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Hello. I was wondering if you are okay with people tagging you in fics they write. I don't want to force you to read it but I consider you a friend and would love your input. I look up to you as a writer. Thanks!

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YES!!! Absolutely feel free to tag me in whatever you see fit (except anything involving, you know, illegal, racist and/or discriminatory stuff. I think that covers a broad enough spectrum to not need further detail. That’ll earn you a kick in the teeth)

There’s two main problems I encounter on a daily basis however: one, sometimes Tumblr is all like “HEY BISH. YOU GOT TAGGED IN SOME NEAT ASS STUFF BUT LEL, I AIN’T GON’ TELL YEWWwwWWWw,” and then I never see it. And two, my notifications stream is…hoh boy. I can’t keep up sometimes and it frightens me, cause I know there’s art/writing/quality shitposting/questions/FYI’s and everything else that I may miss in the flow of notifications. AND FOR ALL THE STUFF I HAVE MISSED IN THE PAST, I AM SO, SO SORRY! :c
Sometimes I’ll be knee-deep in older posts and I’ll see I’m tagged in it, and my reaction is basically this:

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Okay. Time for some IRL angst, yo. *grumbles, I promised I’d never share this because it’s offering the person who submitted it a gratification and DAMMIT I AIN’T HAVIN’ IT*

Around the time I published Focus, which most of you know was my first really NSFW, full-fledged writing on Tumblr, I decided to tag a few blogs that I’d been following/lurking/liking content from. 

Almost IMMEDIATELY after I posted it, I got this Anon:

And you know what I did? Scurried back and deleted all the tags before the story really began to circulate. Probably the worst way to deal with an ANONYMOUS MESSAGE FROM LITERALLY ANYONE ON THIS SITE. I could have addressed it, could have responded with a remark, could have nipped it in the bud right away.

But I didn’t. I screenshotted it, deleted the message after it sat around in my inbox for far too long, and felt…Really, really horrible about it. 

Because that’s just what some people want, isn’t it? To affect you, deep down. 

But, I didn’t give up. I tagged even more people, and you know what the best thing was to come of it, something that made the amount of notes my posts got seem trivial? 

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You all seriously make my day brighter and better. So, from the bottom of my widdle heart, THANK YOU.

But even to this day, with the multitude of friends I’ve made since joining Tumblr, I get a little pang of nervousness. What if they don’t like it? What if they get annoyed with me tagging them? What if I tag them in something that literally bothers them? I’m human and insecure AF. Sometimes I get the better of it, sometimes I don’t want to leave my bed. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

H’OKAY JAYSUS, I’ve talked way too long for a simple question. The bottom line is:


However! Feel free to follow up with a message. I don’t mind and if anything, it helps me keep track should I get a backlog of reading to ketchup on (which I inevitably have, but I love to have a bunch of your goodies lined up to enjoy) Don’t worry, I don’t bite. 

Sorry again for drawing this out so damn long and wordy. Just had to speak my mind  💜

(I’ve had this one on my box for months. I’ve always wanted to do some comics with Sam and my farmer actually acting fully like herself, and drawing out the little scenarios that have happened in the game. Maybe one day I’ll start doing those like how magicallyclueless does with her farmer Jade and Sebastian. But for now, here’s Sam being a doof and Farmer Jess not handling it too terribly well. ;) )

Comic panels: 11

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Do you want to recommend some blogs to me, pleaaasee?

Ahh, of COURSE I do!! I hope you mean Inuyasha blogs, because that’s probably all I could help you with! (edited!!)

inuyousha - Makes super cool gifsets, made my amazing icon ahhhh don’t you just love it? Also, she writes ficlets and posts them on here and she’s super friendly and amazing and a GREAT SINGER OMG

amaayasha - Writes and does analyses and is just so amazing in general! Probably gonna be your go-to-gal if you love friendship fluff as much as I do!

sankontesu - Also writes and always has some random cool Inuyasha headcanons that’ll just pop up and trust me you’ll always be looking forward to them!

inukagkids - Does some super super amazing art and comes up with the backing stories to… InuKag’s future kids! Oh man it is so epic the art (and sometimes short animations) are so worth it, it’s just awesome

lnukags - Posts stuff from lots of fandoms but yes, one is most def IY and their blog is SO amazing and the mastermind behind it is really nice! :)

kaminaskattana - Does some REALLY RAD FANART AHHHH like it looks JUST like the original style and they’re so amazing and it’s just so beautiful

I’m slowly running out of adjectives shit shit shit

kagomesjewel - Very very VERY awesome IY blog that you most def should follow yes your dash will be FILLED with IY it’s wonderful

masitadibujante - If you don’t love KogKag and InuSan well, you will after following them the art is THAT amazing trust me and super cute and hjshfk FOLLOW

modinu - For all of your super cool modern day headcanon’s about Inuyasha and friends, these get really descriptive and it’s just always fun to read the headcanons on here!

incorrectinuyasha - OH MY GOD do you know how much fun this blog is?? Follow for all of your  favorite quotes that could have and should have been in IY, but sadly were not.

astrokrys - Does some very adorable art for IY and also reblogs lots of IY stuff and please go follow themmmmm!

