Steve’s response is curt. Matter of fact.

Twenty three, huh? Bucky thinks. That is a little young…a lot younger then his near century. Not young enough for it to deter him, though.

Bucky doesn’t know what to say for a moment. Neither of them do really. It’s quiet as Steve eats the reminder of the crepes because holy shit you hadn’t been lying they were sent from heaven.

Then, Bucky’s handsome face stretches into a devilish smile. One Steve had seen many a’ time.

“She’s got a nice pair of gams on her, doesn’t she?”

Steve tries to purse his lips, but fails in hiding his own wolfish expression.

“That she does”


Because even though Steve is Captain America we all know he’s still that little shit from Brooklyn at heart right? Especially when Bucky’s around. Lesbi-honest here I have the major hots for Wanda and it’s taking all of my will power not to write her as a love interest but I really want to focus on a close, strong female friendship…even though I’m dying to have Y/N get her some Wanda😩

As usual give me some feedback! Going to slow? Too fast? Is Y/N too…touchy? What do you think the pills are for and do you want to be tagged? Tellllll me ya’ll

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Steve x Reader yay! I’m taking Halloween requests so go ahead peeps.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: none just cute ol’ Stevie


‘’Costume party!’’ That was the only thing Tony had told you about the plans for the Halloween night before leaving the other Avengers in their deep thoughts about the party. You were currently sitting with Natasha and Clint, discussing possible costume ideas for the party which was probably going to be unnecessarily big.

‘’I say we go as the three Musketeers.’’

‘’That’s literally the worst idea you have ever had Clint.’’

You chuckled as ideas got thrown around, mostly Clint insisting on some historical character that was overrated or group ideas such as ‘’those little snapchat effects.’’

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Double Date (Part 3)

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Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

Double Date (Part 3)

Part 1: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/135784604280/double-date

Part 2: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/135816489825/double-date-part-2

Prompt: (from ateliefloresdaprimavera) Part 3 to Double Date

Note: Yaaaaas! More Pre-Serum Steve!

Warnings: None?

It was a few weeks later, and you and Steve were going steady. You had already been on a handful of dates. He just couldn’t seem to get enough of you, and you couldn’t wait to see him again. He had given you his sketch of you, and you kept it in your purse, taking it out to look at it every time you had to deal with particularly difficult customers.

Your shift was just about up when the little bell above the door rung. You grabbed a few menus and walked out into the diner to seat whoever had walked in when you saw Steve. He had a black eye and a busted lip. You dropped the menus and rushed to him.

“Steve! What happened?”

“Some jerks…they were talking bad about you. I couldn’t…”

“Steve,” your expression softened. “I’m taking you home. Does Buck know about this?”

“Bucky can’t know, (Y/N). I get into enough messes as is, I can’t put him through this again.”

“Then we’ll go to my place,” you offered. “I’ll go get my purse.” You walked to the kitchen, hung up your apron, and grabbed your bag.

“I’ve got the rest of your shift,” Delilah, your fellow waitress, offered. “Take him home. Patch him up.”

“Thanks,” you said gratefully before walking out into the diner. You took Steve’s hand and started the walk home. It was only a few blocks away. You pushed the key into the lock and opened the door. “Come on in. Don’t mind the mess,”

Steve nodded, but he was quiet, ashamed. He wasn’t ashamed of defending you. No, he would do that any day of the week. He was just ashamed you had to see him like this, so pathetic and weak. He couldn’t even defend your name, why on earth didn’t you leave him already and go with a real man.

“I have a washrag in the kitchen. Take a seat on the counter, I’ll get you fixed up.” You told him, patting the counter before turning to the fridge to get some ice.

“Why do you care about me so much?” Steve mumbled, his head low and his eyes fixed on the floor.

“What did you say, Stevie?” You asked, turning around. He was so quiet, you hadn’t heard what he said. You folded the ice into a towel and pressed it gently to his eye. He took it from you and held it there.

“Why do you care about me, (Y/N)? I’m pathetic. I can’t even defend you …” Steve muttered. You lowered his head and kissed his forehead.

“You’re so brave and caring and sweet and I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a great guy like you, Steve.” You told him. “Size doesn’t matter. Not to me. You know that.”


“Of course,” you said warmly. He hopped down off the counter and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tightly. You rested your chin on his shoulder and held him close. “I love you Steve. I love you so much…”

“I love you too…”

Part 4: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/135955866580/double-date-part-4

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№- steve continuously running his hands through your hair

№- sharing mint gum together

№- him being a gentle men to you in the oddest fashion

№- “steve what are you doing
“making sure you don’t ruin your shoes on the puddle… im sorry-”
“i love you”

№- steve attending any of your school or work related events and being adorably shy

№- you boasting about how manly he is to your friends

№- steve buying you a dog for Halloween to match your costume

№- him adoring the title of boyfriend

№- going on bland dates because the two of you make it special together

№- cutting his hair for him

№- steve being an active supporter of LGBTQ rights with you and being damn proud of it

№- realizing you’re infatuated with steve by the second date when he makes a village of people out of his food and puts the two of you together

№- steve realizing he loves you when you sneeze on his breadsticks and don’t apologize because they “looked crappy anyways”

№- sharing virtually everything together and never minding it

№- “pass me the tooth brush soldier boy.”
“im using it.”
“im gonna be late for work-”
insert steve brushing your teeth here

№- steve keeping a very private life and you rarely visiting the avengers

№- constantly cuddling on public transportation help

№- you never having to insinuate things because your relationship isn’t built off of physical touch but actual love

№- steve being a prissy when you and Bucky hang out

№- because it’s a lot

№- “where are you?”
“but I brought home books and some pasta”
“sorry stevie, barnes said there was porn-”
“what, bucky-?”
“yeah dude, ‘Hardcore White Man Jerks To Preppy Blonde’. some good shit you’re missing out on”

№- surprisingly steve is dominant in the relationship

№- and you both like animal crackers and documentaries after sex

№- steve can’t stand fighting

№- you yell the loudest before leaving and he won’t know where you are for hours

№- steve tends to get worried really easily about your guys relationship

№- but you assure him that there’s nothing (besides Winter Soldier Porn) that will break you up

№- you admire peggy, so she’s not an issue

№- steve loves you too much for his own good it’s kinda scary

№- although you treat the relationship carefree and spontaneous you’re really committed to steve

№- you’re both in love with each other more every day

See You Later

(oh would you look at that, i make a gif because i couldn’t find this type kind of gifs)

Title: See You Later
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1,511

A/N: this was supposed to be really cute and funny, but shit takes turn and i miss bucky barnes. damnit.

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