have some random screenshots

I don’t even know, guys, have some random screenshots

I have a collection of non-Gwenvid Camp Camp screenshots (left over from my last post) filling up my desktop because I’m a crazy person, and I should probably just throw them into the world because they’re cluttering up my computer and it bothers me on a level it probably shouldn’t. 

So … uh, here, I guess. In the spirit of spring cleaning, a bunch of random stills from episode 2 … in a text post because I don’t know how to Tumblr, because I am a disaster. 

Note: yeah, big surprise, it’s basically all David. I know I have a problem, and I have exactly zero interest in getting better, thank you.

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Oh boy. Storm Atronach Crates have arrived. I’ve never much cared for random chance loot, but I suppose I’ll have to buy one. For science.

Oooh, but hey, it’s Pacrooti! I’ve missed you, man. You never write me anymore. Seriously, it’s been years.

Ah well. Just give me something shiny and we’ll call it -

Right. That’s… certainly a lot of stuff I have no use for.

…Thanks, Pacrooti. You charlatan.

Dear C Ranked Gouken,

He definitely looks like an action hero.  I’ve never seen Phoenix look so “cool” before.  I’m not sure how to handle it.  We need more art of him being a dork ASAP.

Wait, here’s a better representation.

Dear Anonymous,

I think this is another case of people interpreting any female in the game as Maya.  If you’ll recall, people were scared the body that turned out to be Candace Arme was Maya because she had black hair and bangs.  Now’s not the time to be jumping at shadows.

So here’s what was gleamed from the scans:

This time, the game is set outside Japan. Naruhodo has come to the unnamed country for a reason, but luck has it he gets involved with some case. The people in this country seem to believe in the spirits of the dead. In their courtrooms, there’s a big Water Mirror (mizukagami) set in the floor. On the upper 3DS screen, we see images and words floating in the water, while in the lower screen we see what appears to be part of a testimony and the option to present something.

The boy is called Bokto Tsuani (bokuto tsuaani -> Boku to Tour ni -> On a Tour With Me) and he is a monk-in-training, who works as a tour guide to make some money. Once he starts his tour-guide-talk, he can’t be stopped.

There’s also a screenshot of a mysterious girl. According to the text, she is not a prosecutor, witness, nor the judge.

We aren’t in Japanifornia this time.  However, there are very Magatama-esque markings, particularly around the new boy’s neck.

Yet it’s not the Magatama we know.  It’s squiggly at the bottom like a flame.  Actually, it’s a flame like shape similar to how Japanese spirits are portrayed.  You’ve also seen them in Ghost Trick.

This leads me to think this place could be home to a new channeling community.  After all, the Kurain Channeling Technique being specified as “Kurain” means there has to be another type, right?  Actually, the screenshots make this place look so grand, it could be a giant spirit medium hub world.  With the mountains in the back, it could even be where Maya went to train as mentioned in her letter in Dual Destinies.

Whatever the case, this whole setup screams Maya at the top of its lungs.  We have spirits, we have Magatamas, and we have Pearl’s constant reminder that Mystic Maya’s almost done with training and will be returning.  If she’s not actually a character in this game with all these spirit themes I’m just shutting down the blog and leaving.

Now then, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this partial screenshot:

She has bangs and black hair, much like our favorite medium, but I don’t believe her to be Maya.  Her aesthetic doesn’t match, what with the face paint and that little headdress in the back.  That’s not to mention how her staff (or whatever that is) doesn’t have the traditional Kurain Magatama or how her hair is styled as a pair of handles.  They wouldn’t reveal Maya’s return in some random screenshot anyway.  She’ll have a larger feature, like Edgeworth and Pearl did for DD.

So perhaps this other lady’s another medium?  Perhaps she’s another channeling technique’s Master?  Does Maya have a rival character of her own now?  I suppose we’ll find out more at TGS.

-The Mod