lady-griddlebone - God knows the fandom needs more Mirsan, here is where you will FIND THAT MIRSAN YES YES LOTS OF FANFICS AND SUCH PLEASE DO FOLLOW

mi-alma-congelada - God also knows that there’s more than one super amazing MirSan blog! Some top-notch Mirsan right here ALSO Jade is super sweet and yes you won’t regret following this blog :{

animaniacal-laughter - Inuyasha AND Rurouni Kenshin, could it get any better??? You’ll find some cool gifsets here and a really cool mind behind the blog, do follow!

makepretendprincess - wELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT MORE OF GOD’S HIGHLY DEMANDED MIRSAN yes there is some amazing writing here and a a really good singer too ahhh, please make sure to follow Rory!

awkwardinuyashascreenshots - Exactly what you think it is, and yes, you need to follow this, you know you need it in your life

kaiserreich - An amazing blog for IY overall, and one that you absolutely must must MUST follow!!

fairtomato - If you don’t already ship Sessaken and Treeku you will once your follow bc of the AMAZING art and if you’re into Mass Effect, well, here ya go!

uyenduyle - WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE Geez the drawings on here are MAGICALLY real and trust me, you’ll love everything on this blog! Follow follow followwwww

yokai - Some really great and amazing edits and transparents over here! Inuyasha, and other fandoms too! Such a fantabulous blog to follow

inuijiness - Ahh there’s amazing writing AND amazing fanart like geez could it get BETTER like there is fanart of the fic you already know you wanna follow, it’s all so good, so good

sluttybrowniez - Omg, some super great SessRin fics over here! Also, they’re a cutie, you should def follow the blog!

hanmajoerin - An amazing writer, an amazing IY blog, and also writes the dialogue for this really cool webcomic both she and meselfandwhy are working on! Should def follow!

meselfandwhy - Ahhh, they’re such a great blog! There’s really cool  art, and they even write! It’s all super wonderful! The artist for both her and hanmajoerin’s webcomic, and also the creator of the doujin for inuyashasforest‘s amazing fic!

inuyashasforest - Such a great writer for IY, and also, made a really cool cosplay of Miroku a while ago! Definitely a good blog for writing to follow!

kay-i - Oooohhhh wow look at the IY art on that blog it’s FABULOUS! You should definitely follow them for some more great art! I remember they did a cool cosplay once, too!

aiharayuzuchi - Ooohhh my God okay so if you’ve ever seen those screencaps with the fun captions on them, yup, that was probably by this blog! Definitely a blog you should follow!

artistefish - Omg okay so there is art AND writing here and and it’s all really cute and amazing and you can’t NOT follow this blog it’s effing gorgeous please follow them, please

kaze-ranna - You saw the description, yes, it is ALL Inuyasha, a super great blog to scroll down and it’s just so nice seeing them on your dash!

tenseigaa - SessRin yes yes you are going to love this blog if you love SessRin, and even if you don’t! Super cool Inuyasha blog!

czarcastic-dog - Is currently writing a quality Naraku-centric AU fic and her’s a CHEMIST you know you want to read it! Also a great blog for the occasional analysis and it’s crazy, she knows like everything about Inuyasha, you should definitely follow

inu-fiction - Your hotspot for some fantastic IY fanfiction, and other IY things!! Cause you can never have enough fanfiction!

inu-fanon - This blog will clear up any questions you had concerning the difference between what is canon and fanon in the IY universe, a great blog to follow!

dheerse - Such quality art that I almost want to cry and bow down, please do follow them for the amazing art and for the amazing person behind the blog, yes

actualinuyasha - Lots of lots of fantabulous INUYASHA this blog is beautiful and fantastic and yes you will love it, please do follow them!

toward-tomorrow - Sooo many amazing gifs and edits! You guys must check out this blog! Also some amazing analyses on the series itself!

itsamourshippinguniverse - Has a bunch of super cool IY stuff! Lots of amazing headcanons and theories and ackkk how did I forget you? Ily, I’m so sorry ♥

inukikfanfluff - OH MY GOSH yessss some quality art and also InuKik ftw and also a really nice mod so do check them out!! Can’t get enough InuKik ack why am I not fOLLOWING YOU

queen-of-sinking-ships - Ahh yet another amazing blog tat posts a bunch of IY stuff ahh yes please follow them!! So nice too omg

ALL RIGHT WHO DID I MISS? If I missed anyone, please include yourself, or them, in a reblog, or come yell at me to edit this! If you want me to change how I described you on here, let me know, just come at me

I hope I helped out, anon!

Commissions !

Hello my dear followers! :D 

Soon my next semester in university is starting and I really need some money for books, a new laptop and to pay for my health insurance … (it’s only a matter of time until my laptop stops woking…and I really need one for my study…) That’s why I decided to try out taking commission for manips and drawings! 

So if you’re interested, keep on reading! AND PLEASE SHARE if you want! 


- Doesn’t matter which fandom, I’ll do (almost) everything! Don’t be shy and ask for crazy stuff too  ;P

- 15 $  (Payment only via Paypal! )


10  $ (Payment only via Paypal!)

-I’m only good at Sketches with pencil...that’s why I don’t usualy do coloring! But If you still want something with color, we can talk about it! :P

How does this work?

1.) If you’re interested, message me here : redandbluesterek@web.de

Discribe me what you want in some details and then I can tell you if I can do it!

2.) After that you pay via Paypal (I’ll give you the details in an e-mail!)

3.) Within 3 days I’ll send you the finishes work, in the highest quality possible (keep in mind, that the quality of manips depends on the footage I find online…but I always try to use high quality footage!)

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to write me a message! 

Greeting Red and Blue!