have some shark

New OC game:

-reblog this with a 3x3 moodboard for your OC. Through only nine pictures, try to give as much information about the character as possible. (Can be their appearance, personality, role in story, occupation, etc). Hard mode: don’t include any pictures of them or of their faceclaim.

Bonus: below the moodboard, include three songs that relate to your OC! If any lyrics particularly stand out, include them with the song title!


Just some quick cryptid!Rick warm up doodles from this morning.

Some Mai from unwind because this fandom seriously needs more fanart 0-0

A mutant AU would be so cool, though :o  I kind of chose Mai’s power randomly (pyrokinesis is just such an awesome power) but fire would be perfect for Starkey! And maybe Roland would have some kind of shark powers? like breathing under water, super strength and skin that hurts enemies in combat (wow i sound really stupid :’D)

Also the design of the Roland I drew is chaoswalks’


Shark Week may seem like fun and games, but thanks to sensationalized media coverage and shows, sharks are often portrayed as villainous monsters when in fact, millions of sharks are killed by human activity each year. The sad reality is that sharks should be way more scared of us than we are of them.

To counteract the hype, we want to invite you to have some fun with our Shark Week BINGO! Play along with your friends while watching Shark Week shows and see if you can spot any of these outrageous tropes. (Feel free to download these BINGO boards and print them!) And follow Greenpeace USA all week for ways to help #SaveSharks